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Being Dead, Yet Speaketh

Phil Mills Sr.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia




  • June 19, 2018
    2:00 PM
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By that heaven as we study one of your friends today I pray that the. Holy Spirit may be present to speak to our hearts and enliven us to give us a a deeper appreciation for Jesus a better understanding of your word and they firmer commitment to be faithful to you we pray in his name Amen Bethany as we saw yesterday was just just under 2 miles from Jerusalem we will look at it on a 3 dimensional map here you see Jerusalem and then you climb the mountain of Olives to the east of Jerusalem and then you go down on the other side into the valley. Of the Mount of Olives and that Bethany and today the town of Bethany is still in existence it's known as Lazarus the city once known as Bethany the house of misery is today now on is the city of Lazarus the resurrected one Jesus described Lazarus as a friend and what God did for one man his friend Lazarus permanently change the city even its name this morning we want to study this afternoon we want to study about Lazarus if you have your Bible you can open it to John 11 because we are going to be studying from John 11 I am going to have it on the screen but you can have it right there in your. In your Bible and we're going to begin with the 1st 2 verses of John 11 now a certain man was sick name Lazarus. Of Bethany the town of Mary and her sister Martha it was that Mary which anointed the Lord with the ointment and wiped his feet with her here whose brother Lazarus was sick in the Bible the name of places and the name of an individual is important the word Lazarus means God is my helper in Greek Lazarus has a Hebrew equivalent called ellys or which was a relatively common Jewish name in fact there are 8 different people in the Old Testament non of that laser now in Texas Lazarus was sick Now this doesn't mean that Lazarus had a little Colo sniffles a little runny nose. You miserable days then he'd be OK A little trip to the doctor a little bit of a. Bomb and patient this 1st tells us that Lazarus was sick and then reminds us of this in verse 2 Verse 3 a verse 4 in verse 6 Lazarus was sick the Greek word translated sick here actually means weak and it's translated weak about half of the time for example and he was 11 out of weakness were made strong in Christ a if they said you were sick and they use that word it meant that you were too weak around Luke for 40 they had they that had any sick or weak with divers diseases brought them under him the sick were too weak to come on their own they had to be brought Mark 656 and whither so ever he entered into villages or cities or countries they laid the sick in the streets they might be too weak even to be brought to Jesus X. $112.00 so that from his body were brought on to the sick handkerchief or aprons. I was sick any visited me when John says Lazarus was sick he was seriously ill he was too weak even to go on his own to see Jesus he was too weak even to be taken to Jesus Lazarus sisters were afraid he might die they didn't dare leave him he was too weak to care for himself what should we do in a situation like this The Bible tells us is any sick that word sick among you weak let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray over him anointed him with the oil in the name of the Lord they may be too sick to go to the elders and so they call the elders to come to them that's the context of that verse and this is just what was done with Lazarus notice verse 3 of John 11 therefore his sisters sent on to him that is Jesus saying Lord behold whom thou love us he whom thou love us is sick it's helpful to look at the context of this story it was in the last few months of Jesus' life John 1022 you verses before John 11 tells us it was at Jerusalem the feast of the dedication and it was winter this is the last winter of Jesus' earthly life this the East was not one of stablish by God it was the stablish by Judas Machabeus and 164 B.C. it was celebrated in the middle of December around our Christmas time and so this was after the winter of 30 A.D. The last winter of Jesus' life when this is going to take place at this feast the Jewish leaders accuse Jesus of blasphemy and they attempted to stone him. Therefore they sought again to take him but he escaped out of their hand and went away again beyond Jordan into the place where John 1st baptized and there he had a boat and many resorted on to him and many believed on Him There Jesus like David slaying from King Saul fled to the rocky fortress on the other side of the Jordan here Jesus was out of range of both priest and ruler he went to the wilderness region where John the Baptist had grown up where he had begun his ministry at another village which is sometimes called Bethany but more often Beth the bear and there had great success reaping for John the Baptist head so there in this wild and rocky region he was safe from the plots of his enemies but while he was there Lazarus to 6 jurors sent him an email they texted him. Tacksmen to the one you love. It's interesting to me that they call Lazarus the wine you love Jesus did love Lazarus It was obvious to