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The Greatest Power in the World: The Nature of Faith

Ron Clouzet


Ron Clouzet Secretary of the North American Division (NAD) Ministerial Association and Director of NAD Evangelism Institute



  • January 1, 2010
    9:30 AM
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good morning everyone is good to see you here today I'll be enjoying year-round seminars today there's only two I have wondered sometimes if we couldn't have a little more time to develop some of that and that probably is the best we can do with the time that we had we hear a wonderful message last night from David Ashley didn't wake a powerful message with conviction one of the things that I appreciate about David is that he hasn't stopped reading he doesn't have the formal education that probably would be good for somebody with his right mind to have but he doesn't stop reading and that helps make up for some in the inside it's a good it's a good message that I hope we'll take it to heart for two thousand and ten found to be ashamed for the Lord Jesus Christ another that was the main theme of Martin Luther Martin Luther had all eight a love affair with the cross that was his thing the cross of Christ and that is what God used to begin the Reformation to really start the Reformation break lose from over you know fifteen hundred for over a thousand years of darkness and you and I will be again the way that God is going to do that which I cannot greatest thing in the world but the nature of mathematical change and I was to read a few verses again before we pray from first Corinthians thirteen again I want to remind you all might suggest that we read this chapter every single day will read a few verses today love is patient love is kind and is not jealous love does not brag and is not arrogant this is in the NAACP does not address and becomingly it does not seek its own is not provoked does not take into account a wrong suffered does not rejoice in unrighteousness but rejoices with the truth love bears all things believes all things hopes all things endures all things love never fails father in heaven this year two thousand and ten we want to know about that love we want to live that life we want to experience that none who want to give that love the way for the sake of us this year we want to pledge ourselves to be totally yours to surrender all to you even those little things that we thought were comes inconsequential or worse yet things that we fear really keep us away from God even though it's only one or two we want to surrender all you so that you can love other people to us is that we may experience the full range of your own left to us for we realize nor that if we know your love it will be nigh impossible for us not to follow you not to be totally devoted to you because the love of God the love of God is the greatest thing in the in Jesus name we pray in this at the visit with his father world the nature faith Morgan talk a you may have some questions from yesterday various subjects which have and let's begin with that is anyone does anyone have a question I know that some questions will be generated this talk about some of the subjects again and that tends to happen there are many now latest list deal with some of those anybody last night they is this a case last night you know being the end of last year he raised everything from the middle to start a new even this means that some things are fairly clear oil of the questions are so in order message thought is not even bother and just it probably will take too much to process all right if you do have questions at any time just raise your hand you can shout after you raise his hand in acknowledgment okay I don't do that before that right yes you replace we were talked about the different types of salvation and the way they way in which in which theological schools in understand this in time to salvage and when he was hot and baptismal classroom in the church was that we were a child and later on I discovered that the grades that were you shared yesterday my question is do you see a beach yet unanimous church from Arminianism to salvation by God all right so he's saying that when he came into the church he was taught a basically Arminian model in that later we learned they could Grayson work model has said in his church shifted from being more Armenian and being a little bit more grace at work orientation I think that that depends on where you are in the world and and a list American witches are context I think you could make an argument for the fact that we have moved a little bit more towards an emphasis on grace centered salvation from particularly from the forties and fifties sixties over the last couple decades we have shifted in the Livermore verse that now say that why do we know with some qualification because it eventually you speak with him there are some people who have shifted so much the they have become basically Calvinists in the process and in others have not shifted at all a silly radio that has to do with a personal walk and development in general if I were to give an opinion I would say that yes we have because we have paid more attention to two New Testament teaching on on salvation is so weak I think we've learned a little bit more than no one says that having said that having said that litany add that people do not need to do a lot of systematic theology in order to try to understand how a person is saying it really comes by my studying your Bible reading your Bible praying in relating to cut the more you