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15. Giving Bible Studies

Marshall McKenzie




  • June 19, 2018
    2:00 PM
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I I really enjoy the topic of giving Bible studies because ultimately the friendship of vandalism OK that we're involved in which is a part of the cycle of evangelism really is for the purpose and hope that eventually we'll get to the place where we can what. Really we can get bible studies we can study the Bible with somebody and there's nothing like sharing your faith with someone else a faith that is based upon the Word of God And so we're going to took take a look at some some keys to giving Bible studies some practical principles but before we do I want to I want to share something about personal Bible study before we get into giving Bible studies I mentioned some things a couple days ago and I just want to kind of echo those same things this morning in relationship to your own personal devotions OK and how we're having those and those lead to us giving Bible studies and better and better Bible studies more interesting Bible studies and not just you know it's easy for us to take a Bible study like say the amazing fact study guides which a lot of people really enjoy or some will use it is written study guide and we kind of depend on that study guide it's kind of like Savage school where we depend on the Sabbath school lesson and yet what makes those Bible studies fresh and unique and where the person's really involved is when you have your own experience with deep bible study that that that from there individuals really can tell and they're right there with you. I still want to I want to look at a passage of Scripture found here is Jeff therefore verse 12 and 13 just really quick it says For the Word of God is what living in power for how many of you know that. How many of you experienced that OK it's as living and powerful and sharper than any 2 edged sword piercing even to the division of soul and spirit and of joints and marrow and is a discerner of what thoughts and intense of the heart the Word of God is to go so deep that it discerns thoughts and intense of the heart OK. You know God said here in Isaiah 55 we looked at this earlier in the week as for my thoughts are not your thoughts nor are my ways your ways my ways says the Lord for as the heavens are higher than the Earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thought now God's not saying in this verse that you cannot attain to his thoughts he's just saying his thoughts are was higher OK so he's encouraging us consistently to what come up higher but to do so we need to get to the place to where our own personal Bible is study is affecting our thoughts OK you know what is character made of anybody here. Thoughts and feelings when we talk about thoughts we're really talking about ideas OK Your character is based upon different ideas throughout your life experience that you have clung to now those ideas may be completely wrong OK they may be right but nonetheless your character OK is built on ideas and Bible study real personal devotional Bible study gets down to that issue of my ideas versus God's ideas. OK true Bible study will get down to the thoughts and intense of the heart and through that process will be brought up to God's thoughts and God's ways but when those 2 things collide that's where we surrender OK so this idea of the word getting to the thoughts and intense of the heart this is this by the way helps when we bring people to a point of decision OK because if you in your personal devotions haven't come to a point of decision it's very hard to bring somebody else to a point of decision but if you are regularly being brought to a point of decision it becomes much easier to bring others to a point of decision because you understand what it took to get there OK and it's much easier than to bring other people so real Bible study is getting down to where my ideas are in conflict with God's ideas and I have to surrender and then my ideas change OK And in the process my character changes so that way bible study is not just oh here's question number one this is what it says and then we give you the answer or do you understand what I'm talking about it's going deeper deeper than that we want to attain matter of fact oh it's not as if if I by the way it's for Libyans to 5 misprint Let this mind being you that was also in. Christ Jesus so it's not just the mind of humility if you read the context it's also the mind of obedience OK And so that's mine where gods of my thoughts are higher than your thoughts and my ways are higher than your ways God not just saying well I'm up here and you're down there and that's always how it's going to be he's saying listen if you're really studying the Word of God personally to where these decisions are being made regularly and you're surrendering regularly you're putting on the mind of who you're putting on the mind of Christ OK and people see that when it comes to Bible study in Isaiah Chapter 40 verse 8 it says the grass withers the flower fades but there was word of our God stands forever you know we are living in an age where there's so much instability insecurity you know we see so many things around us falling apart and I'm not just talking about buildings and I'm not talking just about the I'm talking about families I'm talking about lives I'm talking about individuals yes the Word of God What stands forever and as we on packed the word in our ideas are changed according to the Word of God Guess who all stands forever OK those who have the Biblical ideas and it's much easier conversation to go to these different things OK and it's not as difficult it's not like OK I have this life and an open arms will start about the Bible and I got put on my other head OK. But we need to be living this way this is kind of why I bring this out and by the way this is something we talked about a few days ago when we talk about our testimony remember what's our testimony really to be based upon. It's to be based upon the Word of God OK So when we give our testimony what we're really focusing on is what God is doing