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Are We Forsaken? Racism and the Remnant

Eric Walsh


Jesus predicts that conflict between different groups of people would only get worse as we approach the end of time.  This message is part testimony and part statement of the state of race and racism in the world and church and how the speaker was delivered from false doctrine attached to racial pride.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • March 15, 2019
    7:00 PM
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A message tonight isn't titled Are we Forsaken are we for a 2nd let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study a word to fellowship and worship on this your holy Sabbath Day once again Lord I ask that you take this rusty sorry nail or to hammer it into the wall with your Holy Spirit and then Father God on that rusty nail asked that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ so that Eric Walsh is not seen tonight instead father let us hear word from the throne of grace that our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen one of things I like about conferences like is size that we can dive into very difficult topics was very blessed by the presentation earlier today before supper and I was thinking is a heavy topics going to be happening all the way through tonight is no different I'll start by telling you a story and I think you'll see where I'm going and I ask you to stay on board this is where we're going somewhere tonight. And it won't be comfortable but I think in the end you'll see that it's valuable when I was about 12 years old my mother let me preface that my mother was a single mother my father left my mother when I was about 2 years of age and married my mother's 2nd cousin and so my mother raised 3 boys by herself there were many who thought for sure we would grow up to be gangsters or criminals but there were 2 things in our favor at least 2 things one was the fact that my mother although small was quite strong. And some of you know what I mean by that. And the other was that we were members of the 7 divinest church. Pathfinders choir that type of thing well I can only. Try to imagine what would have been like for my mother to raise the 3 of us by herself and so almost every summer we were sent down south I grew up in Connecticut town called Bloomfield and we would be shipped down to a town in southern Dade County Florida called Homestead Florida it's at the time was country especially to us coming from the north and I can only imagine it was a great relief for my mother to get rid of us every summer. But we got a stay at my grandmother and my aunts and it was it was an arm amazing experience when someone else they were on the rain at an incredible life changing experience my cousin Michael wanted us to go to a party at the National Guard armory up north in a party that armories but in the south they do and so we walked to this there was event in news there were 12 or 13 and you know we wanted to see girls and he wanted to hear the music and we hung out for a little while started getting late we told his mother to be back at a certain time so we study head home now when I realize when you go down south is that people at least at the time they don't just walk places they run places so my cousin was like OK we're going to run home and I was like well what are we running from is the reason we just go run for the reason and he said no as we'll be in shape and size of a great athletes come out of itself so we started running and when I couldn't keep up he would grab my T. shirt and he would pull so that I stayed with him and actually sometimes I'd actually let go and like I wouldn't let him pull me you know and he was pulling me as we were coming down one of the main roads one of the main intersections there was what was equivalent of like a 711 an African-American family in one of those old giant Oldsmobile. Impala type cars. Basically there were like floating boats back then some of you guys remember those and then it pulled up into this corner store and the father jumped out left the wife and the kids in the car jumped out ran into the store to get something while he was there a pickup truck pulls up a young white man probably in his late twenty's early thirty's pulls out a bottle with a wick lights it throws it under the car and boom it calls Myla tough cocktails I believe there's a huge explosion under the car the father comes running out of the store to chase the pickup truck and starts running and realizes that behind him his family maybe about to blow up so he turns around and runs out gets everybody out of car safe now we're running down the street watching this happen now because I didn't have to hold on to my shirt much longer I was running past him now I don't know where the energy came from but I was moving. That shook me in Connecticut my friends were Polish I was in fact white people or even white when I was growing up they had ethnicities they were Polish Irish they were talian I mean everybody had something they were German they were from somewhere they were Jewish they were Puerto Ricans they were Jamaicans I mean we had we had one Mexican kid that went to school doesn't he always be all of us at soccer and I never understood why the move to California. He was phenomenal but we all got along we were like brothers and sisters we but when I went down south it was different at the time things have changed a lot a few years later we moved from Connecticut to south Florida to Miami and my mother made sure we were going to want to best high school to this day the high school I attended was one of the top 50 high schools in the United States the 1st day I went to the high school I walked into the bathroom and someone had climbed up on the sink and drawn with a Sharpie the picture of an ape on the wall. They put a noose around the Apes neck on the drawing and at the bottom it said and words go back to Africa and my 1st day of school in the 10th grade having shifted from the north to the south it changed me and let me tell you something hatred like violence talk about violence last night being a contagion hatred is also contagious many people want to experience things like this retaliate by developing the very sentiment that damaged them in the 1st place and I was no different I mean very angry with white America very angry and and as we go through this talk you'll see how God led me through this but but I want you to understand it was it was it was damaging it was harmful I began to study and read the autobiography of Malcolm X. and I started to to study different things I was angry at the 711 a church because the church didn't seem to have any rebuttal any defense for what I was experiencing in high school and on the streets I tell people all the time if I had 5 dollars for every time in high school I was called the N word I could have paid for Oakwood cash. It was a horrible difficult emotionally scarring experience and I was in the church but I was troubled in the Bible are stories that kind of help you understand what happens to people when this happens. One of them is in the book of Judges the 6th