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The Racial Divides, Part 2

David Williams


David Williams

Professor of African and African American Studies and Sociology at the University of Michigan



  • December 31, 2009
    10:45 AM
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for your benefit topically dealing with the done viewing the second half same as the first half of this cup up in a couple key points that you mess is why do so many well-meaning Christians discriminate against others every day is our general topic there's some core principles that we spent time on the beginning that the really important in terms of the whole series and undoing the six by Susan and doing importantly we simply focused on John seventeen and Christ called for unity I am emphasizing as we think about Christ called for unity the fact that Jesus himself said that when we are one evening at seeing the five oh one the world will believe in the world will know that he has been sent so that the unity is not just political correctness is not just a good idea it's a command from God because it's one of the more effective ways in which we can witness in fact the spirit of prophecy indicates that this single strongest witness that can be blonde that God has sent his son into the world and she's elaborate John seventeen is commonly an union existence among price follows the unity is not an optional thing it is essential to us accomplish in the tasks that God has given us to do I also emphasized in each of my presentations that that that that that the promise of what can be accomplished when we humble ourselves before God when we look at bay they fit the challenges that we face when we win a kind and love then spread across his face if we would only do this it would be one hundred conversions to the truth when now there is one so partly one insane is that although we don't talk a lot about unity unity is one of the most active mechanisms strategies of evangelism and in my last goose seminars that's tomorrow morning we will send truly going to John seventeen and simply going to the spirit of prophecy to understand how can we get this unity one of the steps we need to take what it promises of God for dealing with Princess okay what you missed was my presentation on John chapter four when we look at Jesus as an content of the woman at the well and that good Samaritan woman that is encountered with someone of a different ethnic group of a despised ethnic group someone that the social rules that he should have nothing to do with Jesus someone who was negatively stereotype in many ways and Jesus rose above them and those serotypes and in fact Minnesota this person I then tried to bring to make this a real by looking at an area where I have been doing research at a national level in an health policy that has to do with disparities in medical care by helping provided in the United States and arts give several examples of them just to make the point that the average person and certainly the average Christian in the average Adventists would think I would work stereotype people and treat them differently I wouldn't discriminate against others I'm just showing you research announcement research on physicians some of the most educated and respected health professional freight will repeat this one study I sent several other than this one study even though the people just coming to give you context because the minimum following from this point this study for those of you just scan is an example from a report that was done that was requested by the United States Congress that was completed by the Institute of medicine with the highest medical authority in the country I happen to a served on the panel of twelve ex-president brought together for this this is just one of over two hundred studies in different areas of medicine that showed the same pattern Doctor Todd was an emergency room physician at the UCLA medical center and he asked a very simple question when a patient comes the UCLA medical center with a broken bone and that all legs of physicians the long bone fracture is there a difference by ethnicity and whether the patient receives pain medication on the appetite went back through the medical records for an entire year at UCLA and found that of Hispanics and came to UCLA with a broken bone legs fifty six percent of fifty five percent of Hispanics did not receive any pain medication compared to twenty six percent of non-Hispanic whites striking pattern many statistically adjusted for all of the other potential vaccinations a single strum was predictive of what the patient received a medication or not was Hispanic ethnicity into the second study any look to see how patients express train how providers could identify the way in which the pain patients were and because one hypothesis was that maybe Hispanic manifest pain in a cultural way that provided the just left the linen on what he found was that physicians could equally tell the severity of pain and Hispanic race was versus publication but we systematically did prescribe less pain medication at the top move from UCLA to Emory University in Atlanta repeated it seems that it are three lives largest emergency rooms in Atlanta looking at black-and-white basis upon exactly the same thing a black patient with a broken bone legs going to an emergency room in Atlanta is less likely to get pain medication a white patient of silt we were left with a question that this is just one study of the time the Institute of medicine report was released in two thousand and three it will two hundred studies that documented and published scientific medical literature is no question about the science this happens the question is how on earth do we make sense of it how is it possible that well-meaning highly educated health professionals in the US working under usual circumstances going to work every day seeking to do their best I honestly believe all of their patients how is it possible that they could create a pattern of care that is still discriminatory because of them I just give an example of pain medication but for those of care FL I show you this occurs in every areas roughly best documented and if vascular treatment but if that's true in every area of medicine colors correctly make sense of it how why he would race matters