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Dee Casper


Dee Casper

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  • April 6, 2019
    3:00 PM
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Father thank You for the privilege to study your word that you've been good to us and Lord I just pray that you would speak with power with conviction that this would be practical and helpful and we ask these things now in Jesus' name amen forces ground rules pray 1st right we have no business studying the Word of God fighting in our own armor we have no wisdom right spiritual things are spiritually discerned So we should be seeking the help of the Holy Spirit to understand 2nd Peter chapter one verse 1021 says this. Second Peter chapter one I hear the sound of 0 pages turning maybe or all rock and i Phone Bibles 7 Peter chapter 1921 that was an Army slash Jew I see said Peter 1921 says this and so we have the prophetic word confirmed which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place until the day dawns in the morning star rises in our hearts knowing this 1st that how many prophecies of scripture are of private interpretation none for prophecy never came by the will of man but a holy minute God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit and the same Holy Spirit that moved them can move you when you read what he wrote Amen so we should be seeking for his guidance for his help for his understanding as were reading scripture if you go to Hebrews Chapter 4 verse 12 see a similar Luzhin here he receptor for in verse 12 it says this for the Word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any 2 edged sword that sounds dangerous piercing even to the vision of soul and spirit of joints and marrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and the intense of the heart the Word of God is powerful right and we need the Spirit of God to help us to better understand what it is that we are reading and what it is that we're believing and I think I just have one more text on this John chapter 6 of her 63. And again I have my slides you go back through these jumps had to 36 and verse 63 it is the Spirit who gives life the flesh profits nothing and the words that I speak to you Jesus said are spirits and they are life so just make it abundantly clear the Word of God is no joke it's serious it's powerful and it brings power with it were to do with the Holy Spirit so here's another thing the Bible needs to be understood grammatically before it can be understood theologically right so having a good dictionary having other things next to when you're studying is helpful because if you don't understand the words that are involved you're not going to understand what the text means right just common sense. So get a hold of a good Bible Dictionary Smith's makes a good one and it can chords or Bible software to look up original language definitions which is helpful I think I have or he uses e sword I use accordant speaking as a verb you want there's like Bible Study Tools dot com I think it was called the Blue Letter Bible there's lots of options of online versions we can just hold your finger over a word and see what that word means in the original language write in a little bit more that way you can even follow that same number in the Strong's to see what other texts use that same word I just did that for some sermon stuff last week some other helpful resources the conflict of the ages series Oh my if you have not read the conflict of the ages series you are missing a huge blessing. If anyone in this room is wrestling with the gift of prophecy with the speed of process specifically and you're just not sure about this hole in a white thing read steps to Christ 1st of all and then read through the conflict of the to series it will blow your mind I remember the I when I went to rise I was not a 7th Day Adventist I was close but I had some questions and I wasn't just Or I just wasn't sure what the hell a white lady and then Mark Howard had this classless critter prophecy that was lights out it was so good and answered my questions so intellectually I was convinced but about a year and a half later maybe 2 years later after arise I realize I need to get more serious about reading this not just Jesus made a process like a reference tool to write a sermon like I need to read this for myself and I started doing so in the same way in which God would convict me and speak to me and rebuke me and encourage me and sweep me off my feet he did it in the exact same way when I read the complex series and the thing was I was reading if you read a chapter a day in the conflict of ages series you can read the whole thing in a year and you can actually miss like 30 something days and still get it done there's like $337.00 chapters or so maybe $3.32 in the whole complex series and some of the chapters are longer and if you if you get more out of it by taking time fine but just my point is when you start to read this for yourself it will change your life guys to Spirit of God spoke to me and gave me wisdom and discernment in my decisions I needed to make what I would read in the Scooter prophecy on that day would be exactly what I needed for that day based on what I was going through on that day and it had the fingerprints of divinity all over it just like scripture did it's not the same as Scripture don't misunderstand me but the same Spirit inspired both you with me. And it's changed my life and I realized that this this thing is the real deal and I've never gone back and read every day ever since them the Bible Commentary said is another great resource in the L white app you can search by scriptural references and you can see what is said on this particular verse sometimes you'll find that she's completely silent text that we should say something on I guess a week to the millennium. Ask yourself a very basic questions about the passage about to study