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The Savior and the Sanctuary

John Bradshaw


John Bradshaw

President of It Is Written


  • April 12, 2019
    7:00 PM
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The you was $985.00 and an event would take place or even perhaps a series of events that would have a major impact on the United States of America not an election not a sporting events not a death not a natural disaster you know the way things played out some people would tell you this was even more important than that in the mid 1980 S. Pepsi Cola had begun to sell more product in supermarkets then Coca-Cola in an effort to win back market share Coke executives decided to do something absolutely radical in taste tests it was revealed that people appreciated more preferred Pepsi because it was sweeter and so Coca-Cola decided to produce a new sweet version of the drink and they stopped selling the regular Coca-Cola to start with sales went fairly well but over a period of time actually a relatively brief period of time all that chain sht psychiatry. By Coca-Cola said that many people who called the Coke company about the demise of the old Coke and the introduction of the new Coke sounded much like they had lost a family member it was as though they were discussing a death took show hosts and comedians derided this new Coke fangs at sports games would be when fall Coca-Cola showed up on school bullets even feed Castro criticized new Coke people started protesting down here in the south bottles emptied in the streets and coke but Liz said that some of their friends had stopped talking to them. And that they were being emotionally hummed by the change in the drink when it was announced less than 3 months later that the new Coke would disappear and the old Coke would come back Peter Jennings the news reader interrupted the nightly news to make that special announcement One senator called the reintroduction of old Coke a meaningful moment in U.S. history $77.00 days after being taken off the market Classic Coke was reintroduced new Coke became a thing of the published in other woods one of the most venerable and venerated companies in these United States tried something to much testing to much research and what they did was a colossal monumental categorical failure there are all kinds of failures if you can attempt it then you can fail at it or at about a kicker for a college football team it was a big game he had 2. Opportunities I believe in extra time to kick the match winning the game winning field goal it would have meant glory for his university and certainly an amount for him he missed both of them the opposition went on to win we've all failed never feel as good but we have failed sometimes it's a little maybe not so big you bake bread the bread didn't turn out that's a failure but maybe you needed that grade all that cake for a birthday party so the stakes were actually kind of high you tried to fix the car you said I'll save some money you didn't get the job done might have even made things worse failed to find the perfect gift forgotten and of the street or a birthday. Not completed a project you were going to make a dress or a bookcase or you were going to make a model airplane or complete an assignment didn't happen on time had a relationship go bad failed an exam you didn't get everything done that you wanted to get done on a certain day and that's not a good feeling no one likes to fail fail you can leave you feeling miserable or hypocritical or useless or it can leave you feeling like a failure there are some failures we experience that bring with them much greater consequences than others you can get that staying out of your child's clothing life goes on but in your spiritual life what happens then what happens when you fail according to the Bible we have failed the Bible says that all have sinned and have come short of the glory of God sin according to Isaiah separates us from dog and Paul wrote to the Romans and informed them and us that the wages of sin is dead we know we failed spiritually we don't feel good about bad you lose it with the kids you list it on a still not kind to your spouse you don't feel good about bad you you waste money that you know was really and mocked for something more meaningful and that's not good now when it comes to spiritual failure that can be crushing that can suck the spiritual life right out of you you tell yourself I really matter how I keep the Sabbath as long as I meet some be a minimum requirement but there are a very few people who actually believe that it's it doesn't feel good to know that you've let God down or perhaps let yourself down you might have thought at the time that you'll floating was homeless but really upon reflection or maybe even then. You knew that it was. And when you realized that you were out of line you felt slimy you felt like a failure we've done wrong spiritually and it gets to us because we were raised we've read the Bible all of this leads us to believe that there is a right way and when you don't go that right way it's OK your business doesn't take off you have a slow year the practice isn't working out quite right you set some goals you didn't meet them all right but spiritually when you know you're not and I'm going to use this phrase measuring up when you know your profession is one thing but the way things are playing out in your life it's another