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17. Christ-Centered Doctrine, Part 1

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • June 20, 2018
    11:00 AM
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Love you more very thankful that. We can turn to you and ask for your spirit and Lord we know that when we come together to learn have a better do your will that you will bless and you've made it clear Lord that we're to go into teaching to make disciples and and the Great Commission is a 1st priority we believe in your heart be with us now as we focus our attention on those things you'll be with me as I share and help us to not only retain with the learned things we can use we thank you and praying Jesus' name amen. The theme of my Sherene during these after presentations now I'll be talking. 11 o'clock today tomorrow and the 3rd day I'll be perfect as Jesus that Friday will be doing and then you know personally speaking Sabbath. My emphasis is that whatever doctrine or subject you present that it's Christ centered and my reason for that is I believe the whole Bible is telling us about Jesus and I always like these stories in the Bible as a springboard to the different teachings and so we'll be doing that this morning if you have your Bibles you may want to join me and turn to the book of Luke Chapter 24 Luke 24 verse 13 and I will be stop stopping just after noon because I know you have. A lunch of the cafeteria like a whole 15 if I'm not mistaken your schedule today. Luke 24 verse 15 verse 13 I'm sorry Luke 24 verse 13 now just to give you the background you probably know this story picks up the day of the resurrection it's a Sunday afternoon Jesus has already appeared at this point to marry then to the women together. Then he later appears to. Peter as an individual moment where he appears to Peter and before he goes to the upper room this is what happens and behold 2 of them went that same day to a village called M A S which was from Jerusalem about 3 square furlongs that 7 miles the word M A S means hot water now the word Jerusalem means peace so they're going downhill from the city of peace to hot water so it doesn't sound like you're going the right direction and it says and they talk together of all these things that happen those things over the weekend of course the betrayal the torture the crucifixion the burial the resurrection of Jesus that morning and the disappearance of the body now they're not ready to believe the report of the women as you'll see that say that he has risen and I think the women are just overcome with optimism and delusions and they talk together of all these things that happened so who are they talking about and it came to pass in verse 15 that as they reasoned Jesus himself drew near and went with him now I don't know if you make any notes in your Bible but this is a simple point that encourage you to remember when you talk to others about Jesus he draws near you find that happens more than once in this one story Christ said were 2 or 3 are gathered together in my name I am there among them and so here they are talking together about Jesus Jesus draws near but their conversation about Jesus is not an optimistic one. They're discouraged as you'll see and it says he as they reason Jesus himself drew near and went with them now how often does Jesus go with us and we don't know what. But their eyes were holden that they may not know him so the Lord had done something supernatural to blind their eyes so even though he was right there and from they didn't recognize him there's a reason for that you'll see as we go on that if they had known it was Jesus they would have been overcome with astonishment and emotion they would not have been able to listen and take in what he was saying because it would have been so distracted by the joy of the event sometimes the Lord allows us to go through trials because that's the state of mind where we are receptive he knew they would be more receptive to what he was going to say if they heard him as opposed to seeing him so Sometimes God allows our eyes to be close so listen never seen a person close their eyes during special music. Hopefully they're not just and snoozing but that you know they're just taking it in because they want to eliminate any visual interference in a way that muses is so beautiful I want to close my eyes and really listen so their eyes were close and they might really listen to what he was sane and he says to them 1st 17 what manner of communications are these that you have one with another as you walk in you are sad and one of those whose name was clear Opus he answered and he said to him Are you only a stranger in Jerusalem and if you're not known the things that are come to pass in these days Oakley Opus his wife's name is mentioned as one of those who goes to the tomb Her name is Mary the wife of Cleo Opus So there's actually 3 Marys that go to the tomb of Mary Magdalene Mary the wife of Cleo Opus. I think it's there for Mary and Mary of Siloam and Mary's mother may have notion I don't know that she was in that 1st group anyway I think there's at least 3 Marys in that one occasion that comes to the tomb. So I know some of argued a was this his wife. You know in the Bible it's hard to tell but you will actually find the statement in the book desire of ages where it says after he appears to them these 2 strong men so it's 2 men evidently that are going down this road together and they're discouraged and he says what manner of communications are these you have with one another as you walk and are sad now does God want to have a sad walk. Don't miss the connection that they did not know him and they were set in a supreme is 1st Their eyes are closed that they should not know him and then he says they've got a sad walk by the end of the story their eyes are open and they have a happy walk what is eternal life John Chapter 17 this is life eternal that they might know the the only true God and Jesus Christ Who is it who is sent knowing good will the Lord will declare to the last what. I don't know you and so it's crucial that we know him and they don't know him and they're sad now is the gospel goodness or bad news good news should people that have good news look happy. Why is it that so many don't look happy you know it is true that Jesus is called the man of sorrows and acquainted with grief and he was grieved by sin but you know