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Power Spirituality: Part 1

Paul Ratsara


Paul Ratsara

President of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division of Seventh-day Adventists



  • December 31, 2009
    9:30 AM
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well good morning to all and how are you today and accident I like to give that business is to be here that would like to welcome you for this moment as you know I come from the southern African region was in division eight is that one of the three divisions enough it got off regards divided into three divisions about one tools we west central east central and South America Africa in Denver Sunday vision which is a sovereign box all I saw of the continent of Africa under the guidance inconvenient Wishon of the small islands in big one it wasn't his mother just got my home country on the smaller ones one is Mauritius home country of my wife and I would have small islands in like reunion which is part of Franz then you hobble so send in enough I will not put it on was exiled so you can see some interesting items and also countries but the most important thing is that I've got is a field that the Lord wants to conquer for his glory on Betty Hoppe tool to be here I just will share the experience experience that the home I've discovered in the Bible and in the spirit of prophecy of our division is made all five twenty three countries twenty three countries and territories we call them because I country like Canada radio nineties pop told me complete which is him on is comparable in division we have found I cannot five million members in that division we have twenty thousand four hundred thousand congregations of thirty eight conferences and fielding into unions abilities listen in a mighty way thank you again for coming that he glad to see one of you and we do believe that the Lord would bless us in my two-way I just want us to pray Oz would be the spring yellowed we thank you so much for the time that the value in giving us we know that it would do wonders who do great things you know wildlife life-size individual and as a group would print on that to take over right now I did change our lives thank you again in the name of Jesus we pray okay I've decided I think the that was about five years ago that we know that Ronnie 's immunology preached youth send me know youth is not meeting will not change life 's said what the point of multiplying meetings what the point of spending time with just that maybe it's better for us to do some of the things that Google for a meeting I would go out the same so I've been praying and asking people to pray for these seventy nine and plus would be changed including me saw that one week left in we all we we hopped certain guiding a certain this is one we will all it must be different so I will be ready I would how people love praying for I was for the seminar is that these would be used by change life 's change your life I changed mine because I gave no timeline for this we must be changed we must be will must be different and it will be collected unless you mean the Spanish and the different because this is these days how Jesus Christ wasn't news under the Oslo B and so the way we should be honest Christians say that they saw the man that seems a lot like just given you four innings follow denoting journey spiritual journey of the Lord will delete twenty sixth also since we will spend time starting the word of God and his spirit of prophecy I'm up a second time we are going to pray because this is about the power of God will not win just to talk about the family he will downgrade to pray we are going to ask God to goose might do things you know I like you nullify me the reason when we go out as a single radio out we know that the Lord us might do things out of five I remember that all these semi- non- epic conducted in in some that is one of the countries you know what division so we conducted the seminar at the same time conducting a funded is the company selling the morning we can't people for the field school one hundred and twenty life in Dubai one hundred and twenty six we want one twenty people on the we say we are going to ask what you lost the power undoes at the end of the meeting said not having to preach but did the must be lifted away and we spend time praying we ought people to write that burden said right on the we can't assure you that no one who reads this except bought so we wouldn't dispose of these these papers but a right-field bird and write your restoration and we prayed in front of you that the on bindle and does not oneness off right the Lord has done wonders under I am praying that God will be an essential links previous year not only will augment any but especially to hop beasts and especially its the change you know a nice that we would be different and so they as they use no power that will know a lot you see I wanted to read what is written in Isaiah chapter fifty one person nine and ten I accept the fifty one verse nine and ten to go I is there most like Charlie's by one of the prophets on the edition I I worked on strength with I went causing the ancient days in the generations of old I know you want to light up these I was a great game that they can address all BC it will be retained across all so here the prophet Isaiah is asking an eyebrow something is wrong is going on will you be there hounds the children of Israel resume I see things are incorporated many things we don't find them know what I want to outweigh everyone sleepy brought to reason why because we are tied and SVG but not experienced is not a way experienced many times when we the Old Testament when they read the New Testament see why this is how this is divine power that's good what about me and my chats would be able to our recent power so the question is one now .com Matthew Superintendent Isaiah says that it was brought in this victory many grand changes mind you and also the items of each job when I was young but not only know that Mimi is wound and no I can't not do these anymore Isaiah fifty it was gone as a hazard we do not have a Christina DiMasi when arranging about many things we don't seem to know is wrong I may continue Janice jogged this up to six first