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  • May 11, 2019
    9:45 AM

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On this other so we're talking about sex so stay tuned. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to IN THE BIBLE based conversation or my principal contemporary issues and thought provoking. Now here's your host just in time within the hour. Oh you're still here you decide to join us on this of A So we want to just make sure that if you have little children in the room watching with you are listening with you want to make sure that we are going to talk about the top the topic of sexuality and intimacy and what the Bible has to say about it so I just want to make sure that if you're adults to be mindful that this is a topic for this episode so this is a spicy episode is it not so we want to have the a prayer this is a topic that's very very important in our culture today it makes some people feel uncomfortable but the Bible has much to say about sexuality and intimacy and if programs like inverse and and Christian programming don't talk about it especially with the wealth of information you can use that word wealth with a look at all the information the Internet has we want to make sure we get good information so Jonathan please please please please pray for us and make sure that this discussion is spot on and through a sprint. Father we come before you again we desire a deeper knowledge of who you are we praise you because we are made in your image and you have a special way of teaching us about certain character traits of yours and not just print you will bless us now with the Holy Spirit guide us into a deeper understanding of this beautiful topic of praying Jesus' name. And there's a let's go to Genesis chapter 2 right in the beginning where God made all things God made the human body in a tree from Super 7 person all right it says and the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being right Siku what's going on in Chapter 2 of Genesis God comes to the climax of his creation and the climax is it creates mankind He creates humanity and the beautiful thing is throughout all of creation as we go through Genesis chapter one every time God creates something he says he turns back and evaluate and says it is good it is good is it good it is good it is very good and here in Genesis chapter 2 we can take sort of a step back and look at the last Ultimate the last day of creation when God created man and he created animals and here we have this verse that God created humanity but he created man and. At the end of it we know that based on what he did said in Genesis chapter one that when God created our bodies that it was good looking for men out of the dust of the ground and it wasn't wrong or evil it was a good thing that he created and so that's what we have here in Genesis to say there are the ideologies out there that believe that the human flesh is inherently evil and the interaction of flesh meaning hunger or sexuality these are just animalistic evil things it is the on corporal things that the. Ritual there around the. Invisible invisible This is good this is evil on your side wishing God made this this is a good war this is before the enforcer and then into the world and he created he says his breath and the body and they come together and they make a living stone all put together is not that breath of God is good and then you know dust of the ground bad all of a particular and that is a saw according to illustration that we have here is one of the most beautiful straight in the Scripture I think in that it talks about the intimacy that God seems to have with humanity so in every other element of creation which God loves creation he loves creation so much that he gives he gives a name to light this is this is a relation or task he it's not because light needs to be identified in order to respond he does this because he loves life he called he gives it a name this is a relational thing what it comes down to the when it comes down to the creation of humanity so when God creates the rest of the world which he loves he speaks of into existence when it comes out of the creation of humanity he he the God of the universe kneels down on him out of clay and with his own hands begins to form the human being and then he gets down into the face of the human being and he breathes in an intimate form he breathes into the nostrils of Adam the breath of life and then Adam becomes a living being and in this way Adam is made in the image of God and that his physical his mental his spiritual his Social his all these components this is what it means to be made in the image of God And so the body is something that is not in any way shape or form negative but it's a positive God his own hands warmed now when you skip this is the beautiful one of the most beautiful parts of scripture to me when you skip the verse 22. Of Genesis 2 Yeah it says then you know the rib which God had taken from man he made woman and in the original language in the Hebrew there that word made. Is different from the Word form that is used to create them and there is even a more beautiful element of creation so when God makes Adam he kind of just simply forms them but when he makes Eve the language that is used there is like an architectural artistic creation of a woman in other words the woman was created by God to be beautiful to be looked upon as as an artistic work of God and not just a functional body to move in and so God not only does God create huge human body but he actually blesses this human body with aesthetic beauty the true verbs there yeah man was just kind of made and what woman was designed and was just just just go on channel and monks functional Yes and I preceded that that the social aspect you know of of humanity and God created humanity but got God made humanity social Adam right he recognized that Adam needed a help right and Adam came to that recognition later on as well but when God shaped the physical form of Adam and then the physical form of Eve he made them compatible not just socially compatible he actually made them even physically compatible in their coming together so this is the intentionality of God you know that when God formed Adam he had in his mind that he was going to form another being who would be compatible physically when he formed Adam to Adam and I