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Prepare To Meet Your God

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)


  • September 14, 2018
    7:00 PM
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Father in Heaven I believe. That you long. With us or. You want to make plain words in such a way. That we will not merely be here. But we will also be doing. So Father we know that this can be done by my natural power it can only be done through the power of your Holy Spirit. And so in a very special way we ask for his presence you promised us that the same way that a child knows how to go to their earthly father and to ask for many things and that father has joined they given how much more you are Heavenly Father will give the Holy Spirit to them. And so Lord because of this we not only ask for your spirit thank you for sending. Jesus. They. Want to invite you to turn your Bibles to the book of his chapter 20. Leviticus 26th chapter. And these were words of warning that God gave to his people. And he spoke it with great clarity. The problem is that sometimes God's people. Go They seem to hear. Slow to follow. And I want you to see what the Bible says we're going to look into that is 26 we're going to consider as you see on the screen verses 14 to 24 and because there's so many verses and I'll read verse 14 you do 15 I'll do 16 you do 70 will just keep it going so let's go to the Book of Leviticus 26 and if you there please let me know by saying amen. The Bible says in the book of Leviticus the 26 chapter starting at that 14th verse in fact I like verse 13 let's pick it up from there I am the LORD your God which brought you forth out of the land of Egypt that you should not be there bondman and I have broken the bands of your yoke and made you go up right go ahead now question real quick how much of the commandment did you want to do all right verse 15 and if you shout despise my statues or if your soul up war my judgments so that you will not do all my commandments but that he break my covenant. And I will set my face against you and you shall be slain before your enemies they that hate you shall reign over you and he shall flee when none pursue with you. And I will break the pride of your power and I will make your heaven as iron and your earth as brass. And if you walk contrary unto me and will not hearken unto me I will bring 7 times more plagues upon you according to your sins. And if he will not be reformed by me by these things but will walk contrary onto me. What was God communicating in these verses think back all the way to verse 13 and then what we get down to verse 24 What was God communicating he was encouraging them to keep his commandments what else OK if there were some conditions presented that's for sure anything else there would be some punishments or there would be a result for disobedience there would be a result for disobedience do you believe that God was speaking very plainly God was speaking very plainly wasn't he said look I'm the one who delivered to I brought you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage who's God talking to here is he talking to the Israelites does that have anything to do with us what does it have to do with us if it were you in Egypt because again look at verse 13 verse 13 he says listen I am the LORD your God which brought you for out of the land of so I just asked you Who was he talking to you said the Israelites and then I said does that have any application to us your answer was yes so I am asking you how. Spiritual Israel so is their spiritual Egypt is their spiritual Egypt what is the spiritual Egypt the world C.N.N. that this is the question I love asking missionaries what bible verse do you have to support that answer you get that God did not raise us up to tell people are good well rehearsed opinions. God raised us up that we might point people to his words can I show you what need to prep resents go to the Book of Exodus Chapter 20 that very famous chapter that many even 7th Day Adventists love to read the Bible says in the Book of Exodus we're looking at the 20th chapter and I believe the Bible can help us get just a bit of understanding about Egypt from a spiritual standpoint the Bible says in the Book of Exodus Chapter 20 and if you there please say men are right in Exodus the 20th chapter you will notice that there is an application that we can use to Egypt I'm not saying this is the sole spiritual application but this is certainly one of them the Bible says in verse $1.00 and $2.00 it says in verse one and God spake all these words saying I am the Lord thy God which has brought the out of the land of Egypt out of the House of so what does Egypt represent it represents bondage go to John chapter when you look at John the 8th chapter there's a very particular word that Jesus uses that I believe connects back to this principle that we're looking at in Exodus 20 as it relates to Egypt the Bible says in the book of John we're going to watch chapter very good we're going to chapter 8 Now watch what the Bible says and John we're looking at the 8th chapter and we're going to consider verse $32.00 The Bible says in John Chapter 8 verse $32.00 if you there police say amen. The Bible says and you shall know the truth and the truth will do work the truth will make you free now look at verse 33 They answered him We be Abraham seat and were never in. Bondage to any men houses vowed you shall be made free verse 34 And Jesus answered them Verily verily I say unto you whom so ever committed what sin is the servant or bond men. This in you understand that Egypt was representative of bondage What is the bondage that all of us as God's people can relate to the bondage of sin have you remembered a time in your life when you were slave to sin can you remember that some of you saying what do you mean past tense brother that's my present situation some of us are still slaves to sin even though we come to church can you imagine that God wants us to understand that when we read these things in the Old Testament they're not just a story of past truth they're a story a present truth there are things that are in that old testament that yes it happened to a very literal physical people in a very literal physical place but when we begin to spiritually unfold it we can see these things actually can apply to us. And so here goes God saying Listen I've delivered you from bondage has God delivered you from anything now God says this and if you know that I delivered you from something God says then guess what you actually owe me God says you owe me there's a homage that I deserve there's a worship that I deserve because I've delivered you I'm the one who spirit you when death was knocking on your door God put a check on death and still gave us life and that's why you're here even tonight so God says Israelites don't forget that I delivered you don't forget that I was the one that blessed you don't forget that you made a profession that you know me and you love me and you want to serve me and so he says I call you to do so and if you don't God System bad things can happen to you and you know was the the reason why is the is because God gave this warning to his people do you know that this warning unfortunately was fulfilled because the Israelites actually went into bondage it was that Babylonian camp that's literally what he's talking about here Leviticus 26 to a very large degree he's speaking about that Babylonian camp that eventually was going to take them captive. My brothers and sisters. Is a Babylon that we get rid of the go up against and if we are unfit and