all together it's just as well that God has a remedy for spiritual failure and he spoke about that to us when the angel spoke to Daniel and Daniel $814.00 and said unto $2300.00 days then the sanctuary will be clean. Remedy for failure in Daniel Chapter 8 unto $2300.00 days then show the sanctuary be cleansed sed Daniel knew what the cleaning of the sanctuary was he knew that was Judgment Day The Day of Atonement judgment day believers came before God and they made sure that that confess their sins and and put them away in the sacrifices had been offered they knew because they had confess their sins throughout the year that now they sins were blotted out the record of sin was blotted out and they were at one with God the atonement the one minutes now Daniel $814.00 you know speaks about a judgment that's going to take place and we understand that this will be at the time of the end somewhere down here near the end of time in the grand scheme of things and when the angel explained to Daniel old that. This time period of 2300 days would begin with a decree and then 2300 years later he was shining a light on out pot way Daniel was told that he could know when this judgment would begin it would begin when the command would go forward to restore and rebuild Jerusalem from then to Messiah the Prince would be so long $69.00 weeks 483 years and there was a decree and we know where it is found and it's too bad that we don't read books like a little bit more on it is Rich up to 7 there's a passage where that decree to both restore and rebuild Jerusalem is found and when one does the math one finds out readily that judgment would begin in the year 1944 and it troubles some people because as we meet here tonight it's now 2019 it's getting on towards 200 years since that judgment began. But I would tell you this we need not be troubled the timing is God's business but timing is God's business you don't want to look at the calendar of time and say $844.00 God must've forgotten about us $844.00 God must have fallen asleep on his throne $844.00 maybe we were wrong about that oh no we wouldn't it's just as solid as solid can be judgment began in 1904 and here we are this much closer to the return of Jesus Christ here we are reminded by God because there is a judgment taking place in heaven that God has said to us through the prophet I must prepare to meet the dog Jesus said in Matthew chapter $24.00 be also ready it's important that we because one day gravity is going to lose power over the souls of the feet of the saved and they are going up but there be another group of people the logic group upon whom gravity still holds power instead of going up kept. How does that work in practical terms we know that they come to the sanctuary with a lamb lamb would be slain priest would take the blood of the Lamb now sin laid in blood inside the sanctuary when the sinner confessed over the lamb his sin her sin was it was a him doing these sacrificing the sins of the people were transferred to the land the blood was taken into the sanctuary of the scene was taken into the sanctuary. So notice that at the sanctuary the people were separated not from their god but from they seems there was a separation that took place God speaking to us and saying he wants there to be a separation that takes place telling us that through the lab there may be there must speak it is inevitable that through Jesus they be a separation not between us and gone but between us and our sins through Christ we may be freed from our sins book of Romans speaks so much about justification being at one with God The book of Romans speaks about being separated from soon being dead to sin and being raised up by God to walk in newness of life this is what the book of Romans speaks to us about pull cried out and he said Who shall deliver me from the body of this did and then he said I thank God through Jesus Christ my Lord why did Jesus come he came to the suit to save us from our sins the Bible is unambiguous about that Big us what happened in the sanctuary cities came down there how did they come they came repentant What did they bring we will say even though there were times they brought a kid what did they have faith how would they when they turned around and walked back from the sanctuary they were forgiven how does the sanctuary idea impact us today listen to these words from the book of Hebrews Chapter 8 The Bible says we have such a high priest who is sit on the right hand of the throne of the majesty in the heaven. Minister of the sanctuary and of the true tabernacle which the Lord pitched we are told in the would have gone to come boldly to come with confidence to the throne of grace so that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help. In time of need just like soon as the old who went to their sanctuary we go to Christ today to the Christ who is in Heaven's sanctuary above you know there are some things that I just cannot even begin to understand how people will say I don't believe that there is a sanctuary in heaven what in the world how do you get from here to there what do you have to be reading to convince you there's no sanctuary in the Heavens We just read about it so unless you are tearing pages out of a Bible and getting a white out to wipe out what's clearly written in the would have gone we just don't argue about this and why in the will should we the truth is powerful and it is clear