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13-A Community of Servants

Israel Ramos Justin Kim Sikhu Daco Callie Williams



  • September 28, 2019
    9:30 AM

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Change change change we always want change but how does God change the world find out more on this episode of in 1st. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter the Bible based conversation on life principles contemporary issues and thought provoking aspect now here's your host just intend within that you always want change around us but how does God change the world we asked that question in our opener and on this up a sobering look at how does God use the church as an agent of change with me in the studio today we have my good friends we are in our last episode we've been in a we're missing 2 of our friends but our team has been gone through 13 weeks this is our 13th week on the topic of justice and mercy throughout the entire Bible so you can read the Bible verse and go to Hebrews 10 years 23 and 24 by Kelly please pray for us before we get there. Father in heaven we thank you for giving us instruction in all things and we thank you that you even have guidance in these areas of change and faithfulness and Lord so much more and so I pray that as we study we would take weekly lessons are practical to our lives and we would love Jesus more because of them we pray these things and his name I mean when I met him when he was Chapter 10 percent of the $3.24 she at your pleasure. Please let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering for he who promised is faithful and let us consider one another in order to store up love and good works. And reverse $0.25 not a occluded by just as a good thing not taking the assembling. Together as is the manner of some but exhorting one another and so much the more as you see the day approaching so Israel we gone through a lot of concepts and justice mercy social justice community outreach and really at the end of day we want change that around us we're seeing here that God uses a community church What's he specifically saying in Hebrews chapter Hebrews there's a lot to say about it because I'm actually right now studying the book of Hebrews that and it's little bit of a book so I mean a paper or you're writing a paper. So I have a lot to say about that. So tell us so the book of Hebrews is actually is actually a sermon and this is we're now getting towards the conclusion of the sermon to the God's people here and what is taking place is that the church is suffering from we talked about in a previous episode the church is suffering here for Teague they're just tired of being Christians you know when when they 1st became Christians when they 1st became followers of Christ they were persecuted they were willing to do all these different things for Jesus but as time has gone on it's just like man this is a tiring experience and so Paul So this is the early church that was really like yeah you know and and it's something we're never going to get right to the church today or 2000 years ago people were tired just as tired as we are now and so what what the author of Hebrews which people believe is by believers pause is it is essentially saying getting together as the Body of Christ helps against fatigue and it is the change of the world many times we think that it's something that happens boom just all at once but no change takes a very long period of time and it's a marathon it's not a sprint and so Jesus says essentially if you want to be able to endure if you want to be able to eat. Then you have to be willing to run the marathon not run a sprint race and in order for you to do that you need the body the community of Jesus Christ there's that idiom that if you want to go fast you go alone but if you want to go far far you go together and I want to get that idiom correct because we've missed it quoted it in the past so you can do what. Was up. However you know you put. It In verse $23.00 just going with there's the communal aspect but the thing that brings a community get together and what helps to avoid this wavering is that is the knowledge that he who has promised is faithful so if it comes back and doubles back to our confidence in who God is and that he is faithful to what he has promised and that is what good is a community of faith the courage to move forward in spite of the odds in spite of the fact that sometimes you're working and working and working and it feels like you're seeing a result but because he who has promised is faithful that gives you the courage and the confidence to keep stirring it up to love and good to go home examples of. Californians that go ahead but we if you don't will come back to the 1st question. Was when you were tired of church and maybe someone gave you some encouragement or some some people or some way some manner and you're like. And you know both of you are not so we'll get them into mass you come back. You know I remember a long time ago and you're familiar with this when we were when we were starting the youth movement G Y C and the amount of energy and effort that that took is just incredible I mean you really you you give we gave to God essentially our early twenty's and there's a look and a little bit early later. And and I remember that there were times when I was really down. Down just because it was just a lot of work and I remember specifically receiving an e-mail from someone telling me their experience and it was like look I was at a G Y C and this was the year and this was the speaker and this is what they said and because of this I am a Christian today I decided to give my life to Christ and I remember that the impact that that has had on my life is just significant many times to this very day when I'm tired when I'm weary when I feel as though my life doesn't really is not really making an impact I'll go back to that e-mail and I'll read it and it will bring some sort of encouragement to me and I have the privilege of the pleasure to meet people constantly around the world that will come to me in the say this was the G Y C that I gave my life to Christ or that impacted the trajectory of my life that called me to be a minister or to give up my my regular job to do something more radical for Jesus and this is constantly served and continues to serve me as an inspiration this is a good opportunity to put a shameless plug that maybe in verse has been temple a sing to you Do we want to hear your testimonies and look us up on social media and share your stories and if not just only in verse but