like this where is jesus right like that young man in the Mormon Church where is jesus in this thing right because Jesus said this you search the Scriptures because you think in them you have eternal life but then he says but these are they was testify of me which meet now what Bible was he referring to at that stage the Old Testament so apparently you can find Jesus in the Old Testament says Jesus and so if you're not having that experience ask him to help you see that right. Context context context ask yourself these questions who wrote this who are they writing to when did they write it what's happening in the region what issues are prevalent to the recipient the person who's receiving this letter what things have been discussed leading into this particular passage and what comes next is it a vision a prophecy an analogy extent or it and leave that up there for saying if you want to write these down if you want to take a picture of it or you can get an even worse life later These are questions you should be asking when you're starting to tear apart a text and so I will hear people say so here's one of the reasons why I read larger passages it helps me to have a better understanding of the big picture of what's happening in Scripture and it's far easier for me to know that this is how I study you don't have to do it this way but it's far easier for me to tell us almost true to a text or not because I know the context at 83030000 foot view and from a book level because I've read the narrative 1415 times now cover to cover and you start to get an idea of what actually is happening here and so sometimes what people do is they try to deny to dive deep in the text but they have no idea who is writing this book I mean they may know but they don't know all of what's going on around this book and so you may come to faulty conclusions because you don't know the context with me so while it is true that we need to dig deep and I would strongly encourage that before you dig deep survey the whole landscape right people do that in real life right they need to find are there power lines here are there water line is there a gas line they need to survey the way and then they dig it's no different for us. And the nice thing is if you have like I got the entry Study Bible maybe there's some other study bible but for sure in absence resources more helpful than others. They give a whole of the background going into the whole book here's what it was written here's who's writing it here's the context here's the grammatical structure of this book or the literary structure of this book right it is super super helpful guys to get a big picture idea of what's going on so that now whenever you're reading a text and diving deeper you're coming to the right conclusions that make sense OK I was in a small group a while back where this happened where someone was kind of just jumping to conclusions about a text but I knew that wasn't what the text was saying and I won't go into that now and have time and actually don't fully remember the story X. last time I do is present Aisha was Army in June and I had just been in a small group but anyway that can happen sometimes So here's the most I'm following important questions to ask is my conclusion in harmony with the author's intent and the context am I coming to conclusions that the author would be OK with right and this within the context does my interpretation give a positive or negative view of the character of God I have or did such an amazing job last night I mean I'm not surprised but he did such an amazing job last night when he started with this thought that many of us have unhealthy views of God and he gave this great parallel if you want there were the blessings in the curses in Deuteronomy there's like 9 blessings and like 50 something cursings and the immediate thought in your mind to be Man God is so negative and to realize that Jesus took all of our curses and longs to give us all the blessings right and so it's easy for us to come to the wrong conclusions at times and less when I stand the big picture is to ask yourself a question when I read this verse how do I view God do I view God as a monster who's controlling his depriving people of good who's in fan of genocide and Joshua if that's the case I'm not understanding this text you with me. Because he says these are they was testify of me Jesus says and he said if you see me you've seen the Father so if what you read in the Old Testament looks gnarly and doesn't look like the way that Jesus would do life and that's part of the way the father would do life and you just don't understand it yet and here's something I think is very very important if you do not have a healthy picture of God going into scripture it will be very difficult for you to give God the benefit of the doubt in those things that you don't understand right now and jump into the negative but if we understand who God is and how he does life then it's easy for us to realize you know I don't understand what this means and if I'm not careful I would be led to believe that God is unjust by what I just read but I know him well enough to know I need to reserve my judgment and study further skeptics don't do this so skep to start flipping through the Old Testament Gazan favorite genocide Gaza favor this polygamy whatever God let Abraham lie but I will let you lie like was did whatever the situation may be when we have false views of the character and nature of God We come to false conclusions and it's OK to not understand and we need to be humble enough to acknowledge that fact they're going to be things that I read in Scripture where I literally just had to close the book and say I don't get it I may search for hours for days and for weeks and the amazing thing is there may be a time that later you do understand it and one of the reasons why you understand it later is because you're not the same person you were when