unprepared and disobedient like Israel of old we will be taken captive as well I believe the warning that God gave remember I asked you earlier I said was the warning clear was a warning comprehensive was anything confusing about the warning there was nothing confusing so did the people know the problem is they didn't enter into the experience just like a lot of us today there are probably certain verses that I can go ahead and say to you that in the middle of me saying the verse you can finish it meaning you are aware you know but my brothers and sisters knowing does very little for people the question is not how much do you know the question is not how well can you repeat the question is how much of what you know are you obeying that is literally the drawing line is the dividing line of God's people not just simply in times of old but even today I am personally not very impressed specially now specially You know I've been in the movement for a little while I've been around a lot of big great people and I've seen a lot of the great giants in the movement fall and one of the things that I'm really learning is that it really does not matter how much we know in fact the truth that is designed to save you can be the very truth that will condemn you in the judgment because God is going to say I'm not going to ask you how much did you never rise God is not asking us how much is it that you heard over and over again how well did you repeat my words God is not going to ask any of those questions he's going to want to know who was it that obeyed what I said who wasn't just did what I said that's really the bottom line family I want you to think about this understanding the warning without the necessary experiences deadly. Understanding the warning without having the necessary experience is absolutely deadly It was the servant of the Lord that made a comment on this very chapter of the Vicar's 26 verses 14 and onward she said this she said the Prophet made while playing C remember I said it was a confusing she says in prophecy of kings page 429 the prophet made plain the fact that our Heavenly Father allows his judgments to fall that the nations may know themselves to be but men if he won't contrarian to me and will not hearken unto me the Lord had forewarned his people I even I will scatter you among the heathen and will draw out a sword after you and your land shall be desolate and your cities ways God spoke plainly God spoke plainly to his people in the past God is speaking plainly to his people today remember this is the question is are we going to get it and we must cease this putting on the back of one's self you know it's amazing we are such strange creatures because we will reward ourselves on things that are actually not of reward but a punishment I'll give you a practical example I'll use something small food there are certain food groups that some of us already know are not the best food groups for our body because it can make us sick so what we'll do is we'll say Alright I'm going to stay away from that food maybe for the rest of my life for 30 days for 90 days or whatever period of days so then what happens is we do it 30 days goes by we didn't eat it not once 90 days go by when touch it not once a whole here goes but we did not touch it and eventually what happens is we get this strange mindset that says you know it's been 30 days 90 days it's been one year since I've eaten that thing I think I need to reward myself we will call a punishment or reward. And we'll actually say you know what I'm going to reward myself in truth we get rid of the punish ourselves but the devil can check our minds that was you know what I've been victorious for 30 days I've been victorious for 90 days I've been victorious for one year certainly it's OK if I go back to it just once now the Bible says and Revelation Chapter 2 in verse 10 the Bible says it is only those who are faithful it is safer 30 days it is not safe for 90 days it isn't even safe a one year or 10 years or 50 years it says those who are faithful and to death. The old are the ones that shall receive the crown of life don't pat yourself on the back because you did good or did better than other people I've learned this statement a long time ago and I pray you take it to your mental bank better is often the greatest enemy of Best let me repeat that better is often the greatest and any of best sometimes we're just so happy that we're doing better than everybody else that we never accomplish or even aim for the best of what God has called us to do better can become an enemy of Best Jesus never called us to focus on the fact we're doing better than other people and I do ministry better than them and our organization is better than other organizations my wife my husband is better than most wives or husbands Gus's don't even waste your time why are you comparing dust with dust God says you need to focus on the best and there was one who walked on this earth that led a best example for you and I and that man's name is Jesus that should be our focus. And so what the Lord wants us to understand is that don't fall into this trap because a lot of people are falling into it God knows. His greatest problem in these very last moments in earth's history he has a lot of people who know a lot but obey very little and that is a great crisis that we're in right now we know what it is to be a good husband but for some reason we're still fighting and frustrating the power of God that we might actually become good husbands some of us know exactly what it is to be a good wife. But we're fighting him with frustrating the power of God because we're still not submitting to the power of his voice that you might be that wife that his term queen of the household God wants us to understand we know so much when you go to most ministries today I'm not just told my husband what even ministries How does your ministry work how does a function or we do this we do this we do this well actually that's not exactly how it was written in the blueprint God said that we should be doing this God says we should be doing this guy says this should be our focus God says this is what we should be teaching and we have this thing about what we're doing 60 percent of what God says while most are doing 403020 we're doing 80 percent of what God says while most people are just doing 604030 we have this way of patting ourselves on the back because we're doing better than everybody else going to 2nd Corinthians Chapter 10 Don't forget this text this text is a very important text it's actually very practical I want to make you free from some of the deceptions that Satan has instigated amongst the people of God but the Bible says 2nd Corinthians we're going to watch after a very good chapter 10 notice what the Bible says and 2nd Corinthians we're looking at the 10th chapter watch the text very carefully 2nd Corinthians Chapter 10 and watch what it says right there in verse 12. The Bible says a 2nd Corinthians Chapter 10 and verse 12 the Bible says For we dare not make ourselves of the number or come hammer ourselves with some that commend themselves but they measuring themselves by themselves and comparing themselves among themselves what of those last 3 words are not why. The people who make it through the final Caesar's history according to Daniel 12 are those who are wise. And so if we're preparing for the Final Crisis if we're asking God to pour out His lot of rain I can guarantee you it's not even a drop is going to fall on anybody if we're still busy comparing ourselves among ourselves you and I are not to look to the right or to the left