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The Need for Missions

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.


  • April 17, 2019
    6:45 PM
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Father in heaven we are grateful that we can come together as a church family and even though we may not know each other intimately as friends as fellow students as coworkers we have a commonality Lord and that is you are our Father and Lord we've come here tonight because we want to hear a word from you and so Lord we invite the sweet presence of your Holy Spirit to grace us with His presence that you would take the words that are spoken mold them and shape them that they may be applied to our hearts the way you intended Thank you Father we ask this in Jesus' name amen I remember it like it was yesterday even though it was 21 years ago I was sitting in a hot muggy country looking at an airport that I was just about to get into to travel back home I had just been in this country for 2 and a half weeks I was on the Negras island in the Philippines Anybody here from the Philippines nobody here from the other got a couple back over there and my 1st mission trip as a young person was my senior year in high school. And we're just on a 2 week prophecy seminar remember I was standing there this life transforming experience had just happened over the last few weeks and I'm looking into this airport and as I'm looking into this airport I see all of these people all over the place this milling around poor middle class outcasts of society some just hanging on the fence looking at all of the foreigners as they were coming off the plane into the country and as I sat there and as I reflected over the past 2 weeks of my life I was remembering all of the terrific things that had happened in my time there while I was there as I mentioned we help with the we helped with a Bible prophecy seminar. And I was part of the group that was helping with the kids' meetings we had just as many people in the kids' means as they did in the adult meetings which is full to overflowing and it was such a wonderful experience but I remember seeing as I was there in the Philippines this is my 1st time out of the United States of the United Kingdom and I remember while I was there seeing people who. Were were not very wealthy I remember seeing people who didn't have very much but were happy because just because they were happy thought you know people are wonderful people they were happy with the little that they had I met people there who didn't have very much but they felt their obligation to give me something and I thought to myself Please don't give me anything just keep it for yourself and the beautiful people while I was there and it changed my life but the one thing that changed my life that I will never forget in my tie entire life unless the Lord gives me some sort of mental illness is seen every night watching sugarcane trucks packed with people trucked to the meeting every single night I will never forget it as long as I remember standing there on the street corner before we would go over to do the kids' meals and I remember standing there probably my mouth was just just my jaw was dropped open as I watched this happen these people packed in the back of the truck like sardines and they would come in night after night after night to sit on bamboo benches to hear the Word of God preach be thankful for the chair that you're sitting in tonight. And as I stood there night after night watching this happen because I didn't want to miss it each night as you know I was a new Christian I'd just given my Hard to the Lord I was fresh in my conversion experience I was in love with Jesus and this was a very impactful moment for me and I thought to myself Lord is there is that many people on this little island that want to know the truth of God's word that they are willing to be packed in the back of trucks like sardines to come and sit on the uncomfortable bench and sit there for hours to hear the Word of God preached there probably was more people than who came made a deep impression on my heart and as I was standing there sweat coming down my face as I was getting ready to go inside the airport I remember vividly it was like a lightning bolt that just flashed through my mind. Matthew 24 and verse 14 you all know right this gospel of the kingdom so he preached in all the world for a witness on to all nations and then the end shall come just flashed through my mind as I was standing there getting ready to go into the airport. And as I was thinking about that Bible passage I didn't really understand the full implications of what was going on inside of my mind but in my in my infancy in my conversion experience it made sense to me that if I wanted to do my part to hasten the coming of Christ there was only one calling him a name and if I wanted to do my part and about you I'm looking forward to going to heaven Amen. And as I thought about it you know I thought why would anybody want to stay any longer here on this earth than is necessary. I mean I'm looking all around me at people who are struggling to make ends meet but yet they have beautiful hearts and beautiful personalities and I thought to myself Who would want to stay here any longer if I want to do my part to hasten the coming of Christ there is only one calling and that calling is to take the Gospel to the world. Now I've learned a lot since then like to share with you some of those things that I've learned in our time together over the