for us what God is doing in us and sure we might talk about our past a little bit but that's a brief speck in relationship to what we need to be speaking about OK what gives hope what gives stability what give security and people see this as we study so one of the things we want to be instant in season and out of season go to 2nd Timothy Chapter 4 verse one in 2 OK in giving Bible studies we always need to be instant in season and out of season and we and when we are doing this regularly OK what I talked about just briefly. We will be in season and out of season notice 2nd Timothy Chapter 4 verse $1.00 and $2.00 all right it says I charge you therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ who will judge the living and the dead at his appearing and his coming and his kingdom he says what preach the word Notice be ready in season and out of season convince rebuke exhort with all longsuffering and teaching a love that preach the word we can and he breaks down preaching here to convince to rebuke to exhort with all longsuffering what is long suffering patience believe me in Bible study you need to have patience OK when you're working with somebody because remember you're working with their ideas. Just as much as in our personal devotions God is working with our ideas and we're surrendering those ideas the person you're talking to has to go through the exact same process and so in that process we need to have patience OK they may not get it the 1st time and they may run off and come back and talk about something or like we just went over that and then the Lord knocks on your little head and brain and says Yeah we've done this several times I haven't way you are OK So he says preach the word convince rebuke exhort with all longsuffering and teaching OK but do this work in season and out of season if where having devotions consistently God prepares us and I'm talking about biblical devotions I'm not talking about just picking up a book and saying I want to read this today now don't get me wrong reading the Spirit of Prophecy for devotions is a great thing not a problem but before you do that go to the word spend quality time in the word and by the way when I said read it 7 times you'll find that to read something 7 times will take you much longer than 15 minutes because of the experience you will have you know people said pray at the beginning and then pray at the end Listen when you read a passive 7 times and you're slowing down going through it you're actually start praying through the passage you're talking they're gone from beginning to end OK as you go all the way through it and so this helps you to be ready in season and out of season OK. Notice preach the word in the book of Acts remember I talked about the book of Acts also early in that we need to be proficiency when it comes to the Book of Acts just as much as we aren't and on Revelation notice with me Acts Chapter 4 verse $31.00 this is the experience of the early Christian church. OK the Apostolic Church they do this this is what they were doing consistently all the time OK X. chapter I'll give you examples X. Chapter 4 verse 31 service and when they had prayed the place where they were assembled together was shake it and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and they were. Spoke the word of God with boldness notice the Holy Spirit was poured out and and what was the result they preached the the word OK that's right they were ready they were being prepared to be ready in season and out of season so when you walk out of here this morning there may be an opportunity for you to share something from your devotions in the Word of God this morning with somebody else OK in season and out of season notice with me Chapter 5 verse 42 we see this again OK Acts Chapter 5 verse 42 says and Daisy they were in the temple and in what ever they were in every house OK. There are some statements I'll read when I do part 2 about this they did not see this teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ they did not what cease OK this was like on their mind when they went to bed and it was on their mind when they woke up in the morning it was on their mind throughout the day OK Notice Chapter 6 verse 4 and 7. It says but we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to what the Ministry of the word and verse 7 says than the Word of God spread and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem and a great many of the priests were obedient to the faith the Word of God What I say read continually spread and the number of the disciples this is really interesting we don't have time to get into multiply greatly in Jerusalem OK And then finally will just look at another one actually after 8 verse 4. Mark spoke briefly about Acts Chapter 8 for you know Acts Chapter 8 as a real key transition in the book of Acts because at this point the church had grown to an amazing number and it would have been easy for them to become complacent and settled in Jerusalem but through persecution God says you're not settling and it's interesting that he sends out the disciples not the Apostles OK And so we read and Acts Chapter 8 verse 4 what exactly the disciples were doing it says Therefore those who were scattered went what everywhere preaching the word so Bible study and giving Bible studies and sharing the word of God was central to the apostolic church as the Spirit of God was poured out this is what they they did OK They preached it they also lived it OK and this empowered their preaching preaching without the life to back it up really is just a lot of words. OK but when you have a life that backs up that preaching it makes all the difference in the world so where where do we begin in giving Bible studies here some here's some places where we can begin to share OK the Word of God where we can begin to kind of give some Bible studies look for opportunities pray for opportunities we can utilize the church visitor list you know just after this pastor John Ross going to talk about reclaiming missing members we had started there was missing members there's youth in the church you know right now and in my church we have our early teens