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  • May 18, 2019
    8:45 AM

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There are so many things that make families really awesome but there is one factor that puts it over the top find all of that is on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Welcome to. The Bible based compensation principles contemporary issues and thought provoking. Post just in time within. Welcome to Episode 7 on this season on the families we've been looking at different components of the families moms dads from different parts of the Bible and on this up so we're looking at one factor that really brings families together we'll find out what that is after we have a war of prayer where I read scripture for what that is so special Can you pray for us because we need it yes. Father in heaven was so grateful would you give to family and would think feel that your word grants this council as to how best to maintain those families in unity and in love and to recognize how powerful of a witness that a unifying family can be and so Lord May you bring those things to our remembrance that you've taught us a new word in Lord May our combined understanding help those around us even in our own lives understand better how do we discard you need to go work for you is our prayer in Jesus name and in Him and Him in the ME throughout this question out there it's kind of maybe this combine violate your bearings and you guys what are some things that families need to be functioning and to be happy and from what we talked about as a review but also from your own personal opinion now we know like this is a religious Bible show so we need Jesus we need God we need Holy Spirit we need prayer we need all those things but also more and more every day love all that and they're all every day and it is as well for a more down to earth component What are some things that you guys can think of KELLY Good communication good communication yes I think you need bashing time time other you know just spending time together helps bring bring. In the leader in what we focus on our values values what defines us separates us from every other family what makes us a Ramos family OK So we look at family values so now is the name of it and we made a name of your wife so so by a family unit OK so let's go to John Chapter 17 verse 21 OK with you on 1721 I think we need John 1721 right now and John 1721 and can you we need to read it quickly if you don't know. John 1721 speck of us 20 I think I'm going to 21 thank you I do not pray for those alone. He with us and. The alone but also for those who will believe in Me through their word that they all may be one as you Father Arnie and I knew that they also maybe one at the world may believe that you sent me yeah we've been looking at making good decisions in families different values in families different practices of families of being a good father a good mother but as for once in this verse that's really bringing out what makes a family special in the Lord's eyes obviously is talking about unity and that's the the overwhelming theme of the passages you know that they may be one but I think once you get into the text and there's a little bit of nuance there that gives us number one of what it really means to be united and the and the and how hard that is to accomplish and secondly the outcome of unity so in the passage there it is that they may be one not just that they may be one but that they may be one as you and I are one and this is where it gets impossible right so Jesus is not just praying that we would be united but he's praying that we would be united in the same way that the Godhead is united we're talking about divine unity and I just read 2 different introverts trying to and the glory which you gave me I have given them and that they may be one just as we are one so that I mean he's saying straight up sometimes I thought like the God and the Trinity was just maybe a kind of a Christian serial teaching like oh he's so that's our way of explaining God and one way to level it is but he's also saying just as he is he wants us to be the same exact and that's the possibility of the task that Jesus asked most who will be saying you know so you know you can have a football team that's united to accomplish your goal you can have a baseball team or a group of people that are trying to unite in order to accomplish a task this is not the type of unity that Jesus is talking about he's talking the divine about a divine unity that is because it in its essence it's divine it's impossible to even understand. And much less achieve and so this is why then it connects with the result of what happens when a group of people is is unified the way that you know the God It is unified and it says that the world might know that you have set me and so what the product of of unity the result of unity is that it actually it's a testament to the fact that God exists so there's you know this is an apologetic right there's many different things in this world that we can use to prove the existence of God and we can do this with apologetics and with the defense of the Christian faith and through Scripture through Bible prophecy all these things are great but here Jesus says that the way that you can show the world that I exist is by having a type of unity in your home that is out of this world that points of the no pressure on them can help each other here in this show this is an impossible unity it's hard to understand this unity but what is unity Yeah OK it's not a football team OK I like that so this isn't let's all think the same way that we can say that's maybe uniformity as many people say this isn't like let's just all get along well and and we had a whole season on unity so if you guys are really want to go back to archives you can see the entire 13 episodes on that season on unity but for really quick what is the unity that's mentioned here and I think the last one is Jesus and the Father are One is they're clearly not the exact same person they're clearly not necessarily operating always in the same activities so you can see that but they are unified in purpose to unified in terms of the way that they think and they're also unified in their character so in looking at these things we can be unified on these major fundamental realities of who we are the way we think the things that we value like Israel mention with his family and thinking purpose and character is what we're trying to accomplish and I think football teams you have a common purpose but you may not have a common mind or character so sprint. So is the Bible saying that there can be families that they're not thinking