any other show on hope channel or any person anywhere in the ministry or anyone in campus ministry or a youth ministry or whatnot send them an e-mail send them a certain text and encourage them this is what we do as a church and in this in digital society shouldn't we do that more through our digital forms of communication so thanks for that Israel so you can you know the phrase that he uses in 1st 24 at the beginning says Let us consider one another in order to stay. In good works that's that's thinking about other people and for me probably most recently now having little kids and a 3 year old and a one year old and. Going to church can be challenging I mean just sitting through the sermon. So to have. A pastor's. 30 minutes is good. You know it gets beyond that and there's MC And you guys know you that priest with you have families over and I remember this one Sabbath you're tired from the whole week and you know I'm there with my children who are being loud and so like oh should I just leave the church you know but then how do you train them to sit through a chose if you're never in the church and it's just this constant dial Emma and I know as a single person I would have looked at that situation and not thought much of it but being in it it felt like my world is collapsing you know. And after a church service that Sabbath several older moms their kids are grown up in college etc They just came to me and gave me a hug and they were just like we see you girl. And it wasn't a judge mental I saw your kids are so loud like as I go we see you and one month into it is like I was praying for you today and it just meant so much to me out almost cried. You're telling me No no no just the thought while the they cared about my situation and then when the small thing but it encouraged me to say you know what I'm going to come to church next Sabbath and I'm going to bring my children who are going to the church and the Lord's going to give me wisdom for how to help my kids to make it and I love I love who you are both of you are saying I mean these are agents of change we're going to see youth movement you're raising kids and these are big things but they're gets tiring and sometimes we need encouragement an infusion of courage to keep that we'll go and so Kelly jump in the conversation sure to include you and encourage you in your walk with a stick so much so I'm reading this book right now about spiritual disciplines and it talks about the things that maybe automatically come to mind like citing the Bible and praying but then the extra one in my mind was he talked about is communing with the with the church in communion with each other and he kind of explains spiritual disciplines and spiritual disciplines as putting yourself in the way of grace so put yourself in the pathways of grace for God blesses through prayer and Bible study and going to communion with others and assembling ourselves together is putting ourselves in the way of blessing and of grace so kind of like Seeker was going there and she's she's going to she was just a whole no one would come to her and say I see you but she's there and she's able to see that and the same thing of Israel you know working so hard to start this youth movement and putting herself out there in the supreme self in the way of grace and I really feel kind of targeted in verse 2575 this is not for saying this somebody of ourselves together as is the manner of some and I'd like to say it's because I'm an introvert but it's also just because I'm selfish I like my time away from other people cause other people don't think the way I do or do things like I do and it can be a temptation like I just don't want to with another person I've had a long week and I just want to not be around humans and there is a part we need to recharge and that's fine but there is. A time where we are neglecting our blessings and we don't see how much grace how much encouragement how much affirmation or whatever else it might be that people want to give to us and so just we're really when we 1st say that we are taking ourselves out of the pathway of grace and out of the blessings that God wants to give us in this blessings that we receive in these gatherings are not the recipient receiving in yeah what opportunities for us to get. Even in even in a tired state Yeah because I think you know I'm sure the story before but I think it bears repeating and when I was a senior in high school one of my best friends died about in a motorcycle accident about a month for he graduated and I was really depressed about it and if you let me a few weeks later I told my mentor that I was like I'm just I feel I feel nothing and she's like you should do nice things for others and I'm like your selfish person I'll just say that to me you're awful but like she was right yeah I wasn't very or something at that point but I did it because she knows best and it worked like it focusing on others got me out of it and it was still a process healing a still process but it was like I had big things I just wrote letters to a few friends and the people who worked at my school to said thanks for being awesome thanks for blessing me through these years etc etc But just getting yourself intentionally your eyes off yourself because your buyer selves I HAVE THIS IS LIKE SO TRUE free of all my issues are the worst issues of the world and no one can suffer as much as I do when in track of someone else I actually know I'm not there you wallow in self-pity and which is a temptation in the modern age when instead of going to worship you got to drive to worship you got to get your car you got to waste gas today I got to go to the store got to talk to these people that you don't want to talk to you would have avoided ever 6 weeks 6 days ago it was weeks weeks ago but and then you go online and just click on a button and you just that's a master and create your own church service you do your own special. If you. We come back from after the break going to see how Israel deals with Millennium young people who just want to do church online only and forsake the gathering and worship times so we'll see you on the other side. Has been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while you join us like us comes up next a handle again in 1st Bible states and now back to the discussion. A welcome back to Paul says in the book of Hebrews that don't forsake there's something of a something of yourselves as the manner of some is I find that very very funny as the matter of some is who is this some and who is the passive aggressively. As kind of a side job and