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22. Christ-Centered Doctrine, Part 2

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • June 21, 2018
    2:00 PM
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Dear lord now as we just reassemble and focus our attention on your words Craigan for the presence of the Holy Spirit and to help your words come to life are the things that we learn in the principles that will be able to apply into our lives and see fruit we thank you and pray this in Jesus' name in. All right Matthew Chapter 12. Your Jesus may very important statement that's worthy of our attention. Wary he tells of people there's no sign that's going to be given to them except one particular sign Matthew 12 verse $39.00 an evil in the dull tryst generation seeks after a sign and no sign will be given to it except the prophet the sign of the prophet Jonah Peretti as Jonah was 3 days and 3 nights in the belly of the great fish so the Son of Man will be 3 days and 3 nights in the heart of the earth and the men of Nineveh will rise up in the judgment with this generation and condemn it because they repented at the preaching of Jonah and indeed a greater than Jonah is here so Jesus makes this statement no societal be given but the sign of Jonah what is Jesus talking about what is the slaying of Jonah now Jonah is one of the most interesting prophets and prophecies in the Bible because it's an incredible story some people struggle to believe if it even is a true story about this wayward prophet who gets swallowed by a great nondescript fish somehow manages to survive not just for a few minutes but for 3 days and 3 nights gets regurgitated and then goes on to have the greatest of Angelus the meeting in biblical history. You can understand why. Some skeptics and even some professed Christians say a story of Jonas just impossible it's got to be an allegory and I remember reading one time about a lady that was riding on a public bus and she took the bus every day because she would go babysit for her daughter why she worked and just about every day she would take her Bible with her and she'd read the Bible as she took the bus Well there was another businessman and he was a lawyer an atheist and he would take the bus and he'd often get up and give her his seat they became acquainted and one day he couldn't contain himself he said he's a Graham I see that every day you're reading your bible should yes or it's word of God He said Would you believe all of it's true she said absolutely I do. And he said You mean literally the stories you think are true God's word says that I believe it that's Bible says I word is truth he said So you believe that Adam and Eve were in the garden and they talked to snake she said I believe it and he said you believe the Noah built a big boat and 2 of each animal came on the boat and says God's word says it absolutely I believe it is and they don't tell me that you believe the Jonah was swallowed by a whale and came out 3 days later she said I believe it's in the Word of God He said How can a man survive inside a fish for 3 days and 3 nights she said I'm not sure when I get to heaven I'll ask him he said well what if he's not in heaven she said then of course you can ask you was. So one reason I believe that the story of Jonah is true is because Jesus said it's true. No Jonah was a real person. He's also mentioned not only in the Book of Jonah but have you notices a prophecy that's given by Jonah mentioned in 2nd Kings 14 verse 25 and he lived about 790 to 750 B.C. he lived and worked during the reign of King Jeroboam the 2nd and so Jonah is in the Bible as a real character who had a real ministry and we have a time when he lived and his book of course is a record of an amazing account but all the Jewish scholars and rabbis believe that the story of Jonah was true. The experience of Jonah. Is often seen now though the stories in the Bible are true but there are also been then an allegory for other things in other words the story of Joseph is true but the story of Joseph as an allegory of Jesus you talk about that yesterday means told by your brothers forgiving your brothers continuing to give the whole world this bread of life when the there's a famine and so Joseph is an allegory like David is an allegory of Jesus Jesus is the son of David Jonah is often thought of as an allegory for God's people and what he went through is. Is really a lesson of the Jewish nation how he ended up going to he was called The bear the light to the Gentiles He didn't want to do it and God found a way to do it anyway through captivity and so it was after his captivity in the whale he ended up doing the greatest good and so they've often seen John as an allegory of their own nation so it would go to the Book of Jonah and we're going to look at it I'll spend most of my time in the 1st few verses. But we will God willing get through the whole book now the word of the Lord came to Joan of the word Jonah means and. The son of immaterial I. Like a piece. The Southern imitator I and it said Arise go to Nineveh that great city and crowd against it for there we can this is come up before me now Nineveh was the capital city of the Assyrian Kingdom. And Syrians their capital city was the mascot and sometimes we get a Syria and Syria mixed up and it's easy to understand but Damascus is a lot closer it's just north of Israel where as Nineveh was a lot further east and north closer to the Mesopotamia Valley and. Jonah did not want to go now you could understand if God asked a Jew today to walk into the Palestinian Gaza Strip and pronounce that the policy of the Palestinians were wicked and God is going to judge them that would not be very well received. And for Jonah to go to the capital city of one of the avowed enemies of Israel and announce that they were going to be judged for their wickedness It's not like a suicide mission so you can see why he'd be reluctant to go but you know God never tells you to do anything without promising that he'll sustain you and even if you would lose your life you always need to do what God says special of your prophet but it is something that happened to Jonah and says he rose to flee