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The Supremacy of Scripture

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program.



  • June 5, 2019
    6:30 PM
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God in heaven I think you that you have this evening for these people what I don't and I freely confess that and so I just pray that you would speak with power with conviction with clarity. God I pray that we would be convinced and even more convicted of our need to be communing with you in scripture that truly our anchor is found in your word and in nothing else answer this just please do tonight when I can't I feel weak I feel tired I feel foggy I have nothing Lord and so bless them I pray and I ask this now in Jesus name in them. OK So as I mentioned we're starting a school evangelism in the Pennsylvania conference that schools untitled core it's a 9 month mission training school were based in Pennsylvania on the same campus as Blue Mountain Academy we are blue mountain Academy but we're on the same campus is them and things are moving and we're going to the classroom renovated in the next couple weeks it's getting real it's 18 to 30 ish age range but I'm really excited because we're starting to new options so there's a full 9 month program for like 18 to 30 ish year olds but then there's a track to let's say that you're someone who's little bit in the like the 21 and up age range you want to kind of make your faith your own you're deeply committed to the Agnes Church you want to help your local church but you don't have the tools to do so you can come to our 5 month portion January until June 1 you're getting 5 months of Bible work experience you're still getting the majority of all of our theology classes and that's meet our track to have a name to have a test track to our program and let's say you can't come to all of that but you just want to come in here from the white Nelson on how to preach you hear from James Rafferty on The Book of Revelation or Stephen grabber in the Book of Daniel you can come to our core intensives So there's basically 3 tiers to the core program or one of the kind of expand who can come so we're excited for this we have work study options to make this more affordable through again and agriculture and through literature of Angel ism what you can to learn in that for 9 months Bible work literature evangelism digital media evangelism how to use social media to share the Gospel and to get leads help of Angela's them so we'd have multiple opportunities to be teaching health we actually to train our students to be health coaches were any had to help people get from point A to Point B. in their health and the so we working in farmer's market selling organic agriculture to people making those connections and then overseas missions will spend about 3 to 4 weeks overseas until yesterday's news release we were planning on going to Cuba. So we'll see about that we're going somewhere for jesus same heaven it's a it's a ride we're also going to deal with mental health I and I am not happy. And I don't mean this because like mental challenges I am not happy with the lack of attention that we as 7th Day Adventists are paying to the topic of health mental health specifically. And there are a few who are doing it but that's not enough and for whatever reason we have taken the route that Kellogg did we have divorced mental health from the health message and that's unacceptable it's totally unacceptable Emma White never did this and so we're going to spend a good chunk of time dealing with mental health because we have schools of evangelism that exist and I'm not running down any of them I went to one and I've taught it to others but many times we're training people how to do ministry but the problem is we're not helping them with their brokenness and information only does not set people free from their brokenness we need to deal with mental health and so I've been to 30 of our academies in North America 3 or 4 of our colleges and I see a pandemic in our church a little going all over the place I deal with mental health topics when I preach and I'm getting messages from people all over the world through Facebook and through e-mail they're dying from discouragement depression anxiety won't leanest and all kinds of stuff and we don't talk about it as much as we could and in turn we have people who may have information to finish the work but no motivation I'm never going to be good enough broken I'm hurting they don't have the tools they need and we're not dealing with this so we will. We're going to substantively. The public speaking Excedrin So Dwight Nelson's teaching Steve Grabner James Rafferty skip McCarty Don McIntosh Raney Siebold Nathan Renner Jay was Ario Israel Ramos Rico Hill Paul Kahn of Chad Bernard So we're really really excited for this our websites P.A. conference dot org forward slash chord and we'll have some more information about this throughout the week. I'm really really excited this I think this is something that needs to exists in such a time as this so the seedings message is on the topic of the supremacy of scripture the supremacy of scripture I want to be just very practical this evening but I'm going to be very direct the 7th Day Adventist Church is not going to experience revival intil you experience revival it's not going to happen top down directives never work I appreciate top down awareness campaigns but those don't lead to people getting revived it's an individual decision that I'm going to make my faith my own I'm going to search Scripture for myself I'm going to develop a relationship with Jesus in prayer for myself and we're not going home until we individually take responsibility for what's going on in this world we have to it should be deeply troubling to every 7th day adventist that Jesus has not come yet that's my fault Jesus is not here because I have not personally understood my role in finishing his work if each person individually took responsibility for that we would be home by now we would be home and I believe that Jesus is asking for us to take our experience to the next level that's one of the reasons why we started the core program is a discipleship program teaching people how to find out why I'm an avid had to find Jesus in the center of the atmos message and how to effectively communicate that to other people and so I think now is the time guys with this is the time that we need to be searching spurn Asli for ourselves. We are in the midst of a warfare is that true yes or no we are in the midst of the conflict between Christ and Satan in this thing is no joke and there are casualties in this warfare and I'm seeing this increasingly I'm seeing many people in my life in strong Christians going through faith crippling crises right now I see it every one of us are saying I'm seeing it everywhere and I mean you hear about what happened to Steve Walberg and what happened with this whole situation is again a level with a depression anxiety sleeplessness and some Nia doing living have an Elim and having some of his health challenges and some of the things he's going to learn through this process of needing to be better balance and sores self care this is something we don't talk about a lot ministry burnout James White syndrome we see the work before us and we think of no one else is going to do it the nominee do it and we end up running ourselves into the ground the city training people to work alongside us and to learning how to have those appropriate parameters of balance care getting enough sleep I'd do a limb and Lance Wilbur and I would meeting a few weeks ago and Lance told me about this book called Why We sleep by Dr Matthew Walker So one heard of this book by that book right now it's not written by an Adam to us but it is like groundbreaking It's like the magnum opus on the topic of sleep did you know that for years years we have not understood why we sleep we've understood some of them this happened in sleep but to understand all the what your mind does and how your health is directly affected by sleep and lack of sleep it's in the same all of our medical schools and our colleges are sitting there sinning. Literally we're destroying people by causing them to stay up way too late they're not getting enough sleep the way the whole programs work when it comes to how like medical resident sees work all my days you guys have no idea what sleep literally affects everything heart disease diabetes cancer your ability to retain information this thing is a game changer the science is cutting edge it's amazing you know he believes in evolution so what like you're not going to get corrupted by someone talking about evolution in a book about sleep you're going to find is not true as far as evolution but this stuff is amazing it's called Why We sleep by Dr Matthew Walker he has a podcast I can give you a link for just to kind of get an intro into this guy it is so convicting It's mind boggling how much sleep literally affects everything like just losing one nights of sleep dramatically crushes the T. cells in the cancer fighting cells in the body just losing one nights of sleep. Anyway so there's