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How to Stand at the end of Time

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program.



  • June 7, 2019
    6:30 PM
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God in Heaven think you for this privilege to pray think that we can come into your presence and I think that you long to bless us more than we've had the courage to ask and to sweet Jesus I'm praying in this place in this moment that you would bless us that you would speak to us to even give us practical information as we prepare for a crisis this coming upon this earth that is like nothing this world has ever seen speak to us we pray do for these people what I cannot and I ask this now in Jesus name Amen so in Danial Chapter 3 referred to in prophets in Kings as the Hebrew word these you call them whatever you like I kind of prefer to call them head and I mean. There are non Babylonian names because that's what their mom called them but you can call them going to Bendigo because Daniel 3 calls them that for whatever reason I don't know why I can ask Dana and say hey what's the deal like these that's not their name why do you get to be called Angel but they get called a names out and I'm I'm actually not dogmatic about it but it is a little strange but if you want to turn to Dana 3 we're going to be dancing around there for a little bit this evening in the same to fide way of course. So the context for Dana chapter 3 actually begins in Dana chapter one Dana chapter one hidden I mean shown as awry and Daniel are given a charge they're actually supplied food from the king's table and they decline and refuse to eat this food because it is not going to be in their best interest and they take a stand out of principle at the very beginning. The interesting thing about this is they seem to be the only people who made this decision and there were other Israelites in the Babylon when this took place but by taking the stand of principle and Dana chapter one it became evident to the king that these people were different the way that they lived was different and the fruit that it bore was different and they are immediately brought into the favor of their captors That's Dana chapter one then we get to Dana chapter 2 and King Nebuchadnezzar has this dream that just really rocks this guy he doesn't remember what the dream was and he doesn't know what it means he just knows it's important and so he goes to his charmers his you know the sorcerers and says hey help me I need to know the dream and the need to know the interpretation is that hey no problem tell us what you saw and we can tell you what it means because anybody can do that right I think it means it's going to be bad weather tomorrow you can say whatever you want and he says no no no no you're trying to buy time and that's not happening if you don't give me an answer it's curtains for you I need the dream and the interpretation and then they basically tell him that's done no one can do this except the gods and then they see the God who's dwelling is not with Mihm now I think this is fascinating for one reason many reasons but one of the big ones is the pagan view of God is that you have to do stuff to get the gods to recognise you and to even care about you right you need to throw the version of the volcano you need to bury your firstborn in the foundation of your home you need to offer other sacrifices to get the Gods attention and their belief is the gods have no dealing with men. But John chapter one of verse 14 says the word became flesh and dwelt among us Amen we serve a God who longs to come close to the people to dwell amongst the people and to minister to our deepest needs in fact Revelation chapter 21 goes so far as to say that very same God is coming down to plain earth to wipe every tier from your eyes so the Babylonian view of God is not an appealing view of God and it isn't God at all really at this stage it's actually his demons all that being said David Chapter 2 The Kings as no you're just trying to buy time and all that haven't and so now the decree becomes goes out and they start killing Wiseman and Daniel and his 3 Hebrew friends are wont in the same category of people the servants who are ministering to the king and they get a door a knock at the door I'm here to kill you I'm sorry what was that these are asking questions wait let me go talk to the king and then Daniel asked for time and the king actually gives Daniel time if you ever thought about that Indiana chapter 2 he says you're just trying to buy time no way from his own people and yet these emasculated foreigners who have been humiliated in our servants not all all give him time why Diena chapter one because they took a stand from the very beginning of their ministry of their captivity even they saw that they were different and so he gives no time Daniel is given the interpretation it rocks the king and the king of the known world falls on his face before humiliated servants is your god is the guy that's Dana chapter 2. But in the vision he sees a statue I don't know I'm expecting there to be a poster of a statue right here I can point to it. That's not what that is anyway in vision in your mind. The one girl she's gold I'm just kidding so imagine there's a statue and it's gold and that's going to be King Nebuchadnezzar and the king of about one the of silver the of bronze and you have iron in the feet of iron and clay mingled one with another and he says you will kill for this head of gold but then he says another kingdom inferior to yours right they do the metals decrease in value but the increase in strength as they go down which has a kingdom inferior to yours is going to come along after you now if you're the king of the old world you feel pretty boss right like you're the dude right you're the guy and then they're going to say that somebody inferior to used to take over after you how would you feel min How would you feel. Yeah it would go over to Will and so anyway never can as or fall on his face and says Your god is the guy he is the God of gods but then we get to Dana chapter 3 and we see that that that didn't really go over all that will after he slept on it after some time went by and has no I've a better idea we're going to make an entire statue made of gold and he doesn't stop there then he makes a decree for all the known world to come and worship this image this is where things start to get interesting so the decree is made and they say when you hear the sound of the music bowed down so the music goes dooby dooby doo and everyone