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  • April 6, 2019
    8:45 AM

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Whether you're single or married with have kids grandkids or no kids we have all these natural stages and the rhythms of life but sometimes the stages get messed up and discombobulated find out on this up so what happens if this is happening to you. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation are my principles contemporary and thought provoking. Post just until within the right everyone was so happy and very excited for this next upcoming quarter of next 13 weeks that you decided to join us here for our 1st week of inverse we are in the topic of families and how many of you out there have a family or families or some some family of some sort we're going to look at all the components of a family and the anatomy of families and how that works in talking in spiritual and spiritual context so we are going to go to Genesis chapter 11 which is where everything gets started so hopefully you're familiar with that but before we read scripture when I asked Jonathan if you can pray for us absolutely let's pray. Father heaven we're so thankful for the opportunity we have to study the word again and we just have your spirit will guide us now as we dig deeper and as we search for answers and direction in your word we pray in Jesus' name amen and then when I go to Cali Genesis 11 the sweet entire chapter show you have enough time that you do it with just some friends. And I will read the whole chapter but if you can follow along if you have your Bibles or can read on the screen or if your phones but we're just going to see some macro patterns in the book of Genesis Genesis chapter one right in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth the earth was without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep and the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters then God said Let there be light and there was light and God saw all the light that it was good and God divided the light from the darkness God called the light Day and the darkness he called night so the evening in the morning was the 1st day. Then got said Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters thus God made the firmament and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament and it was so and God called the firmament Heaven so the evening and the morning when the 2nd day OK was up there in kind of pause and especially when we see thus far OK I mean I know we can hold a lot in those verses Yes you can more of this is about family and stages and rhythms What's a pattern we see in Genesis what I think the 1st thing we see is that God is a God of order there is no hint of randomness that God is intentional We know that as we look in the 1st 3 days God is kind of forming the earth in the latter 3 days God is filling the earth and all the things that he formed and so this gives you a sense of structure of a cyclical kind of development the daily daily output of the creation that God is making so God is not going into things just kind of half has really saying maybe I'll make light today maybe I'll make the sky maybe I'll divide the waters today whatever he feels like got actually has a plan and he's very intentional and when this is order or something that we see all throughout nature it's not something that revelation has to give to us the Bible has to give to us we see it naturally evident Anyway I love that point verse 2 the earth was without form and void there's no shape and there's nothing in it and it's an interesting comment I mean there's 3 days he has shaping it meant 3 days he's filling it he's voiding and on and on without form is forming and. Kind of goes from like the massive to the detailed so that 1st you know he creates the the big parts of Earth and then he separates the waters in the atmosphere and earth and dry land and water and then and then he goes into detail how I'm feeling it he he becomes intentional very focused on details in how to make this this earth really beautiful I really liked how God really values that process. It also reminds me of the fact that you know I used to ask myself the question on the 1st day of creation God says Let there be light and there was light and then he just divides the light from the darkness you know like that's all he does in the 1st day so here is god this omnipotent all powerful being and he's like our what he going to do in 24 hours I'm going to make like that so it kind of shocks you to think that God is not doing everything in a day that he can do right he's doing what he plans so he allows the day to just say well the evening in the morning where the 1st day which tells you that as we go through this quarterly You know we're going to be seeing that life is also a process and God is teaching the stupidness is one that you need to trust the process there's a time for light and there's a time for us to create the Sun in the moon in the stars there's a time for the waters and then there's a time for the fish you know and yeah just the different rhythms of life are different and it's not like if you didn't create because you create light in one day you can do other things it doesn't mean the 1st day was a waste management it was different from the rest of the days and so even as our lives change in stages and rhythms it doesn't necessarily mean one is better than the other it just means it's different like this point you guys are given out at the different stages different there's a this is what you just read is a 7 day cycle let's go to Genesis Chapter 8 1st 22 and we see seasonal cycles happening after the flood 822 of Genesis the Bible says while the earth remains see time and harvest cold and heat winter and summer and night day and night shall not cease you see that are. Most parts of the world not all parts there are is there the 4 Seasons if you live in Michigan you only have maybe one season and a couple weeks of summer and then another season again. This shows that there's different stages so what are the what are the stages or seasons of life let's let's take it out and make it real what I think you start off obviously with youth you're born in you kind of going through stages where you're that stage where you're learning everything you're learning the system the communication the languages the relationships the authorities the power. You know this person has authority over me this is how I need to interact with my friends sharing is good so you're learning basically how to adapt and to live in the world in which you were born into and your parents are kind of the facilitators of that experience so I think that's where you start off initially in that 1st stage where these are this is like childhood Yes And then what's the next stage after that summertime with summer next summer summertime bring summer OK summer time you're becoming an adult you're going to your fans you know