surrender to the Lord Jesus the more intelligently you may understand some of these friends now that doesn't happen and it would be dangerous to simply pray and surrender to God I cannot read the Scripture because the Scriptures while it gives you the framework for what God says and what he teaches I feel you to surrender life that is growing in Christ you understand you don't you're not mixed up about how your say eighty eight eighty you know that you got that hearsay because God loves you to pieces he just loves yourself and there's nothing you can do to earn your salvation and yet at the same time you recognize it as it inches makes absolute sense for you as a response of it in formats I a response to that great love to surrender to him it should and to follow him into Lebanon to obey him it just doesn't there is no dichotomy for the committed Christian regarding faith and works yes there was another they are common in heaven Minnesota presentation which is reputed to since we're saying the same way in the Scriptures not cultural what's the simplicity of salvation by faith here is listing a Jesus loves me all for that will me so there is no one's doing handyman on May we live he is he had a disease so this may be a disease loves the year as he is a will apply rules the disease you know if we if we were to be asked by Jesus as winter into the pearly gates why are you being saved the only answer we can give is because you decided to say because you left me so and that's the end of the story yes yes any other questions you okay the question is based on the four fold table that we talked about yesterday what you know seeking to understand a little bit better what is salvation by human response that my wording having to do with Arminianism in other words Calvinism says salvation is without works add in other words anything that has to do with words is a bad word for for a Calvinistic eight you know a true Calvinist and Armenian Armenians came along and said wait a minute I can read the full story and uses no exit very important salvation is not really achieved until you respond but the date correctly in the by Armenians became an emphasis follow my words carefully here they corrected it became an emphasis in the Dallas is so a a in what happens is that when you have too much emphasis it really has to do with justification and sanctification if you have too much emphasis on justification which is a Calvinist tendency and not enough emphasis on sanctification then you have a a crooked gospel unity in all and you can you can elect to keep the two G Grace if you have one overemphasis on sanctification that is human response in in a you minimize justification and salvation becomes more troublesome trick that is man centered than it needs to be that salvation is not has nothing to do with man but the Bible clearly says that we are saved by grace through faith and that is something God has given us and we'll talk about that in a minute but it is simply a response to the goodness of God in him the plan of God is simply not resisting that in other words are a cell salvation by human response is just a little bit of an over emphasis on our role to respond to God that probably is at takes away from the Williams in the end the centrality of the gospel itself which is God and God alone who has done a lot of this is if you really think about Christian denomination they follow section of three thousand denominations have one way or another there is emphasis on based on on these two concepts of salvation justification segregation in a you know it's also a variation of that theme in saying that I recently you know it's a little complex and epidemic by this talk about a major failing let's remind ourselves about Ephesians two eight nine for by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is a gift of God not as a result of work that no one should vote as of the Bible makes it clear that sex is as clear as it could possibly be by grace your saved by grace you and I think my Savior saved by grace but it is several things in the medium then they way in which you appropriate engravings is perfect it is the faith is not imposed on you this race is not imposed on us it is offered to us freely waiting for us to say yes to him saying yes to list and is an exercise of faith so it is not answered for five basic questions some this morning what is fair and what is the nature faith to begin with him I could go I someday that when I keep it fairly simple hope you don't get to more about that it was eleven verse one a house I believe the best biblical definition of faith and that simply means faith is the assurance of things hoped for the conviction of things not seen notice the words use this wasn't work convention mean when you are under conviction what is the name the union yet what you're not questioning your question yes you are sure right in a conviction of things not seen Sarah is basically the same concept right in other words this knowing that a certain thing is all old old Cerritos says you cannot perceive it may is not about one of those senses and synthesize all parties even though your senses cannot receive it this is a very important point because that means I'm afraid is living in another relation images but about way Christians are the only people that really live in another agreement in one else here knows what is Jewish paintball Muslims baseball was secular people and people knew Nelson is one countless lyrics by sentence by sentence is by what they perceive their reality to me they explain in the way they work in a way