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Power Spirituality: Part 3

Paul Ratsara


Paul Ratsara

President of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division of Seventh-day Adventists



  • December 31, 2009
    2:30 PM
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okay so all we are now we've the new section we have started this morning why no power and we discovered in the Bible and in the spirit of prophecy of the reasons also lock knockoff power so this afternoon we are going to grow deeper I tool available meaning the powerlessness what do you need to do we have already touched on the pivotal beats this morning but we will go deeper these afternoon so why once again you remember the premise is but you will receive power so-called broad ones are still Hoffpauir as I said already but does not want us to Robbie 's gloating because you cannot fondle glory would become so proud and what Connell can use costs use we become proud so that's it stay away from glory you've got a condo that but I wanted to have it power to serve I went to to be in power to do the work of God so Jesus Christ said after his resurrection okay you will receive power it is not sent you may receive power but for those will be leaving him it is certain that you will receive power we just need to could not claim that the power I'm dying counsels on health page three hundred and sixty seven cents is the amount of power studied is not wrong to want power the power of God is not talking about the power so how will I want to use willpower to do things we are talking about the power service I want to be 's people are empowered to serve you so you weren't that kind of power is an easy one you may think so you you need to want it hunting power is from God your Viacom that the two have however to serve you we we know he's the prompt of the Holy Spirit because you want to do more for thought we want peace I want to be more full book I want to do good this is what we want so you can want that kind of power a power from about if you want power you may have peaked RCTs are waking your last opportunity on the belief in God might these word at five feet and blessing will come so if you want power you may copy what you need to do is to believe to believe in God might these words by faith and blessing will come so we need to be offset that we are talking about eating is according to the word of God and I am so screwed up by about this that Jesus Christ not only are you guys power but it is said that he used power not targeting Utah's power you remember what these low but he's also power Christ is our you see the escorted into the one Chris twenty four just discovered this is an bottle and while all Julie Andrews Christ the power of God the power is gone and it was done so Christ not only has power back to use the person education in the argument of tsunami talk about power without talking about Jesus Christ is in Jesus Christ use the power of God so that is what I also use power remember that for us to succeed in having this power we need tonight will we need to know that God is our Christ the power has gone I do wish them of God so God when you say you once power you want want you don't know authority we are not wanted interested in the power of God but we want gaunt that we use the power work wisdom Christ wisdom of God and the power of God is a bit patch of power in a very robust story of the woman but before writing their once again accept the ten birth certificate God anointed Jesus of nonstatic worldview is fitted with what we've power when the Holy Spirit and power and when you go on to the story everyone you remember in the South the age under Chapter six as well is that some the crisis so that he constantly for I perceived power being out from me think of this was really good about a day for women would be usual blah was the disciples there was very and that these women find the attached Jesus Christ I know a result the crowd to be well Jesus said this someone is actually the disciples it must be see so many people here of course so now not only one but many people cost you but Jesus said no no no no no not all good conscience these suits are not a touch said somebody asked me for I perceived power going out from me that's why you look at chapter six verse nineteen I do have an outdated so she said went out from human eyes healed them all back to CT I will question how to get how I remember that God 's power I do need to touch on to get the power that these women she knew which said well if it is possible for me just touch you I know something will happen I'm sure she did it I God Jesus Christ not just suggest someone touched me on CBS badmouth to do so to tax you thought you will power went out from human and you them all the power of touch the patch of Jesus will come back God gives power and strength we have an executed decision that will give his friend please people some twenty nine verse eleven the grandbabies about being seen the campus LAN and how at least people it gives today we I don't know Warhol like increases strength so we have many promises in the Bible is Ziggy Jan's strength then will give strength to use people I be not just what I've told you that would like to view his power this country said I will give it at least gives strength to these people identify their needs that means you will give strength and power to use people uneasy again he gives power to the weak until those well might he increases strength do agree that you have no power to be no might it is just for people like you and for people like me that Clark said I would give you strength you feel you know Mike done what he used to come to me I would give you spent a hospital complete Yasuo tilted so