you were at the last time if you're actually communing with the living Christ who you are every time you read a passage should be a different person. That may mean that you come to different conclusions later and I've got some friends who've gone through this like man you've changed you know like it's your preaching this isn't like what happened you know they said I kept reading like I grew I realize I was wrong in my view of that text maybe there's a more Christ centered approach to this particular teaching that why I saw in the past rites be humble enough to acknowledge the fact that I may get to a text is just above my pay grade I don't get it right if a prophet named Daniel is since messengers directly from heaven to commune with him and he says I don't understand you can say I don't understand I mean maybe you had angels come visit you but I haven't and so if Daniel who by the way was told he was greatly beloved doesn't understand it's OK if you don't understand you don't have to know everything your job is to know him right and you can seek to know him and you can trust him in the things that you don't understand that he will reveal later or in the by and by and that's OK yeah is it true to the text of my being true the text no matter how awesome of a point this may be and. I don't remember what testimony is going to use for this is probably best for time sake not to do it but it does burn my strip malls when I see this happen we've only begun and I don't like seeing this I do not like seeing people not be true to the text in their sermons if that's not what the Texas saying don't go there I don't care how cool your point would be if it were true if it's not true you can't use it my job as a minister of the gospel is to be true to the Texas Scripture my job as a 7th the administration sharing my faith as somebody else is be true to the text we have to be guys that's the most important thing even if you're trying to go on all give an example of there's a verse that we use in our Bible studies and in our evangelistic series that isn't true it's in the book of Acts turn there would you will do it real quick accepted to. I believe is accepted to let me see here. Yeah accepted to turn there so Peter's preaching this powerful Pentecost sermon and we use this text saying this accepted to in verse 29 minutes brother let me speak freely to you the page you're David the he is both dead and buried and his tomb is with us to this day and some of our people say See the Bible says he's he's here so once to being here does not directly say that they're not in heaven now I don't believe people in heaven right now apart from the people Scripture says Don't misunderstand me but that's not clear in the text but we'll use that and then we skip down the we say verse 34 for David's not a sins of the heaven see the Bible says that David is in heaven the problem is that's not what this text is saying what the Texas saying in verse 34 is he says for David did not distant into the heavens but he says himself the Lord said to my Lord sit at my right hands I make your enemies your footstool was actually happening in this text is what Paul what Peter saying is David wasn't in heaven when this conversation Heaven took place but here's what he says about it it's not saying that David didn't ascend to heaven when he died this thought Peter's point Peter's point is a conversation took place in heaven and David wasn't there for that he didn't ascend into heaven to hear this but he says the Lord said to my Lord sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool. Now that does not mean that we should change our views in the state of the dead I'm just saying let's not use text that aren't clear or that that's not the point they're making it would be nice if that point was making that point but it's not it's just saying his tombs here so is Jesus's tomb that doesn't mean you know Stan like there's just let's use text that are abundantly clear and not text that are not clear here's another big one am I a willing to lay aside my interpretation if I'm shown from the text that it's incorrect. And this is where some people like all all meet people who start trying to tell me like I study the Bible for myself I know about the Strong's Concordance and they come to some conclusions that are not what the text is actually saying but their identity is tied to them being a scholar and they don't want to be wrong I need to be humble enough to recognize the fact that I may not be correct as some of the concludes that come I hope I am but if someone is able to reason to me from scripture in context that I'm wrong I'm going to own that and I should stop teaching that and my words should not be based upon my scholarship my worth is only based upon the accomplishments of Jesus not my scholarship right so we need to be humble enough to accept that is my interpretation of harmony with the overarching themes of the Bible am I familiar with the overarching themes of the Bible that would help me if I was am I reading this thinking of my context in my generation or in their context and their generation sometimes we try to contextualize things to how we do life now scripture trance sins everything that's one of things is so amazing about the Bible is that it's relevant to every culture why is it that Jamaicans know who Abraham this. And yet the stories from Abraham's life are changing their lives to kill a mockingbird can't say that. Right Huck Finn can't say that but the Word of God has this supernatural transcendent C That's amazing but that does not mean that I should be reading my local context into their local context right and so for instance whenever we read we had that sermon Wednesday night about the 2nd coming being a wedding narrative if we don't understand a 1st century world view of the Jew we would miss the blessing that we saw Wednesday night we would never have known what it is that we