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Maximizing God's Message of Health - For Outreach

Ernestine Finley


Ernestine Finley

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  • January 1, 2010
    9:30 AM
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him I may you who are siphoned by him as fine as long as we remind last night as a cause run as saying Israel and with the help that your youth you want your time with feelings of our reason you understand all those that is not only beautiful to help physically and spiritually and in every way mentally delete thank you we have to do that he would bring healing and helping all dualism is true on the resolve of the seminars and good morning I am glad to be here with you we've had good information the last couple of days but I know that there are probably some of you that are sitting out there and you're saying after Doctor Natalie yesterday was a walking encyclopedia on I am not a health professional and how I expected to do health ministry while I'm here to tell you that I am not a health professional either I ate my background is in education however I have taken many classes in nutrition and I have conducted many nutrition classes and I've conducted help at Bos and I've conducted exercise classes and stress management classes in many health glasses and the thing is that you can do it soon so I want to inspire you today I want to give you a wealth of information I want to give you since all the foundational material but in addition to that I want him five you go to what we've been talking about because that is where the rubber meets the road right and that is where it really happened now I want to a fire you can do it some of you maybe help you carry in your chart and you are saying very little has happened I don't know where to begin what that strategy what do I do how do I get into the Hall of Fame on the charts and so today what I wanted to just very simply is that I want to in the first session just gave you a strategy for health ministry I just want to give you that simple cat seven zip and then back in session what I want to do is I want to take you into health minister he whited health ministry how can you why should you even conduct a health ministry in your charts and tell I hope that he will not be alive I'm not a health professional I can't do it because one of the key when you have not been in the line of a physician a nutritionist and dietitian or some of these areas then hide behind the professional that's what we do we get scientific material and I personally hide behind the Bible and the spirit of prophecy because what ever you say from heaven perspective is going to so you can't have when you get to what God has given and HRS so a few we in the book this is why when they fired a shot at the biblical writers she was a job at his buyer the only difference is in that the Bible was written for all time the gift of privacy was written for the time but there is no difference in inspiration and so we will cover a lot of pain from the modern-day gift of prophecy because we had Seventh-day Adventist by and just think that the world knows nothing about and you have something to say to the world so if you are a health professional I hope you will use your gift and talent and your profession for the Lord Jesus Christ and if you are not a health professional you can now do health ministry and help of vandalism and what you need to do is hide behind the scientific evidence and hide behind the biblical and spirit of prophecy and then you will be exceptional so with that I want to give you a strategy I think both simple strategy for health ministry song were asking me in the class sounding very practically where I began how to live start what do I do and so far as principle is to consider the need for the beginning wow what does that mean consider the and from the beginning well what is the ultimate result that we want to accomplish in the overall plan of the charts what is there now where are you how I got to the program is taking a picture arts and health ministry just something that you do occasionally or in into an overall strategy is being vandalism and is not any that in Danville is not in the lifestyle in vandalism is a rock that in dance and is not aware of being time in the Angeles the town anyway everybody off into the and you know everybody's got to do something in the NL evangelism and then we preacher preaches and liens and everybody is titled in all and no vandalism in the way of my evangelism is a broad staff and so we need a kind thing for me and reading the what are you trying to accomplish with your health ministry and were going to go into the second session of the very best back on why you should and why we should conduct health ministry in our churches that is not how I have a water scientific evidence I have a lot of things from the Bible and the spirit of prophecy that will end IRU to have health ministry has been in your charts because I found many of our churches have held ministry directors but our health ministry lain dormant if not active and so we want to activate that we want to consider first the and from the beginning in other words what is the ad result in the ad result really is that you want to do some will not to spiritual life right I mean you said in your family do you have out there have the answer is the one that now Gina and dignity and development at the well if you drink this water you are going down but if you drink in the water then I gave you behind bars so even though he had a personal interest in the man behind the pool of Bethesda and the woman by the well the man with the withered arm on the thing than he wanted to help