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The Dragon's War on the Remnant Part 4

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • December 31, 2009
    3:45 PM
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you run us out of the last one of my sessions with a unavailable with Lisbon a lot of hours in the seminar largely was good and I will publish the problem with UIC committee or anything will ask anyway suggested us know what you did Southwest film conference a young wines to sample remote sensing is useful graphic efficiency lifetime it is sheer and out of that mimic the cops I have six hours lots I imagine it would would would be better we like to have repeated a anonymous figure that's the legacy here everybody speak the mean of six different ones and then you're like pick and choose the best pieces of it and everybody suggest that maybe it do it me by myself I will outline then suddenly rabid news straight was about as it seems like a minister like and what would all the great speaker they are very good one County a lot of different people speak so a figure question at the point of the more material on a related other than really good way to do it but the thought that the I say this one is real Dragon false doctrine and some is the videographer got embedded video the night no Obama recession also two videos one on TV Jake's one Oprah Winfrey longer figured out tonight but I figured out I could probably delay the amount put them in one compliment one another without me how about I should build figured out how so this is definitely a drive all doctors who sound is more able to search the remnant we talked about the identifying marks around the church but also the purpose of the remnant church a bigger scale the Dragon of the lanes we talk about technology and about people like Jay-Z and Beyoncé and honest and I don't always do what really dark forces in the world and because of technology the devil that you don't need up you don't know them unity to which in every village or interest of every village you don't need on every military more you need wanted to elevate and make super famous and I will follow we just disagree with the double agents and real Dragon false doctrine is this low as this last one for today is that I came up as I step a sixteen and again about her sixteen and it came to pass as we went to prayer a certain damsel possessed of the spirit of divination met us with broader masses much gain by soothsaying the same follow all of us and cried saying bees now the service of the most high God would show unto us the way of salvation and this did see many days before being read turned and said to the spirit I command in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her and he came out the same hour as far as we go into this regular because of the good sex was the new force the bill this last session on father doubted that you want for your children for your word everything you want because you are better to us that we are to ourselves we does acknowledge would continue to open our eyes Lord help us to see the full list of the great controversy and Nancy the victory that we have in Christ all bless us today Lord continue to bless you I see we pray and then so we stopped at an interesting story in a book of acts and the state where Paul is preaching and as they were born to play a certain damsel young lady possess the spirit of divination remember what was rather models of the big this will give you a gift to videos of an outset of Michael Jackson said he received dozens is installed in his sleep which is probably partly why it was taken private affair would try to sleep so are because he wanted to sleep because he only got into the sleep of mobile interviews that she would get up in the middle of night it would definitely like and why holds long been rivals on Friday straight out Jay-Z goes in the studio never write anything down and you come out with a hit song with complete in overseas or is everything but big the point of rock 'n roll to modify that they were given gives Rosamond was given a gift where he would sleep and the horses that will go to win the next day we can't imagery seven ninety Trinity been a lot of money by doing so this young lady is possessed with a spirit of divination met us with the masses much game I still think the subtitles actually making money off of his younger semi was actually profiting off of this gift not necessarily the young lady by the way so she followed Paul and cry this little book of acts Luke of the physician he wrote he was very detailed the really gives a lot of information some relied loop 's writing is probably chosen in a sense the Google combats so I this is the same followed Paul is rising these were the servants of the bull's-eye God would show unto us the way of salvation what is wrong with what she said nothing there's nothing wrong with what she was saying don't miss this this is a critical point if you don't understand spiritual things when it comes like the great controversy the war between the enemy and I and between Christ and Satan she was saying all the right things and that she was a little headlamp with elaborate in the how because she was out of the elimination they were used about a blemish he said came to pass what is true and when she's gone around the town that he's in amazement several notables like I'm sure those the way of salvation a lot of people in the job will probably bring water so that's the problem you can did as many days and being real-time and said the spirit I commend the name of Jesus Christ to come over and came out the same hour this is profound information about a given writer the Bible is anyone just because people say the right things to the Internet possessed by the double post lesson just because this thing the right thing doesn't mean about possessed by the devil that's a critical lesson in this story number one number two at some point in dealing with this payment because he was dismissed even editing will say the right thing