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Leather and Crown: The Love Story of James and Ellen White

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • March 30, 2019
    5:46 PM
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Father in heaven we just thank you again for this. Sabbath afternoon we pray and ask that you would bless us as we look into our pasts as we understand things Lord may we be impressed by your spirit whatever we need to understand or thank you so much that you desire to give us sticking them more and more lord me have been be in our hearts for this we pray in the name of Jesus Amen. If you have your bible let's go to the book of Clippy in chapter one would be in Chapter one knows what the Bible says right here in verse one Paul and Timothy bond servants of 2 to all the who do thanks in Christ Jesus who are in Philip I with the bishops and deacons Paul is writing this wonderful letter of Libyans to let me read it one more time to all the saints in Christ Jesus so who is he writing this letter to. He is writing to the saints right now notice what the Bible says next great few in peace from God our Father in the Lord Jesus Christ go all the way to verse 6 here's a very familiar verse to you and to me being confident of this very thing that he who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of to Jesus Christ and he essentially tells the believers he said I want you to understand something and that is this you are a work in progress Amen and let me ask your question Who was Paul writing this letter to. Let me have for more time who was he writing this letter to. Now want you to notice what he said he said you are work in progress we begin to understand something about Paul's definition of St. It's not someone who has a halo over their head and lives in an orphanage in India ministering to the poor although that person is probably you know could be a saint but I want you to understand something according to Paul his definition of a saint is somebody who has Christ in their life and is a work in progress and to that now I want you turn to your brother sister next year I want you to say you are a saint of God go ahead and do that right now all right you guys add a little bit preamble there. I'm not sure if I should say this but you are a saint of God Now you may hear something like this and you may be like really but when you study out well Paul is saying being confident of this very thing he who started a good work in you will complete it amen and we praise God think for creation is a work of a lifetime this message is in title James L. white and it is a sermon about their love story it's very interesting when you actually study up the end to delusion world or the world that existed before the flood the people living during that time the sons of said who were righteous and were part of building the art they believe the world was going to and essentially in their time in it was even given visions about the final you know moments of the end time when Jesus returns in all his glory yet record lists of the dynamics of living in the world at those times regardless of the urgency that was taking place many of the sons of South the righteous were still her to Supreme Being in the act of marriage. And the reason why that's important for you and for me is we need to understand a little bit well might say is right here she said these words in regard to marriage I would say read the Word of God to the same and to that. Even assign the last days of the world history marriage just take place among 7th Day Adventists we have as a people never forbidden marriage except in cases where there is an obvious reason there were obvious reasons that marriage will be misery to both parties and even then we have only advise and cancels here we begin to understand something that even though we are moving closer and closer to the final moment in which the great controversy begins to climax in the events that take place in Revelation 13 and parts of 14 here we understand that marriage is not something to be forbidden among God's people can you say amen to that a man I ever saw many people say well I don't know if I should get married we are living at the very end of time I want you to know something unless probation have closed and a Sunday law has started it's OK to get married can you say amen to that. I mean when the Sunday laws happened you're being persecuted I mean I think they made them into a double to think about this a little bit more right I mean people are trying to kill you and how. When you study out the story of Ellen and James why you learn that they live during the Victorian age and it's very interesting the Victorian age of the Victorian area has this kind of mixture of believes in regard to marriage fact I wrote this down in the unique culture of the Victorian area the opposing dynamics appeared to me and Mormonism Puritans believed in celibacy and they believed even though they were people who were compatible for marriage it would be best if they remain celibate but then on the other side of the spectrum you had Mormonism which was promoting this idea of polygamy and so in this for you all is how do you know this is where James and white James came together or continue reading was the love story of James and wipe the fraught with many challenges the union of these young revolutionaries gives tremendous insight into the lessons of God In addition the records provide details of the humanity of the early church pioneers and there are examples of genuine Deval Cole love so what we're going to do right now is we're going to take a good look at the Facebook Facebook account of Ellen G. White then. Let's look in her about section let's understand a little bit about this young woman and this is what I wrote she was evangelize in before she was called to Prophet ministry age 15 she gained assurance of her salvation immediately begin leading other teens and young marrieds to Christ she was not only working with you she was also leading young adults into a saving knowledge of