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Our Prophetic Identity

Brian Hindman


Brian Hindman

History and Bible Teacher, Mount Pisgah Academy


  • August 18, 2018
    12:30 PM
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All right well good morning again brothers and sisters have you come to hear a message from the Word of God I hope so our subject this morning is entitled it our prophetic identity the message is actually found in your bible or else right I hope you brought your Bible because we'll be looking at that quite a bit this morning before we begin though I just would like to invite the Lord to especially bless our time together as we study his words so if you just by your heads with me let's pray Father in Heaven Lord your people have come to hear a message from you not from me and I pray Lord that you would bless them you would give us the gift of the Holy Spirit to quicken and revive our hearts and minds that we might perceive more clearly and more distinctly the message in the Word of God for each of us living today in 2018 bless us now I pray in Jesus name a min our prophetic identity do you have any ID on you right now identification driver's license Social Security card passport there's lots of forms of identification but I believe that it's the Bible that gives us the clearest picture of who we are what our true identity is but to begin with there's a story that came out several years ago about 2 sets of twins that were born at the same time and they were both sets were taken to the hospital because they were premature This is in Colombia the the country of Colombia in South America well somehow nobody knows for sure the hospital there was a mix up after just a day or 2 of the babies being there 2 of the babies were switched the mothers took home a different baby of their own they took one of their own and one that was not their own both of the mothers thought that they had given birth to fraternal twins but they had not realized because they were so young and I guess premature that they had given birth to identical twins both mothers had done this at the same time the same hospital this. It's a very interesting story as it turns out because of the 2 on the right William and Wilbur were raised together out by of a family in the rural countryside much poorer than where Carlos and Jorge were grew up in the city of Colombia I'm sorry Bogota the capital of Colombia and had much more educational opportunities and and privileges Fast forward 25 years and one day a friend of Jorge who worked as a as a business person out of some firm office office firm went to a butcher shop in Bogota now mind you Bogota has over 8000000 people 8000000 people that's a huge city this colleague of Jorge's went to the butcher shop and she saw what she thought was Jorge behind the counter chopping meat and she was surprised when she waved and tried to say hi to him and he just kind of casually said hello and just didn't act like he knew her and she was sure that it was him certain that it was Jorge that he was just having a 2nd job or playing a game or something and so she took a picture of him and then took it back to her back to work where she worked with Jorge as a colleague of his showed it to him like That's strange now both Jorge and William knew that they were twins but like I said they thought they were fraternal twins not identical twins and so at 1st he just kind of brushed it off Jorge and then finally they convinced him to go down to the butcher shop and see for himself and you can imagine his surprise and William surprises a saw each other and began to talk to each other and realize little by little as story unfolded that something and something that happened a mistake had been made they had actually been switched at birth and were actually grew up with someone that was not technically biologically their brother it's interesting because many scientists are actually all clamoring and psychologist to try and analyze these brothers and figure out. This is a unique situation where you have genetic similarities from identical twins growing up in different places what is the impact of their their genetics their their nature and what is the impact of their environment and it's interesting because yes as they got together with even Jorge had a lot of things similar that they like to do the way they talk the way they acted in the way they are just very similar and also Carlos and Wilbur when they eventually came into the equation they were also very similar in their likes and dislikes It's interesting how this kind of came about my question though for you this morning what determines your identity is it your genetics your nature the genes that you were given when you were born is it your environment the culture that you find yourself around the impact and shape the influence that has on you is that what determines your identity or is it something more that I think you know where I'm going I'm going to submit to you this morning that your true identity is found in the pages of the Word of God God is the one that identifies his people and his truth I believe that with all my heart we're going to look at that in just a 2nd but I just threw in one other short story as we're talking about the need for identification this was this summer in fact while I was in British Columbia when I went up for my son's graduation there was a jogger who was jogging along the beach in British Columbia Canada and she wasn't paying attention where she was jogging and accidentally jogged across the border into the United States and Washington state before she realized her mistake there were some Border