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23. Outreach Lab

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism




  • June 22, 2018
    9:00 AM
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The members here trying to get going out who are real nervous about going out will feel better if they feel comfortable about their approach see if I'm going to the door and like what do I do well I don't know when you when you get up there forget it they're not going out right but if you can tell them and say look we're going like this like hey that sounds legitimate I think I can do that and they're not going to shoo me off their porch then you're going to get further with your own people that make sense OK now number the next point here we're on page 200 letter D.. Furthermore it may not it may be helpful not to associate yourself with the 7 they have a church right from the outset I'm not saying not to explain it in men this is not because we are shamed of our name but because of the growing prejudices that gigs this regarding Avon's you'll notice that when we do listen up put it this way when somebody who's experienced in evangelism doesn't evangelising meaning he's not advertise it is Avon's church members are up in arms up fought this in every church that I've been in I've learned that the people who do the least active evangelism seem to know the most about it. I've been doing this for 20 years but every church member who has to who came out one afternoon knows more 90 about. As like well we ought to do this we have not and don't misunderstand me but there's a reason that we don't do it in advance this can mean as a rule in some place not some places we do but we'll get a neutral hall that means does not have it as it's not Baptists is not something else and it may be over in the churches of others but when I put the flyer out the player doesn't have any denomination on it why because I want people from all denominations to feel free to come to it I can't tell you how many people in fact I remember the fire chief when I was in cold water Michigan retired fire chief came out to the meetings and he said to me at one point the meeting I had it was player private 2 thirds way done he said as I was visiting him with him and his wife he said I just really appreciate. We did it in a neutral location we didn't do it in our church he was commenting on that and he said you know I know that sadness I know the members of your church you know I've been in this community he said I really appreciate you doing this in a neutral place because it just it it communicated to us that you weren't just about making us members but you really cared enough about the message that we know it. And I can just tell you story after story so I'm not going to tell you here's what I'd say I guess I'm saying this for the benefit of you're going to work with evangelist you're going to work with pastors don't give your pastor a hard time and it's like we're not going to go out and identify yourselves 7 THEM I'M GOING TO hard time about that I'm going to tell you that if most pastors are not going to tell you that you have to do it that way I'll tell people somebody says for example when I go to the door I'm just going to say I'm with amazing facts minister I'm a representative we following up on this that or the other I'm with Bible Study author dot com And if they ask me Are you what denomination is this with my 1st answer is always oh we serve all denominations because we do because here's the thing though most people that will ask that are probably a little contentious anyway but I'll give anything if they say but what denominator you and then also a person I'm a 7 they have so I mean it's not like I want to hide it but I don't want that to be the focal point and that's that's my experience has said that that is an avenue I've had more people than I can count tell me man if I knew these meetings have been 7 the avenues I never would've come I mean I just that's you know but but I've had members who said I just I feel like I'm being dishonest and I said then you say you're 7th heaven just I mean I'm not going to tell you not to but I'm going to tell you that you will be in training places you'll be in where you that's where you're not. The explanation and this is how we're going to do it is not going to be hey we're 7 the evidence and part of that I didn't include the whole statement again for sake of space and time gospel workers 1120 there's a great statement I'm encouraged to read the whole thing but she says they're under right before you get a letter in laboring in a new field do not think it your duty to say it was to the people we're 7 Davenant she says is going to put a prejudice up in front of the people it's going to put a barrier there that doesn't need to be there in some places down someplace is there they'd like you like i'm some of them as I like and what you know doesn't matter OK. But I've had situations happen where I start studies with somebody and then this happen with friends and students to where they're like oh that's fine you know I'm a fine with that then they tell their parents their parents are like what you study with what 7th Day Adventist Oh you don't want to study with them I mean that happens a lot too so I mean when you do in studies here it's going to be evident and it's not like you're going to hide it forever I'm talking about general the initial approach for me I approach with some ministry but there are times it depends on the different approach I'm using when we went to Communion with the community well this logo. The survey that we used when we went out on outreach was a need survey if our church put on this would you be interested this would you be interested this is a list of things that we can do and I would approach them and I'd say oh you know Mark with the community wellness service of the 7 they have a church in Westerville here