I have now I have no problem and is now I you can't not exist I can't give as much as you want but all I will give you strength I would give you power it was a half weakness power soul just a legal beat you will only defeat feeling a lot NBC's blood wants us to for you and for me I have to power is no human to all go if I is the best way to get the power of God if anybody visiting guidance update eleven thirty two percent but the people were all in all shot of being strong I'm coming out great exploits opportunities before but when you read such a check Sunday reported in the context of the power of God that God wants to give you what you want from your estate this is the seductive people and wounding all you got sharpie style is the relationship between power and Nordic knowing God I'm going to come out that explodes you see pilot to be unpowered to do on to do good to do exploits by definition is no possible cause within the personality cannot think of popping power they earnest striving to know God and Jesus Christ when I sent wood-burning power and efficiency to the soul uniformly him all too well Jesus Christ God himself will leave office power and command that he still hopping close vibrant relationship with God and in general set of four verse eight is to go under would drill me in to you know we got so now this is the notion what is the meaning of this knowing God do not go bankrupt genders except that eighteen verse nineteen for I have no new ground then where did you you need room is more than just an intellectual knowledge is not studied experience I did is also used up one each comments to to talk about the intimacy between husband and wife you see and then new you that is the kind of knowledge that got talking about it is not just intellectual you to experience circle house how wealth from God we need to hobby strong relationship it is about the relationship yes you need to know until next Sunday as well because we we we are not divided we us want we need to know him Chris for us to know God for us for half the power we need to know you personality background was I thought this in time you knew what person and thus why he was cloned friend lot that citizenship is in Genesis chapter two verse twenty three it is in this thread because I befriend off on that decedent if the habitat assessment that the new and get some anti-spyware you ask is that you my friend is my front you could not see him you would see you few pop a powerful friend then you would get some of these power different influence if you have any range of Frank you would get some of these influence it it just like that I'm gone these allow you to have these power is in relationship with God himself I e-mailed glad and glad we personality so will I have gave you can befriend of thought is that if friend of God is a doctor despite the you put your name but is it a name yes William your friend that is the best type I think people describes you sent to all thoughts and lament wow I know what will ultimately be led me to the weeds is different that are in yes I will unfortunately not so keen to get respect but that where robots would need to actually beat one team our upcoming new life to be a friend of friend of God I didn't set in Chronicles chapter twenty verse seven and he told the descendents of that round whenever so I Brown was known to be the friend of God guide it is good to be known by friend of someone will claim to be a friend of someone someone was powerful I get president of the country someone would say yes he's my friend you know some people when the someone becomes powerful in quality seeks war in the in demand in different dimensions of life people try old was well on him we worked okay that fact is that he can from my town trying on which to lean the to someone whose powerful but here we are maybe you are not a friend I've been in president of the country wall someone we saw high but energy I'm happy to tell you you have the possibility of being friend of mine background is no tubular friend is not golf I need to think of the descendents of Favre your friend forever but it is one of the seeing eye defendants brought I will say is that you spent then got really would confirm it because I consider you know what undefined of this amount was so powerful by the hospital confirmed in blood did not in Isaiah chapter fifty one this is on himself says the descendents of a brown knife God is described as I is person I got to sixty four these power is God a friend of the past and God then for sure you will sound these power power to be level and thought what to do because yes properties etc. said I will give you power is very much wedding can share this power with us but unfortunately many times we are not keen we are not interested while power located what we need now is to ask God and becomes God 's confident you see in Genesis Chapter eighteen verse seventeen in our we have many defender got different kinds of friendship but you have many friends you have maybe been relationship with you and you can't say anything I do not affect to be misunderstood on Wednesday he then wanted to doing something I need to ensure that we because you are threatened that they would find out that the on receipt will did you know about you I only heard it from someone such as usual Beth told me that he had not learned on that without done something you see what friendship it is a friendship I hope around one corner death reached that kind of relationship said Shauna I will map around what I'm doing seems that surrounds our children become it great and mighty nations using the power grid and mighty nations of the earth shall be blessed in him his signal i.e. yeah I have to tell you that you have to destroy subdominant