so much in terms of how patients are treated on one of the implications of that for us as Christians and the coast the that we could see people differently in the same way and not even be aware that we are doing it they are multiple excellent in for the potential of these differences one of the most compelling one for which there was some evidence that in two thousand and three one voice is a lot more evidence today is a phenomenon called unconscious for unthinking discrimination based on negative stereotypes that is a large body of social scientific research that is a robust finding this is not what Americans is about people it's not about racial stereotypes about stereotypes what this research indicate is that when you hold systematic negative beliefs about a group of people and you meet someone from that group it's an automatic process and it's an unconscious process he would treat that person differently I'm honestly not know that you didn't this is important you've got again this is the central point is called unconscious or unthinking discrimination based on negative stereotypes very well empirically documented in the US and in other societies it is moving to the way the human mind processes information it's link to what social psychologist calls processes of group categorization or a bus process this sensory input that we receive every day into groups if the one of the ways that we use it in terms of perception to make sense of all world and to simplify all of the information we receive we process things into groups so we all do this is how humans perceive the issue is where are you what is your background what is your social contacts on what reason do you view negatively so let's put things into groups one new research shows when you have some groups that he was systematically look at negatively he would treat a person in the video from that group differently and importantly you will not know that you have done with deliberate discrimination if not intentional discrimination is discrimination on the last meeting get pain medication and pain when it was conscious unconscious but if the process of how all of us handle information that all of us need to be aware of the question is is there an negative stereotypes of groups that the provide a way to think about this and I want to show you quickly a few slides to document the persistence of race fan in American society and investment to show slides and an first one is celebrated good news on silliness lives than we go back to this one I'm sure his slides to illustrate the dramatic changes in American society the question of race in the last fifty years in these astounding changes so here is an example of a question do you think Negroes should have as good a chance as white people to get any kind of job what do you think why people should have the first chance of any kind of job this question was first asked in nineteen forty four and what I'm showing you is on the points over time with the identical question has been asked in national sample of whites in the United States and you can see the dramatic increase in the percent of people who said Negroes inhabits good stances like to get any job nineteen forty four eleven half white I believe that I need to think over time by the last end up with about ninety seventy three over ninety six percent of whites that yet everybody should be equal that it's been a dramatic change in this country music celebrate that on the principle of equality is the flip side of the question all whites and have the first of the any job back in nineteen forty four the first and the question was at the density that fifty four percent of whites that the whites of the first of many don't believe in front of action for whites the dramatic change over time a nineteen seventy two the last time the question was that you could see that lesson five percent of whites said that so it's a dramatic change we can celebrate the changes we have made on race as a nation however what the research also showed that all that is the universal commitment to the principle of equality that is what researchers call a principal implementation dad there is more support for Angel to equality in principle then endorsement policy that would achieve it I will give you one example just to illustrate the point is that it is appointed in my so this is a question something feeling that people are not getting fair treatment jobs the government and watching Odyssey with a bid to other theaters is not a federal government 's business have you had enough interest in this question to favor one side or the other how do you feel should the government in Washington it would've back to get the treatment job so is this not the federal government 's business this have to do then with policies to implement it is one example there's a lot of stuff going on here what I want to illustrate I show you the data on the principle we saw that before and I'm showing you to date on the implementation you can see the implementation government should ensure that discrimination in jobs what percentage of people say the government should ensure nondiscrimination and John you can see it around thirty percent in the last time the question was that in two thousand and four so what everybody supports the principle of equality there is much field people support policies to implement it and actually over time the people who think I could care less one with the other with a discrimination is not exactly increase in some saying that it is progress and in some dramatic sense but it's a little complicated as another example but in interest of time I'm not going to that I want to show some strike ended on stereotypes and then try to bring the message home in a spiritual context for each one of us stereotypes are currently talked about staircase we talk about the woman and well on the negative start after the visit of us Americans back in the time of Christ what level of stereotyping in the United States along racial lines the day I will share with you data from the General social survey is the most respected social indicators survey in the US funded by the national science foundation done at the University of Chicago this was to be done in nineteen ninety of the national sample of white what you can see in this national sample is forty