and we are just out serving people to see what the community be interested in so depend can depend on the approach so again I'm just telling you that in there are times when it may be helpful not to identify yourself right up front or be the 1st thing you say your sense of them is but I would not be. Hiding it and I would not be working in a manner that is at all uncomfortable like the last thing you want to do is do something where you like. And you're acting all nervous and uncomfortable you want to just do what's comfortable with for you and the Lord will be able to work you through that so. Letter each map out a work area now I've got a little sample map there but find an area that you're going to work in maybe it's near your church maybe it's just around your church maybe there's another area your church is targeting where you're trying to find interest maybe there's a couple places in town there's over here and there's every year maybe it's the whole city of Detroit you know and you're just you've got all kinds of places and so what you're doing is you're going to have to find you're going to have to zone out your areas big or small like where are we going to target if you don't do that you're going over you've got people going out you don't know where you went last week where we've gone this week or overlap in territory you've got people in this is happening before where the like we have some of you guys come here just yesterday we had some of you guys here were 5 minutes ago because you don't know what street your own because people got mixed up you don't want that and so just pick an area and map it out I've got this one here on the map and quadrants and and I may so I've got little 4 little sections Let's say I'm going to start here let's just say I'm going to start my little mystery My target is have a handful people we're going to work this area 1st before we go into something else and put it into 4 low blocks now I may have 4 teams and I put a team in each one of those blocks and I say you guys do this when you guys do this isn't it each zone or I may say let's all go to zone one and then next week zone 2 Nelse something else when it comes to mapping out your area there are areas in cities. You might want to. You might want to work back and forth in different areas there are some areas that are going to be area areas the responsiveness of an area can be different OK So for example we're in South Haven all up in there up the coast of South Haven are our vacation homes OK So number one the person who had that area found a lot of people not home when we have a students go out there and the ones who were home because it's more a fluent homes on the lake they have more fluent homes there's a lot less receptiveness doesn't mean they're not going to go there highways and hedges but you may if you're work in an area and you work those a fluent areas it could be overwhelming and discouraging and you might just want to switch up and go to another area now I'm going to tell you on the flip side of that we would go to the poor the poor neighborhoods you'll get in a lot of times generally you get a whole lot of responsiveness So we did we had an evangelist meeting Kalamazoo we had a manual session of our students going to Kalamazoo one of the guys one of our teams they were in right down in the down hill heart and most poor section of town drug dealers and everything like that oh this guy come back with the stories man and stews love to hear the stories of a good story tell it to man I had a great night tonight when Believe me I met this guy we was walking out on the street and he's a drug dealer right is a what do you got me and I want us or tell me like awesome Can I get bottles that is not oh well I don't know if any of his studies ever panned out a lot of times. And I'm not trying to be sound discriminatory here or what have you but a lot of people in those neighborhoods are there because they're have a hard time following through with commitments not everybody I'm not trying but I'm just telling you that demographically that's so you got one place over here it's like we don't like to go over there because they'll say no and we go here we like this is because they'll say yes but it may not all pan out that way so there are different neighborhoods so you might as you're working your MIT your your area on your map you might just say you know what we're going to work this area this Sabbath and then next time we go out will work this area will go back and forth or whatever but to have the areas outlined helps you to keep on top of what you're doing and also learn a little bit of the about the demographic of your city when I'm taking people out if I'm doing this I'm just starting this Al you know you're going up and down the street you go in in pairs one of the things that I've tried to do and I'm going to get to this when we talk about the time limit of going out door to door how much time do a lot for I would like to make it is easy as I can for my teams because it's already hard for them going out door to door and so sometimes in fact often times we all do is I mean take 2 areas but all have a team working each side of the street. I've noticed especially for new people going out you're knocking on the doors and already nervous there's just something comforting of knowing that whatever I'm suffering here they're suffering right across the street and I know that I've got another team and if somebody comes out they're going to kill and try to kill me in prison reason which isn't going to happen but I can call for help and the team across the street can hear and sometimes I've even gone in like there's a long street I'll say this team you start here in this on this side of that street and on the other end of the street you guys and you guys and it just if it can give them confidence and help them to feel a little more at ease then I'll do that sometimes so we might