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For Such a Time

Dan Vis



  • March 23, 2019
    4:00 PM
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Father in heaven I just want to come before you one more time and pray that you would bless our time together this afternoon I pray for your Holy Spirit to draw very close to each one here in this room and close to me Lord that I could only say what you would have me to say and that you would make every word clear and simple and make just the right impression to be no misunderstanding and I just pray your message comes through clearly so please bless us now I ask this in Jesus' name amen actually what I want to talk about is a prophecy in the Bible if you have your Bibles turn with me to the Book of Revelation down near the end of the Book of Revelation we just had an evangelist come to our church in North Dakota and he did a beautiful job going over the prophecies of Revelation and I was trying to listening I went to I think every meeting really enjoyed myself but my maybe the one verse that kind of zooms out at me when I think about revelation he never mentioned a verse a single time and it's Revelation Chapter 18. Revelation Chapter 18 when I think of Revelation and the prophecies in it this is the 1st thing that comes to my mind revelation 18 verse one John says after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having what. Great Power and the earth was lightened with His glory this is an amazing prophecy isn't I mean if there's one prophecy in the Bible that should quicken our hearts a 7th Day Adventist it's these words right here that one day God is going to dispatch another an angel a mighty angel maybe more money than any into that's ever been dispatched to planet Earth before and something is going to happen is an angel come down having great power and the entire earth is going to be lit by like a light bulb with the glory of God and man are you excited about this I mean this is an amazing promise we used different words to describe this coming experience we we talk about a great awakening we talking about the enlightenment of God's people we talk about a time of refreshing we talk about the final outpouring in the Spirit of God This this last great revival we call it the loud cry or we call it the latter rain maybe that's the phrase we use the most but whatever you call it this thing is going to happen Amen I mean revelation 18 these words are available in true as well. Next few verses give us the timing of it even though it's recorded in the Bible after the 7 less plagues this event occurs before the 7 last plagues because of the warning if you look at verse 4 God still has a people that are in Babylon and they still have the capacity to make a choice to come out and it has come out of her my people that you receive not of her plagues So this is a warning that God sends before the plagues in other words God shows us the devastation that's going to happen and then he says before those plagues come I'm going to send a great revival to my people and the earth is going to be lightened with the glory of God and I'm going to call all of my true people wherever they are in Christendom or wherever they are in the world and I'm going to call them out of Baum alive so they can avoid the plagues so it's before the close of probation before the plagues come this is a the very last moment of Earth's history when people can still make a choice to serve God it's menu places in the Bible talk about this great final revive home and back in chapter 2 verse 14 you don't have to turn all these verses will go to them quickly Obama says the earth one day shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea can you imagine that I mean just like the waters just covered the sea in the same way the glory of God is going to cover this entire planet and doesn't mean that everyone is going to receive it or even appreciate the glory of God but Amber one is going to be exposed and have an opportunity to see the glory of God That's his is 60 verse one a familiar verse arise shine for the light is come and the glory of God is risen upon the now we know in the very next verse this is going to be gross darkness upon the world but the point is that God will have the people that receive this special outpouring of Holy Spirit and they are going to be shining they're going to be shining. He killed $3627.00 I know we claim this verse all the time but I think it has a fuller future application is this I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you shall keep my judgments and do them and then I believe it has a special in time application to the very next chapter is about the Valley of dry bones and there's another picture of a great revival were God's people come together and they stand on their feet and they are becoming exceeding great army and as it is going to be the Spirit of God coming into his people that a NAME OF THEM TO LIVE AND FALL obedience to all of his requirements at the very end of time I believe that verse as an time application Micah chapter 4 person one in the last days it should come to pass that the mount of the house of the Lord's will be established in the top of the mountain should be exalted above the hills and people shall flow into it many nations will come and say Come let us go to the house of the Lord to the house of God of Jacob and he will teach us his ways for the law should go for the design the world works and it is going to be an amazing awakening and dozens of people are going to come into the truth at the very end the very last moment of verse astri where for the saith the Lord Jeremiah 514 because you speak this word Behold I will make my words in my mouth fire and these people would and it shall devour them there's going to be a power that attends the people of God at the end of time like we haven't quite yet seen in this world's I don't know about you but I'm excited about this prophecy here in the Book of Revelation Joel chapter 2 verse 28 and 29 inches come to pass after word that I will pour out my Spirit upon off lash your sons your daughters your old men the young men the servants I handed I'm going to pour my spirit on every one. Of these all of my people. It's going to be amazing experience and there are many many more verses like this in the in the various prophets I've been studying the minor prophets I just