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Tribute To God

Brian Hindman


Brian Hindman

History and Bible Teacher, Mount Pisgah Academy


  • October 29, 2016
    12:15 PM
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Good morning and happy Sabbath everyone was just this past Thanksgiving on Thursday was making my way down the road my wife and I had traveled about a 1000 miles that day and we had to eat Thanksgiving dinner at a truck stop because everything was closed we're driving back from British Columbia where we went to go visit my son and found the academy and we stopped to eat somewhere in somewhere in Missouri and we realized everything is closed so we had to settle for a truck stop as we made our way further over a 1000 miles that day we were coming into the city of St Louis and it was getting late it was dark and there are some turns to make there through the city and as we were coming through the city. We had a G.P.S. in the car I had a G.P.S. on my phone and my wife had a G.P.S. on her phone and they were all saying go this way on Interstate 64 East and in my mind I did not think that was correct. And so I contradicted 3 G.P.S. is and said let's go interstate 70 east I just knew that I knew better or you know how this story's going to end. We the way that I thought we were supposed to go and wound up going the wrong direction and seeing signs that said we're headed for Chicago which was not the direction. Of an hour that we wanted to be going and so I had to get off make some back road turns and anyway a little small detour but one that was frustrating when you've been driving for a 1000 miles and you're sitting on a truck stop food for Thanksgiving dinner and Anyway my wife still is married to me and we're we're still in love I believe is that true honey yes but anyway I am so thankful that God has given us a G.P.S. in his word a more sure word of prophecy the Bible tells us and Peter 119 that we would do what we would do well to take heed and to as unto a light that shines in a dark place until the day dawn and the day Star arise in your hearts and so this morning our subject is a tribute to God as we consider the Thanksgiving season you know Thanksgiving as is my favorite holiday more than Christmas 4th of July birthdays all those other things because we just pause and spend time with our families and consider what we are thankful for and it is so meaningful to me to do that maybe also in part that I don't really like shopping that much and so Christmas and why they have to follow it up with Black Friday right after spending a whole day being thankful now I need to go and get the latest flat screen because I'm not thankful enough or something but the time of Thanksgiving in this time of season. Is so special to me and so as we look at a tribute to God invites you to open your Bibles to Luke Chapter 17 we're going to look at a story here in Luke Chapter 17 and notice the question that Jesus asked in this story Luke Chapter 17 and will be looking at beginning in verse 11 it's a story about 10 lepers you know were told that leprosy in the book the desire of Ages was the most dreaded disease in all the East the area where Israel was located at this time the most dreaded disease because of its hideous effects up on the person they were forced to live away from society forced to leave their family their friends their neighbors colleagues whoever and forced to cry out whenever anyone was around unclean unclean and were also told in the spirit of prophecy that leprosy that physical condition is also like into the sinfulness that we all have and all need forgiveness for was notice the story of 10 lepers beginning in Luke 17 verse 11 the Bible says and it came to pass as he Jesus went to Jerusalem that he passed through the midst of some area and Galilee if you know your geography you know that some area in Galilee are north of the city of Jerusalem and some area was an area where of people called the Samaritans lived that were not well liked by the Jews the Samaritans were the the remnants of what had once been the 10 kingdoms of what were the northern kingdom of Israel in 722 B.C. they were taken into captivity by the Assyrians and the Assyrian policy when they took people into captivity was to move people around like pieces on a chessboard so that they would not be near their family and their neighbors and friends and they could not easily start a revolt against them. Once they were conquered so it was to subdue it subject them they move people around and as the tin kingdoms of the northern tribes of Israel were moved around they became assimilated into the cultures around them and they had a mixture of some of the truth about God but it was mixed with heathen pagan ideas of worship so Jesus pass through this area and then in verse 12 it says and as he entered into a certain village there met him 10 min that were lepers which stood a far off and why are they standing afar off because they were unclean and they had to announce that they were unclean wherever they went they were not allowed within the city limits of the town's verse 13 and they lifted up their voices and said Jesus Master have mercy on us as Jesus had mercy on us today. Do we have that same desire for Jesus to have mercy