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Lessons from the Life of Daniel - Part 3

David Shin


Pastor David gives part 3 in the series of messages entitled, "Lessons from the Life of Daniel."


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • October 14, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Let a spare head says so we seek the Lord this morning. Father in heaven. Just as I am all to Jesus we surrender all to him we freely give. Lord we ask that as we pause for a few moments to reflect on the life of Daniel's 3 friends that you would bless us speak to us we pray for we asked these things in the precious name of Jesus. Well today we are continuing in our series of messages that we've been titled lessons from the life of Daniel and I invite you to take out your study guide which is in your bulletin it's an outline of today's presentation and so far in our lesson or in our series we've taken account of these 2 basic sections in the Book of Daniel you have them there in your study guide the 1st section that we talked about is that the stories in Daniel are individuals as they came face to face with life and death decisions these stories give us examples for living at the end of time Daniel and his 3 friends are types of the last generation living right before the 2nd coming of Jesus they are a type of God's people and the characteristics that Daniel had we can possess by the grace of God Daniel's 3 friends in today's stories our story is not an anomaly they are a type of what God will do for any one who stands for him and the 2nd section in the Book of Daniel are the prophecies the prophecies accurately predicting the rise and fall of empires from Daniel's time to the end of time and we talked briefly last Sabbath about one of those prophecies in Daniel Chapter 2 The image of gold silver bronze iron feet partly of iron partly of clay representing the different kingdoms and then the 2nd coming of Jesus will be the culmination that is the kingdom that will never be replaced and will last for ever and ever. Now this is an important image to take into consideration especially in today's story so I invite you to open your Bibles to Daniel chapter 3 verse one and we'll pick up in our scripture reading from her today that Tamra read chapter 3 and verse one member again on chapter 2 there was an image a multimedia. Type of image of different types of metals but in Daniel Chapter 3 we see the nebby Knesset or goes out of his way to make a statement now we can measure the king made an image of gold whose height was 60 cubits and it's with 6 cubits he set it up on the plane of Dura in the province of Babylon. Now we can measure wants to indicate that this head of gold is not just the head of gold it is a statue of gold so this image that we've just seen prior here of Babylon meter Persia Greece and Rome and everything is a gets a bright idea and says I'm going to make it a statue entirely of gold indicating that his kingdom would last forever it would never have an end. What Debbie can is or did was he took a very plain teaching of Scripture a very plain prophecy and he reinterpreted the prophecy there are Christians today that are taking prophecy and reinterpreting it as well and you can see them in your study guide there are 3 views of prophecy held by Christians today and just like Nabby canals are they are taking the plainest prophecies of scripture and using a different lens to interpret them and the 1st one you'll see there that in your study guide is predator resume predator is a predator ism is that prophecy is for the what is for the past this falls you deny is the supernatural nature of prophecy to predict the future it is presented mostly by agnostics and atheists. Skeptics believe that the Book of Daniel was written hundreds of years later during the time of the divided kingdom. They say that there is no way that Daniel 2 was written before hand so the skeptics come up with a way of saying that Daniel is not really an inspired book it's not prophecy it's actually just history but remember in our earlier presentations we said that Jesus said that Daniel was a prophet he is reliable the pressure is view says that prophecy is not predictive prophecy is just in the past the other view is Futurism and this is held by many of our evangelical friends today and Futurism says that prophecies only for the distant future this is a false feel prophecy as well it portrays a God who is this interested with the pain and suffering of his people in history one example of this is the end of Christ many Protestants believe that the end of Christ is not living right now all. The Anti-Christ is some time in the future this is known as Futurism so prophecy doesn't have a practical relevance to day to day living because it's just some time in the nebulous future after the secret rapture during the time of tribulation and many Christians are saying look we don't have to worry about prophecy because as soon as the secret rapture happens that I'll be gone already if I don't make it in the seeker rapture I'll get a 2nd chance now what is the right way of interpreting prophecy and this is what we call historicism in historicism is that prophecy outlines the span of world history as the history relates to God's people all the way down to the end of time and this view is both moral and true God is portrayed as as a being