keep saying passage after passage after passage were God is saying there is a time of great victory coming where I'm going to turn your captivity I'm going to gather my people together I'm going to do something special something amazing through you there's amazing prophecies in the bye Don't you long for that knowledge along for that kind of outpouring of the Spirit of God's i know i do that great awakening that great final revival of the loud cry the Lateran whatever you call it I want that outpouring of the Holy Spirit for me and for you Well I think it's about time for the letter brain I mean I think we're getting close to that moment and our sister is where we should be anticipating and expecting a lot of rain and so I called this message for such a time that is for such a time that we need this revival and the fact is the worst thing is getting our worlds the more we're going to need the outpouring of the Holy Spirit just like what's happening in our world today and I don't want to get into politics or anything like that but there is rampant corruption everywhere at every level. So much hatred and division in our world today the moral decline it just seems like it's exhilarating so much bile and intolerance I mean I'm in New Zealand that's a beautiful peaceful country and the people are nice and we see Tara I mean if it's Sam can touch a country like that you can touch anyone anywhere. We live in a different world and what I grew up and it's different today than it was when I was a kid. Course the real indicator that revelation $181.00 is about to be fulfilled is the next few verses which gives us a picture of how this whole scenario is going to unfolds it tells us what Babylon is going to be like right at the moment of the Latter Rain and I look at look in Revelation 18 verse 2 is Angel cries mildly with a strong voice saying Babylon the Great is fallen is fallen is become the habitation of devils and of everything else here you know the Paul wrote to Timothy and he says this and also that in the in the spirit speaks expressed in the latter times some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seduce and spirits and doctors of devils he warned us the demonic forces are going to influence Christianity and lead astray from Bible truths and when we look at what's happening in Christian didn't and I'm just talking in general in Christendom it seems like it's just going a 1000 different directions every imaginable wind of doctrine is out there today they're just being led astray by disabled by demonic forces we're told what happened is that evil men introduces a wax worse and worse it's the problem's going to get worse not better it continues it says it's become the cage of every unclean and hateful bird and if you've ever thought about what are these birds right and then it dawned on me one time in the parable to soar you know he saw those seeds and some of it falls on the wayside what happens to that seed as soon as they get scattered on the way the birds come and they snatch. You know used to be you can share a message of people never really heard about it before and and they would consider and give you maybe a fair hearing but now you share the Sabbath or something like that when the other person and they go right back to their church and as soon as they say something someone's going to come in and snatch it to all that's you know you're not under the law you know and not just nasty truth right I mean a church is are full of unclean words today bursaries is all nations have drunk of the wine of the raft of reform the geisha. You know our government was founded on a system of constitutional democracy with liberty and justice for all separation of church and state there's foundational principles that have made our country great. And all of those principles are being under minds with ideas that are coming from the system that we know is about it's infiltrating our government simple turning our country these principles are being eroded right before our eyes the United States is becoming an image to the beast exactly like the Bible for thought when we were drinking the wine and it's affecting us as a country is it OK to speak frankly here. The merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of their delicacies you know in our world today there is growing inequality between rich and poor people with more money than they could possibly imagine ever spending in their life and then there are others that can't even put food on their table if you read very carefully what Ellen Wise says that one of the reasons I got to going to judgments on this world is because of this inequality between rich and poor you know the reason that we have poor among us is they are a test to see how we will deal with our finances and anyway the this is this is the description is of the time when this angel is dispatched it's dispatched when this is the message that we need to hear and when I look at the world around us I can't help but think we are living in that time. But the thing that excites me is not the problems of Babylon or the problems in our government or the problems in the world I mean that's that's interesting and all enough but the thing that excites me is what God is going to do about it what God is going to do is he's going to pour out His Holy Spirit this angel is going to be dispatched and there's going to be a great revival. Among God's people and that's what gets me excited this is a lot of rain that's what I want to focus on this afternoon just a few moments I wish I had more time I could say a lot more about it but I want to do 23 things 1st I want to share with you something that you probably know already about a lot of rain but you're probably not doing a 2nd I want to share with you something you probably may not know about the latter rain but you really need to know because it's important and 3rd I want to share with you something that I really don't think we've quite figured out yet but we need to figure out I gave you an assignment this morning didn't I think there's something I'm going to give you another time to figure something else out today we need some good thinkers trying to solve these questions so you already. Had one person ready. Something you know but probably are not doing turns me to because. I've been reading this book and find it quite fascinating at least the 1st half of it by the time