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Social Media Mayhem & the Internet Infection - Part 5

Christian Berdahl


The five-part seminar starts with a deep look at the dangers and benefits of the Christian life. Then dives deeper into the latest scientific findings on the impact of social media on the family and society. The Internet is here to stay and in many ways is a great tool. Learn how to discern and evaluate its use properly so it is a blessing in our life and not a curse.


Christian Berdahl

Founder of Shepherd's Call music ministry




  • March 21, 2019
    10:49 AM
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Gracious Heavenly Father Lord we come before you we want to understand what it is that you want in our lives and father we want to understand how we can proceed with you the most efficiently Lord we surrender our lives to you in our hearts and our minds and we say Father please change in us what does not please you and Father please bless us now with the Holy Spirit to guide and lead our minds in Jesus' name amen we have been contacted by multiple countries actually and we speak largely on on the subject of music and sacred worship but I did a short very short version of this just a 2 message version and it got out there apparently on the Internet and we've had different countries now starting to call and say Come please and talk on the subject in fact the end of this year will be in New Zealand and then on strictly a talking on the subject and so it's become near and dear to our heart and specifically because we see it as another distraction talking about social media the Internet is that it can be and become a distraction in our life if we're not careful and we don't want to be distracted from our maker Jesus Christ amen So today we're going to talk about specifically we talked a little bit about it yesterday but I'm going to really build on it today unfortunately we're not going to have time to go into the gaming aspect of things and the multiplayer gaming systems and platforms that are out there in fact we discovered we have so much information we're going to do a whole separate seminar on that and so like I say if you want to be aware of when that comes out just stay in connection with us so let's talk about the online community and I phrase it that way specifically obviously as we've seen we live in an age where we are literally connected all the time that's for most of us. Now more than ever we are connecting through our smartphones or tablets our laptops our home computers and even our televisions using apps and social media my concern is that we are settling for a terribly limited connection when what we really desire is true communion I think that we as a people have largely lost what it means to commune and we're going to really dive into that today we were just seeming Leocadia with receiving a little bit of connection and unfortunately calling that communion all of this networking has mid left misled us into thinking that we have lots of friends complete with healthy relationships I mean after all just look at your number on your Facebook and I'll tell you how many friends you have unfortunately some have replaced true quality friendships with superficial or meaningless quantity not quality deep interpersonal communication and communion is what we need even what we crave from parent to child we need this communion to be complete joy filled human beings we all want to be connected frankly that's what we what we want we want to be connected to Munich in communing with each other we we want to be understood parents and spouses children friends we we all want to be heard and we all want to be understood neighbors coworkers church members even God ever thought about that even God himself desires us to understand him and have communion with Him He longs to commune with us. Effective meaningful communication is actually quite complex like we talked about yesterday looking into the eyes of the person that we're communicating with and reading their body language and watching their facial expressions this is where we have true communication and communion with one another listening to the intonations in their voice and then what we do with this amazing mind that we have as we put it all together with what's actually being said hoping that we can comprehend what they're trying to commune it Kate to us however. Effective communication is not always been a necessary because me effective communication has always been a necessary component of strong human relationships however it's always proving to be a struggle for us people and what we're finding is as we have this media platform that does not allow us to emote properly or to look at the faces of the people but it's just text and words on a screen largely We cannot interpret properly what people are saying we can't read between those lines that we talked about yesterday when 93 percent of communication is non-verbal it's the expressions the body language the into nations if I say I'm fine I'm good you can probably buy into I'm probably fine but if I'm like I'm fine I'm fine I'm good you know that means the opposite and for us on social media it's very difficult to know was truly trying to be said. In today's digital social media world we've settled for screen grabs pictures in modes jeans or emoticons. Videos and texts as a replacement for face to face meaningful communion with each other unfortunately some people have replaced true quality friendships with superficial or meaningless quantity it's just easier I don't have to deal with people really this way The problem is the actual medium of social media is actually one of the problems perhaps you've heard of Professor Marshall McLuhan and if you do any sort of research you'll see his name pops up over and over and over again because he's largely referenced his body of work because he started studying media many many many many years ago he's no longer with us but his work lives on and something that Professor McLuhan coined a famous adage is the medium is the message is research it's right on target regarding social media and there was no such thing as social media when he actually was doing his research the medium is the message but what does that mean meaning in the long run a medium is content matters less than the medium itself in influencing how we think or act so in other words the medium itself actually has the message and indeed that's the case we started seeing that as we've gone through the last row What's it been we've been together like 5 hours already and so the medium is the message is meaning that the medium itself starts to change how we think and act and that's what's been happening a popular medium mold what we see and how we see it is that what social media Oh absolutely it molds and shapes how we actually see it. And eventually if we use it enough it actually changes who we are as individuals and then ultimately as a society it's true that the content we behold or generate will changes because after all it's a it's a universal message and an idiom that by beholding we are changed in the Bible principle you won't actually find that phrase in the Bible but you will find that principle if we look at things of the world in the devil will become more like that in our character if we look at the things of God and we look at the things of his character we become more like God in our character right amen So of course yes the medium is the message no question but of course what we're beholding also changes as well so it's a double edged sword but the medium actually changes how we think and act as we've seen over