weekend. But I'd like you to terminate me to our passive scripture that we read just a few moments ago in our scripture reading Matthew Chapter 9 and verse 37 we're going to get into Matthew Chapter 10 a little bit more on Sunday morning so please don't miss that Matthew 10 is a vital passage for those who are considering themselves as missionaries but we're looking at Matthew Chapter 9 verse 37 the Bible says this then say if he unto His disciples the harvest truly is plenty is. The harvest is what. Does that through your Soul does that make you happy tonight Jesus said The harvest is plenty it's now I know that as a gospel worker sometimes it's hard to see that you look out into the world you know you hear the stories of the Bible workers of the great testimonies weren't there but you know I know what it's like to pound the pavement following up on leads and doing Bible work and following up on a Vangelis to Cleves I know what it's like sometimes it's hard to believe that promise that the harvest is plenty is but my Savior said it therefore I believe it. And it thrills my heart to know that there are people out there that Jesus considers part of his harvest he says the harvest is plenty is but what does he go on to say. The laborers are. Few. I was encouraging as the 1st part of the passage is the 2nd part kind of takes your breath away you know anybody who's used to the agricultural thing knows that when the harvest comes you have to act promptly. You have all of your workers lined up you have all of your equipment lined up you have everything ready to go because when the harvest happens you don't have long you've got to get out there and harvest what you have planted so this is a crisis that the Bible is talking about there is a harvest that is waiting to be gathered in Jesus tells us but he says there is a what there is a problem the problem is that there is a lack of workers now I don't know about you but when I read this Bible passage My heart goes out to those who Jesus considers part of the harvest because those who are part of the harvest need the harvest workers to come and harvest them. Matthew Henry and commenting on this Bible passage she says that there are lawyer loiterers who are many but there are laborers who are few Lord have mercy I don't want to be a lawyer to loiter when the harvest is plenty of let everybody see a man the harvest is plenty is but the laborers are few there is not enough workers to harvest the fruit so what happens when there is not enough workers to harvest the fruit you know right you've probably been here working on Brown's or working in the agricultural department I remember what it was like when I was in high school going out into the harvest fields if you don't don't get out there at the right time what happens to the fruit it rots and it falls to the ground and it's only good for fertilizer at that point and so it happens day after day according to statistics on line 6 $1300.00 people will die in the course of our time together here tonight preaching the sermon. Many of them will go to the graves having never even heard the name of Jesus let alone what he has done for them does that pull at your heartstrings does that make you feel uncomfortable in living the American dream here in North America does it make you a little uncomfortable makes me uncomfortable that there are people who are going to Chrysler's graves they are dying they are rotting on the vines for lack of workers Jesus says the harvest is plenty is but the laborers are few years ago continuing my story here a little bit more I was sitting in my living room. And a good friend of mine was over visiting we hadn't seen each other for a while we had done some evangelist endeavors in different parts of the United States and we were reconnecting again and he was sharing with us how the Lord was leading in his life it's nice to get together with friends and reconnect with them and as you were talking and as he was sharing what the Lord was doing with him and his wife he told us that he was moving to the mission field I thought well this is kind of interesting I want to hear the story he was a Bible worker he was a gift it bible worker I had worked with him a number of times he led many people to the Lord God was blessing his ministry and now he's telling me Jason we're going to go to the mission field I thought this is this is interesting and so as I sat there he began to share with us a story of how God was calling him and his wife to go and serve in the country of Thailand as missionaries for crimes. If you got some free time at some point go and watch the series of videos by John would call I want this city of ever watched anybody ever want to look it up I want this city it's a fantastic series of videos that paint the picture of Adventism in Thailand this is a difficult territory to work in so as he was sharing with us a story he said hey I want to show you something else all right this is good I want to hear it so he gets out his laptop and he opens it up and he navigates to some website and he pulls up this video and as I sit there in my living room and he begins to play this video my life changes in 3 minutes this video begins to paint this picture of the need for missions in foreign countries it begins to depict the need of mission workers and how did what Jesus said is actually true that the harvest is plenty is but the laborers are few and as I watch this video and as I watch these statistics and as I heard these stories my eyes began to burn because