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Why God Won’t Leave

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program




  • April 4, 2019
    7:00 PM
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Sweet Jesus I think you for the privilege to come into your presence and I think you that we're told that our need is our greatest argument in Lord Jesus I need you this evening remind of the lyrics of a song that if you would choose to use me my savior in spite of my fears in all of my failures I'm not much to look at but whatever I am I'm yours I'm yours Jesus use me I'm yours is my plea and I ask this in Jesus' name amen. Why God won't leave so as we have this privilege to be walking through an army Bible camp together one of the purposes of Army is it teaches had to dig deeper into Scripture and how to see some of those big theme pictures in scripture what I'd like to do is cover the pursuing love of God They can be found of all places in the Old Testament Amen you can find the love of God in the Old Testament you have to wait until you see Jesus as face and Matthew to see this picture I believe our view of God is our primary hermeneutic there are many issues hotly contested issues with an avenue to them and hermeneutics come into play here and are mentioned very frequently how is it that you interpret scripture I believe my picture of God is my primary in hermeneutic So if I have a horrible picture of God I'm going to look for texts that confirm that negative picture or my negative standing with God But if we have a healthy picture of who God is now he does life it makes a big big difference in the conclusions that we come to as we're reading through difficult texts in scripture so I like the indicator that with you this evening the Old Testament God which is not different than the New Testament God can I get an amen but the picture of God in the Old Testament and I'm looking forward to sharing some of these things with you so we're going to be going primarily through Old Testament texts weren't God himself is speaking giving his side of the story I think this is so important when we give our discourses on the great controversy how evil came to his excessive exist and so forth many times we make the point that God didn't start it but God's going to put it into it in a very very simple distillation he's not the one who done it an enemy who done it who has done this I did grow up in Southern Illinois give me that one. He's not the one who started it an enemy has done this but then we say that God is going to put it into it and those are both true statements are they not but here's my concern there is this large swath of time in between those 2 events and people may be led to wonder but what about all this stuff is God doing anything about what happens in the middle and I hope you'll see this evening the answer is unashamedly Yes Turn me to the Book of Ezekiel start with this thought good as eco chapter 18. Chapter 18 I actually believe this is one of the most compelling arguments in regards to the great controversy origin of sin and just the current existence of sin is evil Chapter 18 what will be covering the Steve not just this text but the whole whole spam is 18 in verse 23 says this God Himself speaking is equal 823 in the text or on the board if you still need to find them while I start he says Do I have any pleasure at all that the wicked should die says the Lord God and not that he should turn from his ways and live then go to 0 chapter 33 in verse 11 a very similar theme here is Chapter 33 in verse 11. He says I say to them as I live which is from everlasting to everlasting says the Lord God I have how much pleasure I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked but the wicked turn from his way and live turn turn from evil ways for why should you die oh house of Israel it should be abundantly clear this evening God is not taking any delight in this destruction of the wicked he does not want this for them he's one of them to change course because he desires all men to be saved 1st him in the Chapter 2 tells us so Peter $39.00 says the Lord is not slack concerning his promise he's not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance right this is the same picture from Genesis to Revelation he doesn't want people to be lost and this is one of the reasons why he won't leave you alone this is one of those reasons why you're convicted when you sin not to push you away from God and for you with condemnation but deployment you to Jesus who died for that sin he does not want to leave you alone because he does not want to lose you are you with me this evening God has a burning love and is hard for every human being that he has created and does not want to lose them so he doesn't read joy over the death of anyone right no one creates something out of love and then takes enjoyment in destroying it is a contradiction in terms that this is not the way that God does light he doesn't want to do this is a strange act we're told but go to Isaiah Chapter 5 this is one of the most compelling arguments for me in Scripture good Isaiah Chapter 5. Beginning in verse one Isaiah Chapter 5 and beginning in verse one says Now let me sing to my Will beloved a song of my beloved regarding his vineyard my will beloved has a vineyard on a very fruitful Hill he dug it up and cleared out it still means he planted it with what type of vine. The choice is divine the one that bears the most potential the best vine he built a tower in its midst and so he expected the obviously to bring forth good groups but it brought forth what type of grapes wild grapes is actually a poisonous fruit but just imagine what's implied here is that God is removing all the things that would incumbrance or hinder growth this is actually one of the reasons why God gave the 70 AD this church reforms and some of us immediately go into like trauma when we hear that people use the word reform because maybe somebody overstepped their balance and deprive us of our lives civil liberty when giving these teachings their beautiful teachings health reform dress reform entertainment reform all of these things were given to us for a reason to remove the stuff that would keep us from growing to our full potential that's the whole point guys the point behind every reform that God gave us was to enhance our relationship with Jesus to grow the relationship and to pull away the things that would hinder that growth are you with me and so God is pulling the stones out of the way he's digging the soil to ensure that it has the best potential for