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Satan's Methods, Jesus' Methods

Phil Mills Sr.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia




  • June 20, 2018
    2:00 PM
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Dear Lord thank you so much for another time we can study your word and I pray that you will fill our minds with a deeper understanding and appreciation for Jesus fill our auditorium with the Holy Spirit we prayed in Christ name Amen voice activation is everywhere his very call my son. It turn it off. There's Amazon selection Alexa Microsoft's Cortana Google assistant all voice activated but this voice activation is not new everything in the world everything in the universe God made voice activated. By the word of the Lord or the heavens made and all the hosts of them by the breath of his mouth for he spake and it was done he commanded and it stood fast why Ecclesiastes is 84 where the words say it with me where the word of a King is there is power God's voice activates all of creation in Genesis God said Let there be light and there was light in so on through all the days of creation as each part was created God spoke God's word brought order from chaos beauty from ugliness the dirt became man and a rib became woman by God's Word the ordinary became extraordinary and that's what God wants to do in our lives with his word our study this week has taken us to the outskirts of Jerusalem. In our 1st study we saw Martha opening our home to Jesus if you didn't get the handout for the 1st lecture we have one here make sure you pick it up at the end. Martha's so much like us although she welcomed Jesus to her house the 1st time he would visit it she worried about what she had to offer Jesus instead of appreciating what he had to offer her she became overwhelmed irritated impatient she began to feel that the little she had to offer Christ was more important than the much he had to offer her and we learn from Martha that it's not enough to invite Jesus into our home the purpose of his visit is companionship with us he doesn't come for us to wait on him he comes to wait on us he doesn't come to add to our burdens he comes to take our burdens Martha lost the companionship of Jesus when she neglected to cast her burden on the Lord who cared for her in then he and his disciples just became one more burden Have you ever seen people who are burdened down with all the things they have to do for the church or for Jesus or for. That's losing the companionship of Jesus without realizing it what was the testimony that Martha gave the world about inviting Jesus into the home he's a bird he takes up too much of my time here absorbs others attention so they don't help me and they become useless with Jesus here nobody does their work caring for him is a burden living the Christian life is hard when ever we complain that's really what we're saying Martha serves as a warning how easily we can complain even when Jesus is present on Monday we saw how God's word can change us as we sit at the feet of Jesus morning by morning and this alone prepares us for the day. Power to Change Lives come from sitting at the feet of Jesus yesterday we look at we look at what happens when Jesus comes into our lives and into our homes and we become his friends he brings life he brings health he raises the dead but who are his friends and how can we become them if you have your Bibles turn to John 1514 John 1514 and there we see how do we become one of Jesus' friends. You are my friends if what you do what I command you do Proverbs $22211.00 says he that love of pure pureness of heart for the grace of his lips the King shall be his friends so if we do what Jesus commands when we do HIS we will he abides with us still we become his friends. This afternoon we will move on in our study will be looking at the various passages and comparing them as a as we learn to. Study you have. To hand out anybody not have a handout let me just hand some to you to give to anybody that doesn't have one. The reason why I think this will be easier than looking it up and there in your Bible because we'll have them there so you can see the similar passages side by side I think you find it helpful we want to learn to listen to the voice of God In see how that voice activation activates our lives and changes us on more and more and notice 736 verse 36 There you see there at the top you see the fore. Books and then the verses underneath and I've tried to line them up to see that in your hand out we're going to look at Dr Luke's for description 1st verse 36 of Luke 7 then one of the fairest is ask him to eat with him and he went to the Farriss house and sat down to eat and behold a woman in the city who was a center when she knew that Jesus sat at the table in the Farriss house brought an alabaster flask of fragrant oil instead of his feet behind him weeping and should begin to wash his feet with her tears and wiped them with the hair of her head and she kissed his feet and anointed them with the fragrant oil meditating on scripture is like looking at one of those computer generated pictures that looks like it just dots and colors have you seen them and then you look at it you look at it in a stair you move it this way and that way until finally. A 3 dimensional picture emerges of use have you seen one of us. And that's how scripture. Is as we meditate on it we've been meditating on stories from Bethany in. Just one small city out outside of Jerusalem the suburbs of Jerusalem what Jesus did in this village impacted all of Jerusalem this community served as a basis for Jesus in his bigger ministry that he had in a key home there the story of Bethany is the story of 2 homes which opened their doors for Jesus Martha learned her lesson and the next time we see met Martha we saw this yesterday she wasn't complaining about Jesus