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God and the Pleasure Principle

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • April 13, 2019
    10:00 AM
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And so it's a lesson right as a men you should have what you're going to do before you try and figure out we will spend the rest your life like at least be on the path that's the 1st the 2nd thing is even the only one that was not created they know for meaning she was taken from men she is the ends in a in a sense then she is the last thing created and when you look at the creation story it gets everything it's more complex as you go through the creation week which means. Women are the most complex thing God created. Misunderstanding. So. And we know this from science that in fact the woman's brain the left and right hemispheres of a woman's brain actually can communicate A communicate across the corpus callosum So woman has it in one of the reasons women have intuition is because the 2 halves of their brain communicate in a way men's brains don't. Now what that that the problem for women with that is women often slower to make. To be more sure where men will just quickly make the decision and go with it now granted I get men lost a lot. And confused a lot they often get into corners a lot make bad decisions but for that reason often men move faster through life in many ways sometimes than women do not always obviously there's no you know 100 percent here. Too She's the last thing created and she's taken from men and notice that she is taken from his rig God could have taken her from his cranium and she would have ruled over men beat them on his head. You're going to took her from is full of which have been symbolic that he now would rule over her but she's taken from his side because inherent in the story of creation is the equality of the sexes it's built it in fact a little bit more to it later but in fact when you go into an even deeper there's a lot more that shows you man and woman were created equal and Adam said this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh she shall be called Woman because she was taken out of Man Now I want you to imagine what it must have been like the 1st time Adam Laden eyes own Eve I had never you know you didn't see lions and lionesses he'd see male and feet like bulls and cows he did see the dogs in for each see all the other species. When he saw his match and you got a match and Eve had to be stunningly beautiful she was created by God's hand before sin and ever entered the world. I'm sure what Adam sorry he couldn't even speak. Literally that's one of the normal neural chemical things that happens when a man is dumbfounded by a woman's beauty his ability to speak can be affected that science so I'm sure you don't know what to say that's why I probably said something like Wow see both of my bones. Flesh of my flesh she shall be called Woman. And then the Bible says that's why a man should leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife and this day shall be one flesh and they were both naked and of the man and his wife and they were not what So in Eden on the last day. The last thing created is Eve the 1st institution then a stablished here is the institution of marriage of the 2 institutions that will also leave the Garden of Eden after the sin. Now when you look at it. The 2 of them want to become one flesh we want talk about how that happens in a 2nd and then secondly they were both naked there was never supposed to be stigma or shame attached to the romantic aspect of life stigma and shame and all of the problems that have come came because of sin they were naked they were happy they were in the garden everything was wonderful Now the 1st question that you have to ask is Why then was even created God could have stopped creating an Adam could have tended he was going to live for how long would he have lived if there was no sin so you don't need anybody else and God could have fixed up the world all animals could have replicated in the species diversified and Adam could have been there by himself the truth of the matter is that there are animals in the world to this day who can still reproduce without having a partner. So God has the ability to create animals who did not need an opposite sex for example the whip tail lizards who have been found to sometimes reproduce without a male. Same would stick insects in Australia I've always found some of the most interesting animals happened to be down under in Australia the deadliest ones and not even got an insect that's a stick that can reproduce without a husband it's an amazing place Australia right and then you have the small 2 sawfish which put us sawfish which can also do that now there's a there's a snake that can do it as well and I like snakes I will put that picture up. I see a stick of the word I don't like snakes so. And of course if I would if you know go back to like when I studied biology in college there are many lower forms of animals that also don't have male and female so God did not and this is the point he did not have to create Eve in order for the species to actually be reproduced now there's only one time in all of human history that a human was able to be produced and the woman did it without a husband and without a mad. And was that and profound only once and that was Jesus Himself so the truth is if Eve