there were tears welling up in my eyes as I said sat there and shook my head and said Lord what is it going to take and as I looked at this great need of millions and billions of people I thought what can I do I'm only one person but one person can do a terrific thing for the Lord who is committed to Jesus wholeheartedly in fact the servant of the Lord tells us in the book desire to just page 195 she says every true disciple is born into the kingdom of God a missionary. And then the harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few there are people out in the world today. We don't talk like you they don't dress like you they don't eat like you they don't live like you and many of them may not even think like you but they are part of the harvest and as disciples of Christ it is our God given duty to go and harvest the fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven Amen Now what I want to do tonight we're going to have a little fun here the scenes can be a little bit more informal but I want to try to illustrate this to you because it's such a fantastic thing we're trying to illustrate it to you in a way that is attainable for us to understand so I got a few volunteers My wife is going to come up here and help me as well and those of you that volunteered I'm going to ask you to go ahead and come on up here at this time I need 15 volunteers I don't know how many want everybody to drag their feet in coming up when they're supposed to volunteer and come on up right here on the on to the stage you got to bring volunteers I need 15 volunteers where my other ones that are right if you weren't asked come up Anyways please come come come I got my kids coming up here to volunteer I need 15 volunteers there's an element there's another one keep coming keep coming no bashfulness there's another one here got 2 more coming in the back hopefully we won't get too many here if we do we'll just send you back into the mission field. All right how many do we have dear 12131415 when you 3 MORE All right coming up. All right somebody with a Bible somebody with a Bible can you grab your Bible. And you know Bibles and we don't we don't do that in a mission field All right come on down here a little further on down here a little further there we go just right thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU aren't you all beautiful all right OK So we need 7 people on this side 123-4567 All right can you guys you're. OK Rebecka you know you need to be on that side sorry you guys can switch there we go all right wait a minute actually Rebecca needs to be on the side of the yes. We're good team Ali OK so I want you guys switched You got it and want to get you on to the end over here OK this is I know how many people there are in the world. That's correct actually some point 5 If we're going to be technical 7500000000 people so 7500000000 anybody have any idea what 7500000000 looks like. I have no idea I have a hard time in my mind mentally trying to grasp the number 7500000000 people but we're going to try to illustrate that for you here this evening in a way that you'll be able to take it home and remember so we have a 15 volunteers up here we have 7 on this side that represent the reached world we have 8 on this side that represent the unreached world so we have 7 over here that represent what the reach world we have 8 over here that represent what under each world and you can tell there and reach because they don't like to think close to each other. Over us over here who are reached we like to be close to one another OK So we have our 1st can you guys which again there we go thank you very much OK So we have our 1st let me just kind of define reached an unreasoned for you so reached people are people who have access to the gospel they have access to the church they have access to Bibles they have access to Christian radio stations and television stations that's the reach world for you OK so if they want to learn about Christ it's very easy for them they can learn about Christ if they want to OK then you have the unreached world over here some of them have workers who are working among them but we're going to illustrate that for you little bit more here in just a minute but for the most part and reached people and reach people groups do not have access to the Gospel OK so they don't have access to the Bible think in your mind that you live in a country where there's no Bible there's no obvious world radio there's no free A.B.N. there's no Christian churches whether it's administering non Adventist there's no such thing as Protestantism in that country so think about that in your mind when you think about on reached OK So that's these people over here. OK so what we're going to do is we're going to illustrate this we have our 1st person in the reach world now each one of these people represent 500000000 people or half a 1000000000 How many do they represent half a 1000000000 half a 1000000000 people OK So we have our 1st Christian here going to your sign around he is what we would call an active Christian what is his name. He's an active Christian so what is an active Christian hopefully an active Christian is what all of you are here tonight a man so you have your devotional life you have a you have a walk with the Lord you you have an intimate relationship with him you are sharing your faith wherever the Lord may take you you're studying the Bible you're memorizing the Bible those types of things and these people are also praying for the On reached world which is a human are you praying for the end reach world all right don't say yes just because you think I want you to see right we want to be praying for the end reach Well now this is the only group where you can find good reliable missionaries got that OK 500000000 people right here now how many administers are there. 