they respond to it that way that's why so many video when nine eleven you know to place nine years ago now almost you know I bless years ago now you remember where you were when you first heard about 9/11 or that unit yell some Sunday whether a little old for this inexperience in foreign nineteen sixty three nineteen sixty three JFK was killed in everyone who was alive at that time remembering when they heard that know that the news is like it was so shocking I was in a different country about time someone is not there you know but I remember when Reagan was shot nineteen eighty one you know I remember where I was I was giving somebody and why he was a hitchhiker any got in my car and have you heard about Reagan set out yes on the anyway is not a left right after 9/11 what happened people flocked to happen this meetings one big was the only licenses like fools something is happening I can see latest I got a custom answer student that's normal human reaction but the question the question this by faith the word faith basically this sees this season is not intellectual assent this is important to understand because in English sometimes we misunderstand the concept of faith by using the word release we were relieved when we sing and I believe certain things are so bad that we don't act on it right and so what really that's what we have a couple of words in one disbelief which is more than intellectual sense at least that's how we use it nevertheless trust and trust me you know I'm really doing I remember illustrating that when my three -year-old daughter at that time he's nineteen now and I probably wouldn't do it die cutter stand in a place like this little fire about this I hasn't Stephanie and I just doubt that your arms out and so back and she didn't hesitate a second jaded look back just as Danny I use jargon and their genes you should check whether I was too far whether whether physically speaking you know either you know I I I could make a share in Weston are there you know I continued until she was about twelve and then things began to change CVs to the ceiling when I came home he is to catch me you'll you'll chuckle out of this you will relate to this she is still attached me she was unified when he saw me the private unified in addition somewhere under you know it and as soon as I'd opened the door she was a mammy 's UK in a I know where she was coming from exile it was the only live this way about an hour behind me a cell exploit preceded me about five seconds and then I said I would see this girl in there this pain I would go to that class that cold class that confidence in the object of your trust that's what the Bible means by faith the Bible says that when you know that faith is the assurance of things not seen the conviction is going for it even though it cannot be seen that word in AAA implies and attitude of the mind and pattern of conduct so that's why can be also translated as they all met as an additive that's it this is really what I want to do on choosing that I was using that that's an intellectual aspect but they are moving legacy that your behavior that follows through with it it is it is informative understand that lay speaking faith is nothing but trust real trust is that little three -year-old same you know drawing herself back because daddy senders that's trust in Hebrews eleven the two shades of meaning edited and contacted closely interwoven throughout November he was eleven days right for my faith Adam by faith Moses my faith Enoch by faith Abraham but they I think they know what they say is what they did and what they did was not in order to ingratiate themselves to God is because God said so that is like Abraham Neil Dennis start going start marking a minute give you a new land eight and got the same file in how long how difficult house party where it is got says will by faith Abraham software is sitting in a high because he was looking is because he's trusting God was so that he knew that you eventually would get a city built without hands in other words you know he was trusting God regarding happened therefore he would trust God anything are in each instance of fate decided an attitude of faith led to faithful deeds for a stressing education this is a very good chapter faith and prayer I wish I could talk about prayer I love that subject and faith and prayers a very good move chapter sister is trusting God believing that he loves as a knows best what is for good now this is easy on the relationship between faith and love love and faith it is very difficult to trust anyone who don't you don't love it is to measure the more new you love someone the more you are bound to trust that person the more you find out how much God loves you eleven therefore the more you want to trust and that's why it's so important to keep your Bible very close because you want to know God by proxy you will not google no God by simply pulling it out of the air this is what God reveals himself this is a self-righteous testing believing that Eli was as a knows best what is for our good that's instead of our own aliases to choose his way in place of our ignorance it accepts his wisdom in place of our weakness is strength is beautiful infant in place of our sinfulness his righteousness and this is a very important one why because this is a this is the cross in place of our sinfulness his wife is this is the one thing that bought twenty exactly was the hardest thing for people to buy it would save you got your stuff to be in the same I weeded to send everything about my life everything about my experience every