falls down on the ground and they worship except for these 3 obdurate we. Handed me and as. They don't Bel. Right they don't pretend to tie their shoe but not fully well they don't think oh I just need to use the bathroom I'll be right back like no they just stand they stand in front of everybody and it's not going to go over well and so they refuse to Bell word gets to the king and the king says. I'm not a fan of this let's pick this up Danish chapter 3 Daniel Chapter 3 and verse verse 13 the never can as are actually yet verse 13 the number can as are in a rage and fury gave the command to bring in a bid to go so they brought these men before the King Nebuchadnezzar spoke saying to them is it true Shadrack me checking a bit ago that you do not serve my gods or worship the gold images I have set up verse 15 now if you are ready at the time you hear the sound of the horn flute and soldiery in symphony with all kinds of music and you fall down the works of the image which I have made good but if you do not worship you should be cast immediately in the midst of a burning fire you for his and listen to the audacity of this next statement and who is that God who will deliver you from my hands that these guys are feeling a little salty they may say the same God put you in your face Indiana chapter 2 they don't say that and so they say they say look they weren't we're not going to do this but the interesting thing is why should he be giving them time what reason like he said if you don't value die why is he giving them a 2nd chance. They're dangerous friends Dana chapter one Dana chapter one showed them when they took a stand on something that to many of us doesn't really seem like that big a deal look just eat them eat who cares don't don't rock the boat guys this isn't that big a deal it's not like he's asking to worship some image or something it's just food. But because they recognize the importance of their day to day decisions on the trajectory of their ability to have influence because they stand in Dania one because Danial stands in Dania to Daniel one ending or 2 and ask for his friends to be promoted alongside himself when he's promoted their sympathy in the heart of the king even though he's not thinking clearly right now and wants worship you with me your influence still has influence evil and people are being who you thought they were going to be and we see this in Dana chapter 3 so he gives them more time and now she has wrecked the 2nd Abednego said of the king No never can as are we have no need to answer you in this matter if that is the case our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and he will deliver us from your hand a king but if not even if he doesn't let it be known to you a king that we do not serve your gods nor we worship the golden image which you have said we are firmly convinced of the fact that you were not going to bow down this isn't worth it and God will provide for us but even if God doesn't provide for us not happenin. It's not going to happen this is not the way that we do life we worship the One God and the only god and this is how it's going to be and he's not a big fan of this. And so never can as there was full of fury in the expression on his face changed toward Shadrach Meshach and Abednego there was rage and fury but there were still some form of sympathy in this man's heart but when they spit in his face and how he feels no done no more no more sympathy and so he said he spoke in command of the heat the furnace 7 times more than it was usually heated and he commanded certain mighty men of valor who were in his army to bind Shadrach Meshach and Abednego and they cast them into the burning fiery furnace then these men were bound to their coats their trousers their turbans their outer garments and were cast in the midst of the burning fire for it is therefore because the king's command was urgent and the furthest exceedingly hot the flame of the fire killed those men who took up she had dragged me shouting Abednego and these 3 men Shadrach Meshach and Abednego fell down ballon in the midst of the burning fiery furnace listen this though this is from prophets and kings as the 3 Hebrews stood before the king he was convinced that they possessed something the other wise men of his kingdom did not have they had been faithful the performance of every duty and he would give them another trial because they had a lifestyle a record of fidelity and consistent fidelity when the stakes were not high when the stakes were high they had street cred right they had money in the account they gave them a 2nd chance right we cover there are so he is furious they get cast into the furnace but listen to the reaction of the king once these men are thrown in verse 24 then King there because as there was a stunning. And he rose in haste and spoke to his counter saying did we not cast 3 men bound in the midst of the fire they answered said the king true old King look he answered I see form in loose walking in the midst of the fire and they are not hurt and the form of the 4th is like this son of God now has king of the can as are seen The Passion Of The Christ has he seen artist depictions I mean not even Jim to these as would Jesus looks like by the way but has he seen any depiction of what Jesus looks like is there any are there like carvings in caves in each of the say hey when Jesus comes in to look like this No but when the living Christ is present you can't help but notice when you have an encounter with the living Christ you cannot not know and he says the 4th one looks as if he is the Son of God and this is amazing and for a few reasons but I'll come back to that So here's what happens verse $26.00 the never can as Or when near the mouth of the burning fire for it isn't he spoke saying Shadrack me shakin in Bendigo then he says service of the most high God Remember he says what God is there who's going to help you in your time of need now he remembers Dana to all you guys are service of the most high God come out and come here then Shadrack me shakin Abednego came out for the mist of the fire and the statue of ministers and governors and the Kings councillors gathered together and they saw these men on whose body the fire had no power. They hair of their head was not singed nor their garments afflicted there was a smell of smoke on them I was at the camp fire for like 20 minutes last night and I stunk of smoke these guys are thrown in a raging inferno there with right no sense of smell whatsoever. Then you said Bless would be the God of going to bed to go who sent his