2121 1000000 dead so let me ask you question are all 21000000 Adventists active Christians. It would be good if they were right but sadly that's just not a reality so it's kind of talk that behind when you're a case of that now we have our 2nd person with a sign here actually is the 2nd 312 and $3.00 and their name is what nominal Christians and the nominal Christians we are going to give them a light bulb because they are supposed to be a light to the world but their light is one remember that song used to sing in Saba school this little light of mine I'm going to learn it isn't it funny that when sometimes we become adults and that part of the song Hide it under a bushel we forget that part of the song when we become adults only. Right we keep hiding our stuff under a bushel and we wonder why our kids aren't wanting to let their light shine right so we have not nominal Christians over here they have probably go to church some of them may go to church on a semi-regular basis some of them are like much of the Christian world who go to church on Easter and Christmas so this weekend is going to be a bumper crop of people that are going to be going to church lot of people are going to be you know filling the church pews over this weekend if you ask them that if they were Christian what do you think they would say course they would say yes I'm a Christian but their lights are not shining now are you ready for this next point 70 percent how much. 70 percent of our evangelistic funds go to reach this group of people right here how much we haven't even talked about these guys over here you. Already started your problem aren't you. So those are our nominal Christians over here we would. We would give them name tags and because they're you know they profess the name of Christ and we would give them the name luke warm. You don't want to be that Christian Right OK So then we have our next 2 folks are we actually we're supposed to have 3 but I think one of them ran off. The want to stand up or know you want to listen. Should we get somebody else come and hold a sign these next 3 are what we would call non christians What are they. Non Christians and I know you don't want to but you have to put the glasses on but. My kids were dying to be able to do this there we go you can't keep them down. They're mine. So none Christians take. Just be glad you're not over there. Right. These people are we give them glasses because they are spiritually blind right but they live in a context where if they want to they can learn about God They know that they are not Christians in fact if you ask them they would probably say Oh I'm not a Christian. They probably work and talk with Christians on a semi-regular basis maybe some of them even go to school with Christian people but they don't have any interest in Christianity Today. If they wanted to as I said they could go to a church and in that church they could be able to learn more about the gospel they could go down in a bookstore and probably pick up a Bible if they wanted to they could learn it if they want to but they don't so they're spiritually blind OK now this this these 7 people right here they represent the reached world they're in places like the United States Europe Canada Africa even parts of Africa this is what we would call the reach world OK so now we're going to do to talk about the unretouched world the 1st 2 in our own reach world are what we would call. Hindus What are they. Hindus and we are going to give them a little costume here called a 3rd Oz are you glad you don't have a 3rd. Hindus are close to 1000000000 people all call them self Hindus is a lot of people lot of people OK mostly are in India and in the country of Nepal they believe in millions of different gods so when missionaries go to the you know share with them the Gospel they're like great another god will just add it to the list see the potential challenges there because our God is not another God He is the only god. So there's challenges there they worship idols things made out of wood and stone in metal and things of that nature they hope that they will be reincarnated reincarnated one day and if they happen to live a good enough life maybe they might be reincarnated as a priest or maybe a god themselves but if they don't live a good enough life they might be reincarnated as a dog cow or maybe even a mouse OK So that's the Hindu world for you the next group of people next 3 on our we need to have all girls so 3 ladies down there gentlemen if you could switch with them yes OK next 3 people represent the Muslim population I've ever met a Muslim contrary to what you might see on the television there are many wonderful Muslim people out there in the world. Muslims have been misrepresented in America just like Christianity has been misrepresented in Muslim countries. Are you all with me right they think Christianity is Hollywood is that true yes or no yes or no well maybe in some places it is but hopefully it's not OK So we have a Muslim population here 1600000000 people on this earth call themselves Muslims one 5th of the entire world population is Muslim how much are you writing some of these statistics that you like that's OK I'll just listen to it later