growth in the new plants it with the best vine and instead of putting out good fruit it puts out a poisonous fruit and he's concerned and confused for very good reasons he says and now what happens in Jerusalem in a jew did Judge please between me and my vineyard and then he says this What more could have been done to my vineyard that I have not done it why did that when I expected it to bring forth good grapes to bring forth wild grapes and now let me please let me tell you what I'll do to my vineyard I'll take away its head as means of protection and it should be burned Obrecht down its wall and other means of protection and should be trampled down I will lay it waste it shall not be pruned or dug but there will come up Briar's of the thorns I will also come in the clouds of their rain no rain on it then it says this In verse 7 for the vineyard of the LORD of hosts is who. The house of Israel the people of God and the men of Judah are his pleasant plant to listen to this he looked for justice but behold oppression for righteousness but behold a cry for help God looks at the landscape here and recognizes this is not what I intended this is not what I desired and you're being turned over to the consequences of the decisions that you were making but why and what more could I have done for you that I didn't do I do not deserve to receive this type of treatment from you you should be growing and thriving and yet you're turning into a poisonous fruit why God asking a question of his own people and clearly not taking responsibility for what has happened right he's not the origin of this he's perplexed and he's stressed over this now so let's say that God could to stop this from happening that's what you could do You didn't do anything you didn't intervene go with me to Genesis chapter 2 Genesis chapter 2 after promise summarize these 2 text for time sake but in Genesis chapter 2 God speaks to Adam he gives him parameters what is he given parameters and in Genesis chapter 2 God speaking to Adam said. In verse 16 of every tree of how many trees of every tree of the garden you may freely eat but of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil You shall not eat for in the day you eat of it I shall kill you without the text says no it says that you shall surely die there are going to be consequences of this decision you have complete and total freedom but in this area there are consequences and I'm warning you ahead of time because again I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked I don't want anyone to be destroyed or dead or had to go through this stuff now does that mean that's not going to happen the end of the day I wish that was the case but scripture teaches otherwise there will be a destruction but is not one for you there's one for anybody in fact hell according to Matthew Chapter 18 I believe maybe misquoting this but is a bit weaker the scriptures were he says Depart from Me A Curse into the everlasting fire prepared for who the devil and his angels get your name isn't on that list. We have no business being there he doesn't want us to be there but some will be but if I go back to Genesis 2 he makes it abundantly clear that there are consequences when you eat from the street and big ones and it's because I love you that I'm telling you beforehand this need not be your experience a very simple question for you this evening what did that and do he ate of the tree and you would imagine God's response would be very similar to what happens in Isaiah Chapter 5 What more could I have done. Right we asked the question why is it God do something about this he tried he does not cross the threshold of the will but he does inform the will in him and he was very clear there are consequences not telling you because I love you but it is what it is was a warning given in love. Then we get to Genesis Chapter 4 Genesis Chapter 4 we have the story is not just a story this is a legitimate history where the story of Cain and Abel Cain offers a sacrifice to the Lord is not with the Lord ask and it's not with a willful spirit able offers the right thing and from the right spirit and he's live it because his sacrifice is not accepted Cain's is not but Abel's is and God sees the murderous thoughts that are inside of the heart of Cain and he says why are you angry and why has your countenance fallen if you do well will you not be accepted and if not he says sin lies at the door and his desire is for you but then he says but you should have a mastery over it. God literally come to sins to speak to this man before he falls and it's like a hostage negotiation I know what's going through your mind right now Cain I know what you're thinking and I'm telling you it's not going to be good and you don't have to make this decision you can make a different decision what does he do Has anyone here registers chapter 4 OK you can speak oh no persecution here don't you need to get you guys freaked out we have religious liberty right now and then you can speak freely in the name of JESUS WHAT HAVE was the genesis for. He killed his brother and again God must be asking the same question What more could I have done Cain that I didn't do for you I warned you very clearly I want you very very clearly there are consequences and he still makes this decision for you I also see here he says you don't have to do this which implies that there is no situation in which we have to sit sit it's desires for you but you should have mastery over it which implies that we're not fighting by ourselves and they've got going to victory him something to be afraid of that's Genesis Chapter 4 So you've heard it said that I'm not going down with that without a fight you heard somebody say that before. I would phrase it this way God is not going to let you go down without a fight he's not willing that any should perish he's striving with every soul and this is why God will not leave you alone he wants you in heaven guides Jesus prayed I desire that they might be with me where I am we covered this last night they're working overtime guys but they're living their leaving the choice with us but there is not this time between God didn't start it but God's going to put it into it and then just sitting on his hands don't he striving with every single soul on this planet to choose for the right he's striving with every one of them we see this example the 1st 2 census groups but God is also afforded a voice a reason all throughout so they should history right we saw this in Genesis 2 in Genesis for that we have Moses and the patriarchs right God speaking through his