angel and deliver to servants who trusted in him and they have frustrated the king's word and he yielded their bodies that they should not serve nor worship any god but their own God Therefore I make a decree that any people nation or language which speaks anything amiss against the God is going to Bendigo shall be cut in pieces and their houses shall be made an ash heap because there is no other god who can deliver like this than the king promoted Shadrack Michigan Abednego in the province of Babel they get another step up the food chain now I think the king knew well not they His idea was totally ridiculous because Daniel is nowhere to be found they know is not there I assure you Dale didn't bow with everyone else he is not there right the king was smart in the sense but here's the amazing thing in this moment when King Nebuchadnezzar has lost his bearings he's forgotten where he came from when he had an encounter with the living God even in this situation he when trying to exult himself God hijacks this thing and brings glory to himself or at the surrounding nations have all been brought to see the Granger of King Nebuchadnezzar only to be confronted by the living Christ Amen even in those moments when kings are looking to exalt themselves God can still get glory at of those situations and we see that in this scenario but go back to the situation it's encouraging to me to know that when I'm in a situation it seems like there's no hope and everything is against me and on toast in those very moments when I'm going through suffering and difficulty it can be evident to my persecutors that Jesus is with me in them. It can be very evident none of the know there's something different about these people Jesus is with them right it's very evident John and Dana chapter 3 a lesson for us by the deliverance of his faithful service the Lord A clear that he takes his stand with the oppressed right we are talking about the fact that we need to take a stand real Where the fact that when we take a stand someone else takes a stand with us that's good news guys that's really good news you're not standing alone and he rebukes all earthly powers that rebel against the authority of heaven the 3 Hebrews declared to the whole nation of Babel and their faith in Him whom they worshiped and that they relied on God and in the hour of their trial they remembered the problem will passes through the waters I will be with the and through the rivers they shall not overflow the they happen to be this morning when they'll walk us through the fire the In fact I claim that verse says like Lord I know it's in there somewhere keep that tide from ripping me under because I'm on my own here I thought to be like up to my calf it was up to my waist. And I was soaked but that water did feel pretty good thou shall not be burned neither shall the flame Kindle upon the this is something we talked about 2 evenings ago for those of you who could not make it there's no shaming it's OK You got jobs you got school you get life no problem all the recordings in the slides are available on the Google Drive link that will make sure you're given somehow someway will make this work is is there like an email thread for how you emailed people about this event OK so I'll give that can you sing that link to them like tonight. All right we're good shape so. Got us hooked up so anyway they've what I talked about was the night was one of the ways in which God is intending his people to stand is in understanding the supremacy of scripture. The fact that there is great power creative power in the Word of God to transform the wife right to take us from one condition to another condition if the Word of God can speak to life into a universe if you think the word of God can bring revival of your experience right it can change that testified for some of that myself these guys knew this they were storing the Word of God in their heart Little did they know that passage in Isaiah would be something that they're going to need literally all man fire what have I been memorizing a Scripture verse for this in Sabbath school let's pray them why not right and then here we are they're provided for the way storing the Word of God in their heart it was a blessing to them and it sustain them in the greatest time of difficulty and in a marvelous manner their faith in the living word had been honored in the sight of all when you are all honoring uplifting the Word of God in your greatest time a trial you're actually going to bring on or to God before those people around you the tidings of their wonderful deliverance were carried to many countries by the representatives of the different nations and have been invited to never can is or to buy them because or to the dedication to the faithfulness of his children God was glorified in all of the earth and that amazing. Important are the lessons to be learned from the experience of the Hebrew youth of the plane of Dura in this hour day many of God's servants the innocent of wrongdoing will be given over to suffer humiliation and abuse at the hands of those who inspired by Satan are filled with envy and religious bigotry so now a wife is making a connection that in Dana chapter 3 This isn't just some story that you have a little Filton Sabbath school you tell your children when you're in trouble crowd to Jesus and Jesus will provide That's totally true but it's more than that this is actually a microcosm of what's going to be happening at the end of time there are lessons for you and for me regarding the coming crisis is coming up on this earth very very soon we should study what's happening here and she says these lessons are for us is specially with the wrath of man be aroused against those who held the Sabbath of the 4th Commandment and at last a universal decree will denounce these as deserving of death. The season of distress before God's people will call for a faith that will not falter his children must make it manifest that he is the only object of their worship and that no consideration not even that of Life itself can induce them to make the least concession to false worship to the Loyal Heart the commands of sinful finite men will see into insignificance beside the word of the turn to God truth will be obeyed the result be imprisonment exile or death and as the days of Shadrack be shakin Abednego So the closing periods of Earth history the Lord will work miserly in behalf of those who stand steadfastly for the right you know that tells me that even though it's scary and it seems like there is no hope God is going to be with us God