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An Unconquerable Power for Good

Phil Mills Sr.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia




  • June 18, 2018
    2:00 PM
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Dear Lord we're going to be taking the word of a king and we wanted to have power in our lives we want to understand it we want to surrender to it we want to be. Instructed by. And I pray that your Holy Spirit will be here to interpret these words. Were different because we have had the word of a king this afternoon in Christ meeting in Luke 10 verse 38 now it came to pass as they went that he entered into a certain village and a certain woman named Martha received him into her house understanding the context of this passage helps us understand the passage Chapter 10 of Luke begins with Christ sending out teams of 35. Teams of disciples and they were on a medical evangelist tour to prepare for Christ's final days of ministry look 11 tells us after these things the Lord appointed 70 others also and sent them out sent them 2 by 2 before his face into every city and place where he himself was about to go the work of these disciples was to prepare the way for Jesus to come they were preparing for Jesus coming and that was their message they went through Judah in Galilee and through this event though this event was 2 millennia ago would God like to send out teams of medical missionaries today to prepare for his coming now does this manuscript 141-1903 medical missionary work is yet in its infancy is the meaning of genuine medical missionary work is known by but few why. Read that last sentence with me because the Saviors plan of war has not been solved letter 202-1903 from the instruction that the Lord has given me from time to time I know there should be workers who make a medical evangelist it tours among the towns and villages those who do this work will gather a rich harvest of souls both from the higher and the lower classes the way for this work is best prepared by the effort efforts of the faithful canvasser when we send out missionaries the 1st thing that we do is to make sure they have money they have clothes shoes the bag to carry these things and my daughter was planning to go on a trip to Cambodia and so it turned out that she couldn't go but before we knew that what do you think we begin to prepare for all the things you would need before you go on a. Mission tour to Cambodia in some cases missionaries will raise funds for their project before they embark on it and that's prudent but that's not what Jesus had his disciples do before sending them out and he did just the opposite verse 4 says carry neither purse that's something to hold your money in your scrip that's a knapsack to carry your belongings in nor shoes carry no purse the amplified version says no provision bag no change of standing. They were not to wait until they had accumulated sufficient things for them to be able to work for God This is an important principle in this verse they were to begin immediately and then as they work for God They were not to accumulate things they had no bag to carry the things in. They had either to turn down or give away gifts that were more than their actual daily needs they had a special mission to perform and there must be nothing to delay or sidetrack their mission they were not sent to receive they were sent to gifts among the 70 disciples that Jesus sent out were a few from wealthy homes with ample resources but they were not to feel superior to the other disciples as they were not to draw upon or rely on these home resources the most of the disciples however had either scanty resources or none whatsoever they were already learning to live by faith all were sent out with what the poorest disciple had knowledge of Jesus in their hand love for him and others in their heart power for healing in their hands and words of truth and hope in their mouths This is what they carried and shared freely Jesus in this disciples could not afford to stay at the share they couldn't even afford to stay at Motel 6 they were dependent on the hospitality of the people they ministered to they were welcomed in some homes they were accepted in some cities on this mission the disciples learned to depend on God and he they found that he was sufficient to supply every need day by day food and water just in day by day Jesus the same Jesus provided food for the children of Israel in the wilderness the birds get their food day by day and God provides it for them in the Lord's Prayer what do we pray give us this day our daily bread as the disciples freely gave the hearts of the listeners were touched. They were invited into the homes of the humble peasants and they were given food in a place to sleep each night many months later Christ reminded his disciples of this experience and asked them when I sent you out with out person script and shoes lacked anything and they said what nothing though they could not accumulate earthly treasure there was one thing they could and did accumulate there was one thing they carried back to Jesus Luke's 1017 says and the 70 returned again with. Joy these gospel medical missionary teams return to Christ rejoicing filled with the story of the mighty works of God the kingdom of Satan was invaded and say and his angels had been forced to flee the kingdom of Satan could not stand