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How to be a Godly Woman

LaVerne Jackson


  • April 13, 2019
    3:00 PM
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So we want to look at sounds 100 verse 3 and it reads there is says no you that the Lord He is God It is he that have made us and not we ourselves we are quite his people and the sheep of his passes this validates who the creator. A being you need a validation who you follow or are you going to be led astray we don't want that today now I'm going to go quickly through this because I know I didn't get a chance to move this spot we are going to look at John 33 what does that mean in order to be a god woman I want to share some concepts with us before we get into the most talked about scripture which is proper chapter 31 which deals with actually that is the married woman and then you have titles chapter 2 which deals with the H one where are we before we get. John 3 degrees says what you must be what you must be born again what does that mean that means that no matter where you are mean a young woman. Lady saying yours wherever you want to be you have to start at the very beginning and you must be born again you can come into this message and I have seen many sisters do their you come in and you become behavior you know what a behavior. Is someone who can become a part of something and you can act the part. You can put on a different dress it could be from your own downturn sweep in the blood but your heart may not be choosers. What about the type of clothes that you wear your heart may not be change you can go to the right places you can say the right thing you can be politically correct but you're not correct God wants to start at the very heart of the thing and that's the heart we need to be changed right now what we think of be changed what would be our characteristics or what would be your virtues when I think of being changed to be a convert it woman what does that look like she still with covered OK Now let me let me paint another picture. If you were not brought up in this church and if you were not a behaviorist or you didn't just because you grew up in this message to choose the right way to act so what would you do a converted woman doesn't curse. Or does she find a sophisticated way to do that you know we have to be real with one another because we have a tendency that we play the part you know we can come and we can be whatever we need to be for the time being but then when a crisis come character is revealed. God wants us there no matter which ever way the crises are that we would be exactly what he wants us to be right now here is a failed a truly come valued woman will adult a powerful trying for meaning influence for good what does that mean. How. They notice a difference got into a person everybody agree with that. How is she going to be. Hearing it say that she will exert a powerful Trainspotting on me wipe employments book good do you do there or do you just pretend to be something maybe. One day a week and then another 6 days you maybe something else. You know what with the characteristics of this truly converted woman. Let's go over it again what would she be puts a put as my husband you say put some flesh on what does that mean she would be righteous What does it mean to be righteous work right doing she may be a woman of honesty now she could be a woman who was previously a prostitute and she was trained spawned by the renewing of her mind. You know about there but we accept that type of a woman she would have moral standards she wouldn't be a street person she's left behind to be all that God would have us to be right. Now Hera goals on a says transforming influence is says women may have a transforming influence for good if they will only come sit to yield their way their will to God and let him control their mind affections and their work be they exert a unconscious influence what seems to be worked out naturally from a sanctified life you have to be trained Spong 1st then you can become a wife a mother. Well to me a list goes on but we need to be converted prior to and not just in the. Form it need to be in our heart so that we will be all that God would have us to be right so let's look at the true model of a woman now in the fish and Chapter 5 verse 22 if you have your Bibles you may want to let's read it maybe something that you already know and let's just read it again just for the rehearsal right this true model one This says she for what she is a wife submitting your sails unto your own house when as unto the Lord so now this is their Proverbs Chapter 311 write. Proverbs So now she had to be take a bird woman prior to getting to be in to what we will call the fish and $522.00 but you know what let's look at this godly woman they are 10 actually let me go back I want to paint another picture for you it says that this truly converted woman were hair very powerful influence what do they mean to employ somebody be an example. You can also affect their lives now I'm going to take 2 women and I'm going to give you some characteristics about them and then I want you to look at the influence now let's look at our own personal life I come from a family of 7. There are 5 girls in the family and 2 boys I am the oldest girl of the 5 I am between the 2 boys is a boy then me then a boy. OK now the way I am coming from the employ of somebody is. That true. Right so OK i am the product of my mother my mother is a product of her mother and her mother is a product of my grandmother and my grandmother is a product of her mother and. These was not die but it goes on from generation to generation we do not realize as women the influence that we have this is a powerful trying warming implement now I could take a different make a decision that I don't want to be what my mother or what my grandmother was and so the and I would do things so that I wouldn't have my mother's characteristics so my mother was alive my mother was one of those women who couldn't get what she wanted so she often with and she stole what she wanted to bring it to