everyone that Jesus loved him John $1136.00 then said the Jews the whole how he loved them but he didn't love Lazarus alone he loved the entire family they were all his friends notice verse 5 Now Jesus loves Martha and her sister Mary and Lazarus is Jesus' love unique to Martha Mary and Lazarus does the love you know it. Years ago when I was a student at Columbia Union College called the now it's the Washington admin it's University. I was having my devotion to house praying and I I said to the Lord one evening while I was praying I said Lord you know I tell you that I love you I would like you to tell me that you love me now of course. I was ignoring the fact that every fire of springing grass the birds that make the air melody with their song all testify of God's love and if I wanted to know whether God loved me I could have gone out and looked at the grass there by the boys dorm but I said Lord I tell you can you just tell me and I had no sooner said that prayer then I got to buzzards Now this is before i Phones and this is before even more sophisticated communication where you had a telephone in the room we had a buzzer that the desk could communicate with us and to buzz is meant that we had a phone call so I went to the to the down the hall and to the right where there was a phone on. The hallway and it was a friend on the other line it was a girlfriend is just a friend but it was a girl and she said I just got a new Bible and it was the new in English Bible and she says I had out. I was just reading Malakai and it was so good I just had to call you and tell you and read it to you and here was the verse Malakai 12 I love you says the Lord. I went now I don't know why this happened. Now I don't remember the year but it was an amazing situation. And I have never wondered if I wonder I just get out the New English Bible and read Malakai $12.00 because that is for you I love you says the Lord the children's song is true Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible Tells Me So the sisters are right to say to Jesus the one you love is sick look back at John 11 through 3 in this message to Jesus did Mary and Martha ask him for a favor therefore his sister sent out on to him saying sent and the insane Lord behold he whom now love is sick what did they do they simply presenting a need to Jesus they discovered a secret a prayer powerful prayer answered prayer they didn't tell a god what to do they simply presented him with what their problem was what a difference between this prayer to Jesus Lord he knew my love as the sick and the prayers of the past 8 Israelites praying the bail screaming jumping around hollering and even cutting themselves they wore themselves out trying in vain to get the attention of their God They dear fellow Jesus is listening to our prayers and he bends low when he hears that if a if a baby cries be that whimper ever so slight What does a mother do to respond she can tell the difference between a cry of me. In their baby's cries in Jesus is the same for us and Martha in Mary simple expression of need move the arm of omnipotence there was a power in that prayer whom I love. In a great chapter of the book education base and prayer the very 1st paragraph says faith is trusting God believing that he does love that he loves us and what else knows best what is for our good Did Mary and Martha believe that God loved them do they believe that he knew best what was for their good. Do you have trust and confidence of jesus love for you Are you certain he knows best what is for your good please look at verse 6 when he heard he had heard therefore that he that is Lazarus was sick I mean just put those words and when Jesus had heard therefore that Lazarus was sick Jesus abode today still in the same place where he was how did Jesus respond when he heard that Lazarus was sick there whenever. They went around on his business as if they hadn't even heard a request. He went around as if it didn't matter we live in an instant society instant mashed potatoes instant out instant communication through tax day a year ago a teen and had her mother came into my office to be saved for some skin disease and that scene was actually there are a. Clearly had a problem and so the mother began to make some suggestions to her daughter. And the girl just sort of pushed up for now us and says Mom that's so 10 seconds ago that is our instant society 10 seconds is another generation 10 seconds has no interest for us people want instant answers to their prayer but that might not be best for us notices from great controversy 630 the very delay so painful to them that is the saint is the. What are the next 2 words was the word before the answer the best answer to their petition I heard a. Minister that I greatly respect back when I was a young person says that Jesus only answers prayer in 2 ways to ways I picked up my errors idolise heard it was 3 way and I says it's just 2 ways either says Yes or he says something better yes or something better I like that don't you prayer is not the secret for getting our way with God through prayer is God's secret for getting his way with us there are those who will not believe in Christ unless he answers their prayers in a certain way I had an attending back when I was in residency at Ohio