that was not going to like these number this time OK you know but I think in the spring you know if you're wearing shorts. And there's there's when you look at nature it's the cycle continues you know everything is strong everything's really green and fresh and vibrant This is where you have the majority of your energy and you're just living this life you know and then it matures into the fall season of your life sort of thing all I'm interested in listening to well you know ahead of death or starting to see that's maturity is going to. Become a system with your growth. OK let's let's go back to summer and let's kind of slow down because and I love the how you put the seasons to we do have the fall but surety and we have with the winter years that are that are that OK That's But let's go back to the summertime. So there are also as young adults and within the. Adults very different stages within young adults as well you know you have maybe late adolescence where young people are trying to scupper themselves there's a there's a lot of rebellion in there they are bucking the system and they don't they don't want any system around and then you have a quarter life I mean you guys maybe. You just you can confess you know more to life crisis where you're thinking about I don't know what. What's what do people what are they anxious about their quarter life Calley that's another. I think part of it is because you have these plans and you have especially is like a late teenager and into early twenty's like at this point I'm done with school or one of these things established then I will yes and you get to that point and either you do or you don't and so it's also evaluating like did I do it or like man this is harder than I thought it was going to be ordered this is better or worse and so then you have to re-evaluate if you are folks on the right things in general especially if you start a career and you also have to think well do I want to continue down this path do I need to drastically change it depending on where I want to be in 10 or 20 years so I think what am I going to do it for the rest of my life who am I going to marry but I think the larger question is Who am I whereas before you had all the structure but now structure is gone you cring structure for yourself yeah and peers are not as important as they once were and you're trying to discover who you are getting into your but also I think at least for me in a lot of people that I know around my age is you're also coming to terms with how much you don't know because as you know from like 10 to 18 I don't know my parents know but I know I know but I know I know everything I know absolutely everything and then it peaks it's like actually no I don't know what I mean reality of reality kind of kicks in and suddenly these hopes and dreams and the idealism You're might have had growing up or coming into your twenty's you realize OK The world is not as perfect as you might hope it would be if things don't always turn out the way you planned them to be and we're not eloquent here I guess we're saying we get a lot of correspondence with social media e-mail from all of you out there a lot of you are young adults and there's these natural anxiety questions that come up and these are very normal questions that we should be asking and our premise is that Scripture has the answer to a lot of these questions if that's a specific question or a specific answer but these are principles that guide us on which way we should go Kelly. Transition. You're breathing so yeah so I hear you I just need to hear I just I think about to like the pain that comes with certain rhythms of life yeah so I think about being in middle school right or be that certain age where you want everyone to like you no one likes you and like yourself and it's hard it's confusing and we're asking. I don't talk about it I remember talking to my mom about something difficult with you know girls being catty and unkind and I would say like I'm so sorry and I wouldn't trade places with you for the world. As you just know this is the point of life yes but also as you get older too you can you know adults try to get through teenagers thick skulls and I'm a high school English teacher and I love my students it's a listening I love you very much but sometimes it's really hard to like why are you so foolish but then I remember when I was there I did the same exact thing and if adult told me this is something like well I know better than you and I'm on the side like no you don't know better please listen but they still go through that and I think I think it's it's really stemming from the whole idea is that when you're going through those phases they don't feel good in that stage yeah but the reality is you begin to discover that there are other people are going through the same thing that this is actually this is normal and I think when you're going through something there's a I understand this is normal life you should not want to do this right now in this college oh I feel like I can better embrace it and I feel like that's where the pain comes in is that initial especially if you're representing maybe the latter half of the young girl spectrum and so OK you know the quarter I think you're in like maybe a 3rd life crisis. So you're older you're wiser you're near death than the rest of us. You have children you're married and you're just a. Couple months. Months many many weeks to Mondays and you know hours over that. Special what's what's life like on that's. Why I think I think you get to a place of stability your goal is really to create. Sense of predictability to your life and you kind of on the course and you're like I'm going to ride this road until it takes me to my ultimate destination you begin to think about your posterity what I'm going to do to my kids you know in terms of the age as we think about college you thinking about responsibility in you put together a lot of long term plans into play but also you like to say look this is what I have this I want to maintain what's in my position and I need to be responsible for that and we've been sharing all of our life experiences but we're going to look at why does God allow these stages to happen and what happens when these stages get mixed up in crazy things or maybe when there's nothing happening and it's a crazy thing is about to be anticipated how do we handle changes in the stages of life find out and come back after. Yes embrace been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram or You Tube while there join us like us. I handle again in 1st Bible states and now back to the discussion. Sometimes in the stages of what you get interrupted like this commercial break but you've got to get back into it and I can pick up where you just left off like we're doing right now so our this is an exercise of life itself Johnson why why are there these different stages like what is that why does the Bible what the Bible say about