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My God is Jehovah

Brian Hindman


Brian Hindman

History and Bible Teacher, Mount Pisgah Academy


  • August 19, 2017
    1:30 PM
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Is it your desire today to walk with God. And me and I agree to walk with God is to conduct your life in such a way as to be in harmony with everything that Jesus does everything that he says and to live in his presence at all times will I will lift up mine eyes into the hills from whence cometh my help my help cometh from the Lord which made heaven and earth he will not suffer foot to be moved he that keep if he will not slumber the Lord is that I keep or The Lord is that I shade upon my right hand the sun shall not smite the by day nor the moon by night the Lord shall preserve the from all evil he shall preserve by soul the Lord shall preserve by going out and I coming in from this time forth and even forevermore that Psalm 121 a min. The Scriptures it is our spiritual food it is our spiritual life it is the building blocks the substance upon which our spiritual lives are based upon and so I hope you are hungry this morning as we're going to study a subject in titled My God is Jove but I want to share something with you that I read several years ago this is from archaeology magazine the archaeology is the study of man made objects anthropology is the study of people in terms of human remains people remains people parts history is the study of written records archaeology studies things that have been made by a person a human being and this archaeology magazine in 2007 from when this article was 10 years ago they had a list of the top 10 discoveries of the whole year every year they do this and something that they noted here as the top 10 discovery of the year and this is not a religious publication really grabbed me what it was that grabbed me is if you look at the little picture there of a little clay tablet that is a cuneiform tablet that dates back to the time of Jeremiah I'll just give you a quick rundown on this and there's a reason why I'm telling you this there's a person at the British Museum in London England who's a researcher and his name is Michael Gerson and since 1991 for 16 years he had been going through these small tablets that have been gathered and collected from over in what is today Iraq in Iran and just translating them cuneiform is a type of script where you take away a tablet and while it's wet or impressionable they take a little wedge and they'll make impressions on it in such a way as to make characters and it's readable and so anyway he's been doing that for 16 years and one day in 2007 he was reading this clay tablet and he ran across a name that was on. In there that gave him pause the name was need both Sarsour Kim. Does that sound familiar to anyone well it's actually mentioned in the Bible and it's mentioned one time in the book of Jeremiah Chapter 39 and it records there that need both source of him was one of the chief UNIX there in Babylon and that Jeremiah was given into the care of this person and this person who was translating this had enough Bible knowledge that he said that sounds familiar that sounds familiar and so he went back I read that in the Bible looked it up found it and it was a perfect match I don't know if you understand the significance of that but a perfect match on an obscure name that you and I have probably never heard of even though it's in the Scriptures gives us a validation that what is found in the Bible is true it's true the archaeological evidence this is what is called extra biblical information it's found outside the Bible that yet it points back and verifies the details that we find in the Bible so as Peter says we have not followed cunningly devised fables but these are true stories that God had inspired to be written down and recorded for us and so that makes me excited I don't know about you but that is very exciting there is evidence and proof for the people and characters that we read about in the scriptures and so I want you to know God's word is true you can base your life upon it there is nothing more certain and true than the Word of God And so this is our theme and our study that we want to know about well is the Old Testament relevant in 2017 lets let the Bible speak for itself there is a verse where Jesus is talking to his disciples and he says to them therefore every scribe which is instructed into the kingdom of heaven is like and to a man that is a what a householder and it says that householder that studies the Scriptures. That's describe it understands the word of God brings forth out of his treasure things new and old things new things old we have to Testaments we cannot fully understand the New Testament without the Old Testament because it is explaining and fulfilling many of the things in the Old Testament and the New Testament without the Old Testament would not have the foundation for what is fulfilled in the New Testament and so they both go together in an equal harmony and so I would just submit to you the Old Testament is very relevant in 2017 and we're going to look at a story that is found today a simple message in titled My God is Jove one of the greatest profits in the Bible record you can see here is a picture on a fiery chariot his name actually means my God is Jova the Alija the Tishbite his name means my God is Jova and he was sent on a mission to God's people who had become confused and assimilated and were rapidly losing sight of the character and the true worship of God Here is the prophet Elijah my God is Jehovah will be the back around to our story today the king of Israel at the time was king a head Ahab was king of the Northern king of Israel