thirteen do you honestly be said there are easily lost in thine house where we saw when Thomas and what and using the local which our fathers told us about three D all Google being us for major isn't going to win us with him signing as the locals were not informed as to these matters going on Minnesota five that he is doing what and why we don't find them know that was the question of Keegan on the you know the song without nestling at the song is about is it where is that spirit that which you do not Brown's restaurant COD and then went to me when Soto now I'm no wave energy willful about me uneasy I didn't this songwriter is not that this husband might do now is land and life shop felt so this songwriter also is asking a single one I do not want to this one do not use the money you die even when you die you remember something someone was dead also attached the Silverlight job and what does happen you read the story that one was resurrected from sole power so this is an is not the process of making now as well self-help is when he became from Moses wrote one job and you should try our sample they are asking big questions that no power that will on all the faculties and what topic why I say we are going to see how well how not to do power illuminating the Bible it is not just alluding but we can't see also by the grace of God yes good that you could meet these power pylon to be and how what do that is what we want right on the right and that's why I know that's why you love attending the seminar because you are just like me I wonder I thought so that all is that we don't find that our there is that even if it aren't we gambling tools in association with just no lot as I asked the same question design webpages and the noted and twenty three is the next victim that everybody they brought up in processes visit our I'm absolutely not today with this the same reasons some of these is the question asked by the process I understand right I ask is you want is a new glasnost the process is the same power the private and is not ridiculous the growth of that without preaching always this will still reach by Paul preached by Peter Wendy Priest for candidates three thousand what about Christ when the priest would think this and you are both times why not use what press the missile student was Mrs. Hussain a Nashua and we know today with this the same results you know someone is defined insanity as now keep doing the same thing I did to get different results so when you do things differently but we need to know first vehicles the root cause of this lot of power among us Enos why you know what I did not a medical doctor physician unions the first and then that's all you would prescribe so if this is done is to know not to get pregnant but we never thought we don't talk if we make them what you read in the system you may did you just have an alternate with what is going one note yes we see my two things going on we praise the Lord but if you really think that it what happened then and what is happening now we must only sleep up knowledge but then he's it being difference in the trust but that is not the plan of God is not in the plan of God that it shall be like that let's continue to listen you see that by the way you cannot will find a way for you to hop to so then what he if you can't not cops got shot with writing though the verses would find a way to for you to get if you use you wish to get the notes right okay is it when we wondering about we are not going to the wildlife why are you so before you miss out powerful but many just I do know the story already it was so powerful and was used by sample before you miss out as well USC with the Holy Spirit identity and you don't than in the New Testament they want to see with power from sample is usually a mica you was I when this one we are going to read I I don't with I understand this power is not listing UN's estimate individuals is estimated to it as an asset may I know with power with the spirit of the Lord exhausted as I might and the original word means also college feminism to go there to Israel so he said I have the power I see you within our would-be defenders could it be speedily all the Lord lead to an design at a object and descending on and we would be able to say on Monday by the grace of God like my cup household the items you with with this list of that we can't not say that yes we are happy that event is nothing that we must at least that's even then him his son up then we must meet that what we read is not happening now right now you agree with me and let's continue that sees your great if you didn't and would not stop this model and is as good as it will use voice rest glanced briefly resting upon it this was a gross one when we got to that space who stated all little pigeons demanding justice will speed rest upon us I do this several times for the example is presented in the land was leave me with a nice event Nehemiah as well there had been the was with me in my selenium I have this all Alisha we can't also say the head of the board is with me on me losing power in this father confessed that I want to see a repeat again and Outlook this is what is a home is not one shape because you got autonomy I got these glory at the outset you know the movie is mine but one thing you'd like to share is the last set is five what you will receive power when the God does not want us because it would destroy us we come upon the bug infected babies these men does not want to say that we want we want more of the greatest one for the glory but now wants to say which is power we are not sometimes went up through the eager to pursue format to bookmark this and that's why we will not interested in getting to glory we are interested in visiting the power of thought the power of God is is a this could just as well is up on me upon us by the People's and Jesus Christ you ask these power are stepped in conversations in Bahia Louisiana Jesus Christ is not only is not in doing a mission of Jesus Christ lulu laugh out this time is that we will have power is that you will receive power because he knew that without the power of God we can't be undergone etc. said okay I'm giving you these thoughts but I'm not sure in you I will also will provide the power to greet