and it is strength from ational and the exercising of that truth in our lives will save us it is present truth that Jesus is in the heavens sanctuary no that wasn't present truth in 843 its present truth now we have such an high priest who is in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary and what happens in the sanctuary or at the sanctuary today soon is come there by faith how do they come repentant What do they bring a lamb this time Jesus we plead the merits of his shed blood how do we leave the sanctuary forgiven and Clayton sed this judgment is a time of tremendous hope for us there's nothing we all do feel Trimble abounds all of us have tremendous spiritual challenges all of us we all sin is we old challenge to spiritually some of us have developed addictions over the years some of us of alienated and offended other people we've kept secrets that we hope no one else will. Fall for we put our families through Hill some of us but what are you reading in the Bible. We are reading that there is a judgment going on non to reveal failures do you think God needs a judgment to do that judgment is taking place so that Jesus can save to the uttermost anyone who comes to God by him in the Hebrew 7 in verse 25 John wrote in the Revelation fear God and give one glory to him why for the hour of his judgment is come we know that that time is now and God is seeking in the judgment to trends for us by the way let me say this if we on care full we can cause people to experience feel because of the concept of the judgment and it would seem to me it would seem to me that alfalfa this may be a father is it would seem to me that there was a generation who gave the younger members of the church the idea that the judgment was about God taking out a magnifying glass and looking over the record of your life he's just waiting to see that you forgot to confess a certain saying and when he sees that he's going to squash you like a bug because you won't be ready for heaven because you won't be good enough that is not what the investigative judgment is the fact of the matter is the investigative judgment is nothing more than an audit so it is when the orders come they look at the books and they tell you what the books say and if you've messed up they're going to say some things are out of line and if you haven't the right you a nice letter saying we the old it is fine that the practice is followed by this organizational business right and they're doing a wonderful job you see the judgment doesn't change anything think about folks who are dead and buried in the. It's said it's done the Destiny is secure I mean you can change it now so when the judgment God gets to the record of this person's life and he looks over and he sees this person claimed to be a believer was the person a believer Let's look and see yes oh good no that's the decision they make you see it's not so much that God is deciding on us in the judgement God is merely checking off on our decisions in the judgment that's all God doesn't want you someone that he should I say this woman or should I not say this woman what you mean there's some give and take in this summer relativity in this no no god is simply saying what you decide what did your life decide OK I will honor your decision it's just an audit and if you are making it too simple then you've been making it too complex God looks at their records and he says what did the person's life decide and it's not weighing it up it's not making a tough decision God is saying yes she was a believer no he was not a believer it's one or the other but in the judgment dog narrow in the judgment I don't mean in that phase of the judgment but now while Christ is in Heaven God is doing all he can do talk us out of spiritual failure and into spiritual success this is a God who accepts you the one who has made a mess and assures you that if you'll let him he will make things right for you knowing that there is a judgment taking place or to drive us to the foot of the cross in total dependence on Jesus some people really do struggle to come to Christ because they feel like they have failed too much. I was in Paris France holding an event joystick meeting and the same scenario played out recently in Beirut Lebanon except in Paris as you Pasha you've got to go and speak to this lady or a great big place or lots of people being that you've got to go and speak to this Lady Why's that she has decided that she will not be baptized What would you like me to do convince her that she should and I said well that's part of my job description I'm the Holy Spirit after all so let me go and convince the lady that she should be baptized using a translator I said ma'am what's the problem cannot be baptized OK All right well I'm sorry would you mind telling me why she said Sure I'm just worried that after I'm dead I will sit there and feel like I should be bedtime I said you think I said to the translator trends like this quickly you think that you might sin she said Yes I said no you've got it all wrong she looked I said I don't want you to think that you might sin I guarantee you that you will soon. Guarantee. That steps that's not how she understood things she felt like now that she came to Jesus that it was expected of that and never sin again I see this and of course Jesus can keep us from sin how long you've been a Christian months you're growing we're all still growing you