chapter and again I know this is difficult but follow me yes they want me to all right here judge a 6 and verse one says and the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord of the Lord delivered them into the hand of many in 7 years and the hand of many in prevailed against Israel and because of the Midianites the children of Israel made them the dens which are in the mountains and caves and strongholds and so it was when Israel had sown that the Midianites came up and the apple of kites and the children of the east even they came up against them and they encamped against them and destroyed the increase of the earth till the tilde are come into Gaza and left no sustenance for Israel now the sheep nor ox nor ass for they camped they came up with their cattle in their tents and they came as grasshoppers for multitude for both they and their camels were without number and they entered into the land to destroy it and look at verse 6 and Israel was greatly impoverished because of the Midianites the children of Israel cried unto the Lord the Bible tells us that God sends a prophet to Devon and by verse 11 an angel shows up looking for someone to deliver Israel look at this and there came an angel of the Lord and sat under an oak which was in that pertained to Joe ash the Abbey is Iraq right and his son Gideon dressed the wheat by the wine press to hide it from the Midianites But the verse 12 and the angel of the Lord appeared on to him and said unto him the Lolo is with you Gideon. You mighty man of valor the angel of God appears to get in while he's hiding food where wine goes afraid of his oppressor trying to figure out survival the angel of God shows up and says Gideon You're mighty you're a man of courage Gideon's response is one of the most profound in all the scripture that a human response to a heavenly being given says Oh my lord if the Lord be with us why is all of us befall in us and will be all his miracles which our fathers told us of us of saying Did not the Lord bring us up from Egypt look at this line Gideon says but not how the Lord has His For sake in us and delivered us into the hands of the Midianites this sermon is relevant because right now not just inside our church but in our country you're watching racial division at ways and concepts I never thought I would see in my lifetime and the eighty's when I was in school it seemed like the civil rights movement had caught on American seem like they were coming together seemed to hit a Zenith with the election of a African-American president or people talking about America as a post racial society and we thought we were going to just move on but somehow Satan is not allowing that kind of unity to happen not in the country not in the church and when you look at what Gideon says Gideon says listen if God is really with us how is all of this happening and you know that's the question I asked God every day in high school. I remember when Doug Williams of The Washington Redskins was going to play in the Super Bowl the 1st black quarterback to ever play in a Super Bowl I remember being in high school and them saying. That black people weren't smart enough to play quarterback some of my classmates are going to have that discussion in class and even hearing that discussion on sports radio it was incredible Now they got what they deserve because Doug Williams with the Super Bowl and broke every record pretty much of a sensible black quarterback but the lingering pain of that church it drove me away from God and I want you to get beside of it because I began to look for some other way to find God that justified my blackness rather than establishing my Christianity missing this thing what Satan wants to do is stirring up division so that what you tried to actually justify and the speaker earlier today talked about judgment justification of the wrong thing you want to justify your genetics your ethnicity your lineage or your color rather than being justified in Christ Jesus. So I started studying Rastafarians and I believe that Haley Selassie former emperor of the great Ethiopia was God In fact I was that Bob Marley sells Yes the singer Bob Marley at his house and and his brother told me he said Haley Selassie is coming for that for us in a spaceship that's a bonafide get on that spaceship that's a little strange there brother. And he said no and it is that then the Rastafarians I mean we've got to smoke marijuana if you want to talk to God you got to smoke weed that's what they told me I said that don't make any sense. And you know that and acts in the dread you know he looked at me said. Yeah after smoke weed I said if you can show me from the Bible where it says I should smoke marijuana I'll smoke marijuana which he said all right man come here and he flipped a Bible you know see not a book a Psalms when I say out of the nostrils of God come to smoke. A man and say God smoked a blunt 1st what are you talking about. He said All right man turn here and start flipping the pages going to send out a book of Exodus when Moses' approached the burning bush to get to talk to God and. Man the blessing burn up you show me a joint that don't burn. The Christian and all of this happened later on when I want to open they called me back I was known as X. there are people to this day don't know my name at all but they still think my name is X. from Malcolm X. in a day they still don't know my name because I began to be a black nationalist I would go when I would visit Atlanta I would look 40 all African peoples Revolutionary Party beatings I started to study with the Nation of Islam some of you guys know who they are that is the group are led by one of the great orators in American history Louis Farrakhan you may not agree with what he says but if you've ever sat through him talking he is an incredible orator and I would listen to him in Nashville and in Birmingham and I end in Atlanta and he came to Miami when I was in medical school at the church one Sabbath I drove down to the Miami Arena sat with 2 of my friends who were in law school to 2 Haitian sisters and we were sitting there and Louis Farrakhan begins to speak and he lays out all the injustices against black people incredibly well. And he gets the theology which is always where the problem is because being raised Adventist there's something about our truth that wouldn't let go of me. The Scripture says Train Up a Child in the way should go when he is old it will not depart from it just as if they said something that didn't sound right I just couldn't so I never followed anybody into any of these religions but I would study them and Louis Farrakhan that night said the black man is the original man and I said wow that's interesting I've heard everybody saying that all along the 5 Percent Nation of Islam says that and a 5 percent Nation of Islam for you those of you younger people who know what hip hop music is that is the religion that birth hip hop Jay Z. is a 5 percent of the wood and clan they're all 5 percent of the 5 percent nation believes that the black man is God and so that night he says the black man is the original man and I said OK He said I can prove it and I sit up in my chair