State University and this was my attending that taught me pediatric Physical Medicine and rehab and he was ne theist and so we were chatting one day and he told me why I was an atheist because he had prayed to God He had polio and had polio as a. 6 year old and he had prayed to God that God would deliver him from his polio and keep him from the witness he had to walk around with with crutches and with a wheelchair if it was any distance and he had prayed to God to heal him and God hadn't heard him and so therefore God must not exist. The noble the one son was in a desperate situation as was Lazarus but what a different request the nobleman made when he heard that Jesus was come out of Galilee into out of Judea into Galilee he went on to him and he saw him that he would come down and heal his son for he was at the point of death then Jesus said unto him one except he sees signs and wonders he will not believe there are some who are insistent on their way in their prayers most of us are familiar with Hezekiah as disastrous answer to prayer I say had come down that as a cause and given him a message that he was going to die and so instead of surrendering to God's best for his life he turned his face to the wall and pouted and begin to say a prayer and God answered his prayer gave him 15 more years of life but those 15 years didn't result in good that was after that prayer that the Babylonians visited and determined they were going to destroy Jerusalem and then during that 15 year period the child the NASA was all the worst king of Israel when you hate to twist God's arms so he gave you what you wanted if it wasn't best for you not my will Jesus prayed but I will be done and I pray God don't let me push you into doing anything. That isn't or your way God's way not my way is the best way in the book of Psalms it tells us of Jesus giving the children of Israel what they wanted and asked for Psalm 116 he gave them their request but sent Lena's into their souls we don't want God to give us the answer to our request unless it's best for us I want the answer to prayer that don't give me lean this is all but that this is all about you the disciples wanted Judas to join as a disciple and they pushed Jesus so hard that he granted their request they would have understood Jesus otherwise desire this. So I pray their Jesus don't let anything I warn interfere with what should be done don't worry about my feelings don't worry about my understanding just do what is best now that's what Mary Martha and Lazarus prayed Lord he who now love us is sick you know the case you know you'll do what is right you're the great physician and what was right in this case it was for Jesus to just keep right on doing what he'd been doing for the next 2 days but he did send them back a message and he'll send us a message we find it in verse 4 when Jesus heard that that is their request their their information he said this sickness is not on to death but for the glory of God that the Son of God might be glorified thereby When we choose God's way it will bring joy to us and glory to him. That message came back to Mary Martha and Lazarus and they must have felt a huge sense of relief they thought they understood Jesus' answer but they only partially comprehended the words of Christ as Paul says we see through a glass darkly now we know in part because of partial understanding Martha and Mary's hopes we're going to be bitterly disappointed if you are last person her Jesus' message the sickness is not in the death what would you conclude I mean die in Mary Martha and Lazarus felt reassured that at least whatever was the problem with Lazarus he wasn't going to die even as they watched Lazarus go steadily weaker they knew he was not going to die for Jesus said this sickness is not and that death seeing a rapid deterioration in a sickness normally prepares a person and their family for the death of a loved one my brother discovered that he had chronic lymphocytic leukemia. And he was told it was not a question of if it was only a question of when he would die and so for the next 7 years he carefully prepared for the inevitable he was preparing to die and we were prepared for him to die we were in his room when he died in such a situation death brings us grief but it doesn't bring us surprise but neither Lazarus nor his sisters were prepared for his death Jesus had said this sickness is not on to death and what did they do they trusted Jesus words they believed them in Lazarus death was his unexpected as if he had never been sick. The sisters had confidently told their friends of the word of Jesus they expressed assurance that Lazarus wasn't going to die they sent out no messages for others to see it Lazarus for the last time they didn't feel they needed to he wasn't going to die I'm reminded of Charles fit you remember in early October 844 after baptizing 3 groups of believers in a brisk wind he contract with a high fever that turned into pneumonia and on October 14th just a few days shy of October 22 when he knew Jesus was going to come he died but his wife and his children didn't mourn because they expected to see him in just a week a little over a week and they were halfway confident and expected but Jesus didn't. And husband and the father and now the wife and