but sometimes we just take the task but we are not mindful to get the power and yes from that is sometimes Jesus Christ you say you that I is will no say in the not well been doing this right a single piece in many times we dislike in the Bible is a well I does not really mean that if these new kernel to these readouts based on some people see this is what they mean it that's individual anyone was facing me with doing this it is actually a smidgen description turning about what Jesus did I try to license ID said anyone said he will not have been doing so he would be preach Jesus will be preaching that Jesus story on human work like Jesus I don't like the things that Jesus do think that is the meaning of this is another meaning that they think Jesus said I want to say I is that is the version of men many in the business I mean obviously Jesus once because these is it thoughtful to accept our online I've kind of resisting they said that no normally I don't think that Jesus really means so Jesus said delete I would prefix these with an attending the truth is it took me citizenry untended new between this thing we need not adopt Jesus said then I say him to see what you are seeing me doing now you would do you will do it this was possible Jesus Christ himself said it it will be deficit so is this is I sentimental anyone was in a meeting with dual lots of me doing that Jesus did not stop my fifth Avenue Facebook like that without being wonderful moment but Jesus said you would live in what is the least because I am going to define these entities shall we talk about peace power this is I would use it to learn a new one on his own unfortunately we are not willing to pay the price to get that power and that's why today and tomorrow by the grace of God we will do with anything to get a power available available so we we need to understand that e.g. steam is a plan all of God and there is not ready for the twelfth maybe maybe what people about these you talk to the twelfth novel has been the seventeenth seventeen disciples it is a pencil I will go back to this one is it a new one anyone means England right if anyone him a lot was quitting the window while I been doing on the wanted to send you I you would do to get things done these that that means group so it is to do now is seventy I decided to bleach our attention was drawn same or even when the Germans are subject lasting unity as it was then I saw the whole life sentence for like lightning from heaven will I do knew the authentic in another version the power I give enough thought to smuggle on serpents and scorpions and all will follow up on the enemy I'm not being solved by any means hurt you in organization this is how sometimes we have removed such person sets versus signal member that is open to close the estate is not full identities these roses not for Advent is beautiful I was not so don't use it no this is the Bible we just need to know notable like they are doing but it's easy to Bible we have many studies no prophecy in the Bible we waited to wait we need to as beautiful as I said I will have everything in and nothing shall by any means hurt you this is the power the power to be under power to get out the eye that our item in our job is to witness the as awesome as Jesus is on the great power and any south of fibers while insulting CNN will there is a level so as many signs and wonders whether among the people and believers were increasingly dental dental and then I'm how were however be aware to do okay I'm use they will play in all of the disciples not like they in general set of eyes and maybe I will reasonably and this is good report said that the power plant I get how lucky we many souls got new think of the situation but one of us you would go I hope his convention and we would reach fourteen minutes under Bob Tice three thousand each what do you think is that Festival where it is only for the disciples it is possible I'm not very accessible by him while students faculty and that is exactly what you need we are located in visa granted to the way I need to be convinced in fact that that that once it got if we just believe that when power is the vision I saw to start earning a living doing is okay we've wait which works in me I you will be just an individual Mister Jesus Christ is working mightily with me if you see the results written by iPad it is because of the power if you see you will then dealing it is because of the power on which I became a minister operating under the surface I think this as well everything we buy the effective leptin at Hughes so that I the Bible talks about his work because he is a selfish it is easy to doctrine we need an outlet at the best that's continue to ourselves what what advice written in ops chapter three verse nineteen what was written for the primaries is the eye is the meeting lots we are the children of those early church members say for the progress is the eye is I and I thought all about the sauce onto many osmium all along along with cool I'm going to coatings said the priorities for you and send me is not only have been eating for costs so that our is for us and he these advantages page eight hundred and thirty two the prime lease is our far-reaching as the commission may be implemented to better primaries in addition to good condition what is a bit commission in addition to the breach will not preaching we are sending too good I still feel free to respond okay if you would think that this clinician however the problem is not to put us through the prophecy says is this the one being no sharp edges all the power I will honestly call Michelin standards empower also suspects so there would be no difference now so pages of power is a crime this is a far-reaching cause inflammation Prime Minister is just as strong an exhaust is now asking the days of gapless shortages it is powerful it is just one of the no arms it was in the days of the apostles I is not only an button that said anything seems Suzy Venice all communities I went to great power so as we would do I'm going to give me someone one work we did meaning to Google Docs you go I read the book of acts I and all these this is his advancing age these events are hoping arithmetic so use it will accept the one identities I decided to said