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Christ our Righteousness - Part 3

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker


  • January 29, 2019
    11:45 AM
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Dear father again we pray we can't pray too much and we pray again for the Holy Spirit to please be here Lord you know I'm a very small and I want Jesus to increase as I decrease and we all want to hear your voice we want to sense the Holy Spirit and to have your direction so we pray that you will bless right now and that you will use these recordings to ripple out around the world to instruct your people on the message of Christ Our Righteousness in Jesus' name we pray man. OK. Righteousness righteousness by Thing A Matthew chapter 6 1st 33 the verse that I think we all know this is a verse that are my family when I do I dabble playing guitar sometimes and I know how to play a little song called Seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God and if you've heard that it's a well known song campfire song you know that little boy knows it and it's based on this verse Matthew 633 where Jesus said Seek and once that next word seek ye and then 1st write Seek ye 1st that's the word I was looking for the Kingdom of God and what else and Hughes righteousness. And all these things shall be added to you so whose righteousness are we to seek. His righteousness it's not our righteousness that we're looking for and we should be seeking for this seeking for his righteousness Jesus said and once we find that righteousness then everything else will be added to us in the words that's really the basis of everything that's the most important thing that we can do is to seek the righteousness of God Now when we talk about righteousness by thieves it's a term that we're all familiar with we've probably heard it a zillion times and those of you who have grown up in the church have heard it over and over and over and over and over again there's all kinds of different views on righteousness by faith and if I were to ask you know the average crowd I don't know exactly what all of you would say but if I were to ask the average crowd what is righteous ness I'd probably get quite a lot of different definitions and I have learned in my journey and in my studies that understanding what righteousness is is absolutely critical to this whole topic we need to we need to define righteousness Now if you have your your book a copy of my book that you've been given most of you've been given God's last message Christ Our Righteousness I want you to turn to page 31. Page 31 and this is there's a quotation here from Wagner and the for the reference the footnote there is number 3 in for the benefit of those who are not here and don't have this book and who are listening to this as a recording this is from E.J. Wagner's little book it's called Living by faith pages 9 and 10 reprinted by laymen ministry news and years ago when I was that we March trying to figure this out I remember reading this quote This is page 31303031 I read this quote and it really just spoke to me and what's what's happening here is Wagner is talking about the the term righteousness the righteousness of God Romans chapter one verse 17 talks about how I'm not ashamed Paul said I'm not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God to salvation and then he talks about the righteousness of God is being revealed from faith to faith the just shall live by faith so Wegner comments on this in your book here Page 30 at the bottom it says this expression and the expression has to do with the righteousness of God This expression has been the subject of much learned discussion by theologians and very few of them are agreed as to its meaning the fact that learned men are disagreed in regard to it need not frighten us with the thought that it cannot be understood for we read that the things which have been hidden from the wise and the prudent are revealed to the. If we are but simple enough to accept the obvious scripture meaning as explained by the Scriptures we need not be in darkness so I was reading that when I was that we are and I thought OK Keep going tell me what it is. And then he says what next paragraph one of the greatest causes of the failure of many people to understand the Book of Romans and indeed any other portion of Scripture is a failure to hold it to 1st principles and Bible definitions men attempt to define some terms according to their theological training and they find it hard work to make them fit then if they at any time except the Bible definition of a term they do not adhere to it but give it some other meaning the next time they meet with it this can lead to nothing else but confusion and isn't that true the cause of the difficulty in understanding this text which he's commenting on Romans $117.00 is a failure to cling to the Bible definition of the term the righteousness of God and then he says we have already seen that it is an expression indicating God's character and that character is set forth in the 10 Commandments and what Wagner then does in his little book and he does this in many other places in his writings is he proceeds to quote bible verse after bible verse after bible verse showing that the term righteousness is defined by the 10 Commandments which is an expression of the character of God Now I was talking with a mish if the little while ago and he was thrilled that we were going to take a look at some Bible verses he said Show show us in the Word of God So let me just get a couple of volunteers here somebody find Psalm 119 verse 172 if you and then somebody else find Isaiah 51 verse 7. And then somebody else find that Romans Chapter 9 or I'm sorry bro in Chapter 8 verse 4 and then someone else Romans 931 OK Roman see OK now we're going to say Romans 931 we're going to use that the last one so who's god Psalm 119 verse 172 OK you've got a case say it out loud nice and loud. For all. I just miss OK my tongue shall speak of your word for all your command ments our righteousness