is not going to for sake of God is not going to leave us no matter how scary in a horrifying the situation may look he always stands by his people when they stand for him and him there's never a time when that's not the case he who walked to the Hebrew worthies in the fiery furnace will be with his followers were ever they are his abiding presence will comfort and sustain this is why martyrs during the midst of the when you read this in the great controversy in the dark ages were singing hymns while losing their lives because Jesus was with them. In the midst of the time of trouble trouble such as has not been since there was a nation his chosen ones will stand unmoved not might we're hoping they will cause the kind of needs them his people will stand we're told Satan with all the host of evil cannot destroy the weakest of God see. Angels that Excel and strength will protect them and in their behalf Joe Hoeffel reveal himself as a god of gods able to save to the uttermost those who put their trust in Him That's Daniel Chapter 3 there's another story that has a very similar parallel to us at this time in our sister E. just a few chapters later turn to Dana Chapter 6 Dana Chapter 6 this is the story of Danial in the lion's den and when we say the story just sounds like this quaint thing this is history we're to remind ourselves of what we're reading in Dana 3 and 6 is the literal historical data these were real people with flesh and bones just like you and me real fears just like you and me fighting similar battles to you and me but in a Chapter 6 Daniel has been elevated in the kingdom of Babylon Babylon that is sacked and overtaken by media Persia and the needs in the Persians already had heard of Daniel is not something that you would assume that they're going to know people who are in leadership who are actually Babylonians but even the enemies of Babylon were quaintly were were very much acquainted with the excellence of the spirit that was within Daniel and you know what happens hey you're leading the Babylonian Pyar Hey why don't you come lead with us. Here to how ridiculous that is he is a slave he is a captive a prisoner of war from the Babylonians and this guy is now being asked to be a leader in the 2nd kingdom it makes no sense. That with the Spirit of God God places this man in this very very high position but the problem is this evokes jealousy in other media Persian leaders why does this foreigner this guy get to serve in a role they don't like this so they come up with an idea why don't we tell the king that anyone who decides to worship any other god or anybody but you they're going to have to die and we have all listen is good in a Chapter 6 listen to verse. Well 1st of all in verse 5 it says we shall not find any charge again they start searching them right they start looking through Dale's trash right they start putting you know the trend of spying through his window is a see if the guy you know doesn't pay his taxes goes to bed too late out of the whatever the situation they're going to find something with this guy they find nothing and they finally determined the only way we're going to get this guy in trouble is if making his god making him making the worship of his god be illegal Can you imagine that someone looks at your life and they realize the only way we're going to get this guy in trouble is if we say that worshipping his god will be illegal that's a spirit of excellence right there is somebody who is looking at my life what I feel as confident as Daniel would in a situation like that I wish I could tell you yes but even ministers need Jesus right to listen to this so they come up to the king in the same King Darius live forever that's verse 6 verse 7 now all the governors of the kingdom the administrators and satraps they Kells in the vitals and visors we've consulted together to establish a royal statue in the make a firm decree. Now by the way which they're talking this implies Danial is involved right all of the leaders we got together we made a decision let's do this and so the king doesn't even think about the fact that this is going to cause problems because assuming everyone's on the same page right. And so they continue and save you worship if there is a worship for anybody. Who ever petitions any God or man for 330 days except you a king should be cast in the den of lions verse 8 now a king established that the Creator signed the writing so that it cannot be changed according to the law of the Medes of the Persians which does not alter therefore King Darius signed the written decree now when Daniel knew the writing was signed he went home and into his upper room with his windows open towards Drusilla he knelt down on his knee knees how many times a day 3 times a day and prayed and gave things before his God as was his custom since early days now just ask yourself this is decision that you would make right we have access to the gospels Daniel didn't but Jesus did say Go pray in your closet right let's not cause a stir are all still pray but he's doing what Solomon said when Solomon built the temple for God and said look if your people disobeyed and get put into exile when they pray towards this temple old lord here in Old Lord forgive David was claiming this promise he's praying towards Jerusalem 3 times a day but listen his prayer is not oh jesus please save me he's giving thanks to God Would you be giving a prayer of praise when there's a death decree for what you're doing right now. But yet this is what he's doing he's praising God giving things before his God as was his custom since early days then these men assembled and they found a new praying to make a supplication before his God and they went before the king and spoken Cernan the king's decree have you not signed a decree that every man who petitions any God or man within 30 days except you will king should be cast into the den of lions the King answered and said The thing is true according to the law the meat and Persians which does not alter so they answered and said to the king this Daniel who is one of the captors from Judah does not show due regard for you a king or for the decree that you sign but make his petition 3 times a day and then this is when things make him sour in the stomach verse 14 and the King when he heard these things was greatly displeased with himself and he said is hard on Daniel to deliver him any labor till the going down of the son to deliver him then these men approached the king and said the king now know King that it is a law that needs and Persians that no decree or statute