Ellen White says he also had great joy that they could see and frequently said I read Joyce. And so the Christians you want to be happy that you're Christian there is sin in the world there is suffering in the world there's tragedy but Jesus gives us a peace that passes understanding the world already gets a lot of bad news and if you remember Paul Harvey. A commentator years ago Karen and I were at it was actually it was written function and Paul Harvey was there and he was talking he was friends as you know with George venom and he eventually got baptized and joined the Camelback church but. His wife was raised by some admin a sister so they were always very fond of the administration but he gave a talk and he just he said that you know several companies are trying to make money sharing good news and they went out of business. And the the job of the news industry is they take 2 bicycles that bump into each other they try to make it sound like a train wreck they always try to exacerbate and exaggerate any news and make it sound terrible and they use all these glowing adjectives to drain the bring it out and because because people were captivated by bad news by tragedy it's as though we find some relief in looking at the tragedies of others by comparison ours don't seem so bad and sometimes we fall into that trap you meet someone and you think about what's the latest bad news you have I've got one sister who's not a physical sister but Sister Christian and I always I'm reluctant to when her number comes up on my phone of collecting depleted up because somehow she's always got your ground and she knows what the latest tragedy is and. She can't wait to tell me and you know some of these things are serious and pastors You know we want to know if there's something that needs special attention and prayer but it's almost like she takes joy and tell the bad news. That do you know anybody like that how does one know my the only one that's met a person like that. And I think oh well I look at the phone I go What is it now. But wouldn't it be nice if people saw your number and they just couldn't wait to take your call because they thought they've always got some good news the share we don't know that many people like that we you know they call they go I've got some great news and it's always positive and it's always uplifting and Jesus said what manner of communications are these that you have with one another as you walk and are sad God does not want us to have a sad walk you may have trials we all do there may be troubles in life but. Someone once said A Christian should have a zip in their hip and have been there step and spunk in their trunk and they're happy fanatic in the attic. That we ought to be positive people met a fact I got that from the pastor that baptized me he's always repeat that and he did you know he had trials he he oh he had trials in the life I knew about but he just was always happy and I used to wonder what are they taking he and his wife are always so positive but he's the one who ended up baptized I mean I was coming out of the world I thought how come they're always so joyful and they were just so thankful for the Gospel they believe they had everlasting life and they were so excited about it they wanted everyone else to have it the gospel is good news and. It's amazing that man retired before I was born. And he baptized me when I was 22 because he was still working he built a church after tire to build the church to build a school he planted 2 churches just a very godly enthusiastic Vangelis. So when they when Jesus asked his question What manner of communication is this that you have with one another as you walk in or said one of them whose name was Cleopas he answered and he said to them Are you only a stranger in Jerusalem what a thing to say to Jesus and have you not known the things that are come to pass in these days was he a stranger in Jerusalem did he know what had happened he was on the front row of what did happen what a thing to turn to Jesus and say why haven't you heard. Tell me. Quick story slightly related. After except to Jesus up in the mountains in the cave. I want to tell the people I was very excited and but I'm a hermit I mean I go when days without seeing anybody I lived in this cave by a creek sometimes hikers would go by because there was a trail that went up the canyon and I'd see somebody but I said Lord I just feel like now what am I going to do with my life I feel like do you want me to tell people about what Jesus has done for me and I said I didn't pray this out loud it was just in my mind I said Lord look if you want me to tell other people you're going to let me know that because I don't know how to do it you know I go to town once or twice a week I Panhandle I come back up I live in the mountains so I went to town a couple days after praying that prayer and I called my mom used to call or collect back then you could do that and. Just she said just check and I want to know you're alive you know and so I call it a high everything's fine and I'm and I called her this day and she said Doug are you going to be around and sometimes I go off on hitchhiking adventures she said are you going to be around in the next week or 2 I said Yeah she said I may come and see you I said Really she's young bring in a film crew. I see the really she said yeah I was having lunch with some guy from C.B.S. and they said yeah my son you know his dad's a multimillionaire he's living in a cave up in the mountains and they said well you know that would be a great human interest story you think you'd let us keep it she's a really well ask him I said yeah that's fine and I said they can't hike up there it's pretty hard to get up there takes hours and she said well when the helicopter they'll do whatever they need to do. So I said Yeah I'd love to see you so she said a day and it was like 4 or 5 days later and I met her at the Palm Springs Airport and I'm not exaggerating there were 2 film crews that came she was afraid one don't want to show up so she called A.B.C. and of her she called N.B.C. rather and this guy named. Bill Applegate was the correspondent she said this is a great story she's C.B.S. wants it but if you guys want it you should get there 1st so they both show up and there's a big fight at the airport between these 2 film crews. And they're calling my mother despicable one of them is anyway and I'm going