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02 - How Literally Anyone Can Share Their Faith

Joel Moutray Dan Serns


In this interview, Pr Dan Serns, Evangelism Coordinator for the Texas Conference, shares stories and wisdom from his extensive experience in ministry. Pr Serns has led several successful evangelistic initiatives among the churches he has pastored, including Richardson SDA Church and has trained his church members to be active soul-winners in simple but effective ways. Throughout the episode, he shares his four keys to personal evangelism along with a number of testimonies.





  • February 9, 2019
    1:15 PM
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Have you ever wondered how to be an act of soul when I'm Joel move change in your listening to the learn and share pop cast in today's episode I have Pastor Don CERN's with me to search for successful simple ways to show for. Pastor down CERN's thank you for joining me Hey good to be here and I'm excited to talk to you because Personal Evangelism helping share my faith want to one is one of my favorite things to do I did it part of my job in ministry before but also you know you can't share what you don't have and I love Jesus and when you have to use a natural result is to want to share him but today we're going to talk a little bit about the the ins and outs of that the hows and the whys and really of the challenge that Christians have to share their faith so before we do that those shares a little bit how did you get involved with training people how to share their faith and why are you so excited about sharing Jesus well for a lot of my life in Minot my ministry I'm a 15 aeration 7th Day Adventist but I had to have my own conversion experience my junior year of college my world fell apart I had a reconversion I went to Korea as a student missionary and I started seeing all these Buddhists that I was becoming friends with asking questions about what it meant to follow Jesus and I thought wow this is amazing and so trying to simplify it all down and share and watch many of those Buddhist become 7th Day Adventist believers was addicting and a good kind of way and so I said this is the kind of thing I'd love to do I had the chance to go to as soon as I graduated from college with a business degree and a religion degree to go to the Texas Mexico border and start a language school ministry similar to the experience I'd had there in Korea and during that time we had lots of student missionaries come in for anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. And training them and showing them how it doesn't have to be all complicated it's not theoretical it's your own experience where you're not perfect but you're growing in Jesus and you're sharing that with other people and they're the light is coming on in their law eyes and watching that happen is contagious but now here I am after many years of ministry and I look back and I realize that for much of my ministry I was approaching preparing for the 2nd coming of Jesus on the 500 year plan instead of the 10 year plan and when you start saying what if we really went after it on a 10 year plan what would we do differently how would we approach things how would I live my life how would I spend my time who would I invest in and how would I help them so those kinds of things started going through my mind about 10 years ago and I left working in a union office to go back to a local church on the condition that the local church was going to be all in to take the evidence message to all of the people of the Dallas Fort Worth area as fast as possible so I wound up at Richardson in 2010 Richardson 7th they have been a church at that time at 600 members from about 35 countries when we left there about 6 and a half years later by God's grace we had 970 members from 51 countries and many of those we had bet ties along the way so now I get to the conference leader said we want you to take what you've done it Richardson and start spreading it all over Texas so it's it just keeps going from there. You mentioned it briefly many people think you know they're young person you know like hey I'm not a pastor I you know I didn't work at a union office I don't have a lot of money I don't have the 510-203-0000 dollars to hire an evangelist etc So I don't like preaching I don't know how to preach at center you mentioned sharing your faith is not complicated please go a little bit deeper in on that. Well if you love the Lord then you want to tell other people about him but if you're shy you don't know where to start and if you're not shy you may forget to even share so what we need to do is to have simple roads people can run on you know instead of drive in the in the mud and off into the ditch and that type of thing so what we one of the things we developed in Richardson is we said everybody has spiritual gifts according to the Bible each of those gifts are different use those gifts for God's honor and glory but there are 4 things that every believer can do no matter who they are no matter what their education level background ethnicity age whatever these 4 things everyone can do to advance cuts cause. I love that why don't we dive into those because I mean I was hoping you'd. Perfect One of the. I love that because it makes a simple and you really are one example that I think of as Moses when he was called to go deliver the people of Israel Jesus asked a very simple question which is what's in your hand and I love that concept because you don't you don't have to complicate it sharing what you have even Peter