Jesus can use a mentor that she was called to prophetic ministry she had a great vision of what was taking place after the great disappointment and saw God's people on a journey and 1st began the process in which God was calling her for a grand purpose we continue 70th birthday November 6th 84417 her 1st vision took place in late December she sold her primary primary identity as a disciple and lover of Jesus she saw all her primary work as bringing others to love and to serve him to say amen to that all right let's push pause there let's open up the Facebook account of James White born August 4th 1821 in the middle child of not dying. Someone with maybe middle child issues right age 7 he was physically feeble with poor eyesight his eyes would cross when he tried to re instead of attending school he worked on the farm became 6 feet tall and the sectionally strong he was told that he me it was said about him that he had very strong constitution there was this vigor and strength in his life. Age 18 his vision in it actually became normal. Very interesting aged 19 he entered 1st grade in 12 weeks earned a certificate to teach elementary school. All of 1840 education was much different back then fall of 1840 became teacher of a country school now what is very interesting is that there were commonalities between Ellen and James one well what are those commonalities that existed in their life their background the 1st one is this both he and Ellen White were 3 both he and Ellen were born in small towns in Maine both their fathers were early in Gates informing and later moved into manufacturing both had fathers were devoutly leaders in their respective churches and were noted for their personal spirituality both came from very godly families this is how they came into the world and this was part of their heritage both came from large families both had parents who were deeply pessimistic about their children's prospects it was a very hard time and when they saw all their children with disability and issues and real life what was up against them they were not very hopeful about their futures we continue both had early health problems they interfered with formal schooling and limited their prospects for success in life Ellen actually had an accident you might be familiar with age 9 that interrupted her schooling came to an illness before age 3 left him with crossed. That the formal schooling was impractical impractical he worked on his father's farm until age 19 when he spent 12 weeks in grade school go to the very last bar Ellen's parents were told that she was ruined by her accident James' illness had cut off his parents hope for his life very interesting. Both James and Alawite actually had a high regard for education and were both largely self educated both were very intense readers they love to re continue She recalled It was the hardest struggle of her young life to yield to her feebleness and decide that she must leave her studies and give up hope of gaining an education James also struggled for months between his love of education and his convictions of due to the convictions of a call to preach before he finally gave it all for Christ and His Gospel and found peace and freedom they were both also acquainted with depression. On account of their personal trials after an accident destroyed her physical attractiveness Ellen felt that the idea of carrying her mystery or carrying my misfortune throughout through life was insupportable both James eyesight cleared up restoring his potential to become a man he confessed that he had viewed himself as nearly worthless in the world and regretted his existence so here you begin to see the challenges that existed in their lives do you begin to see what they were faced up faced again yet I love what dog does he takes the wheat things of the world and he makes it strong for his glory and for his cause Amen they continue it was during this time that a preacher by the name of William Miller began to preach powerfully began to tell people about this powerful prophecies found in general Chaffery verse 14 called the 2300 a prophecy now we all know but the 23 end of a prophecy as Longest do we all know what it is a man if you don't know what it is you've got to talk to somebody say hey I want you to tell me about the 2300 day prophecy it's the longest time prophecy in Scripture hasta do with our time is a very powerful prophecy and it begin to revolutionize the world so many people not just in America South America all the way to the Middle East parts of Asia all begin to understand something big was going to happen at the conclusion of this prophecy and it was many people that were revitalized in their Christian walk and it was also during this time after that date came to pass many people were disappointed. And this young woman Ellen Harmon had a powerful vision in which God began to show her the journey of the Advent people the people who would follow Bible truths people who would follow the path that God laid before them through many trials and tribulations and would be the people who go to the very end of time she began to share what God had brought before her and as she began to share others began to hear about it and sure enough there was a young man by the name of James White who happened to hear her report on one of her vision during 845 Ellen Harmon was invited to share her early visions with Adventist groups in Maine New Hampshire and Massachusetts came to light 6 years older than Ellen became convinced that our visions were genuine and that her message of encouragement was needed and so James why entered young Ellen's life but not with romantic thought at 1st here was a man. I'm too tired to respond right now. Here was a man who was convicted about the 2nd coming of Jesus here was a man that was inspired by the prophecies of scripture and as he heard these messages he found them to be lined up with what Scripture was teaching and proclaiming and as he heard these messages he was inspired by this young woman very interesting Ellen White and she began to share her vision. 