because we're a modern society we can do that kind of stuff 1600000000 people call themselves Muslim 5th largest or 5th one 5th of the world population are Muslim they have to re site many times during the day rain has heard this I've gone to his beautiful country before and listened to them chant from their mosques there is no god but Allah and Muhammad as his prophets for them Jesus is just one of many prophets that were sent from Allah My Bible tells me that he is the Son of God and the Savior of the world some challenges that are right. In this country. The ratio of Christians working among Muslims one Christian for every 1000000 Muslims. What was the Bible passages I read harvest is what but the. Such beautiful Muslims thank you for your help the Muslims the missionaries. All right we have our next one and he is going to be our Buddhist. And last time I checked Buddhist monks shave their head. So we do have a razor now I'm just getting. The what one time I was one of the people standing up here in the front and they made sure that I was right here. Makes a good Muslim or makes a good boost for Muslims believe in the 8 fold path of unliked in men taught by Buddha Buddhists sorry the eightfold path of enlightenment taught by a Buddha that unfortunately does not lead them to enlightenment but leads them to greater darkness they work very hard to achieve a state called nerve Ana which is a state of perpetual nothingness aren't you so glad you have the Bible. Don't Buddhists need to hear that there is something better than nothingness why in the why. There isn't beautiful heaven out there that God has prepared for you and for me and for him but somebody needs to go tell him do the buddhists need missionaries. Amen All right the next one we have are what we call atheists not North American Atheists they have access to the Bible these are people like folks in China under communism who are taught by their parents teachers and the government that there is no God it is pounded into their heads from childhood they are taught to believe that anybody who believes in god is stupid therefore anybody over here most especially here are what. They believe in survival of the fittest. I'm thankful that God can take the weak things of the world to confound the wise. Do atheists need missionaries yes or no. And then we have our last number here you're so brave you stood up here for so long in run off I'm glad you're here because you are an Animist and my wife worked very hard on that today if we can get it to stay there very good oh we have a necklace for you too there we go is the theory looking. Can you see it is like I can't see. Through you can't see or sign anything else want to. Tribal religions or what we call animism they work hard to appease the spirits listen to me carefully you've heard of demonic things many of you some of you have but many of us have not experienced it and it's a whole different ballgame when you are living day to day encounter in the spirit world tormenting you there a whole state of existence is trying to find out ways to appease the spirit gods to appeal to the witch doctor to do different incantations to try to keep the demons at bay or just to leave you alone at best there are about 3000 unbleached tribal groups in the world and many of them do not have the Bible in their heart language the harvest is plenty of this but the laborers are few and I know that when you look at this Hindus Muslims Buddhists atheists and tribal religions it's hard to see God's promise actually being fulfilled that the harvest is plenty else but we have to trust God. Because my Bible tells me that God does not lie Amen so we trust him OK we're not done yet I need 10 more volunteers. Come on come on come on 10 more on here 123-456-7891 extension 0 OK great right over here make a group right over here where you go 1234 I'll count you as one is that OK OK 123-456-7891 extension 0 very good these are our missionaries say hello missionaries. These are our missionaries did you bring your Bibles it's OK we have good imaginations that you left your Bibles in your chairs but if you went to the mission field you would take your Bible with you amen All right so these are our missionaries you are the sending organizations those are the organizations that kind of keep things going on the home front and supply the missionaries with prayers blessings and money what do they supply the missionaries with prayers blessings and money OK so what I want you to do is I want to say I want you to send your prayers and blessings of money this way so just go ahead and wait for them until. They get OK so now you have been commissioned by the sending organization to go as missionaries to the mission field you've heard from the bible to go into all the world to preach the Gospel you heard Jesus say that the harvest is plenty is but the laborers are few Your heart has been moved to serve God as missionaries and now we are going to send you to the world. Right so on the count of 3 because I know you our guys are all good missionaries you didn't enter into this in an emotional way you prayed and he said Lord where do you want me to serve you and so as you prayed you know where you want to go serve him and I'm not putting words in your mouth am I. So on the count of 3 I want you to go where you want to serve OK Ready 123 go. OK turn around and face the congregation. Are very good now let me ask you question is this a good thing yes or no hey man is this the way it should be but not let me let me make