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The Sanctuary: So What?

Richard Davidson



  • February 9, 2019
    11:30 AM
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Michael asked me to share with you this morning my own spiritual journey with regard to the sanctuary message and as he asked me that I felt almost overwhelmed like where do I start. So much I want to say so little time to say it so much that I have gotten excited about how do I share that in just a few minutes. But I'm going to try God's going to help me to say what he wants me to say today and this is actually I've shared parts of this before but I've never tried to put it all together so you really stretched me but it was a welcome stretch so. I should say that if I would put one name at the head of those who inspired me about the sanctuary doctrine it would be Michael's dad Dr hostle taught me the doctrine of the sanctuary and I learned more from that class about the sanctuary than I've ever learned anywhere else so I'm just adding a few pieces of icing on the cake to what he already bequeath to me that. What all of you should know I'm a 4th generation 70 AD Buddhist as Joanne's mother in law Alberto Mozart like to say we must have our Adventist message racing through our genes and chromosomes by this time. And I was raised in a God fearing home with godly Bible teachers who believed in the same message and one of my teachers actually bought us a new Bible and spent the whole year our senior year just underlining all the texts about the doctrines of the Bible in red and all the promises and blue and then making us memorize those and then our final exam was just he gave us a list of texts and we had to find them in the Bible so praise God for Bible teachers in high school and beyond and below everywhere that are teaching this this great message. At the 7th the end was college that I attended and then at the seminary in the now I have to tell about that age you know a few years after noise flood is what I'd rather say because that's probably close to the truth but when I was going in the sixty's and early seventy's to college and to seminary there wasn't much said about the sanctuary there was no class at my college and support surprisingly the seminary had no class in the doctrine of the sanctuary there's a little history behind that but the fact was I never got a class in the sanctuary doctrine at the seminary little pieces were plugged in I think people believed in the sanctuary but had not developed into hey it's important we need to have a special class on this. One So I found myself as a young pastor at the ripe old age of 24 heading to book a Arizona. You think it's hot down here in the summertime book I holds the record with Death Valley almost every day of the summer at 20 degree a 120 degrees in the shade sometimes 125 and so here I arrived the 1st Sabbath to preach book I Arizona I was 24 and the youngest person in the church was 65. I didn't think that was I thought that was really old that I think that's pretty young now but that was that was the reaction and elder Hayward was my was my district supervisor pastor and anybody who knew James Hayward he had a model of the sanctuary this beautiful model that he had built himself and he spent a whole day helping me erect it out there in the front of the church this little book I Church it took up about a 3rd of the church you know but it was there so that anyone that came for our evangelist it meetings that were having I could walk them through the sanctuary I had never preached a sermon on the sanctuary and so I worked hard many hours writing my notes that I would remember what to say and I got there for that night when I was to preach on the sanctuary I stood up to preach and I opened my Bible and I'd left my notes at home 45 minutes back. And so it was my 1st extent Bahraini a sermon and also the 1st sermon on the sanctuary and by God's grace I'm not a very good mathematician but he helped me get through the math from 457 B.C. past the 0 Year and on to 844 in the 2300 days somehow came out right and I made the calculations and fortunately I had a great visually so I could walk them through the pieces of the sanctuary and say something meaningful sermon was over and I moved on to the next topic. Because you see the sanctuary had not touched my heart it was 2300 days to be diagrammed it was a list of texts about what Jesus started to do and 844 but it had little if any spiritual impact upon my personal life well you know throughout my childhood and adult years the subject of the judgment was not good news for me I would go to hear Vangelis tick series and when the preacher would shame us with our bad deeds and try to scare us into heaven by the fear of the judgment I would tremble and when he would say your name may come up anytime Are you really for the judgment I said No Lord I'm not ready please don't let my name come up I was afraid of the judgment I was terrified of the judgment and so in my 1st district back from seminary I refused to preach on the judgement until one permeating series we were studying the book of Psalms C.S. Lewis anybody here a C.S. Lewis fan great book on reflecting the songs and I went through every chapter of that book dealing with the different themes of the Psalms except I skipped one you guess which one I skipped. The one on the judgment but then my subconscious started smarting me I said Lord there must