to Tarshish from the presence of the Lord and he went down to Joppa and he found a ship going to Tarshish so he paid the fare and he went down into it to go with them from the presence of the Lord now how does it usually work if. Somebody thinks they can flee from the presence of the Lord if you've got your Bible you might want to turn the Psalm 139 and there's some. Good lessons for us here. Where shall I go from your spirit or where can I flee from your presence if I ascended to heaven you're there if I make my bed in hell behold you're there if I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea interesting that even mentions the sea even there your hand will lead me in your right hand will hold me if I say surely the darkness so fall on me even the night shall be light about me indeed the darkness shall not a hide from you but the light but the night as the day both the darkness and the light are both like 2 years or even in the darkest places you can't hide from Rob And so for profit to run from the Lord is. A serious flaw. So he doesn't want to go God says I want you to go east he said goes west and one says he went to go to Tarshish Now if you have a map of the Mediterranean harsh ish was the furthest most seaport that the Phoenicians would go to when you went through the gates of Hercules you know where North Africa and Spain kind of pinch off the Mediterranean there was a in Spain there was a seaport there they're not exactly sure where it was but I think they may have rediscovered there was a lot of silver Smil that went there it talks about the ships of Tarshish in the writings of. The Kings and they would go but it was the end of the earth some of you you know the Marine anthem. Is the shores of Tripoli where the furthest base you could go as a Marine was Tripoli have you ever heard someone say he went all the way to him but to one of the most remote places that you could be assigned later was the hymn book which is and you know North Africa. And so when it says he went to Tarshish. At this far as you can go because they didn't know you could sail off into America after you went through the gates of particularly And so he went as far in the other direction it was like a prodigal son going into a far country to get away from his father it does His conscience was bothering him and he thought well maybe if I just go on a cruise that everything will be OK God's word said the word Lord said arise but he disobeyed and says he went down did you notice that God's word elevates But Jonah went the other direction and he went down now. He may have told him self Well look you know I'm not so sure this is a good idea to run from God But I tell you what he's talking to himself and I'm just making this up people do this. You know I really don't want to I'm going to be a prophet Lord I'm willing to do a lot of things and I'll witness to the other sailors on the boat but I tell you what just give me a sign that it's OK for me not to go to Tarshish are not good and then of so if I get down to Joppa and there are some boats ready to sail take that as a sign that everything's OK So you get there and sure enough boats ready to sail and they said Right well but Lord if there's a boat going to Tarshish and they've got room for one more passengers I'll take that the sign it's OK for me not to do what you want me to do sure enough there is a boat going to Tarsus and they've got room A Well you know I still don't have peace Lord if I've got enough money in my pocket to pay the fare then I'll know it's OK for me not to go to talk to the Ninevites you reaches in his pocket he's got just enough money to pay the fare and he pays a fairly says Well Lord if the weather is good for sailing then I'll know it's OK of the weather's good for sale and so he talked himself into thinking somehow it's OK to disobey God. Now you think how does a prophet get to the place rethink it's OK to go the opposite direction God tells him to go God's word doesn't change I'll tell you I have had couples come to me and they're not married to each other and it's a business man and a secretary and they go to church and they say we're leaving our spouses because we're just incompatible they'll tell how terrible it is to be married to their spouses but they say we both love the Lord and we just think that God is blessing us he is opening the way and we just see his hand leaving we have such peace you heard that before it is amazing to me how people can talk themselves into believing that abject disobedience is somehow OK in their case that God is somehow going to wink at their disobedience and they mis understand God's patience. As permission because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily therefore the hearts of the sons of men are fully set in them to do evil Now that's a translation for what Solomon said there is because God doesn't stop you with lightning assumes you disobeyed a we misinterpret his patients as well I guess it's OK but God's word means what he says when God commands something there are going to be repercussions if we disobey though he bears along with us his He's patient but Jonah talk was often to think it well well you know he after all nice day found a boat going the right direction and got the money God saying OK I'll let you all find someone else so he gets on the boat by the way if you're going to run from God you've got to pay the fare it did cost him something to run from God and He did not get a refund you'll never see in the Bible that he got a refund even though he did not get to his destination so he gets on the boat. He was down down down and he goes into the lowest parts of the ship to go to sleep you read in verse 5 Jonah had gone down into the lowest parts of the ship you know what's in the lower part of the ship they call it the build water if you've ever been on a boat it's this it's thinks and and the rats are down there and he's this when you run from God you in the down there with the build but. Somehow he manages to go to sleep here you've got this runaway prop and he's sleeping like a baby but the LORD go to verse for Again the Lord sent out a great wind on the sea and there was a my the tempest on the sea so