Jesus said feed his sheep and so if you have food gather food gather what you have your personal story even Revelation it says by the word of their testimony they hold and so there is a personal benefit as for the share as well as for the receiver and something that's so awesome just sharing what you have let's dive into those 4 things because you're making it seem like it's so simple yet so many people have a fear and a phobia and overwhelming they almost going to distress thinking about the great overwhelming like the Gospel to the whole world I can't even do it at the grocery store you know I have a family member that when she when she passes out glow tracks I should be like Lord please help me not to ask any question you know there's a general fear of showing your faith because I know everything one of the 4 things and let's dive into those to make it practical the 1st one is intercessory prayer a lot of people pray for other people that's a wonderful thing people who are ungodly even pray for people and but intercessory prayer everybody can make a pearl list of people they would like to see converted and fully surrendered to God and someday soon serving God. And to actually make specific lists with that specific intention in mind so a person that's flat on their bed I had a lady in one of my churches in the past who was an invalid and she said Pastor I used to be the head greeter and I was a 7 school superintendent I worked with young people when I was younger but now I can't do anything I said nobody can stop you from pray and she became one of our greatest intercessor repair warriors and so we encourage We just have what we call a like Card L I K E. List people you'd like to pray for I as intercede for them go to the throne room of heaven and say Lord police around this person with godly influences right now in response to our prayer remind them of something in their childhood send somebody across their pathway help them to come across something on the Internet or a piece of literature Lord please do something right now and then Kay is kindness shown through simple acts and then has encouraged Bible study and prayer so we put these these like cards we give these out and update him at least twice a year sometimes 4 times a year throughout the whole congregation or wherever people can have these cards and they can list the people and just begin interceding because we believe that God will do things in response to prayer that the devil would cry foul in the great controversy if he did them so God will always want to save all people but when we pray and God intervenes and the devil says that's not fair God says I'm just answering their prayer over there I think group prayer is almost like signing a petition you know because you know governments can do things and they can write policies but if there's a petition there is a vote like we do in elections you know we're putting our thoughts on our prayers together literally and saying Laura we want this to happen and as fellow human beings we give permission for you to intercede and to change this person's life and I really like that even having a list card with with those different things that you can do I like how there's kindness involved because not only praying but actually pouring out blessings Yeah that's right if you're praying for somebody you tend to notice them more you become more involved in their life and it's so intercessory prayer everybody can be a pearl warrior that's the 1st one everybody there's nobody that can't do that if they love the Lord the 2nd one is everybody can be a glow missionary you mentioned low tracks and yes when I was at Richardson on the 4 Sabbath of every month which we called a high say. Because that's when we always filled the baptistery always the $47.00 we had a table in the lobby and we had a mallet and of glow tracks of packs unopened we said the church is the wholesaler and you are the retailers so sign your name and put your phone number or your e-mail address and that gives you permission to take one or 2 packs of 100 to pass out during the next 30 days so everybody had access to glow track we had a glow racks where they could find him other times but this is when we really had the push and we get out about $70000.00 low tracks a year from that one church just all over the country and all over the world wherever people are go and we load him up and then we feature stories but we tell people everybody can be a glow missionary you can walk through the airport and just say here here here here and when people say to you Well what a security say well they say thank you just like everybody else when you give it to them and when you're walking through the neighborhood you can say here's something to brighten your day and most people don't say well I don't want to bright day they say thank you we found that if you give 2 titles at a time they're more likely to take it than if you give one title if it's one title they think what is it do I want it if it's 2 titles they think one of these looks good no look at the other one later so we just some simple things this never diminishes the role of the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit has to be working in people's hearts and in our hearts but what this does is it allows the Holy Spirit to work through us and giving low tracks is not just about signing people up for Bible study and it's not just about giving information to people even though both of those are great it's about letting people know we're available to be used by God and I tell people even if you are scared to