day I find a cinema life I do things our sinful life and my life is that a choice but you see it doesn't feel that way is a you must choose to believe that you have said I am Dent is in no you feel will you proceed and use in your very much alive to send using us how far this faith they needs to go in the problem is many times we do this we say okay I'll trust his wisdom in spite of my head instead of my ignorance I will try to strengthen instead of my weakness is trusting his righteousness instead of my sinfulness I'm not sure I can listen as we say that they were not trusting faith is not old this is so what's his name James Denny to set his theology to put it is that nicely sizes faith is not the acceptance of the legal range it is the fundamentalist soul which has no whole body the Savior to the same as you are yourself completely to him you sell yourself out there is a you and me not to know that in force and attack you that's exactly what the temptation of Jesus was by Satan remember the second division is your blog where you can than women if you can tell me to go on that would be presumption it is the abandonment of the soul which has no hope but in the Savior to the Savior in England's absolute renunciation of everything else a Holocaust phase is an action in which the whole being in the best sense of the word in which a whole made of man is caught up in an abandoned additionally the love revealed in the Savior will grow the more you know and faith is inevitable to grow the more you know early writing seventy two has probably one of the best definitions of faith versus feeling because that is Cantonese I believe that is my feeling I think about you know what job that is comments people you know you know and I like the old slime that most physicians anyone at pharmacies is made and how they and you know what there is an language transition I came to this country nineteen seventy five it's been thirty five years and I have noticed how much more we use the word feeling today than we did then everybody at the same time so what do we use the word feeling as if it morphs units listen carefully placed seventy two early writings many do not exercise our faith with which is their privilege and duty to exercise often waiting for that seemingly which faith alone can bring feeling is not saying that to understand can be more clear fate is ours to exercise the joyful feeling and the blessing he stopped in the context of the baptism of the Spirit of God by the way you know anything in it which many people seem on how just want to feel the power got right the blessing is is is method is the language she innocuous races Methodist and the method is called in blessing the baptism of the Spirit is on the exercise of joyful feeling and blessing of the Spirit Oregon chose a place called off any claims that promised blessing we saw it is realized as Warhol so you you feel close to God before realizing to God your new field to a dealer in his listening to Hugh O'Neill John B baseball because he is so very in this he says benefiting my dearest faith uses naked faith to believe that we receive the blessing even before we realize when the promised blessing is realized and enjoyed faith is swallowed up is is is finally completed but many supposedly have much faith when sharing largely of the Holy Spirit and they cannot have faith unless they feel that all the spirit set and found for the blessing that comes from this property okay very good question music is awkward to ask God to firm up your faith with feelings at times it may be God will not be offended by that but I would not make that a regular practice there might be there my main moments when our circumstances are so dire soul darkened soul despairing and ascends that we say God on a trust in this letter really feel like going out and totally I don't know really what's going on please give me a token that that this is going to the right direction you know but only until yesterday don't get to use the gifts is the same as a gift for assigning out a similar to that yet because basically you have it on you for the expression are read in all people I I knew it was not because I feel I felt warmth over something that some how maybe so but that's another sign that the sign anywhere anything we can perceive is assigned numerical design because we can see you see we can see what happened we can see the result but we are taught in the Bible that we don't live by their and out and out when we demand numerical such as Theodore Herod demanded miracles of Jesus in even the you know their goals are our something to clarify something or to reinforce something but not in order to engender faith miracles are not designed by God to produce and is that there are other objectives house by these Americans that most of the time have fairly little to do with you it has more to do with the great controversy with with other issues with onlooking belongings of the in the initial stages of the Christian experience and I said that's a very good very good comment yes he is gone the parcels out they in the world we are in and the more we need signs if you will the more we need more tangible evidences they are more much more we are in him the more he'll keep us dry out they are out there why because he said he is no better in other words you don't need it you don't need to perceive this sense certainly you know you need to remember what he already read in Scripture about a young Christian may not know much about what the Scripture says on so it is less equivalent of it so let me let me give you an illustration