the children are all sleeping and what happened to Mary and Martha Jesus didn't come into Martha and Mary is great surprise Lazarus died what they thought couldn't happen did happen they heard his breathing stopped they saw his eyelids close they felt the pulse ceased they had made any special free range was for a funeral would you because they knew there wouldn't be one they were prepared for his life but they weren't prepared for his death as the finality of their situation sank in they felt their loss more deeply Lazarus was the only male in their household they must have felt less safe without a brother there to protect them they must have wondered who was going to be doing the heavy lifting around the house without a man there and they. Well put yourself in Mary in Martha's plays to your grief is added surprise to your surprise is that it perplexity and embarrass the perplexity of trusting in the Word of God that seemed to fail which test your faith and also the embarrassment of telling others that Lazarus wouldn't die what questions less of tortured their minds what had gone wrong why had Lazarus died why did Jesus say his sickness was not into death relatives who rejected Jesus use Jesus' words as a weapon against them to show that they had been following this foolishly listening to Jesus foolishly and his others words is other words were just as unreliable Mary and Martha struggled to understand Jesus meant until they finally concluded if Jesus would have been here Lazarus when they died. And they repeated it over and over was their explanation right yes had Jesus been there would last if that died now but Jesus wasn't there and Lazarus was dead there are folk every time we see a death and go to a funeral it's because Jesus S. and come because if Jesus was here if Jesus had come with their be any more dead the sisters long for Jesus presence while Lazarus lived they longed for it even more after last year's died but it was too late and they sent him no further meant messages and we previously noted that Lazarus name means well remember God is my helpful Lazarus represents all those who in difficulties and afflictions put their trust in God. God is their helper and when Jesus sent the message this sickness is not on the death God was sending this message to every Lazarus all believe that God is their helper the Bible promises sure believers in Jesus will not die they have eternal life John 11 later in this same chapter Jesus said Whosoever live at the end believe it And Michele what never die the same promise he made to Lazarus he's made to us then we understand they don't die they merely take in now then after that says he to his disciples Let us go into Judea again notice the phrase then after that when Jesus receive the message he seemed to dismiss it Lazarus sickness was no big deal Lazarus isn't going to die God's glory is going to be revealed Don't worry about it Jesus apparently doesn't give it any attention for 2 more days he doesn't mention it he's busy doing other things the current concern of Mary and Martha doesn't seem to be his concern at all when you seem to get no answers to your prayers when your problems seem to mount and God doesn't seem to care remember this phrase then after that the in has not come the answer is coming then after that the glory of God will be revealed then after that let us go to Judea again the disciples said to him lately the Jews Jews have sought to stone you and you are going there again but Jesus did not make his own safety is own needs his priority. Verse 9 Jesus answered Are there not 12 hours in the day if anyone walks in the day he does not stumble because he sees the light of His word of this world but if one walks in the night he stumbles because the light is not in him when we have light on I path we need to walk on the path when we know God's will we must follow it some fear to follow the directions of scripture it may mean the loss of money it may mean the loss of friends or even life itself God's Word points in a direction but they see only danger my mother listen to an evangelist experience by elder Vandeman her sister had taken her a 180 miles every evening she would hear elder Vandeman and in that evangelist experience my mother decided she was going to become a Christian she decided she was going to become a 7th Day Adventist she decided she must keep the Sabbath and when she. Gave her notice she lost her job now my mother's husband had left her and she was with a young child my brother my older brother. And she had no other means of support or no social network than like there were now and she went for days knocking on this mess after business seeking a job no job in Finally one day she went to the business the biggest business in town but the 2nd time and the lady who talked to her the person in charge of human resources person in charge of hiring and firing looked her in the eye and said the milling you will never get a job here unless you work on Saturday. When we take steps to follow Jesus it may seem like the loss of many things and all things but that wasn't the end of the story the president of the company. Lost his secretary the executive secretary and I thought that that secretary would become him coming back and somehow. Gave the word to my