1845 was a very rough time because if you were caught sharing heresy sharing things that were not conventional and normal with West what with what the rest of Christian done was teaching and preaching they would stone you they would drive you out of the towns so in 1845 there was a lot of prejudice and sometimes even mob violence against Miller right people who believe in the prophecies that William Miller was proclaiming from the Book of Daniel and you had Baptists you had Catholics you had Methodist you had Anglicans So you were dealing with a group of people from different denominations who will all begin to be identified as Miller writes Why because they love the prophecies that were found in the Book of Daniel she was accompanied by Sarah Jordan another Miller Right but what could Sarah do against the mob so James White offered his horse and sleigh for transportation and also volunteer to arrange and organize her meetings for 3 months they travel holding meetings every day almost every day 1st they visited most of the Advent bands in me and eastern New Hampshire here we begin to see James White now offering to be a sort of big brother to this group of people that were traveling with Ellen White sharing and you know there is something that happens when young adults begin to hang out with each other isn't there there's something that begins to take place they begin to sort of notice each other and it you know they begin to catch the eye of somebody and sure enough there was was still a pure a love all holy love that existed but nonetheless God seemed to be working in the details. James and Ellen White began to spend a little bit more time together in fact some of the documents that we have of friends who were living during that time and were part of that very experience they were recording that came to know when white would sometimes go on walks together sure enough they had chaperones following close behind them. But they noticed there seem to be this this kind of chemistry although that word wasn't being used in that way during that time but they begin to notice there was a kind of chemistry that began to take place in fact what is very interesting is that there were other individuals that would sometimes show up and all for her to take Ellen one all around those states I read one book actually not too long ago where this one gentleman showed up to Elena Harman's house with a brand new carriage seemed to have lots of money and that she was sharing the message he went Turney said look I will take you wherever you want to go I will take you to whatever tell me you want to go you will be very careful but she understood that God was leading her in another direction and she simply tells him The Lord is not leading me in that direction this is what friend zone is called. Friends owning. It happened back then and it happens today right magic mean friends own by a prophet right. As a long wind as Ellen Harmon and James White begin to spend time together rumors began to circulate about their connection and this was during the Victorian era where it was not considered always a good thing for a male to be walking with a woman together and so as James White was hanging out with this band of people as he would travel from place to place rumors began to spread rumors begin to circulate and so they had no choice James White came to. Ellen Harmon and he said to her he said I can no longer be with you because of the rumors that are circulating that moment I don't want was telling my kids in what was a sale and why as meaning Ellen Harman prior to her marriage OK. And so she was a bit just courage the very next day James comes to her before he's about to take off and he says hey look I have figured out how we can solve this problem and I'm not mincing words when I say this he the way he argued his case was purely from a practical standpoint. Any essentially told her there is one way that we can deal with this problem and that is if we get married. But I don't want you in any way to underestimate that there wasn't still feelings that were taking place because we actually have some documents in which Ellen White after she was initially told by James White that hey I can't spend time with you because of the rumors that are circulating I can probably tell you that she felt very disappointed because she could not think of somebody else that she would want to travel with their group I.E. meaning kind of like this guy. Now I'm always we putting a little bit of a modern construction on this but nonetheless I think we can understand the the what was taking place there but however there was a problem here was the problem many of these Miller rights. Now being call Adventists still this loosely connected group of people they didn't really buy into the marriage idea they believe that the 2nd coming was just a matter of weeks away and so they thought the idea of marriage was not a good thing in fact this is what Ellen White says As for marriage we never thought of it because we thought the Lord would come very soon James White even before he began to spend time with Ellen White and things begin to change in his mind he wrote to 2 other Adventist because they were getting married and he told them how much he was disappointed in them in fact I actually have what he says is James Wright wrote in 1905 of 2 Adventists who had gotten Mary he said that they had denied their faith in being published for marriage in other words when you got married you publish a band which employee said to the community hey these 2 people are getting married we all look on it as a while of the devil. The firm brother and in Maine who are waiting for Christ to come have no fellowship with such a move you know it's really interesting Have you ever had a friend that says to you I will never get married. And they become the 1st one to get marry. But nonetheless we do see a conviction that was present and that is they believe that the 2nd coming of Jesus was very evident they believed it was literally weeks away. And so they were making life decisions