I want here proof. He said 66 trillion years ago. Truly And with that. I mean even evolution is started of being with a 1000000000. He said 66 trillion years ago he said a black man blew the moon all of the earth with dynamite. Chinese people invented dynamite 3000 years ago what are you talking about. He said and I can prove it he said You see when the astronauts went to the movie they could still smell the dynamite. From 66000000 years ago. First of all it only takes a 6th grade education to realize going to use when on the moon is what you brought with you from Houston or Cape Canaveral you if you have on the moon spell and move air you're probably going to be dead. Church let me say something I sat in my chair that Sabbath afternoon. $8000.00 people stood to their feet and applauded. And I repented I sat in my chair and I apologized to God that I had allowed other people's hatred to turn me into someone who hated others himself now and worse would believe the lies of devils and the doctrines of devils but let me tell you something we are living in a time and many of our inner city African-American churches we are living in a time when groups like the Hebrew Israel lights have you heard it here is your lights you saw on Fox News and on C.N.N. and on M.S.N. We see the group of Catholic high school students not long ago in Washington D.C. They were accosted it is funny they only played a piece of it was really not fair rules teenagers are going to children was a fear what they did to them just played a clip of it but it is show the whole thing that they were a group of adult black Hebrew Israelites actually insulting them and throwing racial slurs against the white children and the black children hang in the white children and right now in our church is seen many young African-American men who are upset at police violence and and discrimination and other things who are pulling out of Christianity of all denominations but even I had been as the nomination to join up with Heber Israel lights even Latinos I was in L.A. We're in L.A. and a young Mexican young man came and sat with me and said they come into his neighborhood and they're telling them that you are descendants of the tribes of this trial that genetically you go all the way back to the tribes of Israel and that you are the real Jews and you know what the devil always wants you to do he always wants you to base your spirituality on your genetics he wants your spirituality black based in your flesh. The story of Hezekiah said listen I don't lean on the arm of flesh the devil wants what you look like where you come from what what nation in Europe or what tribe in Africa you come from he wants to be what makes you proud he wants to stand up and you racial pride and ethnic pride in linguistic pride but I am here to tell you tonight that the reality is it's not about where you're from or who you were away your ancestors are from what matters to me is where I'm going. I don't need to be the original man I want to be among the last people around Amen. This is the lie being told and the reason the lies being told is there's many reasons and there are a couple questions that we need to answer the 1st one is this one if God is good why would he allow suffering in the world and in the documentary watch earlier this is one of the questions that was asked and I thought it was apropos for what we're going to talk about tonight and especially the chronic and big suffering of oppressed people how do you strike God when you watch like Gideon your people being oppressed Gideon got fed up with God is that listen you for a 2nd us if Gideon I hear of the Old Testament mention in the Hall of Fame of the New Testament in the book of Hebrews it Hebrew if Gideon thought that it's not that difficult for some of us to think that the 2nd question How can people worship the God of their oppressors specifically a Christian God and that's what people would say to me well come back around to this but when I was struggling I was studying all these different nasty black nationalistic religions and different thoughts you know they were almost everywhere you wanted as they were how could you worship the white man's God how could you be a Christian and worship the white man's Jesus We'll talk about that tonight as well so it's not get uncomfortable stay with me stay with me tonight. So here we go right appreciate it if God is good why does he allow injustice that's the 1st question and if you can answer this question in a world of activism a world of social justice a world of marches in the streets of black lives matter and all the other things that are happening if you can't answer that question you have a hard time relating to folks so let's look at what really happened 1st of all is probably one of most difficult questions you'll ever have in the reason it's such a difficult question is because we teach as Christians that God is love so in a world where love means everything is all good and you feel no pain you get in this so in our world when you when love exists it means Love creates a world devoid of pain revelation I think is 319 the Bible speaking to the church of lead after the letter to the church a legacy of Jesus says those I love I rebuke and I would and I chase and be zealous therefore and do what in fact real love takes a stand on stuff real love is not concerned with your comfort it's concerned with your salvation so God is love but what's interesting about God being Love is this we were created not just so that he could love us but so that he can what receive love from us let me say something and I was I was a when I was going to my trials this truth became very evident to me God hurts when we don't reciprocate love to him so much so that the Bible says Mark $1230.00 and I also love the Lord thy God with all my heart with all my soul and with all the mind of God I strength says it this is the 1st commandment. The 1st commandment is to love God and of course that's summed up in the 1st 4 of the of the of the of the 10 Commandments but this is the purpose so if you're going to understand why injustice happens in the world you 1st have to understand that God loves you but he doesn't just love you he expects and is desiring love from you based on that and based on a great controversy it means that love cannot be forced if Love cannot be forced I mean God could not just make you love him in fact there's 2 things God can't do one of them is God can't lie if God said The sky is brown the got the sky would turn brown the Bible says he spoke and it stood fast he can't lie but guess what he also can't force you to love him because it would cease to be love so the great monkeywrench of the whole universe is the power of choice now watch this when choice comes with choice comes consequences so if you get the if you get free choice and you choose to disobey and there are consequences to your disobedience if got a raise every time there was a consequence you wouldn't really have free choice the devil wants to try to raise all consequences of bad behavior so if you dig deeper and deeper in bad behavior and then eventually the devil pulls the covers off and all of the