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Protecting…the Funds, the People, the Property

Michelle Ancel


Now is the time to protect our entities from criminal activity. Whether it is protecting our offerings, our congregations, or our facilities, we all need the tools to do this.




  • June 17, 2018
    10:30 AM
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Now churches much like schools these are things that unfortunately we never thought we'd have to worry about. You know we side in a 20 years ago 3040 years ago I mean it's crazy that we've got to worry about people coming into schools coming into churches to target these places and does anybody know where the largest act of terrorism or at a school on U.S. soil occurred. Arduous act of terrorism probably really no or bad Michigan you know the year. Was in the forty's you're right it was in the forty's he was in the forty's. Does anybody know what happened was that the 21 of the book you know. All right so wasn't Columbine right we remember Columbine we remember Virginia Tech we remember all sorts of different things that have happened recently X. I think was 1927 there were 40 some individuals that died in this attack I believe it was 46 individuals and what happened was a guy who was actually on the school board but he was a farmer on the school board he was upset with the taxes being raised to fund the school so the night before he goes and said he had some military background set up some mock bombs inside the school waited for the kids to come and set it off and killed the entire middle school class in Bath Michigan and then he had secondary devices set up so when the police and fire came he let those off and those took out some police and firefighters as along with the superintendent I think Prince of all asshole horrible thing happened right here back Michigan that not many people know about but it's been going on for years right we say it's picked up steam it's something that that is somewhat new to us if you well ah but it has happened in the past and now unfortunately we're we're having to think about different ways to keep our doors open at the churches and be inviting at the churches yet somehow have some sense of security and safety when we're there right churches it seemed like back in the day I grew up in Lansing that you could go at least to our Catholic churches that we were around but you could get into those buildings $2047.00 it seemed like and now you've got I mean the Methodist church I go to now I gotta enter a keypad I gotta turn off the alarm if I want to get in after hours if it's not 8 to 5 Monday through Friday type of thing and it's unfortunate but if we don't do that things will be stolen and they'll just be other problems so. Deadly force incidents said faith based organizations from 1999 to 2017 so just short of 20 years there of the totally deadly force incidents were 1617 and at about 28 percent of those we had to die and we had some of us involved so it's happening and we've got to take it seriously and we've got to understand that it's something we really need to look at now in the group here do I have pastors or pastors that are in here know pastors is that safety team leaders or security leaders is it its financial people is that what's the rest of them so what's the draw from the financial and what do you guys I mean is that Are you related to the safety are you worried about the liability What's the if you force them to come. And what's at said you should be here and so hopefully you take back some of what you have here either to the past or to your safety team leaders all but you really think about ways to potentially implement some security and you might have some and so part of this isn't just me talking to you it's you telling the group what you're doing at your facilities is anybody here not from Michigan so everybody looks like they're from issue OK All right what do you think the top 3 reasons are for deadly force a we're talking at a church. OK anger maybe even a little more specific it's not bad domestic violence right we see a lot of domestic violence issues and that's where someone you know my husband usually gets upset with the wife or the girlfriend they bring a weapon they do something stupid. Personal conflict that could be just about anything you know mentally not stable and then a robbery All right so 3 things that we commonly see you are more related in these in these dynamics. This tells you. Which denomination is or has been the most targeted there's really no rhyme or reason per se it's I know not too hung up on this but non-denominational and Baptists obviously in the 20 percent since just where these shootings have occurred. All right were not in use the names of these individuals and I had to refresh my memory before I came in on each one of them but these next 3 slides are individuals that were involved in some church shootings as of recent this one was in Charleston South Carolina. Are can't even read my own handwriting but it was a church in South Carolina and 9 people were killed this next one was burned that Church of Christ in Tennessee one died 7 were injured bowls with guns 3rd one was one of the bigger ones this was 1st Baptist Church with us which left 26 people dead in Texas OK So these individuals are out there for the various reasons why they are common but these are not the who are focusing on today we're going to focus on these individuals who help stop the assaults that were occurring All right so the 1st guy is ROBERT ENGLE he confronted Mr Burnett the individual from Tennessee and had a little wrestling type match he wasn't armed but I was able to restrain him long enough to get you know law enforcement that