that the king is established may be changed so the king gave the command and then he brought Daniel and cast him in the lion's den but the King spoke saying to Daniel your god whom you serve continually He will deliver you this sounds much different to day no 3 does now. He kind of knows what happened in danger of. The faithfulness of people in the past is what prepares them in the future and it gives testimony even in the future and so your god he will deliver you than a stone was brought laid on the mouth of the din of the king sealed it with his own signet ring and so that nothing could be changed he can't sleep that night wants no entertainment and he just waiting until sunrise he spreads to the tomb and he's got one question Daniel servant of the Living God verse 20 has your god whom you serve continually been able to deliver you from the Lions. Verse 21 then the continual said to the king Oking live forever my God Sin his angel and shut the Lions' Mal's so that they have not hurt me because I was found innocent before him and I also and you and also a king I have done nothing wrong before you and the king was exceedingly glad for him and commanded that they should take Dana out of the din he was taken out and no injury was found on him whatsoever because he believed in his God and that amazing So the governor's the satrap sought to find some charge against Daniel concerning the kingdom but they could find no charge or fall because he was faithful nor is there error fault found in Him These then the men said We shall not find any charge against this Daniel and less we find it against him concerning the wall of his god we got the decree. Of OK from the story of Dale's deliverance we learned that in the seasons of trial in gloom Listen to this God's children should be just what they were when their prospects prospects were bright with hope and their surroundings all that they could desire we should be the same person in our difficulties that we are when things are going well Daniel in the Lion's Den was the same Daniel who stood before the king as chief among the ministers of state and as a prophet of the most high a man whose heart is state upon God will be the same in the hour of his greatest trial as he is in prosperity and when the light in favor of God and man be upon him face reaches to the unseen and grasps eternal realities we see as God sees in those moments God is going to deliver us but even if he doesn't it doesn't matter because we know that there is a city that's beyond here right he was Chapter 11 they were looking for another city whose builder and maker was God This place isn't a home anyway OK so it's easy to find oneself in a mindset of fear we're thinking about circumstances like this isn't it. Right to be filled the trepidation and horror that's not the way and then you just think that there's no way that I could stand like this and we can be tempted to believe that these guys seemingly on a whim mustered the guts to be these superhuman giants of faith that never and I ask you to raise your hand but many times our assumption is they became something different in that moment right and mustered some superhuman faith that was just awesome in that moment but that's not the way the narrative is communicated we were told that Daniel was faithful in every duty we were told that she had to be shakin Abednego were faithful in every duty to listen to this press object lessons only by faithfulness in the little things can the soul be trained to act with fidelity under a larger responsibilities God brought Daniel and his fellows in the connection with the great men of Babel and that these heathen men might become acquainted with the principles of true religion and the amidst of the nation of idolaters Daniel was to represent the character of God So the principle here is we're not going to be someone different then we're not to be someone different then there's something magical changes on what we do right now we are told that God is going to give a measure of faith in those moments that will be needed in other times we are given that but the overarching principle we're told is we should be striving to value each of our day to day decisions because they matter right there pointing to something else much bigger later down the road. And this is the mazing thing this is how mission minded God is God is so missional that even when the Israelites are giving a woman right when they're being judged and getting disciplined for being disobedient to God when God sins them to these foreign lands there's still justice and Daniel's amongst their myths and he uses these people to testify of Jesus to these pagan nations right Israel had this massive problem it's all about me right they had this religious nationalism it's all about us nobody else matters it's just us and the problem is that keeps them from telling the surrounding nations Hey Jesus is coming for you too Jesus wants you to be in to God wants you to be saved too and so God literally is up using them like a Trojan horse right there using the Israelites as like this Trojan horse to reach these pagan nations while they're there the other thing that's clear here is that his dealings with his people is it is not racist or showing undue favor to Israel right God It is their call was a mission a one as a show the rest the world that they could be saved too but they didn't do that but the amazing thing is Israel didn't get this that great of a preferential treatment because whenever they messed up they got kicked out of the land just like the people before them that they were better than anyone else they got kicked out they've got a weapon too and the amazing things says that God basically does is in the midst of that woman I'm going to use some of you to reach them and that's what happens Daniel Shadrach Meshach and Abednego and other people in the Old Testament are used as these beacons of light in the ME occupied territory during their exile and I think it's amazing now. Coming back to that point she says How did he become fitted for a position of so great trust an honor it was his faithfulness in the little things Daniel won for instance that gave complection to his whole life he honored God in the smallest duties and the Lord cooperated with him to day know his companions God gave knowledge and skill and all learning and wisdom and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams as God called able to witness for him in Babel and so he calls us to be his witnesses in the world today in the smallest as well as the largest of affairs he