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Back to Basics: Fitness Witness

David Shin


Pastor David concludes his series on Back to Basics with the message entitled: Back to Basics: Fitness Witness.


David Shin

Pastor, Hillside O'Malley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, AK



  • February 24, 2018
    11:30 AM
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You make all things beautiful in your time we thank you for the work that you've started in our lives and for the promise that you will complete it we thank you for Jesus the author and the finisher Barfi for we have few things in Jesus' precious name Amen amen right now in the country of Venezuela is going through a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions I didn't know this but Venezuela has the world's largest oil supply even greater than Saudi Arabia but due to some mismanagement and corruption they are facing a crisis in which food prices have skyrocketed and 1300000 people are facing starvation as a result and it has completely redrawn the social landscape I want to read an article from a story that was written on the crisis in Venezuela for many low income families the crisis has completely redrawn the social landscape. Mothers go days without eating shrivelling to the weight of children themselves young boys leave home and join street gangs to scavenge for scraps their bodies bearing the scars of knife fights with competitors crowns of adults stormed dumpsters after restaurants clothes and babies died because it's hard to find or afford infant formula even in the emergency rooms and children are arriving with the same weight and height of a newborn. The devastation that Venezuela is experiencing right now and currently the government is not allowing any humanitarian aid to get into the country and the doctors are not allowed to document even the data as to exactly how many children are dying because of starvation and malnutrition. The recent trend has been that women are choosing to be sterilized instead of bear children that they're unable to feed in this story goes on to say that the lines outside of the sterilization clinics go for a long time as hundreds if not thousands are women are making this just incredible decision to choose their allies ation rather than to bring a child into the world that they are on unable to feed stories. Are told of mothers that are unable to find formula so they're having to mix water with rice starch to feed their children and it's damaging the internal organs as the liver and these children are are dying we need to pray for Venezuela imagine that the Lord will. Just touched the leader's heart so that they were open this country to humanitarian aid and many individuals are unaware of this crisis that is taking place there these mothers are grappling with this. Unimaginable decision of whether to bring someone into this world and then have the challenge of being unable to find the resources to feed their children and they're having to choose not to bear children at all. This is a very important aspect of human life it's important to be born. And it's important to have the proper nutrition and resources after birth and the same is true for the Christian life as well it's important to be born again and it's also too important to have life after the new birth as well both I would say are equally important you need to have new life and also you need to have a spiritual life and nutrition after you have experienced the spiritual birth now in our status quo class we're going through the sanctuary and for those of you that are in there just bear with me as I do a brief review the sanctuary depicts a model of the Christian experience there's many things that the same 3 points to but one of them is our own journey from birth to growth in our Christian experience here we have the saying where there's a bird's eye view of the mosaic saying sure is there you're looking from the top down you have the courtyard. The outer compartment which has 2 articles of furniture you have the altar burnt offering and the laver then you have the Holy Place which has 3 articles of furniture you can see them there the table of showbread the lamp stand and the altar of incense and then you have the most holy place where the ark of the Covenant resided. Now Adam and Eve were here in the Denecke perfection they were able to have a face to face communion with God because of sin the entire human race were out here and so this is a kindergarden illustration as it were to help us to understand that God wants us to bring God wants to bring us all the way back to that face to face communion with God that Adam in the heat pad and he does this through 3 distinct processes 1st you have the new birth. You have the altar burnt offering and the laver baptism in the new birth and then you come into the holy place and you notice that there is 3 distinct articles of furniture you have the table of showbread where the bread resided you had the lamb stand where the light was and then you have the altar of incense and scholars have made the application that these 3 articles of furniture refer to in application to our Christian experience of the table of showbread mentioned that live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God the Word of God You have the lamp stand which is the holy spirit shining through an application there is ministry or witnessing and then you have the altar of incense which the Book of Revelation indicates it signifies the prayers of God's people so you have 3 distinct elements that are essential for life after the New Birth prayer. Bible study and ministry those 3 ingredients are important so after you're born those 3 elements are important to keep you alive spiritually after you have become alive when a baby is born into the world there comes the start of LNG realize ation that this baby cannot just be placed on a shelf and it's amazing so much of the focus is on the birth but then you realize it's like after birth is a whole other reality my dad said enjoy the time when the baby's inside because