give to us if that's the way she was right now she could also have been a prostitute what influence with that hair on me as a young woman coming up under her influence what would I be. And you know a lot of fans would say I'm not going to be like some and so forth so and then you're just like this. Now let me give you 2 ladies. To 2 ladies that I'd like to talk about here is one I want to talk about a lady that you know quite well and I don't have an update on the loose here so much talk about and then we'll go to the other 80. When we're dealing with conversion. We're dealing with influence and how it will affect generation to generation how many of you know of a lady called just a bit. You know just to bail you know what type of woman she was. She was an evil woman let me tell you some characteristics that they showed about her they said she was a heartless one she came from a dollar tourist town she was whisking. Right she was reckless she was proud she was strong minded she was a domineering woman. Right and listen at this what they said about her she was a gifted woman she prostituted all her gear we had our Turner she did what she prostituted all her guilt for Doc up furthering of evil. She used her strength and of character to destroy a king who was a believer. Do you mean for you he married his wicked woman and not only did she destroy him but she destroyed her own children grandchildren and then she put looted the life of a nation. What a powerful influence for evil. And that's what we have as women you can have a implements for good or you can have an influence by evil and you can affect generations to generations if you do not become converted so where does it start it starts with me I mark a decision I don't have to be a liar I don't have to be a prostitute I don't have to be what some of my previous 4 parents were. And then I can make a change and then act and when I change I can affect my children I can affect my grandchildren my great grandchildren I can even affect my brian children for good so my appeal to us to where you what kind of employers are you make an M.B.A. and gardening or wicked and remember this woman was not a believer and she was married to a king who was a believer and she went on and he would call a witch hunt she destroyed him she destroyed their children and she destroyed the knowledge and she told the lash I'm going to have your head. She sent him running. Right she doing because here killed all her profit and she didn't like it and she would go let him know about it but she didn't know he knew the key of the universe. That's the kind of influence I want to have over those that are coming contact with so let's look at this guy look at 10 things here there's God in home and was there peace with her girl with her gown and herself a mirror what does that mean to her to be at peace. What do you call. Make a decision what does it mean to be a peace peace that passes all human understanding what is it. It won't shake you because you know in whom you believe right she was at peace with God She had a relationship she was covered not just saying she was actually covered she had a relationship with God and D.N.A. with herself she was not at all what we were comfortable minded she was in secure she was not insecure right she knew her place yet she was not living in term she knew who to go to right she is a woman that is committed to God's headship that means as a married woman she knew her place she was not the one who was leading the family she there's a term we call where with the pains and spend you know a lady can do that quite well. OK moving now. She has a meek. And quiet spirit what does that mean is that something you go over to Wal-Mart and back where do you get these characteristics from you get them from J E S U S and on your needs no matter. What type of individual you were God can make you a new creature that's what it means to be born again he knew God not going back into your mother's womb to come in now but you go to pleasing God will transport you to the type of woman he would have you to be a man and then she had a servant's heart a lot of towns where we become supposably not truly converted we're not servers. Servant will give his life for the Master is that true Jesus gave His life for us. He didn't think about what it was going to cost if I do this thing he just loved us with an everlasting that's the way a converted Godly $1.00 will be she will be a servant she would serve out of her heart not for anything in return I'm going to do this you know if I do this and later on down the line when I need something there do it for me that's not the type of woman she was she was not a woman who drew called attention to her physical beauty right. She was beautiful he was very beautiful and we heard about her dress. She had to be awfully good. They would say often change. The lady had a go or no. Anyway she doesn't call attention to her physical beauty her beauty is in the inside those characteristics to she be home there when people would see those beautiful characteristics they would know that she's been in the presence of God She is considered homemade making a how and holy County today the rose house which the men years the house when they come in. The house mama. Mama show you their the house or out of position then. Homemaking is one of the high use. Because it is there that the children learn and receive from their mother the wisdom from the great physician because she is building character for the kingdom characteristics that will be going into the game show up the worry about where she places her child out in the public what it what kind of choice they're going to make they are going to stick with the. Law because it's in their heart not just in the mind you've got a lot of people they have a lot of here knowledge it doesn't leave. To come to the heart and so their behavior those of those kind of people then the 2nd thing is she's a joyful woman she's not say grumpy she's not a complainer. Criticized. The other day. And you know that she criticized everything nothing was right