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The Last Words of Jesus- Part 2

Brian Hindman


Brian Hindman

History and Bible Teacher, Mount Pisgah Academy


  • December 8, 2018
    12:45 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for your Sabbath a time of rest a time of restoration a time of focusing on the one thing that is the most important in life and that is Jesus Christ or Bless us today in our time they are hearts be in tune with your Holy Spirit that we might hear you speaking to us personally is my heart's prayer in Jesus' name even I believe I read this statement last time when I was here about the importance of the Book of Daniel and Revelation both of those books when the books of Daniel and Revelation are better understood believers will have an entirely different religious experience how is it with you today are you content with your religious experience the condition you are in presently or are you looking and seeking to know more still more and more about Jesus and to learn of Him so that our lives will be transformed by coming into contact with him well as we study our Bibles we're going to find a special revelation the word means a revealing of Jesus to see him more fully and more clearly should not be exciting to see Jesus more clearly you know I saw a video recently of a famous sports star that was undercover and had put on a disguise and was in a public place people didn't know who they were and it was very interesting to see the reaction and response of how they treated this person when they didn't know who they were and then the change that came about when they did know who this person was quite a different reaction when they realized it was Christiane Iran although it was just their kicking a ball around can see the way that people were so excited the cell phones come out the the the than the the calling for him to notice them and to wave at him or something and it just got me to thinking you know do we have the same. Some excitement and enthusiasm when we see Jesus revealed and that's what the Book of Revelation is all about to be excited to see and discover what Jesus is doing within the veil in the sanctuary of the heavenly sanctuary so it is so important for us to realize who Jesus is because I think when we see him for who he really is we will be excited a min we will be so excited that it will be the joy and rejoicing of our heart as the prophet Jeremiah says when he came to understand and know Jesus it was the joy and rejoicing of my heart he said in Jeremiah 15 and verse 16 so the Revelation of Jesus Christ there's just 2 things aspects I'd like to share with you today number one in size that I have recently learned I'm always wanting to learn and continue to grow and number 2 some ideas that have inspired or arrested my attention and I just wanted to pass those along to you today as we look at the Book of Revelation and some of this will just be a quick review I skipped over some of my notes when I was preaching last time and you can't do that as easily when you're locked into a Power Point But anyway we did mention what does it mean that Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega Jesus is described as the alpha and the omega because he is the divine Alpha bit the complete word and message of God is contained in Jesus every revelation of God to man comes through Jesus Christ from A to Z. from Alpha to Omega he makes up all of the the message the total package and message of God is found in Jesus Christ and he also mentioned what is the significance of Jesus being called the Lion of the tribe of Judah in Revelation 5 and in the very next verse He is described as being a lamb as it had been slain and we saw that these 2 symbols. Isn't the union of power and self sacrificing love the lion omnipotent power the little meek and lowly lamb self sacrificing love which shows in a come in a complete picture it says here the whole work of redemption was expressed the lion in the lamb all together Jesus is both of those and both of these together represent different phases and aspects of who he is he is mighty to save as a lion and he is loving and self sacrificing to provide our salvation as a lamb number 3 we also mentioned what is the significance of having the faith of Jesus and Revelation 1412 and I just love this statement here in volume 12 manuscript release that gives this clear cut description of what that faith is it is a faith that you and I must have and it says faith in the ability of Christ to save us amply and fully and entirely is the faith of Jesus that's what it means to exercise true faith in Jesus to have that strong of a belief that he can save you in spite of your weaknesses and your flaws and all of the the past that you might have that he has the power to save you and the strength and ability were more than enough amply means super abundantly beyond what is just necessary and sufficient but in a super abundant capacity to save us that's Jesus Christ somebody ought to say I'm in all right number 4 this is a new one what does it mean to be blessed and to receive grace in Revelation one verses 3 and 4 if you have your bible this is right in the front end of the Book of Revelation Let's take a look at these verses here Revelation one looking at verses $3.00 and $4.00 Verse 3 says bless it is he that read it and they that hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written therein for the time is that. And now the word blessing as I contemplated and looked at that carefully I came to understand something as you look at it across scripture the