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Episode 40: Nathaniel Faulkhead: From Freemason to Adventist

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • April 3, 2019
    4:37 PM
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Nathanial fork it had a good reputation as a businessman answer soon at the was baptized in 1906 or 887 he was named the treasurer at the Echo publishing house his work was good and the results were favorable However there was another side to him he was also a prominent member of the Masons and several of the secret organizations and saw no reason why he needed to resign from these organizations when he became a 7th Day Adventist However his interest in the work of God began to fade and his friends were concerned for his spiritual well being. Soon after L N Y I arrived in Australia in 8091 she was given a detailed vision of the situation here at the Echo publishing house and wrote the entire vision out including a testimony on a fan you'll forget which was 50 pages in length something told at the time not to send it though as it would not be accepted soon after this J. hate stopped and a fellow worker asked the fan your what he would do if Ellen White had a testimony for him he replied Well it would have to be pretty strong for me to believe that it came from God. Not long after that is the Faneuil dreamed that the Lord had prepared a message for him through sister wife after the next time he saw her he asked her if she had a message for him she was tired and said that she would share it with him later but he insisted and so in spite of her pity she shared the 50 page testimony with him as she was doing so she made signs and gestures that are. Only members of a make funny large news in the fan you interrupted her and asked if she knew what she was doing and if she had done anything unusual she said no. She spoke on and made another sign that she later said her attending Angel made her do nothing annual turn pale only learn this a few days previous And it was known to only 6 people in the whole of Australia there was no way a woman could know this sign as she continued the conversation she made another sign and the fan you'll remember the conversation he had had with J. hate Stockton a few days previous and he was fully convinced that this testimony was from God. Finally after speaking for more than 3 hours God prevailed and the Faneuil surrendered everything to him and made a vow which he kept that he would resign from all the secret societies that he was a member of God used perhaps the most unlikely thing to capture this man's attention and reach through to his high God meets us where we are in ways that will grab our attention but maybe not someone else's today we mind I have a living breathing a live prophet but we still have God Inspired Word and His Holy Spirit still speaks to our hearts may we be sensitive May we feed the admonitions in the scriptures and may we listen to the Holy Spirit when he speaks to us in a still small voice.


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