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GYC 2009 Keynote Address: Unashamed

Justin McNeilus


Justin McNeilus

Former President of Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC)



  • December 30, 2009
    6:00 PM
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Russia's a most gracious heavenly father Lord we has one more time tonight we've assembled from all over the world we've come you prepared to learn from you and we ask now Lord humbly that you would reveal yourself to watch this conference tonight during a presentation Lord we can assess at this beard would feel this auditorium that you would speak through me you know the messenger you know my weaknesses I pray that all that would be placed to the side and that tonight we would receive a message from the throne of God which reality sank in your precious name and not long ago my wife and I were on a trip we got to go to London and do a little bit of traveling with a little bit of sightseeing we got the London and we got one of those double-decker buses now that they're interesting Boston we got up on the top it was a little bit the jet lag but we would like to see London is one of those boxes where you can get on and off the bus and you can see different parts of the city will work on a cruise and around London it and we got to the stop at West there and now Westminster Abbey the singularly interesting places I guess that it is the most basic point it is nothing more than a graveyard but it's interesting because a lot of famous people buried there you've got Kings and Queens and got princes and princesses you've got Shakespeare even Darwin are all laid to rest in its correct and are nearing the end of our self guided tour only came across a person that deserves a little bit of hot we came to this person and I looked at it I started reading I can't help but wonder you like to acting name misuse of this guy you like to think most of the cannot you like to try to complete the impossible without you like to have a day in the shoes of William Wilberforce to human writing interesting upbringing as a child he was always there really couldn't see well in hand and a very early age his father died in eighteen example and from school to school and started getting into his college years and he really did well to worldly influences he was a frequent apart even gambling things about it and he really had no time for God in fact William was so frustrated with people that consider themselves Christians anyway just blast them right out loud he went to college and on his best friend William Pitt in the two of them began to talk a little bit about politics than anything struck an interest in politics and William Wilberforce actually at the age of twenty nine was voted into the parliament over in London but it happened on our mean age twenty five William has taken a contract into the signature is in the countryside up written a marriage reported that he began to read his Bible in the morning and evening engrossed himself in the Scripture of the Canton Township he was a born again Christian he got to the end of the trip in and in the political round was ready to start up again and he thought to himself you know you really can use a politician is a point of me going back to the political drama got a mini me a pastor or full-time ministry something like that but William Penn his best friend stepped in for are in counseling until then everything is strategizing during the about of themselves as being credible we believe if we could eliminate slavery David soon means to me young college-age students could see something that nobody else going to show young people go to mention a written and her colonies in our laboring so they sent but still we can do we must eliminate slavery meanwhile there was William Wilberforce then I used himself on the world and how it submits a list that is William became ashamed about his relationship was right that Christ was the day William rise on the least are the cause of Christ the detected the name of William are ashamed about his relationship with this crisis was the day he was unleashed for the cause of Christ that you then strategizing dream got ready to read written of slavery so they started telling their inner circle about it and what you think happened they began to laugh that we got to be kidding me in slavery in Britain will not happen it cannot be done but he refused to hear the words no he went on with his life committed to eliminating slavery at a cost fitness drop William many times but it didn't stop family tragedies like Jim but it didn't stop there many even threaten his own right but it didn't stop him now along the way I'll note that you want to write a few battles he wants that lowers it it will along the way he even wasn't completely committed to random program missionaries to India he fed the hungry any part of the legislation to rid the world of outlaw animal cruelty but he knew her a lot track and then I lost sight of this show progress to eliminate slavery from the world of Britain at the age of seventy three stricken with the Lou Williams spoke in a town hall meeting his life was wrapping up what he wanted to eliminate slavery he was still preaching still thinking still telling other and then in eighteen thirty three the slavery abolition act was passed abolishing slavery in most of the British Empire 's William Wilberforce Wilberforce died three days later so iPods just a moment longer in front of Mister there 's grave site for the world to see for the rest of time with these words his name will ever be specially identified with those exertions which by the blessing of God removed from England the guilt of African slave trade and prepared the way for abolition of slavery in every colony of the Empire and the persecution of these objects you relied not in vain