bad behavior all the consequences sometimes come rushing in a night for example as Cain and Abel got to stop Cain kept came from killing Abel but Cain had the power of choice so I suppose it was God's fault no. God loves you too much to force you into a behavior he wants he wants you to choose to love him and will choose to love your brother and with this came consequences all the way down to Biblical history the consequences of this decision exist later on to call this the sons of God in the daughters of men it created a whole 2 separate classes of people and the wife says it like this in the book education page 23. The creator innocent and holy our 1st parents were not placed beyond the possibility of wrongdoing. She says God might have created them without the power to transgress his requirements but in that case look at this there could have been no development of character that you get that one of the reasons so you 1st use you have the power of choice is because God requires and wants your love he expects your love desires your love but the 2nd one is he gives you choice because with choice comes the character development she goes on and she says their service would not be have been voluntary but forced therefore he gave them the power of choice the power to yield or to withhold obedience so that's incredible So if you recap that 11 thing bad things happen in this world God didn't do it he didn't and everybody wants to blame religion in fact I'll just read in one of our Bible study threads that one of some my friends have about what just happened in New Zealand at a mosque and one of them is saying this is what religion you don't want to guys who can left a church that is what religion does this is what religion is Christianity did not do that the Jesus of the Bible would never sanction such behavior right it's not fear to pin man's choices on God. In fact one of the greatest signs of gods I'm the. Being all powerful I'm negative is that God is secure enough in his divinity to allow you to choose So that's the 1st thing but God also allows these crazy things to happen because with it comes character development that's part of reason all of the stories of the Old Testament characters exist the heroes exist and reading their stories you realize they are bad choices Abraham's bad choices Jacob's bad choices. All in all throughout the Old Testament Moses bad choices they all to believe them being better Christians to God allows choice because they want to develop character but why would God allow injustice Well one of them is to show us his glory despite our suffering John 9 in verse one she has passed by I saw a man which is blind from his birth and has the sight last I'm saying Master who did sin this man or his parents that we was born blind verse 3 says Jesus answered Neither has this man sinned nor his parents look at the last part there but that the works of God should be what made manifest in him this man was blind and when the disciples to listen one of the somebody had to sin for this man to be in this condition is that no sometimes suffering happens and it allows for the works of God to be made manifest so when you see the videos of people serving individual we just watched going out doing big health fairs and serving others you could ask the question why would God allow all those people to not get medical care there they need or you could ask the Christian question how powerfully we can represent Christ by meeting their needs that's one thing the civil rights movement did I began to go back and study the Civil Rights Movement and I started to realize it was a movement birthed out of the church. The people were praying praying even as they were holes even as the dogs were let loose even as they were beaten they were calling on the name of Jesus I want you to notice that the modern groups the modern activists now around these issues do not come from the church in fact it seems as if they have intentionally left the church in the black community come intentionally left the church out of it and so what you've got there's another spirit at work it's not the Spirit of Christ as it was in the sixty's it's a different spirit at work today asked a question how could we worship the God of our presence people asking how could you be a Christian the 1st slave ship was the good ship Jesus why would you why would you ever want to be a Christian Well 1st of all there's some stuff that isn't known well that one of them is Christianity is a global religion and always has been I don't have the slide up here on it but when I went to China and I met with Christian Chinese Christians who met in house churches one of them sat and showed me from the Chinese characters the alphabet and of the Chinese how the symbols all go back to scripture when they showed me the symbol for boat it was an arc with 8 lines there was a look at that and they could show me all of the different ways that it ties back into scripture is a great You Tube guy who does it on You Tube that shows it so they sort of propped up the Apostle Philip probably reached to China but in Africa the same thing happened Philip spoke to the Ethiopian eunuch who was already reading the book of Isaiah Why was he already read the book of Isaiah because in the Old Testament the Queen of Sheba had already visited Solomon and monotheism and a knowledge of the Creator God was brought back into Africa all the way back in the time of Solomon. But disobedience happened in Africa there was a struggle in Africa Ethiopia became Christianized the Coptic Church in Egypt and it was new to this date as a pastor a young student said Nick who want to open with me African pastor and he practiced still preaching today in Northeast and northeastern part of United States and he had a whole dissertation on knowledge of the Creator got imbedded in African culture one of the great lies I tell you all of us that say this one of the great lies told is that Christianity is not a religion of all people sell a lie to us a bill went to all parts of the world here's some of the oldest churches in the world is that if the Opiah carved out of one piece of stone there's the chapel of the Tablet of the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion this is supposed to hols the original Ark of the covenant I don't know that it really houses that but the Ethiopian Church believes that So in Africa some of the old and this is this church is huge out of one piece of stone incredible centuries old churches Ellen White love Illinois is well I says about this in lands beyond the jurisdiction of room there existed for many centuries bodies of Christians who remained almost wholly free from papal corruption they were surrounded by heathenism and in the lapse of Ages were affected by its errors she says but they continue to regard the Bible as the only rule of faith and here to many of its truths look at this she says these Christians believe in the perpetuity of the law of God and observe the Sabbath of the 4th Commandment churches that are held to this faith and practice existed in Central Africa and among the Armenians of Asia great controversy 63 Christianity of course was