be some good news in the judgement that I've missed so I just spent the week that week before the next permeating just opening up my Bible and looking through the SOB just reading the whole book of Psalms Lord show me about the judgment from the Psalms and I didn't have to get far I got to some 7 and I read verse 8 the Lord shall judge the peoples and then these words popped out at me where the Psalmist David says judge me oh Lord judge me oh Lord I said to my reading this right and I kept on reading form 3 more times he says that in the songs judge me like as opposed to you as if you were saying hurry up Lord bring it on I can hardly wait come on bring on the judgment. I said How could David pray such a prayer didn't he understand the seriousness of soon didn't you understand the certainty of the judgement and the answer is yes so I kept reading and I got to some 51 where David prayed that great prayer of repentance after his hard been awakened have mercy upon me oh god according to your loving kindness and on he prays down and diverse verse for against you you only have I sinned and done this evil in your sight that you may be found just when you speak and blameless when you judge us he knew the judgment was certain and his prayer showed he knew that his sin was real he was confessing not only his act of adultery and power rape against best Sheba. Not only his murder against your right but he goes into his very motives and he says behold I was brought forth in an equally my very heart. As you said we have a carnal nature and verse 6 Behold use desire truth in the inward part and the hidden part you will make me to know no. Wisdom he knew that even if he did the right things he often had wrong motives and so he was confessing all of us so David knew he was a great sinner he knew that there was a solemn judgment but he knew something else and so he prays that my favorite verse of the prayer verse 7 purge me with Hyssop and I shall be clean hyssop your remember was that branch that was dipped in the blood of the Passover lamb and then put on the doorpost and the lintels of the houses so that when the destroying angel passed over everyone who was under the blood was saved now I understand my wife told me when you go down this weekend there is a picture down on this campus some place she saw it when she was here last of a father putting blood on the door post of that house if anybody knows where that picture is come and see me afterwards because join wants me to take a picture of it and if I don't bring it back I'm going to be in trouble so please help me. I would also like to see it for myself but David understood that he could pray to God cover me with the blood of the lamb he understood that God was in the business of forgiving our sins and covering us with the robe of his righteousness he understood that as he confessed his sins to God God acquitted him pardoned him and cleansed him there's a statement on white makes that we don't often read because it sounds so radical This is all in white talking by him to a selected messages we are not to be anxious about what Christ and God think of us if you catch that order to be anxious about what Christ and God think of us but what about about what God thinks of Christ our substitute what is Christ what does God think about Christ our substitute to see accepted and so if every day we turn our lives over to Jesus we can we just surrender away to him then life is beautiful God looks not at us but he looks at Jesus our substitute and we are accepted in the beloved according to a fusion chapter one and so I began to learn about insurer assurance in the judgment good news almost too good news to be true. For several years after graduating from the theological seminary I had preached lots of sermons about Jesus but I had never never had assurance of salvation in Jesus to offer to some. I actually took a course at the seminary on righteousness by faith by our leading proponent of righteousness by faith in the in the church he wrote the Sabbath school lesson several times of righteousness by faith Unfortunately back in high school I've had a teacher have us memorize from Christ subject lessons paid 166 you should never say or feel that you are saying I memorized that and I internalized that and that kept me from every except in the Gospel. Even when I heard these powerful truths presented of righteousness by faith in that class I wanted to understand it in fact I studied harder for the final exam on that course of righteousness by faith than I had ever studied before for any course those little blue books we used to write final exams on I filled 2 blue books never did that before or sense and when I got my final exam back from that course only time in my life. A plus Can you imagine an A plus in righteousness by faith. I had arrived. With only one small problem I never had experienced righteousness by faith so I got out as a preacher and preached lots of sermons about Jesus and gave no one assurance of salvation and Jesus wasn't till later I realized Ellen White wasn't talking about lack of assurance she was talking about the once saved always saved heresy because if I don't ever take anyone's word for reading a quotation from Ellen Wade if you have wonder about it except look it up yourself. Because when you look at this for this 166 page you find that 3 lines later Ellen White says we may give ourselves to Him and know they're here except