but on God and the progress he was called to endure great obloquy and great opposition but he however outlived it all that lay the foundation for the success of William Wilberforce is David did a brilliant beginning on ashamed about his relationship with Christ with the day he was unleashed for the cause of Christ the David Williams and Anna Shandling Christ was the day he was unleashed for the cause of Christ God is calling for this today he is currently very I send you ensure that a new humankind with one single apartment and generation which will unashamedly and allowed her cry me on release for the cause of Christ generation which are not just unashamedly proclaim the truth of Revelation fourteen method and then I went away and had generation God and we do by the grace of God we can see Jesus come again in our generation you desire to live a life on the same life so I can fill in with a purpose from the master nomad unlatch your vocation is you missed it to you and I can know life unashamed and I felt considering that the purpose for the master no matter your occupation it is a problem people come in July seen again inspired they partake in the seminars they get trained that they get I ran it all on soon stopped running to conquer the world but then they leave with this sense of insecurity I'm not in full-time ministry you know it's nice if you come to our conference and participate in my if you're not in full-time ministry you're out of a hard so I came to do is we need a theme that tackles this cannot all the reality that God uses only those in full-time ministry for his work the more precise reality is that God wants to use you no matter what you are in nursing banking graphic design counseling car sales aviation pilot student is not matter God wants to use you are you doing I can live a life unashamed and I to be unleashed for the master no matter your job no matter your occupation no matter your location vertebrae in your Bibles to the intense Romans one hundred sixteen the basis of this is unsecure feeling that people leave what is the reason we came up with this being the theme unashamed Romans one sixteen tonight to mean the relevant questionnaires first how do we get this unashamed lifestyle and secondly how do we maintain Romans one and sixteen on sure there are hundreds of ways we can pull out from this possibilities with astonishing lifestyle but I wanted cause for a moment I just want to read it Romans one sixteen and I'm not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God for salvation to every one who believes to the Jew first and also to the Gentile and affectionately explore many different things but I just want to point out your attention to the work our event this power is available to lots the same power that created the universe in fact will a is available to us when we obtain this power the result and salvation but it doesn't stop there this power is available to partners the real office now my key question for the night how is this relevant to him the rubber meets the road how do we make it applicable to a house to do that I wanted to study a story found in the New Testament I want to look at the story of no one domain is not a more fitting sample in the entire Bible and the story of no one else are you want the couple reasons tonight as I was preparing for the story of Noah can copy number my prayers and it had to be studied second no one if you look at it if you know the end from the beginning I know what was the last of that generation so that would seem to me would serve a purpose for us the study started the practice of times on Sunday thanks there's not that seasoned and a speaker for that abstraction there is Jesus James wow alludes to the story and know what it would be a Marine phentermine seems that the weenie does not eat anything that for the story of Noah and leave the entire aunt Janet hid it under attack people believe it to just be an illusion of other couple stories that are all picked issues may believe sometimes it's good to meet adversity had on the tonight we study the book of Genesis and we study specifically the story of Noah Genesis six in verse five turn with me there Genesis six in verse five when you get there say amen Genesis six in verse five the Lord saw the wickedness of man was great in the air and then every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only continually skew the only evil continually will sit down or save button no not found favor I will are you intended specifically for that mercy God uses the word by using me as an elegant and now I claimed I miss you are not this is a problem I'm frustrated of the human race is not good is not what it should mean that and there's no one and not unveiled this carefully articulated land to no one on this baby Grace inside the iron Man is a striking parallel here found in the book of Romans one tells describing a bankrupt humanity he says that the wages of sin is death that they get of God is eternal life it seemed just like Noah God has a plan for your life the natural course these were the earth and I haven't instantly destroyed that God 's family 's view the peers down from heaven not a hatred passed on the bloodshed on the team that is not in season one person he cannot live eternity without you so he humbled himself he left his heavenly throne and want to talk like one box most didn't appreciate them most didn't have nice things to say about them the masses Joseph C over their Creator but he withstood it all for you they dragged into a hill called Calverley Calvary and barely hung on the cross for you and despite it all you will work he knew if he did it you can choose to live with him forever Jesus don't apply I will send to provide a home she is the hope of the world and everything flows from there he is the constant permit answer to the theme of