something abundantly clear here OK that does not mean that we want to neglect the non Christians and the nominal Christians right we stay still need to be reached Amen but remember where are the missionaries coming from. Where the active Christians are the ones that are sending missionaries now if this were the case right here we would have a case to rejoice with but unfortunately this is not reality OK so I'm going to make it reality for you because according to statistics one out of every 10 missionaries they go to the mission field go to the unreached how many one out of 10 OK so you have to go over there you have to go over there you have to go over there you have to go over there you go over there you go over there you go over there you go over there and you are one lone missionary. Holding down the fort brother Sanchez. I think you would do good in tribal religions whether. They're human research talk about that afterwards. I think I might be able to help you on the phone. Now let me ask you a question Are you happy with the scene. One out of every 10 missionaries go to the underage. Fundamentally there is a problem with this now this isn't just Adventism this is a problem in Adventism as well but all throughout Christianity this is a problem now let me ask you a question why do you suppose most of the people focus their energy over here. It's a comfort zone what else. Is easier least perceived to be easier anyways because they have some sort of Christian influence anything else. Don't have to go someplace uncomfortable quick quicker results perhaps maybe even in some of this area you would have to learn a new language Now what's very interesting is when you compare all of the workers in the Christian world pastors you pastors worship leaders things like that the disparity is even more there's one out of all Christian workers one missionary goes through the unreached and $140.00 go to the reached that's all workers not just missionaries all workers one to the UN reach $140.00 to the reached let's talk about finances do you send money and send money to them right if you've already heard this before but I've every dollar that is given to the church one penny goes to foreign missions actually some people say less than a penny I don't know how you get less than a penny sorry I'm getting to that OK. Each year Americans spend less on reaching the unreached then they spend on hollowing costumes for their pets. 101 so here's something that you might find interesting in 1930 This is talking about the administration 33 percent of money that was given was sent to World Missions how much 33 percent 15 percent stayed at home. I was in 1930 during the Great Depression in 20143.6 percent went to the mission field and 26 percent stayed home 30 percent drop in giving to foreign missions now you don't have to believe me on this you all know who David trim is in he's documented this stuff very well in fact that's where we got all of these statistics for 30 percent drop in finances to the 4 mission field in 1930 Here's another one for you $930.00 AD then this gave on average $6.45 to missions for every $10.00 that was given in time you want me to stop there don't you and again that was during the Great Depression $6.45 the missions for every $10.00 in time. In 2008 the number had dropped to $0.36. For every $10.00 that was given in time now not only had the church gotten larger by that point but the world had gotten much larger as well in the North American division north american I've been is give roughly $21.00 a year to foreign missions that's an average. Of $1.75 a month how many of you think that we could do better than that. $1.75 a month only one percent of Bible distribution goes right here the problem. How can they learn if they don't have the Word of God. So you see some major challenges here now what I'm not saying is as I said before that all of these missionaries need all the sudden go over here to be wonderful but we still have people that need to be reached over here right so what do we need to do we need to pray that God will raise up a tidal wave of heartening graduates. Come on now. That are not satisfied. With the American dream. But have a kingdom building dream who are willing to sacrifice life and comfort family and East position finances to go and reach the unreached. Juices pray you therefore the Lord of the harvest that he may send forth laborers into his harvest as Will Smith once said no one has the right to hear the Gospel twice Well there remains someone who has not heard it once you believe and I think there's a lot of truth there there's a lot of preaching that goes on over here over and over again hearing the Gospel and then needs to happen. But there are billions of people who haven't even heard it. My talk a little bit more about that tomorrow. Now before I let you all go I want to share with you one more thing here and then we'll go into the final part of our study Luke Chapter 15 and verse 9 the Bible says you turn their new Bibles if you want Luke 1589 either what woman having 10 pieces of silver if she lost one piece does not light a candle and sweep the house and see it diligently until she was finds it and when she had found it she called her friends and her neighbors together same rejoice with me for I have found the peace that was. Don't you want to find those lost coins listen to what a light says Christ offered dozens page 193 says this the coin represents those who are lost in trust passes in sin but who have no sense of their condition