are not to be baptized because this is some declaration that you are ready to live a life without you must be baptized because you're making a declaration that you can not live a life without sin. And so you need Jesus and the power of Jesus to change your hot and change your life you need to says you saying I got to die so that I can be raised up to live a new life with Jesus living his life in me do you see madam you must depend on Jesus and laid him to do in you what you could never do you think she was baptized Oh yes she was baptized Sometimes we get the cup before the horse and that's not present truth that's present era that I mean that's present spiritual malpractise the judgement says God is gracious God isn't. For you don't want to refuse to go to the doctor because you're sick can't do that whole tells us when we have failed spiritually What do you say with sin abounds Grace does what much more God does need the needy needy in the needy family is a funny thing you know spiritual failure is often simply a matter of not measuring up to your own expectations what do we do about that often it's a matter of perspective think about failure Thomas Edison said many of life's failures people who do not realize how close to success they would. When they gave up might it be that there's someone who feels like a failure but doesn't realize there's just a prayer away from a great spiritual breakthrough say men see it I've not failed you've had this subject down 10000 ways that won't work you can say that too at the end of a bad day you can look back and say I botched it today but I know what doesn't work I know it doesn't wook to not have my morning devotions I know it doesn't wook to get into a tense situation I'm really hungry I know it doesn't work to respond to my spouse when he or she is cranky without having 1st prayed to God I know what doesn't work you know what we call that we call that growth. I want to just unburden myself a little for a moment and share with you something that I really feel is a concern when we consider righteousness by faith there was one thing that's often left out of the equation and that is growth Let me explain it like this I read a quote that says the gospel contemplates complete recovery from the power of Satan that's what the Gospel contemplates our complete recovery is that power in Christ to keep us from falling Jew verse 24 now unto Him who is able to keep you from folding Paul wrote to the Corinthians and said that when ever there is a temptation there is a way of escape if every single time so when we fail spiritually it's not that God fail but the way of escape was and there is that we fail gentlemen came to the convention much like this but a much larger version so I wrote a book on the past and I've written a book would love to see it handed me the book so what's the book about it it's about salvation and Jesus and whatever I flip through the chapters and there was a chapter I didn't understand the heading and I said What's that about and he said that's where I said the writings of and he named. He named a man who was now not alive he said that's why I don't see him I refute what he says I said well what did he say he said Well that man told that you've got to be perfect I said What did he mean by that he said well he meant that you got to be sinless I said What did he mean by that he said well he meant that you've got to give up sinning I couldn't help myself I said to him and kind of thought that was the whole objective Oh no no oh no I said what you're telling me that it's not important to give up sinning he said you can't I said Well it sounds to me like you're devil is far more powerful than your savior because you are saying that the power of the devil to keep you sinning is great in the power of God to keep you from sinning. He said very interesting he said all our righteousness is are as filthy rags I said Nice I appreciate the reference but you just pivoted late scumbag is God able to keep me from sinning I see when I was younger I used to do this and this and this and this and this and I said Which of those 5 things should I not have quit which one of those 5 would have been OK for me to keep on doing he didn't have an answer for me and he came back our righteousness is ours filthy rags Here we go again I said So you're telling me that a thief who comes to faith in Jesus should the thief give up stealing he said he can't give up but you know you out of your mind there are people every way they've given up stealing We talked a little bit long he said you won't be able to stop but you won't want to do it she's you just drop me fairly and squarely into the middle of Romans Chapter 7 you know how desperate Paul was when he was thinking like you you said I guess you won't be wanting my book and said You guessed right that's one extreme that when Jesus Saves you he doesn't it when Jesus Saves you you're still the same old sin and that you always will and you have to be that same person until Jesus comes back I refuse to believe that I cannot believe that you know on the other hand I got a little a few days ago I left an actual little quotes written out of my brother he said I wrote to someone asking what the church position on cell vacation is and I sent a man these quotes and he said he didn't believe him so I know that he doesn't believe the plan of salvation correctly. All right I read the quotes in the