of what is our example of what we should be doing you need to look into the hills from whence comes your help knowing that your help comes from the Lord looking until Jesus is the author. And the finish of your faith this is where our eyes need to be fixed my brothers and sisters and I don't know about you but as masculine and straight a man as I am I find Jesus to be very attractive I love to look at him I love to watch his character I finally spills out more and still more from my lives every day that I talk to either a stranger or friend or in the and I am telling you the truth we must get to a place that we behold cry so much that we love to talk about it just the thought of that name Jesus should put a smile on your face he becomes not merely the friend that sticks closer than a brother he becomes your best friend that's what Jesus wants to be and I promise you when you fix your eyes on him all the other so-called examples of life all the other so-called examples of ministry will pale in his presence the Bible makes it very clear. We are living in some very serious and solemn times we're living in the very last moments of Earth's history and God wanted us to study those agitations God wanted us to pay attention to the agitations because there were men me agitations I mean are you seeing all the things that are happening in our world right now is getting to the point that even the preachers and the teachers of righteousness are having a problem we can't keep up on our slides and our documents fast enough on how much prophecy just keeps unfolding daily I mean I've got articles I'm a put up on the screen the moment the thing just came out hours ago it's not even 24 hours old it just constantly more and more and more just keeps on folding God says study those agitations don't ever take your eyes off of it because God wants to keep us and awake state for a specific purpose so think about this when we understand this we're told the count and counsels the writers and editors It says agitate agitate agitate the subjects' which we present to the world must be to who to us a living reality Council to writers and editors page 40 paragraph 3 this is one of the great things that I would love to ask you is do you believe we need to tell the world of all the profit events that are happening and help them get ready do you believe we need to do that amen question is are you doing this are you getting ready you understand that these things must become a reality to who to us you haven't had a salesman now I'm a good salesman I'm a bad sales and all I'm telling you family is that sometimes some people the way they talk to you you have a talk with somebody and you can tell they are trying to sell you something you haven't met somebody like that like this person is just trying to get over and get some money out of my pocket you know those are the people that use it don't do too well right because when I go to when our business because we can see you know even caring about me you're just trying to sell your products and you can make money and prosper yourself but you haven't had a good salesman. I find the best salesmen are the ones who are selfless is there such thing as a salesman who selfless Yes there is it is possible that you can sometimes want to provide something to people with such a passion because you know that it's going to actually actually better their lives that it actually comes across in your communication you can actually see you care about me what a strange thing and those are the people we gladly give our business to is not right I gladly give my this is any man or woman like that you see when it becomes a reality to us. It's a lot easier to share with everybody else you become the genuine salesperson a salesperson is just a communicator not a slick snake and all salespeople are like that some of the most genuine communicators that know how to identify something good and imparted to other people that's a good salesperson this thing is not a reality to us then we're not going to give it or if we give it it's not going to have the great effect that he wants it to have and so I agree 100 percent with the service of the Lord where she says the subjects' which we present to the world must be to us a living reality now what does that mean exactly think about it this way put these 4 things on the screen and for those of you who either want to take camera out if you want to write them down or what have you you can go ahead and do that these are various agitations that are happening in our world and they keep happening with great succession obviously we have economic agitations right over here we have ourselves the economic agitations things that are happening in our world right now with the Bible already showed us the rich are going to get richer the poor are going to get poorer and who's getting eliminated. Ah come on family it still is a prophecy you suppose you know the answer on that one James made it very clear the rich are going to get richer the poor are going to get poorer So who's the class that's going to start being eliminated the middle class have you been looking to C.N.N. Have you been paying attention to all of the various state was talking about our economy and how that group called the middle class is the one that is disappearing fast and furious and what happens is when the rich get richer they don't want to lose their riches so when the beast power comes along and puts the pressure either Bal or we take away your riches many of them are going to buckle the rich get richer and the going to want to stay rich the poor get poorer you see Solomon said it nice go to the Book of Proverbs 30 reminisce look at what Solomon said it's the incredible trap because it's funny God's Will God's desire is neither for us to be rich or poor he wanted us to be right there in the middle and it's interesting because it's the middle that's disappearing notice Proverbs 30 notice what the Bible says right there in verse 7 proverbs looking at what chapter notice what the Bible says In Proverbs 30 right there in verse $72.00 things have I require to be deny me them not before I die watch remove far from me vanity and lies give me neither what poverty nor riches wash them give me neither poverty nor riches feed me with food convenient for me now watch what it says in verse 9 lest I be one fall if I'm full What is the temptation to do what to deny God you get that do you see that happening amongst the rich. Do we see that the more rich we are is the more we begin to say it's my money and it's not God's money it's my house and not God's house it's my car and not God's car it's my investments it's pretty amazing how immediately we can begin denying God it doesn't always mean that you say there is no God because once you take over what God has given to you you are basically saying there is no God that's a great temptation for the rich but what else does he say in verse 9 he says lest I be full and deny me and say Who is the Lord but then what else does he say or lest I be poor and was a temptation for the poor and they steal and take the name of my God in vain when you are lacking you see rich and poor these are things we do we really need to study this out being poor means you don't even have enough to take care of your needs that's why it's not God's will for people to be poisoned the poor will be with us always he stating a fact but that wasn't his will what God is saying is if I'm poor or I don't have to even supply my needs and therefore my temptation is that I'm going to be tempted to do something dishonest to supply my needs and so it's