Patrol agents that came out and kind of met her and said What are you doing here you cross the border illegally do you have an identification and of course she was jogging she didn't have anything on or no no passport no nothing and so as you can see from the title of the story here she was detained for 2 weeks for just accidentally jogging across the border into the United States before they finally were able to get everything square. Away and she was able to go back to I think she was visiting her grandmother who lived in British Columbia yes sometimes identification really really matters more than others so that's what we're going to look at this morning from the pages of the Word of God the identification of God is given to us as a people and we're going to begin by looking at a statement where Jesus is talking to some Jews that are there before him in John Chapter 8 verses 31333 John Chapter 8 verses 31333 Notice the words of Jesus then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him if he continue in my word what does the word continued mean something has already started if you continue in my word then are you my disciples indeed I love that verse and that's not my focus this morning but I just had to you continue you start to follow and believe in the Word of God That's what identifies you as a follower of God because you begin and continue on in his word and he says and then the verse we all know in verse 32 and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free but then notice the response here of the listeners the Jew said they answered him We be Abraham's seed and were never in bondage to any man how sayest thou ye shall be made free now the Jews claim to be descendants and they were descendants of Abraham it meant something to be a child of Abraham a claim of Abrahamic descent meant something that was their identification they were a descendant of the lineage of Abraham and notice this point also in Luke 19 in the famous story of Zacchaeus we all know the probably the story of the wee little man that climbed up in a tree he was anxious and eager to see Jesus and Jesus met him there which to his house will pick up the story it's actually verses one through 10 but we pick up the story in verse 8 it says and Zacchaeus stood and said unto the Lord behold Lord the half of my goods I give to the poor and if I have taken anything from any man by false accusation I restore him for full. And Jesus said unto him this day is salvation come to this house why for so much as he also is a son of Abraham he is a descendant of Abraham Jesus recognized he is a child a descendant a son of Abraham and then the famous verse for the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost Jesus noticed he recognized that he had a descent from Abraham who was considered to be the father of the Jewish nation when he was called out of the earth the counties to start and God started in founded a nation from him through his seed and gave him the promise through his seed notice this other story also in Luke Chapter 13 a few verses earlier chapters earlier rather of a woman who has been hunched over for 18 years the Jews there are criticizing Jesus because he healed her on the Sabbath day that he gave her the healing that she had sought for so desperately for 18 years notice what it says here the Lord then answered him and said speaking to those that were accusing him of breaking the Sabbath thou hypocrite does not each one of you on the Sabbath lose his ox or his ass from the stall and lead him away to watering and ought not this woman being a what being a daughter of Abraham she herself was a descendant of Abraham just like Zacchaeus shouldn't she be released from this infirmity being a daughter of Abraham whom Satan has these 18 years be loosed from this bond on the sabbath days the Jews took pride in being descendants of Abraham it meant something to be a Jew in that regard I want to ask the question What was it that made the Jews so special is it just their D.N.A. their heritage their lineage What was it that really made them special to God that's important and we're going to begin by discovering what did not make them special to God and will 1st find some things that did not make them special and then we'll identify what did make them special as we find out today. Our prophetic identity This is from Deuteronomy 7 this is the words of Moses speaking before the Israelite nation the book of Deuteronomy was written about a month before Moses died the whole book that is his farewell exhortation an admonition to God's people just before he died and he repeats and reviewed a lot of the experiences and the history of the Israelites and how God had led them out of slavery and now on the borders of the promised land where they are Deuteronomy 7 it says for the art and holy people unto the Lord by God the Lord thy God has chosen the to be a special people unto himself above all people that are upon the face of the earth now watch this the Lord did not set his love upon you nor choose you because you were more in number than any people it's not because of your popularity because you're more numerous and plentiful it's not because you're the largest nation on earth he says for you were the fewest of all people they were not chosen because of their popularity because of their numbers that did not commend them to God because they were so plentiful and numerous not because they were numerous but what else did not make the Jews special move along just 2 chapters to Deuteronomy Chapter 9 still listening to the words of Moses in verses 6 and 7 Deuteronomy Chapter 9 what did not make the Jews special is the