desires us to reveal to man the principles of his kingdom but here is a beautiful thing when you come to understand the gospel the very things that God asks of us he actually willing to empower us to do so yes it is of the utmost importance for us to take very seriously our day to day responsibilities right God sees that there's a greater weight to our day to day responsibilities because we're building a pattern where we talked about this when we talk about health that when you build a pattern it's much easier for you to keep doing the right thing but if you're just going to start trying to do the right thing right before the end of time it makes it very difficult right because you're fighting genetics you're fighting neurological pathways you're fighting a lot of other issues and patterns you had for way too long God asking us to value our decisions to day because what we do today makes us in do who we will be then be with me. So the wait is that all of us God's willing to empower you to make the right decision today and later today and later today and tomorrow God literally is promised to the Ministry of the Holy Spirit to give you power to make every right decision you will ever have to make because we're told work out your own salvation with fear and trembling for it is God who works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure you don't have a desire to do the right thing he'll give it to you you don't have power to do the right thing he'll give you that too so yes your day to day decisions matter but if you're abiding in Christ and prayerfully surrendering your decisions to him you'll have power you'll have strength and you will succeed even if God is for you not against you he's not laying a heavy standard in saying hey the works I'd love to have you but if not I'm sorry you just weren't good enough no God will give you everything you need but do you want it Christ object lessons also says this as the will of man cooperates with the will of God It becomes all nip it in all powerful whatever is to be done it God's commands may be accomplished in God's strength because all of his buildings are enabling him in and if we understood this we wouldn't fight God right would be willing to save the song Save the seedling all go where you want me to go dear lord all be what you want me to be the one I'm coming to find is that every time that God lays directives or commands before his people he 1st reveals who he is you know why because if we understand who he is and that he has our best interests at heart it's much easier to submit to him when he's asking things of us. We talked about this last night if someone comes up to you in the street corner you're not a Christian you know some of the avenues and someone comes up and says fear God to give glory to Him What would your response be who is God that I should care like Pharaoh. The everlasting Gospel doesn't begin that were the message doesn't begin that way it begins with the everlasting Gospel being preached to every nation and so forth so God reveals his character and the logical response to a revelation of God's character at Calvary is to fear God to give glory to Him fear God to give glory to Him is the appeal at the end of the sermon it's not the sermon itself here with me and this even happens in the 10 commandments God reveals his power but then he says the LORD your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage I'm your deliver I'm your savior then he gives them commandments and at the end of the Commandments even shows them this is not about what you're doing it's about my faithfulness right you hewing these altars with your with your things it defiles them right you were made right just by faith on both ends of the 10 Commandments is the love of God in the gospel on both ends of the 3 of those messages the same thing 13 is a message ins with the faith of Jesus Calvary. I digress so this is exactly how Jesus lived his life by the way this continual abiding in God drawing strength from God to make a right decision one step at to the next step up to the next step Jesus says I don't do anything of my own Jesus God in human flesh he said he did nothing on his own do you think we would have a right that's any different no no no this is how he lived his life he continually abided in God Any knew that apart from God he could do nothing and he did this to be able empower us to do the same good to Romans chapter 8 it says this but go there quickly Romans chapter 8. Beginning of 3 Romans chapter 8 beginning of verse 3. For what the law could not do save us and then as we did the flesh because our flesh can't keep the law by itself God did by sinning his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and on a key so he sent Jesus in flesh like ours and on account of sin Jesus condemned sin of the flesh and he overcame sin in the flesh why according to worse for. So that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us who do not walk according to the flesh but according to The Spirit Jesus came and lived a righteous life in human flesh to avoid you power to do the same thing when you're abiding in Christ and when you're filled of the Holy Spirit so a way is prepared for you the weight isn't all on us that's a blessing that's good news so every ounce of strength that you're going to need to stand is already yours in Christ and then it's already yours you don't think if I just do this then maybe I don't know no it's already available to you Jesus doesn't have to die again or live or righteous life again later to empower you to succeed it's already done everything you need is already provided in Christ and you can receive it now so the decisions that we're making from day to day are making us into the person that we will be on that day the day that many people are afraid of and so I want to kind of give some hope here and what I'm coming to learn from this process to some practical lessons from Dana chapter 3 and 6 they did not muster all of the sudden some magical faith sometimes we view it that way that's not what happened they did on that day the same thing that they'd always done face to face with a decision to make they stood for Jesus right they were faithful in every duty you were told so it wasn't like oh man I better get my act together our guys a stand oh no they did the same thing on that day they did the day before where they had to pay their taxes. When they had to turn their homework in on time if they had homework right whatever the situation may be they weren't so one difference what they did the day before that