them technically you all in all life came out and Eric Shelley and found that an article that we look at that and so anyway how do you know that the best way that I now after being in this work for forty two and a half years and thirty five of those in bold time in band delays on including health evangelism the best way I know how it is to have a strategy of the countdown calendar and that's what we had every time we have an evangelistic campaign we have a countdown calendar I just finished a campaign in Portland Maine with last year and a half ago and I have an account my only campaign not only campaign but exceedingly campaign and you can do it so we train and teach people how they can follow-up with their own evangelical meeting and will talk a little bit about that too as well but wow what is this what's happening here we do it is canceled meaning okay I so no one has to radically in the strategy calendar so you have every single thing that you're doing and use are strongly and you know what the and is what are you going to have as your all a lot through your health ministry when is your evangelistic or some kind of breathing whether that by DDL iDVD whether that by pastors and Bible class went and that is by an evangelistic series what category and that you choose to follow that up with you start at that point and you put in your evangelistic calendar okay I evangelistic meetings are going to be October and November and if you have your meeting in October and November then your strategy is to have your health programs working right now you come to that evangelistic series because you want to transition these people into your meetings I see my friends who read we get all the result so few results in our health ministry are tangible spiritual result in our health ministry one of the reason is that it disconnected we have all we have a stop smoking plan over here and then we have a cooking school over here and then we have a Chip program over here and then we have a weight management over here and stress management over there and there is nothing can happen and nothing to follow it up and so we need a strategy to put it all together and then we follow-up him who was meeting and when I do my nutrition classes I have five classes now be going over that I have five classes in the last class I simply transition my people into the evangelistic meeting and so will be talking about ways of doing that so you have an overall strategy the countdown calendar we do that with all of our preparation work were working in the city of Chicago right now and I just trained over a hundred Bible instructors are Bible instructors are now working in a program called stupid salvation and they are out there getting Bible study now were going back again the next week and we are training them and how did you hold Bible seminar will have whole Bible seminars on the book of Daniel and we will have twelve weeks before the evangelistic meeting we will have everyone starting in chapter one of the book of Daniel and go twelve weeks all the way to the evangelistic meeting and that's the way it works with your help program so if we haven't overall strategy will have much more result because you now have something to come now the house has to so you have an overall strategy is to get principle is simply to select your team selected team take your Bibles and turn to Luke chapter six verses twelve and thirteen and Gina spent any time selecting his team did he spend any time frame about fifteen and do you have a team I ministry secretary cannot do it by himself or herself alone you need at team she could not finish the work by himself after thirty three years she went home right knee when he was defending higher and higher and even gravity could not keep him down he defied all the time and gravity began he was going but now he was dependent upon his twelve disciples to carry on the work and it says in the back verses twelve and thirteen now it came to pass in those days that he and Gina went out to the mountain to pray and he continued all night in prayer to God so he continued how long all night what was he praying about was he praying and when it was day he called his disciples to him and from them he chose twelve whom he also named apostles some cheese prayed all night as to who would be on the team and you say Jesus trained in the twelve the twelfth train seventy and seventy train the multitude and we need at team you need a team and so we need to be thinking about seeing if you are the health Ministry Director then you can start forming a team and soliciting a team and asking people to join your team if you're not the health ministry director and you want something to happen in your church rather than just doing it solely in a long because were not nearly as effective alone him we are to gather then froze the health ministry director and a I would love to be on your team I want I learned about health ministry I'm health professional and I can help you I'm I have the gift of health I'm not a health professional but I am against is now and I will help you and so you determine where you are going to get on that team and many of you can be part of a team and many of you can be leaders on the team and so first want to select thirteen what are the qualities of your team what are some of the quality of your team well first of all you going to meet some people who love people now what do I mean by that is there anybody love everybody well maybe not everybody is maybe add gracious or add hospitable or randomly or in kind as some others and maybe the ones that are a little more outgoing you might want to use as your team at the door as your greeters because your committee organizing your