saw because we don't understand how weddings work back then and how that process was so weak and what we think the Lord separates us some random meal we think that Jesus saying Let not your heart be troubled is just some random statement we would build to connect the dots if we are reading our context into theirs to make sense but we get a big lesson when we read their context in their texts OK because of this it would be well for us to spin a thoughtful how long our how often each day in contemplation of the life of Christ we should take it point by point and let the imagination grass be seen is specially the closing ones and as we best develop upon his great sacrifice for us our confidence in him will be more constant Our love will be quickened and we shall be more deeply in Bude with his spirit if we would be saved at last we must learn the lessons of penitence and humiliation at the foot of the Cross now I know we just read this in the last seminar but there's a lot of there's a lot of meat in here isn't there you know you would assume that if I were to read the story of the cross every day Wouldn't that get old when I get bored with this apparently not. Apparently there is so much power in the life of Christ and particularly the closing scenes that it can change the life it can soften the heart and so if you find yourself in a situation of reading Scripture and it doesn't really awaken you it doesn't make your heart rate increase or race maybe we're missing something and she says one of the ways that you can kind of resuscitate your spiritual life is by focusing on the cross by focusing on Jesus' sufferings. We actually covered this already Now here's a word study here's an example of a word States in Genesis chapter one in Genesis chapter 2 we have a perfect people in perfect communion with the perfect god right it's all good everything is great but in Genesis Chapter 3 their separation is brought into their experience man is now separated from God as if it universe 2 says Your sins of separated you from your god right so there's a separation God can no longer commune with his people as he wanted now his fellowship was still available to them in a special way on the Sabbath they did not lose that but the face to face communion they did had to lose that as Genesis 3 so face can face communication to separation now what we're doing is a word study today would have a study a word study here's an example good XS Chapter $25.00 that you probably know this text God says let them build after the separation has gone on for years God says I've had enough of this enough of this something has to change and next chapter 25 in verse 8 God says let them build me a sanctuary why that I may dwell among them. Focus on this word will we're going to see this many times that I may dwell among them now whenever they had the Israelites think people were camping in the north the south east in the West and the presence of God was found in the middle of town if you live in these old talons where they have a city square right if you have like the big clock tower or the court house or something in the middle is kind of the hub of the city this is the way the Israelite sanctuary worked it was the place right in the very middle of the in this. Community and God basically lives on Oak Street now where they went from face to face communication and communication and communion to separation to now God literally has moved next door you want to seek the presence of God to be near God you can move right next door here is we've seen numbers Tepper 35 verse 34 I may have to skip some of these just for time sake actually. Got basically tells your lies you need to be careful about what you're doing in this community because this is a place in which I do we'll today was following the word will and we're learning a big picture theme here God says don't don't just trifle around like you to cover the refuse when you use the restroom outside of the campus other things because this is the place in which I do well that we get to exit chapter $33.00 and we're going to skip that one and will do 1st. Do 1st kings 2nd you do a few different types of studies and a real estate is limited 1st chapter 6 but these texts are all my slides you'll have to look into this more 1st chapter 6 beginning verse 11 now we're talking about the Temple 1st build me a tabernacle near another going to build a permanent edifice then the word of the Lord came to Solomon saying concerning this temple which you are building if you walk in my statutes execute my judgments keep all my commandments and walk in them then I will perform my word which I spoke to your father David and I will do what. I will dwell among the children of Israel and we're not for sake my people Israel if you will prioritize having me in your life and things in harmony with your life you're not going to lose my presence and I don't want to lose you again all right here's how this process works so face to face communion separation then God becomes the neighbor of his people now going to John chapter one John chapter one. And beginning in verse one. John chapter one in verse one in the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the Word was God he was in the beginning with God all things were made through Him and without him nothing was made that was made in Him was life in the life was the light of men and the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it the good Anna verse 14 and the Word became flesh and did what and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory the glories of the only begun to the Father full of grace and truth so we go from face to face communion to separation to God being the neighbor his people to now God becoming our elder brother becoming the brother of humanity right walking in flesh like ours and 1st of all Islam can offer this Buddhism can offer this certainly agnosticism and atheism cannot offer