four percent of whites believe that blacks are lazy fifty six percent of blacks prefer the liberal welfare fifty one percent from the violence twenty nine percent of black the unintelligent if I look at how whites perceive whites compared to how they perceive themselves you can see that forty four percent of whites believe that blacks are lazy but only five percent of whites believe that whites are lazy so you can see dramatic racial stereotyping is very relevant example of the physician because physicians come from the same society their products not all of them by any means of these territories that exist on another way to look at the stair types the way these questions will ask him staircase we don't ask them yes I know because no one answers them to be offended by the question we estimate a seven point scale will be safe for it neither agree or disagree with the people in the middle collapsing for the degree the blade enough on an agreed-upon work on one side is an open upon the end of the stereotype you can see that one in five Weitzel P what were one of the state of the hard work and referred to be self-supporting I'm not prone to violence all our intelligence and you could see their view of themselves much more positively the only point I'm raising this is the point to the fact that it is dramatic variation in stereotyping in all societies that becomes part of the background and cultural context in which we will understand the differences what I also want to illustrate care across the fullest stereotypes this pattern exists for every single stereotype and what you can see is the original data I showed you thank you so very much what what you can see the original VIC review that fifty six percent of whites believed that blacks prefer to live off welfare but that focus and white me that white before the liberal welfare this hierarchy of different groups these majestic groups that were asked in the study I didn't go to study them just using the data Hispanics have viewed twice as negatively as a jump cc forty two percent of whites believe that Hispanics are preferred with a focus at sixteen percent believe that Asians prefer the welfare saw the whites are consistently viewed more negatively than whites in general across all the stereotypes we chose viewed more positively than whites in general that is the national data department exists I'm not getting into the interference of them it does illustrate and that is the dramatically high level of stereotyping in some unsafe that's nineteen ninety data do we have more recent data this is the same social indicators survey this is the two thousand is not a percent of white this is within the oil Americans viewing different groups papacy forty five percent of all Americans the black I go to violence of all Americans forty one percent why is my length and focus on the Hispanic Asians to sunlight with that in this hit it with the event sequencing a pattern across groups in general you can see in the year two thousand similar data on the levels of stereotyping and this one if this is the startup of being lazy and again you can see blacks whites Hispanics Asians Jews okay sometimes intimates any question for those of you are Jennifer assessment of it any questions from going too fast stop me the question for clarification stop me as we go through else I'll just keep moving along thinking you with me the last time any of these archive index social indicators survey was just in two thousand and six of all Americans what percentage me the black the lazy assembly the wife of the feet again the point of showing you is a consistent pattern of negative stereotyping so the issue is given the level of unconscious discrimination of Sarah Tyson we can presume that they would be a high level of unconscious discrimination it is everyone with me on because the central phenomenon of unconscious of the effect is so important some civil rights others have argued that civil rights legislation in the United States is flowing because it requires you on the recent Supreme Court was required to prove intent this research suggests of the a lot of discrimination what this high-level surfactant for which there is no intent is unconscious is something to be going well to get it out but they have an intent at all it needs to trigger if the presence of negative setbacks this automatic is unconscious this is well-documented it occurs among people who are not prejudice in terms of any cognitive measure of prejudice someone I know I would never do it I go by what I showed back in the first session called to let him think if you stand that take heed that before all we can look an example of Peter on the night of the crucifixion said because it was thought even if all of them leave you I will never abandon Jesus said opening a look at success after that and the same send all the other disciples it wasn't just me to become him a lot but one of them said that Jesus said before the cup thrills Christ you will deny me if I can deny me thrice so I'm saying this is a well-established phenomenon I tell my students I am a prejudiced person if I am part of the society what we did for us which proves that Diebold into different social categories but that how I normally would process information I will do this and an progress begins with my own recognition that this is impossible for me the point I'm making is this is a robust phenomenon generalizable across the range of of social characteristics across society this is not an American phenomenon is not about race it's about what groups and categories and what groups are viewed negatively the research in the US lines that someone's raise their agenda on the age are the three things we focus on first this week big things with vocal thought when we meet someone so that they become that the basis of potential discrimination now I want to talk about the biblical solution with them he just gave you a sense of what the social science research looked at either solutions things possible it can can can you overcome this one research finds is a bad stereotypes on every resistant to change and we tend to process information by seeing those things that are consistent with those stereotypes it's like witnessing everything up one level but what do those things that confirm the belief we have attempted this little