being present. She was longing for his presence longing for him to be there her brother Lazarus had died and during those days with Lazarus dead without Jesus Mary and Martha represent those who know Jesus and are his friends those who welcome him into their homes and into their hearts Martha and Mary represent 7th Day Adventist they keep the Sabbath there longing for Jesus to come they represent those who see the coming of Jesus as a solution to their problems they represent those who often speak to each other and their desire of their desire to see Jesus if only Jesus was here this or that would not happen that's Adventists the last or is had been dead for 4 days it's never too late for Jesus to solve the problem in Lazarus was resurrected to the amazement of the funeral mourners and the comfort of the sisters and the resurrection of Lazarus is the context of our story this afternoon Lazarus was raised in late January or early February of 8031 Now when did Jesus die March or April. Of 8031 so this was perhaps one to 2 months before Jesus was resurrected as you can imagine even though there wasn't text messages e-mails. Radio and Television How long do you think it took to get the news out of the resurrection of Lazarus dead for days it spread like wild fire walk far and wide creating an immense interest in the Jews. But to really understand our story this afternoon we need to understand the mindset of the Jews at that time now as Christians we take the resurrection for granted but not so the Jews in the days of Christ for them the topic of the resurrection was one of immense debate who didn't believe in the resurrection the said just see as according to Mark 2223 Mark 1218 Luke 2027 they were scientists and they argued that it was impossible for there to be a resurrection and here we can get some insight into the way that Satan works because the resurrection was a crucial part of the Messiah's message what did say not want Jews to believe that it was even possible he wanted to create doubt before it ever happened he sought to get some to disbelieve it and then argue against it and say used stubborn doubters pretending to be scientific truth seekers to further his cause debates between the Farriss were so heated and passionate that Paul was able to split the Sanhedrin by simply saying he was a fairest see and he believed in the resurrection and said they verities want to defend him and the Sadducees continued to attack him and this is how Satan wins few people study for themselves the rank and file of the Jews had listened to the various debates between the Farriss and between the Sadducees and they became confused they wondered what death was like they wondered if there was a resurrection and the multitude were not willing to take a stand on the subject because they were moderate. The talk about the resurrection then became controversial and you mustn't touch controversy 0 talks subjects we find that Jesus didn't argue about the subject he simply presented the Bible and its declarations but as Jesus said in a parable in Luke 1631 if they hear not Moses and the prophets neither will they be persuaded though. One rose from the dead after this Miracle of Lazarus raising Was there any question about a resurrection should be. In How could anyone be a Sadducee after this miracle but did this sadness is a knowledge of their error and abandon their beliefs now they did not accept the Bible and they wouldn't accept truth though one rose from the dead they wouldn't accept the Bible and if you don't accept the Bible you will not accept any other authority their beliefs were not based on a search for truth but on pride of opinion when you see and the clearest Bible text don't convince a person of the truth nothing will the bible is that test for pride of opinion when you see a scholar reject the Bible as an authority when you see a lowering of the authority of the Bible you can know that that person bases their views not on a search for truth but on pride of opinion don't pay any attention at all to what that person says or believes because they're not honest they're not committed to truth wherever it may lead and thus they cannot be safe guides their blind leading the blind only the blind will follow a blind guide. Furthermore any truth they do hold is purely happenstance want to listen to this people who have pride of opinion may hold some truth but it's just happenstance Maybe they grew up in it cultural because they can't be persuaded by any evidence they will reject evidence evade evidence destroy evidence work against any evidence and I have people give me calls from time to time I got one just a week or so ago and this person was a retired pastor a very good man and he wanted to present a new view of Revelation 17 and there are several key things that I always listen to when somebody is going to present a new view because we we want the truth want to be open but if always listening if somebody has some new view about the trumpets I want to know where did they stand on great controversy in that statement on the trumpets and if they begin by explaining away that statement then I now the law into the testimony that I have laid here and so when I was listening to this view guess what I was listening to is this individual going to start explaining away key text of the Bible or key statements by the Spirit of Prophecy that way I can know if they are open to the correction and instruction from the Bible in the Spirit of Prophecy does that make sense Christ's resurrection of Lazarus instead of making the Sadducees happy to finally find the truth made the Farriss furious Jesus in Christ day. Without internet without email there was no trouble for God to get this message of last or his resurrection out viral it was viral before there was viral over the next couple of months this event spread creating a huge