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When Did the 2300 Days of Daniel 8:14 Begin and End? 

Richard Davidson



  • February 9, 2019
    2:30 PM
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Our Father in heaven we thank you for the privilege of studying your word we thank you for the gift of prophecy we thank you that we have a sure foundation on the prophetic word and the. Not only the prophetic word but the Incarnate Word of Jesus Christ and Lord I pray that this afternoon even as we look at. More minute details that undergird this message may we see your hand of Providence at work may we see these prophecies pointing toward Jesus and may He be lifted up as a result of our being here today guide what we study and come and be our teacher I pray in Jesus name Amen. Those of you who have anything to say or to know about 7th Day Adventist you know that we were a church that was founded upon this great text over and Daniel 8 the Miller I'd add been us preached this with all their hearts and to $2300.00 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed. The smore ning I tried to in a few minutes share what that meant when it said the sanctuary would be cleanse doc that it has a practical statement that refers to setting right of the gospel which had been eclipsed by the by the faults power of the Middle Ages and a work of judgment that was beginning in heaven in which God was cleansing the records of the heavenly sanctuary and we're inviting the spirit to cleanse our hearts and the the work of vindication this whole great controversy has been over the character of God Can we trust Him and God is saying to us yes I am a trustworthy God and he's saying to the universe look at the ways that I deal with my children one of the issues that were raised back with Desmond Ford back when he raised his attacks was he attacked the investigative judgment the idea of an investigative judgment there is no such thing as an investigative judgment of God's people he said it's just a face saving device invented by the mill rights back in 1904 and that text has nothing to do with investigative judgment it has to do with Antiochus appear phonies and that whole history and the admin is pioneers were so ignorant even if it did have to do with the judgment they couldn't even get that right date for when it started. They said they settled on $457.00 as the 7th year of art of Xerxes and took all the scholars know it was $458.00 rather than $457.00 and so there are if they were off by a year and then come to $844.00 even if it were the year 844 What are those foolish Adventist pioneers Do they went to a little group of a little sect of Jews called to care writes What did they know all they would have had to do was to open up the Jewish Almanac for 844 Anyone could see the day of atonement that year was September 23 not October 20 to what simple minded pioneers that was his argument among the many others and so. I became excited when I learned that there was very solid evidence for the foundation pillars of this 2300 day prophecy when it began and when it ended now I'm not telling the story today of the year for 58 verses 457 if you want to learn that story you're actually sitting in an auditorium that has as its name see the one this was founded of named after Lin Wood was an archaeologist who worked with the great horn and wrote this book called The chronology of Ezra 7. In which you went back and the story's a fascinating one detail Michael can probably tell it better than I can see knows all the archaeology behind it but on a little island down in the southern part of Egypt the little elephant teen Ireland they found some pop piracy manuscripts thousands of them written by Jews that had been stationed there but they were living in Egypt so they started writing double dating dating in the Jewish way of the dating and dating in Egyptian dates and they have to be living in the very time of our desert. And so they double dated these men your scripts and by. Linwood as Sigfried horned explained it very well by checking out these dual datings of every manuscript they were able to term and which was the true 7th year of our deserts is when this decree went out and guess what for 57 is the right date not for 58 God preserved some dusty piracies menu scripts which were then even after they were found they were hidden in a vault someplace and then they were stuck in a in a in an old trunk someplace until finally someone translated them and saw that they had the key that unlocked the beginning date gave us confirmation you can find it already in scripture but this was icing on the cake to show the date is 457 Well I was just curious as I was wrestling with this passage on 457 do you think we can even be more accurate about when the date started let's go for a minute to when it ended when did the 2300 days in and. Day of Atonement right into $2300.00 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed and that language of cleansing is Day of Atonement language in fact the whole the whole 8th chapter of Daniel gives us hints that it's pointing toward Day of Atonement even the even the goat and the ram that are the 2 animals that are used there for the animals of the Daniel 8 those are Day of Atonement animals the only time when all of those 2 are sacrificed by themselves together is Day of Atonement