been a big big thing and this guy goes in on caffeine and alcohol as well and the fact that they have on sleep really really good information he talks about sleep hygiene that's a topic we haven't talked enough about but you know I'm seeing a lot of people going through a lot of crises in their experience I've gone through my own the last 3 years in dealing with depression while in public ministry traveling over the country no one knew and all addressed some of that I think later on in the weekend but this thing is real that's my point this stuff that we're dealing with right now is real and it's only going to get even more difficult and challenging and now was the time of the trees green to be investing for the crises this to come we need to make our faith our own we need to have an experience for selves in Scripture because what's coming down the pike is not going to be easy. It's not and for us to kind of ovoid that reality doesn't help any of us right if you've ever had responsibilities in life and the wall just pretend that responsibility doesn't exist what happens is. It shows up on your doorstep and says hey remember me that thing that you've been avoiding I'm here and God in His great mercy has given us ample information to understand why it is that we need to be studying why it is that we need to have a prayer life for our own why it is that we should be sharing our faith now why because God knew what's coming and God in His great mercy for you and for me is trying to inform us on the things that we need and so I think we need spend more time on this topic. We're going to have to learn to wrestle with God like Jacob we're going to have to and I believe this is one of the reasons why God allows these Faith shaking crises to come into our experience to finally realize that when you have nothing but Jesus in the midst of your heartbreak your difficulty and so forth you come to realize that Jesus is much sweeter than you ever imagined it to change your life and for many of us it's going to take a crisis like this a wayward child a health challenge right dealing with depression and other things one ministry and by the way if anyone here is wrestling with mental health challenges I just want to testify from the front you're not a loser if you're doing with depression if you're dealing with things you're dealing with loneliness while trying to be a Christian you are not a loser it's not a sign that there's something wrong with you necessarily or that you're weak there are real challenges that God's people are dealing with King David was not a loser and he dealt with depression Alijah was not a loser he dealt with depression Jesus certainly is not a loser in the guard against him and he was dealing with depression we need to speak of life in there are people guys not to shame them because they're having struggles but some people do that you pray harder you see to have more faith if you're a real Christian you would be dealing with these things that is not true guys it's not true. Right there are real challenges things we deal with but in these moments of crisis we're going to learn what our faith has been and what it's going to need to be to get through it in God's mercy he never leaves us and he never for sake's us in these crises of these trying to let us know now is the time to make this thing yours and I've gone through this massive revival experience in the last year coming on the outside of depression coming the other side of a depression while in ministry I'm learning a lot of lessons changing my life and I'll share more about that as we go but. It's radically lighter to transform my experience I go more into this in a message called when you lose your 1st love it's not a verse as much longer than what I can go into now but I'm just coming to realize more and more that these things that are coming directional the challenges that come into your faith the challenges are coming into your experience are not arbitrary they're not moments where God forgot about you and then trouble came for all directional and I think if we understood that the crisis in my experience and the pain I'm going through right now is leading me toward something it would be easier to keep going but because we aren't talking as much about the REAL THIS of these battles sometimes we can just wonder what much is be me I must be the problem I must be too weak I must be whatever and in turn we don't realize I'm in a no God hasn't left me it's through these times of challenge that God is making us into the person we need to be for what's next. Sure you've heard the analogy is that one of the ways in which gold is refined is through the fire and the person who's doing this work the middle Smith way that they know that the gold is ready is when they can see the reflection in the war and there's a process that we all are going to have to go through or are going to have are individual challenge and I've found that is even more difficult for those of people who are growing up I didn't grow up in agonist I was on church growing up in a group in a divorce home and other things but I've come to find that it can be even more unsettling and challenging for those people who grew up in the Avenues super families. Right because they're so used to growing up in this solid close family and there's going to come a time in which you're going to have to leave that nest and you're going to deal with hardship without mom without dad without having the people around me why because they can't give you the royal right one of the things that Jesus talks about in our preparations for the 2nd coming is the idea of the virgins in the oil. I can't give you my experience my experience can inspire you to have your own experience but you can't have mine each of us individually are going to have to have an encounter and an experience of the Spirit of God for selves and many times that process of birth every time there's a process of birth it's painful. I've never been there but I've heard such things and that process of birth is also directional Jesus talks about the John Chapter 16 he says a woman when she is in labor has sorrow because her hour is comin but then he says when the child has been brought forth she forgets her sorrow for joy that a child has been born into the world what is born in the midst of our trial difficulty is a living breathing experience with Christ for ourselves yes painful to the process but you will forgive all that pain and even says that she says we will look back withing fullness upon the darkest hour of our way and I can testify to this I went through hell in public ministry radical poverty all kinds of stuff guy's radical poverty discouragement loneliness and depression while in public ministry traveling the country laboring for souls and nobody knew how bad it was I did even know how about it was but I can testify to you this evening I wouldn't have it any other way how could I say anything different because the man that I am now is not the man I was going into that situation I know closer to God than before depression came I know closer to God than before the radical poverty why because I realize that he was all I had. And he was faithful to see me through all of it and he can do that for you and it drives us to him or it drives us it challenges us in so now those things that we've been hearing about in the Sabbath school the things you heard about a Jew I see now realizing Yeah that but like me hearing Doug Batchelor say something isn't the same as me knowing this for myself in the Word of God when I go to wrestle with it how do you think Doug got ahold of that he wrestled with God in prayer he went through stuff in life it's no different for all of us and so it's easy to just have an experience is based upon all your verse in G Y C and all these events and these events are a blessing or they can be a revival to come to a place of spiritual retreat like there's a beautiful clear blue water and sunshine hollow lujah but your experiences in a look like that it's not going to look like that these things are nice your experience is going to be hard you're going to be betrayed you're going to be lonely you're going to be discouraged you going to go through some stuff and you're going to the wall like what happened to all the campfires in the and the veggie smores and all this other stuff hey it gets real doesn't it and it will it was in those times a difficult year I realize Elyse is in our times of great in that same court that mentioned earlier she says in her tons of greatest discouragement divine help is nearest and then she says we will look back with thing fullness upon the darkest hour of our way he never leaves us he never for success but man as a challenge we have to tell our people this God loves you more than his own exists existence he would rather die and cease to exist and for you than I have a chance of eternity God loves you with every ounce of his being more than you'll ever know but God's love does not negate each of us having a need to have our own experience and many times those experiences are birth out of trial and it's God's love that compels him to be with us in our