question and the Bible says understand therefore that the Lord thy God give us the not this good land speaking of the promise land that they were about to enter to possess it for the high right just miss for that now are a what a stiff necked people and that is a description for a stiff neck is a stubborn very hard headed person a stubborn person that is the description for stiff neck that all are God's people are a stiff necked people and then the next verse he says remember and forget not how the opera Vocus the Lord by God to wrath in the wilderness from the day that out it is depart out of the land of Egypt unto you came into this place which is a total of 40 years it says he have been rebellious against the Lord. Are they chosen and special because of their obedience because they are always following in complying with what God asked them to do and of course the answer is clearly no they are stiff necked and they are rebellious before the Lord and yet God still chose them he still called them for a special purpose so they are not committed before God because of their obedience so the question is still what is it that made the Jews special and we're going to follow into that with what is it that makes the 7th Day Adventist special and you'll see a theme here I hope as we look at what the Bible says in Romans Chapter 3 let's move on to the New Testament the book of Romans Chapter 3 and Romans chapter one Paul is giving a description the Apostle Paul to the Church at Rome and in a in a general sense he is saying that the the Gentiles are all under sin they are sinful people they are under the bondage of sin and then in Chapter 2 he explains in a nutshell how the Jews are also under sin and when we come to chapter 3 he gives a picture now of what is a difference between the 2 we're going to see this here's the key point and Paul writes beginning in Romans 3 verse one and the 1st part of Verse 2 what advantage then hath the Jews what advantage or benefit is there in being a Jew or what profit is there of circumcision and the 1st part of Verse 2 says Much much everyway much every way now before we identify the much we're going to drop down a few verses and look at something else that is connected to this point there is something that is much of that that separates and gives the Jews an advantage over the other nations around him look down at verse 9 and we're asking the question now well are the Jews better than the Gentiles if there is some advantage that they have what is this difference now notice how the Apostle makes this very very plain in verse 9 of Romans Chapter 3 he says What then are we better than they and what is the reasoning answer No No Are we better than they know. No in no wise for we have before proven that was an chapters one and 2 we had before proved that both Jews and Gentiles that they are all under what they are all under sin you know we have lots of problems in the world but there's really just one problem that we have just one main problem and that problem is sin and there's only one solution for that problem that's Jesus Christ there's only one solution to that problem and it's something that all of us need to recognize and there's all right I'm not I'm not going to go there but it's important to recognize the problem because then you appreciate and seek after the solution if you don't mention and identify the problem that the Scripture plainly reveals to us then our desire and our interest in finding the solution and appreciating the solution is weakened and lessened and diminished Let's go back now and complete this advantage that the Jews have what advantage was it we're going back to Romans 3 verses one into this time will read all of her to what advantage then have to do or what profit is there of circumcision much every way chiefly what does the word chiefly mean let's put on our thinking hats chiefly means of most importance of highest largest greatest preeminent consideration it is the most important significant factor chiefly because that unto them the Jewish people were committed what the oracles of God they were given something as a commitment as a as a deposit they were supposed to be the ones to have and to preserve and to present the oracles of God Now the word oracles in the Greek is actually the word for words it's just the word in Greek it means the words of God That's what was given to them what advantage did they have they knew the message that God had given to all humanity the message wasn't exclusively just for the Jews but it was given to them to share with everyone else around them chiefly. That was their advantage they knew what God had said because God gave them that message and that's what made them special not any other details not their architecture or on their synagogues not their popularity not their bank accounts there was nothing else but just the fact that God had intrusted with them a message of his will and a knowledge of salvation was given to them that's why Jesus says to the woman at the well in John chapter 4 Salvation is of the Jews because it was the Jewish people that have been given a knowledge of salvation and that was where they were supposed to to find it was from them now they didn't live up to what they were called to do but nonetheless God called them he entrusted him with this very very special message so I'm going to fast forward to now and I think you're going to see where this goes what advantaged in does the 7th Day Adventist have what advantage is there is it our architecture is it our numbers because we're so numerous and popular is it because of some other reason of course it's not not at all and we better than