and juniors and for the last 2 months my wife runs those departments and we've been building a team and and we've been actually going through young disciples we've been taking them through all 27 fundamental beliefs. And now we're getting prepared there's about 10 of them that want to be baptized and and now we're working with them so by the way this is some of the this is the best place to start because kids like it was simple. Sometimes it's easy to get very complex and giving Bible studies we want to show our you know our theological Ackermann like I'm really smart but it's not the purpose of giving Bible studies and so you know working with kids really helps you to simplify the process for them and makes it even better when you're working with adults so I would encourage you work with the youth in the church don't think that early teen or Junior is is too far beneath you or you've been in the church too long that you can't work with the young people got to work with the young people and OK spouses or family door to door outreach individuals who have gone through a previous series media interest some are canvassing programs I want to talk to you briefly about media interests this is why this app I was talking to you about this after earlier. But I want to share a map with you really quick this is actually the map of Michigan and all these pink dots right there are all of the people that are gone through our Bible school at amazing facts OK And so you have $2000.00 spread around Michigan and so all of these dots are all of the media interests that that a started there they've come through our Bible School and many times people don't even know that they exist and and that's why I'm actually happy for this app that these 2 7th Day Adventists gentlemen Mike and Doug actually put together because right here OK this I wish I could put this on the screen this little dot is our location OK And there's a flag about a mile down the road and in 2014 she finished all of the study guides. OK So right now with this and by the way when you click on it a map there I'll just show you when I click on a name it will bring up her interest and what she's done what she's gone through and then we actually have the training that's built into it so what we've done is we've actually added in at the door component it might take me a 2nd and we've actually put the canvases for how you approach that interest rate within the app so you can click on this and say there's the campus that's how I would approach somebody OK so this way there's people right there right now all throughout Michigan. That that from our interests that people can start connecting with. This is a huge benefit to the local church No you don't have to be a bible coordinator but to get access to like the amazing facts interest we actually do a local training. To teach us because we want you to understand how our Bible school works so when you go to the door you know what to say where they're at in their study because they might still be studying correspondence but as a representative we train other representatives for amazing facts so that they know how to walk beside them and then if they finished or graduated then they can go up and they can start new Bible studies with them OK there's not online training for that that's more personable in the church training right now if I had put it this way if I had the thing is we run it through the pastors because the pastors have they need to write off on the people and say yep they're members of my church and they cause the pastors actually have a there's a control setting in there because if somebody moves they can transfer or if somebody is better suited for a Bible study they can transfer them within the app OK. So we do run it through the pastors but we can work with the churches we just did a training in Richardson Texas where we've been actually piloting it working with the pastors I just letting you know what of vailable and it's coming but you just want to be aware that we're getting there and I'm just letting you know when we're talking about media interest that there are lots of interest here within Michigan that we want to be able to give you OK because we need a greater partnership between what we're doing because sometimes people have followed up our interest and they've gone to a door and they call us and say hey is so and so your representative and we don't even know who they are we don't know where they're from so then it's then we're saying well no they're not really what they could have been defile and saying and so we're making a more in tensional effort to bring those 2 things together. But I'm just letting you know giving Bible studies following up media interest they're out there right now you can get fish net app and you'll get voice a prophecy you'll get it is written summer. Those were also there as well and then eventually we can you know look to add the amazing facts of some training and how to follow up this is kind of. Dealing with Bible study so so what I'm trying to say is God's spirit is so far ahead of us if we're not encouraged and motivated to do Bible studies what's going to happen with all of these interests OK And so we what I'm saying sometimes we talk about the need for the Holy Spirit we talk about how God is moving this is just giving you a way of seeing it it's like pulling back the curtain and saying please be willing in season and out of season to learn to grow to give Bible studies growing your own personal walk with Christ to follow up these interests OK one other principle I'll talk about here is prophecies core and I can talk you more about fission and some of those things afterwards prophecies core if you go to Luke Chapter 24 verse 27. Jesus before he ascended. Had to I guess you could say prove himself all over again to the disciples I want to be careful how I say that but they just at 1st it was like he's here we just saw him a few days ago die on the cross but now he's personally here and he said verse 24 I'm going to start with verse 24 and certain of those who were with us went to the tomb and found it just as the woman had said they had come back Jesus