trial to never leave us nor for sake us but those are not 2 separate things the love of God does not entitle you to be deprived of suffering here with me. The love of God will see you through your suffering are you with me and I believe that we have to have an experience of Scripture that is our own Unfortunately this thing through God's Word has creative power is that true we're told that by His Word the world came into existence Now if God can create a world through His word do you think that God can create life into your experience through His word yes 80 Jones goes so far I think it's him or maybe it's Wagner but they said that faith is believing what the Word of God says and relying upon the word only to do what it says he but that gets hard doesn't it there's a promise that I clean every day and in turn think what is this in the Psalms speaking of Joseph I think it's Psalm one of 5 it says Through the word God tested the he was test Joseph was tested by the word that God gave him basically is the point that they make. Some butchering it. This is been so precious to me in the midst of my difficulties and cleaning God's promises because I tell you what man there are those times when you get away with child you go to the situations you're going through when you're claiming the Word of God You're just wanting God you said I need to claim your word and you're going to do what you said but when you have been there when Lord when is this thing going to go away and you just keep claiming keep claiming this is one of them until the time that his word came to pass some one of the 51000 until the time that his word came to pass it says the word the Lord tested him it tried him one of the things that happens while we're claiming God's promises is learning to cling to the Word of God and it brings power so we're not going to be able to expect to have wife in our experience in a fine revival without God's word it's not going to happen you will not find revival in your experience without the word you can pray until you're blue in the face but if you're not communing with the living Christ in the living word you're not receiving all the blessings you could pyres a huge blessing I'm committing hours of my life to prayers changing my life and other people's lives but it's not enough. The Word of God creates life and there's more aspects to prayer than just saying what you think there's power in praying the word will come to that in a moment so we are in desperate need of having a living breathing connection with Christ in His Word but you cannot expect to have power with God If you are not communing with him in Scripture right when you see Christians and people who were men of power and women of power they were people of the word right Charles Spurgeon was a powerful preacher the gospel why because he had you know these amazing just gifts in genetics No this man was in the word he was a man of fervent prayer a man of fervent study and it bore fruit in a righteousness and it bore fruit in power any one you see in scripture or in Christianity were people of the book legitimate people the book not just people who just kind of yeah you know I I opened it and I read a SOL I read my room you know I drink my room and then I go to work for the day no no no no no no no the crisis is coming can't that's not going to be enough I mean God can do something with something you can't do anything with nothing I'll give you that but guys we need to get serious about the Word of God We are 7th Day Adventists Christians meant to give a message this was to challenge convict and awaken the world and that's not going to come with lame weak devotional lives it's not going to happen guys if we're not in our on our knees in prayer communing with God and please don't misunderstand me this is not an appeasement works based religion I'm telling you but this is how it works you're not going to have power for your computer if you don't have an outlet right you need a cable in you need an outlet and I believe that the power source is already available to us it's already here you have to find the word the word is here but you're not going to find power until you plug in are you with me the power source is ready and willing to give you more than you have courage to ask. God is willing to bless you more than you had courage to ask but you've got to come you've got to get in the word You've got to get on your knees in prayer and ask him and I'm telling you guys once you start to get a taste of the goodness of God into communion with Him in your devotions changes everything I made a commitment 10 years ago almost 11 years ago that time with God is not an option it's not optional and not doing this to appease name Raghad now. I wish I didn't have to say this but I've been to 30 of our academies now work to the young people and there are a lot of young people who their experience in the devotional life is not one that I would wish for it to be it's not because they aren't reading it's because there's this haunting thought that I ought to read now because I want to because Mom and Dad said got to read the Bible got a rhythm and I'm not saying that this evening that you've got to I'm telling you that the power is found in this blessing that is yours and you can voluntarily enter into this blessing please no one leave you this evening thinking if I don't do this thing God not going to be there for me that's not the point God's always been there for you whether you respond to him or not that's the faith of Jesus he believes in you he invests in you he gives his life for you whether you respond or not that's how it works it gives if it ever receives or not but the point is if you want power this is where it's found if you want healing if you want victory if you want sin to leave your life it comes through Communion with the living Christ that's how it works that's not works based religion that's just common sense. Electricity is not legalism. Right it's just common sense when I plug in I get power it's no different guys. But so I've had young people that they literally one a a very good friend of mine had to stop having a devotional life to then start trying to find a desire for themselves to have a devotional life because Mom and Dad were just barking up the tree better read better read better read that's not what we're saying there's a big difference right motives matter but I made a commitment 10 years ago that time with God is not optional and it was because someone told me to it's not because on the whole the exact opposite I need Jesus as a minister of the gospel I need Jesus I know better than you never plan to be never want to be I need Jesus and so when I have to wake up in The Fly early for a flight on not going to skip my devotions to get on a point it's not happening I don't care what my plane is I'm waking up I'm going to have time with God in prayer I have time with God in His Word period nothing else is more important in that the world does not exist to me until this happens and in the evening same thing I don't care how late I get and it does not matter and that commitment that I made 10 years ago I am fully convinced of the fact is the reason why I'm not who I am now I'm not who I was then now I'm fully convinced of this because the Word of God has creative power to change the life so we're told and I look back at who I was in 2008 and I look at who I am now and think How did this happen it wasn't because I'm awesome it is because the Word of God has creative power it to change your life. I can testify to this guys I'm a different man than I was then there are strongholds that are no longer in my life it is because of the grace of God through the power of the Word of God I can testify to this people of power or people of communion is not the charisma right up there gifting is not the genetics that's not where this comes from it's only coming from time with God in this word Jesus found his strength L.