this no world view offers you a god amongst us a God who dwells with us I make no apologies about this distinction we have a God In fact the Babylonians in Daniel's day they whenever the king was asking for someone to interpret the dream and tell the dream they said no look no one can do this but the gods whose dwellings is not with men or at the Gods don't care to do all most people in a Babylonian world view but in our world view God is love God wants communion guns wants face to face communion and he's moving next door and now he's taken a step even closer and becomes the brother of humanity as our Elder Brother him in. And so we're watching this theme here of how God works throughout Scripture and so that's that's great so I'm becoming my you know I had neighbors when I worked at Heritage academy and they were great people I had one of the best rounds of golf in my life Easter Sunday in 2014 I think was Sam is a great guy brother muffin tins they borrowed my vacuum we had a great relationship but I'm not as close to them right I was not as close to them when I lived in Monterey Tennessee as I was to my brother who lived in Gainesville Florida has that possible because my brother and I have physical emotional and genetic bonds that no one can relate to outside of us right there are things that bind us together that geography cannot separate us which implies to me then that God is taking these continual steps forward face to face communion that's as good as it gets but there was separation and got it I'm tired of this build me a sanctuary I want to dwell with you next door so God takes a step forward but now Jesus becomes our elder brother and walks in the flesh like ours and redeemed the race in flesh like ours he takes another step forward but he's not content with this either because then we get to John Chapter 14 John Chapter 14 verses 15 to 18 You've heard the 1st verse if you love me keep my commandments do me a favor never stop there never stop there because Jesus did this as a verse 16 here's how you'll keep my commandments and I will pray the Father and He will give you another Helper the he may abide with you forever the Spirit of truth in the world cannot see because it received because it neither sees him nor knows him but you know him why for he dwells with you and will be in you now I very simple question for you. Is it possible to get any closer to someone then living inside of them yes or no. Yeah I gave you were to have a presence meter that that's as far as you can go and look at all the steps that God is taking I had you I lost you and I've been 10 a sissy pursuing you ever since and not only my moving next door to my to the fact that I want you I'm even willing to walk through an experience of suffering to win your heart back to mine this is why Paul says in Hebrews 4 that seeing that we have such a great high priest has passed of the heavens Jesus the Son of God he says let us hold fast our confession if we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weakness but was tempted in all points as we are yet without sin why so that we would therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may have tamed mercy and find grace to help in a time of need it took Jesus coming in human flesh and suffering just like you and me emotionally psychologically spiritually and physically to awaken within us the trust to take a step towards him who has already taken a step towards us and then and he's not even going to stop there I've even promise in the Spirit of God to empower you to live a holy life to bring you back to me Do you think God wants you yes or no you better believe it so we went from face to face separate communion to separation to become in the neighbor of his people to the brothers people the now God promising to live inside of us through the power of the Holy Spirit to enable us to live a Christ like life and a heaven balun life Amen doesn't stop there going to Revelation chapter 21. Revelation 21. Beginning of verse 3. Yes ma'am Revelation 21 of verse 3 says this and I heard a loud voice from heaven saying Behold the tabernacle of God is with men and what's he going to do. He will do well with them and they shall be his people God himself will be with them and be their God then it says and God will wipe away every tier from their eyes there should be no more death nor sorrow nor crying which are all the result of sin which cause a separation and there still be no more pain for the former things have passed away that he who stand in the throne said Behold I make all things new now if he's promising to make all things new that implies that hey maybe he could make me a new but my flesh is prone to doubt that and about yours but minus and he knows that so what's the very next thing he says right John for these words are true and they're faithful I know you're prone to doubt so write it down because what I'm telling you is the truth you can take it to the bank I make all things new I'm coming back to get you I had you I lost you I've pursued you and I want you still and you find this just to follow in this word well throughout Scripture I mean there's other instances of that word obviously but this is something you get is when you just following these themes right and so in every When you actually pay attention to Scripture and what happened to me was I was teaching a Bible class and I use one text and then use another text and the word wells in both of them and I use it was in that one too and I started to think wait a minute this whole process is God's desperate desire to dwell with man that's always been his desire right and it happens through word study that that's one option of study right so face to face communion is restored as if it is 7 talks about this OK now tying right moving on topical study I'm not going to be able to actually do this justice arms and give you the texts and you can study this on your own but I