they are as strange from God but they know it not their souls are in peril but they are unconscious and unconcerned in this parable Christ teaches that even those who are indifferent to the claims of God are the object of his pit teen love. Should be the same for us they are to be sought for that they may be brought back to go Amen. Amen So here's what I want to encourage you with. Where are you going to go. Listen to me carefully brothers and sisters you can have your fancy theological arguments and we need to study theology you can enjoy going to church every Sabbath and being part of your Sabbath school and all that kind of stuff you can get into those online debates and all that kind of thing fine but if these people don't get a chance to hear the Gospel we're going to be here for another 150 years and what I learned as I sat in front of that airport in the Philippines has never left me that if I want to do my part. To hasten the coming of Christ I need to go and tell the world we cannot be satisfied with the status quo when there is a gospel that needs to be given we live here in this world as though we are going to continue living in this world as though there is no heaven for us to game fund for that to change you guys did so great. I'm going to ask you to go ahead and take your seats and we're going to conclude with a few final remarks here the book actually Apostles page 109 we are told that all over the world men and women are looking wistfully to heaven where where all over the world there are Buddhists there are Muslims there are Hindus there are animists who are thinking to themselves there is more to life than what my religion offers you heard the stories of Muslims who are having visions and dreams about Jesus they are learning about Christianity but God needs men and women who will go and tell them about Jesus it is not enough for them to just have visions and dreams God needs somebody to go and what them out of that fire and bring them into the family of God. In 1906 there was one missionary for every 138 members of the 7th Day Adventist Church in 2015 according to what I can find online these are denomination we paid employees that are missionaries not volunteers so this is where we are putting our money as an organization 2015 there is one missionary for every 23007th Day Adventists. Have a problem with that. The harvest is plenty is but the laborers are few now lest you think that I am attacking this the nomination I am in no way doing that I am a firm believer that we are God's remnant people but I believe we can do better God has given us a message that has to go to all parts of the world we thought under Revelation Chapter 14 verse 6 for Paul puts this gospel of the king the most go to all the world unto us for we descend to all nations and then shall the end come then every nation kindred time trying the people will hear the gospel the 3 angels messages we thunder that from our poll pit but are we doing that are you with me rather than sisters it's one thing to preach it it's another thing to actually do something about it we have enough people talking about it now we need people who actually go and do it parents would you be happy if your child made the decision to go and work among Muslims would you try to hold them back and ties them with a degree paying for their tuition so that they can get a better job in society believe it or not there are people who say that now when you look at the administers ratio of members versus missionaries It's quite visible the Mormons as you know send out many missionaries there's 14000000 Mormons anybody you know how many missionaries they have full time missionaries 71000 full time missionaries that's an average of one missionary for every 200 members in the Mormon Church God has given us a much better message has he not I believe we can do something better I believe that we can do something that will bring this world to an end if we choose the choice is up to us. Gary Krauss the director of agonist missions at the General Conference he said there are more people on earth today who are not Adventists then there were 100 years ago there's a problem with that isn't there there should be more avenues today than there was 100 years ago when I keeping up with the population growth as agonists. I believe that we can do better so you might ask the question What can I do to reach the end reached there are 3 things I want to leave you with in our time together here tonight and they are this number one you can pray you can what you can pray and I pray that you are praying on a regular basis for missionaries if you have not followed a missionary go to administrate their missions follow a missionary look at what they go through look at the peaks in the valleys the trials and the difficulties the joys and the sorrows follow that person and as you follow them pray for that person go to asap ministries follow a missionary look at what they're doing and bring them to the family altar with your children with your grandchildren whoever may be and pray for that person that God would open them up and poor out his Holy Spirit upon them because they need supernatural strength and abilities pray what else can you do you can give you can one did you know that if you gave $100.00 a year to foreign missions you would quadruple the amount of money going into the mission field that is going on right now that's about $9.00 a month that's keeping out on eating out once a month are you all with me is that attainable I think even college