I got to the 2nd half a contigo that was saying any more of us 1st off was quite fascinating I just got deeper and deeper but look at this verse Zachariah Chapter 10 verse one. Something you probably know you should be doing maybe you're not Zachariah Chapter 10 verse one the Bible says ASCII of the Lord rain when in the time of the latter rain so the Lord shall make bright clouds and give them showers of rain to everyone grass in the field and words Zachariah saying look one where in the time of the latter rain we have a specific assignment something special we should be doing what is that assignment we should be asking for the law to rain when we look around the world around us and we see all the signs are being fulfilled everything is happening exactly the way the Bible predicted it would be when we're in that moment in our sister and the thing we should be doing and we probably know it is we should be asking specifically for the latter. We should be praying for the outpouring in the Holy Spirit are we praying for the spirit and we waking up early each morning and saying Lord I need a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit and not just the early rain but I need a lot of rain you need to pour out your spirit upon. I believe we should be specifically praying for this it should be on the front page of our project this is the time we live in and this is what we should be doing asking for its I want this and the commands in the time of the law to rain is to ask and the promise is if you ask I will give it to you now I know personally I got answers this kind of for because I've seen more than one occasion what happens when a group of serious dedicated believers get together and they pray earnestly for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit I have seen God answer that prayer and I've seen revival break out doesn't happen all the time. But it happens enough to know for me to know personally that revival is real it's rare but it's real we can pray and I know God will hear our prayers and he will send us a blessing he will send us a measure of the Holy Spirit but we have to pray we have to ask for is not going to happen now there are conditions James 16 says Let him ask in faith nothing wavering for him that way bridges like the wave of the sea driven with the wind of that and toss let not that man think he shall receive anything of the Lord if we ask without believing that we are in the time of the Latter Rain and God will answer our prayers and we're just going to wasting our time but if we know this is the time to ask for it's and we believe that God's going to do exactly what he says and we to live with him to fulfill his promise then we have every reason to believe that God is going to answer our prayer there is another condition and that is we need to ask in obedience to God X. 532 says the Holy Ghost is given to obey him now as we can't just pray for more power and expect God to give us power when our lives are not in harmony with his well and there's things that we know we should be doing differently and we're just not willing to put those things I mean the Holy Spirit as a work that way right we have to give ourselves completely to a guy completely to his will and then the Holy Spirit will come in and bless us with our we can't do our own thing and then expect to be able to use the Holy Spirit to accomplish our purpose it just doesn't work that way it's probably more conditions too but the bottom line is if we don't ask we're not going to receive James another place James for 2 says you have not because you asked not we have every reason to ask in faith because I'm convinced and I hope you are too that this is the time for the letter and right now we need it now. There's a 2nd thing 1st I want to tell you something you probably already know but maybe you're not doing but now I want to share with you something that you may not know all but is important and that is that the early rain and the latter rain are different from each other you see ever since Pentecost the whole history of the Christian church for the last 2000 years we have seen evidences of the early rain being poured out here in their time and in different times in different places we've seen revivals and they've come and they've gone history is full of these outpourings of the Spirit of God We've seen many of them over the last 2000 years in the Christian church now our assumption is I think many of us that the latter rain is just going to be one more of these revivals just like all the other ones except maybe it will be more potent it will be global in nature but it's essentially the exact same thing just more of it a different order of magnitude you follow what I'm getting at but I don't believe that that is the case and here's why I turn to me to look at Joel just back a couple of books Joel chapter 2. Verse 23 interesting verse and I'm going to expand on this just a little bit more but just think about what it's saying for a 2nd Joel chapter 2 verse 23 by the way when you see a word that's a tele sized What does that mean. It's supplied is an ad it probably shouldn't be there doesn't need to be there necessarily notices 1st be glad then you children in Zion and rejoice in the Lord your God for He has given you the former rain or the early rain moderately and he will cause to come down through the rain the former rain am the latter rain in the 1st or at the beginning they were month to supply the right now is God saying job is telling us God has given us to early rain in a in a moderate measure so this definitely is a question of magnitude that we're talking about here but when the latter rain begins to be poured out the early rain is poured out with this early rain and Latter Rain poured out together at the beginning now if the earlier in the latter they were the same thing why would you need the early rain to be poured out with the latter at the same time and why would it only be poured out with it at the beginning and not of the Ents any kind of kind of should make us ask questions What is the purpose of the earlier and what is the purpose of the latter and why are they poured out together to beginning an upward out of the together at the end I mean kind of makes me wonder what's going on here I'll tell you why I believe this point is important in the book The Last Day Vince this is by on why Page 195 to 196 you