was doing a bio so I was given Bible studies this guy fresh out of a rise my 1st Bible study at a Bible college. And this guy every time I would study with him he would get into these poisonous rants about people who hurt him in religion his family and other people and it didn't matter what topic we covered some how something would remind him of something happen in the past and we'd go over here and we would just glorify the pain and then come in not to justify pain is not good but the point was he kept going back to all the pain and it was really getting bad because I would leave those Bible studies with that spirit of anger that was in him in me because it's contagious and so I had to deal kind of. Detox after my Bible studies seriously and I just I can't keep doing this and so I said I had to deal with this by said Lord you got to help me because he used this text he said because have brother you really need to forgive these people says look the Bible says that you can be angry and not sin for one and 2 Jesus said He has a with his brother without a cause he's in danger of hell I have a cause that's the God's honest truth that's what the guy told me the Bible says I can't be mad without a cause but I have a cause and said Lord help me help this guy yeah I know and so I'm in this situation where what do you do and and the thing was like the imprecatory Psalms are like candy for people like this right who doesn't want to say Lord Jesus knock the teeth out of the mouth of my enemies right you know when they cut me off in traffic it feels pretty good right they start malicious gossip in the local church setting I want to put an end to that knock their teeth out Lord here's the difference David brought his anger to God it's safe to bring it there it's not safe to vomit on the people around you you with me David took it where you should take it. And so we've been if it from that So anyway that's the background and so I thought Lord people always try to use David's imprecatory Psalms as an excuse and so I started studying the life of David and when I studied the life of David I saw that there were many times that David was wronged and he had opportunities to defend himself and he chose not to and the times that he did speak to God kept it from happening and so what I did is I just walk through the entire life of David and I'll do this sometimes I'll just study the entire everything that happens about a certain person or start from beginning to end and what lessons can I learn from this and whatever topic so I did that on the topic of forgiveness and those texts are here you can see them in my slides you get later and then I started breaking down some new testament principles of forgiveness so these are the references that I use for this whole situation with David a lot of his with Saul but it also happens with naval Abigail's has been it also happens in other situation I forget the last one was all the guy shimmy I who's like cursing David never has to leave the city and so anyway those examples are in my slides you can have those later and it will to some basic principles on forgiveness in the New Testament let's look at a couple of these but the chiefest of them is Matthew Chapter 18 but I was giving you some examples of a topical study I did one on forgiveness you can do one on any topic you know what does the Bible teach about Atonement I don't know search the word atonement search the theme of Atonement whatever you want this is just an example go to future chapter actually Julia read this last night I think if you Chapter 430 to her worships have been amazing by the way haven't they been inspiring the Spirit of God is at work all over the world guys and man those have been good and talk about prayer and Faith and Miracles and warms my heart that lady knows Jesus she's a friend of mine and I'm grateful for her being here if you choose for 30 to 30 to listen to what he says and do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God by whom you were sealed for the day every day and then he lists stuff that can grieve the Spirit of God. Let all bitterness raff anger clamor and evil speaking be put away from you you know the funny thing is in verse 26 above this he quotes King David when he says be angry and do not sin but then you go for verses a few verses down and then it says Put away the things that would grieve the Holy Spirit of God it was you say anger that must mean the only anger that you can go through and not sin is when you bring that anger to God right because the context of the anger here is different bitterness wrath anger claiming evil speaking that sounds like the stuff you're throwing horizontally instead of vertically interesting the difference. With all malice and be kind to one another tenderhearted in it says forgiving one another why even as God in Christ forgave you so you can these $5.00 to $11.00 is another interesting one. I think I just have one more of these things and maybe we can do this. So to find 11 this is another big one when you know the context so in 1st Corinthians It's bad guys Corinth was a dump spiritually like there are some serious carnal nonsense happening in Corinth and they plan to church there right and so it's like it's like planting a church in the red light district right this is bad and so anyway they had the stuff going on and Paul literally says you guys are going to deal with your stuff it's literally he says there's sexual immorality in your church that even the Gentiles don't engage in he says a man has his own father's wife you do the math a man has his own father's wife that's gross. That's despicable and Paul says you've got to deal with this you have to deal with this so then he follows up in 2nd Corinthians on how they deal with it and there are some great principles here by the way when it comes to dealing with church discipline listen this so you could these 2511 but if anyone has caused grief