arrived and was able to take care of business these 2 guys gave chase I don't know if they were armed or not to the individual in Texas to the 1st Baptist guy in tuxes So he goes on his shooting spree shoots kills 26 people injured some others and these 2 guys are giving chase to em. Well this lady here this is not related to the 3rd picture up there she was on her church's safety committee team out in Colorado Colorado Springs and she was armed they had they brought in their church all allowed weapons to be carried by their safety team members and so she shot and killed the individual. Which then I guess brings me to my question to you is should we have guns in churches I don't have the answer but I'm not here to tell you you know what the state police says or doesn't say present is I'm just asking you is that something that you would support your church. Some people shake their heads up and down some are quite sure you know it's awkward I mean there have been a gun in the church I don't don't seem right really but it did for. Everyone we know of no one. Has. Gone through. Or don't want to go to. Or why Right and so the pastor couldn't we're going to talk about the laws and what the pastor has the authority to do as it relates to concealed weapon but a concealed weapon is something that you know I put on my ankle and I put my pant leg over it so nobody knows I have it it's conceal I have a gun on my hip but I put something over it it's concealed there's actually no law in Michigan that prohibits somebody from strapping or gone on the rolls on the side not having it concealed and walking down the street there's no law that prohibits that but you go into cities you go into villages you want to townships they might pass some city ordinances or things like that but nothing stop somebody from from taking a gun putting on their hip hip and striking down the street now there are laws that say you can't bring it into a church you can't bring it into a school things like that right if someone gets a concealed weapons permit they get a little bit more authority but that's still limited inside the church now a pastor can actually has the right or has the in the ability to actually give consent or permission to some people in his congregation if you choose is due to carry a weapon but that's a big deal right I mean that that's a huge deal who would you be giving a weapon to. Is that individual trained what's their mental stability how do you know this person on your safety committee you know really well one of the examples of stories I like to say is. When I was down to training I was assigned this like 20 years ago I was assigned to work temp staff at our training academy and while a temp staff we were training the recruits and got to interact with them you know with the fake weapons on the on our side don't have any backup from that. Every time I want to come back to the story every time I go to a scene the scene of something there's a gun it I go to a car gear crash there is a weapon at that scene if I go to a domestic violence incident there is a gun at that scene every single time it doesn't matter if it's a simple standby if it's checking a while being at a house there's always a gun why is that what's happened I bring the gun I walk in the room. I bring a gun right so every time now my I didn't see a deer until I was 15 years old I mean city a lance in a city kid you know I'm a I saw it I guess before that but I didn't I didn't hunt I didn't really go fishing we were not doors you people we want you know we did the sports type of stuff. But my point being I didn't fire dawn until I got in the state police right then hold a hand on so I'm pretty good whether I got a badge here that says I've got I should have a goal although I've got a good marksmanship but I'm not an expert but I'm not a expert in the weapon so let me fast for now back to that story I was telling you I saw him down there at this training this recruit school we're trained in the recruits and I'm role playing as the police officer and this other state trooper is roleplaying as the bad guy and we're standing in this group of 20 recruits or showing them how to do a traffic stop. And so he is trained in martial arts and he does a whole bunch of other stuff you know on the side outside of the state police but had a mom a car and he had his you know hands up like he supplied were supposed to and I'm sure on the recruit you know your path your arms down and you come down in one motion one motion I kid you not he reached back grabbed my gun my holster turned around and what you know is a fate on there was a you know we had a wooden gum but pointed at me it's a bang your dad and I couldn't believe it like you know my gun was secured in my holster and it happened so fast and they just know it stuck with me that this you know trooper a good guy but there's others like that that aren't good guys and good gals that are very well trained and so I show up to the scene as a trained state trooper I bring a weapon there there could be somebody stronger faster more familiar with weapons now you give a gun at a church to somebody to carry around that isn't a state trooper that may not have the training My point being you've got to be careful not telling you not to I'm not telling you to do it I'm just saying be careful these. What sat. Well and so you're right so then in intermediate weapon we call them so you've got a firearm and you know deadly force but what about something in between where you're fired the taser again it's something that takes training I don't feel comfortable with tasers we have in the department I got trained on it once or twice you know 10 years ago but I'm in management now so I don't we are