hijacked. What the Bible tells us in the Book of Revelation Chapter 18 as we study in Revelation our SOB school lesson this quarter says something profound when it talks about the city of Babylon falling and come out of Babylon and the merchants weeping and says in verse 11 a relation a team and the merchants of the earth shall we put mourn over over Babylon over this false religious system this corrupted system of worship and for no man by their merchandise any more the merchandise of gold or silver precious stones pearls fine linen and purple silken scarlet and Diane Wood and all matter vessels of ivory and all manner of vessels of persons wood and of brass and iron and marble and look at this and cinnamon and orders anointment frankincense wine and oil and fine flour and wheat and beasts sheep horses chariots a look at the last 2 and slaves and the souls of men corrupted system that allowed these things that happen so much a part of the prophecy we study in the corruption of Christianity as anything else and what God began to show me is that there is real oppression in this world the problem is the devil wants to motivate activists to fight and social justice is one of the biggest things in many of our black churches now we are we're organizing rallies and marches and all these things and here's what's funny we are wanting to free people from physical earthly oppression and we're missing the fact that we live in neighborhoods full of spiritual oppression so we're thinking right now that the work of Christ is the free people from physical oppression police violence and and and poor housing and bad food options and all of those things are important don't get me wrong but let me just as an ambassador of the of the of the Kingdom of the Living God You see my citizenship I'm a passport says that I'm an American citizen but guess what my 1st citizenship is in the heavenly realms. Jesus says I am not of this world and sometimes we forget where our citizenship actually is Sin Sin is the ultimate form of oppression John 834 Jesus Evelina I say unto you whoever commits sin is the servant is the slave of sin 2nd Peter 219 while they promised them liberty this is what the world does now to our young people they itself I am do what you want to do while they promise the liberty they themselves are the servants the slaves of corruption 4 of whom a man has overcome of the same is he brought into what bondage That's oppression let me say something we're living in a time we have the horrible opiate epidemic folks don't know how to get off the drugs as a physician I don't write narcotics I was listening to the 2 nurses up here about about deal with you know having to change the deal with it when you learn these truths or you change convention I like being a physician I have to write you for stuff you don't need to come in and you want more calls and oxycontin and not to code all in morphine and everything else you don't need. Times of people needs a pain medicines like that but for the most part people are trying to treat emotional pain with physical pain medicine in fact when I was working at a veteran's hospital one of the most profound statements is a lot of my sermons. When I was doing my addiction medicine rotations at Loma Linda veterans' hospital when it was a chance that these great soldiers for our country loved working with veterans and one of the things that they said is God made the human heart so big only he can fill it after one of the meetings or groups of the pulled one of the leaders aside I said What do you mean by that he said if you try to fill the god sized hole in your heart with cocaine you can be a crackhead. Trying to the god sized hole in your heart with alcohol you've got to be an alcoholic driver the god sized hole in your heart was sex you can become a sex addict you can become a gambler you got to because and he listed all these things he said the only thing that will give you true peace is to fill the god sized hole in your heart with God's love with a relationship with Christ because some are drug problem United States everybody thinks there's a supply side problem we can build walls in my keep out drugs from outside the country but guess what people make drugs inside the country that's our crystal meth became so popular it's a demand problem ask yourself why do Americans consume somewhere somewhere around 90 percent of all the opiate narcotic pain medicines in the world yet we're only 5 percent of the world's population because the god sized hole in our heart is not being met and guess what they do not in legalize marijuana you know used to be Madison all nicotine that you are back on but you know that so many are old enough to remember the billboards I said smoke camels are good for your cough. But the billboards are said mob orals great for your anxiety some of you might remember that and isn't it funny how history repeats itself and now marijuana is the cure all for everything Young people are getting on hooked and addicted on marijuana from 1516 years of age and what we know is if you introduce the mind of the brain to marijuana before it is finished developing somewhere around 2526 years of age for sure by the age of 18 if you do you increase the lifelong risk of psychotic illness in that child. And here we are wholesale passage out marijuana everywhere legalize it all over the country and no one is speaking to the fact that just like alcohol. As often consume before the legal age just like cigarettes are often used before legal age who's why would we believe marijuana is going to be any different and if in our country we can't meet the demands for the need to deal with mental health problems now what are we going to do when this massive epidemic of mental illness is thrust upon the American public in our society when in 101520 years all these years of weed smoking comes up again and it's time to pay the piper for the disease that it caused or you get what I'm saying sin is oppressive it was shackle you and hold you and here it was deep about sin it was your complete bondage to make you think you're free same fascinates before it assassinates we get drawn in and we love the stuff we want to feel good we want to skate the world and don't realize you go yeah I don't care how drunk you get on a Saturday night Sunday morning you still got up every bill that came in the mail Friday. If you didn't get along with your wife before you got drunk you know we got in the morning and everything's going to be hunky dorey fact is probably going to be worse cinema presses it binds us holds us back when I was alone Melinda one of the one of the interesting conversations I had at one of the at the time is a department head I don't think is there anymore we were sitting in his office just here. And he got really mad at me when he found out I was still a practicing believing 7 administration he said how could you believe in God. This is an older white gentleman been in our having a system his whole life how could you still believe in God What do you mean he's a liberal you ask me these questions. And the deal is that the University of Miami would you cut it out is how can you say what do you mean