OK the next text Isaiah 517 who's got it we have feared way to get the mic so we can get this on the recording listen to me you who know writes his snus you people in whose heart is my law Thank you that's good right so so here's God talking he says listen to me you who know righteousness you people in whose heart is my law so he's using righteousness as a phrase that is defined by his law OK next text Romans 84 we've got this over here over here we've got it up here or I have the right to snus of the law might be fulfilled in us who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit OK the notice of the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled OK let's go to Romans I think you had it this young lady over here you had Romans 9 over here Romans 931 and let me hold on just a 2nd let me open my Bible because I want to 0 in on this text this is very significant. Let me get it to you Kay Romans 931 all right why don't you read that Romans 131 but Israel which followed after the law of righteousness hath not attained to the law of righteousness stuff thank you. That's that's good so we've looked at Isaiah 517 we've looked at Psalm 119 verse 172 we've looked at Romans chapter 8 1st for now we look at Romans 931 and there are many other verses that we can look at and I just want to 0 in again on verse $31.00 this is so powerful powerful it talks about Israel the whole nation of Israel it says they followed after the law of righteousness so there Paul uses righteousness in connection with the law or we are clear on that we see this over and over and over and over and over again in the Bible and Israel was following after the law of righteousness they were trying to get the law breakfasts they were trying to keep the law just this but they say it says they have not attained to the law of righteousness they tried to keep the law they tried to get righteousness but they didn't get it and notice the reason why they didn't get it what's the next verse say the next person as Paul says where 4 or why not and then he says because they sought it not by thieves so they pursued it but they didn't get it and the reason why they didn't get it was because they didn't follow they didn't seek it by thief now go back to your book God's last message Christ Our Righteousness there's a one sentence right in the middle of the book or the chit this page page 31 we just read about Wagner talking about definitions page 31 right in the middle it says Ellen White agreed and there's a quote from the book steps to Christ where she says righteousness is defined. By the 10 precepts given by the Lord on Mount Sinai now does Ellen White's definition agree with the Bible yes it does so we see it in the Bible we see it in steps to Christ and if you do a search in the writings of Ellen White on the CD-ROM you'll find tons of statements to this effect Here's another quote right below that on the same page it talks about God's great standard of righteousness his holy law the same thing Wagner echoed this idea the law of 10 commandments then is the measure of the righteousness of God elder Jones agreed 100 percent Jones said quote the commandments of God are the reflection the transcript the expression of God's righteousness so it's in the writings of Jones and Wagner it's in the writings of the white and it's clearly in the writings of Paul I say David the list just goes on and on and on so to make this. Home practical basically what we read in the Bible we talk about righteousness by faith the righteousness of Christ seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness we need to understand that righteousness is is revealed in the 10 Commandments and to make this real practical for the world that we live in right now when you look at the 10 commandments you know what's right and what's wrong I shared with you briefly my experience when I grew up in Southern California and as the. Late in my teens a whole bunch of things happened and I finally. Discovered the I watched George Panamint on television one time turn on the T.V. saw George's friendly face looking at me with the Bible he said Hello Friend welcome to it is a written television and there I was you know a lost disco dancing marijuana smoking cocaine a snorting Jew in Southern California who knew nothing about the Bible and here's this friendly face saying hello friend welcome to it is written television and he held up this little book called The Day to Remember and he looked right at me and he said Steve he did 60 but he looked at me was. Seemed like you didn't look right at me and he said friend call me up and I'll send you this book so I went to the phone called the phone number which actually ran or rang at Andrews University the aim operators set one of them picked up the phone took my address sent me the book I sat down and I read it at my dad's house in Studio City and halfway through the book I sort of paused and I remember looking up in the into the air into the sky and thinking that myself 10 Commandments 10 Commandments wow because he was George that was talking about the 10 Commandments and then I read by that time I had been I had been visiting some different churches trying to find a church I was looking in the phone book actually to try to find a church I visited Calvary Chapel had visited Baptist church and went to the synagogue the rabbi wasn't there that day so I thought so much for Judaism My mother never lie when I told her that she always that always bothered her Steve you should have gone back to Judaism. And anyway I've been I was visiting around and everywhere I went I was confused because every church I went to every pastor I talked to or every Bible study I went to. They all said different things and I was mixed up and I remember just sitting there thinking of myself 10 Commandments and I had this mental picture of 10 Commandments rising up in the sky and I remember just looking and thinking wow you know the 10 commandments were written with the thinker of God and they were written on stone on solid stone and