that were based upon this understanding however analyze the delay took place as gone begin to work and orchestrate certain dynamics Ellen and James began to spend more time together Ellen in Jane's begin to realize it is probably a good thing for them to get married in fact there are a few factors that actually change their mind in regards to marriage here they are number one despite their carefulness to never travel alone rumors began to circulate and were too unlike being 5 foot $280.00 pounds tuberculosis frequently fainting needing a strong escort and a legal protector number 3 they shared a commitment to shepherding the scattered Adventist number 4 Ellen had received a vision assuring her that she could trust James will high Wow. Individual prayer they each became convinced that they could serve God more effectively Mary then single in here you begin to see Ellen and James white as gone begin to bring things together that their team their synergy could be much more effective than each one of these individually you know it's really interesting there are horses in Canada that when they pull weight they can pull a lot of weight but pulling weight together they can actually pull a combined sum that is greater then a combined total that is greater than the sum of what they could do individually. So it's very remarkable here we begin to see as element change begin to come together as things begin to change as the dynamics begin to change we do feel still see a purity a mode if that was behind their traveling a purity a motive that seemed to be part of their lives but at things begin to change as the dynamics begin to change the real life it was a good thing to get married because. Those that were surrounded by Ellen and James they talked about their marriage in fact there was an individual who interviewed someone who was very close to Ellen and James during this time alleged Christian long time church leader recall the conversation with a woman who in or early youth had played together with young Ellen and remembered her sad accident when Christian asked her of what she remembered about Ellen as a young woman she responded with a smile Well that is an interesting story which I delight to tell James was older than Ellen about 6 year we were young people there together their friendship was a model and an inspiration to us all and their marriage a most beautiful and happy event you know what's so powerful about young adult couple is when they are doing ministry together and men as a pastor when I was passing the church one of the saddest things that I thought all when you would have the spouse of one individual there at church worshipping God trying to be involved and their husband or wife was nowhere to be seen because they had no love for God No love for the church no love for ministry and they would be there afterwards in the sermon with done to come up to the pastor to pray for their founts friends you have time. Right now to prevent that from ever happening to you a man people can still make their decisions at the any time but nonetheless when we follow the council set or given to us we can understand that God wants our happiness and may require some patience may require you know you waiting a little bit longer but I like to say better for you to be with the right kind of person for 40 years even than being with the wrong person for about 60 years Amen amen Let's continue another person said this they were talking this was a description of what the public saw about Ellen and James white but this individual said this as man and wife there were unique and strong gospel team their method and division of work was perfect Adventists have never had their equal this is really amazing this is what other people were saying about this tag team that was going around doing ministry together it's a powerful thing we'll continue Jade's own White did many great things they began to set up publishing houses and the structure of the advantage church began to grow as people begin to come in to this great faith and as you know the church began to solidify as doctrine speak a more a stab she was bible study the church itself was growing very rapidly and Ellen and James White played a powerful foundational role throughout that time now somebody says wait a minute what do you know about their bedroom life well actually no one asked that I had asked a question on no one's ever asked me that question but anyways I was doing some research I came across this quote and I want to share it with you and this is what it says and why it was writing a letter to your husband. And if this is something I was never meant to read I hope when we meet in heaven one day she'll forgive me. At one time because of the demands of the work which she and her husband were engaged a half a continent separated them she confided in a letter to James we feel every day our most earnest desire for more sacred near this to God This is my prayer when I lie down when I wake in the night when I raise arise in the morning Nearer My God to be nearer to be I sleep alone this seems to be Mary's preference as well as mine I can have a better opportunity for reflection and prayer I prize my being all to myself unless graced with your presence and then notice what she says Next I want to share my bed only with you who. Have been here isn't it. But we see that Ellen in change why I really had a deep affection for each other you know sometimes in the America and American culture we have this idea that sometimes a lot of times we had this idea that it's love that leads to marriage in the Indian culture at least in some of the traditional areas you actually had this idea that it's marriage that leads to love and that works obviously with the people that have that kind of ethic and believe system but it's important to see that this world has change we don't live in an agrarian society again where you know your parents can go talk to the parents of another former and somehow an arrangement can take place we are dealing with very cut different kinds of dynamics in