word blessing or blessed can actually be understood all the way back from Genesis chapter one were talked about God created the animals and bless them the fish of the sea the fowls of the air he created man and woman he blessed them and said Be fruitful and multiply He blessed the animals he blessed people what does it mean when God gives a blessing God created man and animals with certain capacities to do certain things or certain functions the blessing of God is the divine empowering to enable them to fulfill the function that God created them to do the blessing of God I'll say that again is the ability to do what God has created you to do in the 1st place there's that makes sense and that can be in a variety of ways but it is the blessing of God It is still from God is a divine empowering and so we could write this wait for those of you to take notes I love you write this down blessing equals a divine power to fulfill intrinsic function what God has created you to do the ability to do that God gives us the ability to do that by giving us a blessing now it goes on in verse 4 of Revelation 5 and says John to the 7 churches which are in Asia Grace be unto you and peace from him Grace be unto you what does it mean when God says to have grace and to receive grace now they're connected and similar in ways blessing in grace Listen to this definition Grace is divine empowering for man to fulfill extrinsic that's outside of himself ideals blessing comes from doing what God has created you to do naturally by creation but Grace is what. God gives you the power to do what you cannot do otherwise it's not possible without the grace of God So Grace empowers the sinner to attain to ideals outside of himself said another way Grace gives us the ability to do what we cannot do for ourselves I hope all of you are thinking of a verse right now that comes to my mind right away and that's efficient chapter 2 verse 8 which says For by grace are you saved through faith and that not of yourselves we are saved by grace the ability the miraculous power that God gives to us to attain to a condition that we cannot do in and of ourselves we cannot do it with out God's grace to enable us and empower us to do what he wants us to do it is a miracle of God So there is a simple way of differentiating between these 2 and if you like birds I don't know if been in caring or here today in the other bird people this will be an illustration whereby you will forever know the difference between blessing and grace we have 2 birds before us we have a canary and we have a crow let's just imagine that you invite both of these birds to sing a song one of them needs blessing and one of the needs Grace and I think you know which needs which the canary has built in created divine properties and potentials to sing it only needs the blessing of God in order to be able to sing but a crow needs a miracle. Needs grace which is a miracle from God to live up to outside conditions and ideals that it cannot do in and of itself that is the difference between blessing and grace and both are all of God and are given to us by Jesus to help us live and be the people that he wants us to be that is an incredible understanding and you can see this across Scripture as you understand these things it will unfold. To you more clearly the meaning and the message in the Word of God the blessing of God empowers man to fulfill what he can do the grace of God empowers man to fulfill what Christ has held as an ideal for him to do they both come from God and they are both together and the result of that as it goes on in the next verse and says in Revelation one verse 4 and peace unto him and peace on to you rather the result of blessing and grace result in peace because you are right in the middle of the will of God in doing what he has created you to do and what he wants you to do that is the result amazing All right next one I was only going to have 7 of these because 7 is a prominent number in Revelation and 7 is a complete number but I apologize I couldn't limit myself to 7 there's 8 but let's just look at these quickly and then I'm going to make another point I'll sit down maybe so number 5 Why does Jesus have blood on his garment at His 2nd coming if you go to Revelation 19 and read these words here Revelation 1000 and verse 13 will get the context for this Revelation Chapter 19 and verse 13 these are again these points that I'm mentioning are just insights that I have learned and have seen in my own personal study of Revelation and I hope it will be encouraging to you Revelation 1913 speaking of Jesus as He is coming it says and he was sorry $1913.00 and he was clothed with a vest you're dipped in what did in blood and his name is called the Word of God that goes along with the divine alphabet mentioned earlier he is clothed with investor defeat and blood now on 1st glance that might appear you know when we think of the blood of Jesus we think of it's the blood that Jesus spilled to forgive us and pardon us for our sins but if you go back to the book of Isaiah and I have it up on the screen but you can look it up anyway let's look at up Isaiah Chapter 63 Isaiah Chapter 63 will notice them. Is here that will make clear what this blood is referring to and by the way I'll just say this if you read the book of Revelation and it seems confusing to you as it might for many of us and it has happened to me push the time out button and go back and read the entire Old Testament and then read Revelation again and you will see so much clarity so much of Revelation in fact it's been estimated that 2 thirds of