thing but inconsistent with all beliefs how we process information but persons who hold egalitarian beliefs are less likely to activate negative stereotypes when exposed to neutral stimuli but not when exposed to negative stimuli so it helps with only of the pit is some evidence that we can unconsciously if we all aware of the fact that this is possible for us we can respond without discrimination but we first have to be aware of the fact that this could happen to me and ended the biggest challenge a lot of people to think I would never do that if you think you never though that you do it if you realize I could do this I've got to be aware that this is a potential danger by half the time I have to have motivation it's possible for us to do it the other thing that that research suggests is that something called come to stereotype mental imagery if you think women old women a week and you women negatively if you can stop and think what a strong woman would look like and think that a woman could be strong on the ways in which she could be strong that might actually help you with call counter stereotype imagery the other thing that research suggests is putting yourself in the place of the other person also can help to reduce the tendency that if you could imagine what life would be like in that person 's shoes we make a difference in reducing the chances of this happening what I'm saying is that there's some bad news there's a lot of negative stereotyping economies of the race in American society today and we have questions upon the society it can be a problem for us the good news is all of us people will rate this one to do better I think that the genuine desire under the overwhelming proportion of people in all societies wanted to be better than bottom-line take-home point I am making the is that school intentions are not enough just having good intentions are not enough and that we need help if you will be successful in global common these natural human tendencies negatively put in people into particular categories go back to the example I use in the last cell of the woman at the well unlock broadly less let's consider the example of Jesus and let's consider another example of advances Jesus came to the world on Jesus so long as they shown an example of the woman and well a society in which it was ethnocentrism it with negative stereotyping and it was social injustice Jesus didn't just pray and say that things would get better in heaven Jesus took action every single day with employees single person that Jesus encountered he looked at them through Ambleside in the new people the way God would view them I did say that each person with dignity and grace I'm saying that Jesus roles above the stair types of his society and he saw each individual as a person made in the image of God and that's what he's called in do Jesus affirmed by the way he treated people that regardless of where they will born with their parents worldwide job they did how much money they had what kind of tools the war what neighborhood they live in what are they which thought what all what to do with them all fat red or yellow black or white Jesus think of every man every woman every boy every girl is precious in God 's sight and that's what you want us to do in every day as Jesus walked the dusty roads of Galilee it is by the outflow was that nobody than the null goods will pull out of the little social box live in social category that society had put them into uplifted into authentic personhood by Jesus my message this morning is that Jesus broke down all of the social barriers and stereotypes that separate the people from each other if you read the gospel message carefully to see that when Jesus chose Symons of the lot to be one of his father was he was breaking down political barriers and was thinking of terrorists off his day to be one of the following bag with Zaki yes Jesus was ignoring the barriers of social class in talking with the woman of Samaria he put aside his social value than the social stereotypes inherent in the field of the cyber Phoenician woman and praising the faith of the Roman centurion Jesus was bypassed in the areas of nationality he allowed a woman who was the sin of the touch him forget in the body of reputation appalled widow gives from Mike and Jesus felt the rough appraise overcoming economic barriers when the disciples feet were dirty Jesus washed them not mine and the barrier between the master and a servant when the disciples criticize the follow-up who did not belong to the group and Jesus would be okay and tolerance setting aside the number national barriers at the baby and full of men rejoice in him as a young Jesus died still a young man short on plot the same Jesus across the barriers of age I'm saying to you today Jesus was a bridge over the troubled waters of all prejudices stereotypes and social categories of social categorization of people became to demonstrate that the only service that is valuable and qualifies Islam in service that begins by viewing every person 's rules hadn't thought someplace safe to me out of here you'll understand I would never discriminate against anybody that's the way my mother brought me up again I remind you that came to think of extended take heed that before the scientific research shows you don't even have to be prejudice but as long as evil negative stereotypes of some groups and you meet someone who fits the stereotype it's automatic is unconscious you would treat people differently and not be aware of it so I say to you this morning do I think attendees are your stereotypes about others but asserted that was just accessible immigrants and illegal immigrants very much in the news today if we hold stereotypes to affect how we treat others negative stereotypes can prevent us from each person as an individual negative beliefs about groups and prevent us from looking at each side of humanity threatens eyes going to ask you to deny reality but he that cannot look at everyone's a week he looks at us I'm going to see the not as we as we can become through his grace so I say to you what your serotypes today in effect that's what black Americans what I dare type of white people about to lose about women about people who live in certain neighborhoods are American engines like to you your systematic beliefs