who is interested in and who comforts and protects his people at all times what do we mean by historicism this is best illustrated by Daniel 2 because it goes from Babylon all the way to the 2nd coming. It goes from the past to the present and extends on down to the future which means that the prophecy of the past gives us faith that the prophecies of the future will be fulfilled and because right now we're living during the time of the divided kingdom in the toe nails I believe of this image it has relevance for us in our day to day living this is the historical view or historicism as we have seen Now you'll notice from our scripture reading today that the image had a particular number that was used in its dimensions the dimensions of the image according to Daniel Chapter 3 The gold statue is 60 cubits by 6 cubits 6 is the base number and 6 is the number of man man was created on the 6th day 7 is known as the number of perfection or completeness of the day Sabbath but we have the number 6 and it's interesting because the number 6 is the base number of the Babylonian number system. You find it in pagan religions all over the world now we'll be coming back to this number as we compare Daniel Chapter 3 to Revelation Chapter 13 and just keep that in mind as we go through this story so let's open our Bibles again to Daniel Chapter 3 and pick up in our story now you'll notice that this has a fascinating cadence and Dr Dukan who's Old Testament professor and Andrew's Theological Seminary He says the way that Daniel 3 is structured He says it's almost in a humorous way because you'll see as we read it it has this certain cadence to it and I'll just read through a few verses here or read through our scripture reading once again just so you can hear the particular way that this is phrased you can as of the king made an image of gold whose height was 60 cubits and its with 6 cubits he set it up on the plain of Dura in the province of Babylon and condemning Knesset or sent word to gather together the say traps the administer as the governors the councillors the treasures the judges the magistrates and all the officials of the provinces to come to the dedication which the King Nebuchadnezzar had set up. So it has a repetition here this is where the humor comes in so the say traps the administers the governors the councilors the treasures the judges the magistrates and all the officials of the provinces gathered together for the dedication of the image that can never be can as it had set up and they stood before the image that King Nebuchadnezzar had set up burst for the Herald cried aloud to you it is commanded Oh peoples nations languages that at the time you hear the horn the flute the liar the sultry in symphony with all kinds of music you shall fall down and worship the golden image that King beacon is or has set up and whosoever does not fall down and worship shall be cast immediately into the midst of a burning fiery furnace. This is typically a bed time story if you imagine this scene I don't know how many people were there some scholars believe that the furnace was located right underneath the statue and this was not uncommon in those days especially in regards to children being sacrificed in these pagan religions they would have a furnace or an inferno at the base of the statue and there were likely hundreds if not thousands of people there on the plane of Dura that day and they are standing before this statue and by implication when they worship the statue they were worshipping can this or there was an association there and this was a high day the a pinnacle moment in experience and there are thousands of people before this statue. And when the band played. The music on the what type of music it was but evidently it was emotional got their motions going and then there's an edge to it because you know if you don't bow there's an inferno that is waiting for you so the music plays the band goes and then like. Just right. People are just falling down and Knesset or the ego to stickle proud man it's just. Just going down people are just our wing before this image and he's basking in that afterglow moment and a messenger comes in and says King good news and bad news good news 99 percent about the knee but we got this problem 3 individuals will not. You can read the story so they get Chadrick me 2nd and then to go in come before the king and you can read about it because the king says I know this has to be some sort of misunderstanding let's do a redo right let's do a do over I don't mind them bowing a 2nd time will crank up the band again I'll tell you what and we'll do this all over again and we'll act like it didn't happen so let's do it so. Ben to go before the king and they tell him Look you can have as many do overs as you want we ain't bowing. And the Bible says that his countenance was enraged I like one translation it says that his face became distorted. He got mad. Hopping mad in a rage and fury and says look guys crank up the heat on that furnace and and the Bible says that he got his Special Forces guards you guys had been lifting weights in the gym big burly muscular men and they took these guys bound them in their clothes. Threw them into the fiery furnace thousands are watching. Probably like look. This will teach everyone a lesson to ever disobeyed me and they're watching and shatter Acme 2nd Abednego are walking around