comorbid you would find out let the all and none that I would be in trouble implicit you would blame me for not sending you we also was identified in his relationship going to see I picked it up at the 10-Q I've been to discuss these with you of a wise if he finds out that the on destroying 's abdomen right off the trilogy and then this relationship would be in danger so I better and that's why God said okay I'm not abuses really my clown icon looks back on the fight you I have to tell you said that sometimes from map around what I'm doing since Brown shot soon to become a great I need met Mikey Nations so rough a drama tends you saw the key is to become your friend of God always our relationship with God your hobbies title your name that is really something that I pray for all portraits a friend of thought train of thought that is the key to become a friend of and then God to silence us to be Hughes children since you are you will find the highest bestowed on us that we should be cold children of God children of God we know many times your house we we read things that we don't really plan himself that feeling of being children of God grant you see I remember that was that was that for the it was each piece you around July and we we hobbies experience in a South Africa -based you have seen these Rubenstein the Zulu king was still so powerful it was then taught distant part of the Arctic country 's been out how to send infinite and that section the King are one of these remedies the weapon pollen to powerful say we have decided to present the Zulu King on when you go there you see power PC power even to get another chance it was difficult but finally accepted us so we went in and did I get used to present the gospel we went there I spent about an opportunity for some easy it was almost a daily and I've been end of the day we became these rights became his friend 's and you did not want up to go here at ICC did not type but now we hot the time or the time we want that is a difference when I'm not friends when we oscillate millions with just like one obesity since the subjects but when we sent you off I would be team she is French island indefinitely conviction will do many things because he has given us the power 's humble piece of everything we've got to figure your friends I thought you are so close for so you would share with you this power is wisdom and the Holy Spirit E Chavez promised a share shows his power with these children and VA this absolutely in South Africa up twenty it was starting to bite and you wanted to class for me probably baptized about times and that they don't was also it was a waking I never received an invitation to be pocketbook in the past we were so far no we are friends and that social right to know if I want something indicating the will just go and see my friend became on the you will share you would do all he and Yukon be made gridlocked Big Ten you will share this power but we hopped the King of the universe I is in share power with us power to be his children empowered to his work why then we don't have it we need to us and we are also used shall children all the key you see as I told you I am from a desk or on my desktop as it would be a Kingdome before being conquered by fronts there was a theist bottle of that was more than one hundred years ago about seven years of bottom underfunding funnily we we would defeat and during that time my big gripe might create great father grandfather was a prince he brought one is French people studied you they studied human he was so powerful so they said look we have two choices for this month will continue maybe we was stopped on not voting for nation but I'm not really is who work with him so they do you think when you said listen we can see that you are great Friday by your people so we would like to discuss review you guys but you would not be thinking it will not talk to financing wedding will cost of financing but we mostly want you to leave you if you accept then we will look good and then my dear group Kuan father understand well you you say you five fight against them because I saw the spirit of energy in weaponry and so on for sure we would be destroyed so I will not accept I would upset the coverage so your accepted to be eighteen with Doctor is never been a key son Jean you doesn't it so eyes you see me now I belong to a very unfunny he defeated defeated but I'm not some because I half enough watching the King of the universe I got since King I thought she is more than what he views hour of life then we are these children were young princes said so you you receive this via shunned by with out onto these are just a way of stating that you can deposit it out by now in twenty first century it's about the war the visit with a crack out that the father and if children then it has he has the gall and joined his I would note on the island just the sixties and not in my country because of what has up but in the kingdom of God we are ICD Seiji videos of God and joint is with Christ and says he shares his power wave each shall want to hire a speech be a child of God daily close to God and you Hopkins power I didn't do it will can't be against us what then shall we say to these things if quantities for us who can't be against us can be against us because God is with us and he will did not spare his own son but anybody are so awesome I was sadly not there is one missing more than him also with him also you are pretty discordant cyanine while we view also freely give us things including power sometimes I use this provisioning authorities his adolescent is given is used on the die for us power you would do that because you have an speed up things on our is given beside seven five you would music we are the son