was risen but him they did not see and he said to them all foolish ones and slow of heart to believe and all the prophets have spoken. Are not Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into His glory and beginning at Moses and all the prophets he expounded to them in all the scriptures the things what concerning himself OK What's prophecies core What's the prophetic core who is the core right OK and he should be in every single Bible study matter of fact every single time you tell your testimony or you share a piece of your testimony it's Christ centered OK and it doesn't stop notice Acts Chapter 8 verse 35 and they Acts Chapter 8 verse 35 says and Philip opened his mouth and beginning at this scripture preached to us preach Jesus to him now I know we come into the church through different bible studies some we might have gone to a prophecy seminar and we got there unlike the last 5 nights and it was the mark of the beast and it was the USA and prophecy and it was all of those things and so we come out we're so excited that that's what we preach OK Don't get me wrong there is a time and place for getting into all of those things but even through all of that Christ is the core Christ is the core if it weren't for Christ we wouldn't have the truths we have if it weren't for Christ we wouldn't have the hope we have if it weren't for Christ we wouldn't know that he's coming back and have eternal way so prophecy is important and I don't want to demean that but the core of prophecy is Christ notice again in Acts I go back to the Book of Acts several times notice Acts chapter 3 verse 17 through 26 quite a long passage Acts chapter 3 verse 17 through 26. He says yet now brother and I know that you did it in ignorance as did also your rulers but those things which God foretold by the mouth of all his prophets what all things he says that Christ will suffer he has thus fulfilled repent therefore and be converted that your sins may be blotted out so that the times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord and that he may send Jesus Christ who was preached to you before whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration of all things which God has spoken by the mouth of all his holy word prophets sense the world began for most us truly said to the fathers the Lord your God will raise up from you a prophet like me from your brother in him you shall hear in all things whatever he says to you and it shall be that every soul who will not hear that prophet shall be utterly destroyed from among the people OK Yes and all the profits from Samuel and those who follow as many as have spoken have also foretold these days you are sons of the prophets and of the covenant which God made with our father saying to Abraham and in your seed off families of the earth shall be blessed to you 1st gone having raised up a servant Jesus sent him to bless you in turning away every one of you from your iniquities I mean they made this the core of all of their preaching all of their teaching everything that they spoke about so lift up Jesus is the bottom line through it all make sure you're lifting of Jesus as you're giving Bible studies the A.B.C.'s of giving Bible studies not a 2nd Timothy Chapter 250 a 2nd Timothy Chapter 2 verse 15. Be diligent to present yourself approved to God A worker who does not need to be ashamed rightly dividing the was word of truth OK The Greek word here ortho to me though is translated as rightly divide it means to teach the truth directly and correctly OK So when you're giving Bible studies OK when we're giving Bible studies we want to make sure we're correct and we're direct OK you don't want to say things that kind of lead someone on but they don't know what you're really saying Just say what you really are there to say. You know in patience in love and in kindness but be direct be correct. Always present Jesus 1st Ok always present Jesus 1st Jesus even said in John Chapter 5 verse 39 you search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life yet they are they would step the Via what of me OK So always present Jesus 1st notice the statements from the book of vandalism page 264 the very 1st and the most important thing is to melt and subdue the soul by presenting our Lord Jesus Christ as the Sin bearer the sin pardoning savior making the gospel as clear as was possible OK The very 1st and most important thing the wonderful love of Christ from desire of ages will melt and subdue hearts when the mere reiteration of doctrines would accomplish nothing. OK So we now we're not saying that's where I stay in Bible study but that's where I start as I'm giving the Bible study and I'm also bringing them back to Christ all along the way as I'm going through the Bible study with someone that's why the focus needs to be Christ continually. And next principle always preached present Jesus 1st and then reveal truth was gradually Jesus did the same thing right remember we read that verse where he specifically you know there are so many things I want to share with you but you can't bear them now OK you think about it when someone's going through a process where they've had certain ideas and now those ideas are needing to be changed because you're basically growing their understanding as you're giving them the Bible study we want to do that gradually it takes some time you know I was in a class with a teacher one time he is talking about God's mind for a minute and you know the infinite and you think about it if God were to reveal you know God says I have a 1000 ways you know we read that statement in which to provide that we know not so God can see a 1000 ways to our one now what if God took those 1000 ways and gave them to you all at once where would your mind to be or would it be. It probably would cease to exist because he put so much and would explode OK this is wife throughout eternity it's going to be a joy learning from Christ he's going to unpack things that we're going to probably spend weeks thinking about and then come back to get the rest of the story. OK So the thing is is that we believe in absolute truth but to know it absolutely right now not possible you