-Y. talks about this if Jesus God on earth needed time with God in prayer if you think we don't and I think if we understood that it is that is necessary for health and well being as food water in sleep then we wouldn't have a legal istic view of it or this like I got I know like no one thinks that all man like if I don't eat food I'm going to like you know will be lost no it's just a common sense then my body was designed to run on food on water and rest your spiritual experience was pre designed to thrive in communion with God This is why God was communing with Adam in the garden this is why God even after Adam and Eve fell said I can't take this anymore build me a same sure that I may dwell among you this is why the Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us John 114 this is where the Holy Spirit dwells with you and will be in you John 14 and this is why God The Revelation chapter 21 is going to dwell with his people once again he wants you else he would not have spent such an expensive price to save you God wants to commune with you and he's waiting for you every single day with you join him or not every single Sabbath with the people join him are not gods ready gods longing to commune with you why miss out on that blessing and just think about it Charles Spurgeon says it this way that. You cannot have God in eternity if you do not have him in time. If we're not taking time to commune with him here what are we telling him about our desire to be with him they are right if I'm not taking the time to commune with God and read and him to have come in with him now why would I want to then because eternal wife doesn't actually begin in heaven Jesus says this is eternal life John Chapter 17 of verse 3 that they may know you are the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent would you have to wait to know God in a new Jesus into heaven you can have the beginning blessings of eternal life in the here and now but do you want to guys that's the question when you realize that I want this then you desire to do it and it's just common sense and then when you receive the blessings of communing with God You don't want to not do it with me so I don't have these haunting thoughts that if if God if I don't do this God be mad at me like no like how could I spend my day without him and what am I giving people today if I don't have time with him what do I have to offer them me that's not enough but if I'm communing with him I'm Bre him with me and giving them something they're you with me so I'm challenging you this evening to begin making this time a priority if you've not done so yet maybe you don't have devotional if I don't know your story it is better this way right if you don't now is the time what better time than now when the tree is green when you have the Word of God available to you in 5000000000 translations you probably have more Bibles in your home the people in Africa have shoes right or people in Asia or in Cuba or in Haiti people around the world are dying for the basic practical necessities of life and the amazing thing is one of the largest underage people groups in the United States of America is middle class white Americans if you look at churches in America right now they're largely filled with people of different ethnicities. In the white man's becoming is underage people I didn't know stand how how much this is an issue in England. Dean told me it was tell me some of his conversion story which is absolutely hilarious but somewhat disheartening. There are there's just there's a lot of cultural differences in Adventism and I love our movement because it's such a global diverse movement but I think one of those we've lost sight of is the people who are the most privileged and entitled in society western society are the people who are less inclined to be Christians right now and they don't see their need and so we've got to do something about this and we 7th Day Adventists we probably have more Bibles in our home than is reasonable. And yet these Bible says go completely without attention we don't open it right we reserve it for Sabbath this is my special book that I open on Sabbath you know this is the living Christ in written form you can commune with God and hear from God on the issues that you're dealing with right now in the Word of God but does that matter to you Do you realize the privilege you have to have this word in your language and do you realize how much blood has been shed to ensure that you have access to this word that read the recounts of Mercy people suffered bled and died to ensure that you could have this privilege and here we are just. Heard about the Bible to have a school and maybe some of us are devotional experience is of reading books written by non authors of the Bible even though white were reading L.-Y. and were reading devotional books and were not having time in the Word of God for selves and you know she would tell you stop reading my books and read the word the last things she told in a public address was brother and I present to you this word this is it because the Spirit of Prophecy is such a blessing I'm going to talk about this in a moment but it can impart life. It wasn't by the words of Ella white that the world was made she's the lesser light pointing to the greater light please do not rob yourself of the privilege of communing with the living Christ by picking up the desired ages at the expense of paying of scripture she would tell you the same she can give you life now I would encourage you to read the Bible and then read this for prophecy I do both but do not read the Spirit of Prophecy or maps of Cato or Georgia night or who anyone else very devotional books bring to Walsh or whoever do not read their writings about Jesus what you're basically trying to do is still somebody else has a boil I'm not saying don't read those books ever don't read those books instead of scripture I've been deeply edified by reading writings that weren't Scripture right that showed me things about scripture I didn't know about that blessed me greatly but I didn't read those things and stop reading the Bible don't deprive yourself of that privilege right so spend time in the Word of God then read other things but we need to make this commitment and so my challenge to you and I'll get to some other content here today but my cello see this evening is to make a commitment to read the entire Bible in the next 2 years. I'm coming to find Jesus says don't meditate beforehand what you're going to say when you're brought before rulers and so forth because the Holy Spirit will bring to mind the things you need to say you have the Spirit of God cannot bring scriptures to your mind that you haven't read. Right every time I choose to read something a scripture I haven't read those are more things a spirit has access to and I need them the most but he cannot take what I don't put in right so you're stocking an internal library if you will every time you read scripture and the more you read certain passages the more impressed there are upon your mind and I would strongly challenge all of us I did not tell people to do this when the 1st starting a devotional life read from cover to cover or whatever I mean there's all kinds of words to read the Bible and all the Bible apps you get your phone they may have you read like psalms in a something from the New Testament they come to do this like you know all over the place approach or does Genesis to Revelation if you do not have an experience of Scripture for yourself right now don't start with this don't start with this my recommendation to people is a star in the Gospels Matthew Mark Luke John repeated Matthew Mark Luke John or people why Jesus says if you see me in John Chapter 14 if you see me you see in the Father if you want to find out what God the Father is like how he does life how he thinks about you what he wants for your life observe the life of Jesus and see how Jesus treated people that look like you look at how Jesus treated people do you think are worse than you look how Jesus treated people you think are better than you observe the wife of Jesus and it's going to set your compass to true north this is the way that God this life this is how God feels about me and when you understand the true character and heart of God in Scripture you know it's going to happen when you start reading other passages after you start with this purpose you can start seeing Jesus in Isaiah you can start seeing Jesus in the Psalms you know start seeing Jesus in the episode all the letters from Paul to the Church at Rome you're going to start recognizing the heart of God in the center of the Heart of Jesus in all kinds of other places in Scripture because you now know what you're looking for but if people are reading without that kind of compass a true north it's easy for them to think why did I read this the book of Leviticus doesn't make near as much sense when you to understand who Jesus is but it's gorgeous when you do it with me. And so my recommendation is start in the gospels right read a story a day read it multiple times just saturate yourself in the life of Jesus and because the point in your time in Scripture is to connect with God not to become a scholar in your devotional life some people may disagree with me on this but I believe our most important call in objective is to know God for ourselves and you do that by communing with God through His Word if you're looking to figure out everything about God because I've met a lot of people who can quote Scripture verses who do all kinds of things and then have affairs famous evangelists who are no longer doing evangelism why they do all kinds of stuff about God but they didn't know him or they forgot where they came from because it's easy when you get a ministry man you're just doing your thing I just need to do enough to write this service if it comes easy right when you 1st started ministry it's a challenge you go search you go to study you get a pray but then you start getting good at it and you can lose sight of the fact that you need Jesus because you're gifting now will be enough to make people be impressed and God in His great mercy blesses these people in spite of our arrogance in spite of our complacency in spite of our nonsense but God wants us to have an experience of him for ourselves God wants to speak to you through His Word He wants to