sensation it was an atomic bomb that Jesus dropped to prepare society for his own resurrection you see how that happens he is working ahead of time he is looking at all these things and God is wise in his timing of events about 21 to 2 months after this Miracle of Bethany of this resurrection of Lazarus Jesus returned to Bethany this visit however was different from any prior visits before he had gone privately secretly slipped and slipped out but at this time he came to Jerusalem in a very public manner he was open he encouraged publice to he traveled with the crowds on the way to the Passover a true Islam leaving the wilderness of the for him on the other side of the Jordan where he lived in relative seclusion and safety he 1st went to Jericho and the city of Jericho is 15 miles 24 kilometers from Jerusalem that's about an 8 and a half hour journey by foot if you have one stop for eating in a quibble a trip today would be to start in your car from the law and travel to St Louis Missouri I just looked it up on Google this last week now at 825 feet below sea level Jericho is the lowest city in the world. And it gives a has a very pleasant claim and because of this now to go from Jericho to Drew Sloan You have to Klein and it is not only dry arid in hot it's dangerous as it goes through a wild region inhabited by outlaws it was on this road that the story of the Good Samaritan took place today 2000 years later that road between Jericho and Jerusalem still is dangerous I happened to have traveled that road years ago and while we were driving up the road we passed by a bus that had been bombed from some rubble that had been hidden in the caves and area. Yes very dangerous thank you for that so at the time of the Passover the city of Jerusalem would swell to over 2000000 guess and it was announced that Jesus was to spend the Sabbath in Bethany before the Passover he had been invited to a feast and all Jerusalem was interested in who was going to be the guests at this feast Yesterday we looked at John 11 will take up the story in John 12 you have it there in your hand out say after Luke Matthew Mark Luke and then the final column will look at verses one into 6 days before the Passover Jesus came to Bethany where Lazarus was who had been dead whom he had raised from the dead there they made him a supper and Martha served but last rest was one of those who sat at the table with him now do you see God's overall plan here just before Jesus' resurrection what were the Jews talking about. The Resurrection just before his resurrection Who were they talking about the one who had been resurrected. Verse 9 of John 12 to see if there now a great many of the Jews knew that he that is Jesus was there and they came not for Jesus' sake only but what you have at their picture verse 9. 0 it's on the back thank you where yes John 129 now a great many of the Jews knew that he was there and they came not just to see Lazarus on Jesus only but that they might also see a Lazarus whom he had raised from the dead saints plan in denying the resurrection had been defeated they had somebody that was resurrected Lazarus flesh but they could see it the arguments against the resurrection had now boomerang to get Satan because now it had a created a special interest in the topic see how that works Satan can do nothing against the truth but for the truth God will arouse his people when other means fail heresies will come into the church by in 5 page 707 god knows how to arouse us in his own time and way God will overrule the heresies that come into the church to firmly more firmly establish truth right now the heresy of. The anti trinitarianism. Who knows why it's coming but God has a plan to more firmly establish the importance of the Holy Spirit the importance of Jesus and the importance of God the Father in people were intensely curious about Lazarus Have you ever talked to somebody who had been dead Well if you are talking to dead people talk to me. Dead for days many Jews wondered what death was like today we have all heard the reports of the Near Death Experiences and it's interesting that people were trying to turn that are people today are trying to turn near death experiences into after death experiences but there was no such a counter by a near death experience for Lazarus that was a death experience for days talking to Lazarus was a chance to talk to somebody who had been dead a long time and the Jews wanted to know what was it like they all wondered what it is seen Did he hate to leave Heaven with His Spirit to come back into his body God had arranged to give Lazarus an important testimony just before Jesus' death and resurrection and what did last wrist tell them he could repeat that he knew by experience that God's word was true the dead know not anything the living know they will die but the dead now not anything I've done no anything while I was dead it was just like being asleep was all they could tell the 1st thing I heard was the voice of Jesus calling me to get up and I did dying was hard debt was easy he could say on his resurrection so he got up death where she was staying grave was your victory is this all there was to death no big deal here. Now that we have the context let's go back to verse 2 of John 12 as usual who is serving Martha issue complaining now she is serving and happy to do it moving forward we come to verse 3 and we see Mary then Mary took a pound a very costly oil of Spike married and anointed the feet of Jesus and wiped his feet with her hair and the house was filled with fragrance of the oil where is Mary at the feet of Jesus where he's We saw her in our 1st study some people always seem to be in trouble do you know any anyone like that no matter where they appear or suddenly they get into trouble no matter what they do people understand the matter what they do people complain and that