on the service guy working on thinking of these things as I speak that's only sometimes risk take a funeral when an eighteen -year-old dies vitiate all service is filled with often with younger people in many event or just cry in their brains out why they're not used to seeing that it is so shocking it is so unlike this thing is sixty -year-olds look at the seventy -year-olds look at the fifteen -year-olds now a lot more in touch first with our mortality and secondly the CNN number of people die around an already did not despairing as easy to see in so it's an issue of maturity and closeness to the God gives us more of a concrete saying to those of us were younger in him whereas those of us who have had more of a walk with him he says that you can go deeper without needing a eight a.m. you know it's a big sign in the sky about you know that I'm yeah okay to generating questions he does not know you let me finish you and all you are saying that he is very little disciples of Merrimack on use you're saying that because Jesus did not perform miracles with Mary Magdalene is a EI so that the disciples remember that Jesus did some of that for the sake of his disciples that mostly not for the sake of his miracles of Jesus 's outperform was mostly for the sake of the Jewish people and for the sake of a of the object of his blessing for instance Mark Emmaus you do notice that a lot of five miracles in the Gospels are tied with a in other words these are people a lot of healing miracles related be done according to your faith great is your friend or that was done because their faith in other words what Jesus is doing he can attend if I understand it is a workout out of great darkness they haven't had a profit for four hundred and twenty five years being they haven't gone away from God paganism was entering into into the into the Judaism they had absolutely long concerts about God so that is trying to restore that sort of any jumpstart thing in my singular person serving you as you is working best let's say you have a stressed and Esther all right will become obsolete the I think that's a pretty stout you know the question of do you think that angels have faith is a living I think will we when we go to heaven live by faith after sin and sinners are done away with you know after the yes absolutely I think that faith is simply in a eighty day means of a relationship with God is simply it is very simple remember what Jesus said today's early cup or to the scenic double adenine and twenty six and God said that in all these dreadful multiplies of the earth and then in chapters as you know all the priest but this street right three commands what many expected that makes you expect them to pay him based on law based on history and most of their trust in him so from the beginning there was a de facto fan favorite has always been there and when this is brought remember what happened to be into Adam he had rightly different on it we got said to him who told you in outsource and based on what you hear God say his lot assess you now if you are no reality is that you are naked in any defined from God is because somebody else told you something else in you decided to trustees sure enough even trusted in the words of the serpent all were the words of the day so that's it all that is always remain the same in God has to ensure that each of us has a major paper that is what Roman style says everyone has an interface now sometimes people say well you know what how much faith when we usually think in terms of quantity and remember the answer Jesus said if you have made like me mustard seed right do you mean small thing was he talking about quantity there now is not in our quality there in other words AAC and that is a healthy seed will produce what it's supposed to produce Bay Area and now happen when it is a small armada the indication is it needs to be married the issue needs to be used it needs to be exercised so as an issue of quality not quantity some people so I don't have as much stratus brother sentence that or sister sex incest all those people just break in the AL things happen in the I will sometimes I chuckled because churches and pastors praying over like you Neil gets there little bit faster form like you say you know it is in the Senatorial is whether you want to exercise that because everyone has to say as if it is like a muscle remember I told you that yesterday is a spiritual muscle that is a single spiritual muscle guys given as a song you want to look like this younger exercise arising immediately on a little Christian identity to throw good analogy tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine all the time because you cannot cannot resist you do not know how to hang on mitigating Mercedes is when the Son of Man comes will he find faith on the earth so Jesus expects this is going to be the bottom line people will have to have an atomic combination no many don't trust me they are unwilling to take home on people who are testing be the notice comes on the heels of that good parable of the only woman who came to the judge is a you know get me protection from my enemies and so forth I think the penny wise and so important so he is a is another very important question what is faced on board as it has several texts Hebrews eleven success without faith it is impossible to please him to please God for he who comes to God must believe that he is in that he is a rewarder of those who seek in not assessing the internal and get a cut of the world figured is like a child climbing to his father or father for something