on us verse 14 and when he saw them he said unto them go show yourselves unto the priests Now why did he say this go show yourselves unto the priests if you go back to the Book of Leviticus we find that the way that the lepers that were back in the days of the time of Moses were supposed to be judged if they were healed or not was to go show themselves to the priest and the priest would make that determination whether or not they were clean or whole That was their call to make and so Jesus is sending them to the priest by way of the proper channel go and let the priests know that you have been cleansed or healed now they were not Clinton or healed at that point but notice what they did it says and it came to pass that as they went they acted upon the Word of God which is what we are to do today they were cleansed acting upon what God said and 9 of them verse 15 await are you following along and one of them when he saw that he was healed turned back and with a loud voice glorified God one out of 10 just 10 percent went back and said they were grateful they were thankful to the mercy that God had had on all of them notice what he did in verse 16 it says and fell down on his face at his feet giving him thinks and he was a Samaritan the other 9 lepers that were healed were all Jews the one who was thankful and returned back was a Samaritan one who did not have the fullest connection in understanding the truth that God had given to his people he was a Samaritan verse 17 and Jesus answering said Here's his question were there not 10 cleansed but where are the 9. Where are the non Where are they shouldn't be thankful should they be grateful for the goodness of God upon them and yet they were content to be healed and cleansed and go on their way without a thought or care as to giving glory and credit to God for healing them with Jesus say the same to us today if you were standing here in our church where are the other 9 those who appreciate and value the rich blessings not just temporal blessings but the spiritual blessings that I have poured out upon them where are they verse 18 there are not found that return to give glory to God save this stranger a Samaritan who was not privileged to know in the fullest sense all of the teachings that God had committed to the Jews and then verse 19 and he said unto him Arise Go thy way by faith have made the whole and I just have to make the point recognize again that faith is all of believing of what God has said and what God said is in verse 14 go show yourselves into the priest this man was healed because he believed what Jesus said and then he acted upon it so what does it mean to be thankful are we one of the 9 lepers who are not thankful or are we that one who recognizes the goodness of God and returns to give thanks to him you know David understood what it meant to give thanks King David let's turn back in the Old Testament for a moment to the book 1st Chronicles. When the ark was brought to Jerusalem David was so joyful so grateful that he wrote Islam in tribute to God that he had been able to bring God's Holy Ark a symbol of his presence into Jerusalem where David had set up his capital for his kingdom and it says here this is a psalm that is recorded in Chronicles 1st Chronicles 16 and will notice verses 8 through 12 1st Chronicles 16 verses 8 through 12 and notice what David says about how we should reflect and give thanks to God 1st Chronicles 16 beginning in verse 8 the Bible says Give thanks unto the Lord call upon his name now noticed this make known his deeds among the people so when God has been good to us we don't just keep it to ourselves we should let other people know as a testimony what God has done for us make it known among the people verse 9 sing on to him sing psalms unto him talk he of all his wondrous works do we have much to talk about for what God has done for us he min We sure do versed in glory ye in His Holy Name let the heart of them rejoice that seek the Lord seek the Lord and his strength seek His face continually and now notice verse 12 we remember. Do we have a tendency to forget it so many times the Bible begins statements with remember because we do have a tendency to forget it and I am rebuking myself publicly remember his marvelous works that he has done his wonders and the judgments of his mouth and so today we want to remember just some of the great marvelous and amazing things that God has done for us there is a statement in the little book steps to Christ that classic book where we are told the following let us not be always thinking of our wants and never of the benefits we receive too often I think I have a tendency to treat God like Santa Claus and just bring a list to him rather than to spin that time in reflection and gratitude towards him for what he has done for me the benefits that I have received then it says we do not pray to any too much but we are to sparing of giving thanks to sparing of giving things we are the constant recipients of God's mercy notice constantly the breath of life in our nostrils is a gift from God caused the recipients of God's mercy and yet how little gratitude we express much like the 10 the 9 lepers who were clinched and went back and did nothing about it it didn't reflect any any thankfulness yet