because it was repetitious Lee and really in a hallway saying it is also in the shop than Paul's ability to preach and emerging with Jesus Christ so just because you say the right thing and you said over and over and over and over and over again doesn't mean it's going to help expand the gospel now what a razor that manifest lips in a modern praise songs about the appraisals that are wonderful new praise songs about me never they were broad stroke Limited is so that I was invited as one of them was I still using the money towards us we saw the seven words set eleven times seven eleven songs right and in a way it goes like this even Jesus as when you pray don't you mean the repetition is something about making sure that when you set it using an authentically is not just a knee-jerk reaction this is why prayer means in the bowels of them and Islamic remember Samantha meets Einstein format given incredible what a loving connection we talked about about it in the connected somehow between Islam and Catholicism and Debbie does want to giveaways will become to be the brave reason we say the same thing over and over and over and over again so that the first two pieces you get from this list of the things you know is that this limits you have a demon and I have the guts he had the fortitude the colonies the strength when it was time to turn around and view the page or not allow her to mess all the preaching of the gospel even though you know what would lead now I does happen to me before more than once preaching of the church in the South and the lady to my left or right of first pew as well as noticed that when I don't go to crowd and he was out doing stuff and eliminating those that happen in this lady began to shout and scream at the every word I said like I W over the top of the Alma and there's just described and I couldn't think the people to be reprinted finally I stop unsolicited let God preach that God would be breached of was and where exactly was said but I thought that would make it as another let alone a garbage reached I would be there in front of the church I didn't want to try not to try to get to work not to do it and she stopped instantly just like this on a letter from the church from the limited minutes in I was a mean preacher because I did that and I sent this tax them and said people are disrupting this sounds like that you got to do something than to understand that died that day in the top eleven of the number of all it wanted this woman had a serious drug problem and possibility that did the deal with issues of demon possession as well so you have again many of us are the remnant of a big deal was supernatural stuff heavy staff will stop here Paul the terms and deals of it in the name of Jesus Christ however and it came out I also think the women followed Paul and purpose because this woman wanted deliverance she will get anything out of some thing for you guys dividing fundamentally make a lot of money as you realize our only salvation was to annoy the man of God and with the get and because it be that some control of our audacity to do was speak but was open about you being that the recognized Paul really was so cheesy was able to get close enough time ago and she got the labyrinth is Monday she is a member of a normal dimension we live in a time when people are going to need it and it may not be human on a pleasantly approached by them when they are trying to find out you still have to find a way to deal with now I will finish the story I wanted you to forward to talk about but I love the rest of the story is a good story so again I want a mouse out of the gate was gone it complements honest and deliver the marketplace under the rulers of a grand plan and Silas and brought into the magistrate saying these men being Jews were exceedingly trouble our city and teach customs which are not awful for us to receive neither to observe being Romans and emotions were together again the magistrates rent off their clothes and commanded to beat them badly many stripes upon the big cats with the prison charging the jailer to keep out to keep them safely to all doing this thing feeling with us it is being adored and Yellowstone and wonderfully because I did a story of course God says Paul and Silas free earthquake jails all messed up the gender segment was not a nice thing and in this time the jailer if he couldn't keep a president elected in exchange of prisoners that he would die instead of the president if the president got away of course God set them free Paul and Silas combat for him as being about her missiles at a comeback win and he long story short it is no story he becomes a Christian him and his whole family God will send you into some dark difficult places because he wants you to be the mouthpiece that saves the jailer in your life to people even come across that you may not like him and I treat you right into the friendliest people that God brings them into your path so that when you and them have come together you have an opportunity to share with them the gospel of Jesus Christ bottles of the night or something across the probably one of the Bible is really saying is you can't put your own feelings first I'm aware that we hired my friend Mark Sutton and only put one of his own the testimonies from our build six of your relationship now his friends in the book the level of the just published of the school of medicine and this was not a pleasant guy to be around he was miserable he still smoking he was in raise Abbott Academy what the Loma Linda PC would involve far my tells the story of how he went to Jamaica on a mission trip with noblemen and without a smoke weed with the rosters in Jamaica is anyone but I can tell you there would tear that allow you until your testimony and he will be coming along with at least they would open my friend out of Dawn nothing noticeable the insured we got him a Bible study to get there early because his wife they were recovering from our all of them another thing that is done on the Saddleback Church in Orange