this lost world and soon Jesus will come again in part McLeod and Marion like the real we can believe in a Christian everything else is merely a band aid Jesus paid it already paid off for you you are the tribes are found in the field outdoor selling at all for the pearl in the marketplace that was worth risking it all for Jesus David on any and all three of you which were worth every penny is gentle abused a reception as your Savior don't put it off till tomorrow choose you as an new listserv to give us clues in the Bible as to when is soon coming will be like the days of Noah not so that you and I can pinpoint the exact moment in time when Jesus returns but so that we can always be ready to meet author Mark latest book the Gospel of Matthew had a pulse on this issue is that we must so live that it does not matter when he comes images of the task in this life in making aggregate it for him to see and be in at any moment ready to meet him face to face our life becomes a preparation to meet the king were no I didn't matter when the rain began he received the instructions from God and he put it into practice he encountered that saving grace from God and everything is on the table see the day Noah became unashamed about Christ was buried he was unleashed the cause of Christ that spring him us into a life lived on a shame accepting seen those of your personal Savior laid the groundwork in preparation for mean anything I like her that ashamed of the gospel because the reality is when you mean seem to have anything is on the table the minimum command of some people sure will look irrational to ensure that anything will be implementing any campaign will and you would not even be debatable when your son Jesus as your Savior and bring vein is on the table I look down pat enabling found interest in the keynote of the world and he had compassion for no but the story goes on Genesis six and I want to read verse thirteen six in verse thirteen got said no I determined to make an end of my flesh for the earth is filled with violence through them behold I will destroy them with the earth make yourself an ark of gopher wood make rooms in the art and cover it inside and outside with pitch but on top of that no I had another specific heavenly job he wasn't breached a message to the world he got more than willing even at that time that any should perish to a no very strong I want anyone and anyone who wants to exempt the saving grace of the Argentinian on our review Sonora preach to the masses is in Uganda given this opportunity Jesus you need a Savior you mean it and if the Prince and the entertainment made the responsiveness is not operating for a hundred and twenty years and will continue looking with me the rationale for not meeting ER paychecks and proper stage nineties will one reason that first series allowed to make sure had been fixed the reason is many reason out and gotten me sure is not God that allowed myself firmly established that John Higgins South could not change them they reason how it would be in hospital for God to create a lie it's not about the nature gets a significant spare they rationalize it in their mind is no creation God didn't create us as we travel back in time to the time of the following events of this protection will go there will hear no appraiser of people walking away with breaking everything those loony I'm a listen here you him billions of rabbits over billions of years and you'll see natural selection take place God didn't create us I mean it we domesticated dogs Gabriel and I want it you know what is Monique God did not create a we do not need anger when uniting the art on the north and been saved from the flawed and they just believe the creation story how many sold in the loss today because they throw out the significance of a creator God why make the same mistake they made in the past as an appeal even in the flood story for us to take a stance on creation Jewish Jews glare at us as we look at this they rationalize in our mind God cannot create and I cannot destroy both errors to me it's just beneath show building block of an unashamed lifestyle once you have no creation there is an and I knew demanding generation and got been created here is literal days you may looking at the last generation of madness missed again convincing generation and not doing created the earth in six days you will look at the last generation that you throw out creation we lose our relevancy doctrine of creation isn't working it frustrates me out and we are as Christians we say you want in scientific evidence interview and I believe in creation we certainly shall examine on the scientific evidence but we ignored in certain source of evidence and scientific evidence we should have I mean is recorded in the book of Genesis just as fanatical began realistically expect me to believe the Bible and he taken a word can you and my response is this enough smarter than the enemy here was a talking snake in the garden in the wood furniture to think they are the best leave for the creation evolution debate response from you anything waiting for six thousand years for you to say okay show me the scientific evidence or you want a response from the land you want to study science or a biology line evolution natural selection five but if he and a link guy Cindy the Bible knows scientific theories in the elevator him him in the Lorillard in the word of God is clear in Genesis one one and an inspiration A four nineteen oh nine the divine mind and hand is preserved through the ages the record of creation in its purity it is being learned of God I will that gives us an account of the creation of the world in the days of Noah the people ration that God couldn't create a line does not believe in God was the creator and stop believing what God did in the pass so the idea of a worldwide flood was