chosen instruments to communicate to the people the way that life works at its ideal right God has given a voice of reason to the nation of Israel and to the people in the Old Testament then he gives us the prophets What are the prophets teaching us reminding us of what God taught us through Moses and continue writing them of the fact you're not where you need to be there's a better way before you reform and come back to the lower right the prophets had a very think List job they had to be the ones that would communicate the fact that things are not as they should be and if they did it then we have a 400 years to station Josephus a 1st introduce a story and phrase it this way the basically the spirit ceased from Israel for 400 years doesn't mean they got was a striving for people to be saved but there were no mouthpieces in the nation of Israel the gift of prophecy ceased for 400 years because they I mean Hebrews tells us they killed people they cut them in half right they burned them they pulled them apart it was a horrible situation tells us. And so in turn they were turned over to the consequences and there were no voices of reason for 400 years but they still had the writings of Moses they still have the writings of the prophets but there are no living prophets during this phase then we have John the Baptist calling the nation to repentance preparing them to receive the Messiah they've all been longing for then we have Jesus himself the perfect example of what right living is looking like and then we last that we have the problems of the Holy Spirit John Chapter 141516 the Spirit of God is this internal voice of reason convicting the world of sin righteousness and judgement and then lastly here's where you and I come in God has given us a prophetic call as haven't they haven't. We are meant to be instruments as watchman on the wall to communicate to the world a voice of reason right there is an image to be erected to the beast but there is a God in heaven through the everlasting Gospel that can change your life there's a better option than this right all of this is given as in Revelation 18 is a repetition of the 30 of those message a call to Christ Our Righteousness a people who keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus God is afforded a voice of reason all throughout South Asian history which means he's not silent in between he didn't start it and he's going to put it into it he is active a man. Very active now who says God has to go through all this effort where in the legally binding contract does it say that God must do this some could say 1st John 48 God is love he's not willing that any should perish that all should come to repentance love compels him to act love compels him to give you the guidance that you need because he does not want to lose you. But this shows clearly then how much God desires for you to be saved is that what one wouldn't go to all those painstaking effort unless they felt that that effort was worth it apparently God sees something in you that even you don't see in you and that's the faith of Jesus the Cross obviously is the the primus example of the faith of Jesus but not only does God give us a voice of reason He also promises to give us power to live a holy life good as equal Chapter 36 he could Chapter 36 and beginning in verse 22 is either Chapter 36 and beginning verse 22 it says this therefore save the house of Israel Thus says the Lord God I do not do this when I'm about to do for your sake a house of Israel but for my holy name sake which you profaned among the nations where ever you whipped God had employed the nation of Israel to be his missionaries to communicate how awesome and reasonable he was to the surrounding nations unfortunately they did a horrible job the very people that were contracted to be evangelists lead the surrounding nations to literally blaspheme the name of God Paul goes a step further when quoting this verse in Romans chapter 2 verse $24.00 I believe when he says the name of God has been blasphemy and among the Gentiles because of you and he's speaking to the church this can happen sometimes can't it the very ones that leave the surrounding nations to one nothing to do with God are the ones who claim to know God And so in turn we think well maybe he's not all that great we'll try something else statistically there are very many people in this room right now who are having these very same thoughts I've seen bad examples clearly this thing doesn't work and I'm leaving you don't have to him just because someone is a bad example does that mean that who they're claiming to represent is an accurate representation so this is what I see according to the 36 God has a big problem with Bad Religion AMAH. And about you I got a Big Bad Religion and you have that in common with God This evening he distances himself with bad representations of who he is and how he does life and I'm so grateful for this that when I've been hurt by religious people who claim to know God God says hey that's not me I'm very upset with this right now and so God says I'm going to deal with that help verse 23 I will sanctify my great name which has been profaned among the nations which you perform in their midst and all the nations shall know that I am the Lord says the Lord God how. When I'm hallowed in you before their eyes and short when you look like Jesus because right now you built the house you going to do this they've been terrible at this for years here's how verse 24 for I will take you from among the nations get you out of all countries and I'll bring you into your own land then they'll sprinkle clean water on you and you should be clean all clues you from all your filthiness and from all your idols all the things you're running to do escape religion to escape accountability God has Oakland you from that 1st 26 I'll give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you I'll take the heart of stone out of your flesh and I'll give you a heart of flesh I'll put my species in give you the ability to be able to feel begin to sin form a sympathy for your fellow man so form of desire for the things of God verse 27 I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them amen God has promised through a new covenant experience of the experience of righteousness by faith to radically raise his people from the dead from Bad Religion and a horrible example to something that is when some and is powerful in will draw the surrounding nations to that example and in turn to God Himself Amen to the power of the Holy Spirit He makes 10 I will statements of promising to do