I just find some humor in that but is will talk to us about that there are people out there who forsake the assembling he specifically speaking about going to church on the Sabbath here and if you if you read Erhard galluses dissertation on the book of Hebrews he points that out very effectively you know as especially in the generation that we live in now and I actually remember going online and having someone here's a church service for the day and for special music click on this group and then you can have your special music for a prayer click here and then this is the prayer autumn prayer by a very famous person and here's a sermon and then here's the closing benediction and so you can actually get you can choose your own you can add your own church service now OK worship Yeah yeah yeah sure what I want Yeah but what all in weird at the same. For some. Of the point we're trying to establish That's right but what strikes me is that even as Jesus Christ was himself an agent of change he needed. I would encourage Mitt and that's most beautifully portrayed when when Mary Magdalen comes to Jesus and that she pours upon him this perfume from an alabaster box and and just completely saturated Christ with his perfume and you know you if you do a little bit of research on what happens here that perfume that Jesus was that Mary poured on Jesus was so potent and so strong that some people believe it would be a Roma would last for months and in other words as Jesus was contemplating Calvary and as he was literally contemplating your celebration and mine the encouragement that Mary gave the Jesus lingered with him from get 70 to the cross of Calvary all the way even into the resurrection and what's significant about the encouragement the Mary gives to Jesus is that later on when Jesus died Nicky Demas and Joseph a virus materia would give probably $100.00 times more than what Mary would give I mean the and that's a massive amount of money that's one years away and and and yet everything that they had to offer Jesus as huge as it was was worthless to Christ because they didn't give it to him of the time that he needed most and so it's speaks to the significance of encouragement along the journey of the Christian experience and we have the opportunity not just to be encouraged but to also encourage people as they are themselves agents of change in their own Christian journeys and experiences. And the Bible gives different metaphors through what church should be not just in terms to explain church but what the church should be doing so what are some of these metaphors that the Bible goes to see. If the 1st one that comes to mind is where the body of the Body of Christ in 1st Corinthians 12 is going to 1st Corinthians 12 1st Corinthians 12. Verse 12. Verse 12 for us the body is one and has many members and all the members of that one body being many are one body so also is Christ for by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body whether Jews or Greeks whether So slaves are free and have all been made to drink into one spirit for in fact the body is not one member but many if the foot should say because I am not the hand I am not of the body is it therefore not of the body and if the ear should say because I am not of the I am not I am not of the body is it therefore not of the body if the whole body were an eye and would there be he's kind of going on and it would have Verse 20 but now indeed there are many members yet one body and the I cannot say today and again he keeps on going and verse 26 I think is concluding there if one member suffers all the members suffer with it or if one member is honored all the members rejoice with it so he has what's going on there. I like this picture of the unity in diversity you know in the body of Christ and recognizing that we have different gifts were differently gifted by the Holy Spirit in this work of bringing justice into the world and showing mercy and put train the love of Jesus in the world that we play different roles because we're different people and we uniquely equipped to do that but because the way that I do it is different from the way that Kelly does it will you do it doesn't mean that any one person is more important or less important I think that's that's what Paul points to here is that because you're not the preacher on Sabbath doesn't mean you're not an important part of your lives because he wasn't part of the praise team or because you were the Sabbath school teacher because he would just agree to. The being agreed to make a huge difference. Yeah being a mom with the kids. Big difference you know I don't know what. To do. Well look at your train the next generation so big it's true you know it can it can become tempting Honestly I guess real talk it can become tempting like you know like what purpose of my serve in coming to church like I come to church to bring the noise I bring the noise to my kids which which if which we look at it I'm thinking there's this idea what is the point of church I not get getting anything out of it and sometimes we have that mindset as a young person as a teen and that mindset actually never leaves so we get older I don't get anything to church we get married I'm not going to church become a mom I'm like amateurs and then there's who are become senior citizens and I still don't get anything out of church meaning it's not church that's the problem maybe it was this attitude that you had about church that was the problem entire time in the case of SIEGEL What's significant is you know you bring your kids to church or you don't know this but your kids make noise which causes the pastor to his message on time which causes the person not to get mad and leave the church or never come again because it's such a long sort of all thing is that it is you know you know you need the hand and we need the the foot and. At the end of that isn't what is we're doing at the end Paul concludes by saying Now you are the Body of Christ and this to me is extremely critical because here it says that collectively we form the image of God In other words what is implied here is that one person as an individual can not what one person cannot do as an individual in reflecting the image of God the Body of Christ can collectively do and this reminds me of a story I had one time I was I was having a meal with my friend Stephen Conway and as we were eating we were actually discussing the very topic of social justice and we're going back and forth we had differences of opinion where we actually disagreed and at the end of the conversation after having strong