he's not grieved me but all of you to some extent not to be too severe the majority sorry the punishment which was inflicted by the majority is sufficient for such a man they disfellowshipped him so that on the contrary you are rather to forgive and comfort him less perhaps such a one be swallowed up with too much sorrow it's possible to administer church discipline in a way that makes people think that God wants nothing to do with them because we treat them like we want nothing to do with them does that mean that we don't do church discipline never said that you never would but when you do the spirit in which you do so needs to be abundantly clear God is not rejecting you God is discipline in this behavior is not something that can be allowed for in a local church setting it's inappropriate We cannot allow for this we still have love for you Jesus wants you to repent and come back but that's not OK here. Right so Paul deals with this 2nd printings But look he says was a man be overwhelmed by too much sorrow verse 8 Therefore I urge you to reaffirm your love to him for to this in I also wrote that I might put you to the test whether you are beaten in all things now whom you forgive anything I also forgive for if indeed I have forgiven anything and he had to go through a lot right there's another listing or he just has all the stuff he went through beaten stoned and left for dead shipwrecked as if there's anything that I've forgiven I've forgiven that one for your sakes in the presence of Christ but don't miss this here's why less Satan should take advantage of us for we are not ignorant of his devices apparently one of Satan's devices is unforgiveness and heavy handed dealing with our people. And he understood this yeah so we can grieve the Spirit of God by our unforgiveness and we can be playthings of the enemy when we're cherishing unforgiveness and hostility in our churches Yeah and Matthew 6 the Lord's Prayer by the way is all talking about. The topic of forgiveness I just don't have time to go to Matthew 18 I don't have time to do that one. Final do it go to Matthew 6 quickly for supper is a common thing the Lord's Prayer should say that the 6. Matthew 6 still have one more thing to go through Matthew 6 beginning of verse 8 therefore do not be like them the vain repetitions of the heathens for they think they'll be heard there many words don't be like that for your father knows the things you have need of before you ask him So in this manner therefore pray our Father in heaven hallowed be your name your kingdom come your will be done On earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and then it says to forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors so we need to forgive so that we can be forgiven and do not lead us into temptation to not forgive but deliver us from the evil because remember one of his devices is to use unforgiveness for YOUR says the kingdom of the power in the glory for every minute so he may be thinking that's a bit of a leap there isn't it like he only meant forgiveness for this one line The problem is he's still talking about forgiveness from the prayers over 1st 14 for if you forgive men their trespasses your heavenly Father also will forgive you but if you do not forgive men their trespasses neither will your father forgive your trespasses now is Jesus looking for reasons to not forgive people of course not he's saying that unforgiveness is so out of harmony with the way in which Heaven does life that the 2 can't hold together to make sense or go to Matthew 18 Let's get the other ones Matthew 18. 21 this is literally the death knell to the topic of unforgiveness if you don't have time to give anyone a Bible study with all these texts just go directly to Matthew Chapter 18 Matthew Chapter 18 verse 21 it says This That's what Pete that's what a pastor says or a preacher says when they don't know where the text is on the page yet it says this that what they're doing when they say that is actually finding the text then Peter came and said to him Lord help often show my brother sin against me and I forgive them up to 7 times then Jesus says this I say what I want to do I only have 9 minutes left now X. is 8 minutes I'm going to do for my 30 minute sermon the 3rd option of a Bible study OK so when I would 30 minutes sermon for the evening meetings over there I will do the 3rd version of a study it's on Parallels OK deal all right so let me let me take my time on this so Matthew 1821 says then Peter came and said to him Lord how often should my brother sin against me I forgive him then he says up to 7 times now if you did not understand the culture in the teachings of this day you would understand the significance here's the here's the context Judaism taught that forgiving a person 3 times demonstrated that one had a true spirit of forgiveness some rabbis made it clear that a 4th time was not required so just imagine after 3 times pick out right just get get just get bitter just go crazy but given 3 chances at least right so this is Peter's question went beyond that and being generous to just at the perfect number so they're just thinking just give me a number Jesus correct and some of us may feel as we just give me a number how many in are staring at somebody that's one that's 2 that's 3 and then you get to 70 think go time right and you just want to you want to go to town you can't do that and Jesus makes this point here in Matthew Chapter 18 in the next verse Jesus said to him I do not say to you up to 7 times but up to 70 times 7 it's not about a number Peter it's about your heart. It's not a number that we need to be talking about here it's how Heaven does life list of this therefore the kingdom of heaven is like a certain So he starts explaining how the kingdom of heaven works it's like this Peter. It's like a certain king who went to settle accounts of the servants and when he'd begun to settle accounts