for you what you cannot do for yourself as you go 3622 to 32 but again the question could be asked who says God has to do any of this right he couldn't put us under the wall this is warning no lifeguard on duty swim at your own risk here's the 10 Commandments you're on your own if you're good enough Hey I'll see you there if not too bad. But that's not the approach that God takes it's not the approach that God takes in fact look at all what he's doing God's extravagant provision and his amazing desire to see you save your dirty Auckland's you he says you got I don't I can get rid of that you have a stony heart I'll give you a new one you're cold and indifferent all help you feel good you can obey all in power you do a big so the question is you have me more objections right God clearly wants you in and not out and then he is for you and not against you and this is made manifest in all his tenacious pursuit for our souls and we're finding all of this in the Old Testament this is before Jesus comes in human flesh and suffers and dies for the world I think this is a beautiful picture of God's love and should challenge it. All right so then the people who are lost at the end of time are not lost because God did not make ample provision are you with me they're not lost because God did not do enough their last because they would not take God up on his amazing offer This is why many of us honestly are shaming ourselves out of heaven we are allowing the devil himself in the people around us to get us to a point of believing that I'm never going to be good enough God certainly doesn't want to care about me I'm a defective model hey this whole religion thing works for everybody else but me all the promises of God are gorgeous and applied to everyone else but me that's not true that's absolutely not true and we need to understand the truth as it is and Jesus that God does not see it this way does not treat us this way and we should start believing in his belief in us. Clickers liking here so many at the time are going to be a loss by not taking hold of God's belief in them as a 2nd discipline separate universe and that they did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved many of us are come to believe the lie and fortunately. All right good Jeremiah chapter 5. Jeremiah chapter 5. Verse 20. Jeremiah chapter 5 and beginning in verse 20. Declare this in the House of Jacob proclaim it in Judas saying here this now foolish people without understanding who have eyes in see not who have ears in here not do you not fear me says the LORD Will you not tremble at my presence a place to stand as the ballad of the sea by perpetual the creed that it cannot pass beyond it and those waves tossed to and fro yet they cannot prevail though they are warrior they cannot pass over it but this people has a defiant and rebellious heart they revolted and departed they do not say in their heart Let us now fear the Lord our God who gives rain but the former in the latter in its season he reserves for us the appointed weeks of the harvest and then listen to what he says your iniquities have turned these things away and your sins have withheld good for you we have chosen to cherish things that pull us away from God and we're reaping the consequences of them and he's asking why and then you go so far as to make the point that nature obeys me but the ones I made in my image do not and even the created works themselves to give you enough reason to worship me and be in awe of my power David Platt picks up on this in his book Radical taking back your faith American dream to big punch in the face for American Christianity it's a really good book he says we spurn our creators authority over us God beckons us storm clouds and they come he tells the wind to blow the rain to fall and they obey how quickly immediately he speaks to the mountains you go there and he says of the seas you stop here and they do it everything and all creation responds in obedience to The Creator and till we get to you and me we have the audacity to look God in the face and say no no. He continues going to like a chapter 6 like a Chapter 6 The beginning of worst one here now with the Lord says arise and plead your case before the mountains and let the hills hear your voice hear all mountains the Lord's complaint in you strong foundations of the earth for the Lord has a complaint against his people and he will contend with Israel Oh my people what if I done to you and how have I wearied you testify against me for I brought you up from the land of Egypt I redeemed you from the house of bondage and I said before you Moses Aaron and Miriam voices of reason skipped out the mercy he has shown you old man what is good and what does the Lord require of you but to do justly to love mercy and to walk humbly with your god not asking for a lot guys I'm asking you something that's very very reasonable and that even promising to empower you to do the things that I'm asking of you but he's asking why are you treating me this way why are you skirting and rejecting my advances but I want you to check this out who is God speaking to in verse 2 who is God speaking to in verse to mount in this maybe I've been to one of these situations where you're having a conversation with Party A and you might as well be talking to a can of Plato this person is not understanding what you're saying they're not connecting and it's mind boggling to you and party B. shows up and you look to party B. for sympathy ever in a situation like this you're getting nowhere is this person years warning are you seeing this right now yet God just did that with nature God just did the very same thing with nature and he's asked me maybe you'll have sympathy on me because my people certainly won't listen here I am bending over backwards to save them to heal them and bless them and they want nothing to do with me. Why would you respond this way God says what have I done to you that would lead to you to treat me this way makes no sense and God is desperate to be understood God is desperate to be understood and so he's going to the only party who would understand in this equation nature because Romans chapter 8 says that creation itself is groaning for the redemption of man our selfishness is pillaging this planet right now and creation is not a fan of this and it's longing for the day of the redemption of the sons of God creation gets it many times we do not and we're the ones made in God's image and it's heartbreaking to him but he continues his case turns me to Jeremiah chapter 6. Jeremiah chapter 6. Beginning of verse 16. Jeremiah