how little gratitude we express how little we praise him for what he has done for us well this morning I want to praise God. I want to praise Him with all my heart with all of my soul with all of my strength and I have invited a few friends of mine to share with me in that praise and so this morning I would like to buy a can and Brenda Allen to come up here with me if you have not met these wonderful people you must do so right away as soon as possible they are so wonderful and so precious here you can come stand over here I have invited them to share with us how God has blessed them and what they are thankful for in this past year you know their new here in this church this year I'm new here in this church this year we were here last Thanksgiving and their experience is so exciting and I think encouraging to me because there is so willing to help and be involved from the moment they were baptized in our church just when was that the summer. End of June and so I've asked them just to share a few things about how God has blessed him personally and so they've agreed to do that without hesitation really marvel at that because I probably would hesitate if somebody asked me and so thank you Ken And Brando for being willing to share and I guess really the 1st question is that going to be you Brenda that's going to share 1st what are some specific things that you are thankful for and how God has blessed you this past year. Through got everything is possible. I want to thank him number one cannot that this church and we are mindful that we bring that to church and we feel like that it was not by accident that we got to this church we had been to actually many churches visiting and. I think. I call it the same God put a little seed in us 23 things happened that were out from time and we ended up here. We are so thankful so thankful that he did leave this year it is for sure this is the church I want to be in when I have never seen a church where God has doing such great work to you people. And we thank you you are your friend number one for the knowledge we gained through so many of you see so many precious spaces we had aired in Virginia Bagwell as mentors that are gardeners through the through our own. Discipleship and wherever they are they have been such a blessing to have taught us so much I also want to mention the ringers Carolyn being on have also but so many of us see your faces that have been so such an outpouring of love and of guidance you you people have we've never seen a church and we've been in again many where the people are so knowledgeable multi-talented we're so thankful for you we we're thankful for you we're so thankful for our pastors. And for this church and for accepting us because I don't know where we'd be that but a the many churches we've been in and we feel like this is absolutely no mistake and we love this church we love you and we thank you for accepting us we thank you for all you've told us and much more to come. So if you're right for us I'm sure that we have a lot of knowledge yet to go with like before when thing nice and if you're not coming you're really missing a blessing. And also another one that needs a pat on the back of the line and her group they give us a final meal every Wednesday night to amen that the thank you all we love you and we love this church what he meant all right all brother can how is God led you in this past year at any specific ways or things come to mind well. As when it was saying we we visited many churches Brenda's New Year's resolution for 3 years running was to find us a church home and we have been shopping for a church and. Always open for. A new experience and in the 2015. Mountain State Fair. So I wanted been a stay at a booth in one building and. We stopped there and chatted with a gentleman for a short while and. I walked away with this with this brochure. And that's called a seed it's about the 7th Day Adventists. And that was September of 2015 I've came home for a little way and. There sat well New Years rolled around and once again Brenda renewed her resolution and. Of all things or was a program advertised in the Times News newspaper. For a Daniel Fast series and. I am perpetually always in need of dietary help. And. This seemed like a very good thing and. Prior to joining the Daniel fast. I found this brochure back and they my files and read it Brenda read it and we thought there's certain pretty good going on there so we went to the Daniel Fast participated met a whole bunch of wonderful people. Helpful encouraging. It just was a great experience. And thanks to our Energizer Bunny here stores the words a minute. Or so after that the revelation series started and we started attending that we started going attending Sabbath services and. During that time I felt the. Need to be baptized. I never have I would I am from an old school Protestant background where I was sprinkled and brand of felt the need to be renewed so we were baptized and joined the church and amen. This as Brenda so well so that we we are so thankful to be here it's been a there is something very right going on in his church. And what part of the reason that we were unsure 1st was that the doctrine church doctrine wherever we were was changing it was always trying to be