barely wear this uniform anymore squeeze this on this morning to make you know make sure that. These But so Point mean if you're not training with that news in it I've seen the guys and gals the troopers that you know and officers that you go to put the thing on and you've got to put it on just right if your hands you can you can very easily accidentally shoot it into your hand and I've seen that done more than once but absolutely no you could absolutely talk to your church and talk to what the pastor wants and what you know the safety team recommends and go down that road these grounds today either armed individuals. I know you're on the ground but wrong somebody's know I'm not going to tell you is yours don't. Hurt your revenue or. Your And that you're absolutely right they might freeze they might all the sudden become overbearing that might be perfect and you may think of somebody that this person won't be well in on emergency situation and they do a great job so you're absolutely right how do you know until faced with that with that decision or no arm you could pick somebody in the military maybe they have you know they're great on the outside but they've got P.T.S.D. or something going on on the inside or you could take a retired officer but how do you know again where they're at so there's just my point is there's a lot of liability in you I'm not telling you to do it or not to do it some churches do it big church Calvary I want to think I guess I shouldn't I'm being recorded here so I'm not sure what the church name is but down in Grand Rapids I know there's a couple larger churches where they have security guards most of them are the not paid bond Cheers A lot of them current police officers or retired police officers but they carry their weapons around during church and they have it all designed where they rotate in and they rotate out they patrol the hallways you know that type of thing I see patrol it's not like you would look at them think that's a police officer walking down just looks like a greeter or not sure you know somebody walking down the hall and making contact with people as they come in and that's what you want to do right because we want to keep it from we want to make it a nice environment where people can come in they feel safe they feel welcome I mean that's what the church is supposed to be there for so it's finding that balance is easy at the state police post in the military you can just put some armed guards outside if you walk in that might feel a little intimidating walking by these individuals but that's not what we want at a church I don't think so. So our goal today to talk about ways to liberate places of worship from being soft targets they need to confront threatening behavior from want within its walls and from the outside All right so crime really has 3 pieces right we've got to suspect there's an individual that wants to do the harm we've got and another person that's the victim and we've got a 3rd piece that well who knows the 3rd piece might be a suspect what is it our witnesses know but there you've got a suspect they want to do harm a victim that they're targeting what do they need vocation or. Opportunity they need an opportunity right so they need the opportunity to do it so what we're talking about is trying to limit this opportunity and what we talk about with like safety with teenagers and whatnot and I've got 4 teenagers at home and they are good my daughters especially 3 girls one boy but they are not all but a couple of my daughters are just glued to that phone right so they could be walking in the parking lot of Bolivia's to the cars coming through Meyers a lot somehow or an at them to put the phone away right so they're getting better at it but that would be if I was a criminal I would be looking for somebody to target like that right if I want to steal a purse my going to steal a purse from somebody that looks like they know what they're doing they're paying attention to their surroundings or am I going to steal the person somebody that's just they have no idea what's coming next you're run up you push and grab the person take off right so you're looking for it so what we want to do is talk about how we limit this opportunity right we can't really get rid of the suspects we can't do that we don't want to be a victim or talk a little bit about how not to be a victim but we really want to limit that opportunity at our church so what are some things that we can do. And we talked about this already we want the church to say welcoming and inviting while still ensuring our security should be open for all to attend and feel welcome. Anybody know what your church is any churches growing up tell me which church REP Would you allow You have SAF that carries weapons at your churches some of you are shaking your head yes somebody says is that something where there's a policy in place already and it's all that it or is it just individuals or just kind of carrying it on their own. And not sure who can't knock down which churches that's. But so some people are you know are trying to take the steps as they feel that's the way to go to be secure and so I will tell we'll get to and talk a bit more about it now some other steps we can take just some natural security here you're seeing in our house at the before picture maybe it's an apartment there but what can't they see you know if you're out the before. You know a lot of hiding spots you can't really see out any of the windows that are there and somebody could easily get come and sneak up on me or if you had some washers or people walking around in the print of the building they still might not ever see anybody because there's too much for them to get and. The other