death you can be a glow missionary by doing chicken witnessing chicken witnessing is when you sneak into a public restroom you look at. Nobody's watching you leave a couple in the on the counter and you run out before anybody sees you everybody can be a glow missionary I had 11 very sophisticated. El older gentleman in my church and Richardson and a couple months before I finished my time there he came up to me and he said Pastor I gave up my 1st glow tricks and I said Good for you give me a high 5 in a very dignified way he kind of lifts his hand up and gave me a high 5 I said Tell me about it and he said I get all of these solicitations for credit cards and I hate it but I noticed that they have postage paid back and so I stick a couple glow tracks and I figure some secretary somewhere is going to get these and I said Good for you everybody can be a glow missionary can't they and he says maybe. You know I really love that example there's so many simple ways a pass like what I used to work with the glow ministry and some of the this is just fascinating stories related to this I think it's you know what the whole e-mail back with the prepaid envelopes you know either they'll be converted or they'll stop sending you junk mail that's where they're you know where you are well here in Texas we had somebody gave their testimony because where was telling the testimonies in church and they went to a boot store course in Texas or lots of boots and they said they're shopping for cowboy boots and they looked at this long row of cowboy boots and they thought I better go trick or go in each of those so they drop one in so when people bought their boots they take them home there'd be a glow truck waiting for them that's powerful that's powerful you know we I didn't ask you about this but let's go back to the prayer when you have a story maybe that that would illustrate the power of intercessory prayer as well as we're going through this list I got so many stories let me see if I can pull one out right here. Well a lot of times spouses who are believers praying for their spouse who is not a believer. Or boyfriend or girlfriend praying for their boyfriend or girlfriend that isn't a believer so we have had I had the privilege of baptizing when I was at Richardson people who had been Buddhists atheist jews agnostic Muslim and almost all of those started when the boyfriend girlfriend or husband wife or good friend started interceding for that other person. In the story after story after story of that type of thing I'll tell another intercessory pursed or a combined with another one of those 4 things to maybe I maybe I'll just go to the 3rd thing 3rd thing is everyone can be a home of hope where ever you live you can let your light shine in that place if you live in a mansion you do in that community if you live in your car you do it with the people around you everyone can determine that where they are is going to be a light emanating out all around so if you have a church that has 100 families in it instead of having one light for that you have 101 lights for that because every home is letting their light shine and to be a home of hope that means at least one person in there is sincerely seeking God through bible study and prayer and trying to witness on a regular basis and we try to build into it family worship if we can and Family Outreach together and other things. But when when we lived up in Vancouver Washington a number of years ago and I was just beginning to understand better how we can rapidly multiply our witness if we have every household become a home of hope we began praying for a neighbor's and we didn't know their names but we'd pray for him by distinct things we prayed for the big boat neighbors they had the red truck neighbors that's the big boat the red truck we prayed for the cussing neighbors and they were the ones that cussed worse than the other cussing neighbors because they we pray for them because they had some other feature in the hut in their backyard so we are praying for all of these we pray for the man with the 2 dogs and he'd come he look like he's near retirement he come walking by with these 2 medium size dogs that were really walking him and he was cussing them out you know you slow down You blankety blank. And the 1st time he came by and we just moved in I was working in the front yard trying to get things cleaned up and I said hi how are you Annie and he stopped and looked at me he said you live here now and I said Yeah he says some of your tree limbs are hanging over my yard you need to cut him I said Hey I'll do that and he went back to his dog bites me bite my you know just so you begin praying and you're a home of hope so you're not just praying for people across the country or at work which is important to school here pray for people right in your neighborhood and and after you've done that for a while as a per year you start saying what else can we do well we ought to try to have a Bible study group or a get together or something at our home of hope and so my wife and I decided we're going to have Tuesday night Bible study. Using some amazing facts study guides and we just invite our neighbors well we handed out 200 invitations but we went specific to the doors but then we knocked on the doors of the 10 people on our intercessory prayer list and we gave them specific invitations and then we invited people at our church on opening night we had 5 people from the church and our family and one of our neighbors the man with the 2 dogs. And at the end of the night when he left my wife and I looked at