mother and ask if she would be able to fill in as the interim secretary which of course she could do and it didn't that mandate me sat Sabbath work that other person never came back in my mother at the highest job you could get in the company in fact she was the boss of the lady who told her she would never get a job in that company if she kept this out if you have a light you know what God wants you to do what should you do if you have white walk in the light walk in the light these things he said and after that he said friend Lasser sleeps when I go that I may wake him up you know princes send out invitations to weddings to their friends. There was a recent wedding over in Britain and people wonder who is going to get the in the Taishan to this. Pristina just selective affair and Jesus has his friends on this earth Abraham was one Lazarus was one they will get an end to Taishan to the Marriage Supper of the land Lamb who are his friends those who believe him. Our his friends Abraham believed God and he was called the friend of God Jesus is looking for friends we can become his friend too he says I have called you friend our friend Lazarus sleeps but I go that I may wake him up who is Jesus going to come for and wake up his friend is friend the disciples didn't want to make the journey to Bethany the 1st they said at 1st they said it's too dangerous Jesus answered that question but they still objected they said it was unnecessary His disciples then said Lord if he sleeps he will get well there are always 2 objections to following truth the 1st as it's too dangerous is too difficult it's too costly that is always the 1st objection it comes in various flavors and colors paying tithe is too costly keeping the Sabbath is too costly changing the diet too difficult to all such a Jackson's Jesus says follow the light obey the truth share Jesus with others but when we successfully answer that objection leap that hurdle another objection always follows it's necessary you don't have to pay tithes keep the Sabbath or change your diet God doesn't require that we're in the new covenant we're under grace you don't have to give up your jewelry notice that these objections were made by disciples of Jesus ministers of the Gospel don't condemn them pray for them set an example for them by following the light and God's Word to the law and to the testimony if they speak not according to this word there is no light in them and you don't want to follow darkness you want to walk into light. But we continue with the passage however Jesus spoke of his death but they thought he was thinking about taking rest and sleeping then Jesus said to them plainly Lazarus is dead now everybody in this audience knows that Jesus was comparing death the what sleep in God wants us to understand that every time we go to sleep we are illustrating what it's like to be dead and so every night he wants us to prepare for our sleep as if we were preparing for our grave and if we're prepared to sleep we're prepared to die if we're prepared to die we're prepared to sleep and so that's why we make sure our sins are confessed before we sleep and that everything is right with God before we sleep and then when we wake up the next morning it's a symbol of the. Resurrection and we thank God he's awakened us given us life again in illustrating that every day of our lives but I want to emphasize the truth of the state of the dead for a reason early writings 87 the saints must get a thorough understanding of present truth which they will be obliged to maintain from the Scriptures what are some of the present truths we must understand thoroughly notice this they must understand read the next by words the state of the dead wife for the spirits of devils will yet appear to them professing to be beloved friends and relatives I have patients that come into me all the time the 7th Day Adventists. And they tell me that some departed friend is giving is communicating with. It's happening increasingly I never had that years ago but it's happening now all the time with patients in dear folks it will happen to you and me if we live long enough the spirits the spirits of devils will declare to them read that with me that the Sabbath has been changed now you don't have to have a spirit a devil that talks to you like that I've had I've never had at. A departed relative tell me that but I've had some living people tell me that but the spirits of devils will declare to them that the Sabbath has been changed also there and scriptural doctors now of course will make it sound like the Scriptures teaches that then Jesus said to them plainly or Lazarus is dead and I'm glad for your sakes that I was not there that you may believe Nevertheless let us go to him often what makes us sad would make as glad if we just knew the end from the beginning Jesus could be glad because he knew the end of the story there was no reason for the family of Lazarus not to be glad there was no reason for Christ's disciples to Lorne they determined they would follow Jesus even if that meant they were killed 2 is Thomas said later in the chapter that was a quite a trip for Jesus to go to Bethany from the best there and it was dangerous and he took a speaker out maybe he traveled by night he did not dare sending me messages