and daughters of God and because of that so I have we need to know God I'm glad that he is to become his friend 's eye to eye she said would be also chosen of God we had another aspect of this VLAN revolution substance to be verse twenty is knocking on one to go on one heat once you accept this is what will happen if vision substance will be restricted to you you are stopping them for a wedding this of God in this someone has challenged the apostate is in Boston could last that this is a commonplace of God should give us the physical address of the some context you know I sound the context of a worshiping idols and so on you know if easy going resulting in a vehicle is singular that God is using the visit foster physical address of lot I deposited one okay then you think about it that will kill you tomorrow if you go out obvious of what I would bring about it on and I want to get cc this is not great about it and if they think they will a few days later said my sister I really do not did you give your physical address of the old United States my heart my heart is the physical Microsoft plus without heaven got busy never but according to disguise himself talks about the Holy Spirit is said in what it was being built together for a working place of God in this snowball is in our hearts notice that it is in our hearts so use the Holy Spirit it is insight you want to happen about the power of the Holy Spirit force all what Jesus Christ did notice that it will not come said okay I will go inside but I would leave my power outside I will already we've got my power so I would open the door I know what it is my power outside no the Holy Spirit comes with ease needs so you see what it is that it is site you have the power you see the reasoning here so is a way that they do will it blend increase Mindy Grohl risking our hearts we are the temple of the Holy Spirit is at their oneness of God is either very I've been thinking deep concept floated is gone but I just want to take it simply my understanding is your disputed woodworking and you will grab their snooty is not going to leave the ended door is power is power what will come to you and that's why that you'll be feeling and holiness of God you Congress with power so once it comes in your heart then you will topple so because it is in a way pockets his popularity Spanish you also use power one that so that is a concept that we we need to win you understand already so not we got talking about the great commission what is the great commission go and preach the gospel but they easily create operation that is a grateful nation the great omission I'm going to send you what my father has promised box is stay back this is not what you want to stay and then do not believe Jennison and Barbara is so vast no comments somehow doubt omit we are we unwilling to grant buttoned-down nodule being these to state the friend to me you must be Jesus said yes I want you to go back to before I go you must state you you must state with the state 's and we all of the check is just like an army right and especially discotheques of youth we are a non- me I went and did it to retraining I doubt it was like wellness especially if you are in the context of world eyes yes it was just like wasting time via giveaways going on there bullying already I'm here you put up soldiers for three months fighting but he's not a waste of time you know sometimes into mind is that because they didn't get no economy said no we often trained soldiers first Underwood win debacle this is what Jesus see you grandma but before you ask we must be staying here is ready to house his devotional before we go you must state yesterday we drove from Anderson University to hear with my funny and then we set we must would continue first then we certainly saw that it cost he was going down so they don't understand is that one escrow we would need to arrive fast but we did not even think about temptation what did we do we went to a bus station this is so we spend some time in London for that you all got to need to note I kept it I kept taking my one piece undo one day I said no I can't not can't need these anymore why are my kindness I just need to work Jesus for the grief on for the crutches I it was very hard for me to full give my brother in the because I know it was out of his negligence that my sister died so he was so hot I don't I don't believe kind of feeling I didn't want to date I said no I come up to leave in Caracas and expect quality to my two things for me if anything is hard to use made of how to forgive and call Kevin and me I'm doubtful given him a forgiving and uneventful also are not doing my best to save my sister i.e. underestimated the sickness by Tim gaunt us to fulfill defense on Monday keynote and the grief blog also has me go off do you have something like that right now do you have someone that radiates hard when you hunt Bob something in your heart that I did say to keep those things just program away with Jesus and Jesus will give you freedom because I assume that allows we all men didn't drive these things we can't not run we can't not look on the copies power so I want us to be in the vacant of these things and would continue that that's wanted to share with you that story that will Hoffpauir need to be free even if it is hot going for these and forgive I've done something quite good to go with Jesus Christ and ask for forgive us your grief yes it is hard to move someone off but God will give you the power this is an audio person working twice generation of Christ he would like to learn more about you might see please visit www. GYN as well or order the more free online service please visit www. audio verse more


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