sus Ellen White understood assurance of salvation in Jesus but she didn't want us to turn it into a once saved always saved terrorists she had the balanced understanding of the gospel. Well through a chain of wonderful circumstances God led me one of my pastor friends realized that I didn't understand about how to accept Jesus. We were pitching tents there and can't be of a Pines in Arizona and after a day of hard pitching of tents he took me back behind the tent and he said could we have a Bible study together and I said this is kind of funny you know we're both pastors Why does he want to give me a Bible study and he started giving a Bible study on salvation he said if you do you have assurance of salvation I said I hope so so let's look up a text or 2 so he had me look up John 647 he that believes in me has everlasting life he says Do you believe in Jesus so what a crazy question I'm an Adventist pastor of course I believe in Jesus do you have everlasting life I hope so we did that about 5 times it's only said Well maybe I better change vs So he changed the 1st John Chapter 5 verse verse 13. He said Please read that and so I read it I write this to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you may know that you have everlasting life he says Do you believe in the name of the Son of God. The pastor why do you ask me these stupid questions. Then do you know all that you have eternal life and I was just ready to say for the 7th or 8th time I hope so when the spirit pounded me in my heart and I was able to open my mouth and say yes I believe not because I feel it not because I'm worthy but because Jesus has said it and Jesus is not a liar. And I reached out that day and took the gift of eternal life and I've never been the same sets do I sometimes stumble and fall Yes but he's the father that picks me up and helps me to walk and the more I look into his eyes the closer I come to him because the by beholding we become changed but I reach out and take him every day and that relationship is one of joy and one of growth. Praise God for the message of Justification by Faith no one I saw this truth here I was preaching and Flagstaff I said I gotta share this I got to find this everywhere in the Bible and so I started looking and just at that time someone sent to Camp Meeting bless his heart Leslie Harding anybody remember Leslie Hardy and he gave a whole series on the sanctuary war or my heart. He had a little red book called from the cross in the shadow and the cross and its shadow and I read that and in the back he had 25 books that he suggested we read I got them all and read them and then I found out he had 30 hours of cassette tapes on the sanctuary and I got them and I read them listen to them I took copious notes hundreds of pages of notes on that the sanctuary came alive I thankful to Dr Harding May his soul rest in peace but there are questions that were raised because some of those books said this means this this part of the sanctuary means this this part of the sanctuary is means this and I couldn't understand how to get it all together and and so I said Man I got to study this more and it drove me to such a passion for this subject that I finally said I'm going back to study. Just at that time I'd gotten a call to the Big Island of Hawaii remember I was in Flagstaff Arizona we get 270 inches of snow there every year one summer one storm in a week and we had 8 feet of snow. And once the snow plows were finished you didn't know there were any houses in town it was just a big white wall through town that's where I came from so here was this call to go and to sip pink lemonade on the black sands of the big island and then here's this call that the spirit is yanking at me to go back to the flat lands and the frigid cold of Michigan. Didn't seem to be much of a choice. Except the spirit had other ideas and I sent out the letters of inquiry and one day on a Saturday afternoon after church I went to the mailbox got 3 letters from 3 I think one was your dad 2 other professors they didn't know I had written to 3 of them they didn't answer me for 3 months but all the letters came back at the same day in the same box saying you need to come you need to come so we drove through a blizzard 1500 miles in the middle of a blizzard to get back to Andrews my 1st classes with Dr hostle and there I looked at the list of papers I could write and one of the topics was principles of biblical type. And I was able to fulfill my passion and spent several hours several years writing on that topic the sanctuary came alive Well I finished my doctoral work and they weren't sure that they could trust an Andrew graduate to teach at the seminar I would be the 1st guinea pig so they were a little afraid they figured I needed maybe a little more training so they sent me off for a few months to Israel to get some post-doctoral training so they wouldn't look like they're in breeding you know Andrews in the Enders and while I was there the storm broke in the Adventists. It was $1980.00 and that fall you remember in 1979 Desmond Ford gave his infamous lecture at the Forum meeting at Pacific Union card college and then he spent a year writing his 991 page manuscript. Seeking to detract from destroy and defeat the sanctuary message of Adventists. Here I was in Israel no cell phones then no e-mails then a phone call cost a fortune still then and we had no access to administrate view we were all on by