interesting Give me the riches nor poverty which means you can only be there in the middle and that's the very want to say they want to get rid of Give Me Just what's convenient for me that's the middle I don't need to have this over abundance because I'm going to be tempted I certainly don't want to be under what I need because I'm going to be tempted but if I have exactly what I need I'm content is not interesting and so here it is the inspiration makes it clear in these very last moment of US history there's going to be temptations there's going to be agitations on the economy but then there's also going to be more role as a Taishan Zz are we not living in such a time as that today. It seems like man is calling the shots man even says whether he's a man or not women are saying that whether they're women or not is a little cartoon picture did it for the purpose of humor but it's actually kind of hurtful when you really think about it and I believe with all my heart we're living in a time where the people of God need to make it plain we are living in a time there was a little cartoon given of a woman having a baby and when the woman had the baby the child comes out and when the child comes out the husband's in the back saying what's the baby male or female and the doctor's answer was I don't know they haven't decided yet that's the world we live in today that's the world we live in today and so now we are going to tell God what we are we are going to tell God who we can marry we are going to tell God what is actually morally right and what is quote unquote morally wrong all how true it was what Isaiah said in Isaiah Chapter 5 notice what the Bible says when you look at Isaiah the 5th chapter notice what Isaiah said it was a 100 percent true statement Yea I say this isn't a book of Isaiah Chapter 5 notice what the Bible says we are living in these times moral as a Taishan are happening all throughout our world the Bible says and I say we're looking at the 5th chapter consider what it says right there in verse 20 the Bible says and Isaiah 5 and verse 24 unto them that call was what they call evil good and what are they called good what they call evil good and good evil that put darkness for light and light for darkness that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter God says He puts a wall on those people who are living in a time right now with the things that the Bible calls evil people calling it good. The things that the Bible calls good the people are calling it evil and we are wondering why we are seeing more killing we're wondering why we're seeing more stealing we're wondering why we're seeing more hate we wonder why we see a more crime we're seeing all of these things because once man deems himself of God He introduces confusion to the land and that's a time when living and right now so we have ourselves economic agitations we have moral agitations we have political agitations and we have atmospheric agitations and of course we all know about that you all were praying for me another hurricane is coming and all these different things brothers and sisters the reality is that our world is turning upside down and we're finding that it's getting more frequent it's getting more disastrous it's getting more powerful and it's not going to stop until it reaches its climax and the question is what is that climax and the answer is very simple that climax is right here we are told the substitution of the laws of men for the law of God The exhortation by merely human authority of Sunday in place of the Bible Sabbath is the what act the last act in the drama of volume 7 of the testimonies to the church page 141 this well the stuff leading to now it would be enough if it was simply prophecy taking place in the world prophecy being fulfilled in the world but my brothers and sisters not just that this prophecy being fulfilled not merely in the world but prophecy being fulfilled in the church and God wanted us to pay attention to both of these things go to the book of 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 notice what the Bible says in 1st Corinthians the 10th chapter the Apostle Paul he spelled it out very beautifully he made it very plain It would be very difficult to miss it in 1st Corinthians 10 verses $1.00 to $4.00. Paul is talking about when God's people left Egypt and were on their way to Canaan land and that rock that was following them providing their warder providing them food that rock was none other than Christ but then from verses 5 to 10 Paul then shows how much they appreciated God's provisions they murmured they complained they committed sin and fornication and all these things and suffered terrible judgments but then Paul says this thing in verse 11 that we would do well to consider what does he say in verse 11 of 1st Corinthians 10 he says Now how many of these things he says now all these things were would all these things happen unto them for what is the word and samples mean we would say example right now let's just think about it there was a whole bunch of sinful activity the children of Israel were doing was that supposed to be an example for you and I is that example you'd want to be for me God forbid right so it's not merely an exit poll per se it's actually and sample the Greek word is 2 poles it means types every time you have a type you also have to have N. and type type whenever you think of a type think of a symbol whenever you think of it anti typed think of a reality today was the sign out when you walk outside that sun shines on your body you know to put on the ground a type is called a shadow that shadow is a reflection of a reality a real body you get that every time you go outside you are literally walking through type ology every time you go outside every kind of sunshine in your body and you see that little shadow there you can say all of that type and then you can say anti-type we do this with little children we teach the same to our. And all the children outside skipping around tight times you know this is really nice you know whatever the type of anti-type So again symbol reality you get that now Paul says all these things happen and to them for types and every type has to have an anti-type So who's the anti-type the rest of the verse is says now all these things happen unto them 4 types for symbols and they are written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world are come so that's referred to God's people in the last days of the end of the world you get that that's why I told you when you read these stories of the children of Israel and what they went through coming out of Egypt and all these things it's not just past truth it's present truth to watching what a lot of God's people are going to do in these very last moments of US history towards the end of time you get that now let's look at some of the things they did notice in the southern Works page $44.00 it says the history of the world in this life of God's chosen people was chronicled for the benefit of the Israel of God till when the polls of time now watch this what are some of the things that happen during the days of God's people what are some of the things that happened well number one there was a rebellion against what was that right there was those who were rebellion against health reform Exodus 161 through 4 and numbers 114 through 631235 God provided a lovely health provision for his people does anybody know what it was call. It was called matter you ever they came out easy and they start to get those little belly grouse and as soon as they got those belly growls they actually got slavery flashbacks. They