County and because he had been raised in Avenue system he knew what it was it the full truth but because it abilities of the big problems it really wasn't focusing on Sabbath and things away I was a good friend and study what he actually converted back to Adventism the powerful thing about that the story is really awesome for it is overhauled they became anonymous again be so amazing to my quality took a big risk a big step to become an advocate but he was a little early to get along with having just been likely it is gotten annoying of boxes Doctor avoided at all costs of the doctor and work with him he would never receive the gospel can be the most pleasant God nice is Guy Dubinsky he witnesses the patients given was that the guard tells the patient 's testimony probably done looking look of the early gentlemen that have come to know Jesus Christ because of one guy came back to the truth God will send it to Google the situation to have you with difficult people he will do what because if we are sold in the Army of God elective but that shows there we are willing to go on difficult missions power that was a good example that will Paul we want to go into jail happily as they wanted and daily and get the earthquake to happen and actually be delivered a powerful pop stuff happens when the jailer now I put them there because the lot going on soothsaying damsels as well when I'm a lot of the relevant legal Lady Gaga nobody knew what our lab time is an seasonal frightening she really is frightening I assume us with a massive number is funding so I will work for you I'm phenomenon to get the clip of this internationally sees a list of this he says that Winfrey is singularly the probably the most influential woman in the United States of America America is vulnerable influence of people she has a large following on a TV show and has a very keen understanding of the seventy minute search Mrs. Willie Phipps who was one of the premier singers preachers and that Mister Apple id. in the continental article just really like probably age is much lower after you listen to avoid our wonderful voice and listen the moment passes and in Florida one of my friends is associated and what she considers her spiritual our personal pastor and how she says it will if this is the one was that the very manner in an which was the Baltimore BC area with Abbasid capital church downtown DC and he went to consider he spoke as he was admittedly went back to set a table and she was in tears as she was the company said an interesting auto was an Apple mulatto what I'm doing and he said to her Muslims all over you would understand and speak to millions and millions of people she was as the banker woman on the planet of local TV station when a small program and of course all happen so she was going back to what we face is like a spiritual rock because he was a whimsical gobs of such of you are going from people and so she lets as befits to see note eleven a doctor in fact what was that only one other house in Florida a few years back that once he made the movie beloved maybe nobody would love a number of clips of it a blog that is not a very spooky movie but that's leave the big coming back to life and looking good runaround not good but so what she called relatives crying is a look that there is somebody ultimately will and I will as well it is my will be out for a while Oprah Winfrey and it doesn't make a million dollars to make the film some ridiculous number like that and he said okay when he read the script and I get back to you I'll tell you if this is something that you should do so she reads the way the rediscovered lullaby that I'm a Christian pastor and you can do this get you to change it make it so that this person is dead what a runaround figure out something but I can't even have your outlook in regard to the support film like this she gets back into Douglas began for seven years after that was at least that is brown and was principled later she she wanted he is a season in the US dream Academy to be the words actually does education for the children of incarcerated adults right leg administrative and that he does and he has money from all the big people in the Senate all in place clearly the runny sites all over the country all but he gets on the show because they wanted to produce a want to talk about what is going and he says it all over the Oprah Winfrey and I were friends out of achievements to one hundred buffers are visible why not let me talk to Johnny is about as we live in Minnesota Mister was yelled at him madam because we don't not a big movie to go then he says he doesn't see her before the green rating when he walks out on stage he walks a few of them and was living there you are right I said never made a movie out of three is a Baptist pretty straight Baptist for my own talk is vital to the truth she laced message with us to take an can the bathroom and and a benefit and a personal friend not awake I actually doesn't know even rated to you without ever influence this is where he winds up now I was integrated with an example of our power and influence I presumably Barack Obama beeper in the United States today if she did do this machine and step plan and supportive I do not believe he would be president today that a lot of power and of course you billionaire probably a robbing there's a billion or more one viable approaches billionaire but again we have been in billion-dollar you will matter for two million one million five hundred and twenty of those guys that are told at the last minute the most full of German guy and he wrote his book the new earth you can't really see it there Olive reassigned up with him and his created an online search the first day at church three hundred thousand people were on Islam and that the two million members in this church it is anti-Christian completely missed that and I'm a reasonably good of your details but that the church literally it says they like Jesus was on the cross is just a symbol is no meaning to it and he only significant in