ourselves there and I had no idea what was going on in my church so I come back right after the glacier view meeting I was supposed to start teaching in a few weeks and I had a knock on the door he was my best theological friend not going on my door but he had in his hand a big stack of books. He put them down on my living room table and he looked at me and he said Dick I dare you to read these and stay and add this is what you mean we talking about he would he was getting his doctorate degree too. And he said I've been studying all these materials of Brinsmead and Ford and I am convinced the sanctuary doctrine isn't true and I want you to come with me let's get out over the getting out is good and we'll start our own church based on the Gospel Well I had seen too much happened in this church for me to just up and leave I was determined however that I wanted to make sure that this doctrine was sound I knew that in a few weeks I would be teaching seminary students who were also reading this $991.00 page manuscript I needed to understand it so in addition to preparing for classes every night I would hop into bed for a little light bedtime reading. I would open the 991 page document and read a little further the things that I had questions about that I didn't have answers to. 1st chapter was easier it was about Thai politics I could see he was way off on that he missed the boat on it but I got into prophecy and all the your day principle in the. Quote interpretation of Daniel 7 and Daniel 8 and all those things there are so many questions that were raised I didn't have answers for and there I was convicted beyond a shadow of a doubt that the heartbeat of Adventism is the sanctuary message Ellen White calls it the very foundation of our faith and if we're wrong on that why when I want to stand and honest just to be a cultural Adventist every other doctrine we teach you find somewhere else in some other church you believe the same message you only find it it happened so and so I came to the conclusion that I was going to study the deepest I knew how to study but if I could not find sufficient evidence for this truth I was ahead only because I didn't want to be an advantage simply because the professor had taught me even if it was Professor hostle or if my parents had taught me or if the pastors had taught me or if the pioneers had said so or even if the prophet had said so because Ellen White herself said believe it because Scripture says so. And so started weeks and months of anguish I wasn't alone some of you who are doing the same thing praying in little groups seeking for God's guidance to help us through our way our way through him think fall for our church at that time. The administration didn't just shove these problems under the rug and pretend they would go away they set up a whole Daniel and Revelation committee that met for 10 years and before it stopped meeting I got to be a part of it and write a couple of those papers but the writings of William shade for example that 1st volume that came out selected studies and prophetic interpretation were like gold to me I had wrestled over the year day principle how come we have only 2 texts you know is equal for 6 and numbers 1434 neither of those are in Daniel and here I come to the chapters and Shays book where he has he shows $28.00 reasons for believing in the year day principle and most of them are in day. I remember halfway through reading those chapters when I just I just put the book down I looked up and I said God I give up I can't fight you anymore this doctrine is true. I was searching for just enough evidence to hang my doubts on and I'd stay an admin as Instead I said I found an overwhelming array of evidence and the objections steadily melt to the we like whore for us before the rising sun. And so now I'm here yeah it's going on 40 years since and I'm here to testify that I believe the sanctuary message more firmly than I ever have believed it I find that it is more solid lease built and stablished in Scripture than I ever could have used. And I have been. I've been rejoicing like like Gerard has said when students come you know back in the eighty's in the ninety's. We had classes at the sanctuary and I could I could expect that at least half would be against the sanctuary mess which I would be facing opposition to this message it would be like conducting an evangelist stick series in that sanctuary Class Wrestling for the hearts of pastors to actually accept this message and my Aside from my love letters that I've saved from my wife the most precious stack of letters I have are the letters from students who after the class would write I came into this class sanctuary. But I'm going back to share with my dad who is still a sanctuary doubter The bless and truth of this message now we didn't we didn't win them all can't convert everyone they have to be open to it the Holy Spirit can only reach in but there were there were holy moments in those class periods where the Spirit gave you just what to say at the right time. So those were the years when the question was is the sanctuary true and I could unequivocal say yes. You have a doubt bring it on I have had that same doubt let's wrestle with it together if I haven't heard your doubt come to my office and let's let's have at it and it was exciting to I it's scary times but exciting times you know the last 20 years 15 or 20 years the number of people that doubt the sanctuary