then I thought to myself you know I'm really confused about religion but something tells me if I stick to the 10 Commandments I can't go wrong and that's what led me into the advantage church was that was that. You know. That's what I thought there's something about the 10 Commandments that is different from any other law that's ever been written by man it was written with the finger of God and it was written in stone and in this world when it everything is up for grabs these days you know everything's falling apart people don't know if there are you know which bathroom to use. A man a man am I a woman what am I you know people are struggling with these things the world is struggling with what's right and what's wrong everything is just going crazy these days and we don't have to be confused we can know exactly what is right and what is wrong and God has defined this in a very very very clear and simple terms for the whole world to understand. And what is right is the 10 Commandments it's right to put God 1st it's right not to have any other gods before before God or it's wrong to bow down to idols it's wrong to take his name in vain it's right to keep the 7th day sabbath it's right to honor our parents its right to to not not kill or not hate it's wrong to commit adultery or to have any form of sexual immorality it's wrong to steal it's wrong to lie it's wrong to covet and then Jesus summarizes the 10 Commandments quote in the Old Testament if the laws summarized in loving God with our heart soul mind and strength and our neighbor as ourselves so if we want to know what's right and what's wrong that's the that we don't have to be confused we can be very very clear on these issues and if there was ever a time when that God's people need to go out to the world and tell them what's right and what's wrong it's now you following me. Righteousness is defined by the law of God and the reason why it's right and not wrong is because it is a reflection of the character of God God's character is such that you know he wants us to honor our parents he doesn't want us to steal or lie or commit adultery because God's character is such that he always tells the truth Jesus always tells the truth that's why he said over and over and over again I tell you the truth I tell you the truth I tell you the truth because it's his nature it's his character make sense. Many times when I travel in my meetings I didn't bring them here with me this time. But sometimes I carry a backpack that has 2 big big tables of stone and it's humorous for me to go through security and I watch them you know go through underneath the belt and I always watch the security guards the T.S.A. agents that they're looking at what's coming through and I watch to see their faces when they see the 10 Commandments and sometimes they just go their eyes get really big and sometimes you can actually and I've kind of watched Sometimes I can see the monitor too and then I can see where it says you shall have no other gods before Me It's You know it's right there loudly and just this last time that I went through for my last meeting in Red Bluff California had I had the 10 Commandments and I put them through and one guy was looking at it and then the the other I guess it was her supervisor was there and she she just looked at the at the man inch and she said it's the 10 Commandments. Is the 10 commandments one time they wanted me to take the 10 Commandments out so they could scan them to make sure that they were dangerous and I said this is the most moral backpack you'll ever find there's nothing nothing dangerous about this law. So there's a real place right now in this world for 10 commandment teaching we mean you know we don't need to be ashamed of this we don't need to be embarrassed by this we should be standing in front of crowds I do it all the time in front of audiences holding these big tables of stone and people look at me like wow I've never seen anything like that before and I go down through them 123-456-7891 extension 0 I tell you the Holy Spirit when you do that the Holy Spirit will bring conviction on people's minds their their hearts are convicted that they've lied or they've stolen or they've committed adultery or they haven't honored their parents or they've they haven't kept the Sabbath they've they've they've been idolaters and the list just goes on and on and that's one of the works of the Holy Spirit is to convict people of their sins of breaking the law of God and I'll talk more about this tomorrow in fact you know I'm just thinking should I read this quote I should I want to read this quote I have to find it here it's not in my notes I really don't hardly have any notes Thea few notes but I want to find a quote here where Wagner. Actually quoted from Wesley and it is so powerful or maybe I'll just quote from way. Go to page $47.00 page $47.00 in your book and there's there's a long quote there at the foot known as Number 9 which is from E.J. Wagner signs of the times the temper 2nd 886 and I believe Wagner here is quoting John Wesley and this is what it's that you have it page 47 it is the ordinary method of the Spirit of God to convict sinners by the law it is this which being sent home on the conscience generally breaks the rock in pieces. It is more specially this part of the Word of God which is quick and powerful full of life in energy and sharper than any 2 edged sword this in the hand of God and of those whom he has sent Pierce is through all the folds of the deceitful heart and divides asunder soul and spirit as it were joints and marrow by this is the sinner discovered to himself all his fig leaves are torn away and he sees that he is wretched and poor and miserable and blind and naked quoting the Laodicean message which I'll talk about tomorrow night and have tomorrow night's meeting is called the white robes or naked Laodicean. The law flashes conviction on every side he feels himself a mere sinner his mouth is stopped and he stands guilty before God and that's a quote from Romans 3 Verse 19 which will read