quotes it's something like this that if you believe that you've been forgiven for a sin and then later on that sin pops up in your life that's evidence that you have not been forgiven for that sin. You know how unhealthy That is right you talking about something like sort of a holy flash we've come to the place that sin just never happens in your life now understand that somebody once wrote There are in this day but there's something being left out of that equation if you come to Jesus and you can face a sin and he forgives you and it's gone in 6 months later it tackles you and drops you in your tracks I would probably say that you growing you might say that somebody re gracing but that's growth Remember your children your big children but then there were little if you have a little children and the learning to walk and they were walking they were running but every so often what would they do and did you say oh you're a failure you're never going to go to heaven because you fell over. You said oh no that's part and parcel of growing and this is the thing that a lot of people among us don't want to factor in some say Oh you'll never get there just don't even worry about it others will say you must get there you must be there and anything that indicates that you fall in the least bit short indicates that you're not a genuine Christian you're probably not going to him How about saying this I'm on not be what I want to be but I thank God I'm not what he used to be Jesus saved me and I'm growing towards the kingdom somebody came to me at a convention and said to me pasta somebody said that unless I give up sin and puts all sin out of my life and I'm never going to go to heaven I said How old are you he said I'm 25 I should put that thought out of your mind and don't even think about it again 25 years old I mean if Jesus doesn't come back that brother going to live to be 879-2101 he's planning on living the next 80 years of his life without making a spiritual mistake what are the chances going to happen I'm not saying it couldn't God is able I don't I don't distrust God but I do distrust the young man. He's got growing to do I don't even think of that again he looked at me as though I what I see is what I want you to think about think about Jesus lived Jesus into your life surrender your heart to Jesus daily trust in Jesus be connected to Jesus tell Jesus that he must live his life in you when temptation comes call out to Jesus focus on Jesus by be holding we become change and if you behold your spiritual neuroses you become spiritual in your running if you behold your spiritual disfunction you will go to be spiritually dysfunctional man. Oh trust in the law would let Jesus into your hot hold on who is in there might be a time when you go look at me I am walking on water you might even walk on water it might be the most wonderful experience of your life and for one reason or another you may look around and lose sight of Jesus down you go now you may choose to think that you are lost I choose to think that way soon abounds Grace does much more about it and gone is not going to cost you off when you are growing in the law would I'm not talking about presumption I'm not talking about the process as you know I'm going to deny I'm going to leap headfirst into a whole pile of sin and have me a good time and then come back to God Oh no that's spiritually healthy that somebody doesn't understand the gospel. When you understand the Gospel you understand what he says when it says that Jesus is in heaven for us don't have a Jesus who is against you he's for you aren't you glad that he suffers you know the Bible says the Bible says the long suffering of Al Gore is salvation one of us and then I want you to go and read in the Psalms where the Bible says The Lord is merciful and gracious slow to anger and plain use and mercy he will not always chide neither will he keep his anger forever like a father pities his children so the Lord pities them that to him as far as the east is from the waist so far had he removed our transgressions from us and then right in there the Bible says for he knows our frame and he remembers that we are dust it says God knows what Joel made off and he loves you anyway go on and say Amen amen he knows what you're made off because God was looking for an excuse to kick us out of heaven he would have just gone and done it years ago and we'd all be damned but instead Jesus says What were those are those men who condemn you Lady Where are they knew none there are none you know she is on the ground within a sheet struggling to cover the dignity or preserve the dignity brought the bed in which she had been laying was still walled and Jesus is I don't condemn me or I don't condemn you know you all of that doesn't draw your heart towards Jesus. Nothing will alter his love his patient coming there's a judgment taking place in heaven right now I'm not sorry about that I'm glad. What do you do with spiritual defeat spiritual failure look at them as opportunities to grow and don't look at them as evidence that God has done with you you could decide there's no hope or you could say nun almost out again you make a mistake and your marriage is going to start again go to try that I'm going to go to learn from that you mistake in your spiritual life a weakness in your spiritual life said the same thing I learned from that no I'm not telling you that you need to treat