actually started thinking of themselves men because I'm so hungry I actually would prefer to go back into slavery and eat what I want then to be free and have a restricted diet can you imagine that this was the mindset of God's people God's people and so it is God says in His loving patient merciful way he says all right I see what the people are doing he says tell them I'm going to rain down something from heaven called Man of the word man of means what is it that's why every morning when you get Morning man and you get on your knees you go before God and say Lord what is it that you want me to learn about you today as the principle of man of morning that I get up every morning Lord what is it that I need for the challenges of the trials is coming to me today now when that started to happen here it is by the time you get to numbers 11 there complaining to Moses about God's provision God gave them something better than the flesh pots of Egypt but they didn't want that they wanted the other stuff and God gave it back to them and we know that story very well by time you get the numbers 113-1235 they are stricken with the plague and many of them have died allowing appetite to control we must be careful of allowing our bellies to be our God. And so this is what happened this is the side of the people of God's history we are not to repeat when God provides you with something better family learned to appreciate it when God gives you an understanding of principles of health and he shows you a better way of eating a better way of living don't shun it don't hate it family it's God's simple little message of love saying my desire that's why I love 3rd John in verse 2 he starts with beloved he wants you to know I love you. I wish above all things that you may prosper and be healthy even as your soul prospers that's what God wants for you but it requires cooperation not only that we know that there was a rejection of God's messengers number 161 to 3 numbers 269 and 10 God is a God of order family and God sets up individuals in positions of authority to be under shepherds to be leaders to guide the sheep and keep them in safe pastures and when God raises up these messengers and a messenger can be a pastor a messenger can certainly be a lazy individual and she certainly a messenger can be God's delegated prophet for the remnant and when God raises up these messengers we must make sure that we do not become modern day date then chorus and by room that we begin to fight back against God's messengers and say listen I got God's Spirit I have the testimony of Jesus just like are my words just as authoritative as her words brother you got to be careful of making yourself an appointed profit making yourself an appointed messenger questioning the authority of God's words this is what happened in times past God says there's going to be a people in the last days amongst my people that's going to question my messenger they're going to question the messages they're going to question the truth of this time and they will rise up and we know the story of the Bible says that that Earth will open up and those rebellious souls were swallowed up and they didn't just die atemporal death they died with an appointment for eternal death why would any of us that such a fate fall on our lives God says I have given this on to my people that they may understand that they may see don't follow this side of history. It is not just that all my brothers or sisters false worship as a result of worldly laity and weak leadership Exodus 321 through 6 and 21 through 24 and that's exactly what happened the people wanted to come to church and they wanted to make it like a good all party lifestyle and the leadership unfortunately was so weak that they gave in to the people and they gave them what they wanted rather than what they needed God says there's going to be a repeat I'm going to have many leaders that are in my church that are going to turn away from my truth and they're going to start to feed the flock strange food God said that this is going to happen this is going to be many people in my church that are going to want to bring the world amongst the Saints because they're still not converted gusset this is going to happen I remember when I came in I was into hip hop brothers and sisters and I want to hip hop everything in same way people like salt on all their food I want to hip hop all my music if I listen to gospel has to be hip hop gospel from a listen to him has to be a hip hop in and I never heard of a hip hop in but that's how much I love hip hop what I'm saying is so when I came into the church certainly I was listening to hip hop rap gospel rap and this than any other because I got to keep the hip hop flavor but God was showing me blame that's an attachment to the world I need to cut and so I remember I started listening to these boring him. And I did not like them you know when I started liking him he was funny proverbs for a verse 7 you know the Bible says wisdom is the principal thing therefore get wisdom and with all thy getting get understanding you know what God did for me this literally changed my whole view on him. One day we had a youth service where we did history of the hymns history of the hymns. And the whole purpose of that new service was all of the young people had to study the stories behind the hymns and every young person would have to go up and they would go ahead and say there was a husband and a wife and they had such and such amount of children the wife and the children went on a boat and they would go on to the ocean and when they went on to the ocean and they would tell the whole story of how the boat went down on the bench really the little children drowned and died and the next you know when the wife had to report that tragic event to her husband that husband began to say when peace like a river attended my way and when. Like. What ever my lot now has taught me to say it is well with myself I remember the 1st time I said wait a minute that's the story behind that song yes and all of a sudden I found myself when he. Went. There. That. Is. Where. I found myself and. I find myself connecting with it and after that I said how many of the songs have stories like this behind it and next thing you know I went away from my so-called hip hop hymns and I began to love those genuine hymns because of the story behind the song. Brothers or sisters what I'm telling you is that unfortunately there's going to be a lot of people that are the part of the laity they're going to want to bring the world into the church and those are opportunities not simply to rebuke them but to educate them let them see the beauty of holiness. It's very easy to tell somebody this is a church of God we don't do that I don't know how much understanding you just imparted let them see you know why we say then instead of clapping in applauding everybody after they sing I tell you why young friend why we just say why is it that we don't behave like the concerts I thought the rock concert in the hip hop concert when everybody who. Knew him why don't we just sit those young people doesn't let me in Parson education do you know what a many Amen means let it be done and when somebody sings they're not in church for the purpose of entertainment there in the church for worship and so when they saying we are to join in with them in that worship experience and as we are all collectively worshipping God and singing great is very faithful there so whatever that song may be when it is over it is not for us to applaud because nobody was performing we say amen because we stand in agreement