put the infinite in the finite acts the finite would explode OK it's like on the Sabbath the truth about the Sabbath there are so many different angles OK sometimes when we learn or 27 fundamental beliefs we think OK we got it there so deep OK just because you learned in the 1st time doesn't mean you grasp every angle OK but God can look at that truth from every single angle instantly and know it OK. So we want to reveal truth gradually because we don't want people's minds to explode and here the thing is is that in the process people will get a 3 because they're already trying to make certain decisions and if I throw more and throw more and throw more and they're getting frustrated down here they're just going to be frustrated all the way through the process and they're not going to want it anymore and then they're going to revert back to what they already know and that's where we're trying that's where God wants unpack their understanding and he was as a let me just share with you a little bit more and a little bit more and if you need to spend time on a topic longer than 40 minutes just make it a 2 week process or a 3 week process answer their questions it's OK we don't have to study 27 weeks or 27 lessons and 27 weeks it may take us 5 months it's OK This is where patience plays a huge role in working with people. There's a statement that Alan White makes of how Jesus revealed truth when he came he actually took truth from the old forms she says and he presented them in a symmetrical systematic way and the thing is is that the Bible if we study it systematically It builds OK And what happens is that if we hit something where that's like it's a real tension area we can say I notice this is a real tension issue OK as we're going through it we can move on and would you like to come back to it when you're ready to come back to we can back you can explain that and that would be OK to move on but if you see that in the next last and he's coming back to it he hasn't gotten over it you follow him saying which will which could potentially damage your lessons later on the phone saying because he's still there OK he's yeah he's distracted now and so the thing is is that what I would do as I would say you know what I can see this is an attention area I want you to think about it if you have any other questions in relation to this issue write them down and let's just take them one at a time if you know if he knows from the beginning you're learning just like he's learning it should be OK to do that do you follow him saying because he has I would say I'm learning through this process just as much as you're learning through this process you know process he that thinks he knows anything knows nothing yet as he ought to know OK so there's there's a point in which Listen there's a stumbling block there and by the grace of God that needs to come down so that we can move forward so I'm not going to push somebody beyond that until we've really kind of found out what the issues really are now if we've kind of found the issues he's come to an agreement but he doesn't want to move on then he's at the place where he doesn't want to make a decision. OK And you can finish the lessons with him say we'll go on and then that may be his stumbling block for a while and it may need remember we were talking earlier Jesus took them to a certain point the Holy Spirit took them further you understand argument so you may take them to a certain point he may never make a complete decision at the end but we want to leave it in such a way that there are still opportunity for somebody else because the Lord still working with them it may need you know I did a series of meetings one time here in Michigan when I was pastoring that person had gone through some 4 series of meetings and it wasn't until I went to their home I just happen to be me I don't know why me but it happened to be me when I went to their home and we started talking but at least the relationship was there to where I could do that the pastor before me didn't cut that off so when I came in and he was kind of coming to church a little bit but when I got into his home and we started talking and then I did the series he made his decision and it was good we talked through it there was a maybe the Lord could use me in a different way you know so that's why I think sometimes we have to be careful not to think you're the only one that is able to finish out that bible study or that you're the only one I started it I have to finish it OK The goal is to finish it so when you get to a tough area I would ask them to write all their questions down about that and let's just look at it Biblically One by one OK and if you still see there is resistance then go ahead and finish the studies if they're willing to finish it out go ahead finish it out but if they don't make a decision because you know that's the issue then be praying Lord is there somebody else. They can get this across and this is where we need to be working to gether this is where we need to be working together like Elijah he thought he was the only one and the Lord said hey there are 7000 others you know what God is actually showing Alija of us as 7000 times better than what he thought it was you know sometimes we think it's the end it's not the end the end is when we go to sleep until Jesus comes until then so there's a help answer the question a little bit so we need to work together I'll tell you this is why I love working with church members because as I get to know people and as I'm investing in people then I'm like oh they got to really stay there 10 this is they're really strong in this area and when I see somebody I'm like can you and I'm matching people constantly OK and certain areas because it's all of us together even in a Bible study that's why it's important we'll talk about it the next day 2 by 2 that's why important go to by 2 OK and to work together whether you're not there or so and so maybe able to kind of smooth the way it was like Malenko then right Luther OK And Ellen White has a lot to say about this to buy into it and how that works and how we work with each other when we go out and do that and