these differences well you think about it the reason why we have. The life the way we have it is because of sin there is an end to the life as we know it now so we have a limited time and then this limited time in the process that our bodies go through. Things change and so we were originally not intending to experience it like this but this is how it is but by God's grace there is a blessing in this process that we go through in this life and so as we age as we grow we are growing with the Lord and we become closer and closer connected to him so prosper from far like the aging process is a part of sin and you know I just think that I was when I was single that I was I was part of the of the of the 144000 I was a saint and I needed to get married to realize Romans Chapter 3 for the 1st time in my life that I must say I'm a sinner and then and then and then my wife realized she was a sinner for the 1st time and then and then we grew in the in the proxy mention we grew up and then we thought were saints again and we had children and then now we know we are perpetual sinners. Just we are driven to the cross and the grace of Christ I mean. That these are children and they are wonderful tools and there's quite a look at process is aging process is part of redemption and that is a profound I think it's also the changing process is also related to the fact that we are not God You know the Bible told us in Malahide 36 that God does not change but we are creatures of change and so I think the stages we go through are really the result of the nature in which God created us with and I think that it was to reveal certain aspects of God at every single stage when man was created in His image as we enter Genesis chapter one and so even when man is is created even though he's not necessarily an infant even as he develops and as he grows he's revealing more and more of the image of God But I think we go back to children their ability to forgive and to have joy and simplicity in life and you get to the wisdom of the elderly or the vibrancy of the middle aged in their ability to be industrious and productive these are all different attributes of the image of God in the glory of God I love that each stage is a different vignette you know you have the energy you have the wisdom you have the experience and all comes here in a composite picture because you know my grandmother used to say that you know youth is wasted upon the young because she would say you know me being 7080 I can see so many opportunities you have and you have your youth but then you end up wasting it and then for me I'm looking at her and I'm like man you know you have so much wisdom in life experience and I don't know how to do this and I don't want to do that and so you can see how in each stage we can sometimes pit them against each other and create tension because it's like well I want to be where you are and I wish I was where you were and I did not make these choices when I was young and so I think it's very important to recognize that there's a different vignette as you put it of God of His glory that shining in this part of our life in the Kelly why are these vignettes different like why why can't they be smoother transition sometimes it is rough transitions but why are they different I think one reason is just what Sebastian said. Can't we can't we can't we can't be God So God like OK going to spread out match of you throughout your life and also to teach us that we can't do all the things all the time I remember when I was kamma seemed for a summer I loved it I felt like I was serving Jesus in the ultimate way and I stopped canvassing because I had to go to school and they're like well now I'm a sinner and God hates me because I'm not knocking on people's doors all the time and I felt like this this rhythm that I was and now is completely inferior to my full time ministry that had before and then I start being a teacher teaching and I teach in the student about Jesus but I could be knocking on doors but investing in young people is just as legitimate of a ministry whether it's 30 people or a mother and I have 2 kids I'm investing in and so life changes I think also for for God to show us his priorities about ministry because it's not just about going door to door that's amazing it's not even just not being a mother it's not about just preaching but God uses all different kinds and he wants us to be faithful to him and not just to this feeling of productivity or this feeling that I'm being a good person you know and often in life there is a feel you know we already established there is a process of growth and change things and then you have these just like in creation you have this separation experience this division sort of so you know you you become an adult you get married so you separating from your parents and you might think all separation is bad but there's a purpose in this because now you're joining together to separation and joining together and then more life is multiplication you have a child and the process continues so each season of life whether it's separation or multiplication or joining together there is a blessing in the process as we will as we go through the process with the Lord God is going to bless in each stage and I'm so thankful for that you know that God is taking care of us and those that I'm going to when you're saying I love going to Genesis one also you have the 3 for. 3 days and the 3 days set up for the 2nd 3 days so you have the 1st sailing so but if I'm not going to the figures were the 1st or if Yeah so light was created on the 1st day but law is now contained and more concrete and milk and now you're fired if that's Mel you're rated to the sun moon and stars you know 2nd and 5th and the 3rd and 6th reading in Rich and I think this is this is really profound sometimes I think I don't know how many of you out there are like that I used to like just walk out he was saying I used to do this but now I'm at this stage of life and I'm stuck and I can't do what I used to do and this is not the purpose of God I mean that is improper preparation for this it may be something totally different there's some related but is preparation for this and we need to now think Lord as I reflect upon my life you've given me all these experience you give me the 1st day of the 2nd day and the 3rd day how does it prepare me for the 4th day and also now doing in the 4th day how does it how do I anticipate the 5th and 6th day and you know I think it also gets a little bit mucky as well because we wish life could be like Genesis one where it's all under God's control and it's going exactly according to his plan but the reality is is that that's not how life right you know growing up with a single parent sometimes you feel like you have to I had to grow up a little bit faster than other people because my mom was a single mom and I'm the oldest of 7 so it's like well you're doing things that probably another 7 year old