thing you know we haven't seen it but like truck bombs or something like that obviously the fountains helps prevent keep people on the you know away from the building you know the big planters that some places planners with cement and so it's you know really it's your looks nice but it's to not allow the cars to drive up any closer to a building or to a spot so that's another thing to keep in mind as well anybody know of the broken windows theory says. What does that they can't kind of a police officer out of our New York I believe came up with this in the theory was was that if there is damage to a build windows are broken and there's graffiti it tells the neighborhood it tells the community that we just don't care right that stuff is there we just don't care enough to get a fix so continue on you know people do what you do on so the theory was get out there and fix it fix those windows put in the white balls you know help help and I don't want to say eliminate the crime because what might it be you might want some he said it might ruin my move the crime right so you you if your store keeps getting broken into and the lightbulbs outside on the city streets are damaged and there's graffiti out there and you go out there and you paint your the graffiti over and you go out and you put the light bulbs up in the UP IN THE LIGHTS somebody might come by some minutes there's too much light here somebody can see me they can pick up my face on a camera that's not good does that mean they're not going to commit a crime of break into a store they're just not going to break into your store but they're going to go down the street a couple blocks now it might it might program it that night might stop the individual but chances are we go back to that opportunity we don't want to give them the opportunity to do it so so the broken windows theory again if we see an issue let's get it fixed let's get it addressed. Their pain over the graffiti they're all right so the individual on the laughed or is that guy were. Are All Right how many I want to help you know I think the other one might be Best Buy I can't really tell a definite looks like a store somewhere but obviously what are they doing bringing people right you have greeters at your church. OK agreed is that your so do it we agree or is right we get we always get asked to sign up to do greeting or to do our showing to work in the nursery got to be trained in that one but so if your a greeter at your church are you what your main job and you've been told like what your goal is and what is what is it just to welcome people Guy Well you could have a nother job right away as a greeter if you're standing there in your greeting people in your shaking hands and all the sudden somebody is walking in with a with a trench coat on a day like today does that raise a red fly OK it does do you would you know what to do would you know if your greeter knew shake this person's hand in the sweaty and they just something just doesn't look right in their eyes and shake their hand in the they say hello and I passed by a brisk lean walk in to choose what do you do if you're a greeter with that suspicion right because you know something's not right now the hair is stood up on the back of your net and you know that something's not feeling right you go and tell the pastor no as 2 minutes before the service is getting ready to start do you pick up a phone and call 911 do you what is it that your policy or your training there tells you to do and so these are the things that we need to think about ahead of time and we have a plan in place to go do and then you've got to get the ushering in there's so many you know right you're just happy if you can find someone to come in Osher on a weekend let alone have a consistent group of people but if you could get that consistent group of people and you could train them in maybe it's just one or 2 people and they they're there you know you know one or 2 people each weekend but they're there with another family doing the greeting each week on and they've got some of that that extra training to help recognize some of these things so readers are a great way to help us not be victims of a great way to help take away that opportunity you get on the phone you make that phone call. Or you talk to your security team leaders that are there all right so safety and security teams are basics comprised of men and women who have been with the troops for a number of years typically fire you must police should be solicited but with a patient demeanor genuine well should be considered and then again I am not here to tell you what to do with the team per se right I'm not here to say that your church should you say and not be that that's for you to decide with your pastors in your your church leaders at your church to decide whether or not you want to have a weapon in church with a safety team member or you want to evolve have a different type a train every church is going to be a little bit different but I will ask you this question say this what stops a man with a gun when there's a another man with a gun or another woman with a gun right in the instant the instance I showed up somebody comes into the church with a gun we immediately call 911 because we want what we want a man with a gone very woman with a gun to show up in stop this and they will they just won't do it within 30 seconds typically right it's going to take a little bit of time for that man or woman that police officer to get there and so what has to what's going to happen in the interim between when they're called and when they get there all right so course having an approved security manual all odd conducting thorough interview if we were to have somebody allowed