Chapter 6 beginning of verse 16. This is heartbreaking one of my former students remember we were going through this in class and my students are here. Southern took a bunch of them good for you the good kids hope their blessing you but to my chapter 6 being over 61 of my students will read this text he Louise's hand and said we're idiots. Jeremiah Chapter 6 verse 16 Thus does the Lord stand in the ways in see and ask for the old pass where the good way is and walk in it and there you will find a rest for your souls how many people this room need rest for their souls raises hands high loud and proud all right he says walk in the way ask for the old pass walk in the way and you're going to find rest for your souls where they say we don't want your wrists leave me alone. Verse 17 Also I sent watchman over you saying listen to the sound of the trumpet but they said we will not listen these are voices of reason to their spurning by the way verse 18 therefore here you Nations and know all congregation what is among them here an old earth again crying for the sympathy of the earth but I hold I will certainly bring calamity on this people but what is that calamity the fruit of their thoughts God turns them over to the consequences of their decisions because they have not heeded my words my voice of reason nor my law my voice a reason but rejected it and then listen to this in verse 20 for what purpose to me comes Frankenstein's from Sheba and sweet came from a far country your burnt offerings are not acceptable nor your sacrifice is sweet to me yet I have a question what Didn't God ask for sacrifices though you know it seems to be implied here if your heart isn't in it it doesn't matter if you're just doing the religious deeds to appease an angry god you've missed the point I want your hearts I want all of you and if you're just going through the rounds to just try to check the boxes guys you've missed the entire point it's so much better than that true obedience comes from the heart and we're only going to love him we 1st come to realize that he loves us 1st John $419.00 so you can do the religious deeds if you want to but guys there's something better something far better those are still things that God is asking from you but if your heart is not in the right place what's the point you with me there is something better and when we come to realize the love that God has for us it awakens within those the right motives the right ambitions and it's a sacrifice that is pleasing in his sight even. With me to Solomon 81 Psalm 81. Beginning of verse 8. Psalm 81 beginning of verse 8 here are all my people and I will add monish you know Israel if you will listen to me there should be Hell many foreign gods among you no foreign gods nor So you worship any foreign God I am the LORD your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt and the list of this open your mouth wide and I will fill it I long to bless you some of us had this view of God that he's looking to take and that's save his kingdom principle take take take it's the glory of God to give we're told God gives he gives his son fully right he lives to give its other centered love that is his kingdom principle he says Open your mouth wide and I will fill it but my people would not heed my voice and Israel would have none of me so I gave them over to their stubborn heart to walk in their own councils Oh that my people would listen to me that Israel would walk in my ways I would soon subdue their enemies and I would turn my hand against their adversaries the haters of the Lord would pretend submission to Him But their feet would endure forever he would have fed them also with the finest of wheat and with honey from the rock I would have satisfied you guys God longs to bless you. God is not against you he's not looking to deprive you he longs to bless you but the things you're running for make you feel they make you sick and you have no room for His blessings in fact they make you hate him the very source if we understood what was available to us and our beautiful privilege to commune with our God to serve Him and to follow his leading we would not do the things that we do right now and it completely destroys our appetite for the things of God when He longs to bless us and to Phyllis this voice of reason being given all throughout the Old Testament good is equal Chapter 8 is the Good Shepherd a. Beginning of her 6. Furthermore he said to me Son of Man so as equals given these these pictures of the abominations happening in the house of God Listen to what God says in his ego Chapter 8 in verse 6 he says Furthermore he said to me Son of Man do you see what they're doing the great abominations the house of Israel commits here to make me go far away from my sanctuary now turn again and you will see even greater abominations the iniquities of the people of God literally lead God to being a homeless God just got kicked out of his own house guys there's this heartbreaking scene in the book of Ezekiel where the presence of God lives and leaves the temple leaps God literally gives the people what they want and he has to leave his own house God is made a whole list by the transgressions of his people he cannot live in his house and he cannot live in their hearts and it's devastating to him all I ever wanted was you the whole reason we built this temple was so that I could do well among you right we had face to face communion with God in the beginning but since separated us and God said I've had enough of this excess 25 Verse 8 build me a house that I may dwell among you I miss you a movement into the neighborhood and I want to be with you and they said we don't want you here leave do you not know that you yourselves are the temple of God of the Spirit of God dwells within you God desires to commune with his people but it's devastating to him that his people do not desire to commune with him. And this is a thing that's so crazy to me God has so much respect for you and your ability to choose that he's going to give you what you want at the end of the day judgment day is not God opening a book in deciding that moment do I want this what I want this woman you know really happens the Judgment Day God opens a book of life and I ask you what have you chosen. What is it that you really want and he's giving you that God is on your decision and if Heaven is not a place that you want to live then it's not a place you're going to receive he's taking everyone to heaven who wants to be there. But many of us are so corrupted in our means of thinking and understanding the things of God