to call. And I'm hanging out with a helicopter pilot who does waiting because I knew him because I had done rescues with him before people got lost or hurt up there he'd ask me to kind of guide them in because we lived up there and anyway so I'm hanging out with Pete the helicopter pilot and finally they sort of things out and we see flew up in the cave with me and my mother they took 2 trips and brought all the crew in the batteries and lights and took a bunch of pictures and they did the interview and in the interview they you know they asked me Sol Why are you you know your dad's own airlines and you're living in a cave up here in the white and so I gave me an opportunity to at least briefly share my testimony and. Then they I said no promise me something when before we did the interview don't tell anybody where this is because you know I said as I found kind of an oasis of yours really pretty that everyone finds out about it it's going to ruin it and so this is no no you can trust us. So I went down to town and they flew my mother up and see if you've ever seen the picture of the back of my book that picture was taken by one of the cameraman they gave it to us and so that happened that day and my mother actually got up to the cave otherwise she never would have made it but that day I went down to town and I saw it was on the news all over North America see back then 40 years ago there were only 3 stations some cities had a public broadcast stations only like A.B.C. C.B.S. N.B.C. that was it any of your member that you put tinfoil on your coat hanger on your intended to try to get them all to come in clearly and so I went on to tell and I went into a hotel lobby and so can I please watch your T.V. for just a moment I have a T.V. I said I want you for just a minute I said I'm to be on the news. Oh yeah right and so we turned it on and I even called and there was a cop that went down the street who knew me out they all knew me because I was on the street band. And I said hey I'm going to be on T.V. come on and he came and he watched it with me and 1st thing it says it shows the helicopter flying up talk which canyon it says in the mountains above Palm Springs and talk with canyons is a virtual unknown paradise. And they just told everybody in the world where it is so. Day or 2 later I'm hiking down the canyon. And I run into someone on the trail now the trail this one place in the trails called cougars trail it's like this wide and you've got a cliff that goes down several 100 feet in places on this side and a cliff he goes up it's just like you would picture and in some adventure story where you've got this little narrow trail cliffs on both sides and that's what it's so you pass some of the trail you have talked on. And so I stop and I always want to know because I have no way of locking my things up everything's out in the open and if people go by my cave they can steal my stuff and so I always want to know where you going and and so I stop say Hi How you doing Yeah so where are you going so I'm going up in the hills or so what are you doing you know I saw this guy on T.V.. And he lives up here in the canyon I said Really tell me about it. And so I had read the story in the Bible yes. That's all I'm asking of you know and I'm hoping he's going to recognize me you know and I'm kind of given the profile of yeah but. So yeah he lives up there he lives off the land of which I didn't live off the land you know I went to town panhandle and bought groceries. And he said Yeah he killed while the animals on the other were this isn't where is he getting this and finally I said I said I'm the guy you. Said no you're not. Really I'm going No I'm the guy and I don't know if I ever did persuade him but. I whenever I read this story where Jesus what things tell me about it I'm thinking about when I asked I said Tell me about it and I'm the guy and you didn't believe me anyway I always thought that was a miracle how right after I pray and say Lord if you want me to share the gospel and you know are you going to show me he sends a film crew to my cave and I get to announce my testimony 3 times nationally in one day I always wish that my mother somehow had keep it because I don't have that tape but. Anyway you know if you tell the Lord I'm willing to be used then he'll let you know. Jesus said The harvest is great the Libras are few William Miller prayed and said Lord if you want me to share this he finally surrenders and if you want me to share this you let me know what happened someone knocked on his door I think within an hour an hour and said Would you come and share the things the Lord He wants us to share is there any question about that the laborers are few the harvest is great if we're willing to be us' he wants to use us and so they start to tell him Well things concerning them in verse $191.00 thing is they said concerning Jesus of Nazareth which was a prophet mighty indeed in word before God in all the people was he still a proper this it wasn't proper past tense they have lost faith and you notice something they say about Jesus mighty indeed ended word now the fair seas had a lot of deeds but no it wasn't it wasn't authentic before God in the people they were more interested in what man saw but Jesus was he didn't just talk the talk he walked the walk and it wasn't just before man it was before God So what you're seeing here is it says before God and the 4 you follow man one of the 2 commandments of the Lord love your neighbor and that's not only in the words it's coming out of the heart it's in the deed it's the whole thing Jesus was the real deal those same and how the chief priests and our rulers delivered him to be condemned to death and of crucified Him but we trusted his trusted future tense or past tense. We have lost faith we trust that he was the one which would have redeemed Israel Israel and besides this this is the 3rd day since these things were done you think that would have gone their day didn't Jesus say something about their day how many times in the ministry of Christ did he say I'm going to Jerusalem I'll be betrayed and I'll be condemned and after the 3rd day I'll rise again. There's a half a dozen times you can find in the Gospels where he told them he said it so frequently Mary understood he said she's come to anoint me before my burial he said it so frequently his enemies understood and they went to pilot and they