challenge you to grow you to stretch your faith to fill you with His love with his promises the word is a 3 dimensional book eyes it's like a good leaven the lump it touches every area of your life but are you spending time communing with him were you just looking for facts he with me there's a big difference and so my time is Scripture my devotions is to connect with God But you know what benefit I get while connecting with God I also learn about him. I also recognize details right as I go and so now I read the Scriptures to cover 3 times a year Genesis to Revelation Genesis revelation Genesis revelation I don't recommend people do this this is what I do I spend more time I do my thing I'm in ministry of all the challenges of life this is the way I do it so I'm not in control of what I read on a day to day basis we know the amazing thing is time after time after time and I read 4 books grew to prophecy after that now like in a city obviously a beautiful time but I'm not in control of what I read in the day to day basis but it never ceases to amaze me that day every day but many times what I read that moment is exactly what I need to hear and it is exactly what I'm going through and I didn't control it right it wasn't that all men I need to work today let me go to Isaiah 40 because I say I'm 40 really speaks to me when I'm in need to know I don't know what I'm going to read and when and yet it's time after time after time after time the Word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any 2 edged sword it comes to the vision of joint soul and marrow it speaks to the heart guys and when you have a living experience with Jesus in the word you can't even put words to what your experience is because just like the balm of Gilead I was discouraged I was facing some difficult stuff and God spoke to me and ministered to me just like just like Gabriel did for Daniel Dale in chapter 10 again a Chapter 11 and 2 and then Chapter 12 he comes and he touches the man because he has no strength left and never been in the experience you have no strength left and God just touches you through His Word in strengthens you for that day and for that challenge. Yeah but if you're just looking for facts it is burning through it going through the motions you're missing out on an amazing experience the Word of God has changed my life guys I'm a different man I'm a smarter man I'm a more compassionate man and God is not done with me but I tell you what when I look at the beast that I was when I started and who I am now there is no other explanation but the Word of God the Word of God will change your life but will you let it we commit to that I'm going to ask you to cover to cover 3 times in your I'm asking that all don't don't miss not miss my point but I would strongly challenge you if you've got a devotional life and you are if you have not read the entire Bible you need to write if God only wanted you to have 15 books he would give you 15 he gave a 66 for a reason in all them speak to the human condition and you will find God speak to you in Song of Solomon you think what like there's nothing for me here I would experience as a good way to read. Esther and I was like I was praying about something else like God I really need a word from you tonight look I don't know about the Book of Esther I know this is going to help me and what I'm looking for but just could you bless me any way and God spoke to me with power about exactly what I was going through through the Book of Esther 30 there are blessings for you in every single book of the Bible even 2nd Chronicles there are ways that God will speak to minister to you but you gotta go there or you got to get in the trenches you got to go looking for those blessings and if you're looking you will find them if you seek for them with all your heart that's what he promises us and it's in there the other thing I would challenge you to do I mean if we're 70 Aves Christians and we believe that Jesus is coming soon we need to know the Word of God We need to know the war we need to make the world our own and one of the blessings that God gave to us as a church is the call to the ages series notice I'm going to rescript your 1st but I would also encourage you to read the content of the ages series if you have not picked up some prophets prophets and kings desired ages X. the Apostles and the great controversy. And so I want to rise in 2010 I was not a 7th Day Adventist I was almost a 7th Day Adventist but I wasn't one yet as some questions to wrestling with some stuff and I just need to see this thing worked right like what I'm seeing on 3 being like what you guys are saying is true but does it work saw some dead churches saw some stuff and I just thought well will will will will I thought this was the people and I didn't no one took time to answer the questions I had looking back there were some really faulty worldviews I had and what I was looking for but no one took the time to help me work through it but I get to rise they answered my questions but I was too wrestling with a white as wasn't sure about this whole thing like I just feel like these people are just talking about this leave it too much all we need is the Word of God. But I didn't understand the purpose of the gift of prophecy until I went to rise and Mark Howard had a class there that radically changed my life and he doesn't teach that class to rise in the more is something they do a lot more things internal than they do having a lot of adjunct instructors this is cheaper than what a great teacher is there so they don't do that as much but he did when I went so if you guys want that class I'm happy to give it to you I want to make a Google drive folder I do this for Goldman who drive folder that's going to have his full class the audio I literally transcribe the notes of the 2012 hours of that class because I told you to rise that year and it's like 30 something pages but it's easier to look through written notes than to listen through hours of content to find stuff again I'm so used to teach I still teach but I'll give you those files that class changed my life so that I was convinced to Ella white I understood what the purpose of the get to property was in the L A What was the real deal I was convinced of that but I still wasn't really reading her for myself right what I was doing I was writing sermons after rise was like a country like a resource what she says about this text that I'm preaching at all she says those who put the cord in so the people I preach to think actually read that book No I didn't read that book I just did the search and so she said something of the scripture that I used as scripture and threw it in there I wasn't like trying to be deceptive but like I didn't really read read all of her stuff or myself I'd read most of the great controversy most of desire of ages all of ministry of healing steps to Christ but I had read a lot and so in 2014. That isn't 13 I think I really is not going to make this thing my own but you know what happened I would start reading the spitter prophecy and I don't know where this massive left would come on me. I was about to fall asleep and I'm not I'm not someone who can sleep sitting up I like this is horrible travel for me because like I can't sleep on a plane I can't sleep in the car so I only sleep when I get horizontal and that's depending on my travel skills you can be hard and but anyway I don't know where. I just want to fall asleep in a really severe bout what on earth now I prayed 3rd eventually got through it and I committed I need to read the whole conflict series and you can do to me or you can do it. How do people know David Asher can never heard of him so he baptized me as one of my mentors But David he was doing this 100 days of pastor a challenge and he was he was actually to read the whole cultic series $100.00 days of asking for that. But eventually slow down when he desired pages it's just so good he seem to like ruminate on that for a while you know but. You can read it here there's like 337 No 330 something chapters in the complex series so if you just read a chapter a day you could do it in a year even if you missed like 30 something days so much chapters are long right get something out of it but I would encourage you that in the next couple of years to read all the way through the conflict series and read all the way through the Bible Bible 1st obviously and through the conflicts series it will in the rich and deep in your experience of God I guarantee it guarantee it I can testify to this so I was convinced intellectually the Ella White was was truly a messenger from God but then I started reading through the entire conflict series a chapter a day boom boom boom boom boom and the very same thing it was happening to me in Scripture was happening in the spirit of prophecy I was reading the Bible cover to cover and then I'd read conflict the ages series and it's not because L. White is scripture we don't believe that right we believe that she was inspired by God right a messenger with the gift of inspiration who's pointing us to Scripture right. But in the spirit of prophecy I was having the Spirit of God