was not necessary which means half her creation is even more intriguing the fact that she was created she did not have to be created says a lot about what God was looking to do. So Genesis 218 says and the Lord God said it is not good that man should be what a load I will make him and what help me for him so why was he created in a nutshell because it was good for man to be alone so he could have made another men but he didn't he made the opposite sex to compliment Adam Now notice the Bible does not say that God made Adam help make it he made him help me and I would like to say I'll take some political or poetic license I should say and said Easy are for equality rather than a in other words even was created as his equal to be his partner and to assist him in all the work he was going to have to do in what he was going to do for the entire world. There's something special about Eve special about woman so that Adam could do the work God designed him to do Eve was created to make them complete. You get that so he would be a better soldier in the Army of God There was no warning it was in sin yet but so that Adam could fulfill His purpose so Ellen White says here in the beginning when the Sabbath law was given the marriage law was also given it was then that God bestowed on man his 2 great gifts the Sabbath as a day of rest. And woman as a what does that help me now I found fascinating as I was reading studying for this that is even the last thing since it was the last thing created on the 6th day. The 1st full 24 hours that Adam and Eve spend together are what day. And night interesting so they don't get together and get put to work they get put together and get to do what rest worship So the 1st full day of the dual existence of Adam and Eve Sabbath and marriage co-exist in perfect harmony. I believe that on that day God dwells with them God sat with them he spoke with them he commuted with them that that 1st Sabbath was their wedding day in a sense when they began to get to know each other it was a it would have been a powerful powerful day for the both of them and it speaks to the fact that in marriage the Sabbath still has importance so the Sabbath should not be a tool that drives married couples apart because they're by so busy doing their church work the Sabbath should be a tool that actually allows couples and families to spend more time together with God right God has given you priority when he shows look I created man and woman and then I gave them the Sabbath immediately because it was going to be one of things that would sustain them. So why did God create sex we go back to the question why are there 5 things here bonding it was 2 to establish and 2 and 2 and 2 engage their reward pathway to promote self-less ness look at without it Number 4 is reproduction. Without a number for reproduction and the 5 is worse. So we go through all 5 of these quickly is not a long talks will go through all 5 of these quickly. And then we will kind of go from it so. But on the 1st day Matthew 940 answered and said unto them have you not read that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female and said For this cause salamander leave father and mother and cleave to his wife and the day twain shall be $11.00 flesh wherefore they are no more to 20 but one flesh what Therefore God has joined together let no man do what put asunder now so they bond so the science of neurochemistry I could have gotten into pheromones about things but I want to just focus in on oxytocin they suppress and endorphins right so oxytocin is they call it the love hormone the love chemical it is what causes a woman's breast milk to let down her uterus to contract after childbirth to stop uterine bleeding oxytocin is what Bonds mother to child in many ways as the mother and women naturally have more oxytocin than men do but men also do it and it is also important reproduction in the movement of sperm and other things in the men so what happens is it also is heightened in sexual relations and when and at the time of the heightening during sexual relations as you look each other in the face your the face of the one is imprinted in the mind of the other in the realm of oxytocin and is a bond made neurochemically in this I suppose it also heightens your sense of smell in some ways so even the pheromones of your partner and in that process endocrinology endocrinology in an undercurrent fashion you begin to a bond physiologically. In other words before you become one flesh in the way most of us think about it you are becoming chemically hormonally one flesh this is oppressive which is also used in the process of dieresis is also in the study so it is it is involved in a long term So how are men who are monogamous monogamous it's oxytocin and Visa press and especially oxytocin the study showed is one great study out of I think I have a picture of it in a 2nd there's one great study that shows when men are shown a picture of the woman they love especially in the 1st 6 months of the relationship when they see a picture of their their oxytocin levels the dopamine levels go up their happy year even when you show a more attractive woman. Misunderstood. He still gets the most pleasure from seeing his wife. And men are visual creatures so God designed it so that you would be monogamous you know there are only about only 3 species of mammals and I don't think I've got to put the stuff about