the exact same thing but they're thinking the same way yes someone can extrapolate they all the same character. Is is that possible Absolutely it's possible and he just says it's impossible Well I think it's 1st of all I respectfully disagree that it's impossible I feel it is really as you reading this is that he let. The whole idea of the text is that he says this is how the world is going to know that God sent me as he's praying to His Father Yes So if it's an impossibility then the world will never know that God sent Him So this is the validation that God sent me which means this is impossible for human hands but when Jesus is involved it now becomes a possibility I could bring about community and actually. Just that idea that Israel saying it is true it is impossible in our own strength and it's about our own strength in Christ so it is possible you know because that's the point like it's only possible if you are submitted in Christ and that will show that you're in Christ when it's Christ of the world absolutely So just as a disclaimer for you guys are watching out there you know we are human beings the 4 people on this panel we are human beings and we are part of families that are by no means perfect I know these 3 and they've got some we have families going on and I know my family is very weird but we're all on this and I want to a man is out of this game are going to. Be in a lot so I mean it is from a perfect family with 0 issues and it's a part of acceptance it will have as a wife it. Tells the truth. On this journey together to have more godly families so I mean just us open it up I mean really practical speaking what are the practical ways we can get this going I mean there's a lot of there's a lot of people out there watching and maybe in my own family I mean there are some people that are very difficult to love maybe on a certain level on the and I need any prayers and conversion on this I don't. Not to be on the same page with certain people of my family before you all judge me I know you've got some people in your family to show you just how do we do this bill I feel one principle we can involve in our house is the principle from instructor for verse 32 phases Chapter 4 verse 32 so we need to. You seem to know if you go on over there is a shelter for verse $34.00 this is the Bible says and be kind to one another and tender hearted forgiving one another even as God in Christ forgave you finish up before so so in this sense you you look at the fact that this is God forgave you in Christ which means that God forgave you for Chrisy because of what Jesus did and for us and in our marriage and in Him with our children in our home the whole idea is that if I base what I do in my house on how can this is treating me so that well she's not being kind and patient then you know I'm not going to come home and bring flowers or I'm not going to you know try to rush home from work to make it on time for dinner with the family because like well you know how many treats you the way you're treating me versus the Texas know you treat her the way Jesus treated you so I may not feel like it because of how my wife or my spouse or my kids are behaving but because Jesus has been good to me I'm a be good to them and I'm not doing it for her sake I'm doing it for Christ sake and I think that brings since we've operated on that principle has brought so much more unity even in those moments of tension which is to say you know what it's OK if you know Sebastian is acting like a knucklehead but can this is I'm not doing this for Sebastian I'm doing this for Jesus because you're meditating on him and how good he has been to you in the salvation He has provided the motivation always remains and that's what keeps propelling me on to be faithful in my responsibilities as a father and as a husband is like Hey I'm doing this for Christ so I feel like that principle is very powerful to help us overlook the idiosyncrasies in the rough sea for Christ's sake. A There's the element which is already dimension is the central of the of Christ and that's why I was saying that it was impossible to accomplish this because outside of Christ human hands can accomplish so in order to really have a unified home Jesus is required and the reason why it's important for us to stress that is because Jesus can't be there just as a figure or he can be there just as I can get the good luck charm introduced right off setting exactly where he needs to be there in reality and part of the reason for that is 1st Corinthians Chapter 12 1st Corinthians chapter 12 and it's going to go there it's going to it's going to emphasize a little bit also of what Sebastian was saying just. Verse 14 it says 1214 1st Corinthians for in fact the body is not one member but many and so my approach is identity how do you identify yourself so you do stuff you forgive for Christ sake but you identify yourself also as the Body of Christ you are the same so it says you're you know the body has many members but there's only one body right verse 27 now you are the Body of Christ and members individually so the identity here the identity factor is that all of us combined together form one picture and so if you if you if you don't have each other then you're not really a body you're just the body you're like a hand or a foot or whatever and so unity brings us together because when we come together and only when we come together do we have a clear picture of Jesus to the world and so Jesus needs us collectively to show a reflection of who he is. We come back from the break we'll look at other practical elements how do we get the family to be united is it impossible is it possible this is the debate that we're talking about a few after the break. Embrace been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us. I handle again is in 1st Bible states now back to the discussion. One picture that Summers from the season on families is that families under God can be heaven on earth but without Christ as the center can be other side on the earth as well as for today you are looking at different practical ways that we can make the family more united so let's actually get a little more concrete your Jesus is our son I actually appreciate your point because many many many many many Christians have Christ as a symbolic center of the home so we hang with the bible quotes on the walls and we go to church and we wear the nice clothes and we you know we do all do all those things and we may even have a devotional life but as a family center that's kind of missing So how do we actually get the family to be be practically United. In here on this way to get to the items that immediately come to