each other and we said let's see who we know is the name is Bill he said Is this where the Bible study is one we read around the circle he said pass pass and pass and then he said thank you very much and so we said OK let's hope that he comes back the next week he was back again and he didn't know he was the only pretty had been Astin the group and we'll call it non-evidence we comprehend but missed and so this time was very similar the 3rd week I was traveling and by God's providence nobody else came and is a little awkward because here is my wife and here's this older gentleman sitting there and he says where's everybody and my wife says well my husband's doing some traveling on the road I don't know where but he else's He said since nobody else is here can I ask you few questions she said what's said well yeah in those study guides a lot of times it'll have 2 numbers and 2 dots between them what's that all about and and my wife said well that's that the Bible is organized in books and those are chapters and verses he says was all that's neat and then he says now in my Bible. There is big print and little print What's that about she's with the big print is God's Word and the little print our notes that may or may not be accurate about God's word so I always go with the big print was and at the end he says he says I learned so much so much well this friendship continued for a few more weeks when it came time for us to study about conversion I said Let's go around the circle and anybody would like to can say Jesus I want you to be in charge of every part of my life and I didn't know what Bill would say when it came his turn and when it came Bill's turn he said Jesus I want you to be in charge of every part of my life and I'm thinking Jesus is leaning over to Gabriel saying start a new mansion we got another one headed here a couple weeks later I got a phone call from my wife and she said Sharon Bill's wife just came over and ask if you'll have his funeral I said what he was standing with his grandson in J.C. Penney and had a massive heart attack filled out on the floor and I began realizing one of the main reasons God put us in that house. Was to be a light in our neighborhood but for Bill our neighbor to have a chance to ask Jesus to be in charge of every part of his life when he was right at the end nobody knew it absolutely powerful I mean that something that I personally convicted of you know you live in an apartment or you live in a house it's so easy to just have your routine and go in and out go to work go to school whatever you're doing go grocery shopping and maybe a wave at your neighbors. But actually interacting with them I think also making that you know making cookies for people or passing on like a book as a Christmas gift or Thanksgiving or you know birthdays or Valentine's Day or excuses to do this kind of things you can always include Go tracks in that too you know just different gifts you know for the holidays and whatnot so that's that's that's just one of those special testimonies that I believe God gave you I don't need to save him but to to really use that especially because he knew that you'll be an influence to inspire other people to do the same thing I know I'm inspired I know the listeners will be inspired by that so we've covered we've covered the prayer we've covered the go and the Home of Hope I love that I'm curious what's the 4th one OK this is one I finally got and when I got it it multiplied our number about dozens everyone can be a bat to some coach a baptism coach is somebody who coaches somebody else toward baptism and sees and baptized and the way it works is this bill there are a couple of conditions that it takes for a church to really be on top of this one is. The Church nice to have regularly scheduled baptisms by faith not by sight too often we wait till somebody is ready to be baptized and then we schedule a baptism we schedule them the 4 Sabbath of every single month and now if nobody is ready we had the water in the baptistery we didn't push anybody in that shouldn't be in there but I walk over to the baptistery and I say who'd Who do you wish was in here let's take some time right now pray for them right now that's absolute power and let's pray with each other for each other as per request and they ought to be here in the next week or the next month or 2 and the 4 Sabbath is every So setting in by faith eat at least quarterly sometimes twice a month once every 2 months in our case we did it every month for 6 and a half years and out of the $76.00 months we only had 8 months where we didn't baptize anybody ever every other time we bow ties $1.00 to $15.00 people I'm sure we never would have anywhere near that many if we hadn't done it regularly so that's a condition for baptism coaches a 2nd condition is to have the baptism of study guides in bulk easily available in the lobby and many churches have bet visible study guides that are down the hallway in there that room and in that clause that it's locked with 3 keys on and the person who has the key is out of town 6 months out of the year that's not doing anybody any good so you put all of the baptismal study guides there are lots of good study guides out there you can talk about the merits of all we picked the amazing facts study guide lesson one to 14 as our basic prep plan now we did other things to supplement it but we had lessons wonder 14 at least $50.00 to $100.00 of those at any given time in the lobby and always restocking so anybody can take those and give them to anybody. And instead of sitting down and doing the