can find other places as well there's this. Solemn statement I guess that's the word no use only those who are living up to the light they have will receive greater light unless we are daily advancing in exemplification of the act of Christian virtues we shall not recognize the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain it may be falling on hearts all around us but we shall not discern or receive it it's now how could that be we've seen revival after revival some of us have an experience revival of different times in our life and we know what a revival looks like. And yet she's saying when the latter rain is poured out it's going to be something different something that many people will not even recognize it could be falling down on this person and that person a couple people in the back and the rest of us don't even realize that a lot of rain is being poured out how could that. Is if the lettering is not what we expected if it's something different than the earlier it has a different function and accomplishes something different and leave completely misunderstood that the latter rain could be put out right in our midst and we wouldn't even know when it's is that is are stopped Yeah I think it's a serious thought I want to know what the letter in is so when it starts to be poured out I can make sure that I don't miss out on one drop of that was shocking as it sounds when the lettering finally comes many will not even notice that anything has happened we've been waiting for for years we've been preaching about it doing seminars on it we've been studying men are preaching about it and yet somehow in the lottery probably comes we don't even notice anything is happened so what is the difference then between the early rain and a lot of rain that seems to me like an important question we need to understand same book last events page 186 I think this little quote some light on it she says the former rain or the early rain was given and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the opening of the gospel to cause the upspringing of the precious seeds because of what was the purpose of the early rain was given at the beginning to cause the sea to germinate to sprout right in other words at Pentecost Jesus had been the seed of course is the Word of God Jesus had been preaching the Word of God For 3 and a half years and I'm kind of cost the Holy Spirit was poured out that see that Jesus had been planned and planning and of course the disciples with him that's seen germinated and the Christian church was born that was the purpose of the letter early right excuse me it continues. The outpouring of Holy Spirit the days of the apostles was beginning of the Pistole of the earlier former And by the way aren't you glad that was just the beginning of the earlier in because it is the early one had just started panic us we never would have had another seed germinates for the last 2000 years we never would have had another conversion for the last 2000 years and every time someone preaches the word of God and someone receives it and that word germinate in their life that is evidence that the early writers working in that person's life and by the way this is why we need to pray for the early rain on a daily basis because we need to have the Word of God germinate in our life every day don't we need to be converted every day we need be born again every day we need the Word of God to sprout every day fresh in our heart we need the early rain every single day that's the early rain that upspringing of the precious seed but the passage goes on near the close of Earth's harvests harvest is different than the sowing time right near the close of Earth harvest a special the stall of God's grace is promised to prepare the church. To prepare the church for the coming of something fine to do and I want to mistreat it per the church for the coming of the Son of Man this outpouring of the Holy Spirit is like into the falling of the ladder right so the lettering comes at the end of time not to cause the springing of the seed but to bring this plant to maturity to bring it to full growth the full fruit fullness to for completion so it is ready for Christ to come. Now is that a different process than germination bringing it to maturity Super 2000 years we had seeds bringing up seeds bringing up seeds bringing up but we've never seen that final mature revelation of the character of Christ in His people we've seen you know growth and we've seen transformation we've seen people that reflected Christ in one way or another but we've never seen the finished picture yet on planet earth but at the end of time there's going to be a special The stole something we've not experienced yet a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit that allows these plants you and me to us talking about our lives to grow into full maturity in Christ's it's going to produce a generation of believers unlike anything the universe has ever seen something that has not happened for the last 2000 years will finally happen at last a generation of fallen men and women who are living without spot or wrinkle or any such thing they're ready to meet Christ when he comes I mean this is what the Latter Rain does so the early rain the lettering they have 2 different functions or early rain produces conversion it germinates to see the Latter Rain ripens the harvest it brings it to completion to maturation without the latter rain there cannot be a harvest the early one can get a plant growing but without the laddering that plant will never fulfilled its ultimate purpose imagine what it might look like if someone were receiving the letter right. So making changes in their life maybe they start eating different maybe they start dressing different maybe they change their music change or entertainment they spend more time in prayer more time in Bible study they stop doing the same kind of activities no more video games or making all kinds of changes in their life and the rest of us are kind of looking at this and what are they doing they're kind of becoming fanatical they're kind of becoming extremists they're going to be coming in also a conservative a will use that word right I mean use all these labels and what we're really doing is we're discrediting the work of the Holy Spirit bringing that person to complete the church is about the lettering to be being poured out right