completely foreign and non- lockers came out out of the woodwork but it didn't stop no one they heckled in a February a doing lots or purpose given up no routers are coming a flood of impossible building an argument possible but it didn't stop no one why the day Noah became unashamed about Christ was the day he was unleashed for the cause of Christ but listen closely the game will come in the future when fresh series amp up for Christians would clear pressure is elevated to a level that we've never seen a dog my fear is this God 's word goes on and on the general rather look cool than listen to God 's command are many classrooms neighborhoods and workplaces going on reach on tots because of what we think others will think about this Justin you don't understand but on my classroom that I love Jesus negative income we a you can see the truth and I think I will remember talking millions really anything and I got my neighborhood Jesus lives in my heart there think I'm strange I shutter to think how many soldiers be lost because the markers that Sharon on what others will think about this I'm eternal destinies could've been altered had we roll is a blog here pressure for no I did not manner and ensure should matter to you I will think your man to think some of the internal light and balancing your worried about getting your feelings there is a very good thing Jesus died on the cross for our neighbor our classroom your coworker in your worried about your reputation so you both silent you don't correct to live a life unashamed with the little like carefree of popular opinion and worldly reputation is not caring about what God thinks of you when it comes a man or woman that Albrecht Noah was not building the ark and building into the specific dimensions God didn't instructed and they just came out by the droves to time but he paid no attention to jihad at the forefront of his mind the picture of God protecting him from the line that in limited laugh but he was only concerned with God 's opinion but notice with me some of his most vocal doubters major acts of profits page ninety six act disorder ninety five recorded ninety six ninety professed to be worshipers of God class he says talking about the worshipers of God were foremost in reach I mean the preaching of no one their minds and become so blinded by rejection of like that a really lonely and knowledge methods to be delusional the Christians were the none the most to make fun of no accommodating Christians went when believers and even Seventh-day Adventists will begin to question on ashamed lifestyle Adventists will say and are saying that God 's flood was a mistake proves only while John's a last generation mind that God the gospel to the world every nation kindred tongue and people that's not even realistic it will happen people are beginning to say it and it happens now but as time jobs to a close it will have been more and more and I bring up for this reason and this reason alone don't miss this there is a way to deal with these people and in improper way to be with them testimonies of the church going six page one fifty one regardless you and I are not destroy this money will never seek to ruin those that do not harmonize with my plan God desires to have all served him for his rock work principles concerned by the media along with our part as was Christ a rude condemning spirit is not essential to hear journalism in the reforms of this time at all this method are being known to have been the him him and I are in a bombing mission to his life in abomination suicide pretty strong choice of words from the inspired when we flew to London on the same lifestyle we must show our team dollars at the door on MySpace 's counsel is particularly relevant for those who claim to be viable servitudes careful not of the dangers we face is how we treat our fellow Bible believing conservative Adventists rehabs can't seem dollars when it comes to our perception of interpretation of the truth that we death by those who think differently we have no tolerance for them until they pass are conservative that was in her mean that religion being gracious and charitable to one another and listen to my words carefully you cannot live with these people Eric are you getting to inhabit the grip with yourself think of what you think I sound I think a certain lanceolate act a certain IR notaries for the when all along the way Jesus was willing to pay it all you think you about that brother or sister simply because of your perceived correct view of Scripture I was thinking about someone when Jesus would still go with you and hang on the cross but he is another danger we face when we listen to a message we listen to a particular point we look around and see who this message breasts are Aaron will gladly say that you brings adjusted such that the William replied like this I would feel that we here in the comments on not my brother not my sister but it's me old Lord standing in the need of prayer instead of pointing fingers I used the one start two some as well Justin easy for you to say near the presidency I think you are that organizations that the claim of the church once and for all now know enough were no organized army of young people need generally of hearts we abide in Christ a routing condemning spirit is not essential ours things that desire is to turn people actually young people to the church I love my church and I only want to see more young people involved in his work never and never will seem like the attempt to drive people away from the seventh day Adventist church ever until Jesus comes again we will supplement the work in the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church with management executive committee in February we together we prayed together we sang together and married the living room guided by I believe God himself we came