regards to young adults and romance but I believe God is working through all these things Amen continue James in a white. And of having 4 children 2 of those children died at a very early age but the other 2 and I really like this picture look at this picture of this guy he's got a mysterious look on his face right I mean time I see this picture this guy had a mysterious look and white actually writes about how this young son and some of the things that he would do but her children that did grow up to her in old age were faithful to God and pay full to the mission of the church and with the early Adventists help build the ark it's very interesting James White age of 60 he passed away this man who was one of the founders of the 7th Day Adventist Church this man that gave his heart his mind soul to the Adventist church passed away I found this right up on James white and it's very interesting and this is what it says James White was a talented and capable executive missionary executive missionary leader and powerful public evangelist not only did he participate with William Miller Joseph Bates and scores of other creatures in announcing the advent of our Lord near in the 840 S. but he now lives the mill right movement to become the 1st great apostle of the 7th Day Adventist costs James White died August 6th 88881 when he was only 60 he literally worked himself to death at the Brethren leaned on him so heavily that is towering figure fell his 60 years of life were spent on selfishly and sacrificially no other 7th Day Adventist minister did more than he to build up high principle and efficiency into the life of our churches and our institutions in the same end to that what a powerful life that was live a man who gave everything for the call of God. But you see and why now she was alone still had a great work to do and some of the greatest conflicts in the church were still to come in a few years from there but nonetheless dog prepare the way and dog would use various other individuals to help reach the cause so that the truth could spread very rapidly to the world but you see friends there was another individual that had his eye on Ellen whites this individual's name. Was Steven Haskell and there's something to understand about Stephen Haskell he was in advance of he was a preacher he was 6 years younger than Ellen White. And when she was about 67 years old he began to spend a little bit more time with Ellen White in fact 896 shortly after her son's marriage Ellen White found herself having to make a difficult decision but why was it difficult about whether to give priority to love or to her sense of duty when it came to marriage and her work this year that year her longtime friend and colleague Stephen Haskell who had lost his wife 2 years earlier made so bold as to approach the widowed Ellen with the proposal of marriage it was a very appealing proposal in fact we know it was appealing because some of the correspondence between Ellen White and this man Stephen half school it revealed that she wasn't a polls to their friendship she appreciated their friendship in fact some scholars believe she might have been even more compatible with this man Stephen Haskell then she would have was with James White Now why am I bringing this up. Because she still sought the Lord's counsel her husband died she was legally and biblically able to marry if she wanted to it was no sin nor was it a crime however she made an intense decision continue reading they both shared together a deep love for the church and its mission it's very clear from her many many letters we're talking about $200.00 plus letters to have school that Ellen felt the tenderness for him all through and researcher Jerry moon notes the correspondence with Haskell is one of the it's the most prolific of any she had outside with her own family in the mid 896 she arranged things with the brother and pressed an invitation to ask all to come and share in the work in Australia Haskell arrived and join L.-Y. in ministering at the camp meeting house school stay with them wife for about 6 weeks before going to New Zealand he apparently chose this time to press his suit continue many ways it was an attractive Apoel soul to Ellen White and she wrestled with it the loneliness of 15 years of widowhood and her tenderness and affectionate aberration she felt for Haskell were a strong pull on her affections promotion's the natural affinity they had preached other was other was apparently noticed by a member of the extended family currently see who reports that the 2 were very frequently together why she was a widow or he was a widower. And they began to spend some time together you know where you see the pastor I have this elderly lady but she never listened says sermon. And this was several years ago and she was a widower and only stand she would always be in the church and after every time I was done preaching she always came to me to tell me something I did wrong in the sermon God keeps people like that in church to keep pastors humble. And so it's not always the life or the whole but anyhow she would come to me and we would talk about different things and are stood the discomfort she felt in life and I never forgot. One day this 80 something year old woman she said she didn't stay for potluck and she says I've got to go somewhere and I was like OK no problem or see you later she went outside I was done with some Pollock went to go take some of the trash out to the dumpster and I saw this older gentleman there in a car he was an Adventist and. I asked him I said Are you new to this church and said Yeah I know I'm just visiting I came from another I've been to church I'm like OK what do you live oh I live a couple hours away I'm like oh OK just passing through and he was like no no and then I see he I'm just this is I've never seen senior citizen love like I did there. She pulls up and she sees me and she's just a gas and I walk up to her with a big smile and I said Hey do you know him and she's like yeah I know him and she would not even look at me but is very cute is