the past few days together so what's interesting is that our thinking and I should say maybe our thinking the thinking in this current generation the gen the years right those were born from the mid ninety's to the mid 2000 their thinking has been changed little by little and they don't even know that it's been changed because some of them are born into this whole social media environment and say that they don't even know what it was like before and even we who are not the digital natives like these gens ears and later but US digital immigrants we are having our minds changed in the way that we interact with one another changed little by little and many actually believe now that we can have meaningful healthy relationships online is that possible. Based on what we've been studying over the last few days you know that you cannot have a true relationship over the cyber network Now some people are trying and they're trying really hard but the reality is at some point you've got to finally meet if you're going to carry a relationship further Indeed if it's going to be a real relationship right but this changing that's having our thinking is shifting and it's just crazy to think that there's going to be yet a new generation and they are already being tech of FIDE that there will be no shifting needed in their thinking this will just be their virtual reality so we think social media like Facebook it promises us relationships and community I mean don't we all want to be part of a community we do that's really what's deeply seated in each one of us the reality is that companies like Facebook have never promised us community they never promised us that but we have tried to turn it into something that it was never even designed for all they've ever promised us was that they could connect us or network us with other people that's far different than having a community or communing with one another right that's just connection now that's better than nothing don't misunderstand me but it can't be and ever will not it will never become what we all truly long for true community we as users have believed in propagated this online community idea not the company's all the venture that he bought into it it's quite the buzzword these days. And what we've done is to turn a simple online networking service into let's just be honest our new lazy way of developing so called community it's just easy I mean all I have to do is click a button to like you even the word like I have to know you before I can like you amen So it's just another cheap thing like like like like like like like Like really have even thought about who they are did you even research and find out who they are or what they're all about what their their thought processes are or are we just liking people to like people so hopefully the like us back it's like crazy right it is so it's it's a mediocre community at best and tear him terribly limited it's problematic and frankly it's dysfunctional at worse Now what's interesting is we have a friend of ours and she told us when we were starting to research is a number of years ago she said you know I got to tell you something because we are teller some of things that we found and she said I just I think it shares some with you she goes she had to take a break from Facebook when she realized she was thinking in status updates and if you're not a Facebook or you don't know what a status update is basically that is just tell people what's gone on your life at this point. Some people do it once or twice a day some people do it once a month and some people do it $150.00 times a day literally so everything she was doing she was structuring through the medium because the medium remember has its own message the medium was changing how she was thinking and so the medium of Facebook was changing in her mind how she lived her day so she would choose to do or not do something based on whether Old be a good poster or nah. There's a lot of people that are struggling with this there's a lot of people that are struggling with the same exact issue so she had to take a break from it because she said my mind at felt like my mind was being hijacked Oh wait a minute we learned the other day that indeed our minds are being hijacked remember that with all the addiction code it's called Yeah and this is far more common than you might think especially with our digital natives our young people you see this generation of young people think that this is what community is it's a foreign thought to them to actually go into their townships and actually do something for somebody else. That's what community was to us right to go to church and help pull the weeds and to go to church and to pray with other people that's what community is to us right but we're digital immigrants right we're not the digital natives so they if we're not careful as parents and as a village to raise a child a man if we're not careful we could just join right in with this new paradigm of what the world and social media is telling us is community no we need to have Can't meetings this is community Amen It breaks my heart that this place isn't just full in every classes we should have problems with people being able to house people on this campground but it's easier now you know what I know people actually you can hear me right now because you're sitting in your trailer and your motor home or at your tent and you can hear my voice right now and it's just easier to not get up and walk 52 paces to come into the building why what's happening where we're starting to become this generation. We just want everything to be spoonfed and if I have to walk across campus Well that's just asking too much what happened man are pioneers our founders they would walk for miles and miles and miles in poor weather just to get to church to have come Meudon Nitty right man we are fact and increased with goods and a need of nothing is what the Bible tells us Man I don't want that to be my testimony I want to continue to be hungry for the word of god home greed for communion once a last time you actually had communion in church so we would only show up for that anymore why well they know they need to confess and repent for all the junk they're doing which before was a lot harder to access all the stuff because we didn't have it in our pockets on these smartphones that will make you very spiritually dumb is anyone agreeing with once in praise the lord it's excellent So let's explore some of the promises that social media makes Now social media as promised number one media are a moral Have you heard this it doesn't matter what we use it's how we use it or the content contained therein so we've come to believe that how we communicate doesn't matter anymore just as long as we're communicating even if it's yeah high tech version of a low form of communication. As long as we're communicating we think that these various forms of media are neutral because I'm communicating and I'm supposed to communicate I need to connect with other people in D.C. we should be connecting and communicating with other people but the problem is is that social media tools they're just simply not designed for us to have real communion with one another in communication let's read from a book entitled The Shallows What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains author Nicholas Carr writes basically every every medium has an inherent bias in the end we come to pretend that the technology itself does not matter it's how we use it that matters we tell ourselves the implication comforting in its hubris is that we are in control that technology is just a tool inert until we pick