and so Daniel 8 points toward Day of Atonement Day of Atonement $844.00 but the debate is when was day of atonement that year no. Doctor is going to take a stew the history of the carrots and how Advent has made the connection with the carrots and I'm so I'm going to try to what I say not overlap what you say but we're probably going to have some overlap and you'll just correct me the things that I'm wrong and the church historian will take precedence just listen to him rather than to me I'm just an old old testament theologian So the let the church history guy come in and say the truth but I will do my best OK so I'm going to spend a lot of time on 457 which was before the carrots ever came around so let's go to we all have a handout did everyone get a handout anybody not have a hand out raise your hand OK there's one or more up here you could just bring one this is important even though. I'm not using Power Point. First of all I grew up in a different generation and power point I grew up in the generation where they told us this was the power that is this is Power Point. Pointing to the word that's where the power is every time I try to use Power Point something goes wrong with the electronics but when I use the word nothing ever goes wrong so so I'm I'm here with the word but I also wanted to have you to have something to take home with you and to have an outline to follow you'll see the main points here in this outline as we look through asking the question if $844.00 ended to $2300.00 days and that came on the day of atonement and if God is a God of precision and accuracy when would he have started the $2300.00 days could it be possible that he actually started the 2300 days on a day of atonement would that be cool if it worked but where's the evidence Well I actually found a couple of people who were pioneers who asserted that that $844.00 was the end point of a $2300.00 days that started and for $57.00 but more particularly one to have atonement for $5071.00 of them was. None other than Jay and endurance I have the honor of being called the J. and Andrews professor of Old Testament seminary. And I don't take that lightly that's why I have my beard. And I'm trying but trying to find round glasses so that I will look like J. and Andrews and be able to. To hold up the tradition but I know I'll never make it because he had a memory that he could memorize the whole New Testament in his brain and I don't have that kind of a memory so I'm no J. and Andrew's that's for sure but I was delighted to see in a. In his book on the 2300 days of the see if we get the reference here where he actually says that it probably took place on the Day of Atonement but he didn't give any evidence and then there is another. Person by the name of S.S. no will you be talking about him S.S. No OK S.S. no Also in one of his references he spoke about the day of atonement or a about the 457 actually starting on the day of atonement and you know what this is this is the terrible thing about doing research is that he wrote it in one of his articles and he said now in the previous article I've given the evidence for this and we have no record of that previous article it's been lost from history I've gone ever gone to to the way to state in Washington and here it happened and we don't have there but I found a later book that he wrote in which he actually gives a synopsis of it of the reasons and all he says is it has something to do with the sacrifices that were unique There were off supposed to be off and that's always us but that's enough for a detective. If you get the smell and you can head in the right direction so let's spin it let's be detectives here for a few minutes and let's try to sniff the trail of S.S. no see if he was on the right track I can't prove whether he was on the right track but I think there's evidence there there's hints that I never dreamed would be significant that end up helping us to decide the exact time for the beginning of the 2300 days so 1st of all we have to ask if you're on with me with the handout did the 2300 days start did the decree of our desert cities in the 7th year of our desert sees did that go forth in the spring or in the fall when did he give the decree according to 7 he gave it early in the year in the spring of the year he gave the decree but Daniel 9 says from the going forth going forth of the commandment to restore and rebuild Jerusalem So when did the command go forth from Daniel 9 was it when he issued the decree or when it actually went into effect and now we've got added a scholars who argue on both sides of this add to the scholars who say well it actually went forth in the brain because that's when he wrote the decree we got other ad been a scholar that say no it was when it went into effect which was in the late summer or the fall so any way we can know well fortunately. There's this particular Hebrew word that is used in Daniel 9 from the going forth most saw is the word. And if you look up the word Mozart everywhere else in the Old Testament it implies regularly consistently it implies not when something is issued but when it goes into effect and so as far as I checked last Ellen why did not know Hebrew right but she had something better than Hebrew she had the Holy Spirit inspiring her and so she writes the decree went into effect in the fall of 457 she did