once he gets out there you know life dramatically changes and it's a man right and it is the same way you know we can't assume you know what a baby is born and like all that's it praise God All right let's go on it's not like that the baby requires a daily care and nurturing and it's the same way in our Christian experience we're born again and then through Divine Grace there are 3 elements that keep us alive after we become alive are now we need to be born again 1st that's the best 1st thing but these 3 things are important we need to eat daily. Mention not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God tables show bread we need to pray and we need to minister there's one application that came out Bible study prayer and ministry and one of my colleagues came up with this interesting way of putting it read feed all right. This will work OK prayer air and witness fitness are that's an important way of looking at Earth so read feed prayer air witness fitness so if you are struggling in your Christian experience let's say you've had a born again experience and you find that things are not up to par you're not feeling that your experience with God If the same Here is a good spiritual assessment to ask yourself how is my time eating spending time with God's word how is my time in prayer and how is my time in ministry for him and typically what you will find is that one of those 3 areas have been kind of diminished. And that's a you can take When's the last time I ate When's the last time I. Took in prayer or prayed breathed and that When's the last time I exercised spiritually This is a good assessment to take and. We talked last week about prayer prayer being the breath of the soul and breathing is so important that there's a part of your brain that makes this happen automatically Can you imagine if we had to consciously focus in order to breathe oh forgot to breathe for half an hour it just doesn't work and food is very important to we need to eat every single day and I know exercise is a very challenging thing but but witnessing is lank exercise it is like a ministry for him and so today I want to talk a little bit about the last one we did our 1st part of the series on the Word of God The 2nd one on prayer and today is witness fitness and there's a text that I want to. Bring Out to you about witnessing a March after 5 years 1000 Bibles as go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you. That is what witnessing is about it's telling your story about what God has done for you a very beautiful way of putting it now if you experience something just wonderful which we have through the grace of Jesus Christ and love that he's shown to us it is telling the story of what God has done for him now this is from the book steps of Christ and by the way I try to read this book every single year and it seems like it never gets old I want to encourage you to get that little book steps to Christ and get it online and read it through others so many gems in there that are practical for the Christian experience and here is one of them in relationship to witness fitness a man who would refuse to exercise his limbs would soon lose all power to use them thus the priest who will not exercise his God given powers not only fails to grow up in Christ but he loses the strength that he already had a very important point in relationship to ministry and witnessing now there's an interesting story in the bible of the 5 loaves and 2 fishes remember that story and the feeding of the $5000.00 now there's something interesting that takes place in that story is a miracle Jesus fed. 5000 people not counting women and children with just 5 loaves and 2 fish and imagine that as the disciples went back to get that bread and fish it seemed like a bottomless pit in which more and more came out but I want you to notice the way that this miracle took place it's in Matthew Chapter 14 and notice what the Bible says here taking the 5 loaves and 2 fish and looking up to heaven he gave thanks and broke the loaves He then gave them to the disciples and the disciples gave them to the people they all ate and were satisfied notice the way that this miracle took place Jesus did not need the disciples to distribute the food right how many of you think that he needed the disciples he didn't his God He could just snap his fingers and all of the bread in the fish were distributed just miraculously and then they ate but noticed there was an important aspect of this Miracle is it was the disciples the disciples were to be the channel through which the bread float in other words they went to Jesus got the bread and the fish and then took it to the multitude and in this process. The miracle of multiplication took place it must have been amazing to be the disciples you know they get some bread OK well I don't know all this is going to work and the vision they give it to the people and say hey you better just spread that thing out because I don't know if there's more from where that came from OK just I'm just warning there's only 5 and then they go back and then they're like you know this is this is a long process go back and keep going to like wait a minute you know and then they get up 5000 remember this not counting men women and children so arguably 15000 people this took a long time this is a long distribution process heat going back and by you know if it was me 55006000 I'm saying there is something uncanny going on here. Unusual but notice the way that Jesus chose to have this miracle take place the disciples played a part in it Jesus chose the disciples to distribute the bread now in application I'm so glad that we don't have to produce the bread Amen we just need to know where the source is and as we endeavor to feed. By the grace of God and minister to the needs of the people out there how many of you ever feel overwhelmed with the in possibility of it there's no way I look at Anchorage and I said Father how in the world are we going to ever do this just encourage. But God says look just trust me you just need to know where the bread is and as you commit to be