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09-Ministry in the New Testament Church

Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Jonathan Walter Callie Williams


How can we become churches that serve their communities?



  • August 31, 2019
    9:30 AM

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If you were to die tonight what would you want written on your tombstone think about it during the opener on this of a so of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation on life principle contemporary and thought provoking. Now here's your host just in 10 within that it will contain a verse that you guys actually think about it during the opener when the when those you know the graphics are happening anyway thinking about it what what what I want on my tombstone if I were to die tonight on this episode of inverse we're looking at Acts Chapter $999.00 and we're looking at particularly characters in the early church that manifested God's mercy and justice to the community and to the church so I have a word of prayer was done by Jonathan or read a bible verse and get to it all right let's pray Heavenly Father we also if you will please illuminate our minds give us an understanding of your words as we try to know and know you better and to understand what you want to understand today and we just south of you please send us your spirit as we go into this in Jesus name Amen Amen thank you thank you especially Let's go to accepted 9. 36 please on word to you about 40 something. 36 jump ball there was a certain disciple named top with which is translated Dorcas this woman was full of good works and charitable deeds which she did but it happened in those days that she became sick and died when they had washed or they laid her in an upper room and since litle was near Joppa in the disciples had heard that Peter was there they sent 2 men to him imploring him not to delay in coming to them then Peter rose and went with them when he had called they brought him to the upper room and all the widows stood by him weeping show. In the 2 minutes and garments which Dorcas had made while she was with them but Peter put them all out and knelt down and prayed and turning to the body he said top of the arise and she opened her eyes and when she saw Peter she sat down then he gave her his hand and lifted her up and when he had called the Saints and widows he presented her alive and it became known throughout all Joppa and many believed on the Lord so it was that he stayed many days in Joppa with Simon attending All right so this is the early church in our last episode we looked at the principles of the kingdom that Jesus instituted for the kingdom of heaven and now we have the early church playing out in living out those principles one character being being Dorcas so so Kelly what's going on here in this passage so we have another miracle done by Peter Paul Jesus through Peter and it's not just Peter's he's someone who's passed away and so that he heals her but we get like the whole back story of kind of what her life was like and Dorcas was a woman who blessed so many people through very practical means and she took care of them and even people when they wanted to tell Peter how much you know they matter that they showed her like this is what she gave us this is what she did to us did for us and and then you know Peter ends up healing her and what sticks out to me is you know coming through asking earlier like this was what was written on her tombstone even though she was dead temporarily by God's grace but like that's what they remember and we want her back so can you please bring her back to us because she was such an important parts and you know everyone has their value in different things and it's not just like oh we miss her but like look what she did for us like we need her blessings man I imagine like if she actually had a tombstone or something written on it like she's one of the few people that died and was resurrected and like this is what you guys think of me like or you know I mean this is kind of a surreal experience you know Hearst perspective maybe just the subject of the. Dumb question to start off the episode what would you want on your tombstone. Jonathan. I don't know I don't know I thought it would be I haven't thought about it but they don't use it even if you know it was you know and he thinks he will never die so why do you feel as wise men. All these positive OK so years old I think when I when I think about my tombstone I have this practice that I do at home where I record videos for close friends and loved ones and family in case I ever died in a surprise situation so I could let them know exactly how I felt and you know if there was any if you have a video tombstone Absolutely and to me it's. My my ultimate aim would be that when I die that you know people always believed that I love them and I treated them you know with the utmost of value no matter what who it was or where we met or how we want to do you Aris the previous video when you come get it from a trip and there's a lot of you know I save them all in the folder so you have like years worth of Tombstone videos absolutely OK so I actually have one for you just said OK well I hope they'll NEVER don't need to tell you what to do you know I don't like I want to go I don't want to see them yeah I resonate with that too something else I think about maybe just the teacher in me but it doesn't tell us about I want people to remember me as someone who encourage them to reach their full potential in Christ and help them then able them to do far more they thought they could i like that a lot you know and teaching them just like you thought you can do and you did it by God's grace and just having someone to encourage you and to push you along the way and that as well about you know as I ask the questions around. Yeah you know that's a that's a good question I don't know who thought of it makes me makes me think well I guess this sounds cliché but faithful and true is what comes to mind not that because I was faithful and true but those are the words that a yearn for that reason and that was just to hear those words from Jesus it was kind of life I would have wanted to have have lived have done live have a little to write and grammatically awkward maybe you know they're going to it's absolutely worth it in your thought on. All of these I think similar to you I want I want people to see Jesus in me and I want them to know to live for Jesus and if death can be seen like what it actually says here in a verse about Dorcas you know in verse $36.00 is a job but there was this cycle named Tabitha So she is not just a little girl or a lady or something it's a disciple this is a follower of Jesus so come back to my tombstone I think it