said this is the Sieber has said he's going to rise after 3 days and so it seemed like everybody got it but the church. And it said he was the one that should have and this is the 3rd day and certain women from our company they made us astonished which were early at the tomb and they found not his body and they came saying also they'd seen a vision of angels which said he was alive and certain of those who were with us Peter and John went to the simpler and found even as the women said but him they saw not now Jesus has taken all he can take They're just they're telling him Me Oh My body's disappear we don't know what's happened you know he died he was mistreated we thought he was a messiah and now we don't know what to do and they're so discouraged they're so down trodden and they're just you know they're mainly in the dust in the trail with the tears and making mud and walking down to a man has hidden for hot water get their back to the city of peace they're going the same way that that man went when he fell among thieves Finally Jesus said old fools. In the Bible say don't call any man. Now they're actually different words and Jesus is he don't call anyone worthless he here he's seen Ophuls and slow of heart to believe. What did Jesus say to Thomas you believe because you see it was of those who believe without seen slow hard to believe what all the prophets have spoken the prophets said this was going to happen ought not Christ to have suffered these things and entered into his glory you know all through the Bible Peter when he met with Cornelius and he said to talk about Jesus he told kind of corneal is an extra after 10 about Jesus and all the prophets testified of these things they should have known it and beginning at Moses Now here's the main thing I want to say to you and beginning that Moses and all the prophet as he expounded on to them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself who wrote the 1st book of the Bible Moses what is the 1st book probably job probably also written by most of those you know we're not sure but it sure looks like the same style and then you get Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers do Romney all written by Moses beginning at Moses and some of the prophets. All the prophets he expounded in under them and some of the scriptures all of the Scriptures now the road between Drusilla Mannus is about 7 miles and if you are walked trails like that 3 to 4 miles an hour 2 hours roughly to make that trip. And if you pausing at all I've often thought how much would I pay for an audio recording I used to say cassette tape and then I saw the CD and now being in P 3 doesn't matter but if if I could have an audio recording of Jesus in English hopefully. Going from Molokai going from Moses to Malakai and showing from all the prophets that he was the Messiah Have you ever wondered what did he say. Whatever he said must have been really good because later they testify Did not our hearts burn within us as we walked with him by the way he was opening in the scriptures to them and he was putting it all together so that when they saw they went how did we miss it it was all through the Scriptures when Jesus was on the cross and he says it lo a lawyer Lama Sabachthani my God my God why if you for saken me why did he say that he's quoting Psalm what scripture some 22 why did he quote some 22 go in your Bibles to some 22 I got a new Bible yesterday. And so I'm just get used to it some 22 starts out verse one. My God my God why have you for saken me why so why are you so far from help me in the words of my roaring Now look at verse I don't have time to read all you go to verse. 13 they gaped on me with their miles as a ravening in a roaring lion I'm poured out like water all my bones are out of joint My heart is like wax and melts in the midst of my bowels my strength is dried up like a posher my tongue cleaves to the roof to the roof of my mouth that has brought me to the dust of death dogs have compasses me the assembly of the weak it is inclosed me they pierced my hands and my feet that I might tell my bones and they stare at me they parted my garments among them they cast lots on my vest you're that's just part of it why did he quote from Psalm 22 though the very it wasn't discouraged 1st of all the high priest would always quote from one of the Psalms during the Passover and they quote typically from with a cold one of the Messianic Psalms this was one of the Messianic Psalms he quotes the 1st verse and he's saying keep reading the very things in that Psalm is what's happening right in front of them and I can't help but wonder if maybe the thief on the cross he went. He saw them gambling he saw them dividing his garments he saw them mocking he saw Christ suffering you saw the sign above his head this is the king of the Jews and then he heard Christ quote Psalm 22 and he went Eureka this is him because you know he started out mocking like the other thief but something happened how much Scripture tells us that Jesus is the Messiah all the scriptures so I took that to heart and for years I have been reading all of the Old Testament every every year I'm reading through the Bible actually take it back lately what I'm doing is now I take 3 years to read through the Bible been doing this for several years where the New Testament one year old testament 2 years I found when I read through it quickly I don't get as much as I can do you can do that you can read the whole Bible in the months and you know you'll read like $25.00 chapters a day or maybe it's more than that but. I think I had 9 chapters a day you read through the Bible in a year but I found that I wanted to read things I wanted to look them up and so I started doing 3 years reading through the Bible every 3 years and I'm always reading through the Bible I'm doing it today you know preaching preparing for sermons and articles or reading different places but I mean cover to cover I'm always reading through the Bible and special mission of mine has been how do I see Christ and the Gospel in particular in the Old Testament stories Christ and search the Scriptures and then in them you think you have eternal life these are they that testify of me it's all telling us something about Jesus now I want to read something to you before we get back to our story here. A couple of quotes I got one from Spirit of Prophecy and one of fuel indulge me from spurge