sin lightly it's got to go but you can't get rid of it only Jesus can and he can and he will there's a story told of a man who worked for I.B.M. I.B.M. made a mistake that cost the company $10000000.00 And this was a couple of decades ago they took him to the big boss he expected to be fired you preempted the boss's sacking of him by saying I resign the boss said resign he said Goodness man we can't lose you now we just invested $10000000.00 in your education lose you now you sin and you say God is done with me God says we can't lose you now Jesus died for you what are you going to lose you now what do you think he even wants to give up on you Jesus died for you man we can't afford to lose you now Michael Jordan cut from his high school basketball team Abraham Lincoln defeated in several elections Ulysses S. Grant They say he was a failure at just about everything except until the wall came along the Beatles rejected by record labels there was a company called traffic data traffic data it existed for about this long and it collapsed failed maybe because of poor management after old the company was run by a fellow called Bill Gates thought about all the people in the Bible who failed Have you. Moses was a murderer murder could not be considered a success by any measure Mary Magdalen failed to keep herself the woman at the will was an expert in failed relationships James and John Tampa failed them often they were food too as the sons of. PETA denied Jesus and then he complicated things for the early church by sending mixed the illogical messages Abraham allied Noah got drunk lot Syud his own grandchildren Joseph was proud the prodigal son disgraced his family John the Baptist doubted Christ Jacob cheated his brother but all of these people had one quality in common they came to God in faith and they would transform transform and we can come to Jesus in the sanctuary knowing he dispenses grace and pod and forgiveness and spiritual power. And go away as Saints John wrote my little children these things I write to you that you sin not and then he said but if any man sin of any woman sin that person has an advocate with the Father Jesus Christ the righteous and He is the propitiation for our sins and not for ours only but also for the sin of the whole Will David wrote that though a person folds he or she shall not be utterly cost down that is good news it is present truth that we have a savior in the sanctuary minister ring for us. He will not let you go he will always be there for you Gawd is willing to forgive us and cleanse us I'm not wanting to row with just one oar in the water because if I did that we'd be going around in circles God is willing to forgive us and claims US to declare us righteous give us his righteousness and separate us from our sin and keep us that way God wants to do that the question is do we want that we don't ever want to be satisfied with the status quo in our line we cannot be Jesus is coming back soon and you know what we read in Revelation Chapter 18 it's so wonderful that I'm going to read it to you Revelation chapter 18 and wat. You read in verse one after the stings I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power listen and the earth was a lightened with his glory the earth is lit up illuminated by a manifestation of the character of Christ when is Jesus coming back would you tell me he's coming back when soon so this is going to happen when soon. Soon the character of Jesus is going to be seen in a so wonderfully that the earth is going to be lit up now is that going to happen in US are going to happen in some other guy. When is Jesus coming that soon when will this happen soon. So what the Bible is saying is that God will forgive us failure God will forgive you Thalia God will forgive you you failed and failed until God will forgive it's what he does and he will cleanse you and to do such a great work and your life that people will see Jesus in you that the world will be lit up by this manifestation of the character of Christ what a privilege for us what a privilege for us that God would take us. Trends for us make us what we could never be in spite of the fact that we being tremendous spiritual failure God will forgive us and cleanse us and present us to the universe as an example of what his grace will do and I believe that's present truth and we can experience that by the grace of God Can you say man come on it's pray together about this our Father in heaven. We have failed it has not been pretty hasn't felt good and we talk a good talk sometimes and we profess a good profession and then down we go we thank you that while we meet here tonight there is a judgment taking place in heaven above and we thank you that in heaven we have a great high priest and so tonight we want to accept your gift of forgiveness we accepted tonight we want to accept the gift of the righteousness of Christ it's ours by faith we believe that tonight we choose to believe that you separate our sins from us that you cleanse us tonight we know that it is your purpose to grow us and continue to grow us and grow a small one tonight we thank you we consider what for us is an impossibility really living for you but it is not an impossibility for you doing us what only you can do we pray. With Joan who wrote the revelation and say even so come over Jesus in Jesus' name we pray please save. 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