very cute and he says yeah she says we're actually having lunch together he's just a friend and she kind of rolled her eyes and I looked at him he was just outside of his car staring and I could see this this is this older gentleman was was love struck with her and it was such a cute thing when they both left I just was smiling and chuckling to myself anyhow let's continue with this. Something about the chemistry between the pair prompted Lacey task in my about the possibility of marriage to Haskell In other words other individuals began to bring it up telling white Hey what about what about Steve in our school he's hanging around with us you guys seem to work well together continue. Duty and a sense of the importance of our larger response to be however persuaded a white that accepting Haskell's proposal would not be the best way forward although deep down she might long for the affection and companionship she explained to Lacey changing her name to Haskell would create insurmountable problems for more publisher and for her identity as a writer can you imagine that or you're reading a book from Eleanor and Ellen Haskell today. And the amount of conspiracy theorist in the church what they would say so you can just imagine although it may not seem like a small issue this was still a big issue we continue actually explained to Lasix is we got the last sentence the consolation she found came from a church she said they had been given turn in a dream what was the dream her son W.C. wife had been designated by the Lord to care for her and tell her work was done God gave her a revelation and said This man will not be the one who will stand by your side it will be your son and you know what's really interesting although like I said before it Biblically she could have gotten married legally it was totally fine and there were many who had marriages a 2nd time after you know those you know their spouse died this was common even in the oven to stir. She made a decision for the sake of the mission and the cause to forego this privilege. And it's a very interesting story because she made a tough decision because God was leading her in that continue where does the story go from here. Ellen had early invited earlier had invited a Miss Hetty heard now working in South Africa to come and assist. With the new college in Australia now and persuade the disappointed half school that he should think about marrying this younger woman of their mutual acquaintance has school do for he obeyed. By the way a poll this from. You know Andrews their website had to do with their theological Department obeyed and wrote to head the a letter of proposal can you imagine that letter was I mean I don't know I'm sure we still have it on record but the prophet has told me. We should get married. Can you imagine receiving a letter like that right OK we'll continue and so had he responded at almost at once but passage to Australia the couple were married February 27th 897 and this is very interesting we can sympathise and unite in the grand work that you and I love Ellen whites writing to have to later when congratulating him on his marriage to Hetty and I love what she says right here because it sounds like another friend zoning that's taking place in everything which relates to this we are united in bonds of Christian fellowship. Essentially she was saying hey look I want you to understand something your marriage to Hetty you keep heading down that direction we're involved in Christian fellowship I mean this is interesting because these are very you know just these are human dynamics these are dynamics of human relationships these are something that we sometimes think so people don't deal with that kind of stuff that we have to deal with this kind of stuff and so she was forthright and she wrote to him will continue. In the years that followed the Haskell's often worked closely with Ellen why in the correspondence between them continue to be warm and steady the episode of Ellen White forfeited opportunity for remarriage would probably be unmarketable were it not for the existence of another photograph just how much Ellen White experience the cost of turning down house schools proposal may be indicated by the fact in her last years she kept a photograph of the handsome creature on the shelf in her bedroom and Elm saving elms Haven Home Haskell's photograph has torn the collection of photographs of the other men in her life in the 4 sons the opportunity of love pass by in submission to duty was quietly treasured by Ellen White It seems as a memory of what might have been and so here you see that even though this man didn't get this privilege of marrying Ellen White and though her herself seemed to be affected by this decision and you can sense that you know as this marriage was taking place there were things in her own heart that were going on Nonetheless she was committed to what law had shown her and she would follow through with it and so this man Haskell married this woman. Because of the guidance that was given by Ellen White you know when you study out the storm the story of James and why you see a very interesting story a story full of struggles a story full of hardship a story of decisions that were made for the sake of the Congress and it's interesting both Ellen White and James why it had something to say about each other words that are still powerful today as they were when they were written. And White says this about her husband or to me James says this about Elin we were married all just 30 is 846 and from that hour to the present she has been my crown of rejoicing and what was her statement about her husband I feel that he is the best man that ever trod shoe leather. I'm sure back then that was a great compliment. But it does tell us of the love that they had some of the banter that took place and they were they did real wrestle with issues James White during their marriage and some of his later years had a stroke and he became very temperamental it's hard for a man that is a dynamo in energy to deal with disability nonetheless