to do this or really with the safety team at all or even with your you know so many volunteer in the nursery you obviously want to make sure that you're back in some of these people obviously burn out we would want to make sure we have enough people the number of weapons in the building if you're going to allow that make sure that you know who has a gun make sure you know what training they've had you want to document your training do the training. In communication we struggle with this that outer sour church isn't huge but it's been around for 150 some years and we've just continued to add on to it so it's you know it has the main core portion of it that was there 150 years ago and then we've had a bathroom's here in classrooms there and so it's like a maze you know there's just bad it's you know scattered all over the place. But communication it's big enough to where you can't just yell down the hall you know there's a 2nd for there's a basement and how do you communicate if you are an officer in our joke that you are a greeter and you see someone come in and you make some extra contact with that individual you talk to or maybe you go and you sit by them or you have somebody else on the security who sit by them how do you communicate that to your other reader who was you know 100 yards down the hallway and they can't hear you simply by yelling so little they've got radios at Radio Shack you can get in your P.C. even with that and a little well man radios that work very very well so those that could be a way that you communicate it's very cheap video surveillance everybody you've got I'm sure all sorts of working cameras in their church right now you know you know many there they're expensive and the what do you do with it like I give you put a camera up does that mean that somebody is there to watch the camera you know right or is what's at a back up OK So you've got a camera and it records so it's more it's not to stop an act in progress it's to say hey our church got broken into last night let's see who was outside in the bushes let's you came into the church now you can use it for a little bit more that if you wanted to but you'd have to have somebody monitoring it during the church hours or whatever hours obviously you want you want to watch it on the monitor I do we do background shots hit the Internet up. You do background checks on volunteers Yes OK how do you do I'm. You take fingerprints and send them in. Yours OK verified So what does that I haven't heard of that before what those on the try to get the internet. So it's is that the I chat system OK All right so I checked out so maybe I might with those and type all the other not up and show you so i Chat is what it does is it's goes out and touches every court in the state emissions all hits all the public records right we've got the law enforcement information that we're calling can't use that system we can use it for law enforcement to run backgrounds to run filed tax and things like that can't do that for you know the volunteers the way we're talking about doing it so what you can do is you can register your church and for free you can run background checks on volunteers and personnel that are at your church and that's W W W dot Michigan dot gov backslash i Chat I C H A T I C H 80 so I'm a registered member for my church I'm a registered member for our I am safe we have a children's assessment center so I've got those 2 entities signed up as volunteer organizations and then I get in with the state police as well sir yeah yeah let me put it up here too for. You. Michigan to spell it out. Again. And then I'll backslash I see a. Way to. Forget what the acronyms for what criminal history is in there. But if you want to know what your neighbor you are you're suspicious about your neighbor you just put your credit card in there you pay $10.00 and you can run your neighbor for $10.00 and then it's going out there and it's hitting public records so it's not it's you could do it you could pick up the phone and call 80 to 100 you know district courts that we have here in the state of Michigan or you can go in the system pay the $10.00 and it doesn't for you and I'll tell you but it's only Michigan based it won't go outside the machine. You're going to. Yet name a Jet I did it's going to ask for a name date of birth and what I would do is run anybody yeah really that's that's those are the requirements the 1st name last name date of birth that I asked for race but I always put on known in there. In that's data birth but you know I don't know if you can do it by but you could do like 11 of 1060 right and then it'll get it'll hit within 5 years. Karate and then you may have to run it a couple times if you're not sure if they were born in the you know the sixty's or seventy's or whatever but you could run it that way and we'll come back and I got be careful because sometimes if you know like a last name like Smith or Johnson it'll give you a Bill Smith but then you've got to look closely OK the races is white but they're African-American the it says that there are 5 to what this guy 6 force then you got a local a little bit closer to make sure you got the right person. Someone. You can yeah yeah that does happen absolutely and then OK got you know we got. To confession over here I think I don't know. If you found somebody else with it and it does it absolutely does have. That yet doesn't make sense right and that's you know so it does happen. But it's a good system to use and we use it for ours and I think our policy at our church is every year we run the volunteers and like every 2 or 3 years we run the staff members so but it's a written policy only the safety committee chair can run it and then they would