that we can overcome crosses our path the modified of there really is no you know God went out there and we all God and he says he's his mind is wholly any shares his mind with God it was I wanted his new age self-help you know weird stuff on exported with you doesn't the real seriously in the nearest club set of a forgotten club where she literally says that's why she gave up on God rising among the blazer the problem was he really duped a lot of people because I will go in free continued to pretend that she was a Christian inviting gospel artist on our shoulders saying she's not in our communities he wanted to bring them along and since you want to drive across country would on Gail whatever her name is they stop the weather charts on Sunday so I okay she she blasts Christ to blast they go to church and his thoughts and anti-Christian church missed their website I've always been a problem down the people now who put a testimonial on the website saying how to give up Christianity and left the church because they been liberated by this man speak with the Bible says that in the meantime three hundred five cents out of the Bahamas Nevada from such turn away the run earlier was successful of this sort are they which creep into houses and lead captive silly women laden with sins let away with divers lusts ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth and installation all of us that all of her favorite things I was doubled Ruby does and yet truth in danger and cultivates a sheet metal in the house is to any women at the predominant audience in the female audience and it leaves a limit to the point where she has sold on it was you have amended the generalizes Ionian cholera wife that agreed to win the game the two wives technically was wondering why I don't want to go to properties because unlike in the very last people in California interviewed not a Christian let him hear I was actually love explain but you know I'm married to so I wanted it will be a veritable default when you have a wife or husband and your opposite sex is explained in the Navy domain is given with the views of C stuff and have a generous his wife on whether and how she fell in love with her proposal the sexuality again remembering what Roger Reynolds said you can't get this much power do not pay dues you have to sit out a certain amount of allegiance a certain amount of a pipeline of homage certain amount of sacrifice something you have to give up in the enemy will be without power by default any woman who's been influenced and and and and even spoken to introduce myself I would regret it if all of that era because at the end of the day just like those Christian realism to talk about it too much money involved too much fame involved she's not a quitter shopping this year next year is our own television station of power but we have to be careful because this that is written about him again and again the secret this isn't what you ballot against the outside enters a witness list on inside the church and the reason you get some Clapton and some of you in order to push back and yet we tried going to the church is because the people are under the mesmerizing about the morning the mesmerizing influence of these people the Honda and for the president of the Olympian mythology all we can don't know it you come to church how do you spiritually respond to Chrysler because you can't do you guess it was noticed up and agree with it all week and incumbent church and just because you don't agree with Christ and its and it really damages the church in a lot of ways and a fund of went away so I will get the clip of article by him to tomorrow I is a little six minutes against the Sabbath all the teenagers came out and did a whole sermon series saying something to basically defeat the Saturday Sabbath in seventy ad minutes for keeping the seventies that all Athenians as a remember the heart is the in the in the Angelo's and Adobe is white evangelical bridges in the Bible the blood that black Americans go to an league of listing every year when the dollar was a conference in the finality that lead an everywhere unit medical bag and most all over again for the small fee of fifty dollars again in the words are any of the manifest development MS weight and have been like Patty LaBelle on stage with Milan abbeys which the second-largest Christian artisans the others a lot of what's Christian was not the location the goal of Bishop of the Bishop of Zen theme army and always secular people on stage the verbal and in buildings during the spiritual being it is that the Christians when they do and that's what a real allotment given that but also started what would be his nominee for a letter written by John Paul II is a huge battle was that a lot of times we don't even get and I can tell you as you download terrorism a bill that would all the challenges facing United States the lobby was in the only answer is we become more of a theocracy now blended the line between church and state and I can tell you is not an accident that this lease these terror attacks are coming from a religious denomination the people calling fanatics and fundamentalists because one day young Muslim will become Adventist Yuma point of it easily you can set our meniscectomy was also they are with them David Koresh in the example of it was as if we only had visited the can tell you that the reason that the weblog tears of dangerous because it is so tied to a war on a specific religion and him that I change the laws to be able to go after them fundamentalist terrorists will change the laws the data needed about us it will be easy and I was at work well I was going on a mission on the wanted there to blasphemous obligor was was elected the first term bought ten years ago now one of things that happened was that a year a half years ago now whether that was the Christian Coalition gave us at Lucknow the time it was the Sunday legislation we got to guide our knowledge in Italy and I was a time when the country within a great position of the 9/11 