mind one is family worship Yes And not just family worship like read about oversight Quest Jesus blasted a man but bring in our prayer requests all there you know my my dad's house with my youngest brother Theron So you know I want to pray for my classmate they seem sad today and just to hear a 2nd grader say that it's just so precious and he feels like I can bring my burns here in the not too small because mommy and daddy are pretty upbeat things but whatever's on his heart like my stomach hurts or my toe hurts just anything that has bothered me can bring and we can go to God together as a family another thing that I've watched before you go there are the that So this is a huge thing it's not a little thing is huge thing very difficult to implement sometimes in the daily schedule of things but once implemented it becomes a habit and. Easier and easier but very difficult to initiate in the beginning if you're not used to it or not you don't have that in your in your family tradition life so to speak and if I can interrupt real quick because what you're saying is I know you already know this but it's biblically based and if if you don't spend a lot of time in 1st Corinthians 12 but the point of 1st Corinthians 12 is is that you have this body of Christ and you have these different members and you have the important members in the members that seem not important you have like the head and as you know they had a super valuable because it contains the brain and the hands and then you have these little things that really don't matter and so the point of 1st Corinthians 12 is that every single member matters and the ones that you think you don't need are the ones that you really really need in the family and so I think it applies and it merges perfectly with what you're saying Kelly that there are members in our family that need to come and they need to be included in the body of Christ because if they're not then actually they're not going to be part of the Body of Christ in the long term and so it's important to bring in our children into these and to give them a voice and a place in our home and in our spiritual space Absolutely and this and to that is something about her family and I want to say fashion family actually is when one of his children are misbehaving so you go and talk to them and her friend them or anything but it always ends with a prayer like let's pray about this night Jesus please help me to overcome this and so it's not over spiritualizing but also showing that the only author of True change is Jesus himself and so we can like discipline our kids or we can do whatever but the only person Jesus please help me to change my heart and like teaching your kids to pray that from a young age like Jesus help me to change versus like change for my dad help me to actually change in my heart and so even not out of just not just worship but like literally all throughout your day yes pray for your meals to pray when you want to need more patience we need to be more kind we don't need a POW POW You know like. Whatever it is. If I had a power. Vocabulary. For spanking. Yes yes Roseau and that just had never really occurred to me but that that's so profound like that's true the only person I can change my child's heart is Jesus therefore that's going to do this together and I think it's also good as parents as well apologizing when you're not representing Jesus I can't actually manage I'm sorry like help me please forgive me and my 2 year old like I'll forgive you. And so demonstrate that humility and again this is more of Jesus in the day to day interactions not just on Sabbath No I mean I'm thinking of a story where I was disciplining my child spanking him and before I spanking him he's like we were the spanking won't correct me Jesus will so I think we need to pray and so he was theologically correct and I didn't know how to direct my parenting and like that's true. And I was like her for a 2nd didn't know what to do and we prayed and he got out of. What the Bible says. It was a very interesting kids kids that we need more Jesus in our lives and to give us wisdom in the let's go to if he's a shepherd. If he's in Chapter 5 if this is the 1st 21 and you see here in verse 21 The Bible says submitting to one another in the fear of God was action and then the verse 22 talks about wives verse $25.00 talks about husbands and it goes to chapter 6 verse one each of the members of the family and I mean that's following all throughout that last half of. Mission and I think you know submission though it goes against my carnal nature it's Saul's almost literally in most any problem that we've had inside the family why is it that we just don't want to submit to each other Sebastian wife. Well aim question is not rush. One of the best I could something for those who have suffered such a terrible life with a struggle with some. Of you know my. In my family one of the things I love about my wife she models this really well even with my kids because I grew up with a very authoritarian heavy father and so. Yet I was not modeled for me how you as a dad submit to your kids but my wife a member there is a time she was getting into with my oldest and I came home from work and all I hear is my wife you know yelling to call my daughter to come back upstairs to do something she was not she had not finished and so I go to my room and I'm like you know nothing where you supposed to be you don't hear mama calling you and she's like I'm not going up there and I'm like What did I hear my wife call again did you hear me call you my daughter says Mom I'm not coming up there until you fix your attitude. You could be upset but you still have to be kind to. Shutting the door like I hope so don't know. If you're going to Paris Yeah OK it's pretty safe. And I'm going to crazy as my wife comes downstairs and I'm expecting you know the wrath of God you know secondary to the wrath of God is the wrath of my wife. Instead she's like you know you're right Mama needs to be kind and I was sorry and so you know they kind of reconcile in you know she goes and does what she needs to do and that night when I was asking my wife about it she's like yeah but the reality is if she's right she's right and just because she's a child doesn't give me license to Lord my authority as a parent over her if she says hey mom your attitude is wrong even though you're right in terms of what you're asking me to do but the way you're asking it is not Christ like the fishes Schefter for our supper 6 for us 4 and do you fathers do you know provoke your children to read. Bring them up in the training it mission of the Lord and she's using your wife Candace as a model she's