give it back to the pastor if that So what happens if you get it right we've had a couple people where we've run and there's something pops up so something that has never been anything big but somebody with bad checks or something like that in their history that pops up then what do you do does that mean then they can't volunteer in the nursery because they wrote a bad joke does that mean they can drive the bus with you know students to and from so you've got to decide on what that I want you to do with it all right so the sex offenders and I'm sure I've never looked at that website we do have a website here in Michigan where you can go and see registered sex offenders as well so in that one is the same Michigan backslash as so why are and so you could go in there and check that as well that's part of our policy to check that went with our volunteer specifically looking at the nurseries who would be working with are you of course somebody hanging around the children's area would be suspicious for no reason that there are many kids there all right we talked about this having armed or an armed individuals completely up to you on how you want to do it places of worship in Michigan are pistol free zones of according to Mission law the exception here senior authority of the ministry can grant rights to select C.P.L. holders as they see fit. And without a plan a course of everybody saying that the pastor can basically or senior church leadership can allow someone to carry a weapon in their church obviously you don't want your church to look like this last. TIME What we're going for here. Robert De Niro coming down in the sauna was. I think I saw her out on the grounds earlier was. All right we talked about the side chat already. Yeah keep a log you know and actually we use the I chat system it solves allows you to have you can run and see who you ran in that system so it actually kind of keeps a log for you. Yeah. We need you. So everybody you know who you. Are. And get that in and out. For my U.T. if they have. To run I chant is not there is the you have to register your agency or your church you have to register your church. It doesn't take much I did it with ours and we're connected here. And then now once you register then you can do the checks for free if you're not registered you can just go in your name and credit card number and you know run who you want. So this is the sex offender registry of course I did the Michigan Dago backslash as a wire and it didn't come up it said they'd not found so if you go to backslash M.S.P. from there you get all these links down at the bottom there's I chat and we'll show you that next and there's a sex offender registry so if you just do the M.S.P. and then go to the bottom you'll find that. This is a course in so again you can search for different areas for sex offenders you know be careful with this list so we you know you got to look at it a little bit closer the list was designed to keep sexual predators you know keep track of them so somebody that. That is looking to target all of the 40 year old guys going out there and trying to perp on these 10 year old kids right so that's what it was designed for it has caught up other individuals like a high school senior that dates a high school freshman they have a consensual relationship things go south and now it's illegal and now all the sudden because the girl is under the age of 16 that are on the sex offender registry so just make sure that you're looking at it closely when you're talking about you know individuals and using it to keep people out of different of different things but the sex offender registry you are I won't say demonstrated just to show you that there's the search and you can cordon and. You can search by name you can search by a city so you could and then it I guess. Yeah that's not accurate because I've done it before so. I may want to do this on the break you're from that misspell on. All right so there is so there's a list Bob then you can click on a specific person. You can look at it through a map view as well somebody would show me that but there's all sorts of different things you can do and play around pretty simple to do. Then if we go to the other want to know is. I so here's the guy Chad out. And so again this would be getting yourself registered. So hard remember all your passwords anymore got everything written down on command so you just log in and then when I log in I actually get like 3 different options like the state police my church and the I am safe CAC sent and so I pick whatever one I'm running it on her for that for that use they do limit it so I think you put the Rick when you make your request they ask how many searches you think you'll do want to hear. One year we had to do what everybody at our church we put down 100 we actually got to the cap and then you had to call and ask and say hey can you bump us up to one $150.00 for this year free searches and they did so but pretty simple to use now here also on this website if anybody is thinking about joining the state police I can I have some security material for a house. At. All There's no age limit anymore the state ways. OK So that's the system. Contact information there for i Chat All right. So I mean the recommendation one thing I guess I'd like you to take from here today and we'll jump into some specific policies in a 2nd but you know to go back and have some type of plan in place your plan may not involve having somebody with a weapon you know once an armed security guard right perfectly fine somebody else's church might involve having that my arm. Go back talk about it get something in writing hold some training we have to take it seriously because it is a changing