know that based upon the most saw she knew it based upon the Holy Spirit but one of my fun things to do I hope I don't know if you enjoy this as much as I do I believe in the writings of L. and white. And when someone comes up to me and tries to throw cold water on Ellen White how they did with your dad that time remember that article that he wrote they dumped on some of the historical dates that Ellen White spoke about in great controversy Michael's dad Gary Hart took him on and he went into the ancient sources in Germany and found that the bill that rang was indeed the bill that she said it was not what all the scholars had said and he systematically dismantled their accusations against Illinois and so when people say well why didn't get it right as to when the decree went into effect that just spurs me on to go look at the Hebrew and to say Come on guys here's the evidence. It's in the Bible and we have happened to have the good fortune that Ellen White gives us insights which then she says Don't take my word for it don't preach it just based on me go and find it in the Bible and then preach it from the Bible. How many hundreds of detours have we been saved from falling off of ditches because God gave us insight from an inspired author not as a lazy shortcut not to study scripture but as a safeguard to know where to go for scripture and so she's cute she nails it at the fall but she doesn't go into any more specifics so there is where we go to see can we go into more detail so are you with me were on the we've gone through the 1st point to spring or fall Ellen White says the commandment went into effect in the autumn and I argue with that the motes of Hebrew demonstrates that so. When in the autumn Here's looks let's look some clues so we're going to open our Bibles to the decree. That was made when they went back. Ezra 7 well maybe maybe we should maybe let's read those are 8 1st as are 8 verses 35 and 36. We have you the story of Ezra leaving Bablon he's bringing back some of the captives Chapter 7 they have the description that they come and then when they arrive in. Jerusalem then they take care of a little bit of business and then in verses 35 and 36 when they return it says that they weighed out all the stuff they had brought and then the children of those who had been carried away from captivity 835 who had come from captivity offered burnt offerings to the God of Israel 12 bulls for all Israel 96 Rams 77 lambs 12 male goats as a sin offering all this was a burnt offering to the Lord and they delivered the King's orders to the king satraps and the governors in the region doesn't sound like it has any data that would help us for such an important event as to how to settle when the 2300 days starts does it just sounds like what's this extraneous data here my wife. Took her studies in narrative theology at Trinity Evan Jo local divinity school as part of her study on. The beauty and the aesthetics of the Bible and one thing her professor said is there is nothing ever wasted in Scripture if you find it a text that seems like it's just talking about how many things were offered here and here and here you better be sure that's going to show up as important someplace just wait and so here's just a list of what they offered now let's go back and look at the decree that Israel asked for our desert seas to make and he said he he did he made the decree that Ezra wanted to so we go to Chapter 7. 457 this is going out he's making Mr Curry we don't know the exact date when he made the decree but here's what he says Chapter 7 starting with a verse 11 now this is the copy of the letter that King our desert seas gave as are the priests the scribe expert in the words of the commandments of the Lord and His statutes and then if you know Hebrew you suddenly get lost because the decree is an Aramaic different language there's 3 languages the Bible Greek Hebrew and a few places in her make and this is this whole decree is in error make very similar to Hebrew but not exactly the same Fortunately we have it all translated in English here traverse 12 are desert sees King of Kings too as are the priests describe of the law of God of heaven perfect peace and so forth I issued a decree that all those of the people of Israel in the priests and Levites in my realm who volunteer to go up to Jerusalem may go up with you and where as you are to be sent by the king in his 7 councilors to enquire concerning Jewett in Jerusalem with regard to the law of your god which is in your hand and where is your to carry the silver and gold which is the king in his councillors are freely offered to the God of Jerusalem who is willing in Jerusalem and where as all the silver and gold that you may find in all the province of Babel along with the free will offering of the people in the priests are to be freely offered for the house of the Lord your God Now therefore all the rest was preamble wherefore wherefore wherefore wherefore So the 1st thing what's the 1st thing about the decree Now therefore be careful to buy both Rams lambs with their green offerings in their drink offerings and bra and offer them on the altar of the house of your God so what's the 1st part of the decree by these certain animals by these certain animals. So point one on our handout the very 1st and major stipulation of our desserts is decree was the offering