want to add says that God made us a social beings and what you're saying is that God also made us sexual beings and these are 2 different aspects of the human identity and we're coming into a point of culture and society where social actually means sexual It's the same exact thing as the Bible actually differentiates the 2 just because you like someone doesn't mean you're naturally sexually attracted to them and that differentiation is small but it has to has giant enormous repercussions Jonathan young. Genesis 127 you know it says about a creation of the 7 just 127 about the creation the So God created man in his own image in the image of God He created him male and female he created them I just think it's really beautiful as we have in the creation of male and female is a reflection of the Godhead where there is plurality but unity and you same have you give the same with the male and female and and then in the coming together of that in that holy intimacy you have then creation of life which I mean there's so many so many lessons to learn from that and it teaches us it gives us a glimpse into the Godhead I just think that's profound and beautiful I think it's important for us to mention here too as we're talking about this and how this relates to sexuality is that intimacy sex sex and then intimacy are not the same thing sexuality is an expression of intimacy but it is not intimacy it's just the way in which it's Express and and so the beautiful part of of procreation and of being created in the image of God is that we are allowed and we are given this blessing of expressing intimacy in the sense of sexuality is all of let's us parse that out what are the differences between the 2 sexuality seems just more of the physical components the physical pleasures intimacy is what more than that if we could go to Genesis for just 4 Verse one for one it says here now Adam and now Adam knew Eve his wife and she conceived and born CAIN OK so here you have this this reality that or not this reality but this is how it's been described here Adam knows his wife I mean I know a lot of people but what this is talking about is a much deeper knowledge that Adam and Eve are sharing so you have this this coming together this knowledge this intimacy This is not just the physical act the sexual act this is and appreciation and knowledge of who my counterpart is in every aspect of. Life and I know us my friend in a Song of Solomon talks about this equal friendship appreciation and openness towards each other this is in Tennessee do when you're saying went out of new Eve It's not like this isn't like going to a no no yes no. Yes Is it true that if you speak Spanish you speak French German in those respective languages that are 2 verbs for 4 to know but any less you got no one no in Spanish something I'm going to set French you have somewhere. In the. German but in the Dominican. There the connotation is more like record I. Mean even closer really looking for the connotation is I recognize you OK And so it's more like a you know you can see it's my controvert you know but there's reflection there's just OK Next thing going on OK in the Hebrew it's the word Yeah yeah yeah I mean it is this intimate one on one not just the physical but my my soul to soul experience here as well so when it comes to love and sex you know sexuality becomes a way in which love is expressed Yes but not necessarily right in other words so someone this one action sexuality act of sex can actually mean 3 different things right when you think about it the same action can be rape right this is forced sex. This that and that very same action something that is forced when someone when 2 people do not consent can also be you can commit adultery with the same exact exact action 2 people can can have intercourse with each other thinking about 2 other people and in so doing you're committing adultery or in that very same action 2 people can be expressing the most intimate kind of love right this knowing of like knowing in every sense of the word your likeness. It could be for each other you're completely embracing there is this connotation of just complete knowledge and so what is the difference between these 3 things the difference between these 3 these 3 things primarily happens in the mind right right in sexuality you have the sexual intercourse but really intimacy is not just physical it's also mental in the same way when it comes to adultery you have the same physical act but mentally where your mind is critical or when it comes to forced sexuality and so the sexuality is an expression of intimacy but it's not always it's not just singularly that it's just a simple thing in our culture today that one is so accessible but one is not right one or one is you can get on any app and you know swear for whatever it's called. You know and and it's you find on the Internet everywhere and it's whereas one is what I feel that many human beings are yearning for and they're they get addicted to this up and they can never actually believe that they're actually they're really yearning for that intimacy but they just don't know that it's out there it's might be something you have never experienced and so there they seek for it you know in the expression of it but when you separate those 2 you are missing out on the much deeper beautiful experience that you can only hurt always separate them. But at its most down the intimacy I think intimacy is the meeting of minds not just not the meeting of bodies but the meeting of minds cared for because our how we process our emotions that we hold that thought is are in a pause you know we're going come back we're a little bit of we're in this we're in the midst of a very and so stay with us. As immersed in a Blessing to you Do you have questions or comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram or You Tube while there join us like us. A handle again is in 1st Bible. Well Stacy now back to the discussion. Hey welcome back you're still with us hey you know great this is a topic is so necessary I realize that makes this a little uncomfortable and some people a little bit of sweating was it was talking about you know we want to make sure but this is a very important topic especially for our day and age so forgive me for interrupting you but I sincerely want to say is that intimacy something is a meeting of minds because