strengths and weaknesses and those kind of things so so it's really important and and if and if you're married definitely take your wife she's definitely a soft influence for the men. So anyway and vice a versa but revealed truth gradually we want to reveal truth gradually which by the way is important that you gain the skill of listening and asking the right questions I want to go back to Christ method in Luke Chapter 2 we tend to rush ahead and wear it and when we do that we're not listening we're not listening at all. OK And and so therefore we sometimes can botch up a situation because in the Lord has grace and mercy and says I want to help you through this OK but but but listen you know as you're as you're working with him I was in a Bible study same way we had gotten to a place where he just didn't it was more of a real tension area but you know we ended as friends and to this day he still watches things and and his wife still as is an influence on him and would just keep praying for them you know and I'm just praying the right person comes along to take it from where we were you know to go farther so not everybody is going to go through our goal is we'd love to have everybody but remember you're dealing with ideas let me share something Daniel Chapter 2 I want to be really careful because I want to stay on this how many of you read Daniel Chapter 2 and OK how many of you are familiar with Daniel Chapter 2 OK how many of you are very familiar with the 1st half of Daniel Chapter 2 not the prophetic side the 1st half OK let me ask you a question why was never can as or trouble let me ask you a question quiz question why I was never going as a trouble you sure that's why I was trouble OK but but remember he was troubled in the dream he won't from his sleep because his spirit was trouble now let me share with you some very historically biblically if you look at Daniel 3 in some other places 1st of all never can as or believes he's God very clear if you read Daniel Chapter 3 before the big statue right and he says who what God is there that can deliver you from my hands and 315 OK so he's placing himself where he's placing himself above God OK now. What happens is is that he's in this place but now he's wondering about the future OK which is not a very godly act because God knows the way so it's a very human act that he's involved in so it's in the place of his humanity that God comes to him to show his divinity OK Many times people aren't open unless they're in a very human situation where everything else around them is falling apart or they're wondering about the future now when Jesus comes to him in battle and what do they worship what do they worship what do they grow up worshipping idols idolatry was central in Babylon so so God approaches now he's very in a very human moment hundreds thinking about the future he's not God He doesn't know the future in that moment the true God comes to him in a dream and starts with an idol which he's familiar with because that's what his world view looks through are you following But what if that worldview becomes Duff's everything you believed everything you stood on everything you trusted in was based on idolatry and God just took your world view your belief system and made it dust smash it wouldn't you be troubled everybody who believes something and learn something different and realizes their beliefs are but dust they're troubled How do you deal with that troubled person when you're studying with them and you reveal a truth that they never knew before because they were only taught this way do you understand God is working with never can as are but he's doing it he's literally took the rug out from underneath this feet but then he builds him back up again. Because after he's troubled he comes out of the dream his world view has been shattered he's thinking about his future and God says what you believe is dust so he wakes this is what is troubling he wakes up from that dream and now he's like I need to go to my friends right the wise men OK God is so good 1st of all I tell them what you believe as does then he allows them to wake up and say OK I now want to get my wise men we do this all the time. God reveals the truth to us we're not sure that we want to totally believe that yet and we run to our friends for some counsel OK. You're getting it OK he runs and he says let me write seek counsel but what is never can answer find out. They don't know either so everything has been ripped out from him then God introduces his prophet because now the conversation is only between God and never can is it because everything else has been moved out of the way real Bible study is moving everything out of the way so that the conversation is between God and the individual you're starting with not you and the individual you understand this gives force to the prophecy of the annual chapter to an understanding of how the Prophet was a stablish how the prophet was introduced and how God dealt with that man these are lessons it's not just let's run to the prophecy these literally these historical portions are lessons to help us in actually working with people you're seeing how God is working with never again as or from his mindset of where he is somebody who thinks they got our God needs some times a very human need to be brought down to their human level if you follow him saying. But there might be people that you start studying with that are already there you don't need to bring them down they're already there they're going through a family crisis they're going through family trials they're going through all of these different things so you don't need to bring them there what you need to do is start building them up now that can ever need to be brought down and then them again as or later is built up OK anyway we could go on but there's a lot there but you want to revive true real truth gradually OK and work with them so here I'll share something else says the path of the just noticed is like the shining sun that shines what. Ever brighter onto the notice it's brighter and brighter and brighter it's not just all of a sudden they're you know it's like the Lord when the