of the sacrifices by and goes on to say not only by these are given you for the service for the service and so he says that you are to then offer them in Jerusalem so the sacrifices of the 1st part of the decree look at Point number 2 what was the 1st activity of the return knees when they returned the 1st thing they all did we just read it verse 35 they offered the sacrifices. Did you notice they're the same animals in the exact same order same animals same order it seems to me that Ezra had sort of prime the king you know here's what we're going to need when we go back and so please put this in the decree make sure we get these animals get get these animals bought. Look at Point number 3 now the offering of the sacrifices. Already constituted the going forth of the decree if he said buy these animals and offer them and now they go back and offer them then they're very offering of them would be to start the decree it would go into effect when they 1st started offering. And. So the defect. Of the decree was of Daniel $925.00 that from the going forth of the command to restore and through Bill Jerusalem now look at point number 4 the offering of the sacrifices took place during a 4 and a half month period in the last half of 457 now August just read a little bit from my manuscript when we get to the point for here to make this clear. Though no date is given for the offering of these sacrifices of must have taken place sometime during the 4 and a half month period between the 5th month on the 4th day and kids the 20 in the year 457. Has arrived in Jerusalem from Babylon on the 1st day of the 5th month and then it says here 3 days he stayed 3 days and then on the 4th day they counted the money and then they purchased the sacrificial animals and then 4 and a half years months later all Israel was together on the 20th day of the 9th month and the sacrifices that already been done so some time during that 4 and a half months from when he arrived in the early fall to when he was when they all he gathered them all together in the winter time it was done but we do we know exactly when not yet we're still snooping So let's go to number 5 the sacrifices of as are 835 are to be correlated with the monthly yearly Calandra kl sacrifices of numbers 28 and 29 and numbers 28 and 29 God gives the instructions for what sacrifices to offer for each of the festivals for the daily for the monthly every new moon and for each of the festivals and their different slightly different everyone is slightly different and just to shorten the time because I want to also get on to the back page the number. Number 5 yes we read Number 5 same order he either to be correlated so the ones in Chapter 8 as are 835 are the same ones that are described in numbers 28 and 29 same order so it's one of the coal calendrical that have these sacrifices had to be offered on either a monthly or a either Day of Atonement or feast of tabernacles or Feast of Trumpets one of those. Number 6 the offering of the sacrifices took place during one of the Callender will collect Cajuns of the 4 and a half month period how do we know that if we just read a paragraph here the sacrifices were offered during one of the calendrical occasions this is made clear because the foreign F month period had a new moon a Feast of Trumpets a day of atonement or a feast of tabernacles one of those 4 possibilities now which one is the most likely number 7 the calendrical sacrifices of one occasion the Day of Atonement at the time of the Jubilee best fits the pattern of the sacrifices offered in Ezra 835 and the general context of the passage and I'm skipping a lot from my paper because if I read it I won't have time for the 2nd half so I'm just take taking the high points of the paper and giving you the giving you the point that the only one of all of these calendrical events that fits all the data from the decree and from Ezra and from numbers $28.29 the only one that fits all of them is Day of Atonement. They have the same number of sacrifices times 12 because it was for the whole 12 tribes it has. A series of 77 times 7 sacrifices a multiple multiple of 7 and it so happens that the day of atonement had a multiple of 7 sacrifice that fits this whereas the other did not have a multiple of 7 pts and then finally just to make this short because I just wanted you to get the main point of this is that it has the multiple of 7 for another reason that my colleague did you ever take a class Michael from Dr Waterhouse Doug Waterhouse it's of classes OK he did calculations as to when the Jew believe actually happened and then took Woody what year was the jubilee year and he gave very solid evidence to argue that 457 was a jubilee year not any of the other suggested years that have been put forward by scholars for 44 for 58 for 57 jubilee year and a jubilee is. A 50th year it's actually 7 times 7 is $49.00 and then the 50th year is the celebration of that but the 50th year is the start of the next 7 times 7 so the Jubilee runs in cycles of 7 times 7 and so I got really excited about this when I saw that not only does the sacrificial the sacrifices that are mentioned in the decree match precisely with Day of Atonement sacrifices but they also shout out Jubilee. And it so happens that the year when as your is coming back is a jubilee year and do you think as or knew that he was