tomorrow tomorrow morning we'll have a Bible study on Romans 3 to slay the sinner the is then the 1st use of the law to destroy the life and strength wherein he trusts and convince him that he is dead that while he lives not only under the sentence of death but actually dead and to God void of all spiritual life dead in trespasses and sins the 2nd use is to bring him to life unto Christ that he may live it is true in performing both of these offices it acts the part of a severe schoolmaster it drives by force rather than draws us by love and yet love is the spring of it all it is the spirit of love which by this painful means tears away our confidence in the flesh which leaves us no broken reed where on to trust and so constrains the sinner stripped of all to cry out in the bitterness of his soul or groan in the depth of his heart I give up every plead beside Lord I am damned but that hast died. And there that's powerful preaching and that was John Wesley who founded the Methodist Church quoted by Wagner now go on the opposite page on page 46 and this is a quote from the great con the cut the great controversy. And it says that C. read the footnote is number 7 which is a great controversy page 467 and 468 it says the 1st step in reconciliation to God is the conviction of sin sin is the transgression of the law by the law is the knowledge of sin 1st John 34 Romans 320 in order to see his guilt the sinner must test his character by God's great standard of righteousness it is a mirror which shows the perfection of a righteous character and enables him to discern the defects of his own the law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul Psalm 1907 without the law men have no just conception of the purity and the holiness of God or of their own guilt and uncleanness they have no conviction of sin and they feel no need of repentance not seeing their lost condition as violators of God's law they do not feel their need of the atoning blood of Christ now this is the this is a consistent theme in the writings of Paul in the writings of Ellen White in steps to Christ in great controversy. And it's consistent in the writings of Jones and Wagner and basically what they what they say is that the 10 Commandments is a righteous law it's God's it's a reflection of His holy character it's non-negotiable it tells us what is right what is wrong what is good what is evil and when we really take a close look at the 10 Commandments through the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. And we go down through them 122-345-6789 extension 10 then we summarize God's law as a law of unselfish love for God and for your neighbor as yourself who ever your neighbor is whether they're Republicans or Democrats whether it's Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump whether it's conservatives or liberals who ever it is God's law requires the US to love our neighbor as ourselves whoever they may be and when you really look at the 10 Commandments carefully and this is what happened to me when I was in San Francisco when I was praying for the Holy Spirit when I told you yesterday or earlier today that when the Holy Spirit convicted me or the his skin pression came to me pray for the Holy Spirit pray for the Spirit of truth this is going to help you to get out from your crisis as I began to do that and I began to study pride eventually I also began to study the 10 Commandments Lord lead me take another look at the 10 Commandments and that when I was a kid I used to play pinball anybody used to do that when you're a kid pinball used to go to the arcades and we used to you know put in a quarter or something and pull the lever back and the ball would go out and it would swing around and it would hit different little parts of the game and when it hit it when the ball hit it it would light up and I remember one time I was in San Francisco and I was praying and I had this new new picture of the 10 Commandments the 1st time was when I read George Benjamin's book and that's what brought me into the administration because I was convinced that the 10 Commandments were something that I could rely on. But then when I 6 years later in San Francisco when my spiritual life was struggling then I when the Lord directed me to look again at the 10 commandments but not just to to show me what was right and wrong but to look into my own heart and then it was like I was playing pinball and I looked at the 1st Commandment God is to be number one in my life being it lit up just like a ball hit it and then no idols being it lit up and don't take God's name in vain you know don't call yourself a Christian and act like the devil and I went down 4th Commandment keep the Sabbath holy honor my father and mother my mom Sandy Walberg my dad Gene Walberg and one by one the commandments just lit up like a pinball machine and I it was like my eyes were becoming opened and I was really starting to see the depth of the law of God just like Paul did in Romans 7 Paul the fairest see who said I was alive without the law once but when the commandment came sin revived and I died and that's when he really saw himself as a sinner and I began to see myself as a sinner even though I was a seminary student that had come out of the seminary I was now a pastor in had 2 churches Swan in San Francisco a Russian church one in Pacifica and I was supposed to know all these things and the Lord was just going deeper and deeper and saying Steve you still have a big problem even though you you know you've learned all these things you still have a big problem when it gets right down to it ultimately you are still a sinner and you need a savior. You're a sinner in need of a savior and God convicted me through the Holy Spirit going deep and showing me the law of God and I can't say that that process is done yet thank the Lord still you know wants to go he wants to go deep deep deep deep he's going deep inside his people now once you once you realize that you are you are in a sinful condition as Paul said through the law is the knowledge of sin