it up and unearth again once we set it aside but friends we learn that there is no such thing in technology as something being non-biased or or amoral Why do you remember why what do we look at that proves that we looked at many things but one of them was the whole brain hijacking right and all of that that addiction coding because friends it's no longer a moral it's no longer just just but 9 when there's a whole group of engineers on the other side that are highly paid very well the figure out how to keep is addicted to the medium itself there's always some sort of of inherent bias Neil Postman author of Amusing Ourselves to Death writes It has within its physical form a predisposition toward being used in certain ways and not others talking about media. Only those who know nothing of the history of technology believe that a technology is entirely neutral each technology has an agenda of its own so what is the social media bias or agenda what is its agenda me is it not social media is about us me self I that's it's bias it was designed for me to self promote it was designed for me to put me out there our use of these social media are changing the world and how we interact with one another social media has created a social environment where we all live in breathe now maybe I shouldn't say all that but a lot I had a couple tell me yesterday that they have only those dumb phones they don't have the smartphones and I said well praise the Lord you're probably smarter than us online social media is I said Actually your life is much more peaceful I'm sure than ours online social media is now our preferred way of keeping our conversations go why it's easier I don't have to dial a phone number I could just start texting you because you texted me and then I just reply it's less intimidating testimonies for the church volume 5 page $94.00 if the thoughts are wrong the feelings will be wrong and the thoughts and feelings combined make up the moral character when you decide that as Christians you are not required to restrain your thoughts and feelings out you know what I can't believe what that guy posted I'm going to give him a piece of my mind to get you to get it isn't that what happens that's exactly what happened because we're much bolder behind our little screens. Right come out face to face yeah you England say half of what you say when you're online face to face when you decide that as Christians you are not required to restrain your thoughts and feelings you are brought under the influence influence of Jesus is that what it says no friends it says when we don't really restrain our thoughts and feelings we are brought under the influence of evil angels and we have bite their presence and control I I believe that most of us when we join social media and we got involved in these these techie communities these networking splat forms that we had some great intentions in fact we're careful with shepherds call ministry that we are careful with what we put out there I mean I'm not just telling you about you know everything in my life I'm talking about spiritual things that challenges over time the medium starts to change our thinking and before you know it we're acting like people that are not surrendered to Jesus Christ anymore after all just a screen name writes not really me is it I don't know is it not we'll get into that a little bit so I think what happens is we get imbued with this idea that we have to promote my opinion does matter and that that everyone needs to hear me and if they don't agree with me well then they're just wrong and we get the self rising up and friends I believe behind it is the influence of evil angels and the control and their presence. If you really she says to your impressions and allow your thoughts to run in a channel of subsists vision why did he write that way to me what does that mean doubt Yeah I'm not quite sure maybe maybe you know maybe God didn't really create in that many days I don't know maybe there isn't a Holy Spirit not all the stuff that starts to happen and your repining you will be among the most on the happy of mortals and your life will prove a failure that strong language so when we are when we are engaging in this kind of conversation it's not really even a great conversation but when we're debating and that's what's really going on many times and we're having this this conversation to use a term we start to find that it really doesn't bring a lot of joy in your life why it can't why it's a faulty medium for communicating and having true communion with each other since the very platform of social media is changing the way I think and I feel and imbuing me with thoughts and feelings therefore by definition it is a very moral or immoral thing Amen you're not convinced wait a minute let's go back let's go back let's reread this than because this is very important all right if the thoughts are wrong the feelings will be wrong so does social media and all type of media influence our thoughts and feelings yes or no indeed it does and the thoughts and feelings come bind make up the moral character so anything that shifts my thinking and my thoughts and my feelings is moral or immoral it is not a moral Amen so one of the promises is social media is a moral technology is a moral No that's a lie of the devil. Because it's moving our thoughts and feelings and my thoughts and feelings combined make up my moral character so therefore it is expressly moral or immoral making sense. I love truth social media's promise Number 2 it's OK to make it all about you that's really what they're selling it's all about you it doesn't matter never mind that never before in this world has there been such an easy way to promote ourselves have you thought about that the digital natives think this is normal to promote yourself all the time that because that's what they've grown up with that's been the culture before this digital revolution the only way to promote ourselves would be face to face with people right or if you're a famous person you might have articles written about you or be interviewed on T.V. or on radio or maybe they had posters promoting your event or whatever that would be like the only way we could have like self promoted face to face or through These are other media channels frankly when we're face to face with one another most of us feel a little strange talking about ourselves in conversation right well if you're part of the older generation that is the younger generation have no problem with self promotion all the time why that's what community is that's why we do this NOW LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME and ME ME ME ME ME where we're uncomfortable with it why because we're not the digital natives were the digital in our immigrants because before if someone was walking around going wow look at this great picture of me isn't that amazing what's wrong with that guy what would you call that for look look amazing I look at the grades I got look at my achievements in life do you think this guy is conceited. He's all about himself right we're now that's what's happening $2047.00 all the time and this is the new normal Me Me Me Me The bias or agenda we talked about of social media it's all about ME WHAT AM I DOING WHAT DO I like What's my opinion after all my opinion is the most important social media it's a digital way to self present through status updates photos and likes you to his byline is broadcast yourself it's all about self promotion the problem is now it's the most normal thing in the world to do not the most healthy but the most normal thing to do in social media we're not even asked for this information