after there was a division under Solomon son he reigned for about 2122 years from age 75 to 853 B.C. he was the 1st king of Israel to come into conflict with the Assyrian Empire and in fact if you fast forward a little over 100 years it is the Assyrians who take away the Northern Kingdom of Israel the 10 tribes and scatter them and they cease to exist as a nation in 722 B.C. but that hasn't happened yet in our story but it's on the horizon the Assyrians are looming around the area well Ahab forwards very close ties with Phoenicia and Finnish is a region located along the. Coast of the Mediterranean Sea and Ahab married the daughter of the king of Sidon one of the principal cities of Phoenicia and her name you probably might know was just a bill we'll talk about her in a moment well with the influence of jazz the bill Ahab using his authority as King helped set up bail worship on account of his wife his wife had a strong personality and he had a kind of a weak vacillating personality and she heavily exercised her influence over him he used his influence and money to build himself a palace of ivory we're told in Scripture and we're also told in Scripture that he did more to provoke the anger of the Lord than all the kings before him this is king a hymn and under the Northern Kingdom of Israel just a small point here but it's significant to our story the 1st king of the northern tribes of Israel Jeroboam the 1st he set up to altars one up here in the northern part of his territory in what is called Dan I know you probably can't read it on your screen and then another one down here in Bethel he set up golden calves and claim that it was to the worship of the true God So although it was claiming to represent the true God it was a confusion and a violation of God's commandment not to make any graven images because you cannot make an image that can capture and represent God properly and so by doing this Jeroboam the 1st king of Israel was hoping to prevent the Northern Kingdom of Israel from coming down and going to where to worship the main city they that God instructed them to worship was in Jerusalem in Jerusalem is in Judah and so it's a distraction he set up false worship and it continued to be a sneer throughout the entire history of the Northern king of Israel now let's look at Phoenician over here you can see it's right here along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea And one of the main cities is not listed on here but Sidon that is. The daughter of the king of Sidon ethanol was just a bill and that's to a have married and who led him even further into idolatry So moving on this is a list of the kings of Israel I really only want you to notice one thing looking at a have he is the 8 King in the list of kings of Israel and you can see there's a pretty consistent trend there they're all evil based on setting up from Jeroboam the 1st and setting up the false worship the idolatry and the mixture of pagan and heathen worship with what was supposed to be the true worship mixing it together does not work it must be a pure worship that God accepts a have continued in this line of evil and wicked Kings all the way through to the very end who was the last king that was taken away by the Assyrians All right let's talk about his wife for just a moment just a bill as noted she was the daughter of the king of Sidon and she pushed Ahab to make her religious beliefs of bail and Asherah to be the national religion of Israel what a mockery to God to take and place these idols in the place where God should be and he followed her counsel he followed her advice and she actually organized and supported from the Kings table 450 prophets of bail and $400.00 prophets of Asherah these 2 Canaanite Phoenician gods and goddesses Well she also sought out it was enough to set up her own false worship she wanted to eliminate those who taught and preached the true worship of God the true prophets of God and so she diligently sought out and killed many of God's true prophets you can find that in 1st kings $813.00 she outlived a have and even solace 2 of her sons and you whore him sit on the throne. Just the bell used her influence to get a have to follow and practice the worship of bail now here is bail why would people want to worship bail in the 1st place bail was the God of nature particularly the God of storms and storms and rain would be useful for the growing of in an agricultural society for growing crops media's reliance Pastore people farmers who would need rain and the temptation to worship and follow this deity who supposedly had an inside ability and power to sin the storms was very enticing pagan god of nature and fertility as well the worship of bail would be thought to increase your production for your crops fruit cattle etc So the motivation to worship Bale is selfishness and greed at its core at its root be a worship included sexual acts sacrifice of children and kissing the image itself all things that are just revolting to the true God of heaven but this was bale what prompted him. To be the one and go appear before a Hab without any announcement or any warning and just walk right into his presence and tell him it's not going to rain except for by my word what would prompt him to do that well the Bible tells us in James Chapter 5 in the New Testament the Elias or Elijah was a man subject to like passions as we are and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain and it rained not on the earth by the space of 3 years and 6 months oftentimes we realize that you lied you prayed that it would rain and we'll see that at the end of our story but he actually prayed that it would not rain 1st because he was jealous for the honor of God. Jealous for the honor and glory of God and