lesson with the people what we encouraged them to do is if somebody showed a serious interest give 2 lessons a week to them whether they've done him or not and keep praying with them and then review the quizzes with them together and what this does is it trains the person if they're serious to begin studying on their own instead of always waiting to study until somebody comes and doing it to a week gives you 7 weeks because you have 14 lessons and and then the 8th one is for us to confirm and clarify and answer questions and all arrests so we really had an 8 week baptism or prep plan so if we had a serious interest in August then I could say if you're serious and focused about following Jesus then September October you should be an October baptism on the foresaid but the vault Tobar mark it down start inviting your friends and make sure you're faithful and focused on your studies I love that it's that is really inspiring I think many times we would hope and wish for success even on Christian walk we hope and wish to grow we you know even if you're going to apply to a college you can't just expect to get in for example without applying in and apply for financial aid etc in the same thing with our personal spiritual walk as well as evangelism you can't just hope and wish that people come into heaven on the way baptize I like that intentional by faith on the baptism seeking contacts and seeking leads and having a plan and a game plan with that now you mention that you had it by God's grace huge successes in the church that you're at. Was that church always receptive or maybe you can give a story of others that were receptive that became receptive and how you maneuver that because there might be young people listening to this show saying you know this is great and all and I can pray and I can pass a glow on my own but I would really my church is not supportive how what can what kind of member our church member do to help turn that around maybe have an example as well yeah well for young pastors a quarter of course a lot of young pastors get a little discouraged because they may be sent to 2 or 3 church district and then they don't you know the thing is that people are not ready but we have to 2 of our 3 kids are pastors now and many of both of them have been in situations where there are churches that were not used to seeing any action and so they just began setting baptism dates every 2 months or every 3 months and and praying and announcing to the congregation this is our next baptism Who are you praying for in one case they invited the elders into the baptistery wasn't full. And they prayed for specific people in the Baptist or when they 1st got there but I would say that for a young person who is in a pastor they could talk to their pastor they could talk to the elders they could look for some somebody who's in the church board or leadership structure and say you know I want to share my faith for Jesus and I'm going to be that and I've been praying for these people and I want to see them make decisions when is our next baptism Well let us know when they're ready know can we do this by faith is or can we set some date so that we can be praying and working with these people so have that conversation and 2nd question is where what that does study guides are available can we put those out so other people can get access to them so we can start using them and to see if those 2 things could be put in place just through some conversations and many times if young people run on fire wanting to try some. Thing especially if there are couple of them but it least one. Church members will say well I don't know if it'll work but let's at least try this and and I would start praying toward a baptism date even if the church wasn't quite ready. I was told by 11 pastor recently he says I need to get my church on board because this other administers doesn't have a baptistery in the church and they keep borrowing our church to keep baptizing people well that would be kind of a wake up call and so we found that pastors who will set regular baptism dates by faith and communicate it to both the leaders and the congregation and this is something you don't have to have a vote on a church board a Philip a baptistery edges do it OK And so when they start doing by faith God starts sending in people. One of our sunset December 22nd last Sabbath for where we're at right now. As a baptism date didn't have anybody ready 2 weeks before but when you have that date you are looking for everybody who might be near ready and when it came time last 7 he bet those 3 people. Are easier for the Lord that is really really awesome to see how God works it's possible to have faith and I think I like what you said there with a young person that might be a situation where there's not as much support for the people that are in charge go to people that had influence and ask questions and say this is what I'm doing showing that you're involved that you are serious about what you're doing maybe even have some explorers I K I have been studying with this person I have been passing out these go tracks you know Hey Pastor I've been passing out of a 1000 trucks a month can you please help restock that the literature rack you know work and we put these so that other people can I share testimony from every Sabbath and that brings you to my next question is somebody who's in a church and they're doing this maybe it's more specifically Glo and maybe a prayer meeting etc How do you you might have an initiative like a like a. Baptism or like me were a viable we can how can you keep