we just consistently send pre-meditated information about ourselves to the world in an effort to paint a picture to the world or to our friends of how we want them to perceive us. Proverbs 27 to very clear let another praise you and not your own mouth a stranger and not your own lives I mean that's clear right if I have to walk around praising myself there's a problem friends but isn't that what's going on isn't that what has become just normal and natural Now what's happening the medium has the bias the medium is the message and the medium is saying promote yourself this is how you get ahead in life now you have to be the funniest you have to be the most handsome you have to have the great comments and ideas and opinions this is so it's all about what I think while I don't surrender to God. So a false sense Listen to this a false sense of importance is developing within all of our minds is specially the digital natives and this is fostered and usually let's be honest a false or virtual version of ourselves becomes our manufactured online reality do you see how twisted that is to where we actually start to believe many times that we are these people that we're presenting ourself the bee to the world when many times it's a lie in fact I've seen it with my own eyes we've had some Christian friends in the past that were on the verge of divorce as Christians as 7th Day Adventists multiple generation had been is who were released like looking like the cream of the crop there on the verge of divorce watching rated R. movies their child is struggling with serious emotional and mental issues the father was a slave to Internet pornography the mother was on the verge of a mental breakdown but when you read their constantly updated social media posts and their personal profile they were the model Christian family they had postured themselves very carefully so I knew the reality because I was a personal friend having real communion with them and mend. But to the rest of the world the posture was because we're talking like pornography we're talking like you know maybe you shouldn't be a mom right now because you're having like a nervous breakdown and we can help out the kids you really need to get them into to some some sort of therapy and on the other side over here it's like is it my husband amazing we're that we're on divorce but look at this he brought me a flower today which was contrived and thought about bring me a flower today I want to post it Mom Super Mom kids amazing spiritual It was a facade and this is what's happening my friends this is what's happening their postings were filled with the law is as Christians at the end of time do we really have time to be doing this no because there's a world that needs us and they need our faith community that was a perfect time for a hearty amen. Phrase the Lord so their postings were filled with these these lies these modifications to reality and the problem is when you're in this virtual reality long enough we're going to look at this in just a moment there becomes a blur between reality and virtual reality and so you can tell yourself a lie often enough becomes a what a truth a reality so that virtual fake reality you've created can actually become you think everything's OK when it's all falling apart in the real world this is this is legitimately happening it terrifies me so their postings were filled with the life they wish they had and I'm going to tell you fake it till you make it is that absolute lie of the devil God doesn't want you to fake it till you make it he wants you to surrender so you can be victorious. Nothing about faking it so their virtual selves were numbing that's kind of kind of a weird thing before people when they would want to numb their pain and numb the reality of their life they would like run with the drugs which is bad of course they'd run the movies and that's not healthy and to music and different things but now what's weird is they run to their virtual selves that's so strange why because the medium is shifting how we're even thinking in our lives many amazing virtual lives are sadly real lives that are falling apart liar liar pants on fire it's been discovered that at least 25 for and one post on social media is a flat out lie 25 percent so you can be guaranteed that it's a flat out lie a white lie or a lie of omission so basically 25 percent of everything you read on social media you better just know you need to throw it out because it's a lot this is this was discovered by researchers wait a minute that's not true this is very difficult for me I've had young people come up to me after I've given my testimony like I told you the other day I had a horrible childhood beaten and abused and neglected and and whipped and tied up and molested and horrible stuff. And so when I give my testimony sometimes people come to me saying Can we talk and of course we love working with in counseling with people the challenge is sometimes I have these young people that will come up to me and after I've given my testimony and they begin to tell me about all the problems that they've had in their life that their problems are having at school and at home the depression the suicidal tendencies and all the struggles that they have mom and dad don't love me they give me no attention or affection but sometimes I actually because I sometimes I'll go low exam praying for wisdom when I'm counseling someone like you or give me wisdom because I have none you're the great counselor give us wisdom here and so sometimes I have this overwhelming impression it's not all as it seems so I'll go and I've even looked on their Facebook and what's interesting is I see the totally opposite person. They're fun they're happy they're silly they're successful they're being hugged by their parents their high 5 ing Have a great vacation and and so it all looks good so I have one picture in face to face communion I have another picture on the social media platform which one do I believe right when I'd rather believe the face to face because I'm much better at reading people writing you can ascertain questions and all this type of thing and you can hopefully discern with the Holy Spirits were working in your heart that OK let's go on this talk about these things and I have had young people tell me I can get you believe I have to tell you this I'll go because I'll go to the weeks of prayer at schools academies and I'll speak for a week we'll talk about all these type of subjects and I have young people come to me the 1st day and tell me how horrible and terrible their life was and then I'll come up to them a day or 2 later and I'll say you know can you explain something to me I went I looked on your Facebook yesterday and then you see it's like sometimes their eyes get like really big. Oh yeah I was just curious I'm a little confused because on there it looks like everything is great so what's going on I've had them tell me what I told you was true I'm having problems and I didn't want anybody to know so I'm not telling everybody out there on social media what's really going on I've had other people tell me I'm sorry I lied to you actually I don't know why I did that I just wanted someone to talk to and. What you see on Facebook is actually real. It is going on what's going on is that we all deeply desire real communion but it's becoming a lost art. Now as I've mentioned we're now escaping into our own virtual reality versions of ourselves or or escaping into these avatars you know an avatar is right it's our it's a icon or a figure that represents us in the virtual world or in games so now we're escaping into these avatars that we've