anyone else know according to what Paul says in Romans 3 but look what it says here it's like a Peter chapter 2 verses one and 2 we have some very interesting words in the scriptures the apostle Peter writes wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things though you know them now that's an interesting point in and of itself are the things that we know that we need to be reminded of yes the apostle says I know you know these things but I'm going to remind you of them because it's so important that you keep it in the front of your mind and then he goes on and gives this admonition and be established in the present truth there are lots of truths in the Bible in fact the entire Bible is truth John 1717 but there are particular truths that are present trues that are of an even greater urgent importance that we are to consider and to keep in the front of our minds and then also in 1st Peter 2 verse 9 this is a description I believe of what God has called his people in today the church is spirit. Will Israel if you look at the lace in 3 verse 7 and verse $29.00 It talks about if you be Christ then are you Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise if you belong to Christ and have a connection with Christ you are the heirs or descendants the seed of Abraham spiritually the father of the faithful and you are heirs to all the promises that were given to Abraham but it says the year a chosen generation a royal priesthood and holy nation a peculiar people that is identifiably distinctive something different a peculiar people that you should show forth the praises of him who have called you out of darkness into his marvelous light I love that God never leaves us where we are in our sins he always calls us out of darkness and into his marvelous light and darkness is just merely a symbol for sin and error light is a symbol for righteousness and truth he's calling me out of sin into solve a sion out of error into truth he calls me and you and all of us to come out of that and to step out on the platform of truth that is identified in His Word Now here's a statement from a book called Last Day events I'm sorry for the small font of here I'm going to read it so you don't have to if you can't see it that's OK But listen to what has been entrusted and given to us as a people today last events page 45 7th Day Adventists have been chosen by God as a peculiar people that echoes 1st Peter to none as a peculiar people separate from the world by the great Cleaver of truth he has cut them out from the quarry of the world what do you find in a quarry we have quarries around here I have trucks that go by my house on Howard gap road day and night with these big ole loads of rocks and whatever they're getting from the quarries it is their loud trucks I'll just put it that way but a quarry is where you find rocks and it's interesting when you cut something out of a quarry a rock it cannot be put back in with what it was once part of as it cut out and it says here that God is use a cleaver which is a large huge knife for cutting meat. In a sense Cleaver ove truth to cut people out of the world and their condition and to be brought into a special position let's look at what it says here by the great Cleaver of truth he has cut them out from the quarry of the world and brought them into connection with himself he has made them his representatives and has called them to be ambassadors for him in the last work of salvation the greatest wealth of truth ever intrusted to mortals the greatest valuable precious trues ever given to a human being it says the most solemn and fearful warnings ever said by God to man had been committed to them those truths those warnings those messages have been committed to them to keep to themselves all OK and on and on not at all to give to the world you have something but you're expected to share it because what does it say in Luke Chapter 12 verse 48 for him to whomsoever much is given of him shall be much required and to whom in have committed much of him they will ask the more so when you've been given much there's a much expectation that you will do something with that follow through with the instructions and the directions that God would have us to use and to follow so what do we call to do Paul inside the Timothy gives the picture of what we're looking at and facing in the world today really what we're facing in the world today and he says it's like a time of the chapter 4 verses $3.00 and $4.00 for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine sound doctrine it's clear it's distinct it's truthful but it says they will not endure it they won't tolerate sound dock the word doctrine in the Greek is just teaching something that is taught something that is based on the Word of God That time will come and Paul this is saying this under inspiration something that's going to happen far in the future when people will not endure sound doctrine but it says but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers having itching yours and they shall turn away their ears from the truth and shall be turned into fables unto fictional fairy tale fables that cannot. Save and help and restore and revive the Soul that is the attitude of many many people and fact the majority of people in the world today sadly we are living in wicked and rebellious times and you can see here is a picture of someone that has read tarot card reader fact several years ago I went down to New Orleans was doing a week of prayer at Bass memorial Academy down in Mississippi and had a some free time decided to go down and I not really been to New Orleans before needless to say I realize that even though