up with a statement we started with the question of someone came up to us on the street after the purpose of the lysine that what our response be if we came up with we want to get young people to make other young people Adventists by inspiring equipment being in mobilizing in a sentence we can dance the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church what young people to make other young people have been despite inspiring equipping and mobilizing them we get in the morning observed UIC is the reason we do so I search back to the story of Noah even let the believers the state stopped him he will get in the way of completing this test given by God he didn't elaborate easier to run his life each preaching the job working for God will be unashamed to bring keep working for God they know what became unashamed about Christ was the day he was unleashed for the cause of Christ no went on building the Ark in the face of adversity he was laughed at by the multitude but it did not stop him the believers chosen to give it up it's impossible know it's not good happened but he can really do I geez they continually agitated and prayed on that saving grace found in the art four hundred and twenty years no was preaching a warning message to a world in need of the same patriarchs and prophets again page one oh two before the flood God sent Noah to warn the world and then the people to me that the people might be led to work repentance and thus escape the threatening destruction of the time of Christ's second appearing draws near the Lord sent his servant with a horny disturbance with a warning to the Lord to prepare for that great event we regard again at the time of Christ's second appearing draws near and it's coming to a close as were nearing the end I will love him does everybody when I was a warning to the world to prepare them for that great e-mail note continued to preach a warning message to the world he continued to work on the plan of God that had been given to have to say Bob Harris I'm loud the picture we get of Noah in first Peter turn with me in your Bibles to first Peter first Peter three and verse twenty A from the English standard version because I like the way it renders it three verse twenty no I had a message given to him by God God gave in LA Saginaw Noah I can look past all the evils of this world it's not a good situation by not there is new same thing to you look at all the evils of the world instead but in leave and me soon they are him and him and him to him and him and him and I be detached from the him me and are with me in the back yard and no one because we've all be handling to listen to an immunoglobulin but he did he gave the fact that Henry have to know what to complete and we find in first Peter you patiently waited to catch it right for Jesus to come again all the signs of Matthew twenty four unfolding before our very eyes the world is sick with entertainment is studying Daniel to undeniably point in the soon coming of the Savior something that happened first then I will go to Green nation and every song and every people revelations fourteen warning needs to go to the world do you get the same God in heaven who patiently waited for know it is the act is waiting waiting for a movement to finish his work waiting for a church that finishes were waiting for a generation of finishes work that has been set and waiting for you to help in assembly mission not to speak of dreams of message from his throne up inhabit but he patiently waits for you to do it got been sending to the world in a second and run the numbers so it is several rights for you to doing that my friend the significance of being on a shame of the gospel you know God 's plan for your life you know the plan of salvation God freely gives a new medicine God is complaining again similar to complete and when you feel it through the eyes of no one you realize this Gospel coalition commission this colossal him me for more than those in full-time work and on the matter here and not there it doesn't matter if you're an engineer it doesn't matter if you're a nurse from a bank into a pastor a scientist or an account that God will rename and patiently waits for you to complete the task given Christian service dates turn to everyone work has been allotted everyone work has been allotted not want to be a substitute for another each one has a mission of wonderful importance which she cannot neglect or not the fulfillment of that involve the wheel of some soil and on your job your cat is done online for whom Christ died black by the gospel going to the world may be used which are missing something to you realistically it's impossible for the gospel to go to the world with the gospel message is irrelevant to the postmodern my new valid point I read some of the supporting data myself there's no shortage of liberal bloggers attempt to discredit evangelistic approaches another conversation long to find the experts declared that the Bible is irrelevant to Generation X close whatever you want to give the name to the going bad at the time and some supporting evidence of that but I want to get the time they say it can't be done they forget about the miracles of every time we say it can't be range of the mistake the audience is not possible to reach me for about the miracles of God organizing genes is convening an we bear inside the innermost chambers of having a get together people have been his most trusted advisers the game really get a pen and paper and reasonably well when we do limit the Bible to our children we thought about that goodbye we failed to realize would that really appealed that generation we made a terrible mistake give me a break did not make a mistake in a message to the audience never have I had to apologize for the Bible time after time through the ages the right-hand man wrong addition and