the voles up there only about 3 species of mammals that have monogamy and what I found in a study in one of the polls is that the level of oxytocin in the male and the female is high and they have the same receptors like we have to receive oxytocin and so even when they don't have kids they still groom each other they hang out together if they play around with each other they are still a bonded couple and we know to some extent it is tied that absent toes. Good oxytocin levels reduces your stress it can even help with pain especially And as does indoor fins so when a husband and wife are intimate it is a rush of a lot of chemicals one of them is endorphins literally it lowers pain which is why I you know the old joke about I have a headache I can't tonight is a funny kind of thing as many doctors like you say the opposite is true. That actually the endorphins that are released are natural pain relievers so the 2 literally become one flesh the way God designed it if you if the 2 of you come into marriage and you've never been with anyone else and you look each other in the eyes and you get the flood of these chemicals in your brain you're bonded and locked together for life. Physiologically neurochemically And that's one reason when you look at you so you say you know all of the senior people back if you go back to the you know before the sexual revolution you go back and see what marriages last as long as people stayed together longer part of the reason for that is a lot of factors are part of reason for that is they went into marriage and there was only one person they'd ever experienced and oxytocin rush through the Scripture says the 2 become one flesh so guess what happens when you have lots and lots and lots and lots of partners you've got pieces of all kind of people on you. Instead of going into marriage like a white sheet you go in like a like a collage. Like like a tapestry and so guess what happens now when you were a bond to the person who you're supposed to be with the rest of the life your life the person you chose you gotta fight the fact that you've this wrapped in the normal system God put in you so that you would be not just monogamous but happily monogamous the studies show that even 15 years 20 years later you still want that oxytocin rush comes and you look into the eyes of your beloved you get it back that initial feeling is supposed to come back. So if a man or a woman of partners it may become very difficult later on for them to bond they are their principles in medicine and in physiology like tolerance Reich so people become addicted because they become tolerant are part of reasoning I'm addicted not all reason they become tolerant to the substance you take enough cocaine it takes more and more cocaine to get you as high as you were before and in fact everyone who's addicted to most drugs are still chasing that 1st high so here's the thing if you keep jumping partners and you trying to chase the 1st I guess what happens you can't you'll never get it back so from a romantic sexual. Place the plan that God outlined is the plan there from a scientific and spiritual perspective was the one that would best cause and create an atmosphere where monogamy would be so when they say to our young people what just experiment sleep around see what you like. So before you get a disease which I think I talk about in one of my seminars that the new before you get the disease what you've done now is you literally made it so that that person one day when they decide they want to settle down and be faithful you've made it so that their flesh has been corrupted against monogamy and you want to divorce rates are so hot why so many things are going wrong in our society around the idea of relationships and there's a study in oxytocin an accident and it's his brain reward system responses in men viewing the face of their female part designed that way. And I says it like this things which influence influence us and our children every association we form however limited exert some influence upon us the extent to which we yield to that influence will be determined by the degree of intimacy the constancy of the intercourse and our love and veneration for the one with whom we associate the reason the Bible says it has from administering for $59.00 the reason we say not to be unequally yoked the reason the scripture says that is because when you're intimate with someone they have even more influence over you are you getting this so in the Spirit of Prophecy L Y to say look the deeper the level of intimacy the more influence they have the more regularly the interaction with the person that's the Consciously of the intercourse and our love and veneration for the one in whom we associate so P.E. a is a chemical in the brain. It stands for a longer chemical and what happens is when you think when you're falling in love and oxytocin is what makes you 4 helps you fall in love specially men you get that feeling that gushy warm fuzzy feeling you get when you look at your pride and yes oh my goodness so beautiful but you don't think straight when you're in love either right some of your some of the the frontal lobe processes that allow you to think rationally are turned down or off and that is exaggerated once you're into intimate so you can literally cannot think straight you become peabrain just like the chemical is P. E. A You become peabrain so you make this and