it was during the day time and it was not a weekend it was a work day it was still not of a place that Christians should be walking around in seeing some of the things that I saw and heard and smelled were all just awful and terrible I just snapped this picture here that people are looking anywhere and everywhere except for the Word of God to find answers and truth today turning away from the truth because the truth is not something that is desirable Well I'm going to submit to you this morning that we are a prophetic people living and called at a prophetic time that I've been given a prophetic message and that we are on a prophetic mission that is the identification of the Bible gives to us today so in our remaining time let's just consider a few passages of Scripture Daniel $814.00 we have a scripture here that says and on to $2300.00 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed that cleansing of the sanctuary and the announcement this is the longest time prophecy in the Bible the announcement that this would be and it would mark the cleansing of the sanctuary after $2300.00 days that came to an end in the year 844 now if you would take your Bible and look up Revelation chapter tin I'm going to steal some of my material from this past Wednesday night if you do not come to our revelation seminar you missed a treat because it is a powerful blessing and it has 0 to do with me and everything to do with the Word of God revelation 10 is such a powerful chapter in the message that's given I believe Revelation 10 gives a prophetic identification. To you and to me as 7th Day Adventist Christians looking at verses one and 2 as we look at this focus here in these verses is a prophetic timing the timing that this people would arise and that they would emerge Revelation 10 verse one as John writes and says and I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven clothed with a cloud now notice the details here all these details are connected with in other parts of the scripture when you compare Scripture with Scripture with divinity clothed with a cloud the Lord is described as having clouds around him in Psalm 97 verse 2 in other places Jesus when he said to heaven was caught up into a cloud X. one verse 9 and a rainbow was upon his head in Scripture the only place you see a rainbow around the head of a being is the throne of God This is a divine being in symbolic form this mighty angel is a representation of Jesus Christ and His face was as it were the sun Jesus is the Sun of Righteousness he is the one that is the source of all light and truth that is ever come to this earth and his feet as pillars of fire and the pillars of fire that is another imagery description of the pillar of fire and the pillar of cloud that led God's people in the wilderness of Israel back in the Old Testament in which God himself was in that pillar guiding and leading his people now verse 2 it says this mighty angel which I'm submitting to you very quickly for our sake of time is a symbol for Jesus Christ it says and he had in his hand a little book what a little book opened that little book open if you study carefully the only book in the scriptures that was ever closed and sealed up was the Book of Daniel what we just read earlier in our verse at the beginning of the slide Daniel $814.00 the announcement of the prophetic days and the cleansing of the sanctuary is in that book that book was closed for a time period until the time of the end and at the time of the end the book became open to be understood because it was meant to be understood by the people living in that time now let's see let's jump down to verses $537.00 and the angel which I saw stand upon the earth and a palm upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven and swear by him that live forever. Never who created heaven and the things that they're in are and the earth and the things that they're in are and the sea and the things which are there in that there should be what time no longer the announcement here this oath being sworn by the one that created the heavens the earth the sea and all that there that is a clear reference to the 4th commandment in Exodus 20 the creator he is swearing an oath by himself this symbolically represents this angel Jesus by himself that there should be time no longer that time no longer came to and in with the last and longest time prophecy of the 2300 days in 844 you're going to see where I'm going as we continue on so I want you to keep that in mind a prophetic time this time is clearly identified and clearly mention throughout the Scriptures in Bible prophecy that something would happen around this time and it mentions that a people a movement would emerge and begin and would grow around this time based on an understanding of these prophetic messages let's see that as we look at Revelation 10 I hope you're still there let's get down to verses 8 rootin it says and a voice which I heard from heaven spake unto me again and said This is John being instructed go and take the little book which is open and that little book is the symbol for the Book of Daniel go and take the little book which is opened in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth and I went into the angel and said it to him Give me the little book and I'll just mention this John represents God's people who follow and seek after Jesus and follow his directions and instructions that he gives to us in His word although he is an individual he represents the people that would follow the example that he has asked to follow in taking the little book The Book of Daniel that open and to now watch what he's instructed to do with