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Dying for Devotions

David Shin


David Shin

Pastor, Hillside O'Malley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, AK



  • September 15, 2018
    11:30 AM
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And this is giving signs of the and of the world this is known as the great end time chapter in the Gospels he's giving indicators of the 2nd coming of Jesus and in Matthew chapter 24 verse 15 Jesus gives a book indorsement. I love to read and when someone gives me a book indorsement I perk up. And I go on Amazon and I put it on my wish list many times we have Amazon Prime you have to have it here in Alaska it seems like to get anything shipped up here. But when Jesus gives you a book indorsement we should pay attention Amen this is the only book in Doris meant that I know of that Jesus ever gave read this book read this book especially if you're going to be alive right before the 2nd coming of Jesus and the book is Let's read in verse 15 Matthew 24 verse 15 Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing in the holy place whoever reads let him understand there you have it Jesus says if there is one book in particular that we need to be reading in the final moments of history it is the Book of Daniel 3 observations I want to make about Jesus is indorsement notice that Jesus says that Daniel is a prophet he says Daniel the prophet. There is some individuals that are skeptical of the authenticity of the veracity of the Book of Daniel but here you have Jesus saying look he's a prophet he's trustworthy he's reliable we should be reading him and secondly Jesus points out that the Book of Daniel ease a relative. To God's last day people it's not irrelevant Some people like Why do we always study Daniel revelation will it's because of Jesus Jesus said read this book pay attention to this book it's not irrelevant it is relevant and number 3 Jesus gives a divine indorsement that we should study the Book of Daniel so with this divine indorsement given by Jesus Christ Here's a few background facts about the Book of Daniel book of Daniel's divided into 2 main John Russe one of them is prophecies it's a prophetic book it has different prophecies the Messianic prophecy relating to Jesus Christ is found in the Book of Daniel in addition to that we have stories 8 stories in the Book of Daniel that are woven in with these prophecies that are given you have prophecies and you have narratives and there's actually 8 stories in the Book of Daniel 6 of the stories are characteristics that we are to have as the prophecies are being fulfilled and 2 of the stories I can as are and Belle Chasse are our stories that we are to avoid are characteristics that we are to avoid as these prophecies are being fulfilled and the very name Daniel means God is my judge. Danielle L. That's where we get the name Elo heem God is my judge is the literal meaning of Daniel and we know that Laodicea means not luke warm that's a characteristic of late to see a lake Laodicea literally means a people judged we know that later to see is describing God's last day people before he comes the 2nd time so scholars believe that Daniel is a tie of God's people that are to be living right before the 2nd coming of Jesus Dan God is my judge we know that there is a tremendous benefit from reading the books of Daniel revelation here it is from testimonies to ministers page 114 when the books of Daniel and Revelation are better understood believers will have an entirely different religious experience they will be given glimpses of the open gates of heaven that heart and mind will be impressed with the character that all must develop in order to realize the blessedness which is to be the reward of the pure in heart how many of you want a deeper experience Amen Well we can gain that benefit from the Book of Daniel. So let's open our Bibles to Daniel Chapter 6 and go to the story found there this is the focus of our Today Daniel Chapter 6. And as we mentioned in our story this is a story of Daniel and the lion's den while you're turning there Daniel Chapter 6 is a direct parallel to Daniel Chapter 3 Daniel Chapter 3 talks about Chadrick me shack in Abednego in the fiery furnace there was a image that was set up and those that did not worship the image would be killed and placed in a fiery furnace now we don't know where Daniel was the Bible doesn't say and some scholars believe that Daniel was sent off on official business but just in case you are wondering if Daniel kneeled on the plain of Dura they have Daniel Chapter 6 that clarifies that Daniel was faithful to God particularly in this realm of worship at the time of Daniel Chapter 6 Daniel is not a teenager Daniel was taken to Babylon around 1617 years of age people estimate but this is near the end of his life he is a senior citizen. This is that the twilight years of his life and we know the story Daniel knows that there's a decree that's been signed that those that do not worship the king for 30 days will be cast into a den of lions and Daniel still prays to only God and he's cast into the den of lions and the Lord delivers him that's the story of Daniel in a nutshell Now there's many lessons that we can draw from this very quickly before we get to the thesis of today's message and the lessons that I draw