the ship was about to be broken up and the Mariners were afraid and every man cried out to his God and they threw the cargo that was in the ship into the sea to lighten the load but Jonah the Jewish prophet he is sleeping while the pagan sailors are praying is interesting often it seems that the church has no idea what a treasure we've got in a message of salvation John is supposed to give a message of life and he is sleeping through his commission while the people perish in around him are crane Jonah is sleeping he doesn't realize the ship is about to go down with him in it and he's asleep you know as sometimes we can sleep on our way to destruction it makes me think about Acts Chapter 12 where Peter's going to be executed the next day and he sleeping the devil will try to a nest the size us and put us to sleep so that we don't realize our duty there praying they're making sacrifices they're throwing everything over board they're ready to sacrifice everything that they might live and Jonah is taking a cruise to run from the presence of the Lord just such of the Congress in the story it's one of the most amazing stories in the Bible. And finally the captain he goes down below deck and he's looking around for something else they can throw overboard to lighten the ship and he shines his lamp back near the stern in the lowest parts of the ship and there's a law going around the back lane on a pile of stuff of gear he hears snoring and he's shocked that as the boat is diving in and rolling in pitching in plunging into the trough of the next wave in the waves are going over the top water seeping in through the cracks the years. Sleeping the sleep of the loss is the prophet and he asks him a question what do you mean no sleep or a rising call on your God and here uses the word God which is capital G. which means he's talking about the God of the Jews Jehovah where before you notice it says the savior recalling that to their gods which is small G.-D. he's a rising call on your God Perhaps he will consider us that we may not Harish just a few moments ago Pastor Ross on the screen we showed you a picture of Jesus asleep in a boat during a storm Jesus said no sign of the given of the sign of Jonah you think it's a coincidence that Jesus was asleep in the lowest part of the ship in a storm he was in the stern the Bible says and they woke him up and they said Master do you care not that we're perishing here in the story of Jonah the master of the ship wakes up Jonah and he says Do you not care that we are perishing in the story of Jesus the servants wake up the master in the story of Jonah the master with that the server and so on so in a week something's wonder what the world is going on that's really dumb question to ask Jesus mass would you care that we're perishing what is John 316 say the soul of the world He gave His Son that we might not Harish and. He comes up on deck and he sees the the sailors now they've thrown everything overboard they can throw over and they think there's one thing left to throw and the boat is rocking and rolling and dipping in pitching and rising and water is coming in and they said this is a supernatural storm and verse 7 let's cast lots that we might know for whose cause this trouble has kind of come upon us casting lots where they're casting lots around the cross Now let us cast lots so they cast lots and the lot fell on Jonah Jonah doesn't look at all surprised he knew at this point then they said to him please tell us for whose cause us trouble is on us what is your occupation where do you come from what is your country and what are your people is that I'm a Hebrew I fear the Lord God of heaven who made the sea in the dry land then the men were exceedingly afraid and they said to him Why have you done this for the men knew that he fled from the presence of the Lord because He told them and then they said What shall we do to you that the sea may be calm to us for the sea was growing more tempestuous you see things improving it's getting worse and worse why it wasn't going to get better until Jonah made a U. turn someone said repentance is a U. turn on the road of life and that means you turn you've got to change directions as long as he's going the wrong direction it's not going to get better no something else is happening while the prophet of God is running from the will of God the people around him are perishing he knew the truth he knew the true God but he wasn't surrendered to God you know your decision to follow the Lord or not follow the Lord will not only affect you it will affect those around you. Sometimes I hear about a father and he tells the wife and kids yeah you bet you I'd take the kids the Sabbath school and church would be good for him take them to the B.S. but I'm going to stay home and he thinks well as long as there are saved I don't care or you know I just want to drink my beer and read the sports section and he thinks that it doesn't matter what he's doing but you know most of the time. The kids are going to end up valuing what the other values and if it's not a priority for the parents it's not going to be a priority for the kids if you are in heaven you will likely see people in heaven around you who are there because of your influence if you are in the lake of fire you'll look to your right your left and you'll see people who are there because of your in was no man is an island all of us will have an influence for people to be saved or poor poor people to be lost if we surrender our lives we turn to the Lord people are going to be changed because of that decision look at how many people around John are perishing now because he's running from God And so they ask him 7 questions if you caught that. And for whose causes this trouble what is your occupation where do you come from what is your country what are your people says on the Hebrew I'm the I worship the God that made the sea in the dry land when he mentions sea they keyed in on that they were having problems with the sea right there and they said What shall we do to you when they said why did you do this he has no answer for that what shall we do to you last question that the sea may be calm for us for it was growing more