society right now it is different than what it was you know when my dad was growing back up in the in the thirty's and forty's and fifty's it is different and it's unfortunate but we've got to change with the times and be prepared and be prepared so you know law enforcement has shrunk in recent times where we work in a county where I work in a county where our sheriff's department does not have a solid budget so they have had to dismantle the road patrol they have no general road patrol deputies they have deputies that work in townships that are contracted but no general road patrol simply because there's no budget there so were shrinking we have less officers now but it seems like we have more safety concerns and ever before. Correct yeah churches and schools malls I mean these are huge things so this is a training announcement for the 8 hour kind of the extended course if you wanted to go to it be on the Power Point presentation with your you want a copy of it or you can e-mail and get one but otherwise you can look at that Emma speed on gov website and you'll find this information there as well. So let me close out of this real quick. A couple here. So I was I How come up with 4 different policies is what our team did so I'll show you what the Start with a simple one so the fire policy right so we've got on a given day on a given Sunday morning we're not a huge church I am going to guess maybe 400 members I our Sunday school which I'm actively in which I'm actively involved with on Sunday school we have about you know on a given day there's maybe 100100 kids there between all the different grades and whatnot and they're spread all around the building we've got some up stairs some downstairs Senior High in the nursery and whatnot so we talked as a safety committee and this is again back in you know this is a decade ago we started working on this but what do we do if there's a fire you know do the do the parents know where are they going to run down the hallway back to their kids or are they going to know that were you know we're going out the back door and they're trying to run down the hall they get to us we thought let's put a plan in place share it with the congregation and let's do a fire drill at least once a year with the kids so once a year so we put the plan together and it's you know just a simple plan if there's a fire you run over and pull the fire alarm right if there's a fire you call $911.00 teachers all of the students if there's a fire you're going to grab your clipboard which is right by the door you're going to get a head count with the kids in you're going to walk out make sure you have all when you walk out you shut the door behind you and you're going to go down the street if you're in the side of the building you're going to the other church parking lot right next door to us if you're on the side of the building you're walking down to the city hall which is 2 blocks away watch out for police cars and fire trucks that are probably going to be speeding in there all that firearm and then we tell the parents we so we do that drill right we do the drill we don't know it's common so that they the teachers can you know review the powers you review the manual we have our manual sitting right there in that right by each door as well they can poll the policy book out and look at it whenever they want. But so we do that and we practice it with them and then on that same day we get up in front of the congregation. We don't make the congregation go through a fire drill but we point out that the exits are here if there is a real fire do not come down your kids because they're not going to be there they're already going to be out in one of these 2 parking lots had to one of those 2 parking lots but simple but we put it in place and then review it with individuals. We have one called lockdown in this I used the wrong term for this because it's. Lockdown refers to when there's an armed gunman and when there's an ill gun woman and I don't want to be discriminatory here you can have man or woman but when you have some type of incident where you know you've got a you've got to take action because there's a weapon involved and potential shooting Now does anybody know where the term lockdown came from it's used in schools schools will say they're having a walk down here heard that. Really know what where where to come from. Not well here this you know of that if they didn't pull it from prison but that that's a good it's a good guess so back in the eighty's maybe late seventy's early eighty's San Diego specifically out in California they were having a lot of issues with gang related shootings near schools so the school would be in session gang bangers or outside in the street you know on their drugs whatever it is something goes south guns gun shots are fired and the boss would come into the classroom they would hit the building they come through the windows and so the teachers you know are going to hit the ground while they were having such a problem with that that they developed a policy and they call that lockdown if there's guns being fired outside and there's activity out here we need to walk the school down lock the doors don't let anybody in and everybody take cover behind their desks and you know by the brick walls that type of thing right that made sense all right so fast forward then a decade or so and you start having some other shootings at schools and so now all the sun school administrators are saying and then we need to get a policy in place who's got a policy so they look around and they say oh they got some policies on California let's adopt a lockdown policy. But what what's the difference is there's a difference right. The do you know the