politically correct. The. Congregants satisfy all their congregants and it just didn't sit well with us we found the 2 stretchers biblically oriented and biblically Dr unaided Yes and we are very happy to be here he met. The man OK everything that you bring to do you have a other follow up on and why yes OK as in this is a follow up of all we share this power want to remind you of Corinthians 2nd print the inspired 17 their poor anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. All things are passed away and all things become new this was discussed this morning actually in our separate class and it's so very true we're stuck thankful to be here and we just want to continue and we pray that you will pray for us to do the things God meant nurse to do in this church because we want to be as much a part of this as we can be. Namely that we thank you all and I think your last question was why the more sure a yes why does God want to praise him well that ias his main thing is he wants us to have a personal relationship. I think it be very difficult to be a true Christian and not have a personal relationship so we want to be thankful to him through our feelings in throughout the day pray throughout the day we do that and we lift you all up I know that everybody's got problems we have problems we don't always understand God does and he's got a reason for it he meant and for sure he will somewhere down the line just what it is and we should be thankful for that because we're always learning and we always know that he has us in mind and he loves us so much. And even thank you precious people even. Get to know Ken and Brenda I'm sure you will they are such a blessing in our church immediately. I've invited one other person to come up who is also knew all of all of us that are speaking today were knew we were not here last year or last Thanksgiving but the Lord has brought us here to Hendersonville for a reason and a purpose to be joined together with you in his body in his church and so Dr try on if you would just come up for a moment and ask him to share just a few things and his wife beautiful wife Cindy as to how God has blessed them this year and in specific ways that he has led in their lives and even bring them here to Hendersonville 1st question is why what are some of the specific things God has done for you in a text a text that comes to my mind is so i'm 1611 show you the path of life in your presence is fullness of joy that's your right hand of pleasures at last I began sensing a little over a year ago that God had a transition in my life I didn't know what. But I'm so glad that he did and I began to think not only is the transition important but how does God want to speak to me and I found 4 things that were very important to me One is I wanted to pray like Jesus prayed not my will but thine Luke 2242 Lord not what I want but whatever you are no matter what it is and so I began praying that way and the 2nd thing I want to do is how did Jesus live by the word Matthew 4 for man shall not live Randy shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God So in my personal time with the Lord I begin asking God to speak to me through the Bible I want to hear you speak what you want for my personal life and he did and then I think 3 I wanted him to confirm it with the testimony of Jesus I found it was I'd laugh sometimes 4 30 in the morning I'd be really and I would find something this is you know this is telling me that this is the direction he's leading me and then I turn to desire of a desired reads of the city it's even the same the same story that I happened to find it just happened to get together and know the Lord was speaking to me that way so the 3rd thing you did was confirming with the testimonies but I said a little I want one more Lord I want you to open up divine providence for me and so it was February 16th we were looking to see where God wanted us to be in ministry I think it was February 16 and it was it was who would have known a year before I had no idea we had no idea you had no idea it was Pastor Bryan's 1st Sabbath here is that right yes our 1st Sabbath here and I had been speaking over the past year battle and what do you think about maybe starting with papa and getting ready to get baptized. No papa I'm not quite ready yet a few months later when I think about starting with papa no papa not ready yet that you have to understand she's been studying she began studying her Bible a long time ago having her own personal worship in her own bedroom in the morning loves the story of Esther and loves her Bible but Papa wasn't the right one of the right time but when Pastor Brian gave the sermon his 1st sermon in this church when he sat down Pastor David Wright got up and he pulled up and he said I'd like to give an invitation of those who would like to make a decision for Jesus and at that moment Madame grabbed one of the little carts and she filled it out and she turned in and the next thing happened we got a visit you know he didn't waste any time no no grass grow under his feet he was at our door saying I've come to visit you and he sat down with Madeline and the 2 of them made a decision they get together and they studied at school and went through the series and made a decision to be