with the song that was sung and we're saying Lord let the words of that song so let it be in my life do you know many young people say that's why you say. Yeah that's why we say. Sometimes it's just imparting education God wants us to understand that unfortunately there's going to be so many that's going to say we want the world and we're going to bring it into the church and God says that is our opportunity that we can educate educate God makes it clear. That in these last moments of Earth's history we're going to see prophecy fulfilled without and we're going to see prophecy fulfilled within We're going to watch everything as it were seemed to go absolutely out of control and what do you do in those situations in those circumstances go to the book of Hebrews Chapter 12 The Book of Hebrews I I don't want to super simplify it in other words I'm not saying that there aren't some actions that we need to take place when we watch all of these things that are happening in Hebrews Chapter 12 what you see with the Bible says as we consider verses one and 2 you see Hebrews 12 is foundational to whatever response we give when we see the world going upside down or when we see those in the church going upside down it doesn't matter in either one of these cases Jesus says Pay attention to this principle in Hebrews $121.00 to watch what the Bible says it says wherefore seeing we also are compatible with so great a cloud of witnesses let us lay aside every weight and the sin which does so easily be set us and let us run with patience the race that is set before us looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him and do it across despising the shame and he said down at the right hand of the throne of God The reason God tells us to look on to Jesus is because Jesus understands a principle it's found in 2nd Corinthians 3 and verse 18 the more that you look until Jesus Jesus knows Bible holding you become changed you're going to start doing the same things I would do you're going to respond the same way I would respond and that's what he wants. Because we're going to see things in the world get worse we're going to see things yes in the church and often it's going to get worse but it doesn't stop there you see again yes we're going to see rebellion against health reform we're going to see rejection of God's messengers we're going to see false worship as a result the world the laity and we lead a ship and sadly we're going to see sexual sin like never before I marvel at how much adultery I find that more than I preach and then I teach I counsel more than my wife and I preach and teach we counsel counsel counsel counsel counsel and often we are counseling with people with broken homes husband cheating on wife wife cheating on husband all of the church and God says This ought not be an enemy had done this and so we find ourselves in a very serious conundrum now what is all of this leading to again notice this observe why in one of the testimonies to the church paid 6 o 9 in the last vision given me I was shown now Brother this is this is serious I was shown the spiralling fact that but a small portion of those who now profess the truth will be sanctified by it and be saved small portion now what it says I was appointed back to ancient Israel had but 2 of the adults of that vast army that left Egypt entered the land of Canaan modern Israel are in greater danger of forgetting God and being led into idolatry then were his ancient people again it's very likely that there might be some even one in this room this is rather you have to give me a single verse or single quote that I don't already know but remember how we started the message it's not about what you know the question is What are you doing with what you. That's the real question because according to the prophetic pen God says there's going to be a lot of people that know and are not doing that unfortunately are going to bus hell while that's not God's desire and certainly not God's desire for me I've told my family over and over again I tell my brothers and sisters everywhere I go if there's one thing especially over the past 2 years that God has made crystal clear to my mind is he really wants you to be happy I'm serious the more I study the Bible the more I study the spirit of prophecy he really wants you to be happy and the great problem is that most of us are not genuinely happy people and that's not God's fault a lot of us on not content a lot of us not to put on the happy sabbath days but we're not really happy my church knows me very well every time I go to Florence 70 administration I get ready to go to preach everybody knows what Brother Lim is going to say when I go up there I say Happy Sabbath everyone and then they all say happy Sabbath and then they know exactly what I'm going to say next I say Are you really happy they start smiling or some of them put their heads down they're like No not really happy isn't it amazing how we can learn to like lie and it just becomes commonplace but probably 90 percent of us in this room have the Sabbath and maybe up to 90 percent when I happy we're sad we're broken we're hurt and we're miserable and we need some serious help now I must say that you support the poor your whole life story of somebody you know hey how you do happy Sabbath friend well actually come sit down let me let me tell you you know I'm not suggesting that we do that or at least not with everybody but my point is sometimes I'm going to say this brother LEMON How you doing or they say happy sad of us a pleasant service to you they may say How you doing I'm not always I say I'm doing great this times that I might be in the middle of a war. And if I'm in the middle the world this and God is good we keep your brother in prayer I'll tell the truth God is good keep your brother in prayer that I give you my business I know but did I lie to you know what I'm saying is that God wants us to understand that this is real happiness genuine joy beautiful sweet health that he wants to give to every single one of us but it's not going to come from faking and it's certainly not going to come from lying we're going to have to come face to face with ourselves you see with all of these prophecies I had a whole bunch here but I'm going to pass it I had like you all know this little image here right what comes next if you die in a clay was that what is it was a represent divided nations a year the 10 divided kingdoms etc the feet of iron and clay represents a combining of church and state OK It's very easy if you go in there you look at the legs the legs of iron Rome was a political or state power when you look at the Clay Clay represents God's people or church so when you see a mingling of the iron and the clay you're seeing a mingling of church craft and state craft you seen that combo there Ella Weiss is a very beautifully she actually says right here manuscript release book 15 page 39 she says the mingling of church craft and state craft is represented by the iron and the clay this union is weakening all the power of the church is this investing the church with the power of the state will bring what will bring evil results men have almost passed the point of gospel bearers they have invested their strength in politics mercy. They have invested their strength in what. Politics what is going to bring evil results it says they have invested their strength in politics and have united with the papacy but the time will come when God will punish those who have made void is law and their evil work will require upon themselves God prophesied to that image and Daniel that the very last movie