your health ministry into program in those programs you can need somebody at the door greeting infinity needing somebody registering you nominate somebody behind the scenes cooking food in the kitchen and maybe the people who are not quite as friendly not want to be involved because there is room for everybody there's room for everybody I had a Bible instructor training class and I had someone came to my class that was actually mentally retarded if someone came to me and that this is clearly have to go in my studies how are you going to use so she shouldn't even be here in the class she can do that what do you doubt even the youths are used for that of more than a use our meantime the place for having room line in his name yard is the place for everybody and so she said how can you do that is not possible that well I'm going to ask her to be a part of our prayer ministry and as our Bible instructors go out in Bible study I asked her to stay with the team at the charts tips for a bit of people giving Bible study and I did I went to her and that called her by name stones were so glad that you're here in the class and I know that you're probably wondering you know exactly what role that he will play in this Bible study ministry while I am here to ask you to play some role and would you like to be part of our prayer ministry and that Sheen goes out to give studies are praying for the people that are getting the Bible studies and you're praying for the people giving the Bible study and she was all excited and it was a place for her so there is a place for everybody and you need to choose whose vanity in the kitchen with enemy starting with me at the door with an invigorating so you choose the team teaches people that love people because if they have a love for people and it does not matter what position you are and you you see because when God gave the gas and yes the primary one right everyone at the well Corinthian that so you have again and need to determine where you going to use that yet so if people have a love for people it won't matter what condition they have were not worried about honorary name and position this is because there is no star while soul winner or even Star financial there is no star because though he always called Welsh time is gone far and very nice pictures and write so if you are a soul winner you are going to shine and are for Amber and and so you choose people and then you choose people easy to work with in other words people that are going to be buying for a position people aren't going to be criticizing everything you do people were complaining about it is just too hard this work is taking too long I worked from eight to five I don't work any overtime sorry about that I can't be here no you want people and opponent because when you're in evangelism the people again have to work overtime writing I had done a little bit of that myself I work over time because your weeping and using the farmer out there that everything has to work overtime in a war all the way up until sunset right even if the sun set at any time and because the entire history so you want people who are I have been through whereas as easy to work away and you want people with very begin there are so many guests when you read first Corinthians wow and he gave turn in your Bibles to first Corinthians twelve first Corinthians chapter twelve minutes then if you look at verse eleven but one any talking about now concerning spiritual gifts verse one and then he said but one and the same Spirit works all these things distributing what to each one individually as he will so God had given the gift to everyone not one person has all the alive dollars you see Doctor Natalie and up here and he can just talk about any disease or any canal medical situation and answer the questions you think wow he will God is given in many gift but he doesn't have vomiting and you have some of those because God has distributed to each one as he will and so you need to look at what gifts are going to bring you to the health ministry that I'm conducting and so you work with those people in the guest what are the qualities of your team people first of all who are committed to the health message if you are having a health program you need someone who is committed to the health message right not found one that set off your soap fanatical I can't know I'll have nothing to do this I mean come on you telling a vegan vegetarian diet is the way to go well Michelle you in the second fashion what I can spirit of prophecy said in the way to go okay so where to go right to that ineffective fashion of what way do we if we are holding a health program if you are specifically holding a nutrition class or a cooking school what way do we go were going to share what way we should go and I was sure that so you want people who are committed at least in the health message not limit and a badger you all the time and youngest champion John nobody will accept it within I have seen literally hundreds all around the world that have accepted Christ because of the help message and listen even if one does criticize you just say I didn't do it anyway because God will bless you it is in his providence for you to do that program because opposition when I went to Copenhagen Denmark and if you think it difficult to have programs here in North America in evangelism or health evangelism or public evangelism try Copenhagen done done in Denmark where there is only about two percent that even believe in God and when I went there anything you can't have a cookies goal here is not why not go to work nobody you won't even get a dozen people in wealthy get a dozen people that's more than you have already without doing it right and