baptized and I found that God does honor those requests if Will submissive say Lord not what I want it will look in the word say Lord change my thinking and I want to do it your way not what I think is best confirm it with your testimony and at the last not 1st but last fall it was sign me man. You have another question yes I have a question how does God lead in the last year well that's a lot of it I think I love how God leads through little girls in my life and has watched them grow it was. It was a meeting that I was asked to go to to learn how to do evangelism better and I went to hear Doug bachelor and and I really was having a good weekend one of my wife to come in at the last minute she couldn't she had other responsibilities and I got up and went to the church service and as I was sitting there in the back with the loved ones from the church where God had me in a ministry at that time and I got a text and text can be dangerous can't they but I did get a text saying why don't you come sit with me and my family and it was from Pastor David Wright and I thought well you know I could do that that wouldn't look quite right here I'm sitting with other friends from from where I'm serving in a different capacity I don't think I could get up and leave but about that time. A little girl had to have attended some of the her own personal needs and took her money by the hand and left the auditorium one of the back of the church to take care of her little needs and as she came back into the church coming from behind me she spotted me she spotted me and it was a little Marianne and she always sits right over here and I think about her every time I see her I think of this story because she made a beeline right to me and I was sitting there in the aisle and she had put the little arms wide stretched out and as she stretched her arms out she came up to me and threw her arms around me and said Would you please come sit with me. All right now who can turn her down here you know you can turn her down there what I say is folks you have to excuse me I've got a special day here so I went to sit with her and you know every time I'd ask Pastor David a question later that day he never gave me his opinion he always said well let's see what the Bible says let's see what the testimony is that read it for yourself never told me what to do and one thing led to an. And you know what I have found going to ask my family and that includes the panderers since they're part of my family too to stand all the family that are here with me today just stand up you have to say anything this is just part of my family that's here with me today all the both rose you don't have to stand up if you can't make it because I know your heart's here hasn't God blessed me with the wonderful family have a seat but also I want to thank God for my church family and what they mean so much for me the next question you're going to say something no no no you go ahead and the next why do you believe it's important for us to praise God Some 1071 of my favorite songs the verse verse says oh give things to the Lord for He is good for his mercy endures forever I think God because He is God and His mercy endures and I always tell my grandchildren always love Jesus always that the Bible and always live the Sabbath if you love those 3 you can go through anything in life I believe it's important to be able to do those things and the last part that I want to share with you I'd like to share that is it takes give thanks to the medal and I want you to always remember Jesus loves you and he's going to lead you in some 1611 he'll show you the path of life in His presence is fullness of joy and his right hand of pleasure. But I couldn't say the last part because I'm a kind of an emotional guy and I think I break down just tears come down my face I brought my wife up to say instead. Make it hard on me I just want to say when we started coming here Madeline shared with me the 3 favorite things about this whole church to her our Pastor David Pastor Brian because they're both very funny. And Elaine Padgett. Set me up for this. Lawrence an attack to me. That in church today. While Madeline was getting dressed afterwards she said this is the best day of my. Thank you so much thank you. Even Well God is good thank you. The man God is working we have so much to be thankful for and I'm sure that's just the tip of the iceberg for what they could have shared and what can bring to could have shared so much to be thankful for God is working and leading and he's going to continue to guide us as we prepare for his soon coming Well I just would like to mention just a few things and I'll just give you the references for these of those of you I know this church is a very active church biblically we want to be Biblically correct not so much politically correct but biblically correct if culture changes and you're following the culture then you'll change with the culture but if you're following the Bible and the culture changes you'll follow the Bible and stay with what the Bible says the Bible says and he was 38 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and how long and forever so as I think about some of the many blessings that I have personally and how God has led us here. There are so