and this is from Ellen White wrote this in the book that I might know him. $2008.00 it's a devotional. And beginning at Moses and all the scriptures he expounded on to them in these things concerning himself and all the scriptures the things concerning himself there is one great central truth to be kept ever before the mind in searching the scriptures one great central truth and all the scriptures Christ in him crucified every other truth is invested with influence and power corresponding to its relationship to this theme it is only in the light of the Cross that we can discern the Exalted character of the Law God the Soul palsied by sin can be endowed with life only through the work wrought upon the cross by the author of our salvation the love of Christ constrains men to unite with him in his labors and sacrifice the revelation of Divine Love awakens in them a sense of their neglected obligation to be a light bearers to the world inspires them with the missionary spirit this truth and lightens the mind in saying to fight as a soul it will banish unbelieve and inspire faith when Christ in His work of redemption is seen to be the great central truth in the system of truth a new light is shed upon all the events of past and future there seen a new relation and they possess new and deeper significance or kisses in particular the Old Testament is as verily the Gospel in types and shadows as the New Testament is in its unfolding power the New Testament does not present a new religion the Old Testament does not present a religion to be superseded by the new as what a lot of my friends and charismatic churches believe they think well I know today I mean the Old Testament we're going take a look at the old and there's like they're almost apologetic about looking at the Old Testament it's the same Bible it's this and they say well you know God of the Old Testament seems different from the God of the New Testament never heard that one. Why do people say that. I hear him say well in Jesus seem so different he's so loving I haven't read Revelation we talk about the wrath of the Lamb. And there's all this all the plagues in war Well there's crucifixion in plagues in the New Testament I mean and you get the mercy of God in the Old Testament his mercy endures forever I mean I just don't know why they say that they usually don't know your old testament. Or that we just parts of it it says the New Testament does not present a religion a new religion the Old Testament does not present a religion to be superseded by the new the new testament is only the advancement in the unfolding of the old Abel was a believer in Christ as was and was as verily saved by His power as was Peter and Paul in UK was a representative of Christ as surely as was the beloved disciple John the God who walked with a eunuch was our Lord and Savior Jesus he was a light of the world then just as he is now the truth for this time is brought in its outlines far reaching embracing many doctrines but these doctrines are not detached items that mean little they're united by golden threads forming a complete whole with Christ at the Living Center it's like you know if you you look at a tapestry from behind might look like a tangle of threads I got a person like I think a little design on them in a car and get some inside out 1000000 of them I drove them what an ugly pair of socks. And then I realized how I go I go spinning around very You get a really pretty design on the other side. Well that's the way it is with a gospel when we look at the whole tapestry of the Gospel in Christ we can see the golden thread of salvation woman through the whole thing now this is a great quote If you don't mind this is from the book morning and evening by Charles Spurgeon I tell you he had this right. These are they which testify of me quoting from John 539 Jesus Christ is the alpha and omega of the Bible he is its constant theme of its sacred pages from 1st to last they testify of him at the creation we once discern him as the sacred as one of the sacred Trinity we catch a glimpse of him in the promise of the woman seed we see him typified in the ark of Noah we walk with Abraham as he sees the Messiah as day we dwell in the tents of Isaac and Jacob feeding upon the gracious promise we hear the venerable Israel talking of Shiloh and the numbers of types and shadows we find the Redeemer abundantly foreshadowed prophets and kings priests and preachers all look one way they all stand as the cherub did over the ark desiring to look within and to read the mystery of God's great procreation still more manifestly in the New Testament we find our Lord the one pervading subject it's not an England of gold here and there are dust thinly scattered but here you stand upon a solid floor of gold the whole substance of the New Testament is Jesus crucified even its closing sentences be Jule with the Redeemers name we should always read scripture in this a light we should consider the word to be a mirror in which Christ looks down from heaven and then we looking into it see his face reelect reflected as in a glass darkly it is true but still in such a way as to be blessed a blessed preparation for seen him as we will see Him face to face this volume the Bible contains Jesus Christ letters to us perfume by his love these pages of the garments of our king they all smell of Murren Allison Cassio the scripture is the royal chariot in which Jesus rides it is paved with love for the Daughters of Jerusalem the scriptures are the swaddling bands of the Holy Child Jesus unroll them and you will find your savior the quintessence of the Word of God is Christ lessons the best. The quintessence of the Word of God is Christ this is June 10 morning this is morning reading for Spurgeon June 10 and I always thought that was so eloquent because it really captures the idea that the whole Bible is about Jesus now. Having said that begin it in Moses and all the prophets here account sent to them and all the scriptures the things concerning himself I've just made notes for years from my own study of how you find Jesus and all the Bible a few years ago about 2 years ago I put it in a book called Shadows of light and I won't be covering that this week so to speak but you know I take Adam and Abraham and Noah and Enoch and all the Bible characters not all the many of the great Bible characters Joan and Esther and Gideon and. Talk about a life of