was so upset at seeing God's people following or wrong course and being led deeper and deeper into sin Well I desired to see God on earth and his people turned back from sin to repentance Now it's interesting I think and should be noted that before the drought came that Alija announced was going to happen God had tried to reveal and speak to the Israelites that nor the king of Israel by warnings by pleadings by entreaties and by messages of reproof and rebuke letting them know they were following a wrong course it was not until after a long process that then on the fact that the Israelites rejected the message that was sent to them that God then spoke to them in judgment which would get their attention and I think it's the same today God please with us he longs for us to look at and turn to him but if we continue to resist and continue to ignore his warnings there are times I think when God's judgment will come upon us Well illogic and Obadiah Obadiah happen to be the governor of the house of a habit and in fact if you have your Bible and you want to turn to 1st kings 18 that will be the heart of our study and our focus today 1st chapter 18 Eliza and Obadiah Obadiah was still a man who feared God although he was the governor and commander of a Habs household as a have it turned away from God but yet he recognized because oh but I was a man of God he was trustworthy and he would do a excellent job in service to him as he did at the beginning of 1st kings 18 I'm going to skip through a little bit so we can get to the main part and have time for that illogic is told by God he should go and show himself to a hand and alive he goes and 1st shows himself to Obadiah and tells him I am going to appear before a have please go and get him you can see from this picture here Obadiah fall. Down before him and is terrified because he says a have a sit people and messengers looking for you on every country on the face of the earth and if I go and tell him that you're here and you're not here I'm going to be killed it's going to be terrible and so assures him that I am going to appear before a have as God as my witness today and so Obadiah who was a man that feared God God honored him he was the one to tell Ahab that it was there and wanted to speak with him now notice if you have your bible let's take a look at 1st kings 18 and looking at verse 17 and 18 as illogic now appears before a hymn 1st kings 18 verse 17 and it came to pass when a have saw Elijah that they have said unto him or he that what trouble with Israel the trouble maker Ahab. Who has been really the one who has led Israel into apostasy and into sin. The 1st thing he can say is you're the cause of all this trouble you're the reason why we're going through all these terrible things is that true that's actually not true and this is a lesson it should be an indication for us that when we stand for God We are going to be accused of being the cause of the trouble that comes upon the land the cause and the source because you stand for God and you're so firm and rigid in your beliefs in following him You're the reason why we're going through these judgments blaming those who are bearing a message of truth and reproof but notice what a lie just says he has none of that in verse 18 the very next verse he actually throws back that charge upon Ahab and he answered I have not troubled Israel but that now and I father's house in that ye have what forsaken the commandments of the Lord and thou hast followed Beilein and barely missed just the plural form of the word bail multiple idols of bail you followed all of these multiple idols and you've rejected the commandments of God It is interesting we're told in prophets and kings page 139 it is natural for the wrongdoer to hold the messengers of God responsible for the calamities that calm as the sure result of a departure from the way of righteousness those who place themselves in Satan's power our own able to see things as God sees them when the Mirror of Truth is held up before them they become indignant at the thought of receiving reproof blinded by sin they refuse to repent they feel that God's servants have turned against them and they are the ones that are worthy of the severest censure and I think it's no different today no different at all well our story today is largely going to take place on a location called Mt Carmel Mt Carmel is where. Elijah tails a habit Let's read it in verses 1321 to gather the people and meet beginning in verse 19 now therefore sinned and gather to me all Israel and to Mount Carmel and the prophets of bail $450.00 and the prophets of the grooves $400.00 which eat the bells table so Ahab sin unto all the children of Israel and gather the prophets together and to Mount Carmel and illogic came unto all the people and said how long haul easy between what between 2 opinions hall even the King James is a little awkward I think in some of the other translations it says how long will you waver but tween 2 opinions if the Lord be God follow him but if Bale then follow him and then it says and how do the people respond and the people answered him not a word how long will you waver between 2 opinions and he is not speaking to the heathen pagan nations surrounding Israel he's speaking to God's people himself and I think that question is still being asked to us today how long will we waver and have any dabbling or any kind of a connection with anything that is an idol or that is separating us from the true God who is the true God is it bail Here's a figurine of bail that is of this been excavated in there he is the storm god remember so he carries the lightning bolt is it bail or is it the sign of Jehovah God is a little innocent lamb the Lamb of God who is the true God Well who are