so maybe we should try and if we get a dozen people I know why I rulings and on down I don't know anything about all the thing that you have learned to know down here market phenomena learn what you have here and I'm then I adapted to worry if not in the Americanized enemy Denmark and I'm going down and learn what I need to do here in this country and let's just try it and see if that will right so we began to really work really prepare really organized and rarely get ready for that and I organize my team and I got people together and I got some of those gains behind me and I said let's go for that right now in advertising and thing like I'm done prayer warriors praying in a lifetime and we did and do you know what I had high and twenty eight all at my cookies goal and Copenhagen Denmark in fact I had a doubleheader even though will negate me only that between fifty and sixty people now if you haven't done a doubleheader and lipstick meeting you know the workings of the regular Mark reads the opening meeting six times in Melbourne Australia and nine nine time but in different venues so we have three different venues that in one venue several times six times okay but nine times opening session that I can't like a mountainous valley of things that are will and we had seven o'clock session we went to them five o'clock session had a three o'clock session in a one o'clock sessions and where we go well we might as well try at nine o'clock session but you know what it was missing because all the people came when and how so if they had done watch out because God can bless you and this is what happened in Copenhagen Denmark we had a double header cooking school cleaning I have all those trays or any of that I have all those no samples ready and I have all that demonstrations ready and you don't have one right back to back against the other at the people going out and the people at communion and yet cannot so you have some people who can criticize but if they are committed then you will be able to have success in your help programming and then people are committed to Jesus in soul winning if you're committed to Jesus if you're committed to sell winning than get a team together and there isn't anything that you cannot do without the help with the help of the Lord Jesus Christ because he's going to give you the wisdom and understanding and he's going to give you success so people who are committed to a wedding and then number three for rain and wet your name now this is just really really exciting turn in your Bibles to first Corinthians twelve again first Corinthians twelve and it bad in birth for now there are diversities of gifts at the same spirit there are differences of ministries but the same Lord and there are diversities of activities but it is the same God works all in all if you were asked what this text is saying and doing God 's way God will bless you because we sometimes think when we have spiritual gifts we need a spiritual gift find out what we can do but not bad have you ministries and activities so here's how it simply works you that the minister which is in the K ministry okay so you set the ministry in your charts health ministry and then you have the candidate you plan to set up to help ministry you plan the activity in the activity may be a Chip program stop smoking stress it may be it may be cooking school and what ever that program is used that hers according to first Corinthians twelve forty six you first that your ministry okay then you plan your activity and anyone used if you have the gift of teaching you will use the gift of teaching if you have begin at how you can use that certainly in the kitchen right if you have the gift of hospitality and friendliness you can use that as you are out the door greeting people so you have the ministries and activities and this is how you can have success in your health ministry so if you are health Ministry Director your health ministry he a few are just part of the team then work with your health ministry director and something will happen now for Hayne and equipment he is our third point training with the team ministry of healing one forty nine Fed this every church should be a true oh if we had this one concept this one is that I believe that would transform our charges I teach this in my training in light of the world forgot in my Bible instructor training every charts does that mean your church does that mean my church does that mean the church in Africa the church in Australia and Turkey and Europe the church in North America it needs every church should be a training school for Christian workers wanted me that simply needs and should be a school it should be on Monday night Tuesday night on Wednesday night you have a school and your training your people in various ministries in this case health ministries will she goes on to tell us exactly what we should be doing and that she said members should be taught how to give readings so I tell my people we should have one I just teaching people how to game the ratings you see my friend that starts in the only economical building in the world because it is used only once a week for a few hours I'm a working but we should be utilizing the charts great day of the week on Monday you have a class on how to get Bible reading on Tuesday you have a class on how to conduct impeach Central school class is the we need something in that OEM how many of you ever been to a sound school class when you never even study the Scriptures you get batted back and forth ideas and yet we need or how many of you never been to a Sabbath school in the visitor and you've never been greeted by anybody we should be teaching how to conduct I found Breyer how to map out a