and the day before that and the day before they and the year before that made it into the very type of person who would stand when it mattered the most here with me they understood the value and the importance of their day to day decisions Satan wants us to devalue the importance of our day to day decisions so that we find ourselves where we haven't prepared for an exam and here we are right God understands the big picture this is why he's telling us to be faithful in every duty and that's not legalism is common sense if I'm abiding and God life actually gets easier not harder so adding more of a way to a person because you're realizing when I was really when I was leaning upon God whenever I had to have an exam and I chose not to study on Sabbath to honor God and God showed up you what happens in the next trial that I have in my memory make is the faithfulness of God and in that trial I think a little on the stand for Jesus and Jesus will stand for me and then you get 5 years down the road when you're when you're facing a really really really difficult situation in your mind or all these testimonies the fact that God stood for me when I stood for Him God stood with me when I stood for him and it empowers us to make more and more and more right decisions right who doesn't want their life to be filled full of miracles of the faithfulness of God That's not legalism is common since I want God to have a resume in my life that is impeccable right I want to have a Rolodex in my heart in my mind in the fact that God is faithful here God is faithful here God is faithful here and God is faithful here and God wants that in my experience too but I'm not going to have that experience of I'm not trusting him with my day to day decisions here with me. If we're waiting to trust God with the boats being crashed with the with the waves and stuff we've been missing out on blessings this whole time and we may be tempted to try to save our own lives in that moment because we haven't tested and try to God in the smaller moments right so the reason why we're able to stay in then is because their day to day lives have been filled with fidelity to God and to his word through prayerful surrender in each of their decisions so the way that you and I can stand then is by giving God our decisions today the decision I make today will make being to the person that I will be then so when I do that today I'm actually preparing for my faithfulness then I'm putting money in the bank account Nell so that I can make that big with drawl later right now it works so this should humble us and encourages for a few reasons 1st of all because God seems to be placing a higher value on my day to day decisions than I do why because God understands how this process works I don't he's looking from 30000 feet I'm looking at the end of my nose right now it doesn't really matter like who cares whether I make my bed who cares when I do this or do that the point is if you're living a lifestyle to try to honor God in all that you do you're investing in your future by the way if you're single in this condition you're actually building a testimony that you can give to your future spouse when they're asking Who are you what do you bring to the table what you can show them is I've been living my life for the glory of God and I don't plan on changing that whenever you come into my life I'm going to keep being who I've been then. This is one of the reasons why it would be good for us to deal with our brokenness to deal with our battles and so forth now so that when we do meet that person we have to say hey I hope you'll stick around but I just realize I'm a mess can I take care of this real quickly while you wait on me little now is the best time to work on those things right I've got a friend who they're married and they gave me hell so they said do not make major life changes once you're married if you're going to make those major life changes do it now because they were kind of going through this process of finding their self and their spouse to discount and out of just total burnout and stress from all these changes so who are you who are you I mean seriously because they try this they try this they try this and they're going through a massive revival right now and Jesus is doing something powerful their life their marriage is going we'll and God is faithful but the point is we can spare a selves a lot of difficulty by dealing with those things now. It's not just about preparing for the time that's also preparing for that big day secondly because God seems to have more faith in my ability to stand at the time than I do right the only reason why I would be living at the end of time is if God believed and knew that I could stand them and no one says aim him. That's the faith of Jesus just think this through with me guys if God in His great mercy is going to have you be alive when stuff hits the fan in this crisis begins it must be because he knows that you could stand if he didn't think you could stand you would be there are you with me so just the fact that you're living in this crisis shouldn't scare you it should embolden you because God must see something in me that I don't even see in me and that's the faith of Jesus God seeing something in you that you don't see in you and God being willing to make you what you could be if only you would believe. So we wouldn't be living at that time if God didn't believe that we could stand so this should help and encourage us but the same practical lesson could be applied to our character development and appropriations for marriage where to talk about that Jesus day by day is making us into someone that we could not become apart from Christ but many people are freaked out by this idea of perfection because they still think the work is on them or all the weight is on them I don't have time to go in on this but man I sure wish I did but I promised. 