momentum with encouraging your fellow church members to be involved in evangelism on a regular basis even aside from the baptism like how you maybe glow prayer meeting etc Yet every every worship service is way more exciting if you have a 2 or 3 minute segment called Celebrating changed lives and and so if you can work with the church leaders in your church to do that what you do should have a little testimonies like that dignified man who had put his 1st glow and that in that credit card solicitation I got him up and I said Leo You you told me that you'd been out your 1st tracks tell everybody about it well I. And everybody knew him and loved him and then they they couldn't help but clap when they saw that he'd actually taken that step and so just having simple little interviews ignites a congregation to say they realize people's lives are being changed here and I want to be a part of it so that's one of the things another thing to help move people quickly into activity and ministry is to show them how simple it is give them the tools put the glow out where they can get to it put the Bible study guides out where they can get to it put the best tism date out where they can get to it so they we can track on this and then here's a say here's another little thing along this line when somebody when God give somebody an idea we told them you just make sure the 4 connections to go for it God partners mentor flock so I had a young adult who leaned forward to me one Sabbath and supposed to we need to have a young adult choir in our church. And in my early days I would have said well let's get together and plan and talk and get it to this committee and that board and then not any more so she said this and I'm about to go up to preach and we need a young adult choir here I smile at her I said Why do you think God gave you that ideas didn't they. Did she says Who or what I do I said make sure the 4 connections and she says well what are those I said God partner mentor flock she said what does that mean make sure of your connection with God he's going to be there if you're not up to date with God It only takes 2 or 3 minutes to say God I come back to you all in I'm following you don't take long just come back to 2nd find one or 2 or 3 friends who think this is a great idea and brainstorm your plan together what do you mean how will you get out the word what do you want to do with this ministry whatever that ministry is just get together brainstorm it 3rd find somebody on the church board who agrees to be your mentor anybody on the church board it can be anybody this is music but you can talk to the musically or you can talk to anybody else and we printed the names of all the church board members and their phone numbers in the bulletin every Sabbath so people could do this so they could immediately respond most young people don't have a clue on who a church board member is in their church so we got to put the information out there it's no secret and so then I said once once somebody on the church board agrees to be your mentor you are an official Ministry of this church and the 4th connection is recruit your flock and go start leading people to Jesus and into his final movement and I say you got it she said yeah and I got my preached. That is really practical and I'm taking notes here and I think I think I think it's awesome because any and even for yourself even if you're not involved with a local church just the idea of double checking with God that he's given this burden to you why you know why has he given it to me instead of somebody else the idea came into my mind for a reason and then finding a mentor finding a partner and then finding people to influence such a beautiful just I like how things are sync I like lists and things like that I want to I want to ask a couple things want to progress on how to share your faith we're talking about glow tracks and praying. The hope of hope is a little bit more interactive getting by was that I was yet to be interacting but I know that you have this thing like how to share your faith in 30 seconds or less like let's actually talk really practical you know about the grocery store or the restaurant or whatever like maybe even give us some phrases like I mean pretend that we know nothing we do not you know I'm a people person you've shared your faith a lot you know it's not as hard for you and I to say Hey How you doing you know can I give you something to read or you know like give us some legitimate practical phrases How do I share my faith in 30 seconds or less so I was in a copy center few years ago and I a guy walks in he says who has the car with a license plate L V to be S D A I said that would be. He said What does that mean I've been trying to figure it out I said it stands for a love to be 7th Day Adventists he said What's a 7th Day Adventist and I said Well. And then I stumbled that seminar I'm doing here how to share the had been a smith sit in 30 seconds or less came as a result of that challenge so 6 months later I'm at a stoplight It's a warm day my windows are down a carload of teenagers come up in a convertible. And one of the girls says hey what is your license plate may I said it stands for love to be 7th Day Adventists she said what 7 they added and I said it's a movement of God we believe everybody in the world would be happier and better off if they accepted Jesus as their Savior and more if they took the Bible as God's voice speaking to them and ask God to change and to match that and if they got together with other people believe the same thing to encourage each other