you see righteousness and you see unrighteousness see once you see righteousness then you see an righteousness and you realize your need yet as the Holy Spirit goes deeper your need rises your need for Jesus right now once we realize that righteousness is defined by the law of God and we see that we're sinners and then we open our Bibles to Jeremiah 23 verse 5 and 6 and this is going to get exciting Jeremiah 23 verses 5 and 6 Jeremiah 235 and 6 I read this on the plane coming over here the Bible says Behold the days are coming as the Lord that I will raise to David a righteous branch and a king shall reign and prosper and shell execute judgment and justice in the earth in his days Judah shall be saved and Israel shelled well safely and this is his name whereby he shall be called and what's that name. The Lord our righteous ness Now this is a prophecy about Jesus write one of many prophecies and it says that Jesus is going to have a special name and that name that that he shall be called and the more we call him that the more we're fulfilling prophecy when we call him by that this name and the name is The Lord Our Righteousness Now if now just follow the definitions you see once you understand Biblical definitions like Wagner said then we can follow the sequence the biblical sequence and things start making sense righteousness by thing starts making sense Christ Our Righteousness starts making sense so if righteousness is keeping God's law and Jesus is The Lord Our Righteousness then what does that mean. What does that mean it means and I'm going to show you this we're going to I'm going to walk you through some Bible verses it means that Jesus came down here as a human being took our nature upon himself and he lived a life of obedience to the law of God without a flaw without a stain without one single defect you know if you have a if I was wearing a white shirt and the whole shirt was white but if I had to hold the Senate had an ink stain on it you know then this shirt is stained just with one stone. And there's not a one of us that if you look at the 10 Commandments that's what that's why Paul says in Romans 3 verse 10 he says there there is none righteous and then to make sure that we didn't miss it he said no not one. Now when now the word None What is the word none mean. Yeah parents have ever told your kids what part of the word no don't you understand you're heard that So Paul says in Romans 3 verse 10 as it is written there is none righteous no not one and what he means is there's not one single human being who has ever lived and that includes you and that includes me who has kept the 10 commandments perfectly without a flaw from the day of your birth to the day of your death there is just not one so we're all in the same boat where all commandment breakers whether we've been adding this to all our lives or whether we haven't we're all in the same boat now we can become commandment keepers then we'll get to that but before we become commandment keepers we have to realize we're commandment breakers and and we've all done this and once we realize we're commandment breakers and that righteousness is defined by the law of God then we are ready to appreciate Cheesus Christ and His righteousness now go back to your bible look at Luke Chapter 2 verse 51. Luke to burst 51 when Jesus was 12 years old he was in the temple. And he was teaching the religious leaders and then his parents found him and then it says that verse $51.00 says he went down with them and he came to Nasser earth and he was subject to them but his mother kept all these sayings in her heart Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man now when it says that Jesus was subject to them which commandment was he keeping it was keeping number 5 on Your father and mother to Jesus on his parents he did how many days of the year did he do that he did it all the time he always honored his parents he never dishonored Mary or Joseph Not even one time and 80 Jones I believe was that the 83 general conference section when he was leading the brother in through a series of Bible studies to help them better understand Christ's righteousness he this was the language he used he would say that when Jesus on earth his father and mother what he was doing every time he made a choice to do that he wove another stitch in a robe of righteousness for you and for me. While I heard one while out there. OK here's another verse Luke for verse 16 No 48 Here Jesus is in the wilderness being tempted by the Devil tempted 3 times and in verse 8 Jesus answered and said to the devil get you behind me Satan for it is written You shall worship the LORD your God in him only Shall you serve Satan said you know if you if you he say he showed him all the kings of the world then he said if you'll just bow down and worship me the gall of him to say that. Jesus Christ the King of Kings if you'll just fall down and worship me I'll give you everything and at that point Jesus said Get Behind Me Satan for it is written You shall worship the board's your God and serve him only so which command it was the keeping there he was keeping the 1st one that's right you shall have no other gods before before God So here Jesus Christ in the wilderness fighting with the devil hand to hand combat in human nature tempted just like we are in human nature he resisted that temptation and put his father 1st and when he did that he will but other stitch in our in our robe of righteousness that he was weaving in his own character for you and for me another text Luke 416 Luke 416 he came to Nazareth where he had been brought up and as his custom was he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up to read if the easy question which command it was in keeping right we all know that the 4th Commandment and if you ever thought about this if this was his custom Jesus did this for 33 years approximately somewhere around $1500.00 Sabbaths Jesus kept and every single time that Jesus kept the Sabbath holy every time he did that he was weaving another stitch in a robe of