again has little changes there but the Bible remains consistent we need a generation of believers that believe that a generation I take the Bible provided in a generation that unapologetically takes the gospel to the world we don't have to soften upwards in the Bible we come in and change the approach for specific generation we need to unapologetic the statement we preach to the world Bronner twenty days zero years Noah preached the word that was given to the Bible doesn't tell me about no one begging for a different message than proclaimed God that he was a generation and team know what time expert and tell God he was wrong we got the audience wrong to preach to anyone everyone unapologetically and unashamedly Genesis seven twelve tells me the rain came for forty days it was cleansing time for the errors too late for the sinners to do anything more June late for no one to preach anymore the doors Robert Robb with input tank killer shot for our moments of sanity again went for my lives with you during the last year to tell others about Jesus is soon return would you do in the last month to tell out as Jesus is coming again soon would you know they did tell others Jesus is common in certain one to live a life full of regrets forget when he does bring up across forget about his creation power in Genesis and say it's impossible for Revelation fourteen to be complete we just moments before Jesus was sold for a handful of silver Jesus news moments were limited he took some time to pray to his father one more time as Jesus noted that entrance about garden copy disseminate he turned to his disciples and stuff pray for me pretty the world was laying on his frail body weak and trembling he cried out farmers within the Pirates of the van he had to continue with his plan of salvation e-mail to pay it off jewel worth it then that serpent of old came in to haunt our Redeemer Jesus why go through with it juvenile they are disciples really don't love you I see this literature on this site is you gave them instructions and there they are a leap sleeping your chairs away juvenile Jesus when I look at the story little red how can they sleep but a bunch of worthless as I was in the same he sat upon us today maybe maybe that age-old serpent is added again luggage is not Jesus you gave that much I will not and yet faithfully your concerns away you modern-day disciples are asleep Jesus and I moved surprisingly Revelation fourteen is going to me was about that and your own church members say it's impossible Jesus or modern-day disciples are asleep Jesus you given and examples in the Bible stories in the Bible like a flawed but they disregard the realities in the modern-day disciples are asleep even living a life of regret and live the life asleep you like the disciples at the gates of December the rain came it was too late for any more preaching to be done today is coming soon when Jesus will part the clouds and no more preaching will be done Jesus needs you he wants you to preach a message to the world how fantastic would it be your classmates met him in the air because of your message I was not sure what happened they get their name was here on earth we hear neighbors in heaven our incredible man your near future workplace social was under the Shane of the tree of I think I'm a life lived on a shame if you accept Jesus as their Savior no we died on the cross so you can live with him for eternity remember Jesus created you remove granular seven literal day and take the child of Revelation fourteen seriously in this method is not just a pastor just great evangelist not just those in full-time ministry but all jobs of workers I get it now I throw that out there those of the Westminster Abbey in London any body in the life of know what it all adds up the day William became unashamed about Griese was the day he was unleashed for the cause of Christ same can be said of Noah the day Noah became unashamed about Christ within days he was on lease for the cause of Christ in the same should be spoken about us the day we make him unashamed about Christ will be the day we are unleashed for the cars of Christ like that to me today that you began at this GUI speed and that began with you what a difference it will make if you make up your mind to be unashamed when a make that difference but a journey with me far in the future you leave your charts and prepared to live a life unashamed time goes on Jesus comes back to take it straight below the millennium passes year at your home and your heavenly mansion and life is Ben Pritchard literally hectic for you him a lot of new people and explore roaster like you never thought possible in one day you decide to have one in your new found friends from an unfallen world over for lunch the visitor enters into your day stopping to observe your golden sidewalks the house was built just to your specification in a landscape is just spectacular you're busy setting the tables you don't notice things strolling through your carefully placed trees and shrubs that he's seen something that catches his eye is walking around the play etched in stone he called this for a moment because the desire of the parts it is for a moment and contemplate what was it like to pay on the impossible will the rumors that they went on to be like to walk a day in the shoes of you who saw Serena etched in stone as your legacy that will be remembered forever your name will be specially identified with those exertions which by the blessing of God ushered in the long anticipated second coming and prepared the way for a world full of sinners to meet their Savior and the persecution of these objections you relied not in vain but on God and the progress you were called to endure great disgrace and great opposition but this item at all you would save by God 's grace be impossible if there led all Linda life