important here in the eye and then Africa do you have any born here you have anything I have been in the game have any porn you have any people oh yeah with no meeting on Wednesday night and tonight we should have a class on how to help the board and care of the sick how to work for the unconverted are there any number of people around him we need to know how to help them very soon be applied specifically to our class here today and it is a direct while a ministry of healing page one forty nine it goes on and be continued there should be schools all out wow I'm away they are making their way night we should be teaching schools and how energy cooking school we should be teaching people how to have a cooking school so that they can haven't planned monument charts right and then she said they should be classes in various kinds of Christ and how Clark there should not only be teaching but actual work under experienced instructors I told my people in Australia when I went to Mount and I was teaching a class in how to get Bible study and I said anything we were doing doorknocking to collect doorknocking there you know we collect door-to-door work they call it door knocking and faith I sent them if I teach a class and door knocking cannot go out with you and Donna Theodoric and do some survey and door-to-door work now I know I'm not as an Australian and I know my accent gives me a way but it possible for me to go out will be me I'm an American OEM while there were some that I thought the Warnock and couldn't even work in Australia I knew when I saw secular think this country is secular when AAA cells TLR that he sports page is literally called no role in general page and more than Merrill Lynch and and yet God bless they went over nine season-opening meeting in the evangelistic meeting there are people on the verge of the kingdom around the world waiting to be gathered and try and so I sent and then can I go out not important I believe there are some people behind those doors that would accept final studies we were going specifically to do a religious community religious survey and asked people about the Bible study and we went with just a few of the justice start you know it's better to start small and build right so we started with just a few put two on the side mystery to on that side of the street and we went out door-to-door and do you know that in just a hour we had twenty one Bible studies is Melbourne Australia and so you can do it when you go out with them there should not only be teaching the actual work under experienced instructors let teachers lead the way in working among the people and others uniting with them will from their example and so if you go in there to have a health program and you're working to organize it and you're working to you don't put all that phrase together in and everything I don't just have someone Al and I don't just stand up there and do all that demonstrating on the last hearing in my cooking for you do a lot of work behind the scenes I may score the love the Brad I megawatt the granola I make my different thing behind the thing that Cunningham working with the team and so you're actually working with your teens looked for Hayden and equipment team so far know where you are headed then each can choose your team in the third what is it train your team so that first staff is to take the area from the beginning what is your goal what is your ultimate goal where anyone about planned calendar and to choose your team selected key third train your team then for determining your program and selector material the lean in and you see how this can be very practical for you when you go home it's nice to hear now knifelike shares one student do something when you leave here and so on the class I want to be very practical so determining program selector Medicare I even have a cookie install I have the way it plays are you going to have five classes for three classes but even I have what are your material that we have natural lifestyle cooking material that's our own material but what material they use so you selected team selector program what are you doing our you than I do something on vegetarianism identity something on weight control I didn't do something on exercise even into a house that I even talked about physical activity and the benefits are even talk about all the hazards of inactivity name diamine got the growth of cancer anxiety and depression are very nondepressed and I have something on diabetes I can have something on heart disease you have lot and graphics out there today I will graphic on my computer that I use all over the wire of the one he and an intense use the program shoes something that is relevant to your area because all areas of different when I go to Africa I may need to have something on me I may need to have something on an impoverished diet in India so you know you have to choose what is relevant to you who are eager to do something on water heaters water all that were it is incredible what happened in Papua New Guinea I talked about all the benefit of water the no calorie wonder and I talked about all the benefits of water on the inside and on the outside and the next day they told me that every bottle of water in Papua New Guinea was behind because they wanted why are they find that I talked about dehydration and how most people are dehydrated and don't even know don't even talk on a natural remedies on water on the benefits of water one evening to talk about either talk about Kenyan coffee and soft drinks and some of the house there is that I talked about a week and talk about heaven give him sun shining and all the needs for vitamin D today what are you planning to ask the question and inhabit