righteousness for you every time Jesus said I tell you the truth which command it was the keeping which commences don't lie. Yet the number 9 you shall not bear false witness Jesus never bore false witness he never broke the Sabbath he never committed adultery he never had one idol he always put his father 1st he always loved his father with his whole heart soul mind and strength and he loved his neighbor as himself and he did that for 33 years without a flaw without a stain without yielding to temptation even one time he is the only one that's ever done that no human human beings ever done that so when when we see the law of God as a law for righteousness and when we see ourselves as sinners then what happens is we we see in need our need grows our need for Jesus Christ and His righteousness and then when we look at his life in Matthew Mark Luke and John and we see that perfect humble unselfish clean holy life like no one else has ever lived then we see the Lord Our Righteousness and what that means is that Jesus is The Lord Our Righteousness what that means is that he did all of that in our B. hath he did it for us he did it for you he did it for me and he had the goal in mind throughout his whole life I'm going to do it I'm going to do it I'm going to do it and at the end of his life he said Father I have finished the work which you have given me to do I've done it I've developed in my own life a perfect character a flawless life of obedience to the law of God in human form and he earned the right. To the name of the Lord Our Righteousness nets. Right in that powerful I tell you and and that tomorrow we'll talk about that righteousness being given to us as a free gift but I want to share a few more thoughts with you 1st John Chapter 2 verse 2 1st John Chapter 2 verse 2 once we understand what righteousness is and then we see our own unrighteousness and then we see Jesus as our righteousness things start coming together there is a power in the message of the righteousness of Jesus Christ because it gives hope for all of us gives hope for us all Jesus lived a life of righteousness for all of us and the amazing thing is is not only did he live a flawless life developing a perfect robe of righteousness for us but then at the end of his life in guess 70 and on the cross Jesus gathered to himself all the command that breaking all the other gods all the idols all the taking God's name in vain all the Sabbath breaking all the dishonoring of parents all the murder all the hatred you know hatred is a violation of the 6th Commandment all the sexual immorality all the pornography all this stealing all the lying all the coveting. All the hostility to God and the and the lack of impartial unselfish love for for others Jesus gathered all of that into his mind and into his heart and in the garden of gifts that many cars have guessed 70 he agonized whether he was going to do it whether he was going to go all the way and pay the full price for human sin and our holy hero made a choice I'm going to do it I mean to do it nothing's going to stop me Nothing will prevent me from going all the way through get 70 and all the way to the cross and to drink the cup that no human being can drink and survive only Jesus can drink the wine of the full justice of God which I'll talk about last meaning the full justice of God in the cup of the 3rd angel only Jesus Christ could drink that cup and come back from the dead and he did it for you and for me 1st John Chapter 2 verse one says My little children these things I write to you that you sin not and if any man sin we have an Advocate with the righteous or with the father and who is that advocate we have an Advocate with the father it is Jesus Christ the righteous That's right and why is Jesus called the righteous it's because he's the only one he is unique you know that the Bible you probably know this I think typically say this in front of a mixed audience not a group of pastors and their wives but. The Bible is the is the world's best selling book that's ever been written. If you look at of all the books that have ever been published and translated in multiple languages there's nothing that compares to this book because this is God's book if you look at all the people that have ever lived by far the most famous individual who has had more books written about him than any other human being who has more followers than any other religious leader Mohamed Buddha Confucius all put together that one person is Jesus Christ if you look at the evidence for the resurrection it's overwhelming you have a group of disciples who were totally devastated because their Lord had died his body was taken off and put inside of the Tomb of the big stone over it had a Roman guard. Somewhere around 100 troops guarding that tomb to make sure that nobody did any shenanigans that got him out there's no way Jesus could have gotten out from the inside in the dark there's nobody no way someone could have stole his body because you've got to get through the Roman guard and when you look at all the evidence there's only one logical explanation how you can take a group of totally discouraged depressed devastated. Disciples and turn them around so that they were willing to die for their faith and that Christianity then spread out like fire in the Roman world and it was unstoppable there's only one explanation one logical an expert explanation and the explanation is that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and there's only one person who has ever lived that can make a claim in front of a crowd and say which one of you convinces me of sin I have never committed a sin in my life and if you can think of one sin show me. There is no human being they could ever do that except for the Lord Jesus Christ Jesus kept the 10 commandments no one else has ever done that perfectly from birth to grave Jesus is the only one who paid the price on the cross for our sins and Jesus Christ is our righteousness and he's the only $1.00 who Romans 5 1st 17 few more thoughts. Romans 5 verse 17 i hope of