before the power of Jesus and these disciples once again joined Christ company as they accompanied Jesus to the various villages that they had labored in and that's the context of a verse now it came to pass as they went that he entered into a certain village this certain village was the village where Martha live John tells us the name of this village John 111 Bethany the town of Martha Beth and we know what the preface means house of the Hebrew scholars have informed me that it more broadly means container of but we get the word Bethel house of God Bethleham House of Bread Beth a house of figs Beth as the House of mercy say the House of hunting. A bear or a house of crossing which was by a Ford in Jordan they are as respected Greek dictionary tells us the meaning of the name Bethany was House of depression house of misery the New American Standard tells us Bethany Mings house of affliction. The new open Bible study edition tells it means house of poverty. How instructive that Jesus came to in the House of misery affliction depression and poverty the one who left the glories of heaven born in a rude shelter for animals came to a world of depression and misery affliction poverty he experienced it all for us but Bethany has another meaning as well it also means house of figs but not just any kind of fig the N.I.V. gives the meaning as the House of poor figs Jeremiah was given a vision of poor figs evil things these evil figs represented not the fruit of the Spirit but the fruit of the Holy Spirit the fruit of the flesh he came to the fig tree of Israel seeking fruit but found it covered with pretentiously bearing only evil fruit John tells us something else about that Bethany John $1118.00 now Bethany was 9 to Jerusalem about 15 furlongs off a furlong is about an 8th of a mile 660 feet 15 for Alonzo's 1.75 miles so it's not very far it was actually the distance that I used to walk when I lived in Chatsworth Georgia doing some. Advanced Study in dermatology it was the distance between going down to the mailbox and coming back up to our house I walk to the distance to Bethany each day Bethany is straight east of Jerusalem to get there you climb the Mount of Olives and Bethany is on the base of the other side of the Mount of Olives the house of misery the house of depression the house of affliction and poverty was on the outskirts of Jerusalem. This is where Jesus stayed when he came to Jerusalem Matthew 2117 and he left them and went out of the city into Bethany and he lives there this brings us back to verse 38 of Luke 10 the last part a certain woman named Martha received him into her house do you want Jesus to lodge in your house do you want to receive Him into your home Martha receive him into her house her house was not just for Martha and her needs she opened her home to Jesus and his needs now is a big deal to receive Jesus into your home I don't mean it was a big deal because of the worldly honor in the glamour to have Jesus stay in your home month that didn't open her home for the glory of it she didn't open her home for the bragging rights of it it meant a lot of work it wasn't just Jesus he was accompanied by the 12 because it says in market 1111 he went on to Bethany with the 12 it meant a lot of expense to ever try to feed 13 hungry mouths Jesus and His disciples and there may well have been others with them at the same time for we read many other women which came up with him and to Druce Lamar 1541 to receive Jesus into your home and have him lodge there was to publicly support Jesus and that wasn't easy to do because Jesus was unpopular in Jerusalem it meant you faced expulsion from the synagogue ridicule slander loss of friends misunderstanding even hatred by your relatives and it could affect your business prospects it may close the doors to future job openings. This is very true of Bethany so close to Jerusalem where the heart of the opposition to Christ was located Bethany so close to Christ's mortal enemies when Lazarus died the disciples were reluctant to go and counsel Jesus not to go it was too dangerous you remember they said to Jesus Master the Jews of late sought to stone them go us thout there again don't think it was not dangerous to live in Bethany and be a supporter of Jesus John 1210 but the chief priests consulted that they might put will last for us also. The supporter of Jesus was. To be put to death with Jesus sometimes Martha doesn't get as the vernacular is doesn't get no respect Martha is honored Mary is honored and Martha is castigated it's time to set the record straight you know who is mentioned 1st in the family is the one that Jesus love now jesus love Martha and her sister and Lazarus Martha is the 1st one mentioned in the list the Bible pictures Martha as one of the greatest of all women she was an unusual woman despite the work of opening her home to Jesus and His disciples despite the expense of opening her home and to Jesus and His disciples despite the unpopularity and even danger in opening her home for Jesus a certain woman named Martha received him into her house the New King James says she welcomed him into her home the N.I.V. says she opened her home to him though she was young and single Martha was a hospitable woman she had opened her home to her brother and her weakened ones wayward sister. Martha was a hard worker and she was a constant worker in a few weeks when her brother