in my class are very few the tone has totally changed as we've shifted from truth based modernism to. Feeling based postmodernism. And now people don't ask so much is it true I still teach them why it is because they need to know that but that's not the burning passion of their heart the burning passion of their heart is so what what difference does it make in my life if I believe the same sure doctrine or if I don't show me the difference and so from my classes now at the sanctuary I give them the exams the final exam questions already the 1st day simplifies things course they have to read if you know this book the sanctuary book that is being published is 800 pages. So they have to do it they have to do a lot of work in my class but they already know what they're looking for the 1st question is a true. And I give them all the arguments from the detractors show me from scripture that it's true and the 2nd question is So what what practical difference does it make those are the 2 those are the 2 things we're facing Well my assignment today and I've shared some of it already the answer is is a True but I'm sorry the same it today was not is it true but so what so in the last few minutes that I have I want to actually give a testimony based upon the testimony of others namely the Bible writers themselves I want to call up my biblical authors. Who have. Written about the sanctuary and instead of asking them the question what about the truthfulness of this I want to ask in the question can you help me to know what difference it makes in my life and here's what I want to share. Let's start 1st though we've got an expert in the pioneers sitting next to me sitting over here beside me but I can't resist this 11 paragraph from your Ryan Smith in review unheralded 858 Have you ever seen a paragraph in print where every sentence ends with an exclamation mark Here's one and the one that everyone except one the last one doesn't and I think it deserves one now if you're from Victor Borge a days where the pianist and the humorist invented phonetic pronunciation you know he had a way of saying it out loud exclamation point it was something like what. OK you guys know that so you add those at the end of every sentence and here's what here's what it is Did it make a difference to your eye a smith as they went through 844 and they hammered out this doctrine here it starts the sanctuary. OK I'll do I want do that again but you just do that every time OK momentous subject. Grand nucular surround which cluster the glorious constellations of present truth how it opens to our understanding the plan of salvation how it lifts the veil from the position of our Lord in heaven what a halo of glory it throws upon his ministry what a divine harmony it establishes with the Word of God what a flood of light it pours upon past fulfillment of prophecy how at 45 is the mighty truth of these last days what a glorious she has upon the future with what hope and joy and consolation it fills the heart of the believer. Glorious subject. And then there's the last sentence I'm going to add it because he didn't. It's importance can either be overdrawn or overestimate. Exclamation point all right move into the Bible ask Moses he'll tell you why this sanctuary doctrine so relevant for us today you go to the very 1st reference to the sanctuary in Exodus 25 verses 8 and 9 when God says to Moses let them make me a sanctuary and then he tells us why that I may dwell among them we can get off on a hike a flute and theories about what the sanctuary is for but here it's all wrapped up God says I want to be close to you. That's why you can go to the text and Jeremiah 17 and Isaiah 26 and Isaiah 14 and is equal 26 and you find that God had a sanctuary from the very beginning of creation and the sanctuary even before C.N.N. had as its purpose to invite the unfallen universe to the mountain of His Holiness to the place of his congregation where they can or should pay. So before he even took on the role of solving the sin problem so teary ology would put it in theological terms it had the purpose of inviting his creatures to come to worship and praise my students who are there whose ears like to be tickled with big theological terms I summarize it this way before soteriology was Doc's Hutch. Before the plan of salvation was a reality it wasn't needed everyone was perfect Lucifer ends then the sanctuary was still there because God in his very being has the principle of him. God with us. That's with the sanctuary messages from the very start of Exodus he wants to come close now sin has put up a barrier so the sanctuary needed to take on another circumstance to get rid of the sin problem so that we could come close but throughout eternity don't let anyone tell you the sanctuary will be gone when the end of time comes you read Revelation chapter 21 verse 21 where it says John says I saw no temple there and some people think there is no temple then that exists read it closely it doesn't say I saw no temple he said I didn't see any temple in the city why not because Revelation 21 verses $1.00 to $3.00 the whole city comes down and God says Look John the tabernacle God is with men the whole cities now become the tabernacle and he measured it in it's the shape of a cube the shape of the most holy place and now the whole city is the place where we have rooms in the holy of holies and we live with him in the sanctuary for eternity the sanctuary