this little book The Book of Daniel specifically as we look forward and he said to me take it go and take a little book which is open the hand OK read that verse 8 verse 9 I which is the angel give me the. Little Book and he said unto me take it and do what with it and eat it up and it shall make the belly bitter but it shall be in the mouth sweet as honey take this little book and eat it and that's a clear picture for eating something is how you assimilate and receive nourishment and nutrition it's the same idea when it comes to spiritual food when you eat when you study it and you think upon it and you act upon it that is when you in a sense eat it and it becomes part of your experience it changes your mind it changes your heart because it's now become something that's inside of you is part of your existence it's part of your character and your identity is has taken eat this and when you eat it it's going to be Billy bitter and your belly but it will taste sweet in your mouth verse 10 and so John says I He follows the directions and I took the little book out of the angels hand and ate it up and it was in my mouth sweet as honey and as soon as I had eaten it my belly was bitter Who are these people that are coming on the scene are is there any example is there any place in history of any record of anyone that saw this message that realized Jesus was saying take the little book and eat it a message that's been unsealed that is meant to be understood in the time that you were living the messages in the prophecies of Daniel and to really follow and believe and trust and act upon it and I believe the answer is a resounding yes the answer is identified biblically with what is called the 2nd Advent movement the 2nd Advent movement was a movement that arose out of a study of the Book of Daniel specifically that was looking for the 2nd coming of Jesus that you know the Apostles and disciples they did not preach the soon imminent coming of Jesus as it were in their day in fact you can read this and get this loan in chapter 2 where Paul actually warns the Thessalonians he says but that day the day of Jesus coming will not come except there come a falling away 1st and apostasy and the Man of Sin be revealed. He warned them not to look in their day for the coming of Jesus yes look for it and hope for it but it's going to be long in the future but the 2nd Advent movement was a movement of people that began to see and realize these prophecies of time no longer are are coming to an end and they are being fulfilled and it's now time when Jesus can come because it's what the prophecies point to so we have a man named William Miller who was born in Massachusetts and then grew up though largely in New York state he was actually raised a Baptist but he converted to deism in his twenty's by the influence of his friends if you're not if you don't know to deist is a deist believes that God exists but he doesn't believe they don't believe that God intervenes and involve himself in people's lives he's very much a a distant far away absentee landlord who maybe set things in motion and just sits back and does nothing about it but when William Miller was growing up there was an event that took place and it was called The War of 812 in the war of 812 William Miller raised up some soldiers had leadership qualities and became a captain in the war of 812 and when he went and served in one particular battle called the Battle of Plattsburg wide open near the border of Canada off of Lake Champlain the British were invading the Americans and they outnumbered the Americans by 3 to one the number of soldiers as William Miller saw this battle unfolding he was certain that they were going to be captured defeated they had no chance but somehow in some way miraculously the Americans prevailed against the British being outnumbered 3 to one began to question this can only be by God's intervention somehow God seemed to intervene on behalf of the Americans and on a personal note he had a shell or bomb that had been launched toward him and it exploded in the trench right beside him and it killed one of his men it injured some of the other soldiers but he himself escaped without a scratch and he began to think Is there some is God it's. I'm way protecting me or some way intervening to preserve my life and so after the war he went back home and began to continue on in the community there that he lived in and his mother tried hard to get him to come back to church and the way that his mother would get him to come to church was whenever the pastor who was preaching was at a town he would leave the sermon behind and they would have somebody in the church read the sermon so that they would still have church but the minister was away and so because the minister had several churches and he could be at every church every day before cars and things One Sunday he was asked to read the sermon he complained at 1st that he would go to church when his uncle wasn't there is actually I should mention his uncle was a pastor another reason he should go to church but when his uncle wasn't there he said it's boring when they read a sermon it's just boring or just reading that's boring and so is mother bright idea get him to read and so she finally got him to read in 11 day when he was reading as he's reading a sermon that he didn't write and he didn't prepare he read down and was describing in the sermon the love of God and the desire of God to save sinners and he became so caught up and choked up with emotion that he had to stop and pause and eventually had to go down and he was so choked with emotion he had to go back and just sit in the seat don't even