in the fire. And never can those are like 12344 and the Bible says that he and then he can as are said he looks like the Son of God one theologian reflecting on this is that how did he know it looked like the Son of God Well they had seen the character of God in the life of Daniel and his 3 friends so easily it looks like the Son of God Now can you imagine being the 3 friends of Daniel walking around in the furnace you know 1st of all they're like hey we're not being burned something is unusual it's not hot in here and so there's no walking around and then suddenly Jesus is there and he's like hey guys I thought I'd join you in here. I know what I don't know the Bible doesn't say what they talked about but they were in there for I don't know how long but they're walking around I knew what the conversation must have been there's so many lessons in this God doesn't save us from the fire he is with us through the fire in men and when we stand for God and we go through a trial God is right there with us. They want a mist and an experience with God if they had compromised and bowed on the plain of Dura but there they were in the fire and they are with Cheesus in the flesh having a conversation and then we can there's like. You can come out now. So they come out and the Bible says that they do an examination they go up to them and smell their clothes they say you know it smell like fire they look at their hair your hair is not even singed you're not even hot. And never can those are is amazed to talk about a damper to a party it went from it's all about maybe Komisar to to all about God and there's so many lessons that we can draw from this in if you look in your study guide here are the lessons that we want to look at never can as are set up forced worship death by fire is promised for those who will not comply and force is the last resort of all false religion any time a religious community seeks to coerce individuals to come into agreement you know that they are operating from false principles because God does not force anyone love is the foundation of the way that God governs force is the last resort of all false religion. It's interesting because you see in this story the music is mentioned multiple times I believe those 4 repetitions in which they go through the type of music that is played and there is one quote This is you write the laws and let me write the music and I will rule your country music powerful thing. And in this moment it was an emotional experience that drove them to action do you think music's going to play a role in the end of time you better believe it music is a powerful force and it could be used for good or for evil and this is from Dr Dukan he makes this reflection a reflection the ancients knew how to use music to elicit a mystical experience everything remains on the level of emotions and the nervous system this episode in the Book of Daniel warns us against a strictly emotional religion emotion can be a part of the religious experience only when united with reflection and thought God doesn't expect us to get a lot of me and follow him remove your brain and just follow God expects us to use our brains there's emotions in the Christian experience but never are to those emotions to highjack reason and conscience now we can is or didn't want those people to think 1st and act 2nd he wanted them to feel the music and then act and there are certain types of music that hijack reason and conscience. And music is going to play a pivotal role in the end of time moving quickly in your study guide Daniel 3 pictures a mixture of false religion and the state made a decree he used his power of state to enforce false worship you see the state in forcing false religion and false worship and this will happen again in the end of time in the Old Testament we have an allusion to this remember the story of a haven't jazz a bell a have the state Mary's Jess a bell the head of Bell worship and for 3 and a half years there is no rain in Israel fascinating because in the Book of Daniel revelation you have 3 and a half years as well 42 months 1260 time time and half a time and that you have who comes on the scene and brings Israel back to God and we're told in the end of time that the Alija message will come again church and state uniting. Viewpoints underneath that powerful world leader forces false worship the test is global the forced worship involves breaking one of the 10 Commandments in other words this is not just a bedtime story this is a type of what is going to take place in the very final moments of Earth's history again worship is going to be a central issue against again and again force is going to be something that is going to be used to coerce people to come into line and again in the 10 Commandments are going to be involved as well what took place in the Book of Daniel will take place again. Another lesson that we can draw from this is that Jesus didn't keep them from the fire he is with them through the fire. Gone doesn't keep us from tribulation he is with us through tribulation gone doesn't protect us from going into trial he protects us within the trial fundamental difference there is a theory out there that says Look God's people are told they going to avoid tribulation because they are going to be raptured Well the Bible says that God's people are going to go through tribulation and just like Jesus