exists from present from the from infinity past and to infinity for future eternity. When I went to. When I 1st started as a pastor and they knew I was a 70 had been a star member of this one pastor we got really be really good friends and one day he asked me you guys you're 70 haven't asked Why do you spend so much time focusing upon that obscure chapter over there in the video because you know very Because what is it 16 about some day of atonement that's you know no one does that anymore what is your whole life seems to be centered around this obscure old covenant passage I didn't have an answer. Kind of hung my head down like why don't we do that and then I got back to school and I started studying the hope and it took and I saw that the whole Pentateuch is in this gigantic mountain structure. Like shaped like a mountain in which the center point is the high point so you've got Genesis which matches to run to me your god Exodus which matches numbers and here in the middle is Leviticus and as you go up the Leviticus mountain the 1st part are the descriptions regarding the sacrifices and then the 2nd part up the mountain of the. Material describing the works of the priest and then there's the personal holiness of the people and then you get to the top and guess what chapters at the very top of the mountain Leviticus 16 this is the only way biblical writers had of showing what was important they couldn't draw arrows they couldn't ball they couldn't put in flashing neon lights they could just put it into the structure you put something right at the top of the mountain and ask me on a mountain Kleiner I don't climb mountains because of all the sweat on the way up I hate the sweat on the way up I climb the mountain from the view from the top. And when you get to the top of the Pena to come out in which was God's foundational instruction for us the view from the top is the Day of Atonement Have you ever thought why that might be think of it for an Israelite on the day of atonement the holiest person in the world the high priest went into the holiest place in the world the most holy place on the holiest day of the year your poor literally translated your mucky poor room it means the Day of Atonement holiest day of the. To do the holiest work of the year and if you translate that up to what's happening in heaven picture it the most holy person in the universe Jesus has gone into the most holy place in the universe the Holy of Holies to do the holiest work in the whole history of salvation to restore his sanctuary to its rightful place and we get to preach that mass which once I saw that I lost my shame of being an Adventist and this century message it's at the heart of the Bible the foundational pattern of the Pentateuch and it's at the heart of the whole salvation history the pentacle but it's not enough just to see that if you want to see the Gospel balanced you go to the Book of Leviticus and you read the 1st 15 chapters as you're moving up toward the Day of Atonement and it's all about blood 91 times blood blood blood blood the blood of Jesus is the foundation Norman as you've written so eloquently of our selfish His substitutionary work on our behalf is the basis of my selfish and so if you don't rip Leviticus 16 out of its context you leave it right there on top of the mountain you go all the way up it's blood it's the blood of Jesus that stands in my place but that's not the rest that's not the whole Gospel the other gospels come down the other side and the key term is holiness Believe me I believe in holiness I believe in holy living but it's not the basis of myself it's the fruit of myself. And the Holy Spirit as we've heard so eloquently this morning wants to fill us with that holy life. Not in order to make us good enough soul be saved but because this is the outward evidence to the universe that our hearts have been given to Jesus every day and the holy fruit is the evidence of the holy faith and so we see the Gospel beautifully pictured here in this pen to Tuco MT I'm going to have to let these Bible writers come really fast so here we go that's Moses and I was actually I was going to give the whole thing but Gerard did a good job on this in the video because 23 you want the 5 things God wants us and have the privilege for us to do on the Day of Atonement they're all there in the Vatican's 235 activities and gather for the sanctuary gather to the sanctuary is the 1st one that I saw in the sanctuary. First identify with the ritual of the priest as he presents an offering by fire focus upon our sacrifice Jesus Christ the cross the center of the atoning work and engage in affliction of soul how do we afflict our souls I hate that translation the Hebrew simply says humble yourself we humble ourselves by realizing that at the foot of the cross is the highest we can come to present ourselves before God and we also short by our actions of living a life of humility and dependence upon him and then the the the 5th one is a work of cleansing and I couldn't have said it and he's stronger than Gerard did it's not I that does the cleansing every place in the Bible in the Old Testament passages whether you go to melike 3 or whether you go to chapter $38.00 or Leviticus 16 the Shout is always. I will cleanse you from all your run filled us my favorite passages Ecclesia is equal 36 were God says I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes I think I used to think I had