from it is best summarized by these 2 quotes we should choose to write because it is awry and leave the consequences with God and man we should choose right because it is right and leave the consequences with God Daniel could have said you know what I can serve God a lot better in my position rather than in the stomach of some lion he could rationalize and said Today I think I'm going to close my windows I'm going to pray to God in my heart you know we as human beings are good rationalisation are only I'm just going on just say oh I have a cold today. It's a little bit breezy let's close the doors but that day Daniel in the twilight years of his life knew exactly what it meant to pray he knew that the moment he kneeled down with his open windows toward Jerusalem that he was literally signing his death sentence rationalization. We should choose right because it is right and leave the consequences with God We as human beings we focus so much on the consequences that it muddles our vision of what we should do in the present here it is another quotation it is better to die dentists in better to want then to defraud better to hunger than to lie the example of Daniel down through history is a stunning testimony of faithfulness and one of my favorite quotations in the book education the greatest want of the world is the one to men men who will not be bought or sold men who in their inmost souls are true and honest men who do not fear to call sin by its right name men whose conscience is as true to duty as the compass needle is to the North Pole men who will stand for the ride though the heavens fall the example of Daniel there is a parallel between Daniel and. The Book of Revelation Revelation Chapter 13 says that in the end of time there is going to be a decree of worship and those that do not worship the image of the beast will be killed the same stage as Daniel Chapter 3 The fiery furnace and the lion's den are examples of what will take place in the end of time here we have church and state uniting to inforce worship and those that do not comply will be killed here are some quick parallels from each of those chapters Revelation Chapter 13 and in time prophecy and Daniel Chapter 6 Daniel was persecuted because he chose to obey God's law the remnant will be persecuted for keeping God's law as Christ did we know that this is only through the power of Christ that we're able to keep the law but we are told Revelation Chapter 12 or 17 here are they that keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus parallel Number 2 the king of Persia made a law which commanded false worship. The bes power will leave the world to make a law that commands false worship as well in the end of time worship will be a key issue a prominent issue prominent issue number 3 or parallel number 3 the Persian laud led people to worship a man Darius the med and Revelation Chapter 13 the mark of the beast issue brings the world to worship a man with the number 666 so this is not just a cute bedtime story if you want to read this bedtime story to your kids before bed but you get the point this is not just the story in the Old Testament but it actually has prophetic implications for us living in the very final moments of Earth's history. Peril number 4 the penalty in Daniel 6 involved the death decreed the penalty in the Mark of the beast issues the death decree as well similar parallel chapters found in the Bible Daniel was saved by the intervention of God God's people are delivered by that coming of Christ gone people are not saved from tribulation they are saved through the tribulation Daniel's 3 friends did not avoid the Fire God was with them through the fire Daniel was not saved from the lines Dan He was saved through the Lion's Den as well and even in the end of time God's people will not be saved from tribulation they will be saved through tribulation. Remember sig free and Roy They were known for working with the white lions and white tigers. It's amazing what happens when you have kids I didn't go to Alaska Zoo and I didn't have an interest in the Alaska Zoo but suddenly when we had a son we got a pass a year long pass to the last and it's been such a blessing we go down there and you really live childhood through the eyes of your son or daughter when you're like whoa you know this is just what happens and if you've been there they have these huge Tigers have even there to see the tigers and they are barricaded It's amazing how they barricade these predators and then you go to these like I don't know how much they weigh 1000 pound yaks and they're just out with just a little fence around them but but for the predators I mean they've got this fence that goes way over and you can only get so close and the tiger at the time had this huge bone and there must been a moose leg or something in there and I shuddered to myself what it would be like to be on the other side of that fence can you imagine the vulnerability in that moment walking around in there anyway you know the story of 63 and Roy. They're having a circus act and they're out there in the open with these animals they had supposedly trained this particular Tiger since they were born as a cub and something happened during the act where one of these gentlemen fell and that instinct that predator instinct can't be turned off through training