chip programming can have a depression program and how to stop smoking program I don't have a cooking school and actually have demonstration identities well now I have not you know where your link you know there so we are waiting for all Star Batman and what are even inducing shoes you're programming you choose your material in the laugh and deal your advertising if the left inferior advertising I mean you talk a little bad about advertising because that is the first day that you do when you have a health program after you've selected your team after you've chosen your program to train and equip fifteen then you do your advertising because learning is something class you can have the program in the world you can have the best lectures you can have Doctor Natalie you can have the chip program with Doctor Hans Diehl you can have a cooking school natural lifestyle cooking with Katie and we are anybody you can have whatever you have but if you don't get people there you're not a huge success right so you got to get people there so let me talk to you about a little bit about advertising okay first of all try to get something in the newspaper something in the newspaper every night on the rule with the phonetic chart is that I don't know how to do this neither did I years ago now I happen to have a laminated copy of my advertising in nineteen seventy three F the better living center in Chattanooga Tennessee I don't think that I'm overweight here I was eight nine months pregnant with my time with my daughter my second daughter but let me tell you how this opened up advertising basically for all of we were going to have a good home I was not really probably doing cookies will not only been doing this for about three or four years by that time I started in nineteen sixty nine this was nineteen seventy three so for years I've been doing and my next session I'll tell you a little bit about the first one in the results but not I had my first I went having actually a cooking school and I conducted one on the mountain and there was a physician and his wife was a nurse who wanted to have a nutrition class in the state of Chattanooga and they strengthen my husband passed a family we do not know how to do advertising when you do some advertising for and so he went down to the newspaper food editor and I live in a little bit my minutes a little bit of experience in my ministry of advertising LP what I can do so we were going down there to have some advertising on vegetarian cooking school that they wanted to do so when he went to the food editor she said oh I'm sorry sir but I'm not really interested in vegetarianism I'm interested in homemade bread making do you think you know anybody who does bread making anything well my wife is a matter of fact makes bread every week whole grain bread and maybe I can bring a vile mouth and he started talking to her about you know the bread and so forth and then she said well what could I come and interview your life and so I was not with him on this first visit and so he said yeah and so we came home to be anything now I want you to have ran in every state that you can think of I mean here's the bread now with all the ingredients here's some bread they got it not only are then and here is brand-new now that's already done and without being an obedient why I said okay you know why I was doing that but I will do that we have an interview while the newspaper editor came to my house and she interviewed me and as you can unite has been and then she interviewed me and I went in the other room with the photographer because they wanted to take pictures of some of its brand coming on the out and everything and so we finished and they laughed and I couldn't believe that one day an article in the shaper and at the and it had to register for classes call and I that all works out with having brought classes at the bar and then Mark Finley have never done in my life I wouldn't even know what to do with the bread class and Holly AZ just taken away on a daily later everything is easy from our family so I said I need you in all and and and and when I went in there for me and so I went down to the better living center to find out some information about it and I heard the lady on the phone say oh yeah we are having a grand class year but it is counseling is also working I have one next week to thought now I have to haven't even had one patch and so I had a bit about what I was going to do with the bread class well first of all I know I have to have Brandon mix up right then I got a new brand takes about an hour and a half arise when I got to have that made ahead of time because I got a punch that found in the second state any baseball fan I am not writing and I have some time because I have naturally be omitted I got into team down so I need some that you know already done I thought about this I deliver actually delivered my baby before the bread class sat with the bassinet beside my demonstration table and had my first brand class and I suddenly got about two thousand dollars worth of advertising can hear absolutely free and you know what in nineteen seventy four women and a full-time abuse allegedly using health ministry we went to the food editor as shown in the article and they literally came to my class we had made full-time advertising in the newspaper absolutely free you can go down to the food editor and you can actually get to any advertising for a free community service that you're doing in the cooking fall self archiving an important part talking here about advertising selecting your advertisement in addition to that I learned that you can use radio ham radio spot radio spot thirty five one minute five all absolutely free free community