that we just think that he's a suppressor he's someone who just deprives and takes and takes what we do not realize is we have been failing lies from the beginning Satan is projecting his own selfish character upon God and we're choosing to believe it that's why Adam and Eve fell that's why I fall it's the same story we're believing lies about who God is which is one of the reasons why God is speaking so strongly clearly and regularly about who he actually is to empower us to make right decisions because if we actually know who God is and how he does life then we're going to choose decisions that I would please him that would be what we ourselves would want THIS IS THE TYPE OF will be does God is looking for but is only going to come up for people truly know who he is and we've been given a whole lot of light into the true character and the beauty of the character of God are you reading are you searching for those jewels for yourself and are we sharing these jewels from our pulpits with regularity not just a guard on a dish every once in a while are we communicating regularly because my human flesh constantly wants to believe lies about God I constantly need to be reminded about the truth of the Gospel let's help our people HIMYM we were told we would do well to spend a thoughtful hour how frequently every day reflecting upon the life of Christ and specifically which scenes here's the thing that really really concerns me everywhere I go people know that statement but how many people this room are actually doing that and how many people in this room are hearing that preach regularly from our pulpits. Maybe this is one of the reasons why are people are wrestling so strongly right now maybe we've lost sight of what should be the centerpiece of everything that we share we don't stop sharing our unique message we have the cross at the center of our unique message and then you don't have to make a choice guys don't think I ever told you this you don't have to make a choice between the love of Jesus and present truth you can have both and we were always supposed to give both it's not an either or it's a both and Eva I digress our goals mean a message up to 23 So we've seen very clearly then throughout the Old Testament that God is striving with his people pursuing his people trying to open their eyes of the fact that you are on a dangerous course and I don't want to lose you this is why God won't leave this is why God isn't leaving us alone but then we need to Matthew chapter 23 in verse 37 the consummation of all these appeals all throughout the Old Testament we will sing the love of God from Genesis all the way to Malakai But then we get to Matthew chapter 23 in verse 27 a listen to Jesus. He says Oh Drusilla in Jerusalem the one who kills the prophets and stones those who were sent to her again those voices of reason that God gave out of mercy help often I wanted to gather your children together as a hymn gathers her chicks under her wings but you were not willing this is not an issue of Jesus his willingness or the father's willingness it's an issue of my willingness you were not willing to see your house is left to you desolate. Jesus weeps here not only for what was but for what could have been. The faith of Jesus reverse over what could have been is he doing that for my life is Jesus weeping over would have could have been my experience in your experience the good of Isaiah Chapter 65 Listen this wrist are closing Isaiah Chapter 65. As a chapter 65 a verse 2 I've stressed out my hands all day long to a rebellious people who walk in a way that is not good according to their own thoughts now you don't stretch your hands out unless you're looking to receive civil right like no disturbance around like this just cuz right there's generally some purpose when someone is standing with this war posture and what's being communicated here just imagine that you're a parent some of you don't need to imagine you know this but imagine that you're a parents and you're observing a situation in which your child is completely destroying their life still to structed tendency and habits they're destroying their life and you can manhandle them and change them all you can do is watch and just imagine tun the son and stop it you're killing yourself come back I know what you're doing it and you can still come back where you come stop it only to watch this child in their life before your very eyes it would be devastating horrifying and scarring God the father goes through this experience regularly hourly. Pleading and pleading and pleading and we spurned it and spurn and spurned it and God has to watch us make that decision for the last time I held up my hands to you all day long we had come to God pleading with his people you can see the pleading of a fatherly love here you know we plead with God asking why bad things happen you know God is actually asking the exact same question but in a different way why would you reject my grace and be turned over to the consequences of sin he's asking the same question guys why are bad things happening me to. I'm giving you voices of reason and showering my love of my grace upon you are willing to forgive you when you come why would you persist in this and destroy yourself and her people around you to violate yourself and a violent people around you he's asking the same question and it's heart breaking to him. So all throughout the Old Testament we've seen clearly that God is pursuing his people at the expense of his own heart at the expense of his own and barest meant trying to win them over and heartbroken and devastated he continues nonetheless there is a sense of 10 NASA T. of God's pursuit Isaiah $42.00 forces that he will not fail nor be discouraged in his pursuit of us but he can't cross the threshold of the Will guys so he comes as close as he can and just is trying with everything he can to communicate clearly to us because as the a chapter 49 Julia quoted this earlier what a beautiful message she shared by the way listen to the hand of God is at work right now all over this world Amen people are hurting and suffering and we're not doing much about it and the Spirit of God is working in our stead but he shouldn't have to someone has to go someone has to do something about this as a chapter 49 beginning of verse 14 but Zions did the people of God said The Lord has for his sake and me and my Lord has forgotten me Are you kidding me after this picture we've seen it got there of the Old Testament the people of God had the audacity to say God has forgotten and for saken me. It has got to respond