yet we had a surplus of money in the in the coffin of the United States unimagined power in the next election and get another fundamental right wing person elected in a country than shambles and somebody says we've got to return to God to get back America back on track how do you argue against and that's exactly what's happening in all of these things are just people chipping away at the truth and what happened sweeps and quickly spread across the analyzer of the last events will be rapid once you see it because things the Patriot Act is changed America fundamentally and rapidly that will write the news that one in five thousand dollars by wire they can go in and looking you look at all the information is the weirdest thing that Wiseman heard of previously in the United States and then gets on the list and is no rhyme or reason little as I was that because one guy just who all is good with wood disposals on at the Ghana list but as I was not going to look into computer biggest search a house they can digitally duality things and I'm at least without probable cause and so it always going to be with the property but again the digital age allow the government going to look at us without us even knowing we can place right now the little government website when you go to the website it automatically put cookies on your computer I will follow where you go out there the page are not good all that loud phone taps of innocent Americans will do nothing to do anything so you see that the devil is working to really set the stage for the last great deception opposes last-minute assault against Bible believing Christians so I put a little evolution earlier runs would also talk about how God was chosen as a child and personally to them by the devil took to bring up the theory of evolution and teach it we noted that one of Ivan 's university system a big controversy of whether that is being taught by one of these oscillators that the pope acknowledged as the theory of evolution without a real Dragon false doctrine I hope that there is evolution of a deleted them even as bad as what was supposedly that doesn't make sense but is not amazing the viewpoint back the theory of evolution acknowledges that annoying the biblical text John Paul called his more than hypothesis amazing what road was due to sweep everybody under one umbrella we cannot tell you the surprise of his headliners Pope accepts homosexual marriage then we surprisingly go even further along that was what I will do to get everybody on their side enjoy such evolution what is clearly not technical at all that you can't believe in the Bible really limited by the linguistics little bigger creation what you believe that you can't believe that millions and millions of years the world revolved the damage is visible than losing weight increases during the Sabbath report on the defensive and watery I believe that this is done again it looked that the Sabbath because how do you keep us in Hawaii Liguori about a seventy seven it was millions of years by default the six day and rest theory goes out a window it wasn't really six days that's what they are want to relive their revolution is promoted by saying he wants to destroy God 's Sabbath the bottles and out of the mouth of the dragon came a flood and John is developed to ensure it is later on some of you seen them before but I I I like this because it really makes the point of how all doctrine and false teaching and these double agents really work Larry King says the jewels the outlaw issue that the church has feelings on abortion same-sex marriages overseas as yet what do you know what Larry I don't go there I just if possible J a pretty sharp guy and I thought I just you know I don't think that's as same-sex marriage is the way God intended that you don't think I am out of the goodness of the best I think there are only in a better way to live your life but I might want to condemn those people I tell them all the time our church is open for everybody but isn't his wife on Larry King live he says you don't call the centers belt King says with a letter I sent merging is that you don't use these that I don't use it I never thought are you never thought about the word center of you preach the gospel to do right I will center on the optic about the word what I'm asking for forgiveness and probably no most people are into what they're doing wrong actually the value don't really know to do it wrong when I get a majority I wanted seven you can change there to be a difference in the life settlement on a root of condemning attack people eligible rocket at all by itself can combination to get a doctor and get some of his movies anal slut was under the combination Taliban died early hard life because the smoke is available Rothman as well the combination is not condemnation all by itself leggings as you believe in the Bible literally Larry King Larry King or the Bible one of the note fell from the sky do you believe in the Bible and also what center do you believe in the Bible is that I do I do it heartily the Christian right I don't biggest diehard to me it's fun with them joy and happiness our family I don't feel like that at all I'm not try to follow a set of rules and stop arms is live in my life I like Rihanna daily eggs as well you have rules don't you and he says we do have rules that may roll to me if I wanted on July the life of integrity not results as you know of others that's really the essence of the Christian faith the essence of the Christian faith is that God has a standard potential members at American shoals us where we failed God it shows is that we don't become short of his glory that we are not without rather than the thousands of the Christmas break is that Christ died to make up the gap between those two things energy well the other thinner you live in God 's rules what you need is for these of the Gambia Center August the twenty fifth of the rules and eleven five the problem a lot of fun I admit because the X Astrodome or of the Houston Superdome and adorned