he said God is like a great scientist in the sky he's just experimenting with us and we're all rats on earth and he's just playing with rats Oh wait a minute do you believe in God or not is a scientist or does he not exist what I've learned a lot of people who have a great hatred and believe there is no God You can't hate something you don't believe in I'm not mad at Jupiter you don't exist what about a Jupiter 4 or Zeus right I'm not mad at him you got to get mad at something you believe in he said he was angry God is a scientist and we're all just wraps and I said except for one thing Professor God became or that if you carry that analogy all the way out Jesus came to earth in the flash of his own creation and it didn't just come to Earth look at the slime in fact Jesus was born in the ghetto you are misunderstanding. I misunderstood was what had you saw Jesus and I said Where is he from and is that what will hold on here from Nazareth you know nothing good comes out and as a retire you crazy. Worse than Compton. You can leave your car in Nazareth overnight Are you nuts man you wake up with no Tyler no saint. Jesus came from the good he came from poverty Jesus lived a life where they ridiculed him because of of the mysterious way he was born he had daddy issues where people question who is father was. Like many of us had to deal with Jesus came to earth he suffered he understands what it's like to be under brutal political and religious oppression Jesus understands it that's why he says if they ask for your coat give them your cloak also if they say to carry something a mile carry it 2 miles because the Roman soldiers were a brutal oppressive occupying force Jesus saw the Jewish boys beaten for stuff they didn't do killed for things they didn't do just like we complain about here in America happens to some minority groups Jesus lived under that in President fact in the Book of Daniel in the 2nd chapter when it deals with the Roman Empire not as described as having legs of iron you know as relevant iron is the strongest metal and your legs are your strongest muscles in other words Rome would crush another beast as the teeth of iron represents Rome Rome would cross it was one of the most brutal oppressive regimes in earth's history let often by Mad Men and crazy dictators yet Jesus had to live in that sort of bible says in the fullness of time God sent forth His Son born of a woman why because the Spirit of Prophecy says it was just a small space of any good left in the world in Jerusalem and in Israel there was a wall it almost gone dark Jesus had to come Jesus knows what it's like to be oppressed to be physically being crucified Can you imagine and I don't promote the movie The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson but I have to say when I saw it and I saw how he he portrayed the beating and the and the pummeling of Jesus the way he was the cat and 9 tails grabbed the skin and ripped it away he was spat upon and kicked. Jesus suffered in ways we can't even understand because he was sinless and while he was getting beat like that the sins of the world were dropped on him so tell us the weight of what he suffered that when Jesus when he didn't sweat water he didn't sweat salt water like you're supposed to blood came from the pores of his skin don't tell me I serve a God who doesn't understand what I'm going through in fact we don't understand how much he suffered That's why the Spirit of Prophecy tells we've got to contemplate the crucifixion of Christ one hour a day we're talking about Roger Marino earlier and his book a trip into the supernatural when he was with the demons were coming after him you know Roger knows that he would just recite from the scripture the story of the crucifixion and a very big game and would be stopped in their tracks the demons can't stand they had a story about a lost out on eternity whipped beaten crucified by His stripes were healed but something else you got to know about Jesus if you going to understand oppression and how to deal with it in his last day these last days he wept for the suffering of our people and all people John 1134 Lazarus is dead in the tomb Jesus says in verse 34 where have you laid him they said unto him Lord come and see verse 35 as a verse everybody in Pathfinders always want to recite when he had to recite a verse. Jesus wept and let me tell you something you can gloss over ever since just 2 words but I want to submit to you tonight it is one of the verses in scripture most pregnant with meaning the God of the universe the creator of the world he who spoke and it stood fast wept at the grave of his friend. Powerful if you lost someone you love if you've ever had to bury someone you love do not believe that God doesn't feel your pain doesn't know your pain Jesus what he didn't just weep because life was an attunement fact he was about to call as was out of the tomb he had a call like the spirit present he had a call as it was by name that Jesus messed around in the in the cemetery and said Come forth everybody what I got up. Then said the Jews bull hold how he loved him but it wasn't just him that he loved Jesus didn't we for what was happening that day he wept for what you would go through tomorrow he would wait for what you went through earlier in your life for the abuse you suffered for the neglect you suffered for the sorrow the pain that you experience Jesus was crying for you in fact some 56 in verse 8 says it like this now tell us my wanderings put the how my tears into your bottle are they not written in your book the Bible tells me that every time you manatee suffers any one of God's children cries God stores the tears they're written in a book so when you get to the Book of Revelation and it says that God is going to wipe away every tear wait a minute you never have tears when you get to glory what tears are you wiping away the ones you cried yesterday he's retroactively restoring you wiping away the tears because he's got a rocker of every time you heard every time you suffered he's got a record of it. A White says it like this about Lazarus she says this in the book from heaven with love page $356.00 but it's not only because of sympathy with Mary and Martha that Jesus wept Christ wept because the weight of the grief of Ages was upon him he saw the terrible effects of the transgression of God's law he saw that the conflict between good and evil had been unceasing he saw the suffering and sorrow tears and death that were to be the lot of the human family of all ages in all lands were those of the sinful race were heavy upon his soul look at this and the fountain of his tears was broken up as he longed to relieve their distress. Jesus cried as he stood at last this is to him but as he can look down to the through the ages to all the years of earth and every time someone suffered every time someone cried every holocaust every genocide every injustice Christ what happened. Tell me my God Was it with me tell me God has left me to suffer alone it's not the little most importantly came to set us free from the oppression of slavery he was to 14 for as much then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood he also himself like I took part of the same that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death that is the devil and deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage he came to set you free from the fear of death John 316 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life he came to set you free. Real freedom true liberty so gritty and 4639 says it like this for God who commanded the like to shine out of darkness and shine in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ but we have this treasure in or than vessels that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us look at this we are troubled on every side yet not distressed We are perplexed but not in despair or persecuted what guess what we're not for 2nd cast down but not destroyed part goes on to make it even more clear positivism for our light affliction what you're going to now Paul says it's a lot of friction it's just for a moment Paul says what's for us a more exceeding any turn away of glory while we look not at the things which are seen but at the things which are not seen for the things which are seen are temporal that temporary but the things which are not seen are turned on when I read 1st read the book Fox's Book of Martyrs when I went to Europe and visited sort of sites where martyrs were put to death visited the site of the Huguenots where they learned Henri have their the memorial in South Africa and they tell the stories of how when many of the martyrs were put to death they were put on a stake and they were burned to death and would always wonder how is it that they could sing praises to God the whole way through even as they burned up they could sing praises to God because they saw through the veil they saw what Stephen saw as he was still. Say something when you get to God when you get with God That way the things of this world the persecution the trials of this world they don't affect you the same way. Unwise is often those who suffer approaches persecution for their faith are tempted to think themselves for 2nd by God in the eyes of men they are in the minority to all appearance their enemies triumph over them but let them not violate their conscience he who has suffered in their behalf and has borne their sorrows and afflictions has not for sake in them the children of God are not left alone and defenseless prayer moves the arm of a mere pittance prayer as has subdued kingdoms wrought righteousness attain promises stop the miles of lines quenched of the violence of fire we shall know what it means when we hear the reports of the martyrs who died for their faith turned to flight the armies of the aliens So what about race and racism how as Christians do we deal with this when this is going to be one of the last day issues to come full circle Matthew $24.00 seventh's as for a nation shall rise against nation kingdom against kingdom this word nation here is the word ethnos ethnicity but Jesus saying as we get closer and closer the end time there is going to be ethnic racial upheaval division and turmoil and then he says all this is the beginning of sorrows but Jesus says inside the church it won't be that way John 1335 by this men will shall all men know that you are my disciples if you have what I love one for another I don't much time is one another let me give you a couple last things I was working on I'm going to Loma Linda want to nurses came to me one Sunday morning told me she said listen Ellen White was a racist. Whiteners and she said and in a sob school class she attended the day before the teacher showed all of these quotes from a spirit of prophecy about Ellen White House she was a racist. Look at this stuff. And I said it doesn't make any sense I said You see I'm a product of a school called Oakwood College now open university you know how that school came into existence Ellen White right after the Civil War the Civil War said her white son into the Deep South to educate African-Americans and she was a racist she wanted done that and you know how many African-Americans have been raised up as physicians to this day Oprah still in the top 10 I think is like number 6 in producing black doctors in the United States of America per capita and of course produces great preachers it was her son that went into the south and did that but I read a book after that called the Southern work I don't know how many of you know this book if you haven't read the book every black history month I read it again because Ellen White was ahead of her I am on race and racial issues she says stuff Dr King wouldn't say for decades later in fact she said this she says walls of separation have been built up between the whites and the blacks these walls of prejudice will tumble down of themselves as the walls of Jericho when Christians obey the Word of God which enjoins on them supreme love to their maker and impartial love to their neighbors in fact when I was reading the autobiography of Malcolm X. Here's Malcolm X. That's you all know who that is that's a young caches claim later became Ahmed Ali And there's a mount Malcolm X.'s 3 daughters here he was one of the greatest black nationalists one a great orators and when you read his autobiography something interesting happens he begins to mention 7th Day Adventists turns out his mother was a 7th Day Adventist. And this is what he says on the 21st page of his autobiography he says Before long my mother spent much time with the Adventists we began to go with my mother to the advantage of me to that world further out in the country for us children I know it was the good food there is you see that Malcolm X. like that gluten free like that veggie food you are complaining mother makes like that veggie food stop complaining. Is the good food they served look at this look at the testimony the Adventists felt we were living in at the end of time that the world will soon was coming to an end look at this but they were the friendliest white people I had ever seen. That is mandatory reading and most urban settings in the United States of America in high schools and middle schools and can you imagine when all those kids read the 21st page of his autobiography The testimony those Adventists at that time have left for ever on American history in that statement that's the purpose of the church as the power of Christian love Revelation 7 and says I like this after and verse night after this I beheld and lo a great multitude which no man could number of all nations and kindreds and people and tongue stood before the throne before the land called white robes and palms in their hands and cried with a loud voice saying salvation to our God which sits upon the throne and on to the lab the Bible says that the last group of people is going to be a very diverse ethnic group of people and a lot of times we like to focus 114-4000 I guess what is power in this group to the power of who God is and how he loves Ellen White Southern work again and we took a book called from his book The Day is coming when the Kings and the lordly men of Earth would be glad to exchange places with the humblest African who was laid hold on the hope of the gospel. Let me say some of