and why I still endured and worked and wrestle through this and yet it could still be said of them that they had a godly powerful marriage for the sake of the Cause you know I want to share with you in closing just the little buyable story that's important to you and to me it's a Bible story that's found in the book of Genesis a Bible story that has to do with a man by the name of Isaac and Rebecca and I just want to share with you a few relevant points for you and for me and what I share next it's going to sound like I'm talking about relationships and I'm talking about relationships but I also want to say if I'm not talking about relationships what do you mean pastor Nell you'll find out take your Bible Let's go to the Book of Genesis. Genesis Chapter 24 Genesis Chapter 24 here you have the story of Abraham gathering bringing before him his chief servant. And this servant is a man who understood the dynamics of the tribe a man who was wise a man who APRA have trusted with his life and trusted with the future of the tribe he tells this man he tells his servant I want you to go to my family's land and I want you to find a spouse for my son and he made him swear by heaven earth that he would not bring the Canaanite woman he made him swear that this woman would not pull I think away from the plan that God had for them in regards to the promise land and the center of God's will and the servant goes out and as he begins to head towards this land you can just imagine the tension is heart tofile mind the next bride for Isaac and you can read what it says in Genesis Chapter 24 that many prayers and praises came from this man as he pressed forward to this mysterious land to find somebody for his master's son Isaac and notice what the Bible says in verse 10 and the servant took 10 of the Master's camels and departed for all the master's goods were in his hands. He rose went to Mesopotamia to the city of no war he made his camels new outside the city for well up by a well of water an evening time the time when women to go out to draw water and he praises incredible prayer he said Lord God of my master Abraham please give me success this stage show kindness to my master Abraham behold here I stand by the well of water and the daughters of the men in the city are coming out to draw water let it be that the young woman to whom I see please letter please let down your picture that I may drink and she says drink I will also give your camels a drink let her be the one you have appointed for your servant I say By this I will know you have shown kindness to your master and it's very interesting before he is even done saying amen lo and behold the beautiful woman begins to make her way to the well and the Bible introduces us to this woman by the name of Rebecca she had a water park on her shoulder and the Bible says this before he had finished praying Rebecca came out with the jaw on her shoulder she was the daughter of Beth you'll son of Milko who was the wife of a perhaps brother no horse the woman was very beautiful a virgin and by the way that were virgin can also mean young maiden but just so you know there could be no question about this woman is reiterated to know the kind of background that she has no man had ever slept with her she went down to Springfield or per car and came up again and here you see what begins to happen and this servant asked her for a drink of water and as she brings the water for to the servant she begins to immediately notice the need and she begins to say hey I will take care of your camels and let me tell you something do you know how much water 10 camels would drink. A lot is an understatement. We're talking anywhere from 200 to 400 gallons of water she didn't just give them a sip. The Bible says that the camels when they finished drinking in other words she continued to bring water park the water park to the trough and they continued to drink camels began to slurp up the water and you could just imagine the servant just his jaw was dropped as he's watching ON MY GOODNESS I cannot believe what is happening it was as if the prayer before he was done praying it was happening right before his very eyes it was materializing right before him and as he's just taking in the experience in silence in contemplation and you can just imagine joy in his heart. He asked that question whose daughter are you and that she shares the news she recognizes immediately she is of the same family of a prayer Amen you know what's so powerful about this story is that the servant could have chosen so many qualities to pick for this woman he could chose someone who was just beautiful Lord I pray you would give me a beautiful home and she shaped this way he could have prayed Lord I pray that you bring this woman who's wealthy she's got 15 cameras he could create so many kinds of prayers but the kind of prayer that he prayed that seemed to be a great understanding of his mission he prayed a prayer that would reveal something and that is this woman's ministry los. Think about it the reason why he chose these particular characteristics is because he knew that the one that would marry Isaac would have to be the one that wouldn't all the old servant leadership along with I think to the rest of the tribe he wasn't just looking for someone who was just merely pretty love to get her nails done nothing wrong with that let's is an ugly color. He began to pray this prayer that she would be revealed exposed to him through Vose love that she had for serving other people but here's the thing friends what you understand when it comes to ministry is this and you take the lesson from her life number one the truest ministry comes at the most expected and inconvenient moments she was the only one there it was in another group of women her other servants that came to give her a hand she was the only one there she was there to get water for a different reason and at that moment she was ministering without any agenda in mind at that moment she sent down her own cause her own mission and she began to minister to this dusty travel worn