and take the good news to all the world that Jesus loves them and he's coming again soon she said cool and the light changes. That's also the descript that did you write it out or how did that come about yeah it was it was really trying to pick through where do we find common ground and how does this relate to the 3 angels message and to our fundamental beliefs and these are 3 simple ways of engaging with people in a collective way so I was on a plane with my wife coming back from Puerto Rico a year ago summer and the last seat on the plane was the one between us because she likes the aisle I like the window and he last guy gets on the plane guy about early thirty's and he says Dad we get a conversation finally says 7th Day Adventists What do you do for a living I'm a 7th heaven is Pastor I said Have you ever heard of him and he says a little bit and that means I've got to explain what it is right there I said we believe everybody in the world would be happier better off and I just went through those 3 things and he says I could agree to that and I said Well then you'd make a great 7th Day Adventists I said what kind of work do you do he says I'm a Catholic priest. And I believe he would make a great 7th Day Adventist So we found common ground there are things that he could say I've had similar experiences with almost every world religion in my travels because now we'll adapt it so in some places where Jesus is too much I'll just say we believe everybody in the world would be happier better off if they had a living connection with their creator and you move into so those 3 areas we can move into but anyway those are some of the things that will unpack it let people practice and make it for real for them in the seminar. Which they I guess is going to be recorded they could listen to that too if they hear this podcast Absolutely and this is this is this show will be will be aired much later but they'll be those available online from from G.I.C. as well as maybe just censor on it what's some resources that you might have that people can access OK simple resources Texas even Journalism dot org or dot com saying acts of vandalism dot org dot com Yeah present something now one thing that I want to touch on here is we're wrapping up is that you had mentioned something you gave that phrase you have written it down memorize it they can read it and they can listen to and write it down. Many times it's really looking for and creating opportunities I noticed that you said you know you had your license plate right and you know you have certain things you have opportunity be a pastor and you can you know people say What do you do want a pastor for this or that is church. Not everyone's pastor their student their whatever like what are some things that you can either listen for or say or do that would kind of get spiritual conversations going yeah. Some people may have heard of the acronym for your shirt which is been used in Christian circles for many years for it stands for family occupation religious background and testimony and so. If you're getting to know a person little bit ask questions about their family that you grew up around here hello you've been here do you have a family have children you're listening to them oh as occupation what kind of work do you do and the like it had to get into that you just saw your life your entering their family world their occupation world then you say did you have a religious background and we asked we don't see what religion are you but do you have a religious background and they'll usually share where they were and how they've gotten to where they are now and after you've heard those 3 things you have a lot of ways to connect with them and then that leads you to the T. which is your testimony and your testimony should be very briefly where your life was spiritually before you really surrendered to the Lord and then something good about Jesus His Word and His final movement which of those 3 ingredients and then asking them if they're interested in taking a new step in their walk with God I really like asking it almost like an appeal question at the end not like a do you want to stand up here on the airplane and accept Jesus necessarily but you know engaging with people and I think that does come naturally some people it doesn't come as naturally to others and like my family member who just gives a glow tracks and prays that nobody has any questions that's totally fine because that's the pumping God uses all of our efforts in closing maybe share one more story that will inspire and maybe make an appeal to the the people listening that that know they want to help people they might be scared or are not sure if they want to how important is it why should they do it and just. Toss to took to live for Jesus OK maybe I'll mention one very brief one and then one a little bit longer today I was sitting in the worship service it G Y C and there's a group of young people and their leaders from one of the churches in Texas that I know and they introduce me to this these 2 young adults who are here at the way see right now and then they explain to the young man that the young man who's mid twenty's they said no he's not baptized yet and I said Well is there anything that make it difficult for you to follow Jesus and be baptized like he was this is a need to study more I said well how much more do you need to study but I need to study a lot more and I said Well can I ask you a few questions and he said Yeah I said if you come to the place in your life where you have accepted Jesus as your Savior and Lord he