was with the 3 friends he will be with us when we're faithful to him. Practical lessons that we can learn from this. Especially in regards to living in the very final moments of his history Daniel 3 is a foretaste of what we call the mark of the beast and so let's read about that a let's go to Revelation Chapter 13 and you'll see the startling parallels between what we just read in Daniel Chapter 3 and Revelation Chapter 13 Revelation Chapter 13 versus 11 through 18 we see then another image is going to be set up and there's going to be 1st forced worship that is going to take place as well revelation chapters 3 verses 11 through 18 Let's actually go to verse 15 here Revelation Chapter 13 he was cranky he was granted power to give breath to the what does the Bible say in verse 15 to the image you see that right there the Bible says that there is going to be an image set up in the end of time similar to the type of image that was set up in Daniel Chapter 3 there is going to be an image that is set up he is granted power to give bread to the image of the beast that the image of the bee should both speak and cause as many as would NOT what is the next word their worship the image of the beast to be what to be killed fascinating. Same type of language used in Revelation Chapter 7 you have an image you have worship you have force and the penalty for not worshipping is death what happened in Daniel will happen again Revelation Chapter 13 verse 16 he causus which means he forces he forces all both small and great rich and poor free and slave to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads and no 1 May buy or sell except the one who has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name here is wisdom let him who has understanding calculate the number of the bees for it's the number of a man and his number is was 666 now have you seen an image that is based on the number 6 before Daniel Chapter 3 Daniel Chapter 3 is a type an illustration of what God's people will go through in the very end worship is going to be a central issue do you know everyone is going to be worshipping someone you're either going to worship Jesus Christ or anti-Christ you're either going to worship the lamb or you going to worship the beast. And there's going to be some teeth put into this you either worship the beast or else you're going to lose privileges and you're going to be killed that is the penalty and Dana chapter 3. And Revelation Chapter 13 very quickly in your study guide points of similarity between Daniel chapter 3 in Revelation Chapter 13 number one never can as there at the end of time like now we can as Or at the end of time there will be an image of sorts created by a beast just like now we can as are set up a beast and the end of time there will be an image set up just like now we can as set up an image in the end of time there will be an image set up in both stories people are forced to worship the image or be killed coersion is a tactic both by Nabby can as are and by this beast power and number 3 like them you can as a powerful world leader will try to enforce false worship in the Mark of the beast issue worship will be a central issue in the end of time number 4 in Daniel Chapter 3 there is a fiery furnace in Revelation Chapter 13 the fire comes down from heaven so you have fire and you have fire in Revelation Chapter 13 and number 5 the number of the image in Daniel Chapter 3 is 60 cubits by 6 cubits and the number of the beast in Revelation 13 is 666 I believe that we are very close to the fulfillment of this prophecy I don't know how I don't have a timetable. But in my own personal reflections I believe that September 11 will go down in American history as a watershed watershed moment in how Americans view the Constitution. Do you know that in the name of national security all of your Constitutional rights right now can be suspended habeas corpus. Right to a trial right to a lawyer you can be held indefinitely not even knowing the cause of what you're being held for I believe that we're living in a time of what we called Turn key tyrant were all of your cell phone records all of the data all of us are under surveillance and most Americans don't care because we say we have nothing to hide but in reality if we don't have the freedom to talk openly about our beliefs and ideas even if it's against those in power What freedom do we really have these are some things for us to really process in terms of where we're living in history and I have news for us doesn't matter whether you're Democrat or Republican or Independent in the end everybody's going to get in line that's what the Bible predicts these things will come true and Jesus says just like Babylon me to Persia Greece and Rome fell in successive border into divided Europe Revelation Chapter 13 if I were betting a man if I were a betting man and I'm not. By money on this prophecy being fulfilled as well some practical lessons that we can learn from Daniel Chapter 3 is be aware of rationalize ation what do we mean by that it would have been very easy on the plane of Dura as the music is playing and as those people are going down like dominoes and bowing the knee just going down as those 3 Hebrews are standing there it would have been very easy for them to say oh I. Have a toke cramp. I tripped right. I have to tie my shoe lace a 1000 excuses and it probably could be a