in our midst and one person is getting over here in a couple over here and some of them and the rest of us don't even realize what's happening if anything we're minimizing the work of the latter a pretty serious side as nuts as looking for people that will be a living witness to the world's but the character of Christ is really like this is by the way is why the earlier in his court out with the lettering at the beginning right because when God finally has that people thousands around his are going to be attracted to the character prize being revealed and thousands of people are going to be germinating now there's going to be thousands of convergence but as we get closer and closer to the end and every person is becoming hardened one way or the other they're settling into truth or rejecting truth everyone makes your final decision we finally come to the end of time when all of those people are filled with the Spirit of God and the rest of the world they're not open to anything and there is no more really ran right and you still want to it's eventually stops and a lot of rain continues on and it carries God's people through to the very end of the 2nd Coming of Christ and certainly we don't want fanaticism and we don't want extremism and we don't want to be either conservative or liberal We just want to be Biblical Amen we just want to be Biblical. But we need this louder rain because that alone is what is going to enable this earth to be lightened with the glory of God This is the only thing that's going to cover the whole earth with the glory of God like the waters cover the sea this is what's going to produce it is a lot of rain nothing else can do it and we need it. After these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth was lined with His glory this will happen so something you probably know we should be praying for the latter rain we should be paying praying for an outpouring of Holy Spirit but maybe we're not something we may not have known is how the early reign is different from the latter rain but now we do know so we can pray intelligently and ask God to bring us to that completion that maturity that fullness in Christ we can pray intelligently but there's still something we need to figure out I'm going to give you one more little assignment to think about after I go. And this this particular 3rd point something that's really big to me I've been praying about this for a long time I've been studying this researching this trying to understand this been very intentional and focused see I mention I've had several experiences where I've seen the Spirit of God poured out in my life and I have some sense of what it's like when the Holy Spirit is presence we should all cultivate a sensitivity human and I had a sense and I've been able to understand a little bit how the Holy Spirit works but in all the experiences I've had they've all had one thing in common every single time it's been in one place one location one specific situation and they come and they go maybe a last for a little while maybe it spreads out a little bit but every single time when God's hand revival it fizzles out but when the latter rain comes it has to be something different it has to be something different. It's going to start somewhere maybe here why not here I've it's going to start somewhere and it's going to be sustained over a period of time and in fact rather than business going out it's only going to grow stronger and stronger and stronger and it's going to spread from person to person to person until finally it has swept the entire globe I worked really hard on all those US words it's going to start it's going to be it's going to be sustained it's going to be strengthened it's going to spread it's going to sweep through the House to do this has to go through this process this is how the whole earth is going to be covered like the waters cover the sea right it's going to spread and keep getting stronger and it's not going to fizzle out it may start here may start there I love this vision Eleanor has not meant to look at up and I didn't get a chance but you know with the vision we're on I was shown the globe in the whole globe was like dark and then she saw a little light and then another little light and then another and then she starts in jets of light and they were connecting and going and more and more lots of starting pretty soon the whole world was aglow the lot of rain's going to be different from the early rain with this we get a little light here and then it goes out a little light here and then it goes out a little like here and then it just fills up but when the lettering comes it's not going to be like that it's going to start somewhere it's going to spread and spread and spread and it's going to keep going and stronger and stronger and stronger until the whole world is swept up. In this last great revival it's going to be different from in your Bible we've ever seen before a member many years ago I was once a where I was but I was talking with a young man he was in medical school now he's a doctor here though Melinda actually but he was a friend of mine and we were talking about this very subject he says you know down the ladder rain is going to be different from any revival we've ever seen before you kind of got me thinking along these lines he said it's not going to be based on mere emotionalism. It's not going to happen by accident or chance it's not going to just be some spiritual high it's not going to come and then fade away it's not going to be tied to some speaker or some location it's not going to be something that just visible out there goes out and dissipates you know the Lateran is going to be very difference it's going to change lives permanently it's going to spread from person to person it's going to get stronger and stronger and ultimately it will be poured out in unlimited power John 334 right John the Baptist talking about Jesus for He whom God has sent speak of the words of God For God give us not the Spirit by measure and to him without measure and I believe that God is going to do the same thing for his people when they finally grown up into maturity and they can be trusted with this kind of spiritual power he will give us the Holy Spirit without measure say we don't just need to understand our need for the Holy Spirit and start asking for we do need we need to see are needed we do need to