that he was actually coming it took Christ in His Disciples 2 days to quietly reach their destination because that's And he was on the outskirts of Jerusalem many important Jews from Jerusalem gathered for last risk you knew in those days a funeral did not take an hour or 2 it would last a week with expressions of great morning. I had my 1st opportunity to see this type of weeping and wailing when I was a student missionary on a trip to the hospital and get Ethiopia it seems so strange to my eyes in the years I was accustomed to calm Christian funerals I'd never heard or imagined anything like this. It's ironic that the very Jews who are in Bethany prepared tending to mourn for Lazarus pretending to comfort Martha and Mary would soon be plotting to kill Lazarus whose death they were now mourning as I was preparing for this I'd discovered that in Britain now you can hire mourners for funeral for $6.00 an hour and it's coming to the United States as well mourning mourners professional mourners. Now Jesus arrived in Bethany quietly he heard all the ruckus off in the distance could you hear that so he sent one of the disciples with the message that he had arrived and was waiting to see them at the edge of town the messenger came and Martha understood his message but Mary didn't hear it isn't it interesting that Mary's grief was so great that Jesus' comforting message cannot be heard is that interesting that human comforters kept Mary from the heavenly company and you love Jesus and Jesus sent him message when you miss it yes Jesus sent Mary a message and she missed it it happened it happened to Mary twice when she was in great grief at this time and also at the resurrection where Jesus was there and finally had to say Mary Mary and soon as Martha heard that Jesus was coming she went and met him Mary was sitting in the house. Now Martha said to Jesus Lord if you'd been here my brother would not have died her grief however great did not destroy her faith but even now I know that whatever you ask God God will give you that is a friend Abraham believes in God and he was called the friend of God Martha said to me a Lord I believe that you are the Christ the Son of God who is to come into the world friends of God believe got and trust him fully when Jesus had heard these things he went to her she went her way secretly called Mary her sister saying the teacher has come and is calling for you she had to do it in secret because so many of the people that were mourning or enemies of Christ in her grief in sorrow Jesus was calling Mary have you ever felt alone when you feel alone Jesus is calling are you going through trials Jesus is calling these words inspired Danny Crosby these words of Jesus what was Mary's response to Jesus go as soon as she heard that verse 29 she arose quickly and came to Jesus that's the response I want to have is that your response is calling then when Mary came where Jesus was and saw him she fell down at his feet saying to him the same words as Martha the words they had repeated each other and thought over and over Lord if you had been here my brother would not have. Learned if you'd been here my brother would not. Gently Jesus said where have you laid him and he said to him Lord come and see then comes the shortest verse in the Bible just 2 words Jesus wept John 1135 and there are many lessons here. The question becomes why did he wait The 1st is. That God is not just the God of the future he is the God of the immediate need not only knows that we're going to be happy in heaven he also feels our grief here and now he doesn't just say oh don't worry about it to the angels don't worry about those people down there they're going to be so happy here and just a short time is not very long that where he waits with our weeping he wept with Mary and Martha though they were soon to be joyful with the resurrection of Lazarus he wept with their and mediate pain though God is soon to wipe tears from our eyes though he is soon to take away all of our pain he is sympathetic to our present grief he wept for all those who that sorrow through the centuries and who are still to sorrow he was weeping with all of them in all our affliction is afflicted he was the only true mourner at the funeral of Lazarus he understood how temporary his resurrection of Lazarus was the joy of Mary and Martha at Lazarus resurrection would be short lived Lazarus would die again and. Mary and Martha if they were to live must sorrow again but there's a deeper sorrow than even this sorrow he was weeping for the people whom he couldn't raise he was weeping for that great group of people who were not sorry for their sins and for whom he was truly sorry he loved those who hated him he asked the question Is it nothing to you all hope pass by the hold and see if there is any sorrow like my sorrow though the mourners saw Christ tears they could never understand their cause he was weeping for them they were weeping for Lazarus. But they should have been weeping for themselves Jesus understands our 2 years that we don't understand his fears he sympathizes with us that we so poorly sympathize with him Education 263 every departure from the right every deed of cruelty every failure of humanity to reach his ideal brings grief to him and Jesus again groaning in