Revelation is contained and allusions to things mentioned in the Old Testament the symbolic meanings and things are there just like we had trees for the children story it says in the book of Psalms that trees are symbolizing people it says in the book of Isaiah 55 that tree symbolize people as you see that in Revelation it's explained to us in Psalms and Isaiah what those symbols are and then it's clear as you read it in Revelation because you have read the Old Testament and that makes sense so I say it's 63 and I should look up the verse myself and quit talking Isaiah 63 and we're going to pick it up here in verses $2.00 and $3.00 it says wherefore art thou read in apparel and via garments like him that tread it in the wind fat that's also an allusion to the trading of the the grapes in Revelation 14 that's in the last part of chapter 14 and it says in verse 3 of Isaiah 63 I have trod in the wind alone and of the people there was none with me for I will tread them in mine anger and trample them in my fury and their way the 2nd whose blood his blood or someone else's. Their blood shall What shall be sprinkled upon whose garments my garments and I will stay in all my Raman and here in this picture in the on the screen an artist is shown Jesus coming on the white horse there with that clothing dipped in red and this is not his own blood Isaiah tells us this is Jesus not coming as a lowly savior of the world he is coming now to receive his people as the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS this is a picture of him trampling upon his enemies as the line of the tribe of Judah as the conqueror of all evil and wickedness and setting up and establishing his kingdom so that's what it means when it says he was clothed with the Vester dipped in blood he is coming as a king and I believe he is coming very soon and I want to be ready for him Number 6 What does the River of Life from the throne of God symbolize and I think I alluded to this one last time because I said I was skipping around the river of life that comes from the throne of God We see this picture in Revelation chapter 2122 and it says here this is from a statement from the Spirit of Prophecy letter 87 from 894 the life cleansing life sustaining blood appropriated by living faith is our hope we need to grow in appreciation of its inestimable value for it speaks for us only as we by faith claim its virtue keeping the conscience clean and at peace with God This river of life actually is symbolic as the Book of Revelation is symbolic as a whole of the blood of Jesus that was shed to give us life just as water gives us physical life the blood of Jesus gives us spiritual life and that is represented as coming right out of the throne the foundation of the government of God in a continuing way to all who will calm and partake of it the life of God the blood that he shed for us is. Symbolized in the river of life who knew that had symbolic meaning so much of Revelation is rich with meaning if we will but continue to study and put forth effort and I should finish the quote here this is represented as the pardoning blood inseparably connected with the resurrection and life of our redeemer illustrated by the ever flowing stream that proceeds from the throne of God the water of the river of life I did make that up it's right there this is illustrated by the ever flowing stream that sin pardoning blood of the Savior that we all must claim and appropriate for ourselves by a living faith that we might receive the benefits of what Jesus has done for us all right number 7 what does the tree of life symbolize which is right there the River of Life flows in the middle of the Tree of Life there to trunk the tree of life grows together what does the tree of life symbolize in the midst of the paradise of God several statements from of you and Harold Christ is the source of our life the source of our immortality he is the tree of life and to all who come to him he gives spiritual life and then even further connected with the tree of life there is another illustration that I thought was very interesting the Bible and the Bible alone is to be the rule of our faith it is a leaf from the tree of life you and I today as we study the Word of God are eating leaves from the Tree of Life because these leaves these pages from the Word of God that contain the living principles though the holy living oracles of the Word of God They have the power to give us spiritual life on to salvation that we might be ready for Jesus when He comes so we have it's the same effect as eating of the literal trees the Tree of Life is a literal tree but the symbolic meaning is so rich as we understand it we can have the same experience today the eternal life that is assured to us as we digest and eat the Word of God That's powerful All right and here is my last. Asked one before we move on to part 2 number 8 How is Jesus and I did not get to this last time how can it be that Jesus is both the root and the offspring of David as it mentions in Revelation 2216 and it says I am the root and the offspring of David and the Bright and Morning Star relation $22.00 verse 16 How can this be I thought this was so clear once you see this you will not be able to see it it should be obvious and maybe it's obvious to you without me even reading this quote here from many scripts 61905 as creator of May in he Jesus is the root of David because David only exists by the will and power of his creator that's Jesus Christ but as varying the nature of May in that he may be the world's Redeemer He Jesus is the offspring of David because