tempestuous What was the only answer he said pick me up and throw me into the sea then the sea will become calm for you for I know this great Tempus is because of me why is there a great tempest in this world it's called the great controversy between Christ and say it's because the devil hates Jesus it all revolves around Jonah. And. I told you he's something of a type of the Jewish nation there's no people in the world that have had a bigger impact on history than the Jewish nation you and I right now have spread before us a book that is largely written by Jews a God committed the oracles of truth to them the woman at the well said Well you know our people say we should worship a mountain charism and your people say that we should worship on Drew Drew Solomon. And Jesus said He was interrupted he said salvation is of the Jews in other words the Lord picked this nation they are the vehicle not that they're better than anyone else he said you're stubborn and that people so that they were to be the vehicle that would be the guardians for the oracles of truth to the liver salvation to the world Jonah was like a type of The Nation and he's also I as I said he's the type of crises said the only way you're going to have peace is you need to sacrifice me I thought well Jonah really felt that why why the need to dive overboard Why did he say to them you must offer me you must take responsibility for my death you must with your own hands pick me up and throw me overboard you know we are all responsible for the death of Jesus and it's not until we realize that he didn't just die for the sins of the world he died for our sins and he wasn't just crucified back there by some evil religious leaders and Roman slaves that we held the nails we held the hammer that we are responsible we are called the accessory to the crime were accomplices in his execution because he died for our sins right and you know we often the die for the sins of the world it means much more when you realize he died for my sins and a white adds that nobody else in the world has ever seen he still would have died just for your sense. So when you make it personal like that well they didn't want to throw him overboard but I thought there's got to be another way we can save ourselves is there any other way we can save ourselves and none the less the man who rode hard to return to land but they could not for the sea growed more tempestuous do we read another story in the Bible those 2 stories of Jesus on the sea one is asleep in a boat the other one is not in the boat the disciples are rowing hard to save themselves but the wind is against them they can't get to shore try though they may in till they accept Jesus into the boat interesting they rode to save themselves but they couldn't because the sea got worse and worse and every wave would seem like the boat was going deeper in the waves were getting higher and more of the way was rolling over the ship and I've actually been in the Mediterranean in a boat in a storm and it is very real to me and I read about that storm where Paul shipwrecked on Malta and I've been on the island of Malta and I landed on a boat and. You wouldn't think so because when you look at the map the Mediterranean is only that big I mean compared to the Pacific which is like that big. And so this you think how big can the storms yes it's a little it's a big lake and. I tell you you go days without seeing land when you're in a sailboat and the waves get really big and I remember being in a storm where we go down one wave and the other way would be so close and so high and the nose of the ship would plow right on through the wave and part of the way would roll from bow to stern over the deck just taking things overboard with it and the captain told us it was winter at this point the water was cold the captain told us he's a look. If you get washed overboard he said we're going to mark the spot and tell your parents because we cannot turn the boat around in this storm and he said it's too dark and we would have to go sideways in the waves in a few boat in a storm like that if they're sideways in ways you can capsize. And he said You better not you better hang on for dear life don't get you know we're man overboard we're not turning around so this is serious and the waves are getting worse and worse and they you're the boat grown in increasing like it's going to just explode into smithereens and they can't save themselves and finally. It said. They the storm got worse finally they cried out verse 14 they said Lord please do not hit let us perish for this man's life that's John 316 do not charge us with innocent blood for you over the lord haven't Does it please it isn't it interesting that these pagans they don't want to offer him they respect human life often more than other people do they're trying not to take an innocent life finally they realize hey what have we got to lose we're about to go down any minute MS will try this and so they take Jonah by his hands and his legs and they go 12 and the 3rd swing they hurl him over the side of the boat they said we don't want to perish for innocent blood What did pilot say when he washed his hands of the cross of Jesus I don't want to be guilty of this man's innocent blood so they throw Johnny into the sea and it's interesting that the sea ceased its rage but where that's worded ceased it was like abrupt. It's like when Jesus said Peace be still and the ways flattened out the water became glassy the wind stopped blowing the clouds part of the moon shone through it was like a sudden miraculous transformation in the nature so the Bible says that the disciples were more afraid after Jesus calm the storm than they were of a storm they were exceedingly afraid then and they said who and what manner of man is this that even the winds in the waves obey him so when they threw it overboard and he said I worship the God the main the sea they went through a conversion when Jonah finally surrendered and said look I'm going to do whatever God wants me to do it's my fault throw me into the sea they then offer to sacrifice they made vowels to notice what the Lord there now worshiping Jehovah after Jonah surrendered It's amazing