that's why you hear so many people say I look back and say I can't believe I was with that clown. What a loser I guess what he was a loser when you did. When you had to pay for dinner all the time. But because you thought you were in love. You weren't thinking rationally and then when it all wears off on you snap out of it like a spell and you're like What in the world is I think isn't so God Himself gave Adam a companion he provided a helpmeet for him a helper corresponding to him one who was fitted to be his companion and who could be one with Him in love and sympathy Eve was created from a rib taken from the side of Adam signifying that she was not to control him as the head nor to be trampled under his feet as an inferior but to stand by his side as a was equal to the spirit of prophecy to be loved and protected by him upon a part of man both of his bone and flesh of his flesh she was his 2nd self showing the clothes Union and the affection attachment that should exist in this relation and look at what it says here efficiency quotes if he says 529 for no man ever yet hated his own flesh. But notices it and cherishes it so God built this system in so that you look at your spouse as your own flesh and sort of same way you self preserve for your own life. Men would naturally do it for their wives so the 2nd one the reward plus pathway or pleasure so I really read the book Song of Solomon that's a pretty you really read and sometimes of modern versions it's a pretty steamy book actually. I'm not sure it's bedtime story for the reader kids you know you a lot of explaining to do as you go through the book but it's in the Bible. And it's in the Bible for 2 reasons one because it speaks to the fact that God gave us sex for pleasure. In the right context done his way we were given sex so that we so that there were some sort of he could be pleasurable but the other side of it is it shows that if again if it's intimacy in marriage if you can also correlate to the church it also speaks of the love Christ has for us the intimacy he wants with us as a church let's go back to the America Song of Solomon for 10 cents how fear is I love my sister my spouse how much better is that I love than wine and the smell of thine anointment of the smell of smell of On Point mints that all spices notice what Solomon does the Bible doesn't just stay stuff randomly notice the Solomon in as innocent as books on the Solomon's it says affairs I love he calls are his sister. And his spouse and of an American I somewhat weird but his point is that there is a connection to her that is so close that they are literally firmly because they become one flesh so they are literally family there but they're bone of bone and flesh of flesh then he says Your blood is better than wine. Why does he said because wine stimulates the reward pathway ferment and wine stimulates the reward pathway in your brain and you release dopamine Dopamine is the chemical in your brain that God gave so that you would do certain behaviors when you drink water dopamine is released in your brain you eat food is really Sebring God did that so that you would want to eat drink water and eat food or us the species would not have survived but right mankind would not have survived he did the same thing for sex except here's the cabbie that when it comes to sex sex releases more dopamine than anything else. Naturally now cocaine Dorsy even sex and that's why when they give rats the choice between cocaine and like everything else including sex the Radisson they're bang bang bang bang bang and on the on the on the cocaine Ironically the studies that show that sugar can do that too hold on the talk hold of the conference right. So number one he shows that the intimacy you have between man and woman in marriage is one that should stimulate the reward pathway better in a healthier way than alcohol but then he subspecies about smell again which goes back to what I said before about oxytocin and pheromones and all that kind of stuff so dope I mean is released pleasure is given and now again the 1st time in marriage that a man and woman look into each other's eyes and they have that intimate moment don't mean is released and again imprinted in the mind now around oxytocin there is a precedent for long term monogamy but in the short run around pleasure that you seek more regularly dopamine is released so the same thing that same chemical in the brain that drives a smoker to want smoke breaks is the same chemical in the brain that drives lovers to want to be intimate in other words God made it so that you would be driven to intimacy. And that by doing that every time I suppose it would again be released and that recurring intimacy in marriage would cement the marriage together from a more neurochemical standpoint not the only way that America cemented together Sarah told and has also released Sara Tonin is different so in America the number one selling class of one of the number one selling class A drugs I know Lipitor number one in the world cholesterol drug but is R S S R I's that stands for Sara tone in specific real uptake inhibitors like Prozac because what we found probably in great part based on our diet and it's even deficiency of chip the fan or it or the multitude of amino acids that are taken in a meal without the proper nutrition Americans and money in the world are Sarah told and deprived when you don't have enough