and you know if you stay around encounter people you will be the same way Babbie holding you become change. Where she lived in one round the world right of children was right where she was eating was right the clothes were right the weather was right you know as tomorrow as to call just nothing was right you know what. I hurried quickly. So I could get out of her presence because I don't want to go home and start complaining. So you have to be joyful a joyful person the everything is she's a woman of prayer and devotion. She did she has a prayer Mike where she's praying for her family she's praying for her neighbors she's praying for those that are in a church and she have that devotion that she has with her god. Then she is a peacemaker you know in a family especially if you have more than one child he answers one child this is not an issue but when is 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or maybe like 6 or 7 it was 7 of us you know to mother have to make be a peacemaker she had to make sure that the children doesn't have a rivalry among one another and you know in my family the last. 2 children are girls and their years 6 years between the last 2. So when they what we called it maybe when my mother got pregnant with my last posting which was called The Baby My father became very close to the baby so the need baby became Jim this is our normal rivalry in families you know the family that the father or the mother is sympathetic toward one than the of them and do you know that the one that was 6 years old or that girl carried that rivalry in her heart until she got married. Now she never showed any physical problems between them but when she got married and she had her children they were 6 years apart and there she had that rivalry does she had her heart coming up in her children and you know when she recognized it then you know what she did she had to confess. So we don't know what the deal is we just have to deal with it and be sure that we are peacemakers no matter who they are and which one they are and if they have a baby Praise God you know you want to get some anyway and so the attempt is that she is an industrial woman that means she is not lazy she doesn't wait for somebody else to do it or sometime you a seat or children or something is on the floor they don't pick it up I pick him up I don't put it down there. Where I work and you pick it up because there's not math you know we're give a whole lot excuses why we don't pick it up out of the front door oh they just don't think that way OK industry what does that mean that they are busy you can read in Proverbs 31 and then to tell you how this lady went out to the market how she feared her children how she sold and make different things this is the Godly woman so Probert say who can find a virtuous woman. She is far above rubies the diamonds that's what God would help all of us to be women virtuous women now are put up the world what does it mean to be a virtuous wrong a virtuous Roman have characteristics of showing how moral standards there she is chase what does it mean to be changed you have a look that word chase me to be simple right. Being simple dealing with moral standards says well she's righteous she is honest these are virtues that not only a married woman but a woman who is even if you don't plan to get married you need to have these characteristics in your life so it goes on and talks about this woman says she the husband's heart does safely trust in her she does him good she seeks our wool and flax or me she sold with her Hanes she works willingly with her hands she gathers food from of far she rises up early in the morning and then she plants her garden she saw oh she sells linen she's carries produce to the market she's not I don't she takes care of our household her children she is a warm on that here's a lord her own works praise her does your work spray shoe is all about where you in your relationship with God. Here are rows and responsibilities that are defined a person can say or what is my role my role can be a role is a puncture no office assume by someone a part or a character position what is her position is an office or is a job now after a good job is something that you do because you don't get paid for it but if it is a duty a responsibility that guides giving you you don't look for any pain right you do it because you love God This is what God would have you to do so that he is a Godly mom and so her ROIC is. She has a rope 1st to her husband. In her home as a mum. She her career how does her career plays a part in her relationship as a godly woman. What about her church was her own and her church. What is her role in the community and then less as we look at the summer going backwards here well look backwards All right these are her roles. A wife a mother her career her work in the community in the church and in the community so now let's look at her as a mother right they got me wife here she is a help me right we've heard that people are not the new Then she sets the atmosphere for her home not the house been the mother sets the atmosphere for them. Then we call her the executive in charge of internal affairs she has a class. The 3rd what do you do I'm a I'm a mother no I'm an executive in charge of return for that's who are you right that's right lovely you know we like titles. So she tells Carrie everything that's in that home and so she's a mother. She's a teacher she's a doctor. She is a nurturing these are the rows that are Gottlieb Mormon perform in her night time and they're lovely. Now let's look at her as a help me. She's kind considerate having a princely nature she's discreet she's sober she's models and she has virtue she's hard work and she's diligent and she's not lazy These are characteristics of a helpmeet look at her position also she softens the roughness of her husband she's gentle and kind to him. She doesn't go out in the street and he says something and she gets on him and started you know when a woman is not being nurtured from her husband she gets in public and she starts. To get out griping