how quickly God will turn people around when we turn around what's that the OP God got so used he wasn't done yet either and some people think are what can the war do with my life I don't have much life left but sometimes in just the last hours of a person's life their conversion be the means of converting others and you know the Bible says where there's life there's hope a living dog is better than a deadline and so just give the LORD whatever you have and this is now the Lord prepared a great fish to swallow Jonah and Jonah was in the belly of the fish 3 days and 3 nights and I need to talk about that for just a moment because people get confused and make a big fuss and folks even split and quit the church because they misunderstand this one verse Jesus does talk about the sign of Jonah in 2 or 3 places but he only mentions the 3 days and 3 nights in Matthew 12 and if you've done the math before you say aright. As don't know was in the tomb are in the belly of the fish so the Son of man to be in the tomb 3 days and 3 nights they say Jesus went into the tomb Friday afternoon so you get Friday night Saturday night he rises Sunday morning no matter how you cut it it's only 2 nights and I've heard people try to move the crucifixion day to Wednesday Have you run into that they say it wasn't really the regular Passover and and it wasn't the Sabbath when Jesus went to the tomb and I've heard all kinds of convoluted efforts and when I ask them why are you doing this they go to this Matthew 12 or so they're trying to make it fit they don't need to do any of that there was a time in the administration where we read a verse in Daniel eat 142300 days in the saying sure will be clans and I said adding this history and say 70 AD and this history because there were no 70 AD in the spec. So if you ever hear people say administers 70 AD when to set a date for Jesus coming correct from ways that happened in 1904 our church wasn't 863 it was the advent movement not to be confused with 70 AD in this some 70 AD when this experience that movement but they were in all different directions the witnesses went through that too a lot of people went through that room and so just make sure you make it clear but the problem was they looked at Daniel $814.00 they said the same sure will be cleansed and that's Jesus coming to cleanse these earth the sanctuary with fire they built this whole movement on one. Misunderstanding where in the Bible did it say the earth is the sanctuary now where and just look out misunderstanding one verse a little bit can change history where in the Bible does it call the tomb the heart of the earth when you pray the Lord's Prayer of I will be done in earth as it is in heaven does that mean the 2. All. So what is the heart of the earth that Jesus is talking about as Jonah was in the belly of the fish so the Son of Man will be in the heart of year you look at the original there the word heart is Cardia you know what that means it's Greek it means like cardiac arrest car to your heart it means the myths and the world there is that it's talking about the world as in God so loved the world the devil is called the prince of this world right it's simply saying that when Jesus was surrendered in the garden get so many and he said to the cycles and now is the hour have you notice every other time in Christ life when people came to rest and were of stone him or throw him off a cliff he was protected by the father he passed through them if they can ever do anything to him but after the Lord's Supper there is a night there is a night after 3 times and he perspired blood. You know even when Jesus crossed from the upper room into the garden to get some and he had to cross the Kidron Valley and it was Passover blood was running through the valley from the temple right then so Jesus gave him a cup of the blood he cross the blood then he perspired blood and then he comes to the disciples after he prays the 3rd time not my will by will and he said sleep on now is the hour that effect 3 times in that record he says now is the hour every other time he said this is not the hour his mother said turn the water to wine is I'm on my hours let you come so the hour of His suffering for the sins of the world began Thursday night what is a penalty for sin is it just death or is or suffering and death penalty we always have set the wages for sin is death as the ultimate wages but is more to it than that whether we could just die when Jesus comes Are they all rewarded according to what they deserve and everyone is punished. He that is done many things wrong many strikes he's done few things wrong few strikes Jesus said. So there's varying degrees of punishment maybe very in duration of punishment Jesus not only died persons he suffered and died for our sins when did the suffering begin Thursday night they started to beat him they mocked him he was tried he was the Lord withdrew his presence and protection from Jesus there is that. Jesus was then carried about by that mob that was demon inspired as Jonah was carried about by the whale Jesus was surrounded by darkness as Jonah was surrounded by darkness and the Whale can you imagine what it would be like to be inside a whale if it occurred to me one day that if Jonah could somehow survive in the whale that whale may have had a very slow metabolism that whale could have had other things on the menu that day. And he could have been eaten jellyfish and then that were stinging Jonah and all other eels and who knows what else was in that sushi mix with Jonah can you imagine that you're in there you know you're the scrunched up in the digestive system of this whale and and or a large fish now. Many whales cannot eat a person like a blue whale there Beilein whale they can eat a person but a humpback A No not a humpback a sperm whale can the people they eat giant squid matter fact I've got one story you can read it and you can type in James Bartley he is they call them the modern Jonah he was on a whaling ship. Called the humping star off the hawk and islands and. Their boat their gun their whale boat that they were on the water chasing a whale that harpoon a whale and it went down and came back up and it smashed