the people that worship bail really worshipping this was interesting Keep your finger there and let's look at the New Testament at a passage 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 and verse 21st Corinthians chapter tin and will notice verse 20 and we're asking the question Who are the people that worship bail and as. Really worshipping is it just an innocent statue is it just a carved image or is there something behind it based on what Scripture tells us 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 verse 20 when you're there police say I'm in I want people to be awake this morning remember I quoted you Psalm 121 it says that God never slumbers and never sleeps and so if you want to be like God at least in church we cannot slumber and we cannot sleep all right 1st Corinthians 1020 the Bible says but I say that the things which the Gentiles some translations say they heathen or Pagan the things which the Gentile sacrifies they sacrifice to who demons or devils they're really worshipping demons or devils fallen angels they that worship the images and statues it says they sacrifice to devils and not to God and then Paul further says and I would not that you should have fellowship or communion or any contact with devils or demons so the worship of Bale and Asherah Biblically speaking is really just worshipping the devil and so we have to make a decision and make it clear in our lives that we are worshipping and committed to worship being the true God of heaven will notice this statement from great conversely page $583.00 it says There it is as easy to make an idol of false doctrines and theories as to fashion an idol of wood or stone and if you catch that you know we might say well I don't bow down to any little carved wooden images or any statues of anything but we're told it's as easy to make an idol of false doctrines and theories something you think and something you believe is easy to make an idol of those things as it is to build and carve will or whatever an idol of wood or stone by misrepresenting the attributes of God Satan leads men to conceive of him in a false character with many a philosophical Idol is in throne in the place of Jehovah. While the living God as He is revealed in His Word in Christ and in the works of creation is worshiped by but few but few worship the true living God you know it says in John 424 Jesus was speaking to the woman at the will and he says to her when she had asked him a question he says God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship him how in spirit and in truth there is a true worship a true way that God designs for us to worship him and that goes all the way back to the very beginning with Cain and Abel when Cain brought a sacrifice to worship God for the purpose of worshipping the true God based on what he wanted to do and able followed what God wanted him to do God accepted one able and he rejected the other Cain So the true God is Jovo Well let's see here in this contest how Elijah designs to make it clear that God is the true God 1st Kings 18 looking at verse 2229 this that he lied to and to the people I even I only remain a prophet of the Lord but Bale's prophets are $450.00 min would you be willing to stand for God though you are opposed by everyone else would you and this is a simple question that we have to ask ourselves do we love God do we trust God enough that we would stand for him and stand for what is true no matter what other obstacles or what other numbers are standing against us in opposition to the truth of God's word are we willing to stand for truth will lead them there for give us to bullocks and let them choose one bullet for themselves and cut it in pieces and lay it on wood and put no fire under and I will dress the other bullock and lay it on wood and put no fire under and call you on the name of your gods and I will call on the name of the Lord and the God that answer of how that answer with by fire. What does it say let him be God and all the people answered and said it is well spoken this should be an easy test for Bale if he is the storm God and the God of lightning this is right up my alley my wheel house I bring Thunderbolts all the time I can bring lightning from heaven no problem if Bale is really the true God The challenge based on what conditions and criteria for what Bale claims to be are very reasonable and the people acknowledge it is well spoken what it has asked and a lie just added to the prophets of bail choose you one bullet for yourselves and dress it 1st for you are many and call on the name of your gods but put no fire under and they took the bullock which was given them and they dressed it and called on the name of Bale from morning they gathered early in the morning even until noon saying what old Bale heroes. Bail here us but there was foot. No voice nor any that answered and they leaped upon the altar which was made we're going to see in this illustration a contrast between true worship and how it's conducted in a peaceful and calm and intelligent thinking manner and the contrast of worshipping a heathen false god which is characterized by chaos and madness and not thinking clearly and jumping and shouting and noise and confusion a clear contrast between the 2 as the prophets of bail begin to leap and jump around well what good is it doing they did this for all morning and nothing seemed to happen let's pick up verse 27 and it came to pass at noon that a large a mock them and said cry aloud for he is a God either he is talking or he is pursuing or he is in a journey or peradventure he sleep with and must be awakened remember we read in Psalm 121 that God never sleeps or slumbers Psalm $121.00 the true God but he watches us and takes care of us all the time and