created Don't you see this could be a problem my avatar by the way can't lead one soul to Christ that's me through the Holy Spirit working through me right and that happens with me communicating in communion with them we are our own we are creating our own hypocritical online world of existence which Listen reinforces in our thinking that we're probably all really hypocrites because the vast majority of people are putting false information out there and they're living a lie so that means everybody else got to be doing that too so it really starts to undermine Is there any such thing as actual really as truth is there is a really anything that's tangible that that I could sink my teeth into I don't know it all seems virtual to me. So when we start to evaluate this how is it that this medium could not impact mental health do I think it's evil know do I think some of the things the corporations are doing are evil I actually do I think is inappropriate you don't need to to hack my brain you don't need to write code in there that makes me addicted I think that is evil and inappropriate but I don't think people that are getting online are largely doing it because they want to be evil I don't think that they're trying to be a bunch of liars and fakers and and all it's have and me me me me me but the problem is like we said the medium is making us conform to it is that evil know can we utilize it for good for God We can if we take God with us when we open up the screen and sometimes or our posts there just sweet and innocent it's great they're great they're wonderful the problem is that it's no longer a special event that shared with close friends in that community we were just sitting with with our friends Tom and Elaine waters yesterday and they said please come to our home what were they inviting us to do because we had sat face to face for a little while and we had a little bit of community and communion there but we really wanted to spend more time together why because then that's where the relationships get deeper and more wonderful Amen Yeah and she says Man I wish we had time because I got a bunch of pictures to show you I got grandkids and I go you know we're like oh a man we'll have time when we come to your house in a few months I rather sit there with her telling me and showing me and being exciting and receiving that excitement and that joy from her when she talks about her granddaughter as opposed to just what is what does that mean what does that mean she's happy she got present I don't know but what's the deeper story. We don't know it's just a post with the caption and all we do is have our communion be post with caption pictures and photographs with captions we're missing out on the beautiful blessing that God has designed for us to have that make sense to men. The problem is we now share everything with everybody so it's no more so it's most it's not special anymore because grandma who really wants to see the picture of her getting that gift that Grandma made in the whatever it may be is just a picture now for everybody else and that special event is just marginalised and your plumber who is not a friend who is on your Facebook gets to share in the same intimate moment it's no longer an intimate moment so we're robbing ourselves of even these special times with each other and now we think this is crazy because our our minds are shifting even as the digital immigrants that these moments are newsworthy for everybody to see are they but we think they are because we have an exalted opinion of self and then as we post that picture. That thought that opinion whatever it may be we sit back and see how many people are going to respond this is part of the whole brain hacking thing right this what keeps us on our screen this is what makes us valuable to advertisers so these big corporations can sell our eyeballs because we're on our screens and we get these advertisements that pop up last night as I was sitting there I was sitting there doing a little bit of research I went to a Bible website to look up I couldn't think of the actual text itself I remember the words but not the numbers that's a problem I have with my brain I can I can tell you Scripture but I can't tell you the number I hope you don't suffer with that like I do it's frustrating but the reality was I can remember that so I went to a Bible online bible at site and as I was typing in the Scripture I had 4 ads pop up because I had visited an audio video equipment website and it knew what I was searching and it populated an ad right here one on the side when the bottom of the Scroll down there was another a 4th one down below what was was this doing it was the advertiser saying hey on this Bible web site this is the Bible website owner because they have allowed the ad their monetizing their website right so my eyes are on the website for right just this day and I am being sold. An item that I actually need that I searched for in on their private website so everything is so hyper connected that they know exactly what I want on the Bible web site and if I click guess what happens they get paid actually just I'm splashing on the page they get paid less but they get paid if I click and then go back to the thing I was already looking at then that company is going to have to pay the Bible the Bible website it's so interconnected and hijacked it's unbelievable So what we do what we do we sit back we post that picture with the caption It was kind of within it's kind of fun or whatever maybe or my opinion because my opinion the most important on social media and we sit back and watch to see how many people respond and if they don't respond the way that we think they should we could fall into a place of frustration we could fall into a place of isolation and for some even depression nobody even liked my post when we post something we are waiting to get that little dopamine hit Oh look I have 24 likes because we're trying to get validation from a social media website from people that aren't even really caring what we're posting know as a Christian we get validation from the Word of God and then we get validation from God in the spirit of prophecy from other like believers who believe in what you're doing and will encourage you that's real Can community you've probably heard the idiom keeping up with the Joneses right. Maybe that's changing keeping up with the car dashing today I'm not sure but unfortunately it's alive and well today in the real world and in the virtual world and although now we look at dozens of friends or maybe even we have hundreds or like me I have apparently thousands of friends and I look at what they are posting maybe we look at what they are wearing and this young girl is sitting in her room she's a young healthy Christian girl but she's on the social media at a bright young age she shouldn't be and she looks and she sees these people and her friends her friends and what they're wearing and they're going wow I really wish I could dress like that what music do they like and what do they listen to yeah I'm a Christian I can't listen to that wait a minute who are they hanging out with why didn't they ask me to hang out with them and I'm suffering from phone which we talked about yesterday fear of missing out my vacations to man their lame compared to theirs Whoa I am not even half the mother that she is and I'm definitely not creative like her man I'm not fit like that guy I discussed this this insulation around my midsized Man I wish my family was that spiritual I wish my spouse and I that we could talk like that together and my life just stinks and so we secretly cover our neighbor's