with the Houston Rockets the plan to spend ninety million dollars and converted into a church ninety million dollars the convert an old basketball stadium into a church is on a lot of the problem that isn't Christianity and again look at doctrine basic doctor like salvation redemption said in the Commandments of God was wiped away W the last thirty thousand people shall judge every Sunday that ten times a demonizing every Sunday the elephant is everything the worst that is inevitably anything one for age in a workout to be well work ruggedized back of the will or will you please I'll update I get a message of reasonableness anything that he predicts every week and people like it people love it the background of the place of most of these that only one of about three or relative do you know that some of them tonight this human crime controversy but it was formed by the devil to try to bring the sides within the body of Christ then we are God 's I am a little God is I have his name I am one with him I would covenant relation I will critics be gone reload Dragon fall Doctor well against the remnant L White warned us in the great controversy that we would have a threefold attack from Catholicism apostate Protestantism and Spiritualism was built in the spiritualism is because it is a new age spiritualism that didn't exist at the time of Ellen White the devil took witchcraft blue when we are out of secret arts like that took it double to follow that and put a shine on the New Age movement and sent it back out some people don't pick up a lot of preachers are the God is listed literally witchcraft was really really really know what is fulfilling a promising permit recovery for those that need three things ago to come together and literally all of us are witnessing the fulfillment of a prophecy of why give the Bible give you one example of prophecy this is the cheese spoken and make him come to pass in the event that a prophet test because that's another place of the room it's been a thought but you can see here that exact problems it is exactly being held at the adolescent look at it as a Catholic studio set right with Catholic belief would be on the show promoting Catholicism all the time it is about the new prostration of a product in general but as an apostate father 's old nephews are around the money they can collect from the Social Security of innocent young ladies all across the country than a by the gospel of Jesus Christ in my opinion cannot be impartial now but I can't let when they speak they speak spiritualism that's very promising that a evident interpretation for modern revelation is fulfilled in front of our eyes on turn on Tribune broadcasting is powerful because when I was a kid and when I went those ten efforts every summer and positive energy I've never ever thought I would live the clearly see that we probably come out about the FF private island at the outlet was the then come together so clearly in the evidence that it altogether all wrapped up in one thing is please been fulfilled in this and that was back in nineteen eighty six I adore the Meadowlands were suspended because of your Lazarus Lazarus project working with golf and last night because the movement decided to come together that will also want well related that moving to win in the lab is doing the area 's Puff Daddy on it on TBN based on the rapid auditorium bring in bigger wider that the people it and so we want to the real Dragon all these false doctrines of being spewed out of his mouth like a flood and it because of Trinity broadcasting network again in the guise of Christianity is the most dangerous place for fast odd doctor to come out I think it's order or the music was okay so be prepared so there is also approximately the date of the Lord so cometh of the peak of the night for this as a piece of safety then sudden destruction cometh upon them a strong upon a woman with child and they shall not escape the weather are not of the darkness therefore let us not sleep as do others let us do not watch NBC over now and I watch you got to be a link began asleep watching the same time a drive that work very well yes this week busy lately the way involved in the work of the gospel mingling leverage was studying God 's word you're fighting the good fight of faith being so where you can be a way cannot be sober the visit jail right apply to drugs that are wide-awake and are completely incoherent was going on around being suddenly the July analytical your brain is working Isaiah one verse eighteen and as reason together though your sins are like scarlet they shall be white as snow the process of salvation is what Paul in Ephesians chapter six that the put on the helmet of salvation salvation is a thinking reasoning process you've got to make a choice to accept Jesus Christ so what the devil was trying to do on the ball Doctor nondefaulting to bring all of these celebrity people that invoice big women sweep a document would have the development worship by being at a thought the person is able to destroy all know the following parts and president of profit you got me so worked to be able to pick up the differences sobriety is a is a neurochemical processes when somebody drink alcohol or smoke marijuana in Bolivia body enables the frontal cortex of your brain and max out the release of a chemical in the brain called GABA GABA the chemical in the brain that makes you inhibited nature not to say whatever he comes via my butt slap someone with a upset you amen not tell people will not give them a piece of your mind not making a film get low grades amen so I have learned keeping controlled to keep you behave a minimus and when the Bibles of the love of Christ the constraint of space about Holy Spirit I believe it literally the Holy Spirit is able to must size and work with your brain to change the way you behave it away the married nerves are routed in your brain I believe that God literally didn't know that give you no pathways in your brain though Jeff will release a Gautama was that the teacher 