garden in addition to that when I went in Chattanooga Tennessee in that ninety five I went down to my television station and they I thought I'm going to ask him for some time made an appointment went down there with all this food I have vegetarian pad even I had vegetarian roast and I had all these different things for breakfast granola and all kinds of different things and they put me on the show and they were to give me about five minutes well it ended up that I had about fifteen minutes and not the long I television and in an absolutely amazing the time they show that at about five o'clock news time and we had all I had over one hundred people in my cooking over seven hundred and change in any advertising you can get authority newspaper advertising you can get rain radio spot you can even get free television off I just did television spot again and from other places and free advertising so felt to some of those remaining to get your communication efforts are involved as well right when I was in the city of Orlando I went to great radio station at every newspaper we had I have a whole notebook this date object articles for my cooking schools in your land I have over six hundred in my cooking school in Orlando Florida and so do advertising the narrow view principle is simply that my friend that you are advertising opportunities that you take fewer people you will have so if you do a lot of advertising you have some good people at your health program for electricity people have an opportunity to have a little hard I have a brochure I have a brochure every time and on that brochure they can preregister so that it printable number four principal number five organize and prepare your program so here you have what's number one you tell me class let's number one contender in the beginning where you are laying where are you going are you putting it all into a strategy I have a strategy for your help program are in the theater map you have follow-up and you have an evangelistic meeting value introducing them to seem that the net rail matter how a mandolin and so where are you headed in an principle number Excel and flat the last fifteen and then the number three is for my same principle number are eight okay do your advertising and then prepare and organize your program okay so prepare ahead of time to get everything ready in a cooking school two hours before my display panels are gone two hours before all my phrases that all my candle Booth every single thing I'm using in that cooking will not pray the bold I need the spoon and I need the night that I need the ingredients are all measured out every single thing is done on a tray and all my seven eight nine phrase whatever I'm doing are all lined up on the table felt everything is organized you are organizing everything I had time and then number six is what you want your program arrive early for a friendly sixteen pray that God will send them people because he done adequate advertising pray that God is going to bless you in your lectures because you prepared pray that God is going to bring the right people that not only had a little interest or have an interest in their physical health but will also be catapulted into an interest in their spiritual help and God will do that for you and then place a priority on your gap don't the riding around the last minute to try and put together I just gave there at the door when people come in two hours at a time to stand there there are people working around trying to get ready and you don't get to know the people you need to place a priority on those people because why are you doing this anyway yes want to help them physically but you want really to help them spiritually right want to help and spiritually safe place a priority on you again and then number seven two seven today we have many abilities assessment introduce and implement your follow-up introduce and implement a thought how do you do that well you may have the clan health programming I like to start with the health act and that life is start right because you're introducing the eight natural remedy and you bring it all into health and well then you go into us sometime a smoking robbery free program then you can download natural lifestyle cooking because now people are saying new and engaging way I stopped smoking ban in any way I deal with that so you have cooking school then you may have some age that wellness is all kinds of different programs stress management into some kind of C programming so that you tell your people at your health program now the menu that would like to sign up for our next program this is when it will be to see why you need a strategy you see why you need to plan it health ministry my friend is not a hit or miss program in in a church we do not just have hit or myth program on this program about her it's all tied together synchronized in two public commands with we say okay want twelve weeks off on the book of Daniel twelve weeks before the evangelistic meetings one eight weeks the wellness when you have eight weeks before the program in half five nutrition glasses five weeks before the evangelistic need and use me I'll be speaking begin to see the point they decided a rail result my friend I've been in the same with health ministry health evangelism and public evangelism but thirty five years and I'm still learning I know everything but certainly God has taught him something over these thirty five years having done it also all around the world you think I conducted cooking school in Poland when I went there I know how to do that but I learned and God bless and so you have the health evangelism and then you have your evangelistic meeting so whatever you choose it may be it