before the coming of Christ and His Kingdom is going to be the efforts to reunite church and state and living in those times right now and if you study Revelation 13 it has to come from the bottom up is going to come from the people the people are going to press in the nation the Supreme Court the judicial power which is already predominantly Catholic and they're going to go ahead and stand in agreement with what the people want the votes are going to go and before you know the image of the beast is going to be set up and it's going to bring about a persecution Now watch this the key is this what does God want us to do about all these things that are getting ready to come to pass 2 things the 1st Proverbs 23 go to Proverbs 20 we're going to wind it down to let you go Proverbs 23 there are 2 things that are very key that God wants so that we can truly be a people prepared to meet our God Proverbs 23 are you there OK look at Proverbs 23 the 1st thing that God wants is the 1st thing that God wants Proverbs 2326 The Bible says of Proverbs 2326 God makes clear what he wants he says my son do i give me heart God says I don't want your actions. Because I want your heart there's a reason the seal of God goes in the forehead because I want your heart do you really believe me do you really trust me. Do you really know that I have your best interest at heart even when some of the worst things that your mind can imagine happens to will you not take away your heart from me and so the number one thing God wants is your heart because if he doesn't get your heart he can't bring you in his house it is only those with a new heart that God can trust in his home the condition of our natural heart is that it is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked God cannot let a heart like that in his whole you wouldn't let a heart like that in your home if you knew somebody knocked on your door hello I'm deceitful above all things and I'm desperately wicked May I come in you and say absolutely not just come in for 5 minutes don't you came from you when he let me finish his sentence you close that door right quick guy says Well that's the point I know your heart and guts is the natural human heart I cannot trust that in my house that's why a new heart I must give you but in order for me to give you the new heart you must give me permission to take away that stony heart that's what God wants when he says my son give me that heart he's not saying give me your trust in all these things because you and I don't even know how to do that would be like a yo yo you know with regard to God and didn't just pull it back in so what God was is he was permission that's why Revelation 320 Behold I stand at the door and not so give me permission to come in you get that God says if you give me permission to come to your heart's door I will take away that stony heart and I'll give you the heart of flesh because you gave me permission God's a gentleman that's why you not to doesn't kick the door open he knocks and he says let me. So true preparation for the final crisis begins with us allowing God to take away this wicked contradictory selfish prideful heart that we all have and let him do an absolute miracle with. Create in the clean heart that's point number one point number 2 Mark Chapter one is the other thing God wants God wants you are know that time is wrapping up God wants your heart but now look at Mark the 1st chapter look right there verses 14 and 15 this is the other thing God wants Mark 114 and 15 when you get there let me know by saying amen all right in Mark one verses 14 and 15 look at what the Bible says the Bible says and Mark 114 and 15 the text says now after that John was put in prison Jesus came into Galilee preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God and saying The time is fulfilled and the Kingdom of God is at hand repent be and believe the Gospel when Jesus saw that John was in prison the Bible says Jesus did something when he saw prophecy being fulfilled what was he doing you tell me what was he doing talk to me when you see him doing preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God Is that right OK according to verse 15 Why was he doing because the time is fulfilled and the Kingdom of God is now at hand so notice as Jesus saw prophecy being fulfilled he went into massive active service preaching the gospel these either so God says number one I want your heart and then he says a number 2 I need to get to work and I need to go tell others that I want their heart you understand that now in order for us to do this is going to require power in order for us. To give that ever lasting gospel. With the kind of magnitude that God wants it to be given it is not going to just require early rain power it's going to require laddering power for us to help the world and those who are dying in the church to help their eyes truly be open and to understand where we are in time that we may know exactly what we should be doing it is going to require early rain power but we're also going to need to receive laddering power that we might give a very very loud cry and so what do we need to do to prepare to receive this power I'm going to give it to you so simple you can't miss it and I'm going to give it to you in a way that you can actually meditate on it throughout the night you're ready there were 16 things. That the disciples did in the upper room that prepare them to receive the early rain if we do these 16 things it will help prepare us to receive the latter rain we actually go to these fairly quickly we're not going to build a lot on it number one they humble their hearts in true repentance and confess their unbelief that is one of the things they did in the upper room they humble their hearts and true repentance and they confess their unbelief Where is it that you have still not repented truly what sin is still in your life that you have not truly turned away from then what is it. That you honestly can say you still don't believe God you still trust he who comes to God must believe that he is where is it that you still trust him Where is it you still don't believe Number 2 as they call to remembrance the words that Christ had spoken to them before his death they understood more fully their meaning truths which had passed from their memory were again brought to their minds and these they repeated to one another they repeat the words of God one to another the truth that was brought to their memory they went over the truth that they study that one time and they went over it again they reproached themselves for the mis apprehension of the Savior they truly had a sorrow for their sins you don't have to write this down on the give you reference where you can find all of them but they were comforted by the thought that they were forgiven all of this was happening in the upper room all of this as they meditated upon his pure holy life they felt that no toil would be too hard no sacrifice too great if only they could bear witness in their lives to the loveliness of Christ's character this is what they were talking about this is what they were thinking about in the upper room preparing to receive the rain they determined that so far as possible they would not tall for their unbelieve by bravely confessing Him before the world these were the resolve that were being made in the upper room the disciples prayed with intense earnestness for a fitness to meet men and in their daily intercourse to speak Words that would lead sinners to Christ this is what they were doing this was the result of. Putting away how many. All differences all desire for