this verse Oh this is a good verse you know William Miller used to say let's have a good dish of Scripture it was the like a meal to have a good ditch of Bible morsels and this is a good morsel Romans 5 verse 17 Paul stood for if by one man that was Adam one man's offense death reigned by one because of Adam's sin and death has come into humanity and it has rained and then he says much more they which receive the abundance of what abundance of grace I like that do you do you want abundance of grace Do we all need that or any one of us that doesn't need it we all need we need we need not only do we need grace but we need abundant grace we need lots of grace those who receive an abundance of grace and of the gift and what is the gift it's the gift of righteousness shall reign. In life by one man and that is Jesus Christ so righteousness is God's Law Jesus is our righteousness and Jesus is offering us a gift it's the gift of His righteousness and there's one more quote I want to share with you and then I'll tell you a couple stories and one this if I can find it it's back in my book it's from gospel workers page 161 and they find that I'm not sure I can find it right away but I know it and know it by heart pretty much it's the one that says And one White says that the thought that the righteousness of Christ is imputed to us as a free gift from God is a precious thought and then she says the enemy of God and man is not willing that this that this truth should be clearly presented for when it is she says his power will be broken gospel work and I'll find that quote for you Gospel workers page 168 page 80 somebody found good oh there it is that's right thank you page 80 down near the bottom the thought that the righteousness of Christ now we know what the righteousness of Christ is right now you know now you know what righteousness is it's the law of God and you know what the righteousness of Christ is it's his obedience to the law of God for you in your behalf. The thought that the righteousness of Christ is imputed to us which means credited to us not because of any merit on our part but as the free gift from God is a precious thought is it not the enemy of God and man is not willing that this truth should be clearly presented for he knows that if the people receive it fully his power will be broken yes yes or righteousness is is the righteousness he said Can I repeat the righteousness what righteousness is righteousness is the character of God His character is right and not wrong and that righteousness is revealed in the 10 Commandments and Jesus Christ kept the 10 commandments he kept the principles of righteousness in his life for 33 years while he lived on earth and he did this for us he did this in our behalf he did this so he could earn the right to read to the title The Lord Our Righteousness ness and he offers to give that righteousness to credit it to us as a free gift and when we receive that gift fully when we really get it when the light goes on and we understand who Jesus Christ is when we understand our condition in the sight of God in the sight of a holy law. And then we understand who Jesus Christ really is as the Lord Our Righteousness and what he's offering to us as a free gift when we receive that fully She says Satan knows that if the people receive it fully his power will be broken that's right you know some time ago I was when I 1st moved up to Idaho I'm a city boy I grew up in Los Angeles and we didn't burn wood as I was growing up we just had you know like Turkey but when I moved to Idaho I. Got a stove and I got a chainsaw and I learned how to cut wood and the for I think it was the 1st winter I was loading the wood and I didn't really know that much about you need what have dry wood versus the wood that you've just cut down I didn't quite understand all that yet and so as time went on the smoke began to come back into my house and I couldn't figure out what's Cohen odd and then I find I finally learn to talk to a buddy of mine and I finally learned that if I wasn't burning dry wood then the the creative soul the smoke was going to clogged my chimney and it was going to clogged the top of the chimney where I had this little screen and it was going to get all clogged. And then the smoke instead of all of it going out some of it was going to come back in to my house and I was trying to figure out what do I do about my problem I've got smoke in my house. Smoke is coming out of the furnace instead of going up and you know and that's just a perfect illustration that's just like a lot of our lives you know we have smoke in our lives and I finally figured out what my problem was I had a number of problems I was burning the wrong kind of wood but then I finally figured out that I needed to go up to my get up on the roof and he'd take that screen off the discreet ball that Korea so lot and clear up the vents so that the air or so that the smoke will go up and not in my house right so here's my point I had a problem I had smoke in my house where was the solution to my problem was the solution to my problem trying to get all of the smoke out right in front of me or was the solution to my problem up on my roof and going up on top and clearing out the vents up there so the smoke could go out and once I did that then the smoke stop coming into my house I solved the problem up there and then there were the result was down here are you following me and the point is that the more we understand that Jesus Christ is our righteousness up there and that we look away from ourselves than away from our smoke and away from our problems and if we look to Jesus as our righteousness man we read in the testimonies ministers page 9192 she said Many have lost sight of Jesus they need to have their eyes directed to his person his divine person his merits and his changeless love for the human family and the more we do that the more we look away from ourselves to Jesus and His righteousness outside of the US. Then the more power we're going to have inside of us. See what I mean we look to