a second father to respond we must come to God expecting us to expecting him to we wore those who seek in in other words expecting that he would respond when we seek after him when we will we go to him right and what that dies is that it pleases God you want to read it please God trust you want to make this a trust some of you may remember this I remember Mark Martin definitely gave a sermon it is NYC a few years ago I can remember where was now it was somewhere you about for five years ago I remember that it was a Friday night yes I want a good certain in the whole sermon was premised on the fact that God sees a lot of misery everything is not a sin a lot of misery a lot of people asking for help for this is that it yielded a lot of reasons to be now in many challenge steps in sick what you make them happy what you really trust me this is what makes them happy to trust in him what you make his day and the heat is on using my words not of his this point but that was the center of it in if you want to make God 's day trust are necessary for any parents here when you had children what do you know when your child actually trust it were a spider out out because most children will know that right may want to get there well you know because they feel this way or that way right to one of five milligrams but if a child actors okay that under that because you say that man is killed we mind not because you got your way over your offspring is make as made any valuable step in line this is really growing not the least self but as a young to to to heal to someone because you trust that someone at essentially such an important lesson so without faith it is impossible for me please knew please God trust conclusion the only way to please God is to trust in another one and this is the theme for the entire weekend I am not ashamed of the gospel Paul said for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes to everyone who will believe in utterly distressed remember that's what the Bible and season release trust not just intellectual sent to everyone it is that God for those of the ladies also don't really does looking at arms length the leather is nail got been the gospel is no power but if you trust it as I got in this is largely gospel in the gospel in the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith in other words that God 's will there's a growth process infringes a flight from status and will you keep going from faith to faith as it is written that righteous man shall live by faith in it is it possible to live on as you trust that's the bottom line the news within Ephesians three for this reason all say I my knees before the father many start spraying for the Ephesians and then he says in verse sixteen seventeen that he would grant you according to the riches of his glory to be strengthened with power including spirit in the inner man is a Holy Spirit Limited all so that crimes always remain surprised in your life that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith so even though the Holy Spirit brings Christ in your life is not something you may say now charismatic theology said he got a sense there is not a theology encourages people to see for that I kill you feel something and what happens is that our minds are so constructed that if you really look for something and expect to see it eventually unit of that until people who never even imagined they would speak in times they end up speaking in fact because they expect that in a minute after that for ten years until they finally do why because the expectations to see some but that's not what the Bible says we have the Spirit of God in our hearts which is Christ in our hearts so not because all yes something happened to me at exactly this time about time no is because God said so I invited him into my heart I believe he is there very true for me through faith remember goes back to the very basic premise Christians are the only people in the world and the bike and that's why Paul was able to say I have been crucified with Christ and it is no longer I who live what he may fall you're not the one living obviously you're the one living gnosticism not only the one who lives Christ only he says how do you call five which I now live in the flesh know if he recognizes there are some issues there he lives life in the flesh I live saying the son of God not how I live I know God is there I believe these there I believe Ms. God in my life I lead by three five twenty six twenty six and I lived that life my faith main game and some for me and that is really the centering point and as long as you keep your eyes on the love of God on his sacrifice really is given himself up for you the trust will continue to be rigid and generated your inner and stimulate your willingness to trust subdivision life without faith is as a being day and that's really what is the always say we sell on charges that we say that all that Mister is his day biblically speaking what we mean to say is what living in faithless logs we do not wear not exercising trusting God where exercising more trust in ourselves and how we see things than what God says Ephesians two eight nine human safety afraid not not of yourselves the gift of God we rented not as a result of work that no one should boast so by grace through faith in Romans six Nassau salvation is by grace of faith okay justification is achieved and what justification is justification is in righteousness those of the words about what you get it right this is nowhere use an ice like Romans five is used and you have a stating now with God