start asking forward living in that time is exactly the right thing to pray for but we need more than that and we don't even just need to understand what the letter A is how it's different so we can pray intelligently then God will do that work of growing up in the maturity and complacently that's important we do need to understand that so we know what we're asking for but we need something else we also need to understand how the Holy Spirit works so we can cooperate with God fully and completely We understand the principles the dynamics of how the Holy Spirit works on the human heart how we can opener so be more receptive to the Spirit of God it's we need to know how to deadbolt the door against fanaticism because there is way too much of it in the church and when revival poured out of fanaticism always comes at the same time we need to guard against it. But at the same time we need to know how to open the door 100 percent of the Holy Spirit can come in and fill us to the very depths of our being we need to know how to safeguard the experience so then when it starts we don't lose the blasting it doesn't drip away or leak out leak out we don't have to keep that experience and in fact we need to know how to cultivate and grow all that experience and we need to know how to communicate the work of the Holy Spirit to those around us so we can share it with other people so that the Spirit of God becomes contagious right this is what we need. We need to understand exactly how the Holy Spirit works so we can participate fully in this final revival God will have a people that he can trust with this kind of power and he will be able to let loose the Holy Spirit like you've been wanting to do for the last 6000 years really we need to understand how this all works I don't think we have it really figured out very well but I don't even think we really understand the early rain very well but we need to and we need to study this we need to dig deeper we need to get serious I mean we should be deadly serious about understanding how the Holy Spirit works and seeking it with our whole heart because there's nothing else that's going to empower us to finish the work besides only spare money good place to start if you're looking for selected messages there's a couple chapters in there on revival and reformation and clergy to realize how it starts page $121.00 a revival of to godliness among this is the greatest and no one knows this or this going to the greatest and most urgent of all our needs this think this should be our 1st work. I mean it's a pretty solemn statement isn't it a revival of true godliness among us is that what greatest and most urgent of all our needs to seek this it be our 1st work as it goes on a couple pages later there is nothing that Satan fears so much nothing that sincere so much as that the people of God show clear the way and means we understand what the optics are and we intentionally deliberately move them out of the way we clear the way by removing every hindrance so the Lord can pour out His Spirit upon a languishing church and in it and impenitent congregation if Satan had his way there would never be another awakening great or small to the end of time but we are not ignorant of his devices or at least we shouldn't be ignorant of the devices we should understand how the enemy comes in and tries to sabotage revival so we can block that and prevent that from happening we need to know how the Holy Spirit works we are not ignorant of his devices it is possible to resist his power if we know how when the way is prepared for the Spirit of God the blessing will come when we understand the laws of how God works and we prepare the way and everything is put in place the Holy Spirit will be poured out nothing can stop us there's nothing the enemy can do what right in the middle of those 2 quotes this on page $122.00 is perhaps to me the most poignant quote in all the spirit of props in every time I read it just chokes me up. She says the old standard bearers the old Agnes pioneers are right the old standard bearers knew what it was to wrestle with God in prayer and to enjoy the outpouring of his spear many times to a get together on their knees than to have person in the Spirit of God would be court out in supernatural ways and they would experience the power of God and experience victories conversions and experience transformation they knew what it was to get down on their knees and rest of the gut and actually experience the outpouring of the Holy Spirit they know what it was like but these are passing off from the stage of action or getting older they're retiring or going into the grave or losing them one after the other all these great pioneers early ones and then founded the start of a good girl dying off their passing off on the stage of action and who are coming up to fill their places how is it with the rising generation How's that for a question do we know what it is to wrestle with God and to actually experience to enjoy the outpouring of the Do we know what that really is like something we need to figure out we need to learn how to wrestle with God We need to learn how to experience the outpouring of the Holy Spirit we need to know how to preserve safeguard that experience how to share that experience how to strengthen it cultivate it so it doesn't dissipate just get stronger and we need to learn these things and we should be deadly earnest about it it's deadly earnest we have to figure it out so let's ask it is time ask if the Lord ran the time that we should ask it's the time that's the right thing to do but we also need to make sure we ask intelligently knowing exactly what the lottery and is going to do what cooperating with God so we can grow up into the full I mean if there's any area in our life we need to let that thing goes so we can be a 100 percent the Lord's Prayer intelligently. But we also need to be committed sin intentional about learning how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit so when we become more sensitive to its presence learn how to submit to the Spirit of God We need to understand how the Holy Spirit works so we can allow God to work through us completely. And we can experience that everything that God has for us. We need revival Amen. There's a. Lot of us this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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