Jesus out there and the more we do that the more we receive power in here and we'll look at that more tomorrow that the key to power the key to victory the key to joy the key to happiness the key to having a successful Christian life and to becoming a commandment keeper in these last days to truly become a commandment keeper the the key to that is the is the the base the foundation the message that Jesus Christ is our righteousness outside of us who offers us a free gift by His grace. That is the the component that can change our lives I'll tell you one more story I've written another little book it's in the remnant has it in the back there it's a little book called Help for the hopeless 2 summers ago I went through the worst nightmare of my life and essentially a make a long story short I lost the ability to go to sleep I could not go to sleep I was awake for days in a row without any sleep. And I got on medication to try to go to sleep and that only made things worse I got depressed I had all kinds of problems it was a nightmare for me and one point I got my family together my my son and my daughter and my wife and I said to them I said Please pray for me pray for death Something's happening to me and I don't know what it is I don't understand what's happening but I can't go to sleep at night I'd lay awake all night it was terrible I thought I was die I thought my life was over the minister was over things over and I got my family around me and I said Please pray for me please pray for Dad and I said to them I said if I don't get over this if I don't figure out why I'm not sleeping I don't know what's going to happen to me and my little daughter at that point she was 9 years old she looked at me and she said Daddy does that mean that you might die and I looked at her and this is one of the saddest moments in my life I looked at Abby and I said I just shook my head I said if I don't get over this. And then at that point my little girl blue eyed blonde she came running over to me she grabbed me with both arms and she just she just cried she just cried and cried and cried and cried and cried as she would stop crying and I didn't know what to do I'm holding her thinking what do I do here is my little girl crying in my arms I said Got you got to help me I got to be able to sleep what do I do. Well anyway to make in this all stories in this book. And. To make a long story short God lead me just like he led me here through the storm he led me to Dr Neil Ned Lee at whim our institute and I was there at Wiemar for 3 weeks Dr Hadley did blood work. And his expert brain looked at my blood work and he said Steve I know exactly what's going on inside you. And the reason why you can't sleep it's it's obvious to me he said you're you're nor up and you're free copper is way high in your brain you're nor epinephrine which is a. Hormone it's 10 times higher than it should be and. Your body is under a lot of stress my blood pressure was 100 and I think it was 196 over 114 and then he looked at me he said he said I've seen this so many times I know what to do and he said Don't worry Steve he said we can fix this don't worry Steve we can fix this and I looked at him I said Are you sure. He said yeah so he recommended supplements and. Got me off the medication that to help me go to sleep which wasn't helping me and. And eventually he said we're going to bring the copper down the free copper and we're going to do it with zinc we're going to increase your dose of zinc for some reason my body just doesn't process see well and he said we're going to up your sink and he's been upping it for a year and a half now he's got me on $150.00 milligrams of zinc every day and that's that's me you know not trying to prescribe for you but I'm telling you that's what I needed and now that I'm on the zinc and some other supplements that he's giving me my free copper is going down my stress levels going down and when I go to sleep at night guess what I can sleep and I'm not on any of those medications and the Lord used Dr Neal in that Lee to help. Rescue my life. And my point in telling you this is that there was there was a component it was something that my brain chemistry needed my brain chemistry looked at through the eyes of an expert who did all the blood work who knew what's going on inside my head he knew that I needed I needed zinc the right amounts under his care and guidance and with the right components my brain chemistry and my life would come back together he said we can fix this story we can fix it and I'm telling you that story because we all need a component in our spiritual life whatever's go whatever's going on in your life God can fix it he can fix it he can fix anything that's broken and are ultimately need Jesus said is to seek 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to us as well we need the righteousness of Jesus Christ we need to understand the free gift and the more we do and the more we receive that gift by the grace of God The devil's power will be broken and will have power and will have joy and will have a freedom that we've never know through the righteousness of Jesus let's let's kneel and let's pray Lord Jesus Lord we kneel before you and when we look to you you are the righteous one. And there just as my little girl clung to me. And cried so you clung to the cold ground as you sweat drops of blood in the garden it gets 70 and on the cross paying the price for our sins of breaking the law of God breaking your character breaking your heart Lord help us to understand the gospel help us to understand the gift of your righteousness help us to understand the power that is the vailable to us to help us with the struggles that we all we all have in this world Lord please teach us the message of your righteousness so we can then share it with the lost and dying world. So that they can have hope. And they can have power and they can have eternal life. In Jesus Name. On. This media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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