these billionaires here about the great billionaires in the world today one on Judgment Day when the poor people of the developing world go marching past them into metaphorically into into the streets of gold all the billions of dollars all the cryptocurrency all the private planes all the mansions will mean nothing if they believe in Him Otherwise as in a book with other work if they believe on Him His cleansing blood is applied to them the black man's name is written in the book of life but side the white man's All are one in Christ birth station nationality or color cannot elevate or degrade men the character makes the man. Romans $835.00 who shall separate us then from the love of Christ shall tribulation or distress or persecution or famine or nakedness or perilous or as it is written for thy sake we are killed all the day long we are counted as sheep for the slaughter name in all things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us a little pauses for I am persuaded that neither death nor life no angels nor principalities nor powers nor things present or things to come nor height nor death nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Jesus Christ our Lord radical groups on either side cannot separate me from the love of Jesus Christ not worried about where I fall on the political spectrum anymore I'm concerned with whether or not I fall into the arms of a loving god. Fact the last August light is how gardens this he gives. Gideon a charge judge a $614.00 in the Lord looked on Gideon and said go in this time might. Save Israel from the hand of the Midianites and this is what he's saying to each one of us have and not sent you. You think you've been for a 2nd but guess what the fact that I'm tapping you on the shoulder and sending you out means you're not for a 2nd because you're the one I'm sending to do my work each one of us is a given in a dark world in a difficult world each one of us is getting in. And with this is going to appeal so you guys can put together and I'll just tell the story be done years later I was driving to Oakland my mother giving me her old Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra I'm bringing some memory lane with these cars and I was we were driving we got to Florida we hit Georgia and we decided to take a short cut through the mountains of Georgia so we get to Huntsville quicker now that Oldsmobile was in Florida all these years and I never had to climb a hill a mountain or anything. And I wasn't prepared for the struggle and my friends we had like 4 or 5 car in a caravan going back to Oakland and everybody's in front of us and I hate to tell you that we did it and between any of us there were no cell phones at the time drug dealers in our neighborhood were the only ones with cell phones so none of us had one and they would fly ahead of us and I come racing up that hill in that old Oldsmobile and boy like the little train that couldn't. The engine started playing drums but little but the problem of the proprietor pop up then it's not a given smoke effects and smoke started coming out from under the engine the rain started to pour it was like someone flipped a switch turned on a faucet water with down on a car and rain it was about 1 in the morning it was pitch black and I'm coming through a country road in Georgia. My friends cars are working their music is loud and you know they're not paying attention so they just took off. My brother and I are in a car and we get to the top of the mountain when I told Mobil decided to say farewell. And it died on the top of them out Oh. Here we are out in the middle of the country 2 young black men all the years of everything out experienced had me in a panic no payphones around there was no light anywhere not even in the sky except when the lightning flashed and was sitting there wondering how we don't get out of this mess that there's no way to call our friends back as we're sitting there a pickup truck very similar to the one I saw on Homestead all those years earlier comes pulling up behind us I started to say I told my brother listen we could try and run but I'm not sure we would run to out here they pulled up and we stayed in a car like trickle system started to die when the guy got a car young white Southerner 2 of them he gets out he walks around to the side of the truck out of sight of a car from the side of from his truck and he taps on the window that's stupid car could he wind down those electrical window in the pouring rain I don't in the door as it may as they had just pulled me out of the car now. I cracked the door and in his Southern drawl he says You look like you need some help and he and his brother went back to his truck and got a tool box knows 2 guys that we were so afraid of so worried about based on our past experiences patch that I don't know how to patch that old maybe a lump and we were able to get down to the other side of the mountain call a tow truck and get back to Huntsville let me tell you some church the devil wants us to believe the worst about everyone. He wants you to believe that but let me test them this power in the Gospel of Jesus Christ that even as he hung on the cross he said Father forgive them for they know not what they do let me say it is my appeal to the church is this let the inside of Adventism be exactly the opposite of what is happening outside in the world. Let the church look like we look tonight a diverse group from all over from all different places let the church look like God's children are supposed to look. Willing to serve one another loving one another living for one another one of the signs of the room that we talk about all the different sides I mean what I believe in a sign to reminisce that we have love one for another. Is that we had vowed I would have a song that is going to sing another song while she sing it contemplate how it is that we can infuse the love of Christ into our local communities and into our churches let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study your word say the Lord wants to divide us he wants us to see our differences Lord you see. That we have more in common than we are different Father God You see that we are imperfect you see that we have fallen you know the Lord our weaknesses you know all that we are all suffering under the curse of sin and Father God you know most important that every single one of us is in need of a savior. But Lord you also know that every one of us no matter how bad our situation about how dark our sin or our past the blood of Jesus Christ still washes that it still cleanses you know father that it isn't about whether we're black or white whether yellow whether we're red it doesn't matter what color we are what matters that the blood of Jesus Christ is Crimson that blood washes away the stain of sin Father God Tonight let us go as your people Lord let us lift up the standard to finish his work regardless of who it is we have to reach. Send us with your Holy Ghost. Our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy to the church say amen amen maybe see this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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