difference what they were trying to prevent say in Columbine the after Columbine wasn't the gangbangers outside that there were some stray bullets they were trying to prevent somebody who was actively coming into the school specifically does target students and teachers to kill them so does the lockdown is that the best thing to do you think oh right you want to be a sitting target and just sit there and wait for someone to come in and take you out or do you want to do something maybe a little a little bit different and so now we've got different things that are out there there's Alice training in it's fight or flight type or training but basically it Sandu want to 3 things either either hunker down and high either fight back or run it just depends on the situation so the Virginia Tech shooting that guy was out there was at the college campus that guy's walking around shooting different classrooms and the instructor there was an old military veteran he ends up he's out there on the 2nd floor but they break out a window in the students climb all the way to one ends up with a broken ankle but everybody who has I think he gets shot actually because he's weight problem students to get out but they get out basically saved the classroom because he didn't hunker down because he took action to do something different so anyways we do use the term lockdown but same type of thing it's really the wrong heading for what ifs if somebody comes into the church one of the procedures we're going to fall to take action if you will how do we notify somebody if they come into the nursery and now there's an altercation because mom and dad are getting a divorce and Dad's getting really upset because he wants to take the kids out moms are saying no you don't have a right to the kids and you got this poor 18 year old nursery worker not sure what to do right who do what does she do pick up the phone you call 911 you put the phone down and then if you have a radio in there you try to radio one of your security team leaders right. Somebody if we get we actually have air horns at the church that was you know basically our communication to really notify people that there were going to be issues now the air horns aren't there anymore no walk around the church because we set this up 10 years ago and of course they've disappeared nobody knows the policy because we haven't stayed current with the training and whatnot I left the security team role just was there long enough somebody else took it over and this was under my watch and others you know saying that that we haven't done enough training we haven't kept up on it and so that was one of the ways we were communicate you know you saw in the air war and then everybody knows homeboy something bad happen you know we're going to get him out of the church or whatever we will. Point being though develop a policy train to the policy keep the policy current and it's hard because these bad things you know happen that often that's good it's a good thing they don't happen that often but we want to prepare for it and then stay vigilant more than. So 2 others we came up with who are severe weather right this is probably the one that's Morris most likely to hit the fire or tornado type of thing what do you do if there's a tornado could we fit all the Kevin We had Judge general idea of workers turn out of let's take the kids downstairs that makes sense except there's a whole bunch of windows in the big hallway that we're talking about putting them in so we haven't in one room there's a window but there's also a big heavy shade that can come down and so we can put the kids on the other side of the room but we were in that the room is not big enough so now where do we put the overflow and so now we use a hallway cause a type thing so and again we do a little training with the kids once a year I think we do this training in the spring with severe weather we do the fire drill in the fall in October and we get out front of the church and we give an announcement if there is a tornado warning the tornado is sighted it's coming at us don't parents come on down the hall to grab your kids because you know there's not enough spots to put adults and parents with where the kids are gone you're going out there sanctuary right downstairs into the choir room which is right below the sanctuary and that's where the parents are going to be students and teachers will be in another room so put it on paper practiced to it maybe run it by the insurance company and sure they're on board. And then the only I think we had a sponsor policy was one and this was for the volunteers as we're talking about the mandatory chocks requirements records confidentiality so we have a form they fill out a form they put down their name their date of birth but what do you do with the form that when your dollar that you know we shred it we get rid of it because we don't need to be running around with somebodies name and date of birth we run in the system in the i Chat check in the US So our system and if there is any type of violation we just were not violation some type of history we just let the they were at the pastor now and it's basically his or her discretion on how they want to proceed with that individual. All right so that's pretty much what I have for you reference places of worship and security we've got changing times different society we've got to be ready of something jumps out at us what the arm somebody don't arm somebody that's between you your church leadership as to how you want to see have houses in place practice towards those all Cs. Prepare for the worst but hope for us this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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