their boat to smithereens and. 2 of the sailors disappeared the others were recovered by the other whaling boat the whale originally died from his wounds they pulled it is sure and they started carving it open they quit after dark the next day they resume their work they finally got down to the digestive system itself and the moving in the stomach normally they would just throw all that off to the sharks but they saw something moving and they opened it up and there were Dame partly inside and they pulled not he's unconscious they brought in the Captains course they washed him off abroad Captain's Quarters and after a day or so he revived and he told about you know they're. Chasing a whale and you remember getting hit if you off into the water that is it wasn't long before you felt themselves captured an envelop in this long slimy tube that kept pushing him down into a chamber and it was hot and miserable there was choking and all the water things and and he said the found a pocket of air and a city breezes fall along as he cut me to the path not that the last thing he remembered. And so. That's what I've heard of some other council people who've been swallowed by fish and somehow survived of course not very common but it doesn't bother me if you can't find that modern history who has a lord prepared a fish at the LORD prepared a storm it was a supernatural storm and if God wanted to he can make a supernatural fish before the story is over God makes a supernatural gourd and he makes a supernatural worm which tells us that God is in charge of everything in nature right so Jonah gets out he prays isn't it encouraging that how far from God can you be can you be any further from God to be in the digestive system of a sea monster at the bottom of the mountains you tell me where that place would be unless you're you don't modern times you say space station or something but. Jonah is in the darkest place a person can because it's a type of the sufferings of Jesus Thursday night Friday night Saturday night bearing the penalty for the sins of the world he was in the heart of the earth meaning in the clutches of the devil 3 days and 3 nights right sort of talking about and then he prays from there prays an incredible prayer he prays to the temple of God. Could God still hear that when my soul fainted within me I'm in Chapter 2 now for 7 I remember the Lord of my prayer when up to you in your holy temple those who regard worthless titles for seek their own mercy but I will sacrifice to you with a voice of Thanksgiving I will pay what I have out salvation is of the Lord so the Lord spoke to the fish and the $5.00 in the fish of vomited Jonah on to dry land how kind of the Lord you know got to so merciful he could have had the fish burger mountain middle of the ocean so you swim the rest of the way by God said OK I'm going to give you a fish escort right to land the fish gets his lower jaw right up on the shore and burps Jonah out you want to come slithering out with the other occupants and. Now God says our journey you've had a rough time I hope you've learned your lesson I'm going to let you off the hook Don't ever disobey me again but I'm not going to make you go to Nineveh don't worry about it I'm going to change my word for you is that what he says. So the word of the Lord came to join of the 2nd time and it says the exact thing thing it's of the 1st God's word does not change heaven and earth will pass away arise and go to Nineveh that great city and preach to it the message I give you is Jonah go now you better believe it so Jonah rose and went to Nineveh according to the lore word of the Lord now notices Nineveh was an exceeding great city a 3 days' journey in extent. Now the scholars have grappled over what that means because from the closest point of the Mediterranean to Nineveh it's like you know 300 miles. You could make it in 3 days but you would have to go all out like a Pony Express writer and then it says and Jonah began to enter the city on the 1st day's walk some version say the 1st day and that means that the daylight hours so notice what's happening is very very important all you've got to know is insist 3 days and a half a day and what did you say he began to say yet 40 days an interval will be over strong overtone OK's everyone awake I want I want to have your attention do not miss what the most important point of Jesus said no sign will be given to this generation what is a generation 40 years biblically how do we know that what a god tell the children of Israel they did not have faith his generation will not enter how long they wander 40 years and you look at the life of many of the Cain David reign 40 years Saul reign 40 years Solomon reign 40 years Moses been 40 years in Egypt 40 years going from Egypt to the wilderness through the wilderness I'm sorry 40 years. Ago east of here is a 40 years in Egypt 40 years in the wilderness 40 years living in from Egypt to the borders of the promised land you have 3 sets of generations of Portie Jesus how long did he preach from his baptism to his crucifixion is baptized at 30 and he died at 33 and a half preached 33 and a half years he died in the spring or in the Passover. Probably we know when he was born and to subtract 3 and a half years from when he died and was he born Christmas. Died probably in the fall I was born rather probably in the fall. So Jesus said no sign of the given but the sign of Jonah Jesus preached 3 and a half years and he told them there will not be left one stone upon another that will not be thrown down and he talked about a generation right this generation will not pass away when you see the figure leave bring forth things you know this generation will not pass wait till all these things come to pass exactly 40 years later I'm was destroyed because the people that not repent and Jesus said the people of Nineveh will rise up in judgment with this generation because they repented at the preaching of Jonah even got to that Jonah starts to March up and down the city streets and he said. 39 days and then of all will perish because of your sense and they looked at him and I mean you know who knows you may have had believed what stand he probably looked