lot more sophisticated than that they could have thought hey I'm going to Balbus in reality I'm going to be worshipping God not the image or I can serve God a lot better alive than dead what's the big deal just one back out go with the flow when in Babylon do what the Babylonians do there would have been so many reasons and ways of rationalizing why they could have knelt on the plain of Dura and they said look this is not a hill to die on well when it deals with God's commandments according to Daniel Chapter 3 it is a hill to dial and that's the illustration that we have this is radical faithfulness faithfulness on to death an issue worth dying for. And I can't help but think in my own life when it comes to not even anything in the same level of the fiery furnace how the temptation to rationalize comes into our frame whether it be Sabbath keeping or stewardship or any practical application of scripture it's like we have a 1000 reasons why. I talked about this book or the person from this book Pavol one miracle after another and if you want an inspirational read of radical faithfulness this is one I was reading this before I went to bed I thought oh my what a life Pavol Goya was growing up in communist Romania. It was a country that was not favorable in the very least to Christianity and Pavol tells the story there's there's one miracle literally after another remarkable story and so he's in this did to serve for a period of time in the military it's mandatory service in the communist army he said Army so he's there and he's a Sabbath keeper so every Sabbath he just disappeared and went off to this little storage room and kept the Sabbath and then we just reappear. And he was such a good worker that the lieutenant would kind of wink and let it go well there was another lieutenant that came in to be the rank over over and he called in and said look I it's my understanding that you have not worked a single Sabbath since you've been in the military. That yes that is true it's the 7th day Sabbath I need to keep it holy and the commander said I command you right now because it was Saturday command you right now to go and dig a foxhole and Pavol said I will not dig a foxhole on the Sabbath. And this lieutenant when you read the account it says that he began to foam at the mouth that's the exact words of. A count he began to foam at the mouth and began to jump around like like an insane man he was so mad and this was in front of all the other soldiers he said how dare you have the audacity to disobeying my orders you're going to pay for this Pavol So we called a trial. And the person that was presiding over the hearings was the general and the lieutenant went 1st and went through how not kept a single Sabbath can't single 7 they in terms of working in the Army and he went on and on and on and the general setback sat back and he said Well has he done anything else what is his work ethic and they all said. One of the best soldiers he's one of our best workers as he caused any other problems they said no and the general said and you want to ruin this man's life because he wants to keep Saturday and he turned to the lieutenant he says I order you to leave this man alone and if you disobeyed me you were disobeying orders later on one of the fellow soldiers went to Pavol and said Do you know that General. Fall said I've never met him before my life and you know what it the fellow soldier said he said there must be a god. So there must be a god because this is atheist communist Romania and this kind of thing just this not happen. We need to do right because it is right and leave the consequences with God Let him deal with the consequences. I think of this this quote here he says well then there is a God this is a quote from the book after all this is unheard of in a communist country and in your study guide you have a few quotes there we should choose the right because it is right and leave the consequences with God or a controversy page for 60 it is better to die than to sin better to want then to defraud better to hunger then to lie. On my favorite quotes education page 57 the greatest want of the world is the want of men men who will not be bought or sold men who in their inmost souls are true and honest men who do not fear to call sin by its right name men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall. The same God. And Abednego is the same God of today and when we stand for Him God will honor us. Amen and notice the nature of what. Bendigo said they they told never can as a God is able to deliver us but even if he does. We won't worship which and by the grace of God we can be like. In the Bendigo Amen we can say Lord I want to make your approval and pleasing you my highest a priority in men not the fear of man but the fear of God to be in the audience of one how many of you once a lord. Help me to be like Shadrach me shack and Abednego Amen Father in Heaven Lord what a story some of us have heard this a 1000 times. But every time I go through this story I am just amazed at your faithfulness Lord we want to walk with you in the fire we want to have an experience with you and experience with God Help us Lord forgive us for our lack of faith. Help us to do right because it is right and leave the consequences gone for we asked these things in the precious name which. Came in. 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