punishing reality is we have a short life here on this Earth or create electors legacy and eternity to remember God doesn't think you can do great things God knows what to make an appeal very specific very solemn women of this GUI seafaring for about nine years now in planning conferences inviting people bringing it in firing speakers already taken to the next level we need a generation that really embraces this unashamed lifestyle we need a generation and really embraces this revelation fourteen massive we need you the movement needs you the church needs you God needs you for the night on them I can appeal to specific appeal for those that fit within our target age group eighteen to thirty five years the appeal some of you Jesus has already been knocking at your heart so many of God has been calling to do was get the things you can put it off you come here already feeling a calling from God but to put it offered different reasons whatever it there are now one encourage you to put it past you you wanted there will want to create a network of young people literally around the world who are all in the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church we want to create that network that actually believe that the law he Jesus come again in this generation but we need you we need an young people doing things for God where their act so what we looking for we need people that will start small groups in their church we need people to hold evangelistic series in their church we need people will connect you knocking on doors in their neighborhood by many people will commit to bringing out as a GUI seen in years to come we need people to get on the Internet and create site to find those looking towards having we need people who did it on and create videos to obscure those people and happen we need people who can dream big dreams and know that God can do them we don't want to put a cap on this in so it's a little bit ambiguous of an appeal but you know who you are sitting in this auditorium here's Woodward Avenue in an account that would work that desire to start a small group to get a website going to get a video going something like that and we want to connect with you for the next viewer to build a structure around you and were going to you I a good ball group army of young people want to participate in math some you are feeling call in a disaster to come in the front this one starts with one bump on an ongoing way when I'm time to wait we need that army don't know what happened tomorrow I promise it will be better than yesterday Jesus is coming any needs you he needs that army this comment close to the front authors have some cards this is an organic solemn appeal they've left us on three ABN they've left the live streaming and work on it I'd spent the impossible as we can Donovan think we can do it he knows we can do it gathering closely different card will get two cards one says CYC appealed to the movement on there we have about seven or eight ideas for you we also have a place in our hearts as my own creative commitment is not an appeal to put you in a box and say this is what Germany do going forward is to work with God-given work with your pastor your to work with other young people Juergen figure out something so if you have something that got been calling you to do you write it in right there take us back to your room tonight in use since dearly pray over it you got an opportunity for the next day to learn some things on how to be more effective in this got an opportunity in the next couple of days to be inspired on how to do this more effectively the other one simply just your information will want to keep in contact with you want to remember this appeal and like I said women to create a global network of young people charged I see that coming that website and have I have looked around to happen the room capabilities from around the world we've assembled from around the state we are assembled in your here saying God use me I am adopted and do incredible things make sure and get a car before you leave and I'm just wondering that columnists of this appeal that it made we can all get down and need a precious heavenly father log linear saw tonight but she didn't through Noah we saw you used them to do the impossible you look past all the disgrace of the world saw the night Lord we know you're doing the same thing looked down at this messed up thing we call the society seen us tonight Lord we answered a buyer a very solemn appeal would come forward because we want to be used but all that means for us but we know one go to heaven soon and we know we want to bring others with us so as we leave this conference charged Lord Mayor Musial this decision and I I was meeting Sharon tipping point for those that have come forward what I destroy a special prayer for those who are sitting still didn't answer the appeal some year working on their heart some may have not been into the age bracket of the appeal and for those long we just affect you would lay a sense a burden on their heart to pray for us for myself I'm nervous it's not always the easiest thing to go out into the world and in the unashamed but we claim your promises and we know we can do it for you but you're such an incredible God you look down and you can see the potential here and we want to be used by the year but again I just pray that you would steal this decision in our heart may we never looked back from this decision really all they were chasing you soon come I've rarely think in your precious name and this means he was produced by audio versus working twice generation of Christ if you would like to learn more about you might see please visit www. received my son when an overview of like this more free online service please visit www. done on U-verse got more


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