you know but that's not a Godly woman she has kind words and gentle words for him he is not her son. No a lot of times the husband becomes the son and she treats him like he is her son not her. That's not his god supporter you know I've seen that because there may be an issue in the family between the right for now and so the son becomes very sympathetic toward his mother and so he will be able to help to encourage her. But if she is doesn't have the wisdom the she's going to take those virtues things and then really she's he that sort of becomes a. Sad commentary that is not a god. Then he goes on and to say that the halls when a men and. One. Now deaths from serious action which we think. Now what does that say to us sometimes you know we hear things and it just bypass. What does that say. The House version. Is a man and not another woman OK No I'm talking about a different sexy I'm talking about so you marry a woman you high while many you marry another woman and that of a woman becomes your husband they had a picture on the television so I heard last week in Chicago Illinois there's a lady there who is has become the 1st one month. And black woman mayor in Chicago Illinois and all the T.V. They have her husband. Is another woman and that woman got up and they holding kids right there on national T.V.. Abomination now you know I'm not a give I'm not against Yo yo yo. I'm not against your man being a woman and now you're a woman being a man I'm not against it but saying it seems and we are at the stage now that God is he destroys Salamanca more for this country this kind of things I don't know what he's going to do with us because we don't pass Sodom and Gomorra Now you can get up on national T.V. Asahi Logan yes and then he had a thing where. One hour she married women and she was the main and she married oh a lady and they wanted to have a baby and her her her process of redefining who she was hadn't fully finished you know to me and so what happened she decides to say I want to have a baby and sort of go on and adopt the one she decided to have the baby so then they put on the news that a man having a baby no god to do bomb a nations like that. And it is what it is sin is sin now they can come out of that that's fine you know God loves the sinner and he would help them but he does not keep us in the state that we are. In order to be transformed by the renewing of our man we have to come in contact. With God you got to come in contact with the to be transformed right now the next thing is she must love her husband she must submit to house them in some mission does not mean that you are to be walked upon is a respect and a reverence she's not to be down in him in public or to others and she's not to usurp the authority he is the main source something where you know. My husband is converted is so I'm the one does converted and so I have to do what I have to do yeah you knew that before you married him right now you consider your memory to get out of that ask our C N N stuff and what was very cold there. To not trust or Also a woman think id for X. or something just so what's that term he used about seeing you and then it just all of a sudden it just do every day. Oxytocin. OK well. You know what to me. You have to fix it all right. Usurp an authority so this is the position of the Help me now here is a woman that I love to talk about. She is totally opposite of Jesse this woman was a Christian Abigail how many of you have ever read it and did about do a study of Arabic a lovely lovely lovely warm this woman she was a woman of beauty and brains I mean she was brilliant she had a mind right she was charming and she was wise that me that I guess if she had that our shape she would be 20202040 something I don't. But she was charming she was a woman of attack she had them billeted reason and she was a mind was on her to the point that she was not just haphazardly doing things she was on a mission she knew God she had a meeting and quiet spirit she had foresight trying self-control and she married a drug she married and nonbeliever Now I don't understand how that happened because she was a believer now of course when we look at jazz a bit just a bit I was out right even our hour of attack and the and Ahab just happened to see her and I guess the act of terrorism came along and he went on America you know I don't know but anyway he married her I'm pulling for him here she was and she married this main I believe it was in a range marriage. I do believe that that's what happened so anyway she married she would you wish she had a miserable home life and then after. He died David saw these characteristics in this woman and he said that but this woman you read the story about how David was getting ready to want her whole family because he had. To book The brother room over to talk to 2 aisles women and oh he got drunk and he would come kill them all this woman called that they were going to wipe them out what did she do she gathered up things and since I'm good today right to food and calm him down. And wet and he took it to the point that he saw wisdom in that woman's faint arousal and Davis and I got. So after he died he said right away he didn't waste no town trying to get Mr Dudley he got to be with Abigail with the wife charming head brain and that's got the woman that we would like to be and the type of influence that we want to have to give to our daughter outsource to our neighbors children because you know you have children that just gravitate to you in a natural We have a whole also they began about 20 of them but anyway. So the influence that we have where employees they are and then they're going to employ somebody else and then it's going to go on and on and so we want to help good characteristics in what in being this godly woman. Here talked about her how she says a lot would have the wife Linda respect unto her husband even though he's a heathen. Don't have a man all right at all but he says we have an illustration of womanhood after the order of Christ what. You treated me when she could have just left him she could