they cried aloud and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets till the blood gushing out upon them what a contrast that you are even cutting in defacing and physically harming yourself to a peas and to try to get your God and to worship your god in such a way as will get him to hear an answer you and it came to pass when midday was passed and they prophesied until the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice that there was neither voice nor any to answer nor any that regarded they completely exhausted themselves in their attempt at worshipping and there was nothing no response nothing that came from it utterly hoarse and bleeding and exhausted and without any other ideas of what can we. Do how could we try to make this work they came to an int and nothing happened that would show that Bale was the true God Now what does Alija do notice verse $37.00 to all the people come near on to me why do you think he wanted to come near he wanted them to see right and to see clearly what he was doing and what he was saying that they might have an intelligent understanding of why he was doing what he was doing in worshipping God and it says and he repaired the altar of the Lord that was broken down oh yes there was an altar there but it had been torn down broken down and there were other alters nearby which had been set up for worshipping Bale and Asherah during the time of King a Hab illogical repairs and restores and rebuilds this broken down altar that was more precious to him than all the heathen altars and all of the groves of the heathen combined and it says in verse 31 Elijah took how many stones 12 stones according to the number of the tribes of the sons of Jacob to whom the word of the Lord came saying Israel shall be thy name and with the stones he built an altar in the name of the Lord and he made a trench about the altar as great as would contain 2 measures of seed and he put the wood in order and cut the bullock in pieces and laid him on the wood and said things will for barrels with water and pour it on the burnt sacrifice and on the wood. Why you think he's doing this very clear there's no tricks that are going to be done here he is going to ask for this sacrifice to be so doused with water that there can be no possibility of any confusion that he had a match or a lighter or some other way and tried to light something and they just kind of came up from something like that he's going to make it explicitly clear that this is a divine act from God to answer his prayer and it says there verse 34 and he said do it the 2nd time and they did it the 2nd time and he said do it the 3rd time and they did it the 3rd time for barrels or jars of water pouring it on the sacrifice on the altar and it says that he poured it with so much water verse $35.00 that the water ran round about the altar and he filled the trench also with water so the sacrifice is dripping the altar is dripping and all the traits that have been dug out around it is actually full of water it's just completely as wet as it can possibly be and then it says in verse $36.00 and it came to pass at the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice the time for the true worship of God the evening sacrifice hour that illogic the prophet came near and said Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Israel let it be known this day that thou art God in Israel and that I am by servant and that I have done all these things at the I word all these things at the word and you know the story this is one of my favorite stories as a young person when my parents would read the Bible story to me let's read how God responded verse $38.00 then the fire of the Lord fill and consumers notice what was consumed the burnt sacrifice and the wood and the Stones and the dust and licked up the water that was in the trench everything could there be any doubt or question in anybody's mind who is the true God that answers by fire. Not at all it says in verse 39 and when all the people saw it they fail on their faces I mean that serious We prostrate falling before the Lord and they said the Lord He is the God the Lord He is the God you know God makes it clear if we want to know and want to understand his work in our lives we can have a certainty and have the assurance that God is the true God we don't have to have fire come down from heaven we already have a record that that has happened before I believe that story by faith is as true and genuine as anything that I have seen with my own eyes so this story for me validates and confirms that God is the true God There is no question there is no doubt I see all these things by faith as absolute certainty and realities that God hears and answers our prayers and demonstrates that he is the true God the only god worthy of our worship and our time and our attention and our focus well How convincing was this demonstration how do you think you would have responded It says right after this in verse 40 and a lie just said into them take the profits of bail let not one of them escape and they took them and a larger brought them down to the brook Keyshawn and slew them there you know it is God's desire and design that we would have nothing to do with false worship in idolatry nothing to do with the influence that would tend to false worship and idolatry and so all the prophets of bail were killed by a divine judgment of God which is what they were supposed to do when they 1st settled into the Promised Land way back earlier in Bible times under Joshua they were supposed to eliminate eradicate these people because the Lord said to their worship if you allow them to live and if you intermingle with him will be a sneer it will be a snare to you and to the low. It is calling us today