Sara told in your brain you become depressed you become unhappy you become anxious and so you've got a lot of people coming in what they want to say we're told in re uptake inhibitors like Prozac naturally intimacy releases Saratoga In other words it gives you a sense of satisfaction different than just the pleasure that you get the people get from a cigarette or their favorite food it is a one that makes you feel complete now I believe God allowed this because it is also released in worship will come back around to that but when you have a relationship with God all there's also a sense of completeness if you've ever heard me preach I talk about being at a veterans hospital and dealing with the addict at the Veterans Hospital and how they said God made the human heart so big only he could fill it. Then I asked him what does that mean he said if you try to feel that God sized hole in your heart would sex drugs with alcohol you become addicted to that thing gambling it doesn't matter there's a god sized hole that not even your spouse can feel so you will see even in your marriage you'll never know full completion satisfaction unless Christ is the center inside the marriage not a supplement that inside your marriage intimacy will also release these things now endorphins are talked about already endorphins are important because they not only are pleasurable you get a runner's high so you like to work out play basketball I feeling you get when you're done is that is indoor fins in the mine endorphins reduce pain if you're someone who sensitive was always in pain it may be that you're not releasing enough endorphins so you need to go running if you marry you can try another route and explain and know what to say but the point is God I'll gave sex as a way for people to find a healthy natural bonding pleasure between man and wife a white says here a little time spent in sowing your wild oats their young friends will produce a crop that will in bitter your whole life an hour of thoughtlessness one sealed the temptation maternal whole current of your life in the wrong direction you can have but one youth make that useful when once you have passed over that ground you can never return to or to rectify your mistakes he who refuses to connect with God and puts himself in the way of temptation will surely fall God is testing every use why is this advice given to us because the dopamine nerves existed in your brain can be hijacked so saying when man was created Satan stepped back and said wow this is impressive humans are impressive you were created so that God would receive love. Not just that a god could love you right and that's why the 1st great commandment he says is love the Lord your God with all your heart all your mind all your soul you are great it's a love of God. So in your mind is this reward pathway and say you realize wait a minute it can be manipulated to live things like alcohol nicotine cocaine so if you can be manipulated with chemicals imagine how it can be manipulated through sex if sex is the natural way you release dopamine at its highest level so guess what for a lot of that and as we won't drink alcohol. Especially we used to really much. We won't take caffeine and we really used that I'd like cocaine nicotine heroin we won't but guess what the natural drug of sex. Is a lot of times what hijacks many of our young people it would naturally hide and Ellen White is warning that you've got to be careful because once you become in a place where you need it and I have a whole talk I used to do at whatever level the studies show you leave your last releases over in your last relationship you guys held hands and skipped and sang. The next relationship that's where you want to start but even the last relationship was heavy petting and steaming up the windows of cars in a park. The next relationship you go fast forward to that spot and if you were intimate with the last person you with the distance from you not sleeping with a person to sleep with a person will be shorter and shorter and shorter with every relationship so you have a way to say listen do not turn on the system before you're supposed. Because inside marriage the system can grow it can but you can explore it you can have fun but outside of marriage. And here's what the devil to do he's brilliant he knows exactly what you like write he's not will send you flavor afraid he will send you a Denzel Washington right. When the devil knows he knows you like dimples in 10 Z. knows you like big shoulders he knows you like that shape young man that Coca-Cola bottle he knows what you like he's been reading your face and you are a child. And when he knows he's got you close he will say man for you the perfect life. And use the world a lord and set me somebody. The devil knows you like and once the system is hijacks I want to try to warn you of do not allow the system to be hijacked because you can it's so much easier to can control the feeling you never had. Than the feeling you've already experienced. So here's another one that impacts our young people I just threw this one in there it's interesting this shows you on the on the why access it shows you the age of men Arky and how many years old and on the on the X. axis at the bottom it shows you Year started like 1900 all the way to 1990 and what it shows is that girls in America and Western Europe there there onset of men Arky the age at which they