may be no hardship program it may be no depression or what ever it is not enough is absolutely health evangelism to develop his spiritual interest you we have a little form in my book light your world for God how many of you have ever been through our liking wherever God you are need to get a book here again but it's like your world for God in him there I have a form that call yours for the asking the first time when we get it at a health program someone said you are crazy why are you putting Bible studies on homeland for the thing that you are offering nobody can take Bible study the first time we did this we had we are starting from and write to you I made these already out there and going tonight you're really asking twenty five percent of the people will respond to even something spiritual they'll respond and then hand and you know what you can do it just transmission and from one program to another yeah Doctor Mel R yeah yes we do we simply say that and we have a little format that I would like the magazine on how your offering check that box if you'd like that then I will say our next cooking school is going to be August twenty one oh one beginning or whatever and then you have the dates and then you have a check programmer whatever your listing in their and then we simply saying out there interested in the next cooking school that could be taking place in August just check that box and you can preregister for that and you here may also be interested in all studies but not really talk a lot about the spiritual wickedness in the health class but so you may want to proudly disparage all you like to learn more about how you can study the Bible systematically just check that and we put that on your NES eight and the first time and we can measure results and we had twenty twenty one twenty one twenty two Bible studies that came as a result of that and so we simply set and everybody had the form and then and there going out we simply cannot do that in your form to one of the host or hostesses at the door easily and then all public way and transition like that now lay them down you have been attending my natural life are like our natural lifestyle cooking class for the last five weeks and you learn the ball on you now and you learn principles on how you can lead in an age of ten years longer now we've got a bad class and if you follow me principle I recognize that there are already carry factors and environmental factors they follow these principles basically you now live longer than we had other classes that are going to help you it all led I will show you in Philly until unit and several more years all of eternity and if someone you are interested in that we have another program called discovery of eight or revelation of how and we would like to invite you to our revelation of how nice is when you pass out the brochures right now and we actually passed out our van selecting brochure there is no and then we can condemn now we'd like you to be our special guest at opening meeting and we have reserved the and a healing like a reserved seat at our opening meeting not a famous parents are meeting again on Revelation we would like to have him fill out victory registration card and a villain and then we day now as you go out tonight you can just give that to one of the hosts and hostesses at the door and he given to us at the door and do you know that I will transition twenty thirty forty even over a hundred from our nutrition class you are telling me that way so you can transmission you are reacting very important warning as a follow-up I have a Bible study and are healthy people I bring eyeglasses to them I can do it really is I is a revelation of how we have all the material that follow up that I now right now is discovering away DVDs they are winning rarely how can people we haven't recently someone come up to us and say we just learn on the seventh and insurgent methods were so excited how did you learn through the last theory that passage and began discovering away on through the DVD you don't even have to can hand them in human now you can not alone in the library and you do that and follow up you don't have to hold the evangelistic meeting yourself Jackson DVD you can get even now through heart research our color press and you can just take them and give them out give them out one by one and use it at the library and you'll find that you can win souls so have something as a follow-up evangelistic meeting and holding yourself we have all the materials for that we have revelation of help so that you can actually preach it yourself we have the DVDs we had the material are out there my friend material are no problem but what are you going to do do something and then from God will bless you you get you results at all in and do in this session the next session were going to do is what is medical evangelism I pray you want to celebrate father in heaven we thank you that we can go out and work for you Lord help us to be bold help us to be unashamed happens to be willing to go and work for you and father will all give you the glory and praise in Jesus name amen now in our next session we just celebrated our next session will cover some of this material that we've been talking about why you should have help evangelism in your chart what are the real reason you should even think about that I mean why all the time and the effort to do that now class will do that just a few minutes this media was used by audio persons working places generation of Christ he would like to learn more about G Y C please visit www. utilizes web or would you like this more free online service please visit www. audio verse more


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