the supremacy they came close together in Christian Fellowship this is what they were doing to prepare to receive the rain they drew nearer and nearer to God and as they did this they realized what a privilege had been theirs in being permitted to associate so closely with Christ. Sadness filled their hearts as they thought of how many times they had grieved him by their slowness of comprehension their failure to understand the lessons that for their good he was trying to teach them these are the things that they were doing to prepare for the rain these days of preparation days of deep heart searching the disciples felt their spiritual need and cried to the Lord for the holy unction that was to fit them for the work of souls saving they did not ask for a blessing for themselves merely And in closing they were weighted with the burden of the salvation of souls where can you read all of this you can read from Acts of the Apostles pages 363716 things that they did the next paragraph says the Spirit of God came down we're talking about Latter Rain preparation in all honesty these 16 things right here is all that needs to be built upon for the rest of the weekend because that's that's what's going to get us ready for the rain is nothing else we have to understand where we are in time see our need to put away the distractions put away a lot of other things that are keeping us from falling into the arms of Jesus my brothers and sisters this thing is not difficult God is speaking plain again to his people the question is very simple Will you cooperate. We really cooperate because you know that means that means there's some of us right now that America husbands you've got to ask God to take that anger away and give you a spirit of peace somehow work in your heart to forgive even what appears to be unforgivable I said appears to be there are many husbands that just got to reconcile with the brides can't keep going home and let these arguments the bitter the anger and the resentment and all these things just exist in the heart can't do it these children that need to reconcile with their siblings with their parents parents with children and then when we get to the present often get about it God says all this competitiveness that even exists in ministry Gus's we've got to work together and yes that means you got to open up your bank account to us and we've got to open our bank account to you we've got to learn how to share all our resources they made sure they had all things in common that's what I read in Acts Chapter 4 it's not that God can't do it the question is do you trust him enough to let him get it done and that is really my heart's plea to every single one of us in this room you don't need a whole lot more preaching and teaching which you need to start doing is really looking at your heart and saying where in the world am I rebelling against God What is it that I have not surrendered we just came back from the ministry and I tell you the truth it was God's ordinance all the ministers that were there that was like a ministers can't meet a lot of ministers and ministries were all there under the same tent and God in His Providence gave a tremendous focus the whole camp meeting love and unity love and unity that's the only way this work gets finished I promise you if we keep doing things the way we're doing right now everybody beat each other up over the Internet and everybody's taking these undercut stabs and jabs at each other and all this other stuff if we keep that stuff going on I guarantee you will be here at least for another 50 years guarantee but if we want to hasten the coming of the Lord. It's time for people to start coming together praying and I talk about dropping truth I'm not dropping truth for anybody I might say that right now I'm not dropping truth for anybody but the thing is don't drop truth some of us are making up our own truth and making it like it is scripture those things need to be put away but God wants to make a clear demonstration and I will talk about that demonstration of it's a beautiful demonstration you see I'm going to show you one more fulfillment of prophecy especially inside the church and this one is glory. And this is the one that God is still waiting on and so if you know you're under the sound of my voice right now and I'm just speaking to you really from my heart if you know this still rebellion I'm talking to every young person as well as every older individual is not only young people that were built over the people rebel too if some of us still have bitterness and anger and resentment towards our spouses and towards others maybe got a parent you have to give it some relative or friend fellow worker or whatever name if you know you've got those dividing lines that are still existing in your heart right now tonight I am appealing to you. Plead with the Lord come into my heart. Give me your forgiveness. Help me to see my old friend. Like how you looked at me when I was in. The Bible says that God sent His Son When we were his enemies. Would let his son die for as. You can love your enemy. You can pray for those who persecute. Hearthrug. God is the only one. So if you see a weakness if you see a frailty if you know my home is messed up my heart is messed up I can see the areas where I'm frustrated the Gospel and tonight. Pleading with. Come into my heart these things out is more than willing to do it he's want to do it for quite some time. One of the let him do it tonight if you're in that category if you're not of that category please stay seated I'm speaking to those who are in that category if you know you are in that. Still stuff going on in your heart that you know God needs to clean it up. I'm inviting you to spend I want to pray for whatever you are. It's very late in Earth's history. It's very late family very late. Thank the Lord not too late. So you're standing because God must give you real victory. To walk you through step by step and that's what I want to spend the rest of my weekend talking about how to walk a real true practical think Tyrie. To the power there earlier a. Perilous risk that led. That which is impossible with me praise God is possible with. A loving father we are so grateful for it and I thank you lord that you have heard. What we don't want to be like those Israelites making your words plain. But for some reason which still frustrated the. Father I have no idea how deep the wounds and the pain is. All these precious souls some of my. I know my pain very. Father I am grateful. That your son Jesus is truly a ball that provides the most. And there's no problem there's no cut there's no one that is so deep. That you do not have the perfect. Blood of Jesus to bring. Praying for every individual under the sound of my voice that is me in that battle or. When they hear the voice of Satan constantly telling them you can't do impossible maybe for everybody else but not for you I pray that you will help us to remember your wonderful words these are the thoughts that I think towards thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you an expected and help us to remember that every negative thought every evil wish that comes to our mind comes from the evil one. Help us not to entertain his suggestion. That we buy plane promises lift up our voices cry out and call out. Father please give us real time. Help us to reflect. As we should. This is our prayer Lord that we asked. In Jesus Name. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio. If you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W.W.W. audio or.


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