Walker that to me what I was sometimes we only need two things USA and located I received a resounding recipient of these previous alumni isolate not take it not seem to eat but I think that will I yeah I refuse to be believed not late said wanted to say this is not integrated I must be reviewed right it is written within a vendor prophecy wanted to say this is a repeated as it will be some exercise well I went to the local arts I shopped around Chapter two Chapter three Atlanta and all see why this is the longest chapter two will be reprinted but not only that he said and when it was so now I need to do some men that exercise this is okay not to be these things would be repeated box and doesn't like so you either speak that preached please I thirty five cents people were baptized one which it must be more than on my right is driving this was how to reintroduce change attribute consumed our understanding our our way of thinking the twenty first century well you use the value right I believe this is because this is propaganda five this is not out in the time it is not about their thoughts on being reprinted by this one here is in this instance of wanted to say him at no less than the absolute Jeff and CJ is now so she's not and will not initiate of course next year would be tomorrow so in the next year would be tomorrow and so I sent it it is even beaming tonight so I can see the exact now you say there will always on the day it was as if all my rate but the lack of RAM will be mad I I presume you know it is not really in the Old Testament it is not oriented New Testament and losing more than that it would be more I don't know about you but I'm so excited when a single piece these power of God that you promised it is for now okay in diffusion they are the best that is not what you manifestation of the power of God is not lost its opening sessions of Congress it is in good controversy we may think well I simply want something to this wonderful by the way I do believe English last year I said that I'm going to go to do this so I talked to one of the unions is no indication this is I want to I will also need to to find it is the company in the copy dust something some minimum eleven nine days later in this eye and said that this region in this video prophecy to be fulfilled so all said and use costs three thousand baptism I would rate schedule please have us to prove that this is due to Natalie Lincoln in England somewhere that the design it is still using one new wood burns we would talk about that during our last station about how we are going to win so many souls so keep on coming I'd is good enough to come today than not to come tomorrow he and he said the following stations we would talk about these things but we would pray said Lord we really want to believe what to secrete not to agent not to change attributes not to modernize seeking courts but because this is the award of I'm going to be the glory going to start then all company three thousand and fifty were baptized in his processes which will field and I have another commonly object the object is I would be sealed in the lack of rain on its close I think this year I did is it now .net fifty eight night with .net and fifty eight I think I will so why do I know about country on the city we just want you to add that last steel columns so we went we pray this prayer would talk at length about me all to you pray onset and would talk also about how I took my coffee increased of those other topics that we are going to talk about faith our faith stronger I'm also to hop all appraisers consent you know when you reading the Bible I used to try to study study the Bible or the prayers in the Bible you will realize it B yes the unsafe yes is general I didn't know he is the exception this is what I've discovered you through study and prayer in the Bible wrong the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation you see that a decent pop to the onset no yes yes is it Doctor or any new sports and a few exceptions no one of them easy prey of God said no to that but that is not often off the playoff so this is the popular I know he's the exception unfortunately sometimes for us it is the reverse no he's almost a popular ideas is kind of exceptions and Russell Hoppe when the Odyssey once at prayers that were justifiable about when we went by his grace to study the Bible to reverse that that I is also yes would be to popular and field notes not many you one or will you say is so yes a now that he's created for time discerning this nice yes I did not understand that one don't I asked Detective I am not going to entertain the request that these exemptions will pull so it definitely will have some nuances because I don't want so it should not be made he knows I will I will tell you the secret I wanted to start the meeting I was for the send Craig I know IE one to share daily line know about the two disasters really I will talk about this tomorrow but we suggest is just to tell you give you the Tiscali what Claudia Monta Vista ringing in non- will not certain that he will discuss last year but this year these opportunities you this year we really want to clarify your name we want you to do these things are doable does this going to be deployed almost six thousand laptop tax I will so started a program that would goldfish as of nine front end me I know will make you fishers of men would strengthen it could be doing it one last last station would be powered to a bunch of nice I want a bunch of items is giving you some few things for the kind of the preview so we went off starting this program features of men may need to the practice with him Wiesel 's so they brought they become pontiffs with you so obsessed interested in number of what we are interested people quantity and want send me excited and regularly we baptize them decide a negative formatting didn't newly baptized both of you tomorrow nine o'clock we are waiting to learn how to Weitzel 's agonizing assassin and everything you need to baptize they don't list a long one so no doubt want to baptize the affidavits is it time for us to cost them before and was not suitable on with the blow but not as well so we baptize them almost thousand hundred swings and to win souls I doubt we sold is now