know if they finished church that day because he was so overcome by if there really is a God that loves me and he is willing to intervene and rescue me then all what I love to give my heart to a God like that that's the kind of God I want I would loving I would gladly serve and so his heart was and conscious were awakened the conflicted between his D.S. views and now his views and understanding from the Bible and so he started studying the Bible and his D.S. friends were quick to point out you used to make fun of this used to say this is all just silly stories and it's all cunningly devised fables and nonsense and so Miller they threw up his own his own quote back at him and he said I'll tell you what I'm going to read this if I can't prove that this is right then I'll stay a Diest but otherwise I'm going to find out for myself. I'm going to study for myself and so he began studying and became a tremendous tutor of the Bible starting with Genesis 11 he studied no faster than he could understand verse by verse chapter by chapter and he got down to the Book of Daniel and Janet Chapter 8 verse 14 which we alluded to earlier the $2300.00 a prophecy he sat and a mole that he fought for time for months and months and it became clear to him as he began to put together the prophecies there that it was referring to a time that was near to his day $844.00 and the ending of this prophecy he began to sense that if this is really true that I must share this message with others and so Miller began to publicly preach the soon advent of Jesus now do Miller and those that followed him they understood the prophecy and the time aspect correctly but they did not understand the meaning of the prophecy correctly which follows exactly what we read in Revelation tin that there was a little book that's a book of Daniel they read the message John ate it and studied it and at 1st it tasted good because they thought it was the coming of Jesus but as they continued on and that message think down and they realize it's not the coming of Jesus to this earth for the 2nd coming but rather a coming of Jesus to the most holy place in the sanctuary in heaven to finish up his final work in ministry as our High Priest before he then comes to this earth that would be a disappointment to them because it would show there's still a delay there's still a work that needs to be done in the sanctuary of heaven so Miller though began to preach this message about 1833 and by $840.00 the miller right movement had become a national one as I said initially the miller ice believe it concluded that the into $2300.00 days would be the coming of Jesus and here's actually an illustration from a local newspaper back in $840.00 S. that kind of mocking the Miller writes for their belief in prophecy and their fanatics they believe they are fanatical about what the Word of God said they weren't fanatical they were just determined and devoted to following and believing what God said fanaticism was not a characteristic of the Miller right movement so. William Miller along with some 100000 others that followed him believed and look forward to the 2nd coming of Jesus were expelled from their churches for their beliefs and ultimately what wound up happening when of course as you realize Jesus did not come back in 1904 as they began to finalize and narrow the date down there was a bitter sorrowful disappointment that came over all of these these followers that were part of the 2nd Advent movement many of them began to say well this is all we were just wrong this is just silly I'm just going to throw it away forget it forget it this was what a mistake I was so foolish but there were a few people a few people who said this cannot be so God is so clearly been leading and moving and guiding for so long and he has been he's been with us maybe there's something that we're not understanding clearly and it was just a very short time in fact the very next day that they began to some of them understand and realize their understanding interpretation of the sanctuary was wrong not the prophecy itself and the timing of the prophecy This is a point actually very similar to the experience of Jesus and the disciples when Jesus died on the cross in fact if you read Jesus talking to the 2 disciples on the road to M A S in Luke 24 they are talking to Jesus who had resurrected earlier that day and they're telling him we had trusted and thought he was the one to be the savior of Israel but we were wrong were so disappoint this is terrible they misunderstood what Jesus had told them about the importance of his death and what it would accomplish that it would be what establishes their salvation even though he told them in advance I'm going to die and I'm going to raise again on the 3rd day so out of this disappointment the 7th Day Adventist Church begins out of this movement and let me ask you something is a movement moving or stationary it's moving right it is a movement and that movement is continued on from the time the prophetic time and the prophetic people that began to see and notice this important happening again to continue on today. They are I believe known as who we are our identity is the 2nd Advent movement that Jesus is coming soon yes there is a final work for him to do that we are to cooperate with in the heavenly sanctuary but Jesus is coming soon the 7th Day Adventist Church is a prophetic people raised up at a prophetic time and given a prophetic message to give to the world and I think you probably know what that message is that people came at the time the time Phil fulfilling when the prophecy said the mission and the message are given if we look at Revelation 10 