a scribe he knew the calculations and so he planned it and I'm sure he told the King We've got to go back on this year it's a jubilee year according to the video because $25.00 when the Jubilee comes everyone supposed to go back to their inheritance and he said to the King We've got to go back to our inheritance because the jubilees coming. And so here as Rowe comes home on a jubilee year and he offers the sacrifices on the day of atonement of that Jubilee year now when you look at all the details and I saw your eyes glazing over as I started going is the details and I figured I got to back off from the details and give you the big picture because it becomes exciting to see that right at the very beginning of the 2300 days it started on a day of atonement and right at the end it starts on and to top it and I'll give you one more piece of the big picture the Day of Atonement moves through every year it comes on a slightly different date because they're on a lunar cycle and they have to link this with the solar cycle and so you've got basically 3 positions of of when the festivals come either early position or middle position or late position it for $57.00 it came on a late position in the October in $844.00 it came on a late position end of October so God's timing was amazing. Not only the right year not only the right event but the right cycle of the right an amazing God's timing is perfect on this. That Let's share a little bit No I actually didn't give that part of the paper in Rome because I have enough paper for 2 hours and I only had 20 minutes. So I gave a little taste of that one but now they turn to the other side and here again I will give a taste and then all that Gerard give fill in the gaps that I didn't that I didn't cover accurately or I mean sufficiently did you get the summary of what I said here's my conclusion I conclude in light of the evidence from these passages that the going forth of the war word to restore and build Jerusalem certainly went forth went into effect in the fall of $457.00 B.C. and very probably on the day of atonement of that year. So let's go to the to the 2nd issue now when was Day of Atonement in 1904 was it October 22 or were the rabbis right when they claimed it was September 23. I would like to share some evidence that's excited me I wish I could tell you I had the silver bullet we don't have the silver bullet yet because the silver bullet would be if we actually had the the agricultural calendar of the care writes an $844.00. That showed unequivocally that they were adding an extra month that year and that it put it in the late position we do not have a traveler that records in 1904 but we got traveler's Kalman an $840.00 we found I found in the library in in. Harvard University a traveller of 843 and I said Lord why didn't you just let someone go through an 844 so that he could tell us for sure that the Jews the rabbis and the carrots were celebrating at a different time we have the silver bullet but I've got a pretty close to the silver bullet OK and maybe with my bronze bullet and. Dump bronze bullet it will be a silver bullet when their coat combined We hope so so here we go of David told me type ology we've already talked about that if the language of Daniel $814.00 is Day of Atonement then it should be fulfilled on a day of atonement right just like Jesus' death is a Passover language and he died on Passover and when the the Holy Spirit was poured out it was poured out at Pentecost and it came on a Pentecost exactly on the Pentecost and so it should be the same 4 Day of Atonement Now the difficulty is we have the rabbinic calculation versus the biblical reckoning according to the rabbinic calculation which is not based upon the biblical reckoning it's based upon mathematical formulas that were worked out so you could figure out when to celebrate even though you were in Jerusalem and could watch the barley harvest and so they made these mathematical formulas when they were in Babylonian captivity and those are different than the Biblical method. And according to the rabbinic method of calculating it was September 23 but I like to suggest according to the care right method it was not September 23 it was October 22 let's see how we can and how we can discover that and. So let me see if I can break this down it is somewhat complicated right Michael all of these calculations stuff but you have you have there in front of you and I'm going to describe this number to rabbinic calculation versus biblical reckoning the ancient Jewish calendar utilized a combination of lunar and solar calculations a lunar solar year the months are regulated by sighting of the new moon each month but 12 lunar months and you how long I'm you know how long the lunar month is 29.53059 days got that is nearly 11 days shorter actually 10.8752 days then the solar day which is 3 $165.00 days course you do all that calculation right when you're going through the calendar every year that you're glad it's all been done for us so we don't have to do them. But in Biblical times in order to keep these 2 calendars together the lunar and the solar they had to have some way of of correlating them because they were about 10 days off 10 or 11 days off every year by a 3rd of a month the sooner the low solar look solar calendar was a 3rd of the month off from the lunar calendar so what they