disagreements I walked away thinking to myself. You know but what if he's right and I'm wrong and and as I was processing this this kind of this whole experience this whole conversation I realized I need someone like Steve to help change my mind to help bring balance to my thoughts to not leave me alone to be Israel but allow me on my journey towards growth and collectively Steven and I both are able to come together and to give a picture to the world of what Christ really is collectively we as a group are able to portray image to the world of what the love of Christ really looks like and this goes all the way back to our 1st episode when we talked about you know the purpose of God in creating humanity to make us into His image this is something that takes place collectively not as a single individual and that's why we have the body of Christ so I just want to go there into the healthy tension between 2 individuals that creates a certain another synthesis that the glory of God can be seen from Yet while it's essential I think the tension and also the unity and that tension is essential so right here the passage says you together you collectively are the Body of Christ and you know we've lost that day and we have a social media world we did there's no civility anymore it's one side pitted against the other with soundbites and portrayed and just grinding in that friction not tension that friction causes more likes and more more hype and create more polarization and to speak to the I guess different the differences that we may have in perspective for how to go about ministry. I think one frustration that I've heard a lot you know among young adult is you know why doesn't the church do this and why doesn't the church do that and why doesn't the church why doesn't the church but in reality I am the church and me seeing that there's a need that needs to be filled maybe God is calling need to fill that need and so some Someone may have the. Ability to interact with the set and classes that and group of people in a way that another person is not well equipped to do or in a place in life to do it cetera but because God has called me to do it in me fulfilling that calling the church is actually fulfilling that calling so I think as young adults sometimes the temptation becomes to look at. The corporate church but you know it becomes confusing who is the corporate event Yeah like the church ought to be caring about the needy the church ought to be running off an edge of the church ought to say you would do it yeah if I go and I open and often it has a 7th Day Adventist the church is yeah the church is taking care of all things and I am the church let's go to 2nd Chris chapter 2 verse 14 through 16 which is another metaphor for the church that I love and is role in a different story chapter 2 verse 14 to 16 the Bible says now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ and through us defuses the fragrance of his knowledge in every place for we are God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and amongst those who are perishing to the one we are the aroma of death leading to death but to the other the realm of life leading to life and who is sufficient for these things for we are not as so many peddling the Word of God but as of sincerity as from God we speak in the sight of God in Christ here he is using the illusion of our Roma and I love that that aromas are not forceful in church this is not a toxic gas that comes in just killing everything or it's not some kind of you know entity but it is a soft power and I say Yeah and it has the power to just write sin and elevate but it also has the power to to to do to press in a sense and there's something powerful about this is agent of change through the scent the sense of scent you know because it's a. Stoppable you know I mean in a room it's just an unstoppable force and if if you spray. You know perfume or cologne on yourself no matter where you go it's going to make an impact and I was as a metaphor it goes this week I'll speak to my wife there's this in our in our office where we work the person that runs the front desk I mean as soon as you walk into the office if you like the whole she sets the whole tone for the entire office because she smells so good and I'm like man I want to get that fragrance and I want to put it on myself and also nice and you know where she's that soap. I want to buy that so. You know it's whenever you're around that individual and every year around that person you're impacted by but abide by them whether they're whether they're speaking to you or not whether they're looking at you or not whether they're in a different room or right next to you you're being impacted by that influence and so the aroma is an unstoppable force I love it I mean there are some people that I meet and I don't for years of experience this but you just feel their holiness none 000 like I am not worthy way by just like man there's a certain magnetism He's a certain godliness and like man I don't know what it is this is so foreign to me but I so attractive to that and that I think that's the power of Christ as the best the Holy Spirit the a Roma of holiness how many of you have been really blessed by this entire 13 week segment I know I have personally been blessed having been blessed kind a little bit and totally We are encouraged to be more just in our Christian lifestyle and have more mercy towards those around us and we were really want to encourage you to take a biblical perspective on social justice we've got to be out there in the communities out there in churches and being agents of change but from a Christ biblical perspective and not from a human centric one thanks so much for joining us we'll see you next week when we start a new. And on leadership in the book of new mind we believe that young adults are called to such a time as this and call to positions of change and to be actual agents of change in whatever community whatever church they're at we're going to be looking at chapter one of the a mile with the entire same team same family where you don't want to miss it join us here on in verse you've been listening to inverse a Bible based causes say telling what is wrong God Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton he could tackle your host just an. Inverse is brought to you by the folks at television that changes like this and more inspiring ever so there's an inverse hope to God or I just find this on social media. In verse 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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