basically the same way are you kidding me and then the employees strong emotional language he says Can a woman forget her nursing child and not have compassion on the son of her will surely they've made for good yet I will not forgive you even see I haven't scribed you on the palms of my hands and your walls are continually before me God is clearly aware of your sufferings young people God is clearly aware of your heartbreak and he's saying how could you think that about me look at all what I've been doing who's for seeking who who is for seeking who that's the question. God is using explicit Calvary language here and if there's anything that shows us that God has not forgotten us it's Calvary and we get one a minute amongst the congregation. If there is anything that command that absolutely demands our respect and shows clearly that God has not forgotten you it's Calvary and if there's anything that guarantees that Jesus is coming a 2nd time it's what he did the 1st time and he's communicating with the strongest language possible you are mine You are not your own you were bought with a price therefore glorify God with your body respond to the faith of Jesus and he says I have inscribed you on the palms of my hands this is a means of permanent record that someone writing in a sharpie that will disappear over time you have always been on the heart and mind of God and Calvary communicates this the most clearly Isaiah Chapter 49 How could you say something like that about me is specially after all I've done to bring you back to me in spite of how you've hurt me. And then after all of what we've done we still see this appeal we talked about this last night go to Revelation chapter 3 and verse 20 it will close with the start. Of elation chapter 3 verse 20. God when speaking to a people whose religious experience makes him want to vomit finds himself knocking on the door of our hearts even still and this should encourage you because if God knows the depths of my brokenness my depravity and my gross notice and yet he still won't leave me alone hey maybe there is hope for me maybe there is room in the kingdom for me and so he says Behold I stand at the door and knock and if any man opens a door I will come in to him and he with me and he will dine with me and with my father these give this beautiful beautiful promise but we talked about last night this phrase behold I stay at the door not in the Greek is in the continued if he has been knocking he is knocking now and he has no intention of not knocking tomorrow believe that this is why God will leave he wants in. He sees something of value just imagine with me right just imagine with me because as a picture I could find but imagine a modern door of a modern home and Jesus standing at that door there's no handle on the outside of the store and there are cobwebs all over it it's clear that this door has not been opened in a long time and in this context Jesus is knocking and knocking and knocking just imagine what the neighbors are thinking look man obviously not a whole and if they are they certainly don't want to see from you they want you here leave you're wasting your time there and if you to look in the face of Jesus you're probably going to see 2 things The 1st is heartbreak. I wish I was in there I wish they knew what I could do for them if they would let me and the 2nd thing you would see is this little glimmer of hope in it as a patient maybe they just can't hear me maybe they're just not ready yet so stay and I'll stay some of us in this room this evening right now we could hear him talking we know we've known it for a while but we don't want to deal with that Jesus I don't to deal with there right now I've got plans I've got other things but I'm hoping and praying for the CD you're coming to see clearly this is not someone who's coming to ruin your life this is someone who's coming to save your life some of us maybe we've let him in the front door it's the other doors we don't want him to we got our stuff so Jesus can reason with us and he can communicate and show us a better way but the choice remains ours he only works through love and love allows for choice so my question is What are you going to do with the pleading of Jesus Scripture is clear God is not giving up on you but there is going to come a time in which Jesus is eventually going to have to let you and yield to you giving up on yourself and his own want this he does not want to lose you in this is what breaks his heart and this is what brings him to tears the Old Testament the New Testament show the same picture guys it's the same story God is love he's a real live less pursuing lover Jesus says in John Chapter 14 if you seen me you've seen the Father so how does the father do life the same way that Jesus does life why did he do it having loved his own who were in the world he loved them to the end. To get our individual self and do their individual having the ability to make a choice at the end of the day guys he loves you to the end why would we not respond no one else can give you that guarantee no one else can give you that peace no one else can bring that healing in their freedom into your life and he knows this and if we knew what God knew we would not do what we do we would not long for the things that we longed for we would not run to the things that we run to if we knew but we choose to trust our wisdom over his all along the way destroying our lives so here's my question does God care more than you'll ever know does God hurt when I hurt you better believe it and he hurts when you don't hurt and he hurts all the time in the great controversy and this is why he won't leave and this is why he keeps pleading with the lost all throughout salvation history is devastating to him guys and White says this she says those who think of the result of hastening or hindering the Gospel think of it in relation to who to themselves into the world but if you think of its relation to God if you give thought to the suffering that sin has cause our creator all the heavens suffered in Christ's agony but that suffering did not begin or end with his manifestation in humanity the cross is a revelation to our bill senses of the pain that from its very inception sin has brought to the heart of God If you would have a meter of how much pain God could go through you would assume that the cross is the apex and we are literally told that God has felt that much pain from the fall of Lucifer to the fall of Adam and Eve to when I fall he feels this same level of pain. I don't think we realize God's side of the story the great