the distributor the bread I will be in the process of multiplication let him perform the miracle and we need to be part of the faithfulness of the process it doesn't always make sense it's not always logical but this is a beautiful miracle that indicates the process of how God works now this is from steps across again that book that I encourage you to read look at this god might have committed the message of the Gospel and all the work of loving ministry to the heavenly angels and I want you to think about that if you're about to go on a mission in reaching your most precious prized entity which is the human race and you're having to choose who's going to give someone a Bible study and you look over and you see the angel Gabriel who's got an I.Q. of I don't know 2000 I don't know whatever it is and then you look at David chin. Wow. Is that a tough choice no it isn't all right David chin may mess it up but God has chosen humanity in the proclamation of the Gospel very fascinating as to why God did this is this but in His infinite love he chose to make us coworkers important word there with himself with Christ and the angels that we might share the blessing the joy the spiritual uplifting which results from this unselfish ministry this is one aspect of it and I know you've experienced this before there is nothing more joyful. Then giving of yourself in service to others with nothing expected in return. And there's something just joyous about it and I've been on vacation trips and the privilege of going to some very exotic places and even though I'm enjoying myself I told my wife the other day after coming back from ministry experience and I said you know what giving of myself in this particular instance was better than Hawaii and I can explain it you know and I think I know that you've experienced this before when your clothing the naked and feeding those that don't have food and you're giving of yourself there is a joy that you experience through that type of of giving and that's the way our world was supposed to work there is no ocean that keeps all the water it gives it it gives it and the clouds don't keep it they give it and then River is don't keep it they give it that is the way that our world works and it is only the selfish heart of man that cleaves to itself and consolidates everything so this is an important part God wants us to experience the joy of others and the effort to bless others will react in blessings upon ourselves this is the highest honor the greatest joy that it's possible it is possible for God to bestow upon man and there have been so many instances in which I have been ministering for others and I come away more blessed than the individuals that received. My uncle is a dentist a graduate from Loma Linda and a thriving practice and. He goes every single year overseas to the Philippines and I've just seen a transformation in his own life he pays his whole airfare and lodging and treats I think with his team of 5000 people in the course of like 7 days and it's a double hit on his finances because he's a dentist and he's not able to make money during that entire time and he made this huge post on Facebook about the Choi I mean here's a man that is losing money. By not working during that time by giving up his airfare and time and resources and doing this absolutely free and he says this is one of the most joyful things I've done in my life and he takes these pictures with these individuals that are just smiling because of the dental work that he was able to do on them there's something about this experience and God says look I don't want you to miss out. On the joy of ministry the effort to bless others will react in blessing upon ourselves I have a picture on the screen this is a picture of the Dead Sea It is the lowest point on planet earth where there's a body of water and this is a as a picture of and be the I don't know what you call but these of the salts formations that build because of the high salt content and the salt content is so high that the surface tension of the water is higher than then average you member in elementary school when you would float paperclips maybe that was just me you know you put a bunch of salt in there in the surface tension increases. And you could float paperclips Anyway this is what happens on another level here is the surface tension is so high because of the so you could just float in there and read a newspaper the Dead Sea is a remarkable body of water and there's a reason why it's called Dead is because there is virtually no life in the Dead Sea It cannot exist and the reason that the Dead Sea is dead is because it is receiving water from the Jordan River but it has no outlet. I want you to think about that it's all receiving the blasts. And all the things that come from the Jordan River but there is no out that and it is dead. And the same applies to our own Christian experience if we are only receiving just like if all you do is breathe and eat and you don't exercise then your Christian experience starts to atrophy here this desire of a just page $142.00 God could have reached his object in saving sinners without our aid but in order for us to develop a character like cries we must share in his work we must share in his work now there's a story that is told of a man that was in a blizzard and he got lost the temperature dropped. It began to get colder and colder and it was getting darker and darker outside and he finally came to the place where he had given up hope and he lay down to die. And as he was about to close his eyes and fall into a sleep in which he knew he would never wake up he heard in the distance. A man that was caught in the same blizzard and calling for help so in this man's. Stupor about about to close his eyes and die he he crawls to where this other man is calling for help finds the man gets him on shoulder to shoulder and says look we are going to get through this together and he looks around and finally sees red light in the distance and they struggle and they crawl and they help each other and finally he gets to the doorstep of that house