says yeah. Where you take the Bible is God's voice speaking to you and you want to live yeah to the you want to be part of God's final movement that's going to encourage each other and take the Gospel. And I said awesome it shouldn't be long have you ever read the 28 fundamental beliefs he says No I said well these guys will get you a list and you go through it and you put a check mark or question mark by every single one and they will help you find answers with her but the question marks are from the Bible so you can see it and when you change the question marks to check marks then you're baptized and it should be less than 30 days how does it sound he says good this happened this morning edgy Y.C. in the main not authorial OK so it I was very shy growing up people don't believe that people use shyness as an excuse to not witness but the more we step out of our comfort zone for the Lord the more the Lord does miracles if you've not seen any miracles in your life you have not stepped out of your comfort zone for the Lord very far recently that's the that's the key and I love seeing miracles so I want to keep stepping outside my comfort zone but I will close with this story there's a lady in our church at Richardson name one Nita and she heard the pastor talk about tracks and she heard other people talk about low tracks and she saw the glow track mountain in the lobby every 4 Sabbath and finally she said I'm going to take some of those so she took some tracks and one of the Glow tracks she had was this was a love letter from Jesus. Well when he to put them in her purse and she thought someday I'll give them out and she with head I'm in a person she didn't give about she didn't give out but she wanted to live for the Lord and when a people are asking every day when you wake up to say Lord what can I do for you today open my eyes to see God may send you to an Ethiopian official likely to deepen Philip or send you to Cornelius you don't know what he has in store for you. So when needed was praying prayers like that and she found herself at the mall one day I know it's unusual to have a woman in a mall but that's where she was at that she was in the food court and it wasn't time for eating so what were the mall to the food court workers doing they were offering samples in front of each of their places and she thought What's neat there on free samples and the Lord impressed are you offer them samples from your purse glow tracks and she thought OK so she went around they'd offer her samples some she'd take some she wouldn't take and she'd always give them blue tracks and she handed a glow track to this one lady named Lulu and Lulu looked at the title a love letter from Jesus she broke down crying and said I need to talk to you during my break and when he has said one is that I'm going to get time right now she went talk to the boss they set down at a table and Lulu poured out her heart she said I'm a drug addict and I can't get over it I have 2 children I'm a single parent child protective services has told me they're going to take the children away because I'm using drugs and I can't bear the thought of watching my kids go away crying. And I had read and then I killed myself so last night I was talking to myself and saying I'd rather kill myself and not have to see that the kill myself after I saw that. And so if there is a God please help me and then you can meet the school track that's pretty heavy with you given the glow track just said here but we need to realized that this woman is seeing that God has brought her into our life this isn't just about a piece of paper and a knowledge of anything this is a relationship that's got to be invested in and they begin talking and praying and when it invited her to a women's ministry group where a lot of them have been through some tough times and they just loved on her and she began coming in getting more involved in a few months later Child Protective Services did take away or kids but she now had a trust in God that was growing and a love for God from godly people that was helping her and she got full victory and got her kids back and 9 months after Winnie to handed a glow tract to Lulu a food court worker had the privilege about Lulu who is now a 7th Day Adventist member of the Richardson 7th they haven't missed church so we don't have any idea what these so-called Little things will do in the light of eternity but someday in heaven we'll know a lot more stories and we know now but God and His mercy gives us a little glimpses now so if you're nervous or shy or whatever that's fine but this is not about you this is about what God is doing in somebody else's life and how you have been given things resources and the spirit says and all kinds of things that will make an eternal difference for them and so if you were just. Look past and say God Hughes me somehow today in a simple simple way and build that intercessory prayer list drop those tracks by put them in a cowboy boot or whatever it takes do something something to step outside your comfort zone representing the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS you do that enough it becomes more natural and you begin to see more miracles and more miracles and you get addicted to it and someday in heaven there be a crowd of people around you say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU and you're going to say it's all about. You. Thank you so much for listening we have a number of episodes yet to console make sure to hit the subscribe. Button learned cast.


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