to try to work my hardest to live without sin and then finally if I could one day live without sin then maybe God would accept me no we've got the cart before the horse we 1st reach out and take his gift recognizing our sinfulness and then. Assured that he has accepted as an every day that we are accepted in the Beloved we turn our eyes upon Jesus and we reach out and claim that promise he's claimed he has promised to take responsibility for cleansing the pressure is off me because he will put in me the spirit of willingness motivation and power and it's not in order to be saying that the basis is Jesus' substitutionary death but the fruit is every day pouring out more fully until finally God will will as I I like to my brother was a chemist and he used to tell me how you could put a. Have a beaker and have it filled with materials and then you wanted to put in a catalyst you put the catalyst into the fluid and then all the precipitous would just precipitate out one and God's not going to go forever I don't believe this is the ology that's going around that if we don't have some Exactly right he could we could be here forever I'm writing on The Book of Exodus they never got it right in the wilderness and finally God said here are ready or not here I come. And the ones that were the ones that weren't right they got wiped out in the plague there at the end you know with Bill Peor and God went on in God has his ways of taking us whole and I is equal if you read this 36 and is equal 38 There are 2 ceilings that takes place in as equals term God says I will vindicate myself through my people and I will vindicate myself through God and the forces of evil because at the end everyone will be established and settled and strengthened totally into the truth or into the law. You can't be anyone in between and then God will say universe Here's the way of Satan and here's the way the Gospel and the whole universe will shout just and true are your ways OK of saints a few snippets as we come to the end I like to have you think about the Psalmist's some 73 for 17 he said he was confused about the wicked and he said in a tell I went into the sanctuary of God then I understood there and young people today are worried about this world and when is it ever going to get right here don't seem to be able to pull it off the sanctuary is the answer for that God one day make it all right and the wicked will receive what they should receive the righteous will receive the reward asked Daniel and he will tell you and this afternoon I want to share from the Book of Daniel. But I can't resist telling you this one word from the Book of Daniel if I had to summarize the whole sanctuary message in one word. Someone asked me to do it the other day in one sentence I wrote back and I said I don't need a sentence just give me one word. You want to do you want the summer of everything we're talking about here this weekend in one word it's there is Daniel 81422300 days then shall the sanctuary be and the Hebrew word is knit stock knit stock. And it means basically to be right why I sed if you go to various versions some version say restored some version say cleansed some version say vindicated which one is right there all right because there were 3 problems and 844 that you read about in the earlier versus the time need the daily had been taken away and that needed to be restored the sins had caused horror in the heavenly sanctuary those needed to be cleansed and God's people and his sanctuary had been trampled and when an army tramples someone sanctuary the next thing they say is our God is stronger than your God and the God of the sanctuaries defamed and so what needs to happen needs to be vindicated so you want to ask me what is God doing now he's engaged in the restoring of the gospel message of righteousness by with its special and time focus he's engaged in cleansing heaven and this all temple by His grace and he's engaged in vindicating his people and himself from the charges of Satan it's not so hard right you can summarize it in a couple minutes couple minutes you go to the New Testament. And I don't have time to expand on this but you know Jesus talks about the investigative judgment that if you ever notice the context in which he puts it the pioneers saw that Matthew 22 Matthew 25 those are their key texts we sometimes forget about that those texts actually put it in the context of a wedding now you're only afraid if you don't have on the wedding government but the wedding garments free all you have to do is accept the wedding garment and come on into the wedding and this message of the judgment is about the joy and blessing and privilege of being there when Jesus is married to the holy city and to his people it's a reason for saying that's way Revelation talks about the sanctuary in terms of the the saws under the altar in Chapter 5 how long Lord before you vindicate the answer comes it's here it's time for singing because the judgment has come and he says in the 1st angel's message this judgement is you on. It's good. And how about Hebrews I used to preach about Hebrews all about what Jesus was doing the heavenly geography of where he went when and it was important to realize he inaugurated they have a saying where he went up he didn't start the day of atonement as Ford argues they have Atonement still in the future from the perspective the 1st century but that's not all the message of Hebrews. The existential