was Mary each time we see here she is in trouble in her early years when she had been apart from Jesus and she had lived a life of sin she was despised but even when she was with Jesus she is despised even when she said at Jesus' feet she got in trouble don't think that if you are if Jesus is in your home and you're at his feet you will escape trouble it's not going to happen it don't think that just because you're sitting at that Jesus' feet you're going to escape people criticizing what you do don't think that you can sit at Jesus' feet an escape turmoil don't think you can escape misunderstanding in opposition by city. At the feet of Jesus that actually invites attack Now why did Mary always seem to be misunderstood notice Luke $737.00 there Oberon Luke I think I have it 1st $37.00 yes behold a woman in the city who was a. Sinner. This tells us one reason why Mary was suspect in everything she did a law breaker who is known by the police is often a suspect and in crimes they didn't commit why because they've committed other crimes and the word Center has a certain sneer to it a contempt the root is a work word that means to miss the mark and the Jews didn't use this word to describe the person who had committed a misspeak the Jews used it for those that were social I outcast they didn't use that word to describe the sins that were socially acceptable it was they use the word used for her betrayal chronic determine sin moral Senate alcohol addictions it was not a compliment it was the greatest insult you could give perhaps it would be one greater you are a sinner and de publican and that would be the only thing that would be a little lower than the sinner Mary had been brought up in a Jewish home but became a young lady of wild parties and easy morals who was sawing wild oats only to reap loneliness disappointment and heartache I wish I knew the whole story someday she'll tell us all about it. Today we only have a little glimpses desire of ages links are to Mary Magdalene and. Also to the woman who was 7 devils had been cast out. Those 2 experiences Now how did Mary live in Magaluf when we see her living with her sister and Bethany we don't know actually much about Magda Matthew 1539 tells us it is a coastal city on the Jewish side of the Sea of Galilee mark 810 calls the same area down when a new thing. Did Jesus find and rescue her after the feeding of the 4000 told about in these passages Mary. Appears to be the woman taken in adultery spoken of in John 8 desire of a just tells us that the woman taken in adultery became one of his most steadfast followers with self sacrificing the love and devotion she repaid is forgive him as his fee for giving. Mercy desire if it is for 62 now let me just ask you a question why do you think that God covers the past of Mary and we look back today at Mary as an honored saint of the Lord why do you think that God doesn't tell all the details and in. In the Bible about Mary's past we all are and what does he do when he forgives us he pushes all of our sins into the depths of the sea and the gospel writers respected Mary and out of their respect for Mary they didn't attach her name to the stories that were so important Jesus is like that he's not going to take your sins and publicize them to the world now journalists do. We used to call them journalist but really the Bible just calls them gossips you know there are gossips on the Internet that love to expose the sins of 7th Day Adventist people some of this is done by 7th Day Adventist writers but dear folk that is not the Bible model the Bible model is. Cover a multitude of sins love covers a multitude of sins and Jesus is not going to come and whisper in your ears all the sins that I've committed you don't have the time and he doesn't do it anyway and he's not going to whisper in my ears your sit and article at God has all the information about you and he has all that information about me but as we see in the story of Mary he is trying to help us in so he doesn't hurt or influence he seeks to restore us reinstate is what a God We know that Mary listened to his teaching she watched him heal the sick she watched while poor people were helped she saw that he didn't charge for his services and if you come to my office you'll have to sign insurance and do all those things when you and I don't do much to help a person I don't heal you. But when you went to Jesus he actually healed you and you didn't have to fill out insurance papers what a difference what a what a physician he didn't ask for insurance cards he didn't send them to buy expensive medications he just healed she had never heard or seen anyone like Jesus he prayed with her he prayed for her he wept when she would fall and he gave her scripture study to guide her respectable religious Jews condemned Jesus for being surrounded by tax collectors and sinners Matthew and Zacchaeus became loyal disciples from the tax collectors Mariya became a loyal disciple from the sinner class. Religious people are often harder for God to save than the open sinner the one who's drinking and partying sleeping around knows he's doing wrong but the religious person often can see his contempt in pride as she spent time with Christ Mary's heart had been under had been bitter and hard from hurt but it became strangely softened notice Luke 81 believe do we have Luke 81 there. Don't see it and it came to pass afterwards that he went throughout every city in village preaching and showing the glad tidings of the Kingdom of God and the 12 were with him and certain women who had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities Mary called magdaléna out of whom went 7 devils and many others which ministered unto him of their substance this isn't a fairy tale where people lived happily ever after her life began as a mess she was rescued from moral impurity and no she didn't