virtual life that in many cases friends are only virtual versions of themselves anyway rather than the real versions of who they are but Deuteronomy is very clear that we are on dangerous ground when we covet and you shall not covet your neighbors wife and you shall not desire your neighbor's house or his field or his male servant or his female servant his ox or his donkey or anything that is your neighbor's. And so the challenge we see is all these people are posting all of these things and you know for a little while there when I 1st got on Facebook I was keeping up with watching different friends in and kids that I had met and different you know academies or what have you the problem was I was starting to see all the stuff that everybody was doing and I'm thinking wait a minute I thought we were Christians here you're doing what wait a minute didn't we talk about that didn't you have a conviction didn't you come forward and resign some of those things back to the Lord give it to the Lord and put it on the altar and say no more of this and 3 days later we're back to it and so I feel like I got a little taste of what it was like to be God I mean I only had a handful of friends at that point but it was too much for my heart God dealing with a lot of stuff every day with all of us children right I don't think it's healthy for us to know what everybody is doing all the time if anything it could erode your fact in your and your idea or even belief that you can overcome as we've seen self promotion is at an all time high these days and social media are designed to promote self but self promotion my friends is spoken against in the Bible and we're also on shaky ground pride goeth before destruction and a hearty spirit before a fall and some of us to shorten that say Pride goeth before a fall right but it says Pride goeth before destruction and a hearty spirit before a fall we've already seen over the last days we spent together that there are major problems on these tech platforms with promotion of self the pride of opinion being the center of billions of people's world every day $1000000000.00 people on Facebook every single day $2000000000.00 minimum every month. So it's only a matter of time my friends before I think this does going to start come tumbling down I think this virtual world is going to is here to stay but I think there's going to be such a fallout from it that there's going to be a lot of people that are going to need us to be there for them and we all know come on we're we're educated I'm going to assume a level of knowledge here but I think the reality is we all know that troubles in times are coming on this planet is anybody here believe that with me I mean if you read your Bible and you have this fear drives the you know we got some trouble of times coming and I'm concerned what are these people going to do when it all comes tumbling down I think there are some I'm going to lose their minds why because their minds are in there which is not really a place that's there and we'll get into that in just a moment what if we had a power grid failure what if we lost our electricity that would be bad enough but you know what I think people would be kind of resilient and kind of figure that out but I don't know that some of these newer generations will be able to know how to survive without their tech because their world is not here their world is here and if that here a work in then maybe there aren't going to be work and. Man if your life is wrapped up in that virtual world and we're not if we didn't even have time to get into the virtual reality that's going on on the internet it will blow your mind what's going on highly highly inappropriate highly dangerous to a Christian character what's going on all these multiplayer platforms that are all over the world now and they're 1st person shooter games the war of World of Warcraft all these different type 2nd Life there's a whole virtual reality that you can step into called 2nd Life to where literally you can have everything you can have on this flight except the real life you can pay with real money though for everything that's kind of funny that lets you have the virtual money you got to pay with real money why because I got to make money off you so all it would take is a simple solar flare to knock out our entire power grid and by the way it happens about every 100 years and we're due for one all the scientists are saying yep it's probably going to happen not if it's a matter of when do I think that'll be the end of the world No but I think it'll be the end of some people's world right so here's what I want to encourage us to be devoted Christians a devoted Christian community that are solid in the truth standing with our arms open wide to receive these dis embodied to people with love and real communion because after all that's what they're really seeking Right right I don't need to provide an entertainment Laden worship service to try to attract people. That's just a up a paradigm that's just a faulty methodology because friends I think we're going to can it go but I'm not a prophet I'm not even the son of one but I think we're going to go back to a basic primitive godliness. And we might even be having bible studies by candlelight the analog light if you will what is going to happen when all of these people who are going to these media Laden entertainment Laden churches the in their life at church entertainment entertainment entertainment to death and now it's all gone the I think they're going to finally wake up I think they'll be shaken some out of the truth and some will be shaken in and I want to be one of those that has answers for people who my brain is not addicted to all this tech so I can think and I can be open and perceive the Holy Spirit and allow Him to guide and lead my mind so I can be a vessel for him to reach out and have true community with others Amen you know that I'm right because frankly this all lines up with the violence for prophecy is its logical reasoning drop this logical thinking and supported by bible ones pride will bring in low but he was lowly in spirit will obtain honor praise God You see my friends it's the humble that God will use and reward with eternal life so self must be laid in the dust I must he must increase but I must what decrees when you say script I know I preach around the world I teach around the world and I spend a lot of time with God's people and young people and when you say things like this you might as well just slapped the face of these young millenniums and Jen's ears. What the whole idea of decreasing is like it's offensive to them that's not new by the way on the planet it's just much more propagated in this self promoting era so social media has this tendency to inflame a condition that we all struggle with with thinking more highly of ourselves than we should and these digital Gen Xeres are deeply offended if you stopped if you tell them to stop thinking so egotistically about yourselves and they think that you're down on them because you don't think they should be telling everybody how great they are a phrase that is all too common today as well I'm really proud of myself I hear so many young people saying I'm really proud of myself I'm really impressed with myself the way that I said that or I did this and I think that's so inappropriate in the old days we would say no that's just really conceited but if you call them on and say Guys you're being really egotistical conceited No I'm not you're you're just tearing me down and they get all upset and offended because you're not lifting them up you're not lifting their is their self up this is what