start having periods has falling dramatically you see out the whole slope of the line just goes down in fact in America the average age of menarche now is 1112 years old for African-American girls it's like 89 years old right so you look at that and there's a lot of reasons some argue it's animal protein dairy products it's certain chemicals in the in our in our products and stuff that we use it some people say is electric lights if you turn lights on chickens they make eggs a lot more some uses electric lights and then you 5 is going to turn off the electricity if you have a daughter don't do it. But you get my point something is happening I do believe it's more around nutrition anything else that drops this now here's why that's interesting remember there's a whole pleasure cascade in the brain tied to sex once a while a young girl begins to obviously and I just read a study last night is that even before that you begin to have sexual drive desire right so if you look at how they got used to me if you go all the way back the age of menarche in whatever country the top one there was over 17 years of age and I was in 1900 so by 16 she was probably married by 18 for sure so the distance between the time when she had her peer 1st period meant R.T. and a husband was very short and very easily managed what happened I societies if a 10 year old 11 year old girls are having a period and we tell our finish a master's degree before you get married you're asking her to control her hormones 151620 years you get what I'm saying and it's not just girls let me let me make that clear this is just quantum or quantifiable girls but it would the same thing would be happening with boys the age at which they start having certain things happen the signal that they you know sexual drive and desire is also going down so here's why that's problematic then we they come to church to say listen be celibate don't touch anybody but in the world says what the world says it's you know thing do what you want to do literally what the world says so you see what happens and in your body is reaching and so it is even more important to day to make sure that you don't enter into that realm until you're ready because for most people because of environmental factors and other things. It's actually change how that happens the 3rd thing selflessness I won't go deep into this one but it is a great script here 1st Corinthian 73 says let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence like was also the wife and to the husband the wife have not power of her own body but the husband and likewise also the husband have no power of his own body but the wife I like the Paul makes it clear it's in both directions I like that defraud the not want another except it be with consent for a time that she may give yourselves to fasting and prayer and come together again that's so why not say that Satan tempt you not for your incontinence So the Bible says in the marriage relationship when you are intimate your job is to please your partner not yourself and is the problem in a society that promotes masturbation and only the thing everybody is trying to pleasure themselves and I heard a secular atheist sex therapist say this that in fact the Russian I talk about is the one of my seminars after afternoon the rush into pornography and masturbation of young boys in America is causing them to not only not be able to please their wives later on they cannot find sexual pleasure either God designed sex to help you be less less selfish not more selfish art reproduction and God bless them and God said unto them Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish and sea and over the fall of the air and over every living thing that moved upon the earth god to Adam and Eve is a lesson plan it's empty Have fun fill it up. Now remember they were these were towering tall people with great strength and stamina who had access to incredible fruits and so forth Malakai to 15 says and did not make and did and did not he make one yet had he the residue of the spear and where for one why did he make the 21 in a marriage relationship God answered the question Malakai to him that he might seek a godly seed meaning that you will reproduce children who fear God So I hear a lot of present through that going to say look I'm having kids the world is too crazy and you forget what it what if what ifs what if. Some of our great Bible characters like Samuels mother had said you know what Akon have kids I'm not to worry about it that's a list some of us have to have kids because he needs somebody making godly offspring because somebody might have a child that finishes the work won't think about it we more think I don't want to put my Calvin's world they might be lost but if we train them right they might also be the ones who finish the word. God planned for families who gave Adam Eve to Adam as a helpmeet ordained that men and women should be united in holy wedlock to rear families whose members crowned with honor should be recognized as members of the family above reproduction but not just reproduction in the physical sense reproduction in the spiritual sense as well that the children would be raised to be members of not just this world but of the heavenly world and the world to come. So finally worship and spiritual growth every act of sex in them in the marital bed is a recognition of God's original plan and in that sense