become perfect in a moment she made resolutions and broke them she was ashamed of herself and afraid Jesus would see here she wouldn't go to him but he came to her again and again encouraged her to begin anew he didn't give up on her when she gave up on herself each time she was determined to do right and for a time she would but then the old impulses old desires old thoughts would return and she would slip back into world habits one day she was fooled by an entrapment scheme that worked and she was taken in her surprise and terror and dragged to Jesus Jesus was the last person she wanted to see she had let him down not once but again she couldn't bear to face him she condemned herself and she knew he condemned her but it was the best place to be no matter what our sin. When we have sinned the best thing that coulda happened to her is to be dragged to Jesus there folk think of it the priests who hated Jesus took somebody to Jesus and they took her so that he would condemn her and they could condemn him but when you take somebody to Jesus you take somebody to their healer and they said to Jesus say they. Didn't know that they were bringing her right to the solution for her problems her captors forgot that they just wanted to embarrass her they said Say Jesus we found this person who is a well known follower of yours she was committing adultery Now Moses in the law said that we needed to stone such people what do you say what should we do to this follower of yours as Mary heard those words she knew Jesus hatred of sin she knew his desire for purity and I imagine that her mouth went dry and she crimped cringed in shame burned hot crimson on her face you just see it and then she seemed to hear the death knell from Jesus himself when he said if it is without sin among you throw the 1st stone I picture her cowering waiting for the deserved stones to strike or many times people are afraid to read the Bible God's very word because they feel like Mary felt when she was in the presence of Jesus listening to his words she thought he was condemning her the words would be her death now there are people that won't read child guidance because somehow they think it condemns them. In that amazing. This is Jesus is taking you into the presence of Jesus He's not condemning you he's trying to help you and giving you information to help us they feel like it is a death knell instead of their emancipation proclamation to the freedom it declares as for her tormentors the people who had captured her the people who had set her up for this she thought they were getting stones to throw out or Finally she looked around and heard the voice of Jesus saying where are your accusers and then she looked at him as if he was the accuser he says Now I'm not your cues are go and sin no more and apparently that was the 7th time Jesus prayed for the demons that torture she knelt down at his feet weeping and she became the most faithful follower of Jesus she never ever return to the life of immorality again this is it others had exploited her but only Jesus cared for her she could say no one ever cared for me like Jesus just as their male Martha's their injured scarred male marries Dr Charles F. Y. a girl with an evangelist who came home from an evangelistic crusade to find a note stating that his wife had left him and did not want to remain married to an evangelist it was a difficult situation over the next months even thoughts of suicide entered his mind but over the next several years he found that Christ was better even than a wife and sitting down to the piano express the gratitude of his heart with the words. I would love to tell you what I think of Jesus my all my life was full of sin and when Jesus found me all my heart was full of misery and while Jesus placed his strong and loving arms around me and he led me in the way out to go every day he comes to me with new assurance more and more I understand His word of love but I'll never know just why he came to save me to some day I see his blessid face of that was Mary's testimony. And that's my testimony too. No wonder when Jesus came to Bethany Mary satisfy eat nothing could remove her she had been forgiven much she loved much she begin to wonder what can I do for Jesus she had heard that he was going to die and she decided to Perth just the best of perfumes to anoint him his body she didn't want it said of Christ's body what her sister had to say of Lazarus he stink of the word Spike nard has 2 words spike which means the pure essence an art which means the head it came from the head of a malaria nest plant called nard which grows only in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal China and India this had to be transported about 1500 miles by camel train as you can imagine the pure essence of nard was very expensive it cost an average year's wage in the days of Christ it's still expensive I looked up on Amazon this last week and a pound of nard is $624.08 it was a sacrificial purchase but nothing could be too good for Christ burial. She'd been pardoned and she must express her gratitude with the public coming of Christ to Bethany However the crowds were saying that Christ was to be crowned king and so that afternoon she took the alabaster box that held the pound of spikenard now the alabaster box is more like a pitcher alabaster is marble it was sealed a handmade alabaster box today cost about $300.00 on e Bay this last week and thus an equivalent purchase today would be a little over $900.00 Mary broke the seal on that pitcher in there she washed his tired feet with his this point she wiped off the excess with her long here this act of Mary's this act of love had been foretold. A Solomon 112 while the king sit at that his table my spikenard sent to thwart the smell there. All the stories of the Bible have a symbolism they are types in story parable in prophecy