all just get into one of those quadrants will do number one today or might do teams in one and 2 but I might you know double up like that now we had our students in a manual I mean after time it's just your You've got team what a team of 2 people had all of area one you know instead of saying but a lot of times especially with newer ones it's not going to hurt to combine it. You're not going to cover as much territory as fast but that's not your goal the Lord knows where the people are and so anyway you want to map out your work area get you understand what I'm getting at there OK letter F. plan a door approach OK you don't want to wait until last minute for this I used to I'm telling you some of this because when I started out I used to not I just didn't want to I didn't want to tell everybody what to do. And so I'd be like look if you want to do this you can do this you can do this you can do this it's if you can do any one of them as long as you go and there look at me like I thought you were the leader right I mean don't tell me what to do or you can use this study if you want you can use that study if you want and they're just like I'm scared to death to be here I just don't want to decide any more than I have to so I realized that my role was I needed to make sure look this is the approach we're going to use this is the study we're going to use and if they wanted to branch off and you will have you'll have lone rangers in every group you know people like well I like to do it this way great you know after this you can go out and knock yourself out somewhere else but this is what we're doing here today and are going to have to hold sometimes hold the line on that as a leader and you have your people in it because most of your people are looking for direction and so you want to have that ready what am I going to do and so do approach what I mean what I can go out I like something we use called a community religious survey and I was asked about this we'll try to bring those for you tomorrow and the community religious survey is basically it goes like this I'll go to the door say My name's Marcus my friend Janice with Emmanuel Institute were in your neighborhood conducting a survey about people's religious opinions and I wondered if you had a couple minutes to help us out disease is that and I have a campus written out I'll tell you with campuses you know campuses are written you can read them and you can memorize them but the purpose for a campus is not to read at the door is just to give you an idea of what to say but you want to personalize it you don't want to get to the door and. All recede you want to try to make it natural and let me just say this when you do outreach like that. If still happens from mean there's a warm up period where you're just going to go and put your foot in your mouth it's not going to come the way and then after you do a few You're going to kind of Axel and say Boy that sounds stupid I need to get better that and oh I should've said this No I should have said that don't beat yourself up to bed just keep on at it it's the warm up period there except that there are people who are exceptions to that but I'm not one of them I need a warm period and it just it's just the way it goes but you may take that community religious service so I asked that question then of course there is you know are they going to take it or not could you have a couple minutes to spare and then the questions are questions like. Do you believe in God Who do you believe Jesus Christ is and I could give you the list now this it's you know 6 questions like that but there are a couple questions in there that especially draw out where there are where they are spiritually that are not too invasive for them to answer but they help you to get an assessment of where they are and they open the opportunity to have spiritual conversations much more so than other methods that's why I like the community religious service if you've gone to a bunch of strangers houses and then you go through this how do you believe in God you believe in Jesus Christ you believe he's going to come again if he came again if you thought he was going to come tonight would you be ready when you when you've done that you realise you know what I survived it I'm still alive marts of the need is great you know you realize that you know I can do this I don't have to give a full survey but maybe I can strike up a conversation with a girl to check out next time that I was scared to death to do before it actually will help you to learn to be a little bit more upfront about spiritual things and what have you so that's what I like about the community religion survey there's other things I like about it but there are different surveys I mention to you like a. A community needs survey and different people call them different things where you're just say your church does depression seminars and does cooking school cooking schools and does I had a pastor when I was in Westerville he used to use this program that was put together called Women in the driver's seat and I guess that would probably get somebody in trouble today it's almost you know with her the way people are with things where you're trying to say but in the day in the day he would what he would do it was this program where you would invite women in the community wanted to know more about like what do I do with my car when it breaks down how I just don't feel comfortable like I I'm a single lady and and so this they would come to the program and he would lead out this particular pastor just love cars and that was the thing so he he enjoyed it and he would we would have you know we teach about how to check tire and I don't know if your tires are for you know if there is something is going wrong there and how to change them and then we would have labs where we OK we'll go from there and we'd have teams so the people who volunteer the church members