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How To Start A Center of Influence

Lorna Gabuco


The key principles you need to know in organizing a center of influence in your community.


  • April 14, 2019
    2:45 PM
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I Everyone who are among you here believe that. Help for you is a right arm of the 3rd angel's message let me see your hands clearly it's. That's good and I believe it so and so I would like to share with you how I got into this kind of ministry now in mind joining me in my experience having this kind of ministry. I thought of this. 3 things know how to start a center of influence because I consider their restaurant in their can think will set their assess center of influence. One of course you have to have a passion to share God's Word if you have the passion to share to other people God's word there and don't think twice your commitment to the mission and that is to share price in the marketplace how and when the restaurant work really put tracts under the ball and I thought of putting also my back issues of the devotionals and surprisingly there reading it in some there asking for those books to bring home soil at them or in combed the back issues of the of our devotionals in then I have here the example I made though this is the program of American back so many since I just revised this when. The power play if you notice at the back of. The wall in the restaurant with the sign it that's like this now Mrs White. Stated in her book that we are not to feed people but we have to instruct them. So we have to educate them we have to educate people not to feed them so with this kind of placemat Normally when we introduced them to this kind of program they would ask this kind that believe no one when they bring this home and they put this in their fridge as their guide every time they they do their meal plan so is is and is in at nights they were now i would we will tell them that the power play this is the complete meal when you eat as a vegetarian you either you have to have the 4 kinds of. Food we usually have the fruits the like you miss the whole grain in the vegetable and that was in one evening you're getting the whole nutrient the body needs so they are they really appreciate it and they asked for the it's OK saw some more. Help materials we all saw how. The new start brochure the materials coming from the division and we put them on the table now training and expertise you should have your chaining in expertise now I was prepared with the void to do this kind of restaurant work before I I was a concessionaire in one of the largest. Companies in the Philippines and think about of feeding 5000 people on the 33 ships not 24 hours operation so I was impressed to do or cycle and that means I have to draw of 8 week cycle not repeating the same kind of food into Once I saw there are so food committee they will be asking me to submit a foot cycle where you have to have 6 the issue. As for breakfast lunch and dinner and for 2 months I will not repeat that so I was able to all accumulate a lot of recipes for the past 10 years so if I write a vegetarian book it's going to be this. And and another thing is that I was called to a caterer officially in the division office every time they have their all annual meeting or convention I have to prepare food for those who have food allergies so I have to make recipes for people who are or how the not all are due to the saw the we yeah. But I have to create a recipe so that people can and yet not only those who have food allergies but everyone can either they all saw it that adds to the adds up to the recipes and so I was able also to gather recipes for these for the past 7 years I've been catering for the division and for the seminary. Of course you should be a vegetarian you cannot you know you can not be in the HELP ministry if you are not convince your not a vegetarian so if you are of a vegetarian and if you have the passion to share guts work and if you are committed. To the mission then put the help for the ministry. Now Mrs Mrs White counsels us in her book that restaurant should be clean I gently caressed her and another one beside the things I remember in her writings I really put this in my mind for you should be simple and easy to prepare if you notice I help a lot of the right I have over write the dishes. In the full fee area but those are fetch vegetables purely vegetables I only use $2.00 kinds of meat substitute the top and the 10 all the rest the are vegetables and she also told us that each should be pulled out the whole son and appealing to the eyes just combine different kinds of color to be of the link that the ice and so people would look would love to see if there is. An affordable even the poorest can afford vegetarian food should not be that expensive yet it should be affordable and. The food we have in the restaurant we have the chip approved deal and the other one I called it that the transitional vegetarian meaning if you're not rich Tory and if you want to try the vegetarian you can we have a lot of their shows in the restaurant now Mrs White says told us that Director for me should be progressive OK so they can have they can days go vegetarian the nun cheer and then after getting used to the vegetarian after they discipline that down they can go to the chip food that's the way I idea in the restaurant so it's a mystery of none of the chip in the nun chip so if you combine every little food in the restaurant if it's perfect it's a very delicious That's why a lot of people who comes in the restaurant said It's very delicious because they combine everything itself with a combination of so many vegetables and no. Other at them now. You know that's the lesson now the restaurant was. Last month why because I should have listened to David when I opened the rest. The killers are the location