's work one of emergencies over the joints at the interface adults on the Temple but outside of a fentanyl as the most holy place in either the commented out that that the ten Commandments the ten Commandments as your conscience and a subcategory of God or the Holy Spirit falls on it is a place in your brain just like a puzzle the place where you knowing what right is an God-given human power to do it possible to come together in the same place we just dealt with because you reason with God for salvation telling in the Dresden and you know you've done wrong sobriety is his struggle were generally about how pleasant and and being careful that we don't do it help us to make it a testing OSs and not get a testing of doctrine on people would recently keep me helplessly which argued that if it helps as the result you think better strata cleaner wiser your brainless video body works but you make better decisions and God is empowering is working with us at all times to make the decision in Daubert would you have to be sober and his enemies alcohol nicotine caffeine now on a cocaine all is not as bad you can be made about Lisa withdrew sex good understanding of your sexually active outside of God 's plan was one of the little easier sobriety and uncut scandal people say they're in love with her that scans your reasoning block your brain are shut down your last agent string nevermind again like two drinks a really enjoyable is the ability of the reason the reason the guys want to buy you a drink newborn club so unique so he won't look so ugly at the you have two drinks because you will you will have a different and everything that is not carefully thinking fallen log it is like poison it will not talk to somebody about the touch of alcoholic drink marijuana anything all like itself it can make you do things you otherwise would never do not rebel against her parents refuse to go to church so not going to do that as God willed out of the bathroom a boyfriend going on a government building surprising to me on visible things have everything to do our live my life in a lot of other ways to read a lot of Christians are not limiting ready is it allowed themselves to become drunk with the world with an individual lifestyle you get junk within itself and in the government and at times in history will never have an opportunity to jump one hundred of the wind not know whether the lived in a world where you can become them again today the Internet called previous the with a flatscreen TVs one hundred and fifty two hundred five hundred channels right to IMAX theaters and eighty in those days already and I made you want to see an evil shall vividly Temple establishment Temple prostitutes and walk all the way inside the date on the go anywhere in the comfort of your own home the double can deal you all the magic in his dark kingdom this is why I live at minutes of the longer sober while thrown out and go to movies is wrong it was the week that will argument doctors about should we go to movies what is so is now Muslim minds I want to do it certain that while one of the K-12 Church of England in trouble I went and walked into the desert and they were showing the matrix and how to maneuver so I have the remaining value documents at any time escape the world and it is showing that Monty Python will get one of the worst people like mighty bonbon but you and you might want well I don't combine with this at all turns into real world respect to come the church and be able to at least some semblance of sobriety from the world even a moment behind it all week at least that's going to come to church and be free from it but is now powerful that the side effect is a problem because literally if you're not careful in order to get again at the Lebenthal people in the church people or do anything I will lose their sobriety the spiritual sobriety is not about the planet and so having a cellular device where you get is a you know what I'm about a mental Georgia go mental drivel that some UN city would only charge of the church and it do whatever they do with my challenge to you in my thoughts is not always run from somebody that is stand and deliver keep regular wow Bible study team teaching and time present from because we all retreat as an emerging as a wet back in and dealt with them to listen we need the revenue that a lot of people Donald Donald will move when God with his people are willing to stand up like Boldin and face down the demons that are coming will you watch it we ought to be somewhere we have to be ready for his coming God has a purpose for each one of us and we it is not an accident that a rummage regards our young men give it that's when I became advanced in item accident is because God needs you you need soldier that is Army if you want to delete the seven angels from heaven but also if it is the way but instead his chosen people sinful broken men and women like you and me to be the very vessels through which the great controversy and what a privilege and then and anytime that you have Florida's date when thinking for July see that's limited angle continue to protect this place let's learn the Holy Spirit will continue to fill this place Robin Dominus list of Jesus Christ not just in our word for it and how we live a normal secret private recesses of our life a man who have integrity and being Christians now that was the become disgusted with the things of this world and to return to Jesus Christ as our Savior landed I also has more than those that I have a little loud as to those new to them now did them a spirited inquiry into the study and to read the testimonies given to the church to read a Scripture family and over and over again will they would come to themselves is that when Jesus is a man this media was used by audio persons working twice generation of Christ if you'd like to learn more about you might see please visit www. 's wife when would you like the more free online service please visit www. audio verse got more


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