convict me the same way they would have in my devotions when I read the Bible right the chapters 111213 prophets in Kings one of old me about Alija and what he went through just leveled me in a great time of need I was reading through one of the chapters and Lou I would just stop in ugly cry compose myself and start reading again in the boom would ugly cry again and just leveled in the Spirit of God was speaking to me it was through experience that I was even more convinced this woman was clearly used by God to bless people this is a minister of God I knew it because the Spirit of God was speaking to me in the same way they spoke to me through Scripture why same author write yes the same author of The Holy Spirit and it just changed my life and so I can testify today that this will grow your experience so when asked about Sir how do you know so much about the Scriptures and what you know little secret are really called for to be disease every year and he said every year but he resolved to the age of Ceres regularly is very hopeful it is a good insight in things in Scripture it is a blessing so you way take time to read the Word of God for yourself read the Spirit of Prophecy for yourself is going to change your life. Around and skip this. When people read this book steps to personal revival or heard of this book OK if you go to the A.B.C. You can get this book for like $3.00 it's super cheap it's an amazing book I've got it here actually. Loops. This book and someone quoted from this book and a very good friend of mine quoted from this book in August last year and I've been I've been hearing from people for a while you need to get this book needing this book yeah a read the book changes like yeah and anyway my my friend quote reads from this book and I realized disputer God convict me said Go buy that book and I have a confession to make this a confession is good for the soul I'm terrible at reading books outside of the Bibles we prophesy horrible because spent a lot of time in the morning just doing that stuff praying reading it so like outside of that I just don't have time I'm going into ministry I'm starting a school I just I'm a I'm a busy person so I'm not the best at it I'll pick them up but it's hard for me to finish them and I thought alright Lord I'll do it and so I get there and I go to the A.B.C. and I see it's this then. I can do that then I see it's $3.00 I lose by 2 and you know the book says bye bye to you so cheap Sure I'll buy it and I start reading through this book and there are themes that I have taught about but this guy will go a next step and things I hadn't connected the dots on that has radically changed my life now I've been talking a lot this evening about the importance of reading Scripture and the importance of having time in prayer one of the things that radically changed my life was understanding the power of praying the word back to God. And I didn't understand this no the Mason is a very good friend of mine she's like an older sister and military I've read her book and one of the reasons why she's been giving her book out for FREE so much the last few years is because of me meeting her and share with her hey why to give this book to my students is a stingy is some for free as long as you promise of the read them I said Sure I'll send them and so the kids reading and also in a bunch of my kids come up to read you I see that year and say hey your book was a blessing to me that whoa maybe you should give more these books so they gave out for FREE to you I see the following year because of my students and she talks about praying the Word of God in whatever reason I kind of had this I don't even know what went through my mind when I read her book because there's so many great things in there if you haven't heard or read her book it's called daring to ask for more and amazing book on the topic of prayer it's a little bigger but it's amazing. But I talked about praying the word in her book and it was one of those things that I just for ever reason I didn't see my need at that stage and just didn't do it and I had an experience I'm sure we all have this in our growth where there are certain things or experience it just leave immediately right like swearing to God Hi Lou you're right you know I didn't talk like I used to talk but then there were other things that would take a while to get out your life in the area frustrated by this like Jesus I've been a Christian for X. amount of years what does this doing here why is this living inside of me the selfishness of this gossip this greed whatever it is and so there were things in my life I thought Lord what's what's the deal here like I've been begging and pleading with you in tears Why is this still in my life and not saying a Wasn't convert is not what I'm saying but is what are God why and then I began a process through reading this book of seeing the importance of reading praying the Word of God back to him and I started something that is radically radically transformed my life but I want to use some principles from here on man. The shot clock is negative me right now. When the subject here I'll do my best to make this quick so in John Chapter 17 a verse 17 Jesus says sanctify them by your truth your word is truth I have a question for you Jesus is praying to the Father for you by the way Jesus prayed for you and he ever lives to make intercession for Scripture says but if Jesus prays to the Father do you think Jesus answers this or do you think God enters Jesus' prayers and hears them way that I think so so when Jesus is saying defy them by your truth your word is truth there's a variable in this equation if Jesus prays that we would be saying to 5 by the Word of God We think that variable is me choosing to enter into that blessing right me reading the Word of God So if I take time for the Word of God God's going to answer Jesus' prayer in change who I am common sense right I always use this verse in the context of devotions what I didn't use it in the context of was praying the word back to God and what I was going to experience since August is this radical transformation of my experience where God is literally using the word of God praying it back to him to transform my life there are things I was wrestling with in August that I don't wrestle with right now and those are things that have been there for a while that Lord why and now those things are leading my life why because I have a lock document on my phone where I'm walking through promises from God almost specific areas of my weaknesses faulty core beliefs weaknesses in my character things about me that I wish I believed but I don't right now and I'm praying the Word of God back to him and promises from a speed of prophecy every single day and it's radically changing my life guys I was a dead man I was wrestling with depression discouragement and a lot of stuff in ministry a year ago 14 months ago and I am a completely different man now than I was then why. Because God through learning these principles of giving God the desires of my heart of praying the scriptures back to him is literally raising me I'm not saying I wasn't converted I love Jesus but I tell you what you can go through some stuff while you love Jesus. Yeah and I was going through some stuff and I knew to keep going I didn't stop reading I didn't stop praying and then stop preaching it is not giving Bible studies but man it was hard it's hard but I just kept going I put my head down and I just kept going one step after another when that's all I had but for doing this God has revitalized me and put weapons in my arsenal that are literally radically and dramatically tearing down strongholds in my life radically tearing down straw is why because these 1035 says we can take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ in 2nd Peter chapter one this is a big one second Peter chapter one and again this is on audio verses a longer version of some of these principles I'm going through now called when you lose your 1st love but in 2nd Peter chapter one beginning verse 3 this is something we're going to this book how many people heard the phrase exceedingly great and precious promises how many people heard that phrase I heard it forever right and I'm glad that God has promises in his word but I did not understand the context of that verse intil I read this book right here in fact in Page 40 some around page 40 I was reading this book in the parking lot outside of the colors deal church in the in colors deal of all places right next to the disc of course in the tennis courts as it is a nice afternoon to have the car door open just reading in my car and I get to this section of my book and I wrote something in my margin that will never forget I don't remember what I read that led into this I mean that the page is there I could go back and read it but you know what I said I wrote I don't know how to pray for myself in 2014 the summer of 201-413-2013 I committed to a life of intercessory prayer. And I've seen miracles tons of them and seen other people's lives changed for the glory of God but my pearl life basically looks something like this forgive my sins cover them of the