they would be assigned to one of these ladies would come and so then during the lab will go out into the parking lot was helping to find the jack in their car or helping to find out that there is no jack in your car to know what happened to it but there's not one here at least they knew about that now and we all remember Lady saying you know I'm going to AAA membership but I still want to know how to do it how would you go about changing your oil what we didn't change the oil but some of the things we did we go and we show him how to set the jack on the car and whatever else and so I mean it was a it was a it was a community needs thing. So a community needs survey you can go out and say Oh My name's Mark I'm with the community wellness center the Westerville 7 a church and there are a number of things our church offers the community and I'm just kind of curious as to what you might be interested it helps us to know better what to offer or maybe what's where to put our attention and so if you have just a few minutes it would be very helpful you know and so some people like that kind of survey it's not as invasive religiously but it does it just a bridge and then on the list of things you will have Bible studies on there and that kind of thing is spiritual meanings but you also have we have to stop smoking would you be interested in stop smoking going into her cooking school or so there are different approaches you can use and I mean if you do some searching around there there are endless numbers of things you can try to do and that's why I didn't even so he said You bring the survey where there's so many things that you could you could do but as a leader you just want to decide what approach my going to use this is what I'm going to do and if I am using the Bible study offer approach Now we did that in Grand Rapids instead of the. West had a modified community religious survey but it just led into a Bible study offering here a Bible study offer and of course we had a lot of people who were just following up interest from Bible us they offer their request of the studies and that you just in fact did Marshall go over the app with you guys and man that is so cool what I really liked about it is in the app you got it's got a campus it is got the door approach so like I'm just thinkin you know Cameron and I can be working on Bible study offer and this I don't know that we're going to get an app so quick but I like what So you know very similarly you have the Bible study interest in the app you can pull up like what do I say when I go to the door boom it's right there this is how I approach the door. So if you forget you know basically you're following up that interest hey you expressed some interest you went to a Bible school mine I see here and I'm just following up to see you know so your approach is going to be based on whatever but there are a lot of approaches you don't want to come up with approach that morning you don't want to. Let everybody just free for all if you're planning it you're going to use in your teams Your Or is it organizing your territory your organizing your approach follow that OK choosing which literature to use that just goes kind of with your approach I mean with a community religious survey you know what am I going to offer at the door one of the things I used to use a lot of now in the Bible study office I've been speaking with the it is written in a in a store calls lessons and I wish I had one in front of me but I like the old amazing facts color study guides. I don't mean the real old some of you remember that they've updated him and what have you but the thing is the thing I liked about him is if I'm just going door to door and I'm meeting somebody for the 1st time they've not requested studies and I'm doing a survey and leaving something with them the likelihood of them going through and filling out the blanks on something is not high and so those color amazing fast as they had all the text right there it was colorful so it catch your attention interesting cover you flip through it and in so it had a good it was for that purpose it was good so I like to leave those as a drop off and if the person over the course of time said you know I'm interested in home study we just which studies that's just how I would do it but the other was a was a attention grabber when I 1st went by but the point is you're going to choose like what material do I want you don't want too much you get too much material in your room which one do I give even with a glow tracks I want to tell you this when it comes to go drag I don't have a gazillion book tracks with me I'm not going to I'm going to hand him out I'm just not into some good tracks I just plain won't give out I just don't particularly like him and so I was not to have something against like their error but I just. I'm not going to be impassioned to give something out that I'm not interested in and so I like to get just a handful of you know maybe 3 or 4 a bunch of the the 4 that I like I'm going to be more motivated to hand those out. When you're deciding what to hand out the door and you've got a bunch of people you don't want to have a good zillion things and people like what are we going to do so if you just your role is to let's we're going to pick these options that's why bible study often only has 2 options I mean are there only 2 things you can study no you can go knock yourself out there's a bazillion things you can study but when you're heading it up you've got to narrow it down somehow to make it easy if your to the point where you're like what you have it I'd like to use this or that you're beyond the point I don't want to say beyond but the point that Bible study offers targeting by the study over to tar is targeting the lay people who were trying to get out to get involved maybe for the 1st time in anything and so if you're like yeah but I know some other things well you're advanced