controversy and I almost wonder this is why many people are leaving and not staying I believe our message of communicating the great controversy theme finds even more power when we not just communicate that God didn't start it got to put it into it but that God is the one who suffered the most throughout it all and these striving with the lost every breath of every day we've been given a beautiful picture of the character of God but what are we doing with it when there came upon Israel the calamities that were the sure result a separation from God subjugation by their enemies cruelty and death it is said that his soul was grieved for the misery of Israel you would think that God would you say they get what they get leave him no it says that he grieves even when they get the consequences of their own foolishness in all their affliction he was afflicted in the bury them and carry them all the days of old when there and this is education Shepherd 263 verse to. Page 263 he grease for us even when we rebel he sees the pain in the HATES IT guys used to hate you he hates the pain he hates with the pain does to you this is the response that God has to you telling him no and we have to see his side of the story before we say no the whole point of the 2nd coming guys is for Christ to pick up what he paid for he paid for all he desires to receive all but unfortunately not all are going to respond to the faith of Jesus not all the Saints are going to go marching in Fortunately So my question is if we continue to resist the pleading of God's grace what's going to happen he's going to hurt for eternity. That pain doesn't go away our experience of being lost in the 2nd death is actually easier than Gods experience you know why it eventually ends we have initially ceased to exist but God doesn't have that privilege I'm sure many of you had this experience that when you get to that time of the year of Thanksgiving or Christmas and you look at your table and there's a seat that is empty and it grieves you deeply what do you think you get that from your made in the image of a God of Love Death is meant to be for the separation is meant to be a point you were made for fellowship and for love and for belonging I imagine how God's going to feel when he stared at this great feast when resurrected and in heaven and all those tables that should have people that don't you think it just turns out all because they're not here anymore do you turn it off or they're not here anymore of course not God doesn't have that option he has to continue to live with their pain so here's the point guys the appeal for salvation is not just in appeal to put it into your brain. It's an appeal to put it in business. It's an appeal to put it into his so will you respond today that's the question speed of prophecy Volume 3 page 13 says this Divine Love sheds tears of anguish over a man formed in the likeness of their maker who will not except his or her. Brings God to tears guys he loves you so much he doesn't want to lose you he gave everything to keep you this is my appeal this evening this is an individual appeal again the the appeal for salvation is not just an appeal to put it into your pain. It's an appeal to put it into his. Some of us this evening recognize I'm grieving him right now. And Jesus I'm sorry. And I want to say today that I want to put in into your pain I want to come home. I want to be yours. I want to play this game anymore don't waste this time any more I realize that you're what I've been looking for all along and I want to say yes I want to say I do to the love of my life. And that's you. I want to invite you to come forward to. Hear the Spirit of God speaking to your heart and you say yes I want to put in the end to God's pain I want to say yes to see me I want to come home I know your story I don't know where you've been it doesn't matter if that's you want to invite you to come for. Spirit of God is speaking to you I want to put it into God's pain. In. Human. You know. You come forward you can spread it here if you like to be able to come up. Straight up to the sides here. In. Lord Jesus you know our hearts. And you love us anyway and we are recognizing this evening that you paid a great price. And Lord you would not leave us alone because you want us to not out your for us and not against us and God in heaven I pray that we would never forget the things that we've heard this evening there's a God in heaven who has borne along with us who's been better to us than our sins deserve and who sees something in me that even I don't see in me and who has treated me accordingly. And when I encounter your love for me it awakens reciprocating love in my heart for you. God I thank you for taking the 1st move for taking the 1st step for pursuing me when I was a looking for you and what I think you for the people who responded I thank you for how you spoken to each heart in this room. And Lord we confessed this evening that we're sorry. We have broken your heart we have resisted your appeals we've been believing lies about who you are and how you do life and we're sorry. And God in heaven we want to put it into your paint and I. Want to come home. And we want to stay home. We realize that the things that we've been running to have not filled us and they never will they've only left us feeling empty and filled with. Already it's time that we've been convicted of sin and the things that we have run to. Or want to know our pain we're trying to get away just like the woman at the well High Noon try to get away from everybody. And is just like Jesus to show up and we're trying to run and to tell us that what I have to offer you is vastly better than what you're coming here for. The size this is only going to lead to the thirst again. We'll take my water. And never thirst again. And Jesus we come to die. For say 10 year old pass for sake in your old ways beautiful thing that narrative a job for is the text says that she leaves her waterpot with Jesus. She goes it reaches the city. Lord Jesus I want to leave my water pipe here this evening. Sought help me. And that I want to be used by you to reach others to communicate your love to them I believe my brothers and sisters here this evening are saying the same so bless us Lord cover our sins of unbelief with the blood of Jesus prayed to the spirit of life and. Jesus would set us free from the law of silly and death and it says in John 8 I believe I pray that we would be free and. We love you. And we thank you we ask these things now in Christ Jesus they. 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