he entered into humanity and became one just like us and was tempted in how many points in all points just like we are he knows exactly the experiences that we go through and he did this so that he might lay down his life for the saving of the human race he became mediator in behalf of man so there it is Jesus is 2 things he is the root or the source of David because he created him that speaks to his divinity and then he is the offspring of David because he entered into humanity and that emphasize of course his humanity divinity and humanity perfectly united together in Jesus our Savior what a savior incredible All right well I'm just going to mention these and look at a few verses but these are some ideas and this is not a technical study these are kind of a fly over in a high altitude elevation just looking in painting a broad picture of the Book of Revelation as a whole ideas that have inspired or arrested my attention and I'm going to have these listed as we go along number one the incredible love of Jesus for Humanity am. His provisions to save us the love of Jesus for humanity let's go back to Revelation one verse 5 Revelation chapter one and verse 5 gives this a picture of the love of Jesus and His provisions to save us in one verse it should be noted that the love of Jesus for His people and his connection with him throughout the book of Revelation is decided and close and sincere and significant that Jesus is close to his people the song of the young children this morning again why should we fear when Jesus is near why we should not because the Bible tells us in 2nd Timothy Chapter one Verse 7 for God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind God has not given us the spirit of fear Revelation one verse 5 it says and from Jesus Christ who is the faithful witness and the 1st forgotten of the dead and the prince of the kings of the earth unto him that did what love does to demonstrate that love it says and did what washed us from our sins in what his own blood blood symbolizes life the life of the person the life of the animals in the sacrificial system that he washed is from from our sins in his own life the blood of his own life that was poured out to be and a toning sacrifice a reconciling sacrifice that might bring us into connection with God as we accept that sacrifice we are reunited and reconciled to our Creator and our God what a gift this is that Jesus has given to us what a gift has washed us in his own blood one number 2 the blessings that Jesus promises to all that come to him. The Blessings to all that come to him and by the way I mentioned in my class this morning I enjoyed sitting in with Dan Kuhn in his class downstairs as we're starting the book of Revelation and it was noted by Dan Truby that the door Jesus is knocking on here does not have a door handle on the outside guess and look at it closely enough because Jesus is not going to open that door himself he's only going to allow or wait rather for us to open the door from the inside that's our choice he never calls us SWAT team to come and kick the door down and force an entrance into our lives and into our hearts he is always there depicted patiently pleading and knocking for us to open the door the blessings that come to all that Jesus that come to Jesus let's take a look at him we did this this morning in our study Revelation 3 verses 20 and 21 there this message to Laodicea Behold I stand at the door and knock if any man hear my voice and open the door I will come into him and will suffer with him and he with me that allusion to eating a meal together suffering dining eating is a reference I believe to Jesus unfolding his word to us the food is always the Word of God that He desires for us time and time again Jesus is the manna the living manna which came down from God out of heaven and it continues on and says to him that overcome it while I grant to sit with me where in my throne can you think of a higher more exalted position that can be offered to you and me I cannot I cannot think of a higher position that we would be raised to sit in heavenly places with Jesus on his throne with him to reign as kings and priests or over the universe I cannot imagine a greater Britain blessing and a greater promise there's been given to us even as I also overcame and I'm set down with my father in his throne the promises given to the overcomer. And it's only in his strength and by His grace that we can overcome but with him we are more than conquerors more than overcomers through him that loved us Point number 3 that has arrested my attention the solemn warnings that Jesus gives us because He loves everyone now I'll mention this I have a friend not here in this church or this area some time ago I remember talking with him and sharing with him as I was reading and studying my Bible and some things in Revelation and they commented to me that they did not like to study the Book of Revelation because it was too scary and too fearful or frightful they only like to study the promises of God and I love the promises of God and I'm doing my level best to memorize as many promises of God as possible him in but the Bible contains promises as well as warnings it contains a full complete picture and we need all of it is that true we need all its in the Bible it's there for a reason and so there are solemn warnings because the message of Revelation is actually given to those people living in the last moments of time which is you and me today and we are living in a solemn time I don't think anyone that's not a newsflash for any of us we are living in solemn