have talked about it I'm not going to read all of it but it says wife should feel the position of God original design power as her husband's equal to stand by his side her individuality cannot be submerged in hears she should be on there she is her husband's equal to stand by him. A Godly one that's the wife the employers 7 basically a husband need for his wife a man needs a wife who is loyal and supportive he needs a wife who honors his leadership even if he hasn't doesn't have the. Religious maturity that he needs you need to be praying for praying in encouraging him to be what God would have him to be not to take over and then he needs a wife who developed inward and outward beauty he don't want you to just be knocked down gorgeous outside you want to be knocked down gorgeous inside the characteristics of a Godly one how will God help you to be there it should need to be a wife who makes up pills to her housework and not the mains to him there he needs a wife who understand his need for time alone with God and help that happen. She needs he needs a wife who is a grateful 11 that's not complaining and murmuring no cash he needs a wife who will be praying by others God godly speed and not a judge to be a right one cripples a marriage a woman who is spiritually critical now how do you be spiritually cook your house or may not be astute in religious matters as you are but you use the Bible to criticize you use the Bible to condemn. And Dan will ruin a marriage. How he wants a wife who will be praised by others may God you know when you talk about prayed that don't mean you just lifted her up you know someone like it but isn't that a neighbour's The wife there she takes in the children she's like Dorcas you know how dork is well she would gather in all the little children people love and praise Dorcas so much that when it may be down to those brother in days when the boys the ladies went in a crowd to I think it was Peter went to Peter and you know they couldn't live without Peter resurrected that made then because of the work that she was doing in the church and in the community they prayed that maybe she was so that's the kind of praise that we need then we need what are cripples our marriage is a discontinued wife not content with the way things are now how she's constantly complaining about it she's every time he comes home she's got a different complaint. And then another thing that cripples the marriages and wild who is not fulfilling the principles given in Titus chapter 2. Being diligent in the home working doing what needs to be. Cripples of marriage so I'm going to skip some of this so let's look at the mother so we see the wife now let's look at the mothers Now some may become mothers before they become wise but in God's order of things we should be a wife then a mother but here it brings out the mother she wants her children rises up calls her bless her house for an hour or so and he praises her for beer the mother of his children that's Proverbs Chapter $31.00 then we see she's a nurse she's a doctor she's a driver She's a psychologist she's a free and she's a cook she's a safer she's a coach she's a cleaner she's a caregiver she's a teacher she's a competent She is a massage she's a beautician she's a cheerleader Now what else is she she's one. She tired the our street maybe but she keeps moving one thing about a mother no matter how terrace she hears she keeps moving she gets a 2nd we now hear. It said The world may be mothers who are mothers not merely in name but in every sense of the word word we may safely say that the distinctive duties of a wife or I'm a woman or mother are more sacred more holy than that of a man and as true right let women realize the sacredness of her work and in the strength and fear of God take up her life mission is a mission to be a mother now here's the responsibility highest position on earth what does she do she bowls and shakes Karajan she cares for the children she loves the children even the stepchildren you know there is now. 33 said that there is. $50000.00 homes at Oberlin maybe even more so what does that mean there are step children that means that their mother their wife is going to have to love those stepchildren and it's not a good practice to say oh that's my step check if you marry that man and he has children those are your children you don't say that that's my husband's children no if he is your husband Those are your children as well and the children feel that in the home if they know that you are not there the girl if it's a girl and you married her father she is going to be pulling at their father if it's a boy and you married. You married his mother he's going to be pulling for that mother so you want to be careful with that there is a lot so with them in how to be able to deal with stepchildren there was a saying that the lady called up her husband from work and she said Honey please hurry up and come home because your children and my children are fighting avid children. You know to me that they grouped up and got on their children but anyway OK Shar respect for each other there must be discipline and there must be training of those children if you do not try no children and guess what they're going to train you when you get up. There she is as a teacher. Let her educate her children for usefulness in this world and for a home and a better world not to educating them here to get a better job but educating them for going to heaven and that they will be able to be courage made children elderly Wadia here how work in education of our children is in every respect as elevating that a noble as any post the duty he may be called to feel even if it is to be the chief magistrate of the nation President of the necessary training of our children make up the highest work it trusted to bottles that among so she's a doctor and you know work she she has gone to school to get a doctorate degree. She automatically because she becomes a mother she becomes a doctor right now what about her career gave it acceptable for a woman to have a career absolutely provided she doesn't