relevant message of Hebrews is in 4 texts that may change your life if you decide to believe these Hebrews Chapter 4 you know all these texts hopefully Hebrews 4 verse 16 Let us therefore come boldly where. To the throne of grace where is that is that in your closet when you pray the worship morning so out of grace not in your closet it's not even out in these beautiful woods surrounding Southern college you can go out there but by faith is wanting to go beyond the woods you're on the mountain he wants to come to his throne I believe the sanctuary is real in heaven and I believe by faith we can really come by faith to his sanctuary every day he said it just once I may just think that this was a metaphor but Chapter 6 and 1st 1000 this hope we have is an anchor of the saw both sure and steadfast which enters the presence within the veil where into the very presence of God Hebrews 10 vs 1020 therefore brother and sisters having boldness to enter the sanctuary by the Blood of Jesus have you gone there today it's not just the doctrine I thought if I studied the doctrine and believed it was true I could stand Adventist but I found out something else something I wasn't expecting that the sanctuary's all about Jesus that the same sure is all about falling in love with him it's about being close to him and he's willing to walk by his spirit with me side by side but he's got even a better idea this is what you come to my house you don't have to wait until the 2nd coming you can come now come on home he says let us draw near with a true heart and full assurance if you can do the sanctuary today I'm not just talking about going once in a while here's the last Texas the punch line Hebrews 12. Verse $22.00 but you have come to Mount Zion into the city of the living God the heavenly Jerusalem to an A numerous company of angels to the General Assembly of the church Jorn to Jesus the mediator of the New Covenant into the blood of sprinkling that speaks better than things of able not you will come now once in a while become you have come it's the perfect which means it's happened and it continues on you saying by faith you've got a home already which you can escape which you can get away from those problems of this life which you can come interim to fellowship with I said something about Revelation but I can't help but read this one quote from Revelation John in holy vision he holds the faithful souls that come up out of Great Tribulation surrounding the throne of God clad in white robes and crowned with the mortal glory what though they have been counted the off scouring of the earth in the investigative judgment know what's going to be so special about the investigative good judgment as we get closer and closer to the end of time when our names are being. Decided against in the earthly true tribunals they're condemning us in the investigative judgment their lives and characters are brought review before God and that solemn tribunals the Supreme Court of the universe reverses the decisions of all the earthly courts their faithfulness to God and to his word stands revealed in Heaven's highest honors are awarded them as conquerors in the strife with sin and see. The relevance of this message will become greater and greater and greater the closer we come to the end of time. Now when I was here 30 years ago and we started our A.T.'s chat. Actually the whole society. Jacques Blanco you see here today Jack Blanco became our 1st president and that day he asked me to carry on the tradition wherever possible it A.T.'s and that was to blow the show far as a thanks to God for this message and I 1st learned about the show for when I was visiting in Israel some years ago and I tended to Ceremony of the. Day of Atonement right there in the biggest synagogue in Jerusalem and it towards sunset we went to the Wailing Wall the Western Wall and there was an old rabbi holding the show far ready to blow it when the sun came down at your home Kapoor and while we were waiting I was remembering what my Hebrew teacher my modern Hebrew teacher had taught me that week we didn't speak English in the class we just listened to her in modern Hebrew so it took a little while for to get across but she brought her show far and she said to us you know what the show for is all about she said look at the way it curves you see her curves downward that's how God wants our lives to be during the day of atonement humbling ourselves flexion of saw continually deepening repentance deepening deepening repentance but she said you know what the show far is also about memory when the show for it was on the RAM on Melba rial. And the ram was caught in the thicket by the horns of the show far and Isaac was supposed to have died on that altar but God spared Isaac and stayed Abram's hand and says get the ram and he will die in Isaac's place the hope of the Gospel is in this shelf. And then she told us every 50 years the show floor was blown at the time of the great jubilee the gigantic sued so far which I could have brought it wouldn't fit in my suitcase but the gigantic show far was blown to announce freedom to return to their possessions and we know that one day soon Michael the Archangel will stand holding that great show far and away he blows that trumpet the graves are going to be open and everyone who's died in the Lord will rise to their inheritance we will be together with you. 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