became male she cared for him she was indeed than she was dependable she was punctual where Jesus was you find Martha working John 122 there they made him a sufferer and Martha sir I have observed many Martha's in my new years being a member of the 7th Day Adventist Church if you want Martha to be a member of your church the angels want Martha's in heaven because they know they're not going to be lazy there we have a number of Martha's in my church they are in Chattanooga hospitable hardworking every church needs to be full of Martha's and every home needs Martha's it is true is a lot of work to receive him into her house she had to plan what she was. She was going to serve the many gas then she had to buy the food carry the food to her home prepare it serve it clean up after it was served then get ready for the next mail she had to get her house spotless before Jesus arrived but Martha loved Jesus she like to have him around she welcomed Jesus into our home and love for Jesus made that work light and she cleaned of fashion clean she thought of Jesus coming she thought of his love for cleanliness she thought of how this would make him happy and comfortable as she worked he remembered his words Jesus was already in her home she was sitting at his feet already she was working with Jesus in her heart. Don't you think she began to sing and hum working for Jesus you see isn't drudgery it brings happiness into the life and as she planned she thought about food that would please Jesus as she shops she bought bought that food that he liked and she brought nothing else thoughts of Jesus brought happiness into her shopping she sought to pick out only the best there was a smile in her report very voice as she purchased the food for the from the vendor as she cooked she saw the to cook the tastiest food thoughts of Jesus quickened her hands my friends if we want to be happy. We need to invite Jesus into our home we never increase our work by inviting him into our home it brings rest into our home it brings rest into our were in the home it is true that receiving Jesus into our home entails some expense but the thought of Jesus providing for others his giving to the poor made her excited to be providing for him and the money set aside for Jesus seem to go farther when we get to heaven we're going to hear Martha tell us some stories about bargains and even gifts that she got and she was shopping for Jesus and when he left she found she was rich or not poor from having Jesus in her home my friends we need to invite Jesus into our homes it's true that publicly identifying her support for Jesus caused others to reject her but this brought her neither anxiety nor worry she didn't fear the rejecters of Jesus she pitted them and sought to help them in every way publicly identifying with Jesus brings peace not fear. Jesus had instructed his disciples and into whatsoever House who enters 1st say Peace be to this house and in the same house remain eating and drinking such things as they have when Jesus walked through the door of Martha's how he said peace to this house he's the prince of peace when Jesus came into this world the angels announced his coming by singing Peace on Earth when Jesus departed this world he said Peace I leave with you My peace I give and to you let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid the New Testament writers often begin their A pistol's with a salutation of peace because when we read the pistols we're inviting Jesus into our home and if he had a lodges there it's giving us he's there's a reason when Jesus entered Martha's home troubles left pressures receded calmness rain there was happiness the cares of life were diminished No wonder Martha look forward to having Jesus in the home my friends we need to invite Jesus into our homes now it came to pass as they went that he entered into a certain village in a certain woman named Martha received him into her home and she had a sister called Mary which also sat at Jesus' feet and heard His words don't miss that tiny but important word that 4 letter word all. Martha love to sit at Jesus' feet and learn and Mary did also the 2 love to sit at the feet of Jesus and listen to his words they were comfortable in their small home there's not a lot of furniture Martha gave Jesus the cheer and she sat down on a rug or a pillow that covered the dirt floor Martha washed resist the last rest and Mary sat at the feet of Jesus beside her and they all carefully listened to his instruction but one day Martha lost sight of Jesus. She began to do her task without him she began to think about herself and her needs instead of Jesus and his needs but Martha was cumbered about much service this is the only time this Greek word here translated It's cumbered is used in the Bible and the Greek word literally means to have one's a tension directed from one thing to another to become or be distracted just he has the uses the same word in his description of the conquest of a this is a city that was destroyed next after the destruction of Jericho and Joshua 8 tells the story the Israelites conquered it by ambush the men of the city of AI were and that word is used cumber distracted the city was left unguarded because of their distraction the city was conquered and burned Satan wanted to conquer Martha and had ambushed her in she was distracted from Jesus she sat for a moment in Jesus' feet