realizing that these are not my children these are these are these alerts children and I get to use the Lord's principles and that's that's that's amazing we when I find with my children when I apologized to them what I've done wrong and there's many times where I've done wrong that they're just so resilient. OK you're got angry I understand why because I was being mean it is and it's amazing how calm is that they are and that's when I realize that these are not my children they're my children genetically they have but there are wards given to me so I don't worry and I guess me kind of included why we we hesitate to do that I think about in context of my students when I'm I'm kind to my students I go over the top and. And I'm I'm scared to apologize because what if what if I lose their respect yes what if they realize that I'm imperfect let's be real they're the know they've been there for a long time so I mean totally Thank you so me apologizing doesn't make me look weak or makes me look stronger and I actually remember in you know in high school there was a teacher who would go off and I would never apologize and I lost respect for them because they never own their man and so only that actually makes us more respectable and I think our hesitation to submit is a star pride I don't want to look weak I don't want to look like I messed up but the reality is you ARE WE CAN YOU ARE must own it it's not just you know it's you're right it's sort of part of nature that's you know reading the new reality you can't you can't grow and you can't change if you don't only you know it's like Jesus can't save you from a phantom sin or a phantom struggle that's not much trouble will. Hear from you that you don't need Jesus you know it's all going from Jesus as the center means that you can and need to own the fact that him being the. Source of reflection of the trinitarian God Yeah each entity each person is submitting to the other and they. There is no competition there is no person shining They're all and this this this community this culture of submission provides a certain unity towards the center as well there is no selfishness and I think the the common denominator in these issues always deals with selfishness and there's a quotation that was actually shared with us that I want to share it in a book called early writings page under 1000 and it says if pride and selfishness were laid aside 5 minutes would remove most difficulties and I find that statement to be so true you know that at the end of the day the challenges that we face that 1st of all break the unity in our own with our spouses with our children they all boil down to selfishness either they are the reason why there's the stress or the conflict or the reason why that stress and conflict are not resolved you know if at some point you enter into this kind of an argument or discussion the simple way to resolve it is by not being selfish you know by saying OK let's find a way to resolve this even if I'm not the one that started it I'm going to find a way to end it but the issues were not that way right and so selfishness ultimately is the reason why either arguments begin or why arguments don't end and I find that statement to be extreme and I think it's so. Emotionally charged because I feel like a lot of times what sometimes brokenness in experiences in the past where we have felt like people were not looking out for us kind of made us kind of you know nurtured us in a way to be like well I got to look out for me I got to make sure my voice was heard in my opinion is stated because in the past this has not been the case and I think sometimes were using the baggage you know that we bring into the family that's kind of driving that that self is just as if we're almost justified what's like well know that you know I grew up where you know your voice cannot be heard children are seen not heard you know it cetera et cetera and so we can sometimes swing to an extreme which is really driving sometimes selfish decisions at the end because I'm trying to protect myself because I feel vulnerable and I think what underlies that is the courage to be vulnerable even in those moments like I have to let my family hurt me sometimes so let me let me add that this. Is going on with. This so let's be real so. You know that what the family members that we like yeah I made a mistake I'll submit but what if it's that one or 2. Or maybe the whole side of one family that this is like me and maybe they don't they're not godly or religious or spiritual or or even that mentality and they are from a background that is you know you know. Are we called to treat this as I know the answer to that but how do we how do we have it's easy to say this on air Yeah but how do we how do we make that real for people and impress upon I mean the answer is I know you know the answer to that is yes we should love people all the same and something that helps me when I'm just especially. You know scary but I'm really upset with someone and I'm just so mad at some of the dead and they didn't do is Ephesians 612 X. 12 OK and that is we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principle and powers are family members even the intolerable ones are not the enemy the devil is and even if they're operating by his principles they're still not the enemy and of course there's times it's easier to remember that than others but the end of the day is Jesus loves them with the same intensity that he loves me and he calls me to do the same and he gives us again it's impossible but it's possible he gives us the power to love them and to see past that to know that they're his children well and they're right there it's impossible but it's possible and we want to ask you that we are not perfect by any means we have some really imperfect families but we're endeavoring by the love of Christ to be having to have united families we have that you pray for us we want to pray for you so your comments your prayer requests on our social media platforms on Facebook Instagram Twitter and when else what else we have but we want to hear from you we want to pray for you hopefully this episode has been a special blessing to you it's been a blessing to us we'll see you next week here on in verse you've been listening to inverse a Bible based conversation with how the word is rolled up Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter he could die or go host just an. Inverse is brought to you by the folks at television that changes. But this and more inspiring after so it was an inverse hope to watch. This on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this isn't very.


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