feelings can be fleeting the physical can be fleeting the physical is just a moment in time but when when 2 minds I guess connect in the at a level of knowledge I guess and intimate knowledge like it's what's happening in the mind is always talking about them that's where the intimacy happens and I think the the way that the world has kind of them has separated them to make it so that we really long for that intimacy you know in these spirits loneliness we want to feel that closeness to someone and to feel like we are known and yet accepted right. But then in the absence of that the counterfeit is you know being physically known and unfortunately what I say is that if you separate the 2 there will always always be disappointment at the end of that I want to pause in the SO go to Genesis to verse 24 and while you're speaking this is what gets my mind in when Israel was speaking before it kind of freaked me out but I think you could point to mention chapter 2 verse 24 verse 25 I'm sorry and they were both sneak it the man and his wife and we're not ashamed for giving I mean this is kind of uncomfortable but I think when it comes to sexuality there is this concept of shame and it's kind of ironic that even talking about sexuality people feel ashamed about it but when it comes true it seems like here the goal of intimacy Desboro 2 people one man one woman together and without the accoutrements of clothing. And this is just not the physical but also the character of the internal There's nothing to be ashamed even with all the faults all the negatives all the positives it's just there together which is the irony that in today's culture many people are engaged in premarital sexual interactions so they wouldn't be ashamed for the act afterwards but it seems like in the architecture of God that the 2 were to learn this together and you know we watch too many movies and Hollywood makes this you know you know glorious whatever whatever crazy experience but this is no shame is the goal to be achieved again before sin or after sin this is the goal of it but you know what I think it's very beautiful here. It is so delicate because in this intimate and counter you have on this side of the Garden of Eden sort of here or you know we are there is sin in this world we have shame we have guilt and we do not feel comfortable with ourselves you know we have all these issues and so when you have this encounter. Without grace this is not really possible and so I think it's this is so powerful and soul needed in your relationship you know to be known as you said I can be known but I can also know that you are not judging me right now you know you are not you know you accept me through the lens of grace you accept me as Christ accepts me you know with my issues and the problems that by the grace of God will be worked out but to be known on such a level where I don't have to hide where I don't have to pretend that it's a depth of intimacy that is more your sexual intimacy is an extension of God's grace yes that is that's heavy to add to what he's saying is in the past or the just the man and his wife are naked and they're not ashamed and you know when you look at it specially now in a fallen world No one has a perfect body. Right no one no one has no one is perfect in their being and so when you are naked before when 2 people are naked before each other the natural response would be to be ashamed I mean there's shame and nakedness that's why we wear clothes right that's why there should yeah there should be shame in there and and so in the in the in the intimacy that exists between 2 individuals that are married to each other and love is expressed there's there's your loving the individual you're allowing yourself to be loved partially because of who you are but partially also because of who that person is in other words when when you stand in all your shame in front of another individual in front of your spouse you're counting on the fact that that person loves you in part because of who you are but you're also counting the fact that they're loving you in part because of who they are right that they find you beautiful in where use in the same place there you see shame and so this is also this is a beautiful act of grace intimacy sexuality is supposed to teach us about. Your partner's choosing your do so despite of your faults the grace of God I mean in an initial in a spiritual relationship I think that that is something that that kind of knowledge and that I mean it's a reflection of how God treats us and that's why I believe in John 17 verse 3 Jesus kind of connects to that if I can just quickly you know John 7 John 17 years 3 Jesus gives us here in insight into the quality of unseen verse 3 right equality of eternal life it says here in this eternal life that they people who believe know you only true God in Jesus Christ whom you have sent Here's that connection the knowledge that you know knowing God God knowing us the intimate relationship that God wants to have in us and with us is to be reflected in our relationship with our spouses. In that encounter in. Just the same though the world is full of. Like. Like the Fall thing thinking about the real and then the fake and then counterfeit. Counterfeit you know counterfeit for the counterfeit for intimacy just becomes you know a counterfeit for for sex just for the act of yeah this is just the added challenge of yeah just for pleasure. Counterfeits for not feeling ashamed because we don't want to feel ashamed and counterfeit becomes well then if you just get rid of shame altogether then you never have to be ashamed you know and that's that's not the point the point is that yes there is a place for shame but but the grace that God gives and in the context of a marriage union that you can have the experience of a union for but it comes in the world is yearning for intimacy and your ANY from grace for that you should read of the shame the more beautiful the great. Shame that the world is so addicted to sex though they're yearning So let me let me let's just switch gears here and maybe people may be watching out there and thinking and the why are these guys talking about sex all the time this is in verse going to be in the Bible but there is one book that is really dedicated to this sexual intimacy in the Jewish tradition boys and girls to get what he is we were not allowed to