this week here and I say you see the Gospel in all these stories now just as an exercise because this is both to be more of a class than a. Sermon but I know it sounds like I'm just preaching if you were to name an Old Testament story so working if you were to name an Old Testament story. Let's find the Gospel in it and I'm going to just go out on a limb here name a character or story in the Bible and I just want to show you well let me I'll tell you what I'll start you out let's find out how the Apostles did it one of the great scenarios of salvation is the Exodus Paul in 1st Corinthians 10 shows us how you take that story and you look for Christ he said Jesus was the rock he says Jesus was the bread they were baptized in the Red Sea They were baptized in Christ the pillar of fire they were baptized in the fire of Christ. And the so Paul draws an analogy he finds the types of Christ in the story of the Exodus You remember reading that 1st convinced him. A matter fact a lot of Paul's preaching when you wondered what did they hear Jesus say on the road to a mass probably they shared some of that with Paul and some of it with Peter because the Apostles in their letters use some of the analogies but just to give you an example. You pick a Bible story Sampson I heard Sampson 1st of all do Esther OK Do you see Jesus in the story of Samson now the way many people think of the story of Samson you got his womanizing Muppet muscle man who drinks and how in the world could he ever be a type of Christ God tells him you know you're supposed to be my representative and you just have a blows the whole thing and betrays a secret and he hangs out with the Philistines in R. and that's the way some people there how you can see Jesus in the story of Sampson was Sampson a miracle birth was his mother visited by an angel. Was he called the great deliver of the people was he blinded so you know they put a bag over Jesus' head when they began the torture him and blinded him with Samson bound Christ was bound that Samson died between 2 pillars Jesus between 2 thieves was the last act of Sampson's life one of sacrifice and did he stretch out his arms as Samson listed among the saved in Hebrews 11. Was Sampson's Spirit fill it Samson kill the lion who is a lion a typo the devil goes around as a roaring lion. Did Simpson break the chains diseases break our chains. Well Samson with a very simple instrument the job of a donkey able to defeat the enemy can God speak through a donkey. And could God through the Apostles share the gospel and shake the world the very simple instruments that everyone else would think was unworthy he was able to achieve a great victory I go through I don't have time to do it right now but there's a lot of types you can see in the story of Simpson did Samson. Was Samson betrayed by a woman that was supposed to love him was Jesus betrayed by the church. Was Sampson sold for silver was Jesus betrayed for silver I have there's a lot more like a so I hear over you'll see it in the book I cover some more of this but Sam's and someone else said Esther So it's OK we'll do that next it's not going to be these are not comprehensive I'm just giving you some little ideas because I want you to see it. Esther Esther is an interesting story. For one thing it begins following a 3 and a half year period Jesus taught for 3 and a half years it says in the 3rd year of the reign of a house you waris there was a feast last $180.00 days and at that point the pagan queen is the posed and A process is begun where she is replaced by a Jewish queen. All through the Old Testament God is overthrowing the. His people that get involved with paganism and he wants a pure bride in the New Testament for a while anyway as an example of that is there are a few an arch villain in The Book of Esther. What's his name. And what does he want to do annihilate all of God's people is he wrong with the woman he's wanting to destroy the church. Why because they will not bow down is there a law made that all of them should be killed as Revelation say because God's people don't bow down there's a long way that all should be killed Ellen White even quotes back to Esther talking about the future prophecies in the book prophets and kings. You notice that human he once the Kings position met a fact more decay I saved the king's life the whole kingdom really is saved by more to kill I when you think about it he saves the king's life the King can't sleep one night and so he says to his scribe uses look you know the most boring thing I ever hear when you guys read the chronicles to me so they get out they get out the notes from our visit our last meetings and this read the notes to me that'll put me to sleep in a hurry and so they read the notes the king the king is going and I had also and says and then the attempt was made on the King's life thinking of now that you're going to kill me but it was exposed by Mordecai that you that since I'm the king's gate King to him he saved my life what do we do for him anything in the footnotes and they look and they say we do anything form can you sing Wow that's not very kingly of me not to do anything for God save my life we baptize a member in Sacramento someone tried to shoot Gerald Ford they missed and they hit a taxi driver his name was John and. The president then this is in history I don't know if you remember San Francisco lady tried to shoot girl Ford and the they stopped her the bullet ricocheted off saw something and it hit our friend John who was a taxi driver he was a Jew We had a baptized him but he said the president wrote him a letter. To thank him for taking a bullet that was meant for him. And yes he said Can I come visit you at the White House he said no. I just got to devastated by that but he had framed the letter from Gerald Ford So the king said You know we really ought to do some for this guy and that while the king is thinking what shall I do for more to K.I.I. So who's there I said this is your guard some of the gate I want to see who is it him and you tell him and he's my buddy bring him in now he doesn't know humans there because he wants a death decree he wants he can't even wait for the day to kill all the Jews he wants the king to sign a special decree that he can hang more to K.I.I. from the highest gallows and the king says human I'm glad you're here I don't know what you want these I got an idea 1st before you before you