knocks on the door is ushered into the home they are saved to their saved at last and then the Realize ation hits him that in saving this man he had really saved himself he had really thought of themself Now there's an interesting statement in the spirit prophecy that says that those that are fighting sin and endeavoring to gain victory over the addictions of their lives one of the most pro active ways of doing that is an unselfish service to others. To think about that so many times we focus and say oh I'm good we make the addiction to focus but what the statement is saying is that by being involved in active service for others many times the natural byproduct of that is victory over our be setting thins and addictions and so if you have an area of your life that you're struggling with perhaps you have too much idle time perhaps you're not actively involved in service for the Lord Jesus and that is important consideration for us to make in terms of our service for him. There's a story in 2nd Kings of a C. in some area in the Bible indicates in 2nd Kings Chapter 6 1st 25 and there was a great famine in Somalia Samarian behold they beseech did until they hung a donkey's head was sold for 4 score pieces of silver and the 4th part of a tab of donkeys donkeys doves dung for 5 pieces of silver Bible times what they would do is that they would surround the cities cut off all the resources not allow the merchants to come in and cut off the water source and they would literally star of the city to death and that's what was taking place in some area and as economics goes as they ran out of food there were things that you would never eat that was on the market Dubbs dung for 5 pieces of silver I don't know what that was $50.00 for a score of pieces of silver donkeys had this was the nature of the market in some area and it got even worse as for the king of Israel was passing by on the wall a woman cried to him Help me my lord the king and then he asked her What's the matter she answered the woman said to me give up your son we may eat him today and will eat and tomorrow will eat my son they have resorted to cannibalism not only cannibalism but eating their own children and so the story goes on so we kick cooked my son and ate him the next day I said to her give up your son so that we may eat him but she had hidden him this was the nature of what was taking place in the city of Samarian and the king just lost it he cried and tore his clothes. And as they were in this predicament the Bible indicates then the men who had leprosy reached the edge of the camp these men said look we have nothing to lose and when you read this account they said look if we stay inside the city we will die if we go outside we will die so they said look we might as well go outside because maybe they will have mercy on us and they go out to the camp of the enemy they had surrounded them then the men who had leprosy reached the edge of the camp and entered one of the tents they ate and drank in carried away silver and gold Evidently during the night that entire army had been startled and left everything behind there was no one there and so they go in the air and they eat and drink and carried away silver and gold and went off and hid them they returned and intern other tenants took some things from it and hid themselves also these men were starving they were hungry and they found this camp has been completely deserted and they are hungry they're eating their like this is the best thing ever have you tried this rice Have you tried to spread this is amazing and they're just going from tent to tent just ransacking and having a wonderful time just wallowing in the food and all the things that they have found. Then this sudden it piff any happens it's fascinating then they said to each other I imagine it in my vivid image you know between a morsel of bread Eichman. We are not doing right. There aren't we. We are not doing right this is a day notice what it says this is a day of good news and what are we doing we're keeping it to ourselves let us go at once and report this to the royal palace. The Realize ation from these lepers they have found something that would be the salvation of the people inside and they said look we are not doing right we are keeping this to ourselves This is a day of good news. Every time I drive been tinkering. You don't have to drive far and you seeing individuals with the placards the cardboard boxes and you see individuals that are going to the broken cisterns of the world people are dying because of a lack of a knowledge of God. And here we are we've been blessed with so much Amen we have been knowledge of God appreciation of his love for us and I pray that in our daily experience every day will have this epiphany. Today's a day of good news Amen let's go and share this with someone else. Last coat before we close steps across Page 78 No sooner does one come to Christ that there is born in his heart a desire to make known to others what a precious friend he has found in Jesus the saving and saying to find truth cannot be shut up in his car. Witnessing is an unknown natural response of having experienced Jesus Christ but we 1st have to experience him a man they really daily and it is from that well that springs to overflowing that we're able to share the love of Christ with others let us pray. Oh Father in Heaven Lord you could have chosen angels. But you choose us because you do not want us to miss out on the joy of unselfish service and also you know that will help us to become more like you. Lord there are hundreds if not thousands of ministry opportunities that are available right here in Anchorage and Lord today we want to say here I am send me Lord give us the opportunity and we know that you will once we pray this prayer give us the opportunity to share Jesus. And to Colibri with you and to also experience just the the joy and the happiness that comes from unselfish thank you for hearing answering our prayers in Jesus name. In this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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