we called snowflakes today I didn't kill in the phrase so I got it we got to get moving your social media's promise community can be found anywhere we're just going to hit this real quick obviously Yes A We talked about community and we're going to do continue with talking about community but community my friends cannot be found just anywhere because 40 percent of Americans spend more time socializing on the Internet than a real life so you have 40 percent of Americans they don't even they don't even have face to face community anymore it's all now actually online so. Let's define commune a means to converse together with sympathy and confidence to enter change sentiments or feelings the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level so you see the medium is inherently flawed because I cannot properly emotes in a text I cannot emote properly or give my deepest sentiments when it's just text on a screen now there's a little bit better version of that if I recorded a video of myself then you could get more interpretation by my facial expressions by the my intonation the my voice my body language but friends nothing replaces face to face however sometimes being online you almost think that I'm contradicting myself being online and communicating with that that friend that's on the other side of the world well that's better than nothing right so I'm not here to say that the media is all evil we need to be careful with that and find the balance with it in our lives right I promise you some of you're going to come away as a Christian but all said that we have to throw away all of our media I've never said the word what I did say was You might need to take a break from it to regain control of it that's what I've said I've already had somebody tell me yesterday I hear you I know you want me to throw it all away. No that's not what I'm saying but it could be what the Holy Spirit saying could be the conviction comes my friend from the Holy Spirit then obey and obey today because today you're strong tomorrow you might not be so strong. And we leave things in the sea for us to have true communion or community you have to have 2 basic elements or reality it's called and presence in other words verbal communication and my physical body is there that's how you have true communion being in person is always way better however when I've traveled around the world all my boys were young they did come with me as they did as they got older there were times when I really wanted to reach out and before you could Face Time or Skype The only thing I could do was send an e-mail made with a couple pictures and they would send an email back with a couple pictures and it was better than nothing and then eventually I could Skype or Face Time with them and I can see their faces we could talk we could have prayer together we could do stories I could show them in my day and what I had done that was better but friends nothing replaces their beautiful little faces giving me hugs and kisses you see the other one's connection and it's OK it's better than nothing but don't settle for the better than nothing amen because the true face to face hugs and kisses man that's what just fills our hearts with joy social media's promise number 4 and this is kind of funny Listen to this no where is somewhere and it can be anywhere know what is the well. With all reality we can continue online because there are people doing videos and stuff neurology speaking and stuff is not writing the written world because with a relative you can at least even audibly hear how the person saying it and interpret it better if it's on a video you can see me you can interpret it and hear it and you're going to get far better understanding of what they're trying to say and so with we can have a relative on line but we don't have presence we leave our bodies behind it and then we enter into this virtual place that's not really a place and we enter into a world that's not really a world it's kind of interesting thought process but see social media tells us that we can be anywhere with anybody we want to whenever we want to even if there are the other side of the world and the lie is the promise is that we can be intimate with them we can have that beautiful commune with them and we've already bared out that indeed we can not it's an ill fated attempt at building communion or community but scientifically we find something strange happens when we conceive of the digital world as a world Sherry Turkle is book Alone Together she says when a part of your life is lived in virtual places and she references a couple of ways you can do that it could be 2nd Life which is that virtual online community and I use the word community very loosely a computer game a social networking site a vexed relationship develops between what is true and what is true they are here true in simulation so. In science they call this seeping OK seeping. And what happens is in the human mind if you spend so much time in a virtual reality then some of what you can do in that virtual world starts to seep into the real world and vice versa so what happens is the brain can no longer distinguish if it's in a long enough you'll start doing things that you normally wouldn't in real life but you could in the virtual life this is what's happening with a lot not all with a lot of our young people who are playing 1st person shooter games and then they're picking up the real thing in real life and Mo ing down their schoolmates conclusive evidence. Of this happening what it's just how the brain works it doesn't understand the difference between the virtual and the real anymore that can't happen go study it your eyeballs will bug out your head Facebook and social media they suddenly reinforce the idea that our bodies or presence is not needed and that we can leave our bodies behind and we can spend time together online it's just not true so the problem is if we on average we looked at the numbers before our spending between 7 and 13 hours a day in social media playing games or living in virtual life then there must be some place that we are not and that's in our real lives right I mean our time and our thoughts and our attention is being hijacked and you wonder why you can't get stuff done you wonder why the House is still a mess you wonder why that project you started 25 years ago is still not done why because we're investing in our time into something that means nothing in a place that's nowhere Isn't that weird. There was a cartoon that came out not long ago where it had all these robots running things and people were big fat things blob laying on chairs and they were living in a virtual world and I remember thinking to myself that will never happen oh it's already happening crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy but you know God created us physical and tangible because God for man of the dust of the ground breathes nost of the breath of life and man became a living soul tangible bodies embraceable huggable when we think about our great grandparents Adam and Eve and the temptation in the fall we can actually liken them to the technological media that we have surround ourselves with today because when they ate the fruit what happened the eyes of both of them were open and they knew that they were naked and they sewed a fig leaf together and made themselves loin cloth shame came to them and they worked to hide their shame and fear and friends were doing it digitally today I wonder now is social media with the ability to post this picture and make that comment and to like that thing and now I can present an ideal avatar of me and socio myself from distain