STRANGER The 2nd reason thing that's really important and that is this ministry done above and beyond expectation has the most profound impact can you say amen to that it was through a ministry Rebecca was qualified for Isaac you know I never forgot this experience that happened to me I become a 7th Day Adventists I begin to you know Minister where I couldn't and ways I had this thing about my car it always put a few of my jackets in the car I just thought OK I wonder what checkable use today. Anyways my friend who was a 7th Day Adventist myself worked at the same place as were about to leave went to my car and this homeless man who had been outside shivering on that rainy day he came to us he had a real need and he says hey do you guys have any money or blankets or anything I said Broad got you I opened up my taxi and I was going to my jackets and I picked a jacket and I picked the jacket I don't wear I picked the jacket that I didn't like I picked the cheapest jacket I had and I put That's ahead got you man and I gave it to him and he's like OK he fits themself when it is about to walk away and my friend says you gave him that jacket I go yeah and then he says some words I never forgot he says he looks more homeless than he did before. And when he said that I knew it was the truth. Like I only had a minimum standard when it came to ministry I'll just give until it hurts and they'll stop you see there's something about sacrificial ministry or it's not just something you do conveniently it's something that every person every son and daughter of a perhaps needs to do you need to have some kind of sacrificial minutes you may have a ministry of easy to do something you're good at but you've got to have at least one cycle finish sacrificial ministry when you do it it takes you out of your comfort zone it's not convenient and it hurts to do but you will find the richest and greatest blessings that come along with that and the 3rd point is this it's often when we are in the service of God His providence becomes most manifest and what do I mean by that. This woman Rebecca had no clue Providence was happening around her she had no idea Gord was in the details and so only in retrospect from her panties point that we understand that God was working Same with Ellen White with all the things that began to happen she had no idea God's providence was being manifested and when we are in service for other people God's providence becomes very poor now and powerful and I say this because every one of us needs to get involved in ministry of some kind every one of us needs to minister we may have busy schedules I'm taking over 30 units right now I'm working you know a concert off I'm so busy and I have my you my regular If I have to constantly ask myself this is something else the Lord is calling me to do I have to challenge myself and you have to challenge yourself because God wants us to grow in ministry capability he doesn't want us to back down he wants us to strike as hard as we can strike at this part of her to St Can you say amen to that this is the time that God is calling and in closing you can look at this beautiful marriage of Ellen and chance while we can look at what happens with Rebecca and Isaac But here's the thing friends the greatest marriage we should be excited about. Is the marriage supper of the Lamb. If there is one marriage you've got to be a part of that celebration is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb if there is one book you need to read more than all the wedding magazines. It is the Book of Revelation Amen we are given insight to this a beautiful wedding. Oh man and that honeymoon is going to be an amazing things can he say meant to that goal wants us not merely to be guests at this wedding he wants us to participate in that ceremony and every time we bring somebody to Christ we are participating in this beautiful marriage supper of the Lamb can you say amen to that I love what said right here it's a quote that is said by a lie it's a quote that we hear but she says these words with such an army of workers at our youth she's not just talking about teenagers here she's talking about the same kinds of people that built up the 7th Day Adventist Church young adults rightly train might furnish how soon the message of a crucified risen and soon coming Savior might be carried to the whole world how soon might the end come the end of suffering and sorrow and sin friends if you are serious about social justice I following me you want to put it and to suffering and sin that exist in all world the Great is fulfilled just as calls that you can be a part of is the work of bringing the gospel to every nation tribe tongue and people can I get already Amen for that it is because of the proclamation of the Gospel that will bring an end to evil and suffering in our world and God has called you to purchase a play in this cause like never before and he is calling you to pray prayers that you've never prayed before to act powerfully for the Cause of God like never before this is the time that Jesus is calling us can you say amen to that and my simple appeal is that you would pray that prayer that I have prayed for many years every day and that is Lord. Use me for your cost today whatever it may be so that your desire this this afternoon that's our heads forward a prayer Father in heaven we thank you you take broken week helpless sinners. And you transformed them for Your glory Lord we pray that you would bless us that you would continue to grow a spiritually and Lord may ministry not just being a vent but may have become our lifestyle thank you for the history lesson of Ellen and James why thank you for their powerful sacrifices for the COS Lord may we be no less sacrificial give us the same energy and motivation you gave to then Grant back to us and thank you lord you are coming so. Let's every person here in the joy of the Lord be in the heart the rest of the day. Jesus name we pray. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W dot. 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