many temporal things to be thankful for house car food clothing but as I considered the message today and it dawned on me how often do I overlook the spiritual blessings that God has for me as wives want to give you a rundown of just and I'll just give you the reference for them just for the sake of time that these are spiritual blessings that I am thankful for number one repentance and forgiveness Acts 531 tells us that is the gift of God that it is God who gives repentance and forgiveness are we thankful for that this morning. And even Number 2 I am thankful for the everlasting comfort and the hope that we have that God gives us the Bible tells us in clear terms that hope itself is a gift from God inside us alone in chapter 2 and verse 16. Number 3 I am thankful for the spiritual life and the godliness that God gives to us in 2nd Peter chapter one verse 3 The Bible says that God has given to us all things that pertain or that relates to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him that have called us to glory and virtue all things that were Godliness is really God likeness and he has given us the Bible says all things anything that relates to becoming like God and having his character he has given it to us Do I sense that and realize that I am I appreciated appreciating that. Today I say I am psycho Peter 13 number 4 I am thankful for today the gift of the SAB the Bible tells us the Sabbath is a gift from God In Exodus 1629 a gift of time it's been said the most valuable thing you can give to someone is that stuff but it's your time and God has given us his time for a whole 24 hour period every week that we might come apart from our our cares our business and our stresses and focus on what's most important the gifts of the Sabbath number 5 I am thankful for the grace that God gives to us if he's in chapter 4 verse 7 says that God has given to us His grace and given it to us abundantly number 6 I am thankful for the love that God has for us and that love Romans 55 is shed abroad in our hearts through another gift the gift of the Holy Spirit we are rich this morning spiritually brothers and sisters if we don't we don't even realize it do we the gift of the Holy Spirit which brings with it the gift and the manifestation of God's love all of these are tremendous gifts that God has given to us but wait it continues on number 7 I am thankful for the gift of Jesus Christ Isaiah Chapter 9 verse 6 says For unto us a child is born unto us a son is what is given and he was given. For all eternity he was given to the human race as our brother our friend as our God He was given to us and of course why was he given we know John 316 For God so loved the Hendersonville 7th Day Adventist Church that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life and Jesus is a gift that each one of us can have and accept today and then finally I'll invite you to turn to this verse limitations chapter 3 verses 22 and 23 limitations chapter 3 and will read verses 22 and 23 and I'll close on this gift that God has given to us at least 8 or 9 things spiritual gifts blessings that God has poured out on us today are we thankful or are we like the 9 lepers who go on their way and give little thought or little attention to what God has done for us limitations Chapter 3 beginning in verse 22 Do we have that this morning if you have that verse please same in limitations 3 beginning in verse 22 The Bible says it is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed so what is it that causes us not to be consumed and destroyed his mercies I am thankful for His mercies and then it continues on and says because his compassions fail not and how often are they renewed they are new every morning every day every week every Sabbath every year even though Thanksgiving comes once a year God's mercies are not once a year they are every year every day that is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed because his compassions fail not they are new every morning great is what. Vi faithfulness I am thankful for the faithfulness and the patience of God with each one of us when we don't recognize that we should be more grateful and more thankful for what he has done for us because if we are thankful and grateful our experience will be changed our lives will be changed our countenance and our characters will be changed as we reflect more and more gratitude towards God will have more and still more of a desire to give him praise and to give glory to Him which is the 1st angel's message fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come our Father in Heaven Lord truly great is your faithfulness to us in spite of our indifference and lack of thankfulness and gratitude to you you have still abundantly richly poured out your grace mercy and love to each one of us Lord help us to realize and appreciate more fully the sacrifice that has been made at an infinite cost for each one of us help us to reflect more and still more praise and give you the glory that you deserve We praise you today and we ask and plead for your continued mercies and blessings in our lives goddess and latest This week we pray in Jesus' name a minute this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio. 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