what was brought to him hold him 10000 talents and you think big deal 10000 talents was that you know how much 10000 tells us. 60000000 days wages I'm just sayin so what out of 10000 talents and then listen to what this clown says he says then the sea fillable form and said Master have patience with me and I will pay you all a nobody pay and that is not going to happen he his it's an insurmountable debt is the point and Jesus uses extremes to make this point you have an insurmountable debt and his father a master please have mercy on me patience with me and I'll pay you all he's never going to be able to do that but then it says the master of that servant was moved with compassion here's another word study for you look up every time the phrase mood with compassion shows up in the Gospels according to my understanding every time is talking about Jesus or God the Father every time so that must be who he's talking about right here they were moved to compassion he released him and forgave him that insurmountable debt how would you feel that moment right Hallelujah reversed 28 but that servant went out and found one of his fellow servants who owed him 100 an hour you know that is it's a 100 days wages people in this room no more than that on a house or a car how does he treat the man who owes him 100 days wages he takes him by the throat saying pay me what you owe so it's still servants fell down at his feet and he begged him saying Have patience with me and I will pay you will have we seen that phrase before when you see repetitions it's for a reason. God isn't forgetfulness repeats himself when I get nervous I repeat myself right that doesn't happen in Scripture what's happening here is there's 2 same things for a reason both were in difficult situations both asked for the same thing one owed a far greater debt than the other did and the one who had a far greater debt was forgiven and he would not forgive the one who already smaller debt could have been paid that's the point Jesus is making here he says the same thing 1st 30 and he would not but went in through going to prison till he should pay the debt so this fellow servant saw what had been done they were very grieved and they came and told their master all that had been done then his master after he called him said to him You wicked servant I forgave you all that debt because you beg me should you not also have had compassion on your fellow servant just as I had pity on you and his master was angry delivered into the tortures until he should pay all that was due to him so my Heavenly Father also will do to you if each of you from his mouth does not forgive his brother his trespasses out the tech says the No anyone can do that was harder to do to forgive them from the heart he says so my father and we need to understand something very very clearly here except I don't want to be misunderstood forgiveness is not enabling forgiveness is not endorsing forgiveness is not Paley aiding sin you forgiving someone is sitting you free and giving them a chance to respond to the goodness of God that they don't deserve but it is not saying that what they did is OK that you should be a doormat that you should remain an abusive situation that's not what God is asking of you and my clear on that it's OK But here is the point forgiveness is no joke unforgiveness is no joke it will keep you out of heaven Jesus uses very clear language for a reason if I am willing to forgive you of your sins which is a far greater debt you have to but it is not asking you to forgive them in your strength. He's not asking you to forgive them as if your own free will was your free will because as needed to muster the guts to do it Jesus is saying if you come to me I can give you the ability to forgive that this is a supernatural transaction forgiveness is not something flesh can do very well we need Jesus to empower us to have the ability to surrender this pain and to surrender this heart ache and to give it to him and surrender to him and whether this person responds or not to that forgiveness is none of my business I can't control that and I can't guarantee you today and I'm not giving you money back guarantee I'll be right there's nothing I'm not giving you money back guarantee that if you go to this person and ask for and tell them that you forgive them I cannot guarantee you that they will respond in kind or that they were sent by here's what I can tell you you can have peace with God in that moment you can have closure in that moment and you're giving that person an opportunity to respond to the Spirit of God by receiving good news that they don't deserve and what God does or that is between them and God We can't control that you can keep praying and one of the principles of forgiveness sometimes is space King David had to do this if you go through those texts he says I'm going to die some day by the hand of Saul and so he leaves Israel because I'm sorry the 1st time and they tried to kill me again chased him a 2nd time David called him at a 2nd time and he says I'm to die some day by the hand it's also he leaves Israel goes to the Philistines and it happens and then I think Chapter 16 he says Saul pursued him no more so sometimes one of those principles of forgiveness is to not keep putting them in a position where they stumble when you're around. Father in heaven thank you for helping us to make up for time we really need more time to go through stuff like this prize prayed in this this introductory window that because of what our appetite to dig deeper into scripture to come to know you said that these ARE THERE WAS testify of me will then help us find you in these texts help us to better understand your words your will for our life had a study to show ourselves approved Lord this is our prayer we ask these things in Jesus name Amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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