says. You know Jonathan it was a true follower of Jesus known for his good deeds as it says here terrible deeds. Or praise the Lord if that was the case now which is interesting are our answers were more characteristics attributes of our character in terms of Dorcas here this is not really in terms of her character or who she was but what she did and so that's a little bit of a different angle. On how and I'm not wrong or bad which is the difference as I say and in the sense it's the same just because in order to show our characters we have to do certain things you know there's producing things like they can hold and say look which he made or this is what this person did for me and I think you know our characteristics can be shown in different ways like us and teaching north our families or whatever it may be and so and also I you know I don't it's kind of it is speculation but I don't think Dorcas was thinking like this is how people are going to react and I mean because it's a life of disinterested service so you don't think like you know when I die and people suffer like it's not it's just I'm serving because that I'm a disciple of Jesus and that's just the outgrowth of who I am and what I do and a lot of times the people who serve the most faithfully are the most surprised by how much of a difference they've made because they're like I'm just listening to Jesus I'm not trying to meet a checklist or a quote I'm just holding on to what it what Apollo full. Notion that really then Justin's point rings true that if I'm faithful to living the life of mercy and justice I would be surprised by what people will be saying because in the end you're only goal was to continue Jesus's mission right from Luke Chapter 4 into one thing is that you know the Spirit of God is upon me in anointed me to heal the broken hearted cetera et cetera and Dorcas was just continuing with Jesus's mission was though he was not there and in the end by living that particular life this is what the results are going to be in. To be truthful the pause of probably what's going to be written on our tombstone is awkward because in reality like you said we're just trying to be faithful to what we know but in the end we have no concept of how our lives have impacted people until they come back and say hey you know what this is this is what this little act that you did they came with the garments you don't know what people are going to come to us with and say you know there was a time when I needed this or you paid for my bus fare or just this email in the say you know this was the thing and I mean I think that's that's a profound idea it's reflected I thought it's interesting when you look at just world history and whenever people died would have made a huge impact and maybe that no one ever really told them while they were alive but when they die suddenly everyone comes out with all these stories and I go you know this is how dismiss this person a difference in my life and this person difference in my life and the other thing is that. When it comes down to it what matters yes our theology Madis our understanding of the truth and so on but people will remember what you did you know people people rarely say oh you know his theology was sound and he had all these points right but they will remember as you said when you paid for a bus fare when you did something good you know and when you go to funerals you know you hear all these stories and it's never about oh he had really such a logical understanding of the truth it was this person was so lovable and good and I mean this person showed me Jesus you know in our culture contemporary culture maybe it's not a tombstone but maybe we very sadly we see this happening in social media accounts should someone have passed away people leave behind stories and what not and the question is it's not more about friendships and relationships and in this tax and one more of the effects of their lives in our generation it's. About bucket list and what you want to do what you accomplished what kind of where where you've been and what photos you had but the Bible is focusing not in a legal Lisick way but the effects of your life what actions have you as Jonathan mentioned So the question is maybe to someone else watching there and they're like hey this is great you guys and I know I know how I want my social media account to look like when I die I know what I want my tombstone to say but what do I do in the meantime I'm not going to start crocheting here this is not me or maybe someone is going to start crocheting as a result and real men crochet you know what I was just saying there are men out there who crochet that we shouldn't make fun of. So. What are practical things we can say I like because this is a great story right and we can preach on it like we've been doing but practically speaking or to what do we do to make it different what to make how do we make a difference I mean it's practically practically OK Like look to the cam and say we need to start crocheting for G Is that it was one of the cameras that. I think I thought the 1st thing that comes to mind is I mean just the general principle of this idea that we can't do all the things but we can do something and God put us in different places so you know we're all I'm a teacher you do something you're something else and you work at D.C. and so we hope are considered places and do different things and so we don't serve God and on the same way like our lives are going to look like Dorcas's but I'm sure you want to sound like a dork a solid need this person has something to wear to make something and not give it to them now that's a powerful principle yes so I don't know if she wasn't originally a whatever whatever she was but she's she's needed needs around so faithfulness is meeting the needs around you that are most immediate need immediately around you and meeting those needs and from there God reveals his will when we come back after the break. We'll look at really practical ways to identify how do I meet the needs of those around me so stay with us. As embrace been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while you join us like us sums up my handle again is in 1st Bible states and now back to the discussion. They welcome back we're looking at principles not only for the immediate how to know how to meet people's needs but also on the larger picture how to know God's will in many ways we can't really map out this is God's will for me this is where I am and this is the shortest route to that it's more about God reveals His Will intermediate stages and slow amounts and then when you look back we can see wow God is with he revealed his will to me but for the practice of practical purposes for the for the young and for the young at heart out there who want