inside the Corinthians Chapter 6 and verse 17 The Bible says Wherefore come out from among them and be a separate say at the LORD and touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you but he calls us out of the influences of the world and he says touch not the unclean thing the only clean thing is anything that corrupts or contaminates or turns away from the true path of righteousness and the Truth in God's Word anything that has any contaminating influence he says touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you God has promised that he will receive us well this is the view from the top of Mount Carmel of the Mediterranean Sea and it did not rain for 3 and a half years now that the people are repentant now that the people have acknowledged and confessed that God is the only true God Now God hears and responds to that penitence or contrition and we're going to see how he sins the rain but it's only after a large also prays that God would do this look notice verses 41 to 45 and a larger set of Ahab get the eat and drink for there is a sound of abundance of rain so a have went up to eat and to drink and a larger went up to the top of Carmel and you can kind of see this is approximately where that might be a larger one up to the top of Carmel and he cast himself down upon the earth and put his face between his knees talk about humility and contrition in prayer putting your face between your knees and said to his servant Go up now look toward the sea and he went up and looked and said There is nothing and he said Go again 7 times he prays 7 times and tells his servant Go look do you see anything coming from off in the distance any cloud and you can see some clouds in this picture but is there any clouds that might give the the sign that God has heard my prayer and as I. Answered by sending them much much needed rain and it came to pass verse 44 at the 7th time that he said it behold there arise it a little cloud out of the sea like a man's hand and he said go up say into Ahab prepare the chariot and get the down that the rain stopped the knot and it came to pass in the meanwhile that the heaven was black with clouds and wind and there was a what a great rain and a have road and went to just real illogic prays for rain earnestly and after praying for 7 times as the smallest token that God has heard his prayer the smallest indication that God has heard him at this small us little bit he then by faith except God's sign that he is going to bring the rain and goes and tells They have oh it's going to rain all right it's going to be an abundance of rain have you ever prayed earnestly for something 7 times praying earnestly that God will hear persistent prayer you know we're also told in James that Eliza was a man of like passages JUST LIKE US JUST LIKE US He got weak he got tired if we just read the next chapter it talks about how Alija his faith did falter and he ran away from Jess a bell when she threatened to kill him because all the prophets of bail had been killed by his command and yet God did not for save him he did not turn his back on him but still was patient and rescued and delivered him even though he ran if you look at a map about 100 miles away as far away as he could geographically travel in Palestine to get away from just the bill that's how afraid he was but yet God did not abandon him how much evidence do we need to believe that God hears and answers our prayers well Alija runs before Ahab. Notice here verse 46 the last verse of Chapter 18 and the hand of the Lord was on and he girded up his lawyer and ran before Ahab to the entrance of Joe's reel and again looking at a map that is about 17 miles in the rain downpour that although Ahab is a wicked king and does not deserve the favor of God Yet God still is working to try and turn his heart and mind and life to bring about a reform and a revival in Israel and so the prophet himself runs before him all the way to Jess real where he was stationed and where he lived well did you know the scriptures tell us. Fast forwarding about 400 years from the time of in 1st kings 18 to the prophet Malakai the last of the Old Testament prophets there is a promise there Malakai for verse 5 that says Behold I will send you a large of the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord God promises to send a reformer those who would stand for truth who would say My God is Just and no one else nothing else no object no item no person no theory no anything but just the true God I'm committed to serving and following him and then we read these words here in the book the faith I live by page 290 the closing words of Malikai are a prophecy regarding the work that should be done preparatory to the 1st and the 2nd advent of Christ it was none other than John the Baptist that Jesus is was the Alija that was to prepare the way for his 1st coming but we also understand that that is a 2 fold message here in Malakai that Eliza represents God's people living just before the coming of Jesus who would have a similar mind to be jealous for God and his honor and work to prepare the way for his coming those who are to prepare the way for the 2nd coming of Christ are represented by faithful in the same spirit the same reforming desire and the same power that attended a lie is to be with God's people to awaken them to their need of repentance and turning back to God as John came That's John the Baptist in the spirit of Alija to prepare the way for the 1st advent of Christ our message must be as direct as was that of John. John told the Farah sees you brood of vipers who has warned you to flee from the wrath of calm that is a bold direct message calling for them to repent and turn away from their sins our message must be as direct as was