enough to be able to do that fine give a 3rd option but that's why it's narrowed to what it is and when you're planning the outreach you want to do that as well you want to keep that. Narrowed down now once you've got all this done you've got your territory you know you're going to in the initial organization is going to be the toughest part once you have it organized OK we went out and I think I've got that coming up you went out a couple weeks ago you're going out again Well now you have territory map you have teams already were out in the territory last week so they know where they're going this time right once you get this initial thing done they just talked about it a roll out easier but initially you going to have to set all that up does that make sense any questions on that. Let's you know so from here we're going to actually go we're going to we're going to plan it we going to get a plan ahead we're going to pick our Sabbath and we're going to do outreach you need to plan a regular time notice letter is on top of page 3 plan a regular and consistent outreach time and time limits you don't want to wear people out now when we did our full manual sessions and once we got into outreach the students we've gone from 33 in the afternoon to 9 at night I don't do that with the members when I take the members out it's a long time in a snow overwhelming time I consistently this is what I've done amiss and has to be done this way but what I've done and what I felt worked really well is I always plan when I had to start outreach with and probably consistently with church members as a rule I plan for an hour out of the doors and so what I like to do and I'm going to recommend this to you and I'm I mentioned it way back on Sunday. Is I like to always get back together afterwards for a follow up I don't want to go on home so I want to we're going to get together I'm going to send you out in most churches you can be in your out research Tori within 15 minutes and you can be back within 15 minutes so I say we're going to be an hour and a half I look at the clock and it's OK right now it's 430 so I want to be back with your do not reach here and say I want you guys back here no later than 6 o'clock that gives you time to get there you have about an hour at the doors and then I won't need you to get back here and when you come back what's going to happen is we're going to share how the experiences went and that is huge that is one of the most important and I didn't always do that it's one of most important things because there are days that you're going to get little to no interest. But somebody else is the one who found all the interest and then it'll be you the next time but it just you can be discouraged when you go door to door people are homos in this is and then you come back and you hear that as a group we got some interest and I like to say there's no I in team so you know it's what we all do we gain the benefit of it and it's just it's encouraging to do that and so I plan on getting him out and getting them back and I'll tell you when you do that then hour goes by quick you're nervous about it everything you're getting started but you're going to run in the door some people might slam the door some people might be disinterested but then you're going to find somebody is going to be chatty and you're be amazed it's like wow I mean they were so interested and it's exciting and everything in the look at the we've got to go back and I like to keep it in a time limit that doesn't wear people out to where they're like I'm never doing that again. And so that's that's worked well for us. OK Yes So sometimes sometimes the church members to say hey we want to do something we can't go out with you well maybe you got during your bags they could stuff those in the same way that say back at the church and pray and have refreshments when you come back and legs like that that's a great suggestion Yes Richard I don't I don't and so we do it again that's just me we've had that before I remember when I did Bible work I'd go out and I'd be like well you know I went up and down the street in 3 out of you know 10 houses were home or 3 out of 15 houses there's a whole bunch of people I didn't even mean now I might go back but here's the thing if you have a decent sized territory you've got so many more to do and you've got to just trust the Lord leading you to where you need to be and you can say well the doubleheader not home yet they may be the case but you've got a lot more to do so I'm going to go through my territory and then when I cover that I'll go through it again I'll tell you something else too is always changes that take place in neighborhoods so I had people say well we did this last year there win over those apartments you know what probably not a single person in those apartments is still there they're probably all you know I mean you get that happens but I just if I go through my territory you will it be it can be it depends on how much time you have how big your territory is. A smaller community perhaps you do that it can be a real headache to try to remember because then you go back the next time you found 2 more home but then there's 12 that were and how long the do that and it just can be very and it could be that that whole time is a person right the next read over who's moving in 3 weeks in the world want you to get to that house so an easy way to track the house is the numbers you know we're working on an app for that like to say there's an app for that there are some that and that's what Marshall theirs is trying to work in that direction what I found the best so far is just keep doing it keep in a spreadsheet or some kind of something like that I mean you can use there's disciples there's programs like that that you can use. Not everybody likes to use it you just have to have a way that works for you as a leader or your interest coordinator you want to plan a rate