the same symbols could be applied a woman in the Bible represents the church what is a pure woman represent true church God's people what is a harlot represented an apostate church corrupt church which church did Mary represent God would teach us that the difference between the pure woman of Revelation 12 in the harlot of Revelation 17 is not what they have done they are both sinners in the Jewish understanding of the term but one is a sinner pardoned and cleansed one has been washed the other has not been one has taken the medicine of the Gospel the other has refused it Jesus said of Babylon we would have healed to her but she would not be healed. Mary had been a sinner but she was a sinner pardoned and Ellen White says that Mary represents the true church you see the true church there in Revelation 12 is clothed with stuff that's the sun that's outside of this world the world can't give you the sun she has stars in her crown the world can't give you stars this is all out of the world and her foundation is out of this world on the moon. Luke 747 wherefore I say into the her sins which are many are forgiven her sins have been many but they have been forgiven your folk I am so glad that Mary is a representative of what the church is composed of sinners pardoned by the Blood of Jesus aren't you glad her righteousness didn't come from within herself it came from him like the prayer of the public and she said God be merciful to be me a sinner and Mary was giving all that she had in this gift just like Jesus was the expensive gift from heaven Mary gave an expensive gift to Jesus Jesus understood the gift he had made the same sacrifice he understood the thought he loved the gift the sweet smell of Mary's love cheered his heart her act of devotion gave him happiness it was for Mary's that Jesus came to this earth he came to rescue sinners dno what kind of patient gives me great joy it's not the patient that comes into my office and I find nothing wrong with on the skin. And they leave and they're happy they've seen if a dermatologist but they're not really grateful my grateful patients are the ones that I found miracle cell cancer taken it out before it spread and they're still alive melanomas taken it out early and they're still alive they come back and they say that's the doctor that saved my life and that's the kind of patient Jesus loves to see it's the one he saves their life they come to him in he points out dangerous damaging terrible things that will destroy them in Nan he removes them and they're forever grateful the physician repeats the stories of his sickest patient the sicker the patient the happier the physician is when they get better Christ object lessons page 148 angels are watching with intense interest angels are watching with intense interest to see how man is dealing with his fellow men when they see one manifest Christ like sympathy for the airing May press to his side and bring to his Remember those words to speak that will be is the bread of life to the soul the story of Mary reveals that the heart of the Revelation 17 is not a greater sinner than the pure woman of Revelation Twell both women committed great sin one is pardon one is not one is repentant one is not one is grateful one's one gives everything she has to Christ was given everything he has to her the other big grudges gifts to got and tries to get all the gifts to himself God close one with His perfect garments the other is left in the shame of our nakedness some 32 to Blessed is the man and to whom the Lord imputed not iniquity. You want to know the story the details of the pure woman of Revelation 12 read the story of Mary read the story of Jose is wife Mathew one in recounting the. Ancestors of Christ mentions 4 women Hammer who played the harlot Rahab was a harlot basher a bit the adulterer all these are listed in gods hall of thing have have you discovered you are a sinner Jesus came for you Have you accepted his forgiveness are you filled with gratitude for his love to you Have you given him your most valuable treasure Can you understand Mary's love desire of ages 564 that point was a symbol of the heart of the giver dear folk each one of us can give an alabaster box treasure and break it for Jesus today we don't have to see Mary as something doing something that we can't do let me read this again that point meant was a symbol of the heart of the giver it's a symbol of your heart but if it's never been broken and spilled out for Jesus then it's not Jesus Mary it's gift Jesus on the cross his heart was broken spilled out as your heart been broken in spilled out in the silence of this Bible study time has Jesus given something for you has he done something for you would be done to show your gratitude have you given what is valuable to you to him Is there anything in your life it's too valuable to give to him. Would you like marry take your most treasured possessions saved and then in savings spend for Jesus denying yourself for love to Jesus as his deny himself love to you that you just like to say Lord I want to give everything that I have and you know what my heart to be yours I want you to take it you're going to have to keep it pure for me I can't keep it pure for the if that's your commitment again but you just raise your hand there Lord thank you for this opportunity to look at one of the key stories of the Gospel and shows what your word is for undeserving people and how undeserving people can bring happiness to your heart the your friends touch us with your love we can love others may we be touched by the chant on the centuries as gentle Jesus making. And then he changes inside out upside down right side up we just come in our lives to you May we be here missionaries right here. Each person we see each person. Bring an outpouring of your spirit. 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