of what people come from Germany or Jamaica from PTO Nigeria what are your beliefs about Palestinians or Italians all Californians of Guyanese in your little world of putting people into boxes and we all tend to do that one of people who come from Appalachia like all Mississippi of South Africa what I'm saying is we need to have the Holy Spirit remind us every days has made of one blood all nations of men but to dwell upon the face of beer and we need to ask God to anoint our eyes with eye salve of his grace so that we can look at every child of humanity through headlines man looks at outward appearance god looks at the heart and we need to learn to do that ourselves in somebody's face to me but you don't understand eminent dentist we have the truth we don't have such province we wouldn't do things like that I think with me to the African country of Rwanda India nineteen ninety four that Tillman tribal groups and wonder the majority group other platoons that short doc knows and stick with the hotels were exploited by the Germans and Belgians who colonized Rwanda and they were told that they were descended from heaven and were an inferior race the other tribal group in one attitudes these they were told in my complexion with narrow noses and thin lips they were favored by the European colonists and were told that they were descended from Shem and were all the superior race in April nineteen ninety four the country of Rwanda erupted in violence with who to attack and intended to seize the United Nations estimates that before all of the fighting was over one million people mostly tootsies were killed and over one has one of the highest concentrations of Seventh-day Adventists in the world back in the early nineteen nineties one in every fifty people in Rwanda with seven advances it is believed that at least ten thousand advances were killed in one I want to tell you about one incident that has been called the Sabbath massacre it was an incident of disease most of full seven-day Adventist who killed the massive cuts in place on the compound of the waters of the seven Adventist church and wonder but it was engineered by deleted of Congo 's president of the administered according to the media reports and the indictment of the United Nations criminal Tribunal the slaughter of hundreds of two thieves was masterminded by the Seventh-day Adventist was a member of the pool to try and come and had invited it to seize the continent at the compound at the place of refuge the tootsies however believe reason to believe in hearts he was a spiritual leader second although he was a fool to this why was it something so they believe that when you extend the invitation to come in and you would be safe they would be safe more than two thousand Tutsi 's came to the Adventist compound it with a large church on the compound a chapel a hospital and nursing school according to the reports of the survivors once they were at a compound sentence leaves were not provided medical treatment on the conference president and his son his son was a medical doctor evacuated several valuable tools that would bear a separate in the Hutus from the tootsies Friday evening April fifteenth the tootsies learn that they will be killed in the morning Sabbath morning sample Seventh-day Adventist pastors who were tootsies for part of the two thousand two please invited to the compound at a place of safety wrote a letter to their fellow Adventist conference president who happened to be a Bluetooth hat intellective Olympia Alito passed then I can pronounce the name how are you we wish you to be strong with all these problems we are facing we wish to inform you that we have heard that tomorrow we will be killed with all families by the way that the book the indicted any bookstore that the title of the book we wish to inform you that we have heard that tomorrow will be killed with all families you can find the borders of any bookstore that are not restricted to have it in stock therefore request the letter goes on to intervene on our behalf and talk with the man we believe that with the help of God entrusted to the leadership of the flock which is going to be destroyed you'll end dimension would be highly appreciated the same way as the Jews were saved by Esther we gave honesty this is a letter upon the survivors written by several Seventh-day Adventist minister who happened to be to think the conference rather than who happened to be put to on Friday night when they heard it will go to be killed in the morning one survivor reported that a confluence president 's response was on a coat your problem has already found a solution you must die on another saliva remembered him saying I code you must be eliminated God no longer once you on Ben at nine o'clock on Sabbath morning April sixteen nineteen ninety four nine o'clock the time when Adventists around the world normally start getting ready to go to Sabbath school the conference president and his son a medical doctor brought in the local Hutu militia men who use guns machetes and grenades to eliminate the two things those who cry for help were hacked to death and in the evening ten gas was used to see if anyone was alive among the hundreds of dead bodies the story received considerable media coverage in the United States because the conference president legally migrated to the US to live with one of his children in Laredo Texas he lost several appeals to stay in the US and he was arrested by the FBI in September nineteen ninety six he what I did to face charges of genocide and crimes against humanity in fact for the first time in the history of the United States that the US government surrender the defendant from American soil to the UN tribunal on February nineteenth two thousand and three the UN tribunal found that the conference president age seventy eight at the time of his son the medical doctor age forty five convicted them and found them guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity his son was also convicted of agent and abetted genocide why did I tell you the story 's true story is in the media go online and find facts about it the story must remind each one of us that the human heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked the harvest of history must remind us that it's not enough to have the right doctrines is not