to know but how do I What do I gotta do how do I know the 1st thing is just to keep your eyes and your ears open to the needs of others in a very practical ways so I work at a school and I'll hear my colleagues say I have no time to do something and I know I have more free pairs and they do so I've gone to them to hate to me to watch your kids at recess you can prep be great thanks so much and that small I'm not like changing the whole world with that but I am you know starfish story helping them and I mean another episode of previous other stuff I want to start. And I think I have some students who will say yeah this assignment way too hard I can't do it OK how can I help you do it I mean after class and I can tutor you in how you grammar properly that are so just but I could be like OK that's I have any of the Jesus please show me a greater need but just whatever it is and I know how to reach it sometimes another colleague we needed a flight somewhere and I can't pay for a flight because I do. I have a lot of money but I do know how to find more formal flights and so I looked it up for her because she didn't know how to do that and so just anything when you when you hear someone because someone might not say hey Justin can you please help me with this sometimes it comes in the form of complaining or of just someone expressing stress and you think to yourself and you pray to Jesus is there anything I can do for this person at all so proactively going outside of your so you're looking for opportunities to hell and then maybe after time they'll become a habit and then the opportunities may come because of that faithfulness you know small to one of the things I want to mention just because I found this to be unconventional I'm a very organized person and I planning and so sometimes I want to help a lot of people but I'm just like if I say yes there I offer too many things and I get stressed and so in my mind I have this I'm going to focus on one of my colleagues a week and I have it like in my billet turtle I write focusing on and so I focus on my colleague throughout the entire week and notice anything I can do for them and that sounds a little structured but it just helps me be really intentional and I'm going like it's also not just because you planned it doesn't take away from its authenticity and I think it's more intentional and they kind of like sometimes I'm OK The other one Michael is Rachel Rachel this week is Rachel week how can I help you it's like you're so weird but you can do this. OK And eventually what Kelly to me is really addressing on the even more basic level is you just have to be around people and if you're around people you're going to find needs that's true you know if I go to the airport if I go to the bus station I go to the grocery store if I'm in the parking lot of I'm just taking out my trash and see my neighbor a lot of times one of my favorite preacher says that we all want to be a missionary where we're not it's like well me to go all the way to Cambodia and I'm going to serve because I saw this thing on social media or on the web or advertise at my church but in reality we don't know the neighbors we don't know the people the grocery store we don't know the people where we go to get our car wash whatever you will always find needs is long as you find people but is the. A place for ensure Virt Sebastian's I know you're a. Survivor with a capital. Letter of interests or maybe those who are on social media 247 who are those young people who are the millennial who are Netflix and chilling in their binge watching the inverse of seasons one through 51 through 6 whatever season we're on now like is there a place for them or do they just need to like get out of the house and see sunshine and get a tan and talk to people. I think I think you know there is a there is a place for service on social media platform OK OK There's definitely an opportunity there to speak to people who may not be physically near you OK or not in your community at the same token there is also value in what she said Get outside out of your comfort zone because the truth of the matter is you can't confuse your comfort with your safety you may feel safe in this place. For myself as an introvert I often times have to be pushed if I was not a preacher it would be very unlikely for me to find myself in certain positions of ministry because I'm invited because I am excepting this role in this call I am pressed to go and be and be around and mingle with people when my preference is not to do that I would love to read and study and you know just hang with people who are very close to me already just go back to the text I find a balance here and Dorcas and maybe this is an imposition. Maybe I'm reading into the text here I feel like Dorcas would may have been more of an introvert but she focused on the these things that she could do for the purpose of ministering to people yes and so I guess there's a there's a fear out there some people say wow I got a minute I got to talk to people I'm not a people person I hate people talking back what I say but there is a ministry for people who like that kind of thing to Sebastian you know there's also a ministry for people who don't and they can use things and not for things for things sake but things meeting the needs of people so the people being the end goal I think is we're trying to get there so I will go to John and back to can I think it's it's really depends on the individual every one of us is in a different place Yes And so as we trust God as we surrender our lives to him every morning you know I expect God to be directing my life that day in a way to he will give me opportunities to minister and whatever way that is on social media or. Or helping somebody change the tire you know but what we need to learn is to be willing to let God interrupt our agenda so you know I love that I'm going to review said I want I'm willing to let God interrupt your agenda interrupt you because we have a plan and so maybe we don't have class but it's also a plan and naturally we are more self focused I want to get all the stuff done you know and every phone call is an interruption of my agenda someone else's agenda and we have to be wise in how we deal with it but we need to be open to the fact that God sometimes will say hey I have a little bit of a different plan for you today and and being willing to say OK I can put this project on the back burner because this person really needs my help right now and I've noticed many times when I say God give me those defining appointments he will he will give them to me and I would say 90 percent of the time I will see a person or a situation where I know that this is this is what God wanted me to do and in Who are you. To interrupt your agenda is off to