students can afford $9.00 a month somebody say men. $100.00 a year you can give find a missionary Not everybody can go overseas some of us can some of us can't none of all of us are called to do that but all of us are called as missionaries for Christ and sometimes that might be being in your prayer chamber lifting that missionary up to God in prayer sometimes that will be giving him money to help support him in the work that God has called him to do God has blessed this country with means we use it too much to make our lives comfortable here in this world and to not advance the cause of God You can pray and you can give to her church well named 9 page 55 says this not all can go as missionaries to foreign lands but all can give of their means for the carrying forward of Foreign Missions I was meeting I met a missionary one time he was a missionary to India and he told me about a lady who came to his meeting one day as he was sharing about his mission work and he said she said Oh I'm so thankful you came to church I have my savings that I've been looking for a place to put it in I want to give it to you and she reached out her pocket and she pulled out $0.10 for savings gave it to the missionary all of us doesn't have to be large or small all of us can go to help support the missions in foreign lands and then of course the last thing that you can do to help reach the young reach is to go but one of the 3 things you can pray you can give and you can. Now I don't know what it looks like for you I can't tell you what you should or should not do that's not my position I want to step in that place but God can impress your heart on what you ought to be doing. And I pray that over this holy convocation weekend then it won't be just another opportunity for us to sit and fill our minds with the logical information we've done enough of that here in North America we have minds that are so full of information that we become apathetic time for us to start doing something with this that God has given to us you can pray you can give and you can go through things that you can do Eric little a man who broke the 4 minute mile barrier he was an electric gold medalist many of you know him from the story Chariots of Fire. Gave his a limp big dreams to serve as a missionary in China for 20 years in fact Eric little died in a prison camp he said we are all called to be missionaries wherever we go we either bring people nearer to Christ or we repel them from Christ we are all missionaries doesn't sound like what the servant of the Lord told us or all missionaries we had to bring people closer to Christ or we send them running away from Christ and brothers and sisters I've met too many people who are causing others to run away from Christ we don't need more but I've had the wonderful opportunity of meeting such a beautiful Christians that are like powerful magnets that people just cannot resist they have a drawing power that is not caught up in techniques and theory as good as those things may be. But they have of Jesus that is emanating from their heart and such a powerful way that it captivates people and they say I want with that person. Drawing or we are repellent people from Jesus and it's good for us every now and then too as we are getting ready to go to bed at night to ask the Lord Father which end of the magnet is facing towards the world in my life. Is it a drawing magnet or is it a repellent magnet which And and Lord if I'm rebelling people please switch that magnet around because I want to be drawn people guys. So tonight I'm going to appeal to you as you go to your various places you're going to find going to be making the same appeal many times but as you go to your various respective places as you talk yourself and then. That you would pray a simple prayer and say Lord where do I fit in on this gospel commission thing. It's not just enough to have it memorized. It has to factor in life some tangible way. Lord. What does it look like for me. To fit in on the Gospel commission. Of my praying. And my giving. Or am I going. I think we can all fit into one of those 3 areas. The harvest is plenty. But the laborers are few. Prayed there for the large of the hardness that he may send for the workers into his feet maybe some of you here tonight will be the answer. To that prayer. Written by hands of means we pray to the. Father in Heaven forgive me if I've misrepresented you in any way here this evening a father our hearts have been stirred by these passages that we hear so often that they have become for some of us just taken for granted as commonplace Father we want to be changed to take an active part in fulfilling the commission that you gave to us not just the 12 the cycles 2000 years ago. But those of us that are sitting here today at the Hartland convocation. Father as we go home as we pray send your Holy Spirit in a powerful way to impress upon our hearts where you want us to be. And how we fit in fulfilling the Gospel commission. Thank you Father for giving us something that is worthy of taking to the world. Crucified risen and soon coming savior. But there's a heaven to win and a hell to lose but there is something more to life. Than what billions of people are believing today. Dear God thrust us out. That we may bring glory and honor to your name and be your hands and your feet to bear the good news to. Thank you Father. You bless us. As we go our different reasons. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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