read it and so if you're younger don't read this book because you may be wondering what's with all these you know dear and walls and darkness and so let's go to Song of Solomon and so you can you reach after verse 6 Song of Solomon the song depending on your Bible version and song Solomon Chapter 8 verse 6. It says Set me as a seal upon your heart as a seal upon your arm for love is as strong as death jealousy as cruel as the grave its flames are flames of fire a most vehement flame Johnson like hell help us give us the context where where is Song of Solomon you know I don't know if you haven't read it you wrote a paper on but give us kind of a map here and. Let's get us to this this destination of sure so in Song of Solomon we find I think it's a beautiful book it's really a wonderful poetry and it might be hard to understand at 1st but there are structure to the book there is a point you have different elements you have a man and the woman they are definitely equal in their way how they appreciate each other how they long for each other there is an equal status here and it's just a beautiful the dynamic between you know I long for you I want to be with you but not yet you have I think a couple of times the charge you know daughters of really. You know I charge you do not store up nor awaken love until it pleases in the Hebrew where you actually have a connotation of the name of God and saying you know by God don't don't haste and you know just be less so insane as soon as it's right it has its right time and then it moves into a marriage it moves into that connection that holy connection and it kind of common is here in Song of Solomon 8 verse 6 did you get it earlier. And here you find in a very poor they form a description of the power and the power of love. To see you upon your heart you know sealed this is a commitment a decision for as a seal upon your arm for love is the strongest death and while jealousy is cruel it's a grave and then here it says it's flames are flames of fire and most vehement flame or in Hebrew tears here like the flame of the flame a few outweigh the it is a connection that we find here into into the Godhead So whenever you have a you know you often expression of God a revelation of God's presence there is fire there's just light so here the author is saying that the holy left into Misty between a man and a woman that can be experienced through grace. On this earth in the marriage relationship that experience is a glimpse of what the Godhead is like. I want to experience that I want to have that connection but under Biblical guidelines of course you know that's not in America Yes Well you're saying there's a droplet of the Chicago end of glory Yes the presence of God is just placed within one man one woman bond together in Matchroom only in the presence of God I mean that is that's heavy and I think that's why it says in the image of God created he them male and female it's in the context of marriage that you understand more clearly in some respects the image of God and the love of God if I can if I can turn our attention just briefly to Psalm 139 Psalms 139 someone 39 got a Song of Solomon is called a psalm once that was written but it was revised that OK. So someone $39.00 it gives us it gives us a little bit of picture of a picture of intimacy as well and here David is now referring to the intimacy that God has towards him and notice the words that he's using he says oh lord you have searched me and known me you know my sitting down my rising up as I read this passage I actually think about many times many experiences that I've had with my own wife when we were 1st dating it's like man I noticed when she sat down I noticed how she got up it's like it was my goal my my complete desire to get to know every aspect of her schedule what she liked what she didn't like how she walked how she's that down this is actually what's happening and then he says You've known me not just as as 2 people that love each other but you've even known me from even before I was born you saw as I was being made and so forth and so on and then he says you know there's nowhere that I can go that you're not there if I go to the heavens you're there if I go to the depths of like the worst experiences of my life you're there were whether I'm going through a good time or a rough time you're there this intimacy it's when he's saying you're there it's like you have in intention a desired. B. There you have it is desire for intimacy and the response that David has at the end of this is in verse $23.00 search meal God and know my heart it's like at the end of this you would think because I'm a sinful human being and you are a holy God my desire would be not for you to search me but for you not to search me but he says because I know that you love me in this incredible way the thoughts are so great that if I count them I'm going to lose my mind saying God you search me and you love me the way that you know how to live that only God can love and see if there's anything that's wicked in me that's different from who you are and lead me in this way everlasting you know there's it is really powerful. But you know there's something that I've noticed or in my experience and I think many many struggle you know in this world that is so full of sexuality you know what is the right path when I had my personal you know understanding from reading the words from the things you shared. Just these countries the beauty of what God has in store for us when we when we realize that the temptations of the world seem just. Worthless I want that world I want I think experience strangely fade away my takeaway is this has been a beautiful Bible study not the buy was that it was beautiful was studying about the beauty of God and His intimacy intimate presence into human beings hope has been a blessing to you I know it's been a blessing to me and my friends here thanks for joining us with your next week here in verse you've been listening to a Bible based the same caliber as well Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter the secret Dr No host just an. Investor is brought to you by the full time television that changes. But this and more inspiring episode is an inverse to all I. Find this on social media. In verse 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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