enough to belong the remnant church is not enough that they are ties and dress respectively and hold positions of leadership in church or society somebody asked this morning what is the solution what can help us to overcome this natural human tendency to be prejudiced and to discriminate against others but I say the answer comes in the words of that beautiful him that we know so well nothing but the blood of Jesus what can make us feel within nothing but the blood of Jesus or precious is that flow that makes us white as snow no are the ones we know then by the blood of Jesus that story tells us that each one of us need to be on the care of Doctor Jesus every day the solution to the problems of hate and indifference and prejudice and discrimination and human pride is filed in the power of the gospel to transform us from being selfish and self-centered to being humble soul of love and full of service to others and someone say how on earth do we get this kind of love price subject matter will space created for powerful quotation that really brings the point home Powell it saved love is the basis of godliness no and all woman cuts fuel love to God unless he has unselfish love for his brother and then end-of-life phase which is striking the Avis model is not the work you can't walk out of the store and say I'm going to try harder and I'm good to be successful we can never cc that usually a attention when the spread of problems the use of absolutes we can never come into possession of the spirit by trying to love others with the kid is trying is not been held what is the solution what is needed to save is the love of Christ in the heart when self is merged and cries love springs forth spontaneously into the experience you want that in your I have where you are how you live I see related people who love is constantly springing forth from within that entity our experience but so has been emerged in Christ love springs forth spontaneously she continues the completeness of Christian content is obtain when you close the account and that of those springs constantly from within she also saved it is not possible for the hot in which Christ by the big attitude of love so again Christ have to make we have to open the doors to the cries and made our hearts info when he is witnessed with lives within us when Allah cells is merged with them he transforms that to become more like theme and his love springs forth spontaneously it is striking and I was raised in Adventist and I think that this statement here the completeness of Christian Carter one of the Crystal Garden of perfection the definition of perfection hands very different the home I used to think of perfection when I was growing the definition of perfection have the complete of Christian target is obtained what is perfection when the impulse to help convince others springs constantly from within as you say when you live in a life of doing good to others because it's possible to do that to themselves they than the great judgment day that everyone accompaniments in Lord in your name and we don't all these wonderful works in your name company only thing I will send you hot for me I never knew you the adjustable delinquent it's about doing good from the right motives is doing right because Jesus is living with venue because the first of the skirt I be manifested in your life because this is happening spontaneously because Christ is resident in your heart and in your life the good news is the gospel promises that if we only let him Jesus say in your heart will I give you a new spirit will I put within you and I will take the stony heart out of your flesh and I will give you a heart of flesh the methods today do I see is that Jesus brings down all the little social boxes that separate people from each other and Jesus is is the day the following steps as a debug boy devout Jewish boy Paul had been told that God every Jewish man prayed every day God I thank you that I had not been born a Gentile a slave or a woman goes with three important social categories in the time of Jesus categories that would negatively stereotype Gentiles slaves and women it was central to how Polo had been raised and how we talk every day I said every Jewish link freight for a loan I thank you have not been more than Gentile asleep a woman with windfall experience salvation in Jesus they would be able to declare an Galatians three twenty eight there is neither two slave and authority male or female why because we all one big Jesus Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek racial superiority is gone there is neither slave also a class for your heart is gone there is neither male or female sexual superiority is gone Holocaust this doesn't mean it will become a Christian racial social sexual difference in the football after one becomes a Christian use a block away Jamaican on Nigerian in Madrid a highly educated he is still male or female what Paul is saying is that Christ had not applied these distinctions it doesn't mean they are no longer bear it means for the Christian and in the Christian church these distinctions no longer matter is that within no longer criteria for maintenance virtual decisions in the household of faith and no longer the basis on which we view people think of people relate to people every social distinction every category between male female race ethnicity nationality class all of these things do with Matt in the Christian community shouldn't matter in the Christian community because we stand as equals made in the image of God and sing today that we live in a society where people are locked in the social boxes based on the age not education agenda this also background and Jesus is called in each a meeting people not on the basis of external characteristics but the field people the way that God sees them final quotation subject methyl sweetie fourthly by if we love God because he first loved that we shall level all of whom Christ died we can come in touch with the amenity without common in touch with humanity connected with Christ we are connected with our fellow men then once we found a connection the PG and compassion of Christ will be manifest in a life we shall not awake she stated to have been the knee unfortunate brought to us it will be as natural for us to minister to the Navy and suffering as