verse 11 for just a moment Revelation 10 Hope you're still there Revelation 10 verse 11 John is told and he said and to me that almost prophesied what a given John is told that all must prophesy again before many peoples and nations and tongues and kings so although the experience was disappointment although they misunderstood what the end of the 2300 days was it says you still have a message you still have something a mission to do something to give to not just to yourself but what does it say to many peoples and nations and tongues and kings It's a worldwide message and a worldwide mission and that message of course is outlined most particularly and clearly in Revelation 146 through 12 that is the mission and the message that identifies this movement the 3 angels messages and that message is really to prepare people the 2nd Advent is still the glorious hope and longing of all of God's people it has always been even so come Lord Jesus the longing of God church in all ages but it is also this message that will prepare people to be ready for the coming of Jesus that is why the message is so important because it prepares us and everyone else by the great Cleaver of truth that is the identification of the 3 messages it is a cleaver of truth that cuts us out of the world separates us from error and darkness and brings us into the light of truth that message is what separates us and brings us into a close connection with God. So it has been given to us to share with our friends our neighbors our colleagues family members enemies anyone and everyone that might happen to be around us and so our prophetic identity it's important to notice that in order to give this message we must 1st receive it and accept it and be changed by it ourselves you can't give somebody something you really don't have it must be experience the transforming power ourselves you know I get asked occasionally pastor Heineman How do I know if I'm really converted or not that's a very good question how do I know if I'm really truly converted and I really I mean I'm really connected with Jesus and so my answer is a very simple one what are your thoughts Senator around are your thoughts Senator around Jesus the battle for salvation takes place in the mind that is the real battleground for truth in error it is the Matt it is the battlefield where the devil wants to distract you and deceive you and God wants to rescue you and present his truth to you what are your thoughts if your thoughts are on Jesus and you're always thinking what is he called me to do what does he want me to do what mission and message as he didn't trust me with if that's always constantly part of your thoughts and thinking process then you can probably be very certain that you are converted because you are thinking about and wanting to know what Jesus wants you to do but if it's not about that it's about what's the next season of American Idol going to be or who's with the movie coming out this weekend or who's playing football on Sunday if that's what my main thoughts are then maybe I'm really not converted and thinking about what God has identified me to be and what he's called me to do so it's just a simple self check only you know what your thoughts are not even your spouse or your parents or children know what your thoughts are that's between you and God and so you'll have to go to him for that I repeat again we are a prophetic people raised up by God at a prophetic time to give a prophetic message to the world all those identifying markers are found and grounded in the scriptures our prophetic identity. It's found in God's word and as we think upon his message to us our hearts are filled with the desire to share it with everyone around us is there anyone else that can say Amen this morning to that a minute as we consider and see the message that is what makes us distinctive and special the message that God is untrusted to us that is our identification our prophetic identity Let us not allow our sinful nature to corrupt or change our prophetic identity Let us not allow our environment and culture to dictate or alter our prophetic identity am I saying that we're better than the rest of the world no by no means according to Romans 3 we are all under sin but God has given a message to rescue people from sin we have been given the greatest privilege and responsibility of present truth and God will bless us as we cooperate with him in giving it to the world well I want to say this morning that I want to personally thank God for calling me out of darkness and into his marvelous light I'm so thankful that God has called someone a wretched sinner like me who does not deserve any of His blessings any of his goodness any of his kindness and compassion towards me how about you today how is it with you Will you fully and completely allow God to identify you with his in time prophetic message of truth if that is your desire today I want to just bite you to raise your hand with me just to signify that I want to be part of God's faithful truth I want to share that with those around me and let that be what identifies me more than anything else on earth or Father in heaven we are not worthy for the commission that you have given to us but we are so thankful for the identification that you have given to us marking it out with time marking it out with the movement and marking it out with a message what may we be faithful and true to you May our hearts be fully converted by the message that you've given to us that we might share it with others around us bless all of my brothers and sisters here today I pray in Jesus' name. 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