like he had been through a fish if you spend 3 days and 3 nights sleeping on a blubber mattress you probably look different and he came through that this is a changed man and he didn't care if he died before any more he'd been through something worse than death he was going to do whatever God told him to do so he was a very convincing preacher because he believed that now 40 days in the will be destroyed $39.00 days 38 days you marching up and down the streets 1st I think he's crazy but then they start to thing you know we are pretty wicked and it has happened before remember Sodom and Gomorrah maybe we ought to straighten up and the Bible says there is a great group final and the word came to the king of Nineveh and he rose from his phone he laid aside his robe and he covered himself with sack cloth and he caused it to Parkland throughout the kingdom but neither man or beast or her flock taste anything do a lot let them eat or drink water that is the most severe fast in the Bible no food or water they only usually did that for 3 days. Who else did a fast no food and water. Esther you know who to water that's right 3 days Christ it doesn't ever since he didn't have water during the 40 days but Paul after the road to Damascus know who or water that's pretty you can't go much longer than a few days without water to die and so this is not only repent they are really repent they not only fast they put on sackcloth they not only put sackcloth on them they put 2nd on their animals so this is the greatest refer mation in the Bible whole city repentance. Who can tell Him God will turn away and relent and turn away from his fear saying or so that we may not Harish there you have it again what do we need to do that we do not perish repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand we need to repent the Bible says rend your hearts and not your garments Joell talk about put on sackcloth repent and so there's great emphasis in the Bible in this repentance So what happens as a result of the repentance God tells don't you know I don't want to just kill people I want to see people and he forgives the whole city and there's a great revival Now it's interesting to me Jonas 1st told I want you to go to Nineveh but he doesn't want to go to the pay and see John it was a Jewish property typically work with Jews got the want to go talk to Gentiles He didn't want to go to the Gentiles so he goes to Joppa and he runs 800 years later Peter is praying on the roof in Joppa while he's praying he has a vision of a sheep that comes down and that vision and says Do not call unclean what I call clean I want you to go talk to the Gentiles so Peter obeys in job and goes from Joppa to talk to Cornelius and Sesar Rhea is not interesting Jonah doesn't want to talk to the Gentiles so from drop out he goes the conscious. To run from the presence of the Lord so you're you have this greatest revival now and Joan In the meantime he's very angry. And he prays all Lord why didn't you listen when I was in my country that's why I fled I knew that you were a merciful God I'd go through all this for nothing you just let him off the hook they were then of the sick I was hoping govern the story and God said you have a right to be angry oh I'm angry he goes and he sits in the booth he makes are you sits up on the Hill and he's waiting to see the city destroyed and it doesn't happen and the sun is beating down on him and overnight this gourd you know like a squash to grow really quickly get bigger leaves his gourd grows and it winds up and it provides in the shade for him or you know some sticks or something and provide some shade for him and he's so think over the garden the next day there's a lord prepares a worm and the worm takes one bite out of the stem of a cord and so together to sniff it one spot the whole thing dies and it shrivels and I think he's back in the heat and now he is so sad about his gourd you know heard it's going to be an out of your gourd is so sad that is Gordon has died and God said look you're grieving over a gourd you're angry at a worm he said Nineveh has 120000 people that do not know their right hand from their left and that's typically an expression they use for children it says if you don't care about the people there's 100 you know children sometimes you say raise your hand they go you know and so that's a was an ancient expression for children he said this 120000 children in that city an exceeding great city many people and even animals do not care about the animals and the story stops that way and much life stuff period and you know something that's interesting about the story of Jonah. Everybody in the story of Jonah listens to God The sailors listen to God Captain listens to God the sea listens God the wind listens to God. The fish listens to God he swallows when he swallows and he burps when he's told. The Ninevites listen to God the animals and then of all listen to God the gourd listens to God The Worm listens to God everything in God's creation listens to God he said Jonah and isn't it interesting that Jesus tells the parable of the rich man and last verse there is a certain rich man whose hope and purple is a Luke chapter what 16150 sumptuously every day and there's a poor beggar name Lazarus allays of the gate full of sores desiring to be fed with the crumbs that fall on the rich man's able and they both are I the rich man he goes to Hades and Hades was a name that the pagans had for their place of punishment the beggar who is a symbol of the Gentiles He goes to Abraham's bosom Abraham was a symbol of the Jewish for reward so Jesus tells his very interesting story that is really a it's a judgment on the Jewish nation he said you have the truth you are feasting on the truth but you don't care about the pagans that are at your gate they are desiring the crumbs of truth the bread that falls from your table you may discover in the judgment that they'll be many of the pagans dead or in the kingdom with Abraham Isaac and Jacob and the natural kingdoms whether they're Jews or church members there are an outer darkness they grew up with the truth but they didn't care about the lost that were not there Gates is an example of that the