times and we need to be warned and maybe the most solemn warning is the one found in Revelation 14 verses 9 through 11 the 3rd angel's message if any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand the warning comes the same show drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb and the smoke of their torment ascended up forever and ever and they have no rest day nor night who worship the beast and his image and whosoever receive the mark of his name that is a solemn warning and that is the warning that. We have been entrusted to give to the world that they would not receive the mark of the beast that they would not receive the plagues that fall as a result of the mark of the beast and so these warnings are given so that we will escape and avoid the plagues that are coming in fact listen to this statement from Volume 5 the testimonies page 107 we must keep close to the Word of God and I love this description we need its warnings and encouragement its threatenings and promises we need a perfect example given only in the life and character of our savior so there it is that's a comprehensive statement saying we need all the Bible we should not you know seek to ignore passages of Scripture that are uncomfortable or that we don't like just because they make us feel you know concerned or worried God is not giving us the spirit of fear right that's in the Bible itself it's like a time of the $17.00 God wants us to be warned and to realize they were threatening because we need to realize how serious the times are that we're living in salvation is a serious matter eternal death and the 2nd death which is eternal is a serious matter and so therefore there are serious things the Bible presents to us in the Word of God And so I'm thankful for those warnings they arrest my attention and help me to realize the solemnity that I must have for the time that we're living in before I get to my last point I want to mention the Pony Express Pony Express was set up in 860 to give and transmit information quickly and rapidly for the purpose of faster communication a desire to travel across the country in a more rapid way in fact you can see this poster that is maybe some of you remember this in your old American history books the Pony Express wanted poster young skinny wire a fellow's not over 18 and I want to older people must be expert riders horseback riders willing to. To risk death daily and then notice the solemn line that which comes next orphans preferred orphans preferred wages $25.00 per week and that is a killing back in $1925.00 or one $100.00 a month that would be within flip back then that would be a lot of money and so this Pony Express was set up as a venture to try and get mail across the country because the old way of having to take mail around by ship or around the Atlantic Ocean down either across Panama before the Panama Canal was built in 1918 across you have to over it you have to stop at one ship at one port rather in Panama transport all of your goods across the Panama by way of foot and whatever then get on another ship in the Pacific and then sail up to California this could take months and the reason why this was so important is because in the 840 S. gold was discovered in California the gold rush in 849 and so many people were flooding the California but there were not a lot of people in between the east and the West Coast but getting a mail back and forth anyway that's not the point this morning that's just something else you're not going to be quizzed on history today the point I want to make though is these stations were set up every 15 miles because that's how far a horse could gallop before getting tired roughly 15 to 20 miles and then they would be another station with another horse and he would just go as quickly as possible and their advertising there they can do it in 10 days which is dramatically faster then 2 or 3 months 10 days to get your mail across well this only lasted for a little over a year because something else came along you guessed it was the railroad but it was actually the the Transcontinental Telegraph which the Telegraph followed the railroads oftentimes they the tracks in the poles were beside each other but that was completed in $861.00 and almost immediately the Pony Express. Was now no longer necessary because you could tap out messages much faster on a telegraph line then you could by horseback where it would take and they were able to do it in 8 or 9 days or so 110 days what am I trying to say they had an urgent an urgent desire to spread a message as quickly as possible we have a message that's been given to us that we should have an even greater desire a life or death message to spread as quickly as possible to our neighbors our family our friends the message of a revealed Savior Jesus Christ God is calling us to give that message and I want to notice in our final point here number 4 things that have arrested my attention or attracted my interest the earnest longing pleading invitation Jesus gives to each of us to come to Him for salvation let's read about it here as we come to a close in the last 2 chapters of Revelation chapter $21.00 and chapter $22.00 Revelation chapter $21.00 and will notice verse 6 together sounds like music to hear pages turning him in Revelation $21.00 in verse 6 we read there and he said unto me it is done I am Alpha and Omega we know what that means the beginning and the end I will give unto Him That is a 3rd of the fountain of the water of what the water of life in what capacity freely abundantly to him that is a thirst that has a desire a spiritual