and immediately this huge cat lunged at this trainer and caught him by the juggler vein by his throat he survived miraculously and there was an interview that was shown on one of the news networks in they were interviewing him I mean you could tell that he had been through. Tribulation. Now and Daniel is at an age where he should be looking forward toward retirement. And he could be thinking to himself you know what Been there done that I don't need drama at this point in my life I'm going to close the windows pray to my God in secret and he couldn't come up with a 1000 reasons why he should compromise in this moment but the Bible indicates in the Book of Daniel. That he knelt down that day not once not twice but 3 times like he did every other time and here's the thesis of my entire presentation if you're wondering forget everything here it is Daniel would rather die than miss his devotions there it is then you know would rather be eaten by lions. Than miss his time with God Have you ever missed your devotions don't raise your hand come on now and what are the reasons why you missed your devotions I can tell you why I missed mine especially in December in Alaska it's dark and cold and you don't want to get out of bed and you're just like one more hour and then it just kind of goes down from there but we come up with all types of reasons and may not be very even very intentional but you know why do we miss devotions What are some of the reasons we're busy we're tired you know but what if your life was on the line. I think I would come up with some reasons Additionally why I should miss that day or pray in secret and all these types of things but Daniel would rather die than miss his devotions Daniel would rather die than miss his time with God So here it is 3 practical reasons why our devotional life is important this is a review I know this is important every year I get up and talk about devotions every year I talk about prayer every year I talk about Bible study but when you strip it all down to the practical aspects of the Christian life this is in the Bible for a particular reason Daniel's devotional life was held up in the spotlight in prominence in other words it's not who a Christian is in public that is the foundation and the ground of our experience it's who we are in private and our time with God So here are 3 aspects of the devotional life why is the devotional life so important is it just a checklist that we need to go through every day oh I did my devotions please bless me today is that what it's really about well it really has to do with relationship devotion time with God There's a book I have in my library it's called the 5 languages of love great book and it says as his thesis that there's different ways that we express love to each other one of them is acts of service and there's usually one or 2 that are our primary means of showing love to other people some people they do things for others that's their primary means of communicating I LOVE YOU MY MOM IS acts of service the reason I know my mom is communicating love to me is she's doing things for me that's her way of giving love. There's another way it's words of affirmation when you affirm somebody you aren't communicating love some individuals this is their primary means if you tell them I appreciate you everyone loves to be appreciated but for some people it's a little bit higher than the others when you say I appreciate you I just when you know that you know that FISA I appreciate you so much it's just like. Just fills their love you know words of appreciation the other one is physical touch Now this is appropriate touch hugs embrace you know we have certain cultures that are more you know physical touch you know and so forth when they're talking to you they may even tap you on the shoulder as something in this is a way of communicating love physical touch another one is gifts I worked with an individual one of my supervisors and he was always giving me things I mean this is an expensive can be I guess way of communicating but it doesn't always have to be big he'd be here here's a resource that I found or here's this and we give that and gifts is one way of communicating love and then last but not least is. Quality time quality time. Some people they just love being in your presence and you don't have to be even doing anything just to enjoy each other. And one of the greatest ways that we build our relationship with God is quality time time with God becomes an important part of our relationship with him. When we look at our relationship with God Have you ever wondered how it is that with 7 plus 1000000000 people on planet Earth what it's like when we're talking with him I have a very divided attention in being a male it's like I can only do one thing at a time and relationships they say that human beings we're limited into how many people we can actually have a deep relationship with we can only be spread so thin and I wonder what my relationship with God is in respect to everybody else living right now or everyone else that's ever list that ever existed you know when you get to heaven I mean how is he going to How's this going to work but this is a beautiful statement from the book steps to Christ and look at this the relations between God and each soul are as distinct and full as though there were