sun comes up in the morning you lets us adjust you know it's not like you walk around. As like they're OK then you have John 1612 I still have many things to say to you we read this but you cannot bear them now OK finally make regular of peels and I'm going to close off on this one this is this is a major OK at the close of every meeting and Bible study decision should be called for by the way you can actually help people to make decisions all the way through the study until they make that final decision and commitment OK it doesn't have to be let me share something with you and then at the end boom here's a decision but I can be working with them decisions all along the way choose for yourselves Joshua 2415. OK choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve but as for me and my house we will serve what the Lord there comes a point when decisions need to be made OK decisions need to be made. But it's the little decisions that they make all along like for instance do you understand Yes I understand have you grasp this yes I've grass this OK so then you want to spend time in Bible study yes I want to spend time there making a little decisions along the way OK It's kind of like when I used to run more consistently My wife and I were running a 5 K. race and she was alongside me and it was like these little decisions are like little goals along the way leading to that major decision and it's just like running a race and I would say we were running pretty fast and I was like you can do this you can do this and she's like I don't know if I can do this I don't know if I can do this I said Look at that sign right there that's our goal let's get to that sign and by the time where that sign I was already on the next one look at that sign over there look at that picnic bench over there and we were a litter and by the time we finished as the fastest time she'd ever run but it was those little little goals it's the little decisions that lead to the the greater decision and it's OK. To bring them to decision it like I said earlier if you're brought to decision consistently in your own Bible study it's much easier to bring people to a point of decision because you've gotten there you've made the decision you've taken the surrender you've surrendered OK And it's and it's easier for others to do the same I want to read you one verse here and then read one statement notice with me who I want to go back actually in talking about this notice Acts Chapter 4 verse 29 No that's and. It's where they were speaking in confidence they had great they were praying for confidence was it thank you yeah and in other versions it uses the word confidence in the place of boldness that's it 31 and when they had prayed the place where they were assembled together was shaken and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and they spoke the word of God with what. Some versions like my New American Standard will use that word boldness as confidence OK when you come to the point of an appeal because we need to make appeals regularly you have to be confident about what you're asking that person to make a decision on if you're kind of should I should I not should I ask them so why not as them I am a little nervous. I don't know how they're going to respond I don't know how they're going to look at me I don't know I mean there's a lot of things that go through your mind but in the book of Acts there was a level of confidence to where Peter could say you know repent and be baptized right. And they could see and they could bring people to a point of decision confidently The more you spend time in the word MAKE THIS is why I say the more you spend time in the world yourself making personal decisions regularly you gain confidence to bring people to a point of decision to where it's not something you have to really think about you just know that's part of the process and appeals are huge I find that sometimes we share truth and I'm being more and more personally convicted we need more appeals we need to call people more to decisions and really call them to decision you know God was not playing around with never can as are OK and at the very end at the very end of Daniel 2 we are using and what happens is what is what is never can as Or do at the end he falls down and he realizes that what Daniel just told me it was certain and it was sure that's what Daniel said the interpretation it is certain and it is sure and never can ever falls down and he acknowledges and he comes to that place where that was like a call and never can as are completely responded Why because he knew the true God was speaking to him not Daniel the prophet OK And so so that call was made and never can as a responded you know what's interesting to me is that never can as a response to the prophecy without seeing its fulfillment we respond to the prophecy because we see the fulfillment Remember Jesus said blessed are those who don't work see and yet believe. Right and that's why 28 and 29 he starts with God and then he shows his place he says never again as Or there is a God in heaven and then he says but as for me and that language is never Daniel actually stepping out of the conversation the way you communicate in the Bible study step out of the conversation and let your study do the talking OK step out of this this is how prophets it's actually a picture of how true prophets function so that's that's what Bible study is OK. And so you can be confident OK in calling people 2 appeals and have a word of prayer Father in heaven we thank you so much for your many blessings. Lord it's not about us at all and Lord I pray that we can submit to your leading and guiding that we truly can give up our ideas if they're not Biblical so that we can help others to draw closer to you and we can be the vessel that you use to help others come to a greater understanding of biblical truth we thank you so much for the principles and I pray that you will guide and direct us as we go forth to use them in your way in Jesus' precious and holy name we pray in. This media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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