did was they added an extra month we call it an intercalated month intercalation added in between a leap month if you please every 3 years about every 3 years actually about every 7 times out of every 1000 years so according to the Bible how are you supposed to figure when to add that leap month. In order to bring the solar calendar in to harmony with the lunar calendar what you did what they did was they went out and they looked at the harvest and the thing that had to happen was at Passover time you had to wave this wave sheaf of barley and it had to be ripe barley and so when it came time for Passover the barley had to be ripe. So the rabbis would go back several weeks before Passover and go out and look at the barley harvest and they were really good at this and when the Barley was a breed that's the Hebrew word for their month of the year was the 1st month was called the month of Abib because the barley came into a B. but which meant that it started turning from green to yellow started getting ripe started getting brittle nuff so that you could actually parched the grain and eat it and you knew if you're good enough at it you knew that in 3 weeks it would be right but enough to wave a wave. If it were ripe enough then the priest would go out and announce we have to add another month so that year you would have to 12 months so it's a 13 months long instead of 12 which means then the next year would be delayed by a month right. You get that you get it that I mean it with it seems like Pam That would be really hard for us well we had a every 4 years we had an extra day to February doesn't bother us all that much they just added an extra month. $57.00 times out of every 19 years and so the whole issue is when in $844.00 according to the Bible record the Bible way of figuring it should they have added that extra month or should they have not it was the barley going to be ripe or was it not going to be right. So no. Are pioneers are you going to get into the economical calendar Palestine you were talking about that because they found this document that described the actual weather conditions for Palestine in that period of time in 84 in the $840.00 S. in the and in and in Palestine the economic calendar of Palestine wrote to be I'll just quote it here. Johann Buddha's economic calendar of Palestine was based upon the empirical research of travellers which makes very clear that although the barley is often ripe in Jericho by the end of March it is not ripe in Jerusalem or elsewhere in Palestine until some 2 weeks later that means if you ever find the year starting in March instead of April you're too early you're not going to have barley So based on that and then based upon the care rights are you going to say a lot about the carrots are going to tell who they are and what they do because if you know my time is getting short and I'd love to give you an hour to do that but so I just say a little bit about the care rights I don't want to repeat what you're going to do tell me. Go OK All right well the carrot Jews were an ancient sect of Judaism originating in the 9th century A.D. And actually in the middle ages 40 percent of Jews were carrots and care right means. People of the Scriptures sound like what advice what to be and the carrots were a group of Jews that believed in Sola script Tura the Bible and the Bible only know tradition so the rabbis had all these traditions as to when to count this and when to do that they said away with that we're going to go with the Biblical record of when to count the barley when to count the harvest and so. Unfortunately this I just learned this in research that by 844 almost everyone every care right had abandoned the biblical way of calculating us because they weren't in Jerusalem they didn't have people in Jerusalem to be able to do it and so they went and so if it when you go to the carrots today in Jerusalem and you ask them tell me about this what did you how did how did you work the calendar back in 1904 they'll show you a document from the Chief Rabbinate of the care right dirts in Egypt in 844 that says we keep the feasts just like the rabbis do and they will try to tell you the carrots in Jerusalem will try to tell you that in $844.00 everyone was keeping them the same. But they never read was the travelers who got travelers reports 4 or 5 travelers who went through Jerusalem at this time lived in Jerusalem and they reported the carrots are keeping the time for starting the year one month differently than are the rabbis. There's now a book that's been published on the history of the carrots and there were at least 7 families maybe more of care rights in Jerusalem at this time and what's what what amazed me was they were there just for the right time so that our pioneers could learn from the travelers about the right time to keep the Passover and hence the Day of Atonement which would be one month later and what shocked me was that by 186015 years later there were no care rights. Crimea war came and they were all disappeared so for that narrow point of time when Adventist needed to have a testimony for the biblical way of calculating when does Day of Atonement start we had it and so when the detractors like Desmond Ford say those silly had been his pioneers they were so naive that thay went to this little sect to find out about the truth guess who