not another soul upon the earth to share his watch care not another soul for whom he gave his beloved Son which means when you're talking to God I don't know how he does this it's as though you're the only person in the world that's how individual and distinct your relationship with him is so when you get up in the morning and you spend time with God he's like you have my undivided attention you're the only one that I'm focused on right now that's how distinct our relationship with God can be. It's amazing nowadays with online dating there's a lot of beneficiaries that I know of online dating my sister married because of online dating I mean you just used to be that you can only cast your net so far but now it's global you go all over the world. And I was talking with one of my ministerial colleagues in my previous conference and we were talking a little bit and he told me the story of how he met his wife he met his wife online she was in Asia in Thailand and he was in America they fell in love online and he said it gets even better I proposed to her online without ever having met in the flesh and he said David he gets even better we set our wedding date and the 1st time I flew out there was to get married. And I said my brother. What were you going to do if you got off that plane and you looked at that woman that was going to be your wife you say What have I done. Now this is not an example of recommendation please this is not prescribed if this is descriptive but you know what he said to me he said we had spent so much time together that when we met face to face our relationship just picked up where went on and were happily married today have you ever wondered this when you meet Jesus it's going to be the 1st time that you've seen him in the flesh What's it going to be like is it going to be awkward Oh. I know about you but I don't know if I know you I. You know none that you ever seen someone famous I'm Or one time I was going to the bathroom and someone famous showed up right there and I was like. And it was just the weirdest thing because I knew about him but I didn't know him so I mean to say I just was like oh my. It's him but the reality is our devotional life becomes the ground of our relationship with God so that when we see him in the flesh it's like just pick up where you left off and you continue that relationship your relationship with Jesus Christ begins now. Not been Amen and when does it begin throughout the day but particularly in that time that sacred time that you carve out for him just you and him together in relationship. The other part of our devotional life number one relationship number 2 reclusion I tried to come up with an alliteration so we could remember it reclusion you know we say that someone's a recluse What does that mean you know I tend to be introverted and in that means that you get your energy by being alone and so typically after being I love being with people but after being with people for a little bit I need to go to my cave and just like. You know get revitalized and then I can go go back out that's just the way I am and am I'm an introvert and interviewer doesn't mean that you're shy and so forth just means where you get your energy in particular and there is something about reclusion in the Christian experience notice what Jesus did in Matthew chapter or Mark Chapter one Verse $35.00 he went to a solitary place an isolated place and there he prayed now doesn't mean that Jesus was a recluse but it does mean that certain times of Jesus's life I believe every day he was found in reclusion. And here is the great tension for the Christian we need to spend time in the mountain in reclusion and with the multitude both the mountain and the multitude you spent too much time with the mountain and you know God doesn't call us to be monks in her minutes you know you cease to be vitalized you spent too much time with the multitude and you have nothing to give so that's where Jesus spent his time and the morning prayer here it is in the book steps to Christ I tried to pray this every day I do pray and maybe not in these particular words but I have this in my devotional book steps across Page 70 consecrate yourself to God in the morning make this your very 1st work let your prayer be take me oh Lord as whole leave I lay all my plans at your feet use me today in the service of bind with me and let all my work be wrought in the this is a daily matter each morning consecrate yourself to God for that day surrender all your plans to him to be carried out or to be given up as his providence shell indicate that day by day you will be giving your life into the hands of God and thus your life will be molded more and more after the life of Christ 1st thing you do get up in the morning say Lord today come into my heart the state is yours 1st thing Jesus meant time between the mountain and the multitude in devotions and in ministry and the Book of Psalms 46 verse 10 calls us to BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM God there's something about that stillness in the morning. Sacred time with God Very quickly our last aspect of the devotional life number one relationship number 2 reclusion And number 3 rescript ing What do we mean by rescript ing restricting implies that everyone has a script Everyone has ideas and things that run our philosophy