as Pastor Ted the son mention it is only opposite the university the university has 4000 students and further away few kilometers is the division office and seminary now or we were thinking. We can have the market of the art in the east in the surrounding that's why we put the restaurant there. It's not in the city. Second the high rental. Though we're we're we're paying about $1200.00 That's $63000.00 vessels so if I converted it's like $1200.00 as the other expenses like the salaries the. And the water it could end up $2000.00 that's a lot saw we were not able to sustain because of the hire and. So 1st the location on it's not straight they are looking for. Another one in the high rental and number 3 the Adventist community. Support only a little are than the is our vegetarian correct. Correct. Correct so the or not in the restaurant only they have Vistar is coming from different places who are vegetarian they've just gone through hours and bring the guests in the restaurant but for the general I've been theists. Only little support. Very set right. And so before I came here I was I told Terry T.R. I don't know and I didn't want to come what will I build these people the restaurant is already closed. The book. Well you know they've used your conversation last December there was a couple of Chinese couple who was very interested in the restaurant actually am. December they were they were regularly coming to the restaurant maybe and they were like observing wine dinner time we don't have any guests only a few of them but lunch we have a lot and then suddenly they offered me hail and then they told me would be all I would like to help you in the market the you know the Chinese way they are very good in marketing right so they said I can help you market the arrest store and they are Adventists from China actually they have a son who is studying in the university saw 4 years there been in the Philippines and then I said OK. But I am I'm in the kitchen actually means I'm a chef saw I'm in the kitchen I'm not taking care of the marketing much of the marketing so I told myself and I'm praying about it maybe you are the answer to my prayer here that we can market the restaurant property and saw we had a negotiation Unfortunately they went back to China February when the restaurant was skittles they were about I was accumulating high rental they cannot be the rental anymore so I was ready to sell them the restaurant and they will buy it out and continue the operation and then suddenly the embassy of the Libyan embassy in China I was surprised they didn't they didn't grant the visa. That time so I was surprised. They would not come what will happen to me but when are you applying in the US for a U.S. visa I was given I was given a visa. Why Lord why did you not give them the best and why didn't you give me the visa and go into the US I need them for the restaurant to be open but without them I cannot operate anymore can I open the restaurant because I have to pay the background bill but now you are giving me a U.S. visa that means I will be coming in and talking to you people what they like them. They are told me and you share to them what will be the deuce and don'ts in opening this kind of restaurant and maybe you can get some ideas and how to open how to open this and don't in opening this way so I think there's the important thing I can share with you in my journey now before I left a week ago I was. Going back there and yes I remember also who wanted to open a restaurant in kill in Malaysia and they are opening in the they already open a new one if you if you know a non the lifestyle center in Malaysia they open a restaurant in the city in they wanted to expand the restaurant by. Doing bent the access it's a budget meal while I was there leaving David and that the media and us in about the Bentonville you're familiar with the bento box right the Japanese fans of us beef I was offering these 2 companies now this bent the backs of its field where the 4 the 4 groups I'm relieved following the 4 groups and all the all the green the vegetables and it's a complete it's a complete. Foot grow bright and saw I told them I can help them with a bento box how to produce the bent the bass and they were planning to supply a company we had 500 bento box a day at the and saw after here I'd be going to kill the culture of these people and one in China there was one Cheney is who printed some butter yields in China and distributed but he was put into prison for 8 years now when he came out of the jail he wanted to have a restaurant in China he wanted to have a commissary we had the commissary when we put it when we get into a concessionaire not and so he said if I can help him with the. Restaurant work with the commissary or Central Kitchen he is inviting me to go to China so I think the Lord is leading me to this kind of ministry the coaching lol. Not in the restaurant because I was able to you know I was able to gain the experience training and expertise in this kind of field in the Cape there reading and concessionaire and in the restaurant I don't know what the Lord wants me to do with the restaurant because K.C.A.L. has already been established for 2 years people come in and we have a lot of customers different kinds of customer we have the monster we have the bishop we have the nines last December we had a reservation for the nonce Mia coming from Myanmar and they were about 28 of them. They book to us and what ails them and events also where being and wearing these I don't know in the guts blunt for tasty help but continue but please pray for us please pray for this restaurant because D.C. is a center of influence many people have been. Opened their eyes for lifestyle change and I nor the Lord will work in the is a nice bright night this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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