share what's on your mind here's here's something I'm thinking what will be done for the man the king the lights the honor him and thinks is in his little heart. Who were the king want to honor more than one. And so he says well you know put him on the King's Royal Horse put the king's robe on them put the king's crown on his head have the most prominent auspicious person Margaret the street with the trumpets and say those little be done to the man to the king the lights on or basically what he's saying is I want to be thinking what are the devil want he want to be God and can you imagine the look on morning carries a human face when he said That sounds pretty good tell you what let's do that I want you to do everything he said don't leave anything out and you can be the one to lead him up the street by the name is more to K.I.I. the Jew. In the Bible is better than fiction isn't it. And this tells you the Bible says the one who exalts himself will be humbled in the one who humbles himself will be exalted the devil wanted God's position Jesus who humbled himself is on the right hand of God. And so and the end of the story is all about a woman who intercede for the king and what is the work of the church to intercede for those who are perishing right her people and. And so she finds Grace you know she comes and she risks her life to save her people and she fasts and this is what we have to be doing putting our lives in line so you get the whole Gospel the end of the story of Esther the ones who want to destroy God's people are destroyed and God's people in it becoming more prosperous and their blessed and more decay I gets the position that human had lost and he's at the right hand of the King anyway so you get the whole Gospel story good the great controversy is in the Book of Esther. I don't want to take all our time was with this but a couple more. Men asked them and then as it was a wicked king he's the most wicked of the kings of Juda he killed they say of the Prophet you read about. Josephus as Isaiah was placed in a hollow log and so on into by monastic and the Hebrews does say some of the more song asunder and he had his own children passed through the fire wicked king because of his wickedness he's carried off to Babylon as he's carried off to Babylon but it's ruled and by the Assyrians and they drag him through the Fornes and in prison in his affliction he were pence. And he prays his father was a good king he prays your Pennsy humbles himself greatly and God is moved by his prayer brings him back to the kingdom and and his restored look at the mercy of God you find in the story of his a guy help patient God is that the king that you and I would think has no redeemable qualities reigns longer than the king 55 years that God would have mercy on him I mean how can you forgive infanticide How can you forgive killing the prophets or Paul says that kill the prophets too and God forgave the king so in that sense you find him there what tell you what I see I've waxed eloquent with my own voice I've become hypnotized by my own voice and I was track of time. And. When Abraham goes up the mountain and he brings his beloved son and he offers him there and Isaac's got the wood on his back and the replacement for Isaac is a who is a RAM with a crown of thorns do you see the Gospel in that story it says they go 3 days' journey to mount Mariah and then they go up the mountain half a day's journey and then there's a sacrifice made Jesus from the time his ministry begins you get 3 and a half years to the place of sacrifice in the story of Moses standing on the mountain and as long as his hands are outstretched they win the victory you see the story of the Gospel in David when he's going up the Mount of Olives and he weeps over Jerusalem do you see Jesus the Son of David weeping over Jerusalem and you know what shall I be more say for time would fail me to tell you of Gideon who is a type of Christ and Jephthah and Barrick and all these bible heroes Joseph who betrayed by his brothers for the price of a slave silver he sold they put them in the pit. He's in prison he's between 2. Baker and a butler and a candlestick maker you know. And a a baker and a butler and one lives the other dies Jesus was crucified between 2 thieves and one day Joseph goes from being a prisoner for the right hand to Pharaoh and he's ruling over all from the tomb Jesus goes in one day to the right hand of God. Heat yes his brothers and the whole test revolves around bread and do they still love their younger brother will they sacrifice themselves to save the younger brother because he knew what they did to him out of jealousy all these years he's one of the down to Benjamin and so he sees that Judah finally says. Let the lad go free I will take his place he sees the brothers are really changed and you know when he reveals himself at a special supper he sits down with the 12 of them and there's a test around the cup there's Jesus sit down is there a cup with a covenant and and you know the 1st words out of jail says Now can you imagine the look on their face after Judah makes a speech and says you know take me let your brother go home how can I watch my father's grey hairs go down to the grave in sorrow and Joseph starts to break down and solve and he sends out all the Egyptians and he makes himself known he reveals and self it was brothers and he says does my father yet live I am Joseph again I'd like to see I want to see the look on more the case for humans face when the king says do this to morrow kid I a freeze picture that would be enough just to think. About. And I'd like to see the look on Joseph brother's face when he says them they've been talking to him through a translator but when he reveals himself in the Upper Room also and speaks perfect Hebrew and he said I am Joseph now does Jesus say I am I want to see their faces. When they try to take all that him it is your yes a job the story of Christ in Job You mean the gospel in Job Oh yeah. Job is a wonderful example of job physically a lot of what Joe went through were like the sufferings of Christ he suffered like no one ever suffered though he was an innocent job suffers because there's a great controversy in heaven that must be resolved and Christ here on earth is suffering for that job intercedes for his friends Jesus is our intercessor at the end of the story of Job he ends with this story about this love violence