of life or a philosophy of life that runs our life many times a script is written by someone else scripts are fed by academic education advertising media propaganda and television all of us have things and philosophies and ideas that are guiding our values in our thinking in the here and now and we need to be intentional because the media plays a powerful role in dictating our scripts our way of thinking what we listen to what we watch what we behold we become and we live in an age today where television is. Is is in our pockets our phone social media all of these things that are coming over the airways and there it is in the grand scheme of the great controversy there is an individual that has an agenda in programming that type of etiology and philosophy that's coming through the airways today and it's coming to a certain common ating point I want to read about it in the book great controversy page 608 notice what's happening here as the storm approaches a large class professed faith in the 3rd angels message but have not been saying to find through obedience to the truth abandon their position and join the ranks of the opposition what is this talking about this is talking about 7 day had been this. This is talking about 7th they had been is that in brace the message but when the final test comes they join the opposite side this is talking about me this is talking about us how did this happen notice what she says by uniting with the world and partaking of its spirit they have come to view matters in nearly the same line and when the test is brought they are prepared to choose the easy popular side in other words 7th Day Adventists have been restricted rescript and by culture re scripted by society rescript it by the media and our environment so that when the final test comes we defect to joining the ranks of those that receive the mark of the beast I believe the test in the end of time will go down to those that have been rescript by the Word of God and part of the process of the devotional life is the Lord giving us a new script a man. New script that is counter cultural a new script that imbibes Heaven's values rather than the world's values and we naturally if we just let things go we get ideas in idiology and propositions that just get in our head and we don't even know where they came from just like a fish swimming in water we just take in certain things and unless we are daily spending time with God we will become in culture raided by the world by beholding we become changed as we close this morning with a reminder. Faithfulness in our devotional life faithfulness in our private life. I magine this day many times one of the glorious sky opens Jesus is there you don't need faith anymore you're seeing it 10000 of angels. Billions of Angels I don't know how many there are but 10010 thousands and thousands and thousands and the earth is shaking and people are coming up out of the grave you ever wonder what you'll feel like that in that moment. Joyous I think that your priorities will dramatically shift you'll see things from a different perspective do you think that at the 2nd coming you'll be like oh I wish I'd spent more time on Facebook. That's that's very important I wish I would have spent more time watching Monday Night Football. I wish I would have done more that or or perhaps I wish I would've spent more time at the mall or you know all these types of things that seem so a learning at the time but heaven forbid some people may be wishing I wish I would have spent more time with God doesn't have to be that way Amen but notice that with the 2nd coming perspective time with God rises on our priority list with this perspective devotions take like a high priority in our daily life but without this perspective when we live in the moment without the bigger picture it's easy for other things even good things to crowd them out and my prayer for us today is that we will say Lord wake me up in the morning. Amen he'll do it I heard testimony from someone this is Pastor you told me about that and and I prayed and the next day he got me up and I said oh it's too early Lord you know and but but he will do it if you pray and say Lord I'm in trouble get me up and get me up tomorrow morning and I believe that when you pray that prayer the Lord says OK Gabriel you're privileged to have that Angel Gabriel whatever time it is go down and tap pastor shin and get him up you can prayed and say Lord I want to spend time with you get me up in the morning and the other thing you can pray and say Lord Create in me a deeper desire for you create in me a deeper desire for you if you can we pray then by His grace Amen how many of you want to deeper desire for God Let us pray that is for a father in heaven. Lord thousands of years later we're reflecting on the life of Daniel Daniel would rather die than miss his devotions and Lord today help us to live. In the audience of one the audience of God. Help us. Create in us a deeper desire for you wake us up in the morning to spend that quiet time with God so that when you come in the clouds of glory we will pray and we will say this is our God we have waited for him and he will save us from yes he sings in the precious name of Jesus. And this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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