blood of Jesus fill me with their Holy Spirit got any wisdom for this decision anyway I don't really matter to God This is what I really want to pray for all these other people I didn't understand how to pray for myself and here I was thinking I was being unselfish what I didn't understand was myself hatred was sabotaging my prayer life the God was using with Howard ministry God is using me with power in intercessory prayer I was not receiving all the blessings all the victories all the healing God wanted to give me because I didn't know how to pray for myself why because no one taught me for one and 2 I didn't understand I had all this self negative self thoughts about me because all the stuff I've gone through in life and this is why mental health matters because it distorts our view of ourselves and of God and we hear all these conversations about our hermeneutics especially in our conservative circles our hermeneutics how we sort of the Word of God matters and it does matter but your biggest hermeneutic is your view of God and many of our people in the conservative side of the aisle are wrestling with unhealthy pictures of God and I don't mean they're monsters I mean they're struggling because we're being assaulted by Satan they think they're never going to be good enough and I'm telling you this because I'm counting them all over the country a lot's 3 of the pastoral Department is getting an alarming amount of phone calls from 7th Day Adventists adults and pastors who have 0 sure to salvation and these are people who believe the Bible is the the inner word of God These are people who value the Spirit of Prophecy these are people who believe that we should take care of our bodies we should dress modestly these are people with good principles and they have unhealthy views of God. Sometimes it comes and how we share those principles right we're not saying that do these things to be saved but the emphasis is still there under the surface in the way in which we communicate things and there is this feeling all never be good enough and so do I see this in a lot of people and so it's difficult to believe the promises of God the God wants to bless you because you think you're a loser me I'm a Christian but I'm a loser I'm never going to get enough God must be frustrating for me because I'm not putting out about growing about changing and that's not true God's thoughts towards you are at their zenith all the time God's love for you is not based upon your performance he does not love you more when you succeed and he doesn't love you less when you feel God's love for you is just that his love for you and they got the loves and gives and believes all things and hopes all things and bears all things whether you ever change or not does he want you to change of course right you can't love someone to watch them suffer and be OK with that but his love is not dependent on how you perform and mothers can testify to this Fathers can testify to this you love your children even when they mess up you love your children even when they leave the church why because that's what love does you but where you think you got that that's you bearing the image of Christ you with me so God loves you no problem but I had unhealthy views of myself and that was sabotaging my prayer life even though I was telling people in tears to believe God's love for them wasn't lying I wasn't putting on a show I didn't understand that I wasn't fully believing the things I was saying for myself in these 2 areas of my life I don't want to brokenness I believed in the plan of salvation but I didn't believe in some other areas of my life where I've been hurt and God through this process has shown healing light into those areas of darkness in my experience Nama different man than I was 14 months ago. It's because a lot of these principles but listen this context so computer 13 and 4 and God's divine power has given us how many things all things that pertain to life and godliness literally everything you need for life and godliness is yours already in the provision of God how through a knowledge of him this what you do very well to do a word search on the knowledge of God or to know God because what they're talking about here Jesus is this is eternal life that they may know you right and everything that exalt itself against a knowledge of God 7 going to chapter to him write all these verses many of them are talking about knowing God this is not some intellectual venture it's literally knowing him intimately for yourself so it says that everything we need for life and godliness is given to us through a true knowledge of God who called us by glory and virtue and by which is given to us exceedingly great and precious promises and then it says that through these what are these a knowledge of God and the promises of God through these we may be particulars of the divine nature literally the word of God says in 2nd Peter chapter 13 and 4 that we can particular divine nature and receive everything we need for life and godliness through coming into a true knowledge of God and through claiming his promises no clue I was totally clueless to that so I wasn't claiming God's promises and in turn I wasn't receiving the divine nature that I could have in certain areas of my life I wasn't receiving what I needed for life and godliness in certain areas of my life because I wasn't claiming promises you with me it's all there and so anyway these are some references you can look that up L. It says this in Christ object lessons in every command in every promise of the Word of God It is the power the very life of God by which the command may be fulfilled and the promise realized. Every command God gives you in that commands the power to do it which makes perfect since the man a John Chapter 5 who is an invalid and has no strength to walk walks why because the power to walk was in the command rise take up your mat and walk he should be able to do that why did he do that because Jesus in the command gave it away says don't wait to feel that you're made whole believe His word in an acting upon his word you will receive strength she says of ourselves we are no more capable of living a holy life than with that impotent man capable of walking but when he believe what Christ said he was able to walk would you believe what Jesus says about you strongholds come down things that were impossible in your experience become possible I am a vastly different man now than I was 14 months ago because the Word of God and now believing what it says it is changing who I am you with me and the promises of God The same thing when God promises that your children are coming home they're coming back to the church don't give him rest do not give him rest don't let him go until he blesses you he says in the promise is the power to receive the promise will if you stop praying you lose the blessings this is where we're told to pray without ceasing don't give the man rest so this is why do I would recommend you do something like this you have to use your phone you can have a well written document whatever you want to do start writing down promises in Scripture about the things that you wrestle with about the things you don't believe about yourself that you know that you should about your weaknesses in your character and start praying the Word of God back to him daily I'm a proven case study it's radically changed my life those negative thoughts about myself are going away and now believing the things about me that god beliefs and believe in God wants to bless me and believe in God wants to provide for me indeed heal me it's changing my life I'm having the greatest revival of my experience since my conversion because of this process of coming to know in an even deeper way gives some because I wasn't converted before didn't know Jesus before he's the love of my life. I mean Heather heels in love with a man named Jesus I don't care what you think about that he is the love of my life but this is taken my experience to a whole nother level guys through personal hardship and challenges and learning how to claim the word of God in my difficulties game changer the supremacy of scripture I'm telling you guys it is amazing the Word of God is going to change your life if you let it it's going to change your life if you let it but when you enter into that blessing now I says it's not praiseworthy to talk of our weaknesses and discouragement but let each one say I am grieved that I yield to temptation that my prayers are so feeble my face so weak I have no excuse to plead for being in my religious life but on seeking to obtain completeness of character where in Christ I have sinned and yet I love jesus did you know it's possible to love Jesus even though you're sitting yes safe will tell you otherwise see the Bible says if you love me keep my commandments are not keeping the commandments I must I love Jesus that's not true necessarily It could be true there are many people who don't love Jesus that's him that's true but that does not mean that people who love Jesus ceased loving him when they sinned no wrestling. I have sinned yet I love Jesus and I've fallen many times but yet he's