defining who your who you are your beloved ones are or who your god is just. Love the love that KELLY Yeah I also think you know I'm just interacting I was having a conversation with a very extroverted close friend of mine yesterday and you know the specifics on how many of Sylvia and so we're going to talking and I'm in charge of this event just like program at church and it was stressing me out because it requires me to talk to so many different people and so I called Sylvia to be like hey can you like take over for me because I'm going to die and she's like I can but I don't think taking I don't think that's what you really need what you need is to play your strengths and I go talk to people and you just figure out the details in planning because you're really good at that and I'm not and so we're able to come together and play to our strengths and so I do think there's a place to go outside our comfort zone and there's other times just to collaborate she is a phenomenal at talking to anyone and I'm phenomenal a detail and so we're able to come together and do ministry together I love that word collaborate because that is a foundational principle. Of the early church where they're collaborating with each other apart and rights reverts organized messy people all coming together the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Good morning to you I don't like invert the figure out where Sebastian fits in all this but he made many just add one of them nonetheless just added one little thing here yes or I think. I think we were OK but thinking. I want to think great. What I would say here is the collaboration is great and I think everyone's needs are different and sometimes somebody wants help with something but we need to listen to Holy Spirit guiding us and maybe as your friend said You don't need her to take over your collaboration just because someone says you know I need this and this doesn't mean you have to do this and that that's really my only a better way so I'll otherwise we could you know get burned out just trying to feel all these words and often some people ask for help just because they're lazy or selfish and so if you really want to help them that might be a better way for them so thank you for that of coffee that's it it's just a very important disclaimer and especially with the collaboration is a buzz word for a lot of circles we want to see synchronisation and coordination of the Holy Spirit and we appreciate that let's go the step to James chapter 2 where we see more principles on how the early church functions and this is where we're seeing Jesus is being played out in real life and today St Just maybe not so much 100 percent we're all in gibbering in that journey so James Chapter 2 verse one and Sebastian Can you read verses one through 4 please. My brother in do not hold the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ the Lord of glory with partiality for if there should come into your assembly a man with gold rings in fine apparel in there should also call in a poor man in filthy clothes and you pay attention to the one wearing the fine clothes and say to him You sit here in the good police and say to the poor man you sit there or sit here at my footstool have you not shown partiality among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts why do we prefer the bullying or then there's nothing. You know because you don't think you know you're definitely of the human nature thing if human nature we want beautiful things we want things that are nice things that benefit us and soul if the rich person shows up we want to give them a special treatment because we might benefit from them if not financially done just by being associated with them so it's just a human nature thing and it doesn't mean that we shouldn't pay attention to rich but we should not feel partiality I love how he just blast their logic though because he's going and so he's in verse 5 you says you know the poor can also be Christian faith and in verse 6 you have dishonored them verse 17 talking about the people you're honoring do they not blaspheme that noble name by which you are called like the people that you're honoring are dishonoring God And so it's like why it's not even like they're nice and they're actually like them like they're mean they're just rich and it's all his point it just shows that we are we're so prone to falling for the world's standards of anything that should be glorified with celebrities or rich people look and we forget that the externals are only that they're external How can the church not do this how can we built into the church OK as churches individuals but also as young adults become leaders of churches. They already may be in leadership how can we prevent the church getting into James too or even becoming not like Dorcas and not becoming like the early church I think service is a great way to do that if we are if we have an active church community that deals with people from all walks of life whether rich or poor I mean usually when you when you do an outreach ministry helping people it's usually more to poor people and that's not nothing wrong with that I think when we when we are engaged in that we are more aware of people's real situations and you are you know you realize you know what really matters. Is helping people and they were wealthy might have other needs it might not your financial or they don't need crocheted clothes you know but they need maybe you know psychological or maybe just they want friendships because if you isolate so but Service just being engaged in service and not just being in capsule in your own little church community and never reaching out and you are you're missing out on great opportunities to go and the biggest thing that comes my mind isn't so much to answer the grand narrative of your question but to answer the person application and that is to I think you've said this or in the forest to burn your eyes on Jesus and I notice that more I feel my mind with scripture and example the more I see people as they really are and fall for the world's standards less that's my prayer and that's the prayer for our panelists yes to live the life of intentional Christianity the way that Jesus wanted his church to live out especially in these last days thanks so much for joining us we'll see we'll see you next week here on in verse. You've been listening to him versus a Bible based conversation with Kelly Williams Israel Ramos Jarrah Thomas Sebastian Braxton C.Q. doctor and your host Justin can invest is brought to you by the hope channel television that changes nights but this and more inspiring episodes visit inverse T.V. dot find us on social media as 10 in the list until next time this isn't 1st.


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