on the Wii we have what we call the southwest side of features of none that Sabbath it was our duty to baptize the 's newly baptized the people will invite the new debunked said we are not going to baptize all the people I would baptize unit the envelope before my son he sat on the date the solos warned by the newly baptized she is number one it was about fourteen thousand times I newly baptized as I find that I would like to ask the obvious experience one hundred ninety and go all the seminar we will not be the same with this experience than anything good on us to lose share Oswego I would weave into my presentations those experience that Ross I will I got these for the glory of God because God has done it known to me not make the TV is the Holy Spirit baptizing six thousand of its musical is what not me I had done so as I is I used to this year is that there are other possibilities not well with the manifestation of the power of God its opening access to links and therefore sending out warning on this right at the opening of the gospel in full beautiful sound in the left of me on its site is not having God 's agenda that will help reduce power that is going on New Orleans not according to the bottom of grand ones are still doing their research you see Billy Blom when doing and preached Christ I do know Tennessee's somnolent Bay creatures it would jettison all for general self ALT.NET grant has done through beauty I decided to write nasty things on the newspaper is now one another and I don't like this said I had to just unfortunate that really grown on the fly from my minicar then being box pictures on the London's use instead he has come to Justin Breidenbach HH one two hundred years back and then be the grounds it will I is green but I just wanted to use my intention was to bring back the checks set years ago this is the plot of what Sarah 's experience the power of the early church I experienced what they experienced but the experience they experience it is a written about us this is a prophecy and processes defined honest issuing written I had time so this will happen what time for you will finish it when I can't facilitate righteousness because the Lord will make a short world on earth internal qualities that be what must be done fast the match she do a it is going now e.g. social if there is no change would be here for the next one hundred and fifty years or even more it's not according to the in testimony one five Beta seven hundred and fifty four this is a relaxing as we went in which this will find unable forward to completion but he's not impossibly fast I need happen with the early church in the generation they preached Google 's one generation with the as I is sending Christ to object lesson in the last that I would be arriving in Christ would come the gracious great weekly Sheena is on and be done only wave power so I like to include this one we would continue with what the next station but you remember them this medication Isaiah is a graph that is a you see what I see Natalie I really in the Bible that you didn't know I'm gone reply all wrongly this is the same I think that's up to fifty one seventy six the diminutive Isaiah being said you know me I want to share something with you the problem is not me I'm not sleeping I've done some are not in that it's you I I one zero seven I only pulled on yours was your plutonium beautiful comments in general sudden equity seeking God to see I'm not sleeping you know the plan when it is not me it's not your problem is not to meet its genocide him who don't see the power now will you sleeping we need to work with your in oh one seven one six is not exercising power hobby seeing someone you accept those silly glinting and then looking at different think on the economy a vehement implement one day sleep will pay but I also come since one uses the you don't you want me why no power because gas we may well make sleepwalking but we ain't going off really good power so this is then I got sleepy I know I'm not the icon stealer doing what I did in the past yes I have the children of these cross the Red Sea will not breach our customers do not know if it is needed but you didn't listen a link a week stylish orange unison awaiting only communist is one of the reasons but there is a passive incision will go deep into our practical life 's what makes us losing power what is the reason why to things no one likes that make us losing his power what does it and then will grow into a a nice phase only why do we need to read the Philistines excess amount which is ruled out poison is losing a lot likes we need to get to give them all we need not alone with those that must be batting he I will copy presentation forgot we will have a pressurization battery and those virgins so that one man we would follow like we would be better than sending these weaknesses in the house and then when you wind up on a sunny sky you would be but that you could like you can't involve you gone wrong and you can't you like will grant and troubling note we those exists Ludwig is not really a encumbering us but for now we would like cost as it promised this would not just be an intellectual exercise yes we would use all minds in the bucket we will spangle soymilk of time or no one needs this is a seminar power and power is listening will pray so we we can't not think of the seminar like this if we don't spend enough time it's so be ready for the PowerPoint no authority to understand correctly experienced but I like to keep time seems who however no position we would continue just off that the brick will continue on knowing this was some other things practical things in life the twenty first century that we exacerbated the mandated burden on me my thoughts because of those things like you to come back and you thought some of the people you feel that desk you can sail seminar and they have not decided yet Yukon awesome thimbles and I enjoy will spend a lot of time praying and cost this means it was produced by odd numbers working voice generation of Christ if you would like to learn more about you might see please visit www. utilizes that will work you like this more free online service please visit www. audio verse got more


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