reached out his hands to save me I've told him all about my mistakes I confess to shame and sorrow that I've just honored him and I've looked at the cross and said all this he suffered for me in another place he says all he did he will not have died for me in vain right when you fall when you stumble just remind yourself I'm not going to let him die for me in vain no way. No way Jesus it's not going to in here I don't like who I am I don't like what I see but I'm going to believe what your word says and your word says that when I come in to you you will know why it's cast me out I don't feel worthy to come into your presence I feel like I'm dirty like I'm gross and I'm done for but if you in your words say that he who comes in to me I will noise cast out of believing that I'm demanding that you stand on that promise she quotes that verse in an amazing another message I do but she says if we claim that she says it may feel like you're only claiming this is the only promise you have to claim as the only thing you have to offer him is this one promise but she says cling to this promise and you are safe and she says if you claim this one promise you are as safe as the inside of the City of God. If you claim this one promise he who comes in to me I will no wise cast out she says in that moment you are as safe as the inside of the City of God Why because God wants you in no doubt he is for you not against you and if you cling to the supremacy of scripture if you keep coming to him to transform your life is going to happen you will experience a revival going to happen the Holy Spirit has shown me my ingratitude my sin in putting Christ to open a Shaman He who knows no sin has forgiven my sin and He calls me to a higher nobler wife and I press on to the things that are before don't say can rob you of this experience keep getting up keep pressing forward keep labels promises and the Word of God will create you and you are promise. All right last thing I'm not preach this before so I went along I'm sorry but I believe that God has already given us everything we need in the Word of God into the promise of the of the Comforter the Holy Spirit it's already yours everything you need for revival for a new birth for a better experience it's already yours you have to create it you need to go looking for to search high and low it's already here the question is will you enter into that experience are we taking advantage of this while the tree is green in the game I appeal to you this evening is twofold 1st of all are you committing to reading all of Scripture all of Scripture to make this thing my own how can I know what God says and thinks about me if I don't read it for myself right and so my 1st appeal is this that I want to make this thing my own and in the span of the next 2 years I want to read this entire book from cover to cover because I want to know Him Jesus says this is eternal life that they may know You the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent you can begin experience eternal life in the here and now and you want to say today yes Jesus by raising my hand I want to commit to making this thing my own I've not read the thing cover to cover before but today I say yes I want in it that you want you to raise your hands tonight I want to read this thing from cover to cover and you can do a number of former reading playing but I want to read the entire Bible in the next 2 years. And my 2nd appeal is this the I want to read the carpet to the ages series I want to better understand the heart of God behind the scriptures because here's what you're going to find when you read the complex series not some cranky old lady telling you not to have fun what you're going to find is the most gorgeous picture of Jesus you have ever seen i literally have been swept off my feet by the loveliness of Jesus through the pain of inspiration I have not found this person who seems to be against us who makes Christianity way too hard and unpossible impossible that's not the experience I have had by reading to be a proxy for myself what I was found was this lady loves Jesus. This lady has seen a beautiful picture of Jesus that I want to have for myself in fact when she died people in the neighborhood referred to her as that woman who spoke so lovingly about Jesus and yet many young people in our church do not know that they think she is that lady that told me all the stuff that I can't do well let's own that as a movement and create a balanced beautiful picture in this reader prophecy that shows who Jesus is not just the stuff that we shouldn't do. We'll cover that tomorrow but you want to commit this evening to reading the entire complex series in the next 2 years I realize that there must be blessings in here there must be a light on the character of God the glory of God and what's coming down the pike for the people of God and I want to make this thing my own I want to be the conflict series in the next 2 years and you want to make that commitment the conflict of the ages to the next 2 years of this is between you and God But I'm just telling you this radically changed my life and now I just do all the time and I think it's going to what it did is. It increased my minimum of what I do with Jesus right I started reading a certain amount of minutes a day now read this many minutes a day never that because my desire grew the more time I had with him started the Gospels start of the New Testament maybe make a commitment to read the whole New Testament this year saturate yourself in the Gospel the New Testament but then in the next year you can read the whole New Testament over the course that you are whatever you want to do but anyway I think you're going to be really blessed by this is going to change your life and what I've found is that. God is able to bring scripture to my mind war now that I'm claiming those promises every day than before because it's more closer at hand right now to something I read 5 years ago every single day I'm claiming promises about the things I go through the things I struggle with and so when I'm tempted to think untrue thoughts about myself when I'm tempted to do something out not to do the Spirit of God says hey river which you read to me this morning it's still true you mean what you're praying about this morning in tears claiming my promises I'm still here and a change of life I believe the Word of God is the answer to the world's problems because the Word of God is communicating that was a beautiful picture of Jesus of God the Father and it communicate the we have an ally in the Holy Spirit everything is in here the Word of God is going to finish this work God's people are going to live up to their full potential in this thing is going to change your life if you have not learned how to commune with God in His word if you take him at his word and start by faith I promise you you will not be the same person as you were when you began because I'm not the same person how was it that a book that talks about you know things happening in Palestine in Israel is changing the life of people in Jamaica changing the lives of people in India it's a different book this book is different you can't say that about To Kill a Mockingbird A Tale of 2 Cities You can't say this about Moby Dick but the Word of God transcends time and culture it's amazing it speaks to the heart of every human experience and that's available to you God wants to speak to you. God wants to speak a wife into your experience but will you let him that's the question God in heaven I think you that you want to commune with us far more than we have longed to commune with you but I pray that we would take you up on this blessing. That we would come to you and that we would not let you go until you bless us day after day after day after day and I pray that you would use the word of God to literally raise us from the dead he said to Romans 811 that the very spirit that rose Jesus from the dead can raise us from spiritual death bored I want that today I'm experiencing that today but I want to in an even greater measure and I pray that for my brothers and sisters here tonight but I pray that we will be more convinced this evening that the Word of God is living an active and sharper than any 2 edged sword and it can pierce to the vision of soul and moral It speaks to the issues of the heart and that we would be convinced that there's something about this book and I want to know more I want to know the author and Lord What other religion can offer an experience with the author no one no one Loren. I can experience John Steinbeck by reading his books but I can experience the living Christ bring you life in the experience by communing with you in your word and then we see that privilege then we enter into that privilege and Lord I pray that by having this word stored in our hearts we would be prepared for the crisis this to come and that we would be prepared to champion and to trumpet to the world the 1st 2nd and 3rd in those messages in the finishing this for we ask these things now in Christ Jesus day. In. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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