it is an act of worship to dark. Angels need not hide their face when sex is done in a manner prescribed by the Creator. If it's outside of the angels have to turn away the demons get to enter the room. And I've read books of people who have gone through the occult and stuff and that it is actually true intimacy that sometimes they try and pass spirits from person to person so as not just to become one flesh and you can get viruses and bacteria it's not just that the to become one flesh and you get an imprint from oxytocin and the imprint from from the press and an endorphins and dopamine it's also that the 2 become one flesh and the spirit of the person the spirit in the person they pass over to spiritual Genesis 4 says 25 and Adam who is wife again she bear a son called his name Seth for God said she has appointed me another seed instead of able to McCain's I want to finish on this point as I was studying this one of the things that I realized is that Adam and Eve had one of the most difficult marriages in Scripture you are missing this thing can you imagine being given the perfect home it wasn't a foreign on a rose bush and ally and never in a disaster. Or you or you hear what I'm saying it was perfect and they were supposed to live forever populate the planet worship God and live in Perth in a perfect perfectly harmonious environment for ever and 1st thing that happens to their marriage is even a subdued by a serpent and Adam in his desire to stay would even remember oxytocin the bond it desire to stay with Eve Trump says desire to please God ease desire for God like state that the serpent promises. She says the food looked good to eat the fruit looked the D. e that trumped her relationship with God so they cheated on God They were adulterous in a sense against the creator. And so their marriage had to survive a cheating scandal and then they were effected. The garden was foreclosed upon. And let me say this I'm God don't play you need to put aside on us a foreclosure he put angels were firing swords you wasn't going back in that house to get your stuff you gotta come on out. Right now everybody out. And I was in love. Then the 1st 2 sons mentioned in Scripture. One of them rises up and my headers the other one so now you've got the loss of a child you've got a criminal child. Who has to be sent into exile in essence. Are you getting what I'm saying how did Adam and Eve's marriage survive sanctuary. When it started off so terribly in many ways. I want to submit to you Adam and Eve Despite their failures stayed connected to God. And to each other that's my message to every married couple that is here future married couples those listening to this later on all of the things they suffered you may suffer storms will come the Bible says one man built his house on a rock another man built his house on the say the question is we're are you building your house because I'm one of the let me guarantee that if the person explains the one thing that's going to come is storms. God built it so that if you do if you do it right if you follow his plan your marital companion your partner will literally be not just who they will be stamina they will be strength through storms here says this is the book of the generations of Adam the day that God created man in the likeness of God made he him male and female created He them and blessed them and called their name Adam in the day when they were created and Adam lived a 130 years and he would get a sudden his own likeness and after his image and called his name was it was a 130 years in that they finally had a child that would be the projector of God's light that means the 1st 130 years of that marriage was rough so we are a minute 13 days. 3 months and it's rough but I want to point out to you that the principles that God lays out for marriage in Genesis are what keeps Adam and Eve together it is why you go on to say in verse 4 in the days of Adam after. And in the days of Adam after that after he had begun Seth were 800 years and he began to look at sons and daughters all the days that Adam lived for 930 years and he died I submit to you that if you are in a relationship and you're not married yet you need to be asking yourself how do we get the do because they weren't designed in a sense had to deal with the fall but the fall came and because of the way God put them together in the fact that God sort them out right when they sin God looking for them. Make sure you allow God to find you make sure that when he does you're willing to take off the apron of leaves and put on the coat of his righteousness. I challenge you right now to be praying for a godly spouse I tell you my wife saved me in the time of my darkest hour Boid me up and got me through let me say something I'm going to pray for all kinds of other women but as I have learned that a woman who fears the Lord she is to be praised. So it's Alice a young man in the air we're going to pray and ask God for the spouse that will be a help meet help you survive storms and more importantly help you to be a powerful soldier in the Army of the Living God. For the young women airfreighted to not look for the husband with the broadest shoulders and the cutest face to pray for the man that will strengthen. And adore you and most importantly adore Christ Jesus and this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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