the naive ones were I think if I had been. I would think if someone was going to ask me and I hadn't done all the study on the care I swear when does that when does the Day of Atonement start I would go to or go to the to the rabbinic calendar but our pioneers they didn't have Greek and Hebrew and sophisticated tools but they had some better. They had the brewery and spirit and the Holy Spirit of God leading them leading them into truth leading them to find the care right group leading them to find these testimonies of the carriage travelers that points out the right time that it's to happen I praise God for His providence now we have a 2nd line of evidence that time will not permit me to give here in detail but it's on your chart and that and this is William Shay's arguments William share is a great mathematician and he did some. Direct mathematical computation you can see point number 6 there where he showed this pattern of the late position the intermediate position or the early position for when. The months would start and he showed how in 1459 it was the late and then in 145458 it was intermediate before 57 it was the early and then 456 back to the late and so he then did the calculation forward to 844 and he. Found out if it would if it would come out even then it would be the same for $844.00 will he found out it came out one off one position different and. Because it was one presume different then he also saw that it was I'm summarizing 7 pages of my papers I'm trying to just say it in layman's terms here but he also he also saw that it was. That the calculations of the Day of Atonement by the rabbis were exactly. Every 7 out of every 19 years it came back to the same cycle so if you add 7 times into $1000.00 it comes back to the same cycle but actually if you look at those point 005 you know that if you look at the for data there's a slippage in the Kalar because it's not exactly 7 times out of every $1000.00 it slips by a little bit every year and between Jesus' day and the time of $844.00 it's slipped by 11 days it slipped by $11.00 position of. Of the calendar if it slipped by one and the date then was and a late date then it would be exactly on an exit without any in between and it would come out exactly on the right time so she was on the right track and if you just add that slippage of the 11 days you cannot exact with it being a late October for $57.00 and a late October and 1844 so his his is a nother way of showing that this is indeed an accurate presentation so I've got to end with one more one more piece of evidence which is cool to me I love the book of his eco and the book of his equal is all about Day of Atonement the whole book of Ezekiel the 1st 11 chapters are God coming in an investigative judgment into the Holy of Holies in the Jerusalem temple and then he leaves and then the last 9 chapters 40 to 48 he's coming back to restore to cleanse the sink she wary. And in that last vision of Izzy kill Chapter 40 verse one he actually gives the date is equal gives dates for all the times everything he writes he gives a date for and they're very significant those dates but the last ones the most significant because as he dates his last vision the vision of a cleansed sanctuary they have Atonement he says it took place on or off. On I ever heard of Russia before the Jewish New Year Roche means head a shonen means the year head of the year the year started on this in the 7th month and the Jewish year of the civil year started in the 7th month he says I was given this vision on Russia China. The 10 day of the month now you Bible students if you have the 7th month and the 10th day of the 7th month what day are you at they have a Tom and that's right they haven't told what was the 10th day of the 7th month and so is equal is given this vision of a cleansed sanctuary that was a type of the heavenly cleansing he was given to a day of atonement that was exciting enough for me there to Thoma it hardly ever comes on the same day once in a blue moon it comes on the on the same calendar date because of this lunisolar situation so imagine my surprise when I went to Voltaire to similes commentary Michael in German translated in English Fortunately now and looked up he did the calculations for what day this was in our time of dating is equal was given his day of atonement vision on October 22. Izzie CULE is the most complete Old Testament type of the Day of Atonement and here as he's giving this type a logical pre representation of the Day of Atonement actually aligns it so it will come exact on October 22 I got shivers down my spine when I saw that God in his precipitation in his timing to make this type ology fit perfectly so I conclude. I'll just read the conclusion here the beginning and ending dates of the 2300 day prophecy of Daniel 814 are solid and secure with regard to the year 457 and a D. 844 we also may be more precise in regard to the exact dates probably beginning on a day of atonement and for $57.00 B.C. October 30 start of the Jubilee and certainly ending on the day of atonement and $844.00 which that year according to the biblical reckoning almost certainly fell on October 22 not September 23. Minor points. I don't think anything is a minor point and it has to do is when God is starting that great new phase judgment of. 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