and this great serpent and Jesus you know is in a battle with this great Leviathan this great certain joke you see a lot of the story it says that it talks about they spit on my face in job and the sufferings of the job went through very similar to the sufferings of Christ you know who has a great to see the series on that is Stephen bore because for my book I even listen to Stephen stuff and I plagiarize a little bit he has a really good points. On job some analogies that were there so go back to our story I want to finish this off and go to Luke 24 of this and read through it and so they're walking down the road he opens them the Scriptures and they drew knight of the village where they were going a little fork in the road says a mass and they were going to turn off into the town and sun's going down and he would have gone further he acted like well you know I just will see you guys later but they constrained him you know Jesus won't come in unless you invite him abide with us it was toward evening you've heard that song Abide With Me fast falls even time the day is far spent and if you ask him to go in will he go in if you ask Christ to come with you Will he come with you and he went with them. Came to pass as they said it meet with them he took bread and he blessed it and he broke it and it's common before you have bread we just did this in Israel a few weeks ago we had a supper there in Jerusalem and the only prayer remember for my grandparents was the prayer of the bread which is the roof of Paul The annoy and though he knew medical longboards he left them in or it's so this it would you like to have the prayer he said sure he takes his hood and throws it back and he stretches out his hands and he goes like this and also and their eyes are opened and he breaks the bread and he says the prayer and they go she's us and he goes poof he disappears. I was saw those kind of a dirty trick was. And their eyes were opened then they knew him now when were their eyes open. And the breaking of bread his eyes were open you like to know the Lord when there is eyes when your eyes open what is the bread rid of gun and he vanished out of their sight and they said to one another Did not our hearts burn within us when he talked with us by the way and he open to us the scriptures and they rose up the same hour and they were turned to drugs with hope wait a 2nd they had just walked 7 miles it's been a long day why don't they wait till morning this is what most important point you want to talk about evangelism and after all why didn't they wait they had good news they could not wait to share they had the news that Jesus was alive they had friends up in the upper room that were mourning still they were frightened so they gathered together for fear their fear fearful Now here's a big question they saw in Jesus form going down hill in the daytime but they were unhappy because they didn't know him now they're going up hill in the dark where they happier. They're probably more tired I don't even know 8 yet like the woman at the well they may have left their bread and run or maybe they took an 8 on the right way and but they are happier which trip do you think they made quicker the downhill or the uphill. Uphill you know I the fastest trip I ever made up the canyon it's a very hard hike thus a trip ever made of the canyon was when I found someone who had fallen off a cliff I was with my friend Greg maybe in the book and I remember and we saw guy he was sitting on the edge of a precipice and it was a hello he didn't answer and we found out he was in shocking or broken bones and he had fallen down he was sitting on another it we didn't know that he had only just fallen and he couldn't do anything so great and I ran to tell him we called the search and rescue and we. Went back up the hill just wouldn't think I was alone and he needed help but we were hoping he was going to tumble off or something and so fast that trip I ever made was going up hill because some of life depended on it and if you know that Jesus is alive and you know people are perishing you can go up pretty quick but they were happier even though it's dark they're happy and you know say going to Drusilla now and then getting out of hot water because they know Jesus was almost 9 and they went to the upper room they said The Lord is risen indeed and has appeared to Simon because Peter had said the word of his appeared to me and they said oh you're crazy he did appear to Simon and they told what things were done in the way how he was known in the breaking of bread and then as they spoke were they talking about talking about Jesus as they thus spoke Jesus himself stood in their midst he said Peace be unto you talking about G.'s Jesus he appears again as they're sharing with others about Christ Now wait a 2nd how did Jesus get there did he just beam himself. You know if you read desire of ages ice to think he walked through the walls Jesus said when they entered the upper room he entered with them he was on saying that he was with them going uphill the whole way and they didn't see him but they're happy because they know he's alive before they saw him but they didn't know and suddenly. He says peace be of them good news peace why are you troubled why do thoughts arise in your heart behold my hands and feet it's me and says You got me thing to eat they still think is he goes he says I want to eat so they give him honeycomb a piece of fish Jesus wants us to fish for man right notice last thing all read these are the words I spoke to you while I was yet with you on that verse 44 that all things must be fulfilled that are written in the Law of Moses and the prophets in the Solomons What's it say concerning me all of the Bible is talking about Jesus and men so when you present the health do it in the context of Christ when you present the mark of the beast in the context of Jesus when you present the state of the dead and the punishment of the wicked or any Bible study that you give keep it revolving Jesus is the axle the cross of Christ is the axle on which the gospel rotates it is make sure that you always keep it in the center because even Jesus said. This is what it's all about the whole Bible and in sharing this with others. You will be blessed this media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon or and leave a Visit W W W audio or.


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