it was for Christ the globe are doing good when you like vestibule experience I certainly would like to make my experience that I today in two thousand nine almost two thousand ten I could live a life where it would be natural for me to reach administer and serve others as it was the Jesus that's what God is often that's how important ones to Transformers and remember I began with the quotation is within this one hundred conversions through true when now there is one of the reason we do it we do it because we have submitted our lives to Jesus within the lovely about your life within me were saying to the Holy Spirit we wonder the spirit to be seen in our life but I'm saying there is him a few months will be accomplished easily when we submit to God and let him live out his life within us that he confronts former to becoming those agents of change to be following in the footsteps of Jesus could be stepping out in that same life and ministry of Jesus so that we can change the world I want that to be my experience I hope that is the same for you I have talked a lot I want to give at least a few minutes I told it interrupting but no one did so I want to get at least a few minutes for questions or comments before we end the session questions no questions for some and not yet thank you some courageous civil okay I may not approve make a show on understanding your question correctly if I'm understanding if I can correctly question is is it possible that some of the I currently thriving light of the Bible could have been influenced by their own cultural context and background in terms of brightness for nine I would say to you the answer that is yes of course they were influenced by the culture and background Magnus Burkett however they will hold a minimum God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit they were inspired by God but this spoke out the bit on the language color going on as an unlikely that no beautiful passage and then they were gone and men of his admission meaning that seventy minutes don't believe that that Gore dictated the identical words that they needed to use we don't believe in an word inspiration of every single word that the demand use their own words their own knowledge at one background in putting together the information with what they were describing what Whitney will describe in what one thought had given them but but certainly admit that the language in the phrase in an and expression and you could even argue the moving part that seven by Steve at the is reflected in what they did take a good example we have the story of Jesus in the Bible this Matthew Mark Luke John if you study the synoptic Gospels and the Gospel of John the different emphases each one has you suddenly see if he can find more technical medical terms in the gospel of Luke and you find in any other of the gospel because it was a position that NPC roll then you saw the thing that was right in front of knowledge and background of the position you have any gospel of Matthew Matthew was a general rule who had an agenda you could say with wanted to Jules that Jesus was fulfilling all of the property the Hebrew Scriptures and you find in Matthew repeatedly that Jesus did this and he fulfilled it it was open on the profit is much more strongly come through in method in any of the other got also so yet I mean Gore uses which which which is an important point and it sits that if the quotation that am crazy within another seminar in the series went in with its greater for the like God made the church and have brought you that with people with different backgrounds and capacities and strengths and weaknesses and he had together and his body so that you have the we can accomplish more than then we can encompass bio Feldman and white interviews with the provision I think there's no nation all all all person that is perfect and everything and that's why Gore has put together and when we don't come to give immunity all of the pieces the goal of textbook there for us to accomplish everything he once accomplished students there because there's no group of person that's perfect for the altogether that we put on the board strength together we can get more done for him so great question thank you and I think that Samantha did I thought and back here and outcome deal and it was a hand back there yet yet even if you were busy working my first there was extensive racism and Jesus David with extensive discrimination into the state of the Samaritans were a group for example that would've viewed on do you believe it will mixed race of the Jews and Gentiles Linda will view negatively and in many ways we talk about in the last hour that even if a Samaritan woman as much as one entered the Jewish religion was declared unclean until evening so there was coming racism and discrimination in the time of Jesus women were treated on on on family we give many examples of that in the last hour with the example of a woman could be divorced and people talking to a man in the street that was the basis of divorce the it is that possible that you are requesting kindly effeminate as the concepts in the learning want to learn more more more one and and not have much addresses out of it the danger but it's certainly a danger certainly one of the things that that was characteristic of the Jews in the time of Jesus they were not fulfilled and a mission they had a very interior focus they had since the fall of Jerusalem they add that they had development of the synagogue system that is heavily focused on study of description study of the Torah at Ms. some of the delight to opportunities out of service and operate administrative audit to do so is a danger for rut that the danger I hope that that we would rise above that danger I would succumb to the next session the in our time is up and I don't want to hold in the habit of healthy way to call we can have the question of the next at the next session the next seminar when we come back again we begin on the topic inside the latest via one-on-one race separate conferences in the gospel this was all numerous license generation of Christ like to learn more about you my seat please visit www. C-minus well done or if you like this more free online services please visit www. audio verse got more


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