was before you eat eat eat eat all day and got what before you you were yet assessed just and justified as a God was in your place you are standing on the justification well by Grace through May but that's not all in that's why it's important to keep in mind the second arm of salvation which is called technically speaking sanctification the word sanctification is from their cameras on Jews which may not be group that sectors which means holy it I almost wish somebody would have you know years ago a man change that now I simply initialize the word of an safe qualification that's really what it means the case sanctification is rose in him number yesterday would like about me more be more justification growing is sanctification and it is a free government sure physical nature when you find them and maybe that is one that is wrong spiritually speaking this essay you cannot just be born and grown you must well and you cannot grow until you are right so far as I will is my faith by faith you believe what God says that he has died for you and that you have a standing with them in my face every single day what he says is okay not whether there is say okay you shall minute now I see that okay whenever I just went forward even if you're not able to look forward to the difference on the bottom of our regular format I usually forward is a musician of the mind it when you decide something Mason when sending to move useful why because is not your idea this is all that is why Roman citizens and eleven is so critical this is a very important texting this I believe is where most Christians and in ad minutes are in that group do not cross is this very well they do not understand this date making it am most of us had just indulging resistance understand this knowing this that our old self was crucified with him in order that our body of sin might be done away with so that we would no longer be slaves to sin sin the first session remember when Jesus called slavery he was so all right settle in England so consider yourselves beholding which was ranked in the ourselves to be net is certain but alive to God in Christ Jesus will now want to really chew on consider yourselves to be dead to see it doesn't say acknowledge that you are in receipt and doesn't say realize that you are dead to sin his salary recommend this one in other words on the fact that you're mixing even though you may not be as SLI terracing that's really what it means I will pay attention to the fact that he's saying just fifteen minutes ago and the fact that you said yesterday down on the side you have given your life in that he has dated you he has said he has done this for you on that is a nice way to I count on that I I I reckon him and we did the same even though doesn't see all my and I'm going to be alive in Christ I mean really takes some decision-making yes that's right and in a manner a minute we had a customer with attitude has to do with what we decide that is why God Lucy Ellen White's is somewhere I don't have a big reference is somewhere that the avenues that the devil uses our side to motion some of you probably know this better emotions feelings fashion industry at his job uses our intellect in the minds that's how he works he will not team will not try to communicate to you zillions of years and is widely deceitful all these whole premise is based on how he can make you see the whole premise is one theme what was assessing what he says able to leave until it may not be so readily apt pairing right now consider yourself record yourself to be dead to sin so that no one says and at other places he you've got a great until you have been in other words it doesn't feel that way you just blew it a few minutes ago right to say no I know this is not what God designed I know this is not what God desires for my life this is what got you and I will and will not stop I focus on that I'm that if someone promises and that is your way out is why interest John five were told that faith is our victory that is your way out of the miasma of human off-season 's trust when Johnson's consider yourselves to be dead to sin I got it close here faith then is a means for justification and sanctification means it is in the medium in the best sense of the word for that that's why it is so absolutely vital to you cannot live by anything else you try to live anything outside of regular and you're not it is not life and that's exactly what happens with England and was located in the blood is all is a so are many questions recall they live by faith and trust God there simply trusting their circumstance also easy to do Ephesians six sixteen in addition to all taken up the shield of faith bosses with which you will be able to distinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil so faith is also to defend ourselves by as the one weapon that is the defensive weapon in the armor of God Ephesians six first John five four four whatever is born of God overcomes the world this is the victory that has become the world often offering his faith it is our shield against Satan in our victory over the work faith is a solid model is so necessary got a I generate an office and that you already it definitely is you just have to put it on the studios just use it and so why is it so important to resign right without we cannot please God without it we cannot do we cannot not know we really led where you win when they are without exercising faith without we cannot be saying your liking we growing in grace desiccation sanctification without it were easy prey for the level without we cannot overcome