desire for better things for something more then living for self and selfish pleasures and that way notice now in chapter 22 verses 16 and 17 Revelation 22 verses 16 and 17 and I'll come back to the point here of this sermon is the last words of Jesus the last words of Jesus Revelation 22 verses 16 and 17 and these are. The final words of Jesus in the Bible mine actually are in red it says I Jesus have sent my name to and that's why we know Jesus is speaking I-G. says have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches I am the root and the Austrian of David and the Bright and Morning Star and notice verse 17 and the spirit and the bride say Come and let him that here with Come and let Him That is the thirst come and whosoever will let him take the water of life freely Did you catch that Jesus gives an invitation to come the Holy Spirit is an invitation to come the bride of Christ which is the church gives an invitation to come and even the individual member and Believer give the invitation to come is an invitation to come notice this statement in math many script 731906 the last words spoken by Jesus Christ to John were and then it quotes Revelation 22 verse 17 and it says here when we respond to God and say Lord we come then with joy will be draw water out of the wells of salvation. Jesus is inviting us to come but we cannot we cannot share with others what we have not 1st experienced ourselves and so this morning I feel that as I read these Words I just want to renew my commitment to Jesus I want to come to him in a way that is that is brand new that is fresh and ask for him to continue working in my life and continue leading and guiding me to be to be blessed and to have the grace that he provides to fulfill His purpose for my life and so I want to make an appeal this morning and I want you to listen carefully if you have never made a decision in your life before to come to Jesus then I think these words of Jesus I would be doing a disservice to all of us if I did not convey that invitation as we read it here to you this morning if you've never made a decision to come to Jesus before that I would invite you to come this morning come down here to the front and I want to pray for you if you've never in your life and by the way musicians feel free to come on up and you can start playing we're going to sing together in just a moment but if you've never made a decision in your life to come to Jesus the now invite you this morning this is the time the Spirit Jesus the church everyone is inviting us to come today. Appeal Number 2 maybe you have been derailed or sidetracked from following Jesus the way that you know you should follow him the way that Jesus has called you to follow him maybe you've made some bad decisions in 2018 and would like to say I want to come to Jesus and answer the call so that I can receive the blessing that only he has given me if that is your experience and I want you to make a renewal and a rededication and a recommitment in your life this morning and to come forward and join me here at the front if you have gotten away from where you know that Jesus wants you to be don't worry about who else is around or who else might be looking or or thinking anything else God bless you sister God bless you if you want to say I want to make sure that I am coming to Jesus as I am and allow him to change me and give me the blessing and grace that only he can provide the now is the day now is the time to come to Jesus now is the time if you would like to say I know that I have gotten away from where I should be but I want to be in the middle of the will of God then come forward press close please come in come close my 3rd and final appeal. If you would just like to say I want to come to Jesus and never miss an opportunity to stand for him but I wanted you to come forward this morning and I want to pray for you as well if you want to just recommit yourselves as we sing live thing together are closing him I want to pray a special prayer of blessing for all of you who want to hear the last words of Jesus is an invitation to come to him and receive what only he can give us all Father in heaven we have heard your invitation speaking to us today through the sacred pages of your word just as it was given long ago to John on the island of Patmos Lord we hear your invitation to come and we don't ever want to miss an opportunity to stand for you and to come to you and receive what only you can do for us the cleansing and purification of our lives the renewal and restoring of our lives into your holy purpose Lord I marvel that you can give grace to sinners like me who cannot do naturally what is right who cannot do naturally and think what is right but with your grace we are able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we can even ask or imagine but less my brothers and sisters now seal our commitment by the power of the Holy Spirit may we be changed and transformed to be like Jesus and hold on to him by the hand of faith so that we will never let him go Lord we stand for you today receive us we claim your words and John 637 that him or her that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out we know we can rest all of our hope in all of our our faith on this simple promise alone we come Lord as we are because we cannot come any other way and we ask you for the wells of salvation that we might leave this place with rejoicing in our hearts because we have peace with you bless us now I pray in Jesus holy name Amen in the even this media was brought. 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