but her mind was not on Jesus' words it was on all the things that had to be done she didn't stay at his feet very long quickly jumped up and begin to attend the responsibilities that she was remembering Martha did not need to choose between sitting at the feet of Jesus and working one or the other Jesus would have given her both we see in this experience how Jesus deals with people however so gently. And he didn't call out Martha and say this and say Martha come back at once and sit at my feet you know Martha's heart. She had looked forward to spending time with Jesus now that seemed to be denied her she begin to feel that she was being taken advantage of she had to do all the work the others received all the blessing as she thought about this instead of thinking about Jesus she was no longer sitting at Jesus' feet while she served when she left the feet of Jesus she lost her piece I picture Marsa 1st looking through the doorway trying to get Mary's attention if she could have caught the idea Mary how do you think what a lucky little Claire I got some of those from my mom when I needed to do some work in the signal and. When Mary didn't look there would be the cough clearing of the sorrow maybe she called Mary but Mary wouldn't budge at last Martha knew that she must do something in this circumstance and she called upon Jesus to solve the problem and that's where she should have gone at 1st. Now we discover the temptations that they say every martyr she came to him and said Lord dust down not care that my sister has left me to serve alone bid her therefore that she help me ix the exclamation of frustration her loneliness and anger how quickly sin confuses us Lord Martha said do you care about me how many people in the middle of fatigue how many people struggling with a life of poverty sickness difficulties echo that question but it's more than a question it's really a complaint 1st 3 blamed God If you cared about me God you shouldn't certainly wouldn't let this happen instead of seeing how much Jesus cared she made a false dilemma how could Jesus care and this happened. People make this mistake all the time if there was a loving God how could there have been cruelty and World War 2 lord do you notice that I'm over working here in the church nobody's helping me I'm the only one cleaning up after this pot Martha was looking at the privilege of serving Christ in a false light she looked at Christ as the cause of her overwork or fatigue and her unhappiness if you cared about her she wouldn't be overworked the tea around happened she had it backward and she cared about Christ she wouldn't be overworked with P. in unhappy it was not that Christ had abandoned her she had abandoned him she looked at her sister Mary sitting contented and happy seeming unconscious of anything but the words of Christ she blamed Christ for allowing it but she also blamed her sister for refusing to help if her sister would only help or she wouldn't be carrying this burden alone she wouldn't be without assistance and Jesus answered and said and her Martha Martha now are careful in trouble about many things but one thing is needful and Mary has chosen a good part which will not be taken away from her Martha was so anxious about many things that she felt were needed that she overlooked the one thing that was most needed ministry of healing page 363 has a wonderful sentence I want you to read it with me the gospel is a wonderful simplifier of life's problems it's a struction he did make plain Many of perplexity and save us from many in the air it teaches us to estimate things that their true value and to give the most effort to the things of greatest were the things that will endure if your life complicated God was to simplify it. He speaks to us as surely as it did to Martha though aren't careful and troubled about many things but one thing is needful the word carefully means anxiety being full of care the him says low it is the lay the burden the carefulness and that is our anxiety that we are to lay at his feet and that is what it means to sit at the feet of Jesus to lay our burdens at the feet of Jesus the word troubled means word I like the way the C.E.V. translates the 1041 the Lord answered Martha Martha you are worried and upset about so many things but only one thing is necessary why be boring about that which is not necessary why be upset about that which can help you so many people are worried and upset about trifles Matthew 6265 Jesus says Therefore I say unto you take no thought for your life what you show eat or what you shall drink nor yet for your body what you shall put on is not the life more than meat and the body more than Rayment therefore take no thought saying What shall we eat or what should we drink or where with all shall we be clothed. Luke 1225 puts it this way and which of you with taking thought can add to his stature one cubit and if you then the not able to do that thing which is least why I think you thought for the rest the problem with Martha was not her work it was her words were It takes us out of Christ hands worry takes us away from the feet of Jesus Martha was worried cv put that about all that had to be done now it's important for us to know Jesus was not going to have a worship service all day there are lots of things he needed to do there were people he needed to minister to there were people he needed to see