himself came to the tomb as a cave in a stone lay against it Jesus said pull away the stone Martha the sister of Him who is dead said to him Lord by this time there's a stench for he's been dead for days Martha was practical she was trying to save Jesus from embarrassing himself Gene knew all around are enemies of Jesus and she wanted to help God out whenever there is a forward movement there are good people who love Jesus who will give reasons why this or that should be done and I remember when Mark when I suggested that there should be satellite evangelism and everybody said oh you can't do that nevertheless it was done and it was very effective in fact it converted my oldest daughter Jesus said to Martha did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God then they took away the stone from the place where the dead man was lying just Jesus lifted up his eyes and said And once again you're not going to see him leaping up clapping shouting commanding cutting him self nothing like that we see how simple prayer is it's going to God in faith trusting him believing that he loves us and knowing that he hears it heard Mary in Martha's request even though it didn't appear to respond. Father Jesus said I thank you that you heard me and I know you always hear me because the people who are standing by said this. That they may believe that you sent me now when he had said these things he cried with a loud voice Lazarus. Or why did Jesus say it with a loud voice was it so Lazarus could hear. This is a preview of the 2nd Advent when the law or himself shall descend from heaven with a shout this is going to be a loud shout with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God and the dead in cries show rise 1st just as every eye will see him every ear will hear him Can you imagine what it would been like to be in that crowd Lazarus been dead for days it been wrapped up in burial clothes placed in the cave now with the stain a stone rolled away Jesus at the mouth of the cave he shouts Oh Lazarus come forth either Lazarus is going to come forth or is not one of the tale either Jesus is what he said he is the resurrection and the life or is not is a deceiver or a truth teller those words that all could hear will establish forever the truth of Jesus claims or prove them Paul the scene we're looking at is one of the most important in Christ life for this scene there were believers and unbelievers around there was a large crowd Jesus had arranged for it to be like that now they wait they heard Jesus. Now they breathlessly wait in suspense to hear Lazarus respond when the loud voice dies away in the people say to their children. And suddenly they hear Russell. They observed some movement in the shadows of that cave he who had died came out that one hand and foot with grave Colobus in the space was wrapped with a claw Jesus said to them loose him they let him go there folks that resurrection was a mighty display of God's power. I hope I live to be trained later but if I downed I'll be part of that would show the joy the glory of God by the resurrection Jesus miracle shows that should I die it's merely my bed chamber and I can awaken at the call of Jesus in Charlotte Homer wrote that him be not aware you for labor will see some glad morning turmoil will change the incident he Some glad morning many of the Jews who had come to Bethany and had seen the things Jesus did believed in him as a very important point to be seen in this passage the greatest work of Lazarus did not occur by his living but by his dime is only recorded sermon was given when his lips were silent in the gray his greatest sermons were shown when he obeyed God even when he with dead came forward we need not think we serve God only in life by faith Abel offered under God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain by which you have tamed witness that he was right to God testifying of his gifts and by it he being dead yet speak I want to win souls during my life and I want to continue winning souls after my death or until translation whatever will bring God the most glorious there's a final point to be made have you been dead in trespasses and sins the same power that resurrect the physical dead and raise the spiritual dead. Where they were to Vickie thing is there is power you want God's voice to be heard calling you to life if we want to obey God then we learn how that God Now if Jesus gives you life from spiritual death others will believe last Rhasis given life brought life and many others aren't you glad you're 7th day I didn't know what we know there oh you want to make it your commitment that whether you're alive. Whether you're resting you'll respond now so that you will respond then to the call of G.-D. Jesus will come and call for those that are as friends is it your determination to be one of those. Let's pray Father in heaven I want to be ready when Jesus comes 1st pleasures him as a way to. Keep us to achieve. We're here at this camp meeting help us to make the decision to take the steps always walk in your life to be true to to the truth of the faithful to your word in a time where the world is increasingly can. And even many people went within the church are confused. When you read. 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