doesn't have to do and so I think that you know God has a specific plan an ideal you know like Jonathan was saying words like this is how he wants it to be and I feel like as we're going through these rhythms of life there are bumps in the road right there is a little interruptions and things that happen they say well this wasn't supposed to go like this and I feel like we're all kind of somewhere on the spectrum of having those interruptions at different stages of life so are these interruptions they may feel like interruptions in the purpose of God. In a larger picture in his providence in his transcendence are they really interruption I think God can use all of them you think about Moses you know after he fled Egypt and he's a challenge taken care of like that's really like a big waste of time but God taught him so much and able to him to become a leader later after that time with him and trust in him so things that we may see as interruptions are like this is a waste of my talents is a waste of my time God is developing different qualities within us and so I think he's going to say to is as well as I idealizing the past sometimes we idolize the future once I get this job once I'm married once I move here totally totally and then I'll be at peace and then I'll be productive in then I'll serve God and then you know you won't though and so I think we also limit the power and the love of God to a situation like you can literally serve God when you're working 2 jobs you can serve God when you're a full time student you can serve God when you are the oldest of 7 and so there's no limitation and there might be ministry that maybe you enjoy at the beginning but I personally can't think of any point in my life where I started something and I loved it right immediately I hated cam seem the 1st but I loved it I hated by working and teaching because it's a scary because change is scary a lot of hate but then love hate but then we get used to it and there are quite a want to leave now so just the point of like our peace and our reliance upon God should be reliant upon God and not upon our circumstances and then I think of Jesus it's just amazing how he lived his life you know he during the day he would just Minister a minister and then at night he would pray and. Seek the father to find out what's next. For my life I want to I want to live like that I don't want to make too many plans I want to idolize the future so much I just want to trust that the Lord is going to lead me and it's not so important what I will be doing to morrow and what is more important. Who I am with am I with God and the person that he wants me to minister to so that's kind of I want to stay focused on the here and now because today is all I have and I want to be faithful today going to seek 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and what both of you are mentioning is so important especially to our generation today because of social media we have this this temptation to want to be on it to find out what everyone else is experiencing so we're not only idolizing our past our future and where I live is in. Everything so even though it's such a selfish meet culture it's also appears so so out there that we can't live our lives we're wanting to be omniscient the fear of missing out if we can be I want to say that I want to zone were there in there and then we miss out on our own lives in the US and I love what you guys are saying like at some point we just got to like pause shot it down and just live the life that God has given us in the moment of that season wherever you are and that's so that's a powerful message a wake up message for and I think it's difficult to swallow because you know if you don't like your situation you can't use it as an escape Yes You know so it's kind of like recent right so I really like my situation but then Kelly's doing great things and I'm an encouraging comment and like and share because Kelly is doing great things and that makes me happy and just makes me happy you know with all his calmness and if there is real so that you get fixed just so I feel like. When where you were I don't know. If we can form a support group after this. So this is. I definitely feel what you're saying and I also feel the NX on the other side where sometimes we using the comparison thing we kind of come back to a place of reflection where it's kind of like yeah I hear what you're saying just and hear what you're saying Jonathan I'm just. Trying to get myself emotionally in a place where I can turn it off and be OK and just look around and say he's for what has that place that place where is that we always talk about when I get to that place and I think that's that's the misnomer of it all because we actually never get to that place that's the seasons of life will never get to that place and so it's and I know you're saying you know that place is being with with Christ it's not over the place but is a person so in the midst of a death in the midst of a divorce in the midst of financial chaos in the midst of everything going OK. Still even in those moments which is to live this in condition it's got it's not finding that and that the psychological place of being in a place which Jesus yes. I agree with. You know it's you know the reason why we always seeking for that future thing that I want is because we are we are going to die you know there is this point that's going to come and so we're like I need to get I need to get there but we were designed for eternity and in eternity there is no oh you know in a 1000 years from now there is just the here and no with the people and with the Lord in them and that's how I want to live now because I mean why not this is the best way to live this is how we were designed to live and how many of you out there have been we were listening to us to really go to them to me that's me is this desire like Man I wish this could happen to me and I really want to resonate with we want to pray for you we want to hear your comments we want to hear your insights visit our social media just whatever platform you're on and look for in verse Bible and we'd love to hear from your feedback this has been really blessing for me especially with my addiction to social media and Sebastian's addiction. I'll be praying for you and the takeaway for me is not to idolize the future not to idolize the past but to live in the here and now with the Lord Jesus Christ Hopefully this is has been a blessing to you because it's been a blessing to us we'll see you next week here in inverse. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the calendar is wrong on Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the folks at the television that changes lives for good and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse hope T.V. news that Origen find this on social media hashtags in verse 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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