as a regular time I don't like to do every Sabbath because you're going to lose your people saints are going to come every single Sabbath you might do every other week you might do every 3rd week now you get people who are interested in Bible studies you're going to have to have people going to the studies beyond your outreach time so you don't have to do outreach every week to generate interest you can go every 3 weeks you can say that's what we're going to do if that's what's going to work if that's going to keep your people coming and you have a consistent way to do it great and like I said even then you may put it on pause everyone's twa if you generate enough interest you need to follow through with them and if you're not doing the door to door but you're doing Bible study offer follow up and stuff like that you use the same thing it's just modified you already have the interest but you want a regular time you get together that could be like I said every 2 weeks every 3 weeks maybe once a month that's not a Bible study you don't want some other Bible study once you find the interest you've got to have team members who are willing to give those studies they're going to be there or we were just talking about the outreach portion of K. you want to have a regularity don't just want to say whenever the wind blows you know like. The next week we'll have one you want to have something consistent that will help your people to stay consistent letter B. practice your door approach you know before you go out through the week after prayer meeting whenever you know people say Oh I'm nervous about this just practice it sit around with each other sit in a small group and you know go through live this hour we're going to do it through or that's just going to make it easier for you it's practice makes anything go a little bit better so I say the same thing with Bible studies I have church members say I count on how to get a Bible study like how long you've been in the evidence church 20 years and you don't have to go but look 7th Avenue get some your friends in the church take a Bible study one of those preprinted all sit together with the it is written and give each other Bible studies. Just practices. I mean that's a great way to spend Saturday afternoon better than a lot of people spend a Saturday afternoon gives you practice and you'll find that you do that a few times and you're like hey this isn't so difficult after all so same thing practice your approach letter c avoid chasing the devil's rabbit's 1st point out of that we do this on a regular basis pray for what speedy rejections Lord if they're going to reject me some people are chatty just to chat they just like oh great I liked it I like to argue Christianity I'm not looking for people want to argue with somebody who's interested in spiritual things so I'll say Lord just give us beer if they're going to slam the door fine let him have it slam the door instead of just chatting and chatting for the whole outreach time and I missed the guy 2 doors down that's been praying for the always spirit to present somebody. And I say that because if you look at that quote there from actually Apostles OH MY says all over the world men and women are looking wistfully that is longingly of heaven many are on the verge of the kingdom waiting only to be gathered in. Letter D. be enthusiastic if you just read their blow up salesman can be a doozy asking about a vacuum cleaner can't you be enthusiastic about offering eternal life right don't be don't be like him here for our church in we have these you wouldn't be interested in sums him I mean we do that sometimes they look and they might say no but you can be excited about it so I paraphrase one of my favorite passages where Jesus tells the woman of the well if you knew who it was who is asking you to ask him and he give you the living water my paraphrase is if you realize who I am and what I can give you you'd be coming to me instead of me coming to you. That's the attitude you need to have you need to understand the value they don't understand the value they can't understand the value of what you have but you need to understand the value and it needs to be contagious and the Lord will use that and then finally remember that victory is promised I love the statement S. test much for the church 42 says heavenly angels have long been while waiting for human agents the members of the church to cooperate with them and the great work to be done so you not alone they are waiting for you there waiting for you so vast is the field so comprehensive the design that every sanctified heart will be pressed into service as an instrument of what how would you like to be an instrument of divine power isn't that awesome Does that sound awesome God has promised that he's going to carry this thing through and so we just need to trust him and go Jesus promised through the saw mist in Psalm 126 those who so in 2 years what. Shall Reap enjoy He who continue these go goes forth weeping Bering Sea for sowing shall What doubtless come again with rejoicing bringing a sheaves with him you're going to have sheaves if you do this work you want something I know this sounds this afternoon is all mechanical we've got all these little but I'm just telling you you don't organize well you're not going to have success it's a key to success and just being organized by you know might not do exactly everything that we talked about here that's fine but I'm just telling you this is it gives you an idea to have something that's regular and regularity I'll say the best soul winners we have some of the most dynamic preachers who don't win hardly any souls you know why because they don't have a regular systematic way that they work with and I'm telling you that you do this in your church the Lord will give you souls this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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