that of John he reviewed kings for their iniquity not withstanding the peril his life was in he never allowed truth to languish or falter or hesitate on his lips may it be the same with us in this time of will not universal apostasy God calls upon his messengers to proclaim his law in the spirit and power of Elijah as John the Baptist in preparing a people for Christ 1st advent called their attention to the 10 Commandments so are we to give with no uncertain sound the message fear God and give glory to him why for the hour of his judgment is comb with the earnestness that characterized the Alija the prophet and John the Baptist we are to strive to prepare the way for Christ 2nd Advent So in conclusion my God is Jova I pray that your god is Jovo illogic asked the people how long we wait for between 2 opinions it says in James 18 that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways a double minded man is someone who wavers between following what God wants and following what the world wants or culture they waver and because they are not committed to one or the other they have really no stability at all because they are double minded so God calls for a decisive decision to follow him and set aside anything that would be an idol in our lives we need to have the same zeal to honor and glorify God the same bold this to want to stand for God's truth Titus chapter 2 verse 14 says the king of Jesus who gave Himself for us that he might redeem us from all iniquity and purify unto himself a peculiar people and notice the last part of that verse zealous. Of good works a people who are zealous of doing good things because they love God and they have no higher joy than to serve him and lead other people to him and tell other people about him also we need to have the same zeal to rebuke sin although it's not popular it will never be popular to rebuke sin we should have the same zeal and desire to rebuke sin because we want to see souls saved we cannot be saved in our sins none of us pastors can't be saved in their sins I have to repent I have to confess and ask for God's grace and mercy in my life it says it Isaiah 58 verse one cry aloud spare not lift up the voice like a trumpet and show my people their transgression and the House of Jacob there since it says There we are to call forth in clear tones a rebuke for sin and then he 33 Verse 11 the Lord tells us say and to them as I live say at the Lord God I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked but that the wicked turn from their way in live turn ye turn away from your evil ways for why will you die or house of Israel God is pleading with all that he can do and saying you've got to turn and acknowledge me so that I can forgive your sins Well let's review just some of the key points we've seen today and will close with our closing him number one God is particular and how we worship and honor Him particular in a right way particularly in how we worship and honor Him That's John for 24 God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in Truth Number 2 we must diligently make effort to put away all idols that could appear or may appear or may be in our lives and worship God only our God is Jovo That's Matthew Chapter 4 versed in Jesus speaking to Satan says get the hint Satan for it is written that I shall worship the Lord via God and Him only shout they'll serve mad. Fortin Jesus makes it clear only worship belongs our worship belongs only to God Number 3 we must not allow the spirit and culture of the world to influence our worship of God Do not allow that to happen Number 4 we must make a bold stand for God's Bible truth you know chapter 2 verse 10 on this point a bold stand for truth truth isn't just something that we agree to it's something that we love and cherish and practice in our own lives inside at the Sloan in chapter 2 verse 2 in the Bible says and with all deceive a boldness of unrighteousness in them that perish those who perish why because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved we have to not just agree with truth and say I think that's right but we must love it and accept it and allow it to changes and transform our lives and then 5th and finally we must rebuke sin and have no tolerance for it Jesus Himself it says in Hebrews 19 that has loved righteousness and hated iniquity describing Jesus he did not have any toleration for sin although he loves sinners he did not tolerated and so therefore the same admonition comes to us that was given to Timothy inside the time of the chapter for verse to preach the word preach the Word of God be instant in season out of season and now notice here's what we're to do with the Word of God reprove rebuke and exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine we are to rebuke and reprove sin or ever it may be found not because we're trying to put people down and cause them to be lost but because we're trying to awaken their spiritual senses that they might turn to Jesus and be saved that is why we awaken people with God's strength to reprove and rebuke sin all my God is Jova I hope and pray that your god is also Jehovah let us be faithful let us choose to worship God as he has. Called us to worship Him Oh Father in Heaven Lord we commit ourselves to you just now to be holy vine may we not waver between 2 opinions may we choose to follow you and to commit all of ourselves to you take our hearts our minds transform them purify them to be like our savior Jesus thank you for giving us the strength and the power and the grace to do this we praise you and worship you now today on your Sabbath that all of God's people say Amen and Amen this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio 1st or.


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