the world boy God has given us a great gift and exercising free trust in him how you exercise faith Romans ten seventeen says Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of the will of Christ does not happen to you sometimes you read something in your devotionals in the morning or the evening and you read something that just leaves out of the page do you speak stealing same while God I is just something that reveals to you something about God anything in that day yet you you you want to trust the more you you you you you you call that place better guilt that other circumstances you know I'm surprised that I'm not depressed over this chemistry and I'll probably blowing but so him and he really is all right because I learned this morning that God really loves me while if you know what happens if it is not engaged you look at the chemistry lesson say you know you respond to your circumstances so faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ that's why this so vitally important to read the Bible as I meditate on the Bible really is they works of Christ they will in a few years a number of years ago I thought I wanted to listen the Bible based on the status of healing out here and I'm just not not just reading a study in underlining bisected on it here is all I got myself taken you know and then I got CDs later and I listened a lot from working chapters every single day and by that I would cover me a call I will from Genesis and Revelation twenty two in three months and then I will start over again so every year I would listen to the Bible times the NFL and was just tremendous we just naturally increase my faith I mean if you want to listen to twelve thirteen chapters a day which is basically the money I don't have a lot of time to stall into really how I feel sometimes I would is it which is all right but not in the access is sending to just listening to that this something for me products as I think should be made very plain alliances to every promise of God are conditions if we're willing to do his will this education committee three on this strength is hours whatever gift he promises is in Congress itself this is eighties the world to see if it is a little God as surely as it is in the acorn assault shortly is the gift of God and his promise analogy because it is easy to visualize and easy to remedies we remember the promise we have to get so very beautiful all three of his eye care people using the acorn acorn is the promise of God so I will already have a three dozen and they doesn't feel like a trained as a way like a freak because of the three yeah hooray you have with me because you have the problems manuscript one eighteen eighty nine this is Bible commentary volume five also regularly want you to talk faith she's telling someone you have to live in you have to actually that you may have an increase all think and that's exercising that living faith you will grow strong men and women and you have to exercise it just will coordinate the whole viewers eleven story is about men and women who exercise faith in spite of their entire circumstance very difficult circumstances so finally the fall concludes that chapter by what he says in the next therefore since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us and let us run with endurance the race the race of space at also called is affected we got sin in our lives for that we got problems in my life is in a work on letting go to say not all are now the race is set before us how sick say our eyes on Jesus the author and professor here is the author justification for your sanctification the author and perfecter of faith that joy set before him endured the cross despising the shame and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God I live possessing lookup on the religious reset the odds is everything is going up and down the misery of being a horizontal Christian radical Christian logon to these and do not look at your circumstances regardless of how human it was getting to you and you and you can find one mail failure after another and got the same if you looking out for a and once we finally get used to that then will find that our tendency to look sideways is greatly reduced and we say wow that is really changing NEC changing me because he's keeping my eyes on him on keeping my eyes on I want to trust I can do all things through him who strengthens father in heaven Lord Jesus this is our daily struggle that we would know you that we would surrender to you that we would trust you with all our hearts that we would reckon ourselves to be dead to sin and alive in Christ that is our desire to what you taught us today through your word is our desire to the end we agree with you Lord and we say to you today we choose to trust you we just live by faith but the righteous man and woman will live by faith by faith in the in the promises of God by faith and acts of God by faith I looking to buy listening to his work live live I think help us develop that attitude now don't help us more because that assumes that we are initiating the thing we are saying we choose we choose to look to you we choose to fix our eyes upon you we choose to trust their promises to believe in them even though we may not feel that way we choose their word over that Jesus will or this was my audio person for Caroline 's generation and Chrysler are you like to learn more about Jim I see please visit www. 's lifestyle that got him where he would like this more free online seminar please visit www. audio verse more


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