Jewish nation they built a wall around them and they said we are the frozen chosen God where the chosen people God loves us He hates them and they don't want the shadow of a gentile fall upon them they don't want to be unclean by associating with the Gentiles that was never got class he didn't want them to accept their ways but he wanted them to be he said I want you to be a nation of kings and priests to reach the last but if we all cloister ourselves among ourselves how many an ad in a friends do you have. We need to have not only to walk in their ways but we need to be able to associate with a lot to how you can reach them so the message of John is you've got to care about the others everybody ends up being safe because they finally Jonah rip repent and you have the greatest revival in the Bible you want to hear an amazing story. There was a. A sailor in Nigeria. His name was. McCain and he was a cook on a tugboat 20 miles off the coast of Nigeria it happened in March 3 years ago I believe a freak wave came in capsized a tugboat that had 12 people on board they all dry drowned except Harrison Harrison the king of. The boat sank in a 100 feet of water he was. Sweeping in from. Underwear when that happened he wakes up the boat's getting tumbled around he doesn't know up from down all the nose of the waters coming in from the deck he swims toward the bottom of the boat and he find a pocket of air the boat settles on the bottom of the ocean he's there for 3 days and 3 nights in the dark you can look this up you can actually I actually had a slide it was going to show a picture up. A picture of him in the boat let me tell you how that happened 3 days later they've arranged for a Norwegian salvage company to come recover the bodies of the other sailors and they are lowered down with their special diving gear they get video cameras on their diving gear and they're doing a recovery operation and they're being told by the boat you know if you go down this chamber go up this chamber check here check there and so finally they make their way up into the pocket of air where Harrison has been for 3 days and he had nothing to drink but half of a bottle of coke that had floated up. And the interesting thing is he has a cell phone with him but of course is no reception down there. It's still somehow has survived and that day before the boat capsizes wife who is a christian next to him a psalm the said Oh Lord you are my preserver and my keeper. And so he spent 3 days in the dark crane he hears a fish and he thinks sharks bumping the boat and there may be devouring his shipmates and guide and then after 3 days he will light the running and he's got this pocket of air it's getting stale he's running out of air and all of a sudden he doesn't know he's hallucinating the water begins to glow down below him. And then he sees bubbles coming up and then he sees the helmet of a diver coming out he is scared to death and he reaches down to the diver who does the what it is the diver is looking for bodies in the meantime. And it's already very spooky if you're in a recovery operation down in the dark you're in this foreign environment and you've got your tether and you're listening to the geysers in our GO LEFT look a little and so you check this compartment and you know you can bodies not also get up and when they're not hand reaches not only grabs you. And you can hear the diver Yelp because the recording the whole say the recording the recovery operation and he says we have a survivor and he lifts his camera his hood up and the camera pictures here is and he looks like he seen a ghost he was there and you can see his face is the actually can see the recovery video online and they ended up saving him but it was quite an ordeal because they had to take him through 2 days like the compression so they lowered decompression chamber bring him out help him get adjusted to the atmosphere on the top but. He went back to shore he became a cook and said he was never going to see again. But do you think he believes the story of Jonah. Now the Lord can the Lord can save. And the story of Jonah is really the story of Jesus. Jesus was a sweeping about and a scar Jesus was awaken Jesus was asked Do you not care that we're perishing Jesus talks about 3 days in the 3 nights and well we believe the message if not that generation would pass away that's the sign of Jonah and there they were pilots said I don't want to be responsible for innocent blood you see all these echoes when you read the stories in the Bible I told him my emphasis is make sure and see the Gospel in these stories. Always presented that way in the context of Christ but I believe the story of Jonah is true and it is it's a lesson for us and how Jesus wants to save us he went through those 3 days and 3 nights in the hands of the devil in the heart of the earth suffering imagine how Jonah suffered for you and me and Jesus was resurrected and don't miss Yes Jesus came out of the tomb the tomb is in the heart of your Jesus was raised supernaturally Jonah supernaturally survive what would have killed anybody else and it's just as much a miracle if you don't believe in Jonah than you don't believe in the resurrection because there are equal miracles and then our let's have a closing prayer. The Father in heaven thank you so much for the stories and your words and for the admonition admonition of Jesus to take a good look at the story of Jonah and learn the lesson salvation help us to know Lord that. If we would fully surrender to you really fully surrender you look at what you did through a reluctant prophet there's no limit to what you can do through us you're willing to take the Gospel to those around us I pray that you will. Help us be willing in every area of our line to do your will pour out your spirit on this camp meeting and I pray you bless each person bless the other programs that are going on let there be a revival we thank you and praise you help us to walk with you yes in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version if you would like to listen to more sermon leave visit W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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