Jesus had planned to allow Martha both time for worship and time for work. This was a morning worship time it would soon be over breakfast eaten all scattered there was no need to neglect family worship for work the worship period would help her be more efficient for the rest of the day it was right to be anxious but she was anxious about the wrong things desire of ages 525 says the one thing that Martha needed was and then read it with me a home devotional spirit a deeper anxiety for knowledge concerning the future immortal life and the graces necessary for spiritual advancement there is an anxiety that we're to have and that anxiety is a deeper anxiety for knowledge concerning the future of mortal life and the grass the graces necessary for spiritual advancement it continues she needed less anxiety for the things that would pass away and more for those things which endure forever Jesus would teaches children to seize every opportunity of gaining that knowledge which would make them wise and to salvation the cause of Christ needs careful energetic workers she goes on to say there's a wide field for the Martha's with their zeal and active religious work read it with me but let them 1st sit with Mary at the feet of Jesus let diligence promptness and energy be sanctified by the grace of God then the life will be an unconquerable power for good how does it become an unconquerable powerful good Here's the formula diligence promises energy all sanctified by Christ makes us on comparable. I took my 1st real vacation back in 1970 it took 3 weeks. Off I didn't take my computer when as a family and I took just one little thing and that was my pocket Bible and I studied the stories from Bethany for 3 weeks just as I was out walking in the mountains spending time with the kids every spare 2nd spending time reading about and meditating on the stories of Bethany and I discovered that I was a male Martha I discovered that God wants me to be an unconquerable powerful good and God wants you to be that too with Jesus like to come into your home would you welcome him like Martha he says Behold I stand at the door and. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come in to him and dine with him and he with me we can have the same experience that Martha did if we welcome Jesus into our home but desire pages page 800 says Christ never forces his company upon anyone he interest himself. In those who need him gladly will he enter the humblest home and cheer the lowliest hard but if men are too indifferent to think of a heavenly gassed or ask him to abide with them he passes all thus Many me with great laws but it is not enough to invite him Martha did that what do we do once he is in our home does he become a burden. Signs of The Times July 6th 1000 for you have the quote that's partially in the book education but more fully here so I used to hear let us turn aside from the dusty heated thoroughfares of life. To rest in the shadow of Christ. And learn from him the lessons of quiet for us is that why you're here to me to turn aside from the busy affairs of life not a pause for a moment in his presence but personal contact with Christ to sit down in companionship with him this is our need many even in their seasons of devotion fail of receiving the blessing of real communion with God what's that 1st word Many What is many now just a few many people who are having devotions there's not a lot of those but many of those don't get real communion with God why they are in too great haste with hurried steps they pet press through the circle of Christ loving presence pausing perhaps a moment within the sacred precincts but read it with me. Wade Council not waiting for council they have no time to remain with the Divine Teacher with their birds they return to their were I've ever seen this a church perhaps there's a pot luck in some of the women leave the church service to tend to the meal they missed the sermon or the potluck preparation sometimes we may be distracted when we read our devotions many other thoughts intrude many other plans distract us we were ambushed and go through one hour devotional experience in a mechanical way John 6 records the sad fact that of the many who followed Jesus for a time many walked no more with me but even the disciples who remained at times walked a far off from him. What is your day been like today have you been a Martha or have you been a Mary Martin Luther once said I have so much to do I must take more time for a great kind of he tells us from the secret place of prayer came the power that shook the world in the great reformation there with holy comes the servants of the Lord set their feet upon the rock of his promises during the struggle at Augsburg Luther did not pass a day without devoting 3 hours at least to prayer and they were our selected from those the most favorable to study no wonder Jesus says come and to me all the aid that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I make an lowly in art and you should find rest and to your souls for my yoke is easy and my burden is light it would be a terrible thing for us to come to Camp Meeting be so busy going to meetings that we didn't have time to pray and it's my prayer at this camp meeting leads us to a deeper devotional experience of Jesus that makes us Martha's that sit at the feet of Jesus. 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