from my peers I wonder if social media are the new leads that we sew together that we used to cover our shame and to present to the world our false coverings our false facade our fake versions of ourselves I don't think anything's changed we're just using a different methodology in Terkel's book we find another powerful thought I'm having to skip over a lot of info. When technology engineers Let me read that when technology engineers intimacy relationships can be reduced to mere connections and then easy connection becomes redefined as intimate intimacy and this is the reality for the digital natives of today it's all about me and self promotion the problem is friends when I'm focused on me I'm not focused on others that need me to help them friends we need to be careful not to fall into the traps of shameless self promotion we need to have true community true communion with others we all know the scripture 1st Corinthians 134 and 5 Love is patient it's kind does not in the does not boast is not proud does not does not hurt others is not self-seeking is easily not easily angered and keeps no records of wrong AND FRIEND This seems like what social media has become already when you look at Paul he actually wanted to actually come together he said Let us consider one another to provoke on to love and to good works not for seeking the simply of ourselves together as a matter is of some on Face Book but exhorting one another and so much more as you see the day of approaching and then Paul said you know what I'd rather be face to face with you didn't even write to you says having many things to write unto you I would rather not be on social media I'd rather not write with paper and ink and that used to be the hip way by the way of getting some stuff out there was using the social media he says but I trust to come on to you and speak face to face why that our joy might be full. You see when we're face to face that's when we experience true Joy God so loved the world that he gave his son and his son came here and not only that but he made himself of no reputation and he took on the form of a servant he was made physical so he could be with his people he understood true communion my hope my friends is that we become a generation that questions technology that chooses the fight for friendships and relationships keeping true communion with each other alive that we shall endeavor to use these technologies as a means to glorify God I'm not saying throw him out less of the problem in your life social media can be a great tool in the hands of surrendered humble people of God a tool however in its current state of use that must be subdued and by God's grace we will not be subdued by it the devil wants to distract us away from God and he's doing a great job at it he wants to fullest into accepting a weak form of connection leaving behind holy communion with each other and our loving God He wants to break up the family of God He knows that we are much more vulnerable when we are holed up in our rooms lonely in the friend the devil is playing for keeps But so is my Jesus he's playing for keeps Let's let him capture our hearts. Let's promote him and not self as Christians we can choose to be different than the world we can choose these technologies to further the Gospel commission that's been laid at our feet don't get wrapped up in arguments and debate neither has ever won a soul the Christ the world has been bullied and cyber bullied by Satan and his cronies long enough it's time that we as a Christian as a Christian community take a stand to heal a world that has been deeply spiritually wounded but it will take deep thought the communication communication that leads to deeper into personal communion with each other that is what the world needs this is what they truly desire something that's real something that's tangible there in the hearts my friend they they are there aching for healing so let's lead them to Jesus Christ the healing balm of Gilead add Amen are you with me are you going to stand on the side of the Lord and not let all of this virtual life take you over while we neglect the real life that we have. I'm going to go over a couple things here for the sake of those who are listening in and watching the videos but I will leave this here is the stack of we have is called resources for managing technology please each one of you take one there's enough maybe for each family to have one hero leave them there for you and basically we give you some tips on what to do to help manage your technology and then if you look up on the screen you can see here are some different apps and extensions that you can avail yourself to moment by the way is for Iowa see how much time you're actually spending on your phone that's a great evaluation tool. Inbox when ready focus your inbox only by showing messages you click show inbox instead of getting distracted as new emails arrive all the time thrive is only on Android you can set boundaries with your phone for set periods of time in fact I hear that Apple just released I think it might be in their new O. S. or it's coming that some of these parameters are coming to where it will help curb how much online time you have you set the parameters but it's a good way to do that freedom temporary block specific websites or apps on your desktop tablet or phone for a set period of time so if you're having issues with certain things certain websites use an app like this or an extension like this that will help you manage your tech life rescue time see how much time you spend on different apps on your desktop a lot with various Web sites some of us don't realize just how money many minutes and hours we're wasting away every single day and there's a whole bunch more under going to put up there if you have a phone take a quick snapshot of it it is here on this sheet of paper for you also I'll invite you to go to our website shepherds call dot com We will be putting these resources up on our Web site W.W.W. shepherds call dot com if you like to sign up for a website our e-mail list or a snail mail us the raw. Here and as promised the A.B.C. is here there in the back and if you like to veil yourselves of our Music Seminar or anything else we have we have it back there for you I hope this seminar has made sense anybody learn some new things praise God anybody convicted that you need to make some changes praise God little bit less of you but that's OK God will continue working with us let's have a closing prayer together. Gracious Heavenly Father Lord thank you for this opportunity to come and reason together in the scriptures in science in the industry leaders the tech insiders for us to be able to see what's really going on Lord I do not want my brain hacked anymore I do not want that that addiction code in my brain I don't want my soul hijacked Lord I pray that you would please help us each one to make righteous decisions may be surrendered to you in your will for our lives not my will father but your will be done in my life I pray that you would bless the rest of this camp those that are coming here this weekend Lord give them Traveling Mercies and may we experience not just a a surface connection with each other but a deep abiding communion with us within each one of us Father I pray that you would give us this deep Christian community that we desire and Father I pray that you would help us to esteem others better in ourselves and help us to be a blessing and to be blessed in Jesus name we pray Amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more service leave Visit W W W audio verse or.


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