do want to give up being the godly wife and mother in the process so you can do them both praise God but you cannot give up the position that God has given to you from her to re. Right. So this is the godly walk. Then her now I do this from out here what is a stay at home mom worth you know Marcello know where you know if I was out and there are makers are you are you are you are you know look at what they showed you because they had to say I think she's a computer operator she washes and she does the laundry she's a C O O she takes care of the facilities she takes going to how she cooks she teaches she drives she's a janitor She's a psychologist they broke it down here they said this was in 2014 she wouldn't give for 40 hours of those 40 hours she would get 38126000 now most of her term she has over tack right so her she has picked the 6 hours of overtime which was $80779.00 so her basic salary for turning 40 was 118905 dollars what an amount for eternity my ribs are to build and now I want to show you a country's team that was 4 to me there was an one for me and let me see if I had 0 or I didn't put it in there anyway they showed how much a man would be if he was doing their stepmothers so we gonna paint OK God bless our home this is where we want to. Stop take a few questions so the government is working Oh OK OK All right. The guy or woman has what type of a characteristic let's just do a. Review recap where we are so we know what are we want to we headed for. A week going to be just. Are we going to be a Arabic. Which one. And I want you to think about the influences because when you look at now they didn't I didn't find any. Information on Abigail as far as being a mother I haven't any children but when I look they're just in the children and they talk about even how she was murdered her grandchild. Wickedness in our places if you don't leave with anything from this meeting I want you to leave him remembering the influences says a truly verdant woman has a transforming implement the lives of others so take a retrospective where you are what you do how you relate to people and not just do something because it's politically correct do it because it is correct and that what you do and you are doing for the Lord not for any individual but you are doing what you're doing and mentor Star mentor and someone that needs your mentorship just a lover just like they are you know they don't have to be you know we think they all have to be perfect but they're not going to be perfect because you wasn't when you started. Even if you were born in a Christian home you were not converted to you make a stand of conversion that you accepted the Lord in your mind because you are behaviors because I grew up you know I was in our home we did this we did that we did that that does not make you comparing you convert or when you say out to the Lord Jesus Christ is my personal. View and that's where we need to be any questions or any comments the question is if the true. Are not in the home on a permanent basis and they just come to visit on the weekend what do you do they are still your children if you married that man and that man have those Chilean children prior to your relationship then if you take him you take those children and if you're not willing to take those children and you shouldn't take you because they are part of him to death do them part now they may not like you in the night because they don't particularly care for their father or mother being with somebody other than their biological but you have nothing to do you know that was prior before you so you are in a situation so you have to accept now you cannot let their acts of taxing overrule you to the point that you don't even see them before you know you can't because you remember he said you wake up and you say hi in the world and I do this you know you cannot let that you have to ask God to give you the wisdom to accept the things to where they are I have a lady that I call her she's actually one of my adoptive mothers and she. Was married for to 4 sons and then her and her house where her husband divorced her and for years she kept talking she wanted a husband and she would ask us every tear and we will go out to. Her spring Sanofi Now look at her you know husband and so one day of friend of hers told this guy about her he sent her some books and said that if she called him to thank him for the books the and he'd know that he would you know that was a door open he could talk to and he did tone for her feet and he came to visit her and I saw him and I asked him to come to my office. And he did and I asked him what was his. Answer. Who you know what do you think you are as a listen she is one of us. And I want to know what your intense are and if you think that you can come down here sweeper open her feet and then Suppose you decide that you don't want to do you know have a relationship because she's going to be down here crying and both on and on be down on us because of you so if you don't know what your intent lever among. So he was in total is that the world or she think she is she got the audacity to talk to me Michael she think oh she thinks she did she said where she's one of my daughters. He talks about this today as to. I laid him out here because I don't want to talk I'm coming so we talk and I mean leave her hanging you know yeah so but anyway so anyway she had a horse that was he had 4 daughters so now it really is how their son's in his daughter's So now she happy except they got 8 children instead of. But it's a reality. You have to do take it you've got to take the bitter with the sweet and then. What is out to tax and. See nothing. So you better watch out or watch the host or the word. Pray and ask God to give. Because. I've been in this church. Acted. So you don't want to be a behavior to be. To be you know you're not going to be perfect. World whatever but I thank God takes a. Break. And we can be converted to. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermon leave the W.W.W. audio verse or.


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