2 young lads that if I went over an hour tonight that they could bind me with. The cords of even making this whole week because I've been a naughty boy 2 nights in a row. And I've gone away a long. Total ramble I had a spy in the pulpit. So I what I will do is I will include a message in the Google drive folder that goes more into this process called the answer to our deficiencies below make this point that I when I made the apology I forgot what the point was give me a 2nd me go back here were told in Christ object lessons that you can be perfect at every stage of development just know that the problem is we in the general way like if you were to do a survey among 7th Day Adventists and were to ask them what does perfection look like many of us would explain a big honkin fruit tree with a whole lot of fruit on it right most people could give the right test question answer or what we need to look like when the crisis comes down the pike and sorra thought is this is what perfection looks like and so I'm going to be that then if I'm going to be saved then but then comes the really scary question yeah but I'm not that now am I am I saved now yeah and I've been to 30 of our academies for colleges or preach all over the country and I've seen this issue with many of our people is because we don't understand what that word perfection means we think perfection isn't in product not a process. But the illustration that Jesus used in the L. white expanded upon a cross object lessons was an illustration of agriculture now if I were to plant it tomato plant tonight a GREAT see the an heirloom seed of a yellow tomato because I don't like red tomatoes but an heirloom yellow tomato I can roll with that so I plant that thing tonight and I water it would it be reasonable if tomorrow morning I came out and expected to see a huge tomato plant full of organic heirloom yellow tomatoes without be a reasonable request no and if I were to get upset that tomato plant for not being a full plant with that be reasonable and be totally insane here's the problem you do that to yourself when it comes to character development we think we're worthless plant we're not ready we're not whatever but the problem is if I'm just a shoot at this stage I'm exactly what I should be and she says that her growth will be silent though in perceptible but then she says continuous and she says if we don't grow we die but the point is it's not since a bull to look at something that's in the midst of growth and consider it worthless but yet many of us feel that way and because we're not growing as fast as we think we should we think we're not worth it and then we in turn pull ourselves out of the soil and stop the whole we're not going to play church anymore some are defective model I don't work that's not how God views you and it's see who's whispering in your ear and says look you've been reading scripture for 3 weeks now you heard that you you into those meetings you got inspired you've been reading for 3 weeks and you still yell at your kids you still don't eat right you still don't dress right you still don't do the things you ought to do in class this doesn't work for you it works for everybody else but your defective bottle it doesn't work for you we hear those thoughts and think Man you're right I'm not growing maybe this thing doesn't work for me that's not how God views you. That is not how God views you if you're in the soil if you are a plant if you're taking a nurse minute from the soil sunshine and the rain you're exactly what you should be right now and how fast you grow is none of your business it's none of your business if you're abiding in the process that God has given you you will grow so keep growing Don't pull yourself out of the soil and keep going in keep growing keep going that's the purpose of the Christian experience even though it's hard though it's difficult the you don't see any changes if you're doing what God has said and you're in your surrendering to God in your growing let him work out how fast you grow what that looks like. But a stock of corn does not cease being a corn plant or whatever just because it didn't have full ears on it. You're not not a Christian because you don't look like a big honkin fruit tree with fruit on it are you with me and your day to day decisions being surrendered to God or what's going to ensure that you do grow so if we value our day to day decisions we're going to grow we're going to mature and God views us as perfect at every stage of development are you with me it's called the blade the kernel in the ear in Christ's object lessons that chapter is amazing. But to sit down and read to you but I won't so if we alter data decisions to God we don't have to be afraid anymore you can stand for Jesus in the plain of Dura when everyone else ballasts even you can do this because you gave him that decision yesterday and the day before that and the day before that you're developing a lifestyle a habit a train of thought that's continually seeking power from God continually relying upon God and you'll be old till the popes in the prelate look God is going to stand for me but even if he doesn't I'm not going about. Because my God is faithful and I'll tell you how many times God has been faithful to me in this decision in this decision and this decision and this decision by life fell apart Jesus was there my marriage fell apart Jesus was there my kids left the church but Jesus is here I'm not going about it forgiving our day to day decisions to Jesus we will stand in and you will tell the Pope and the prelate Jesus will be with me I'm not going down even if my life is lost but if not I'm not bowing I'm not going to do it because I know him and he's been too good to me to leave him now giving God your day to day decisions is given got opportunities to lavish his love on you it's not legalism it's not you striving in your own strength it's just common sense you're giving God as many opportunities as possible to remind you that he is God that He is faithful that he is all powerful and he delights for you to be to be blessed and provided for yeah just a smart decision this is what God wants for you he doesn't want you to fail and he's not setting you up to fail or I can't go into X. and I have time OK All man I have a story to tell and I have 6 minutes all right George and Luke can I have a little bit and then he's got the thing can I tell the story this is technically the appeal the sermon is over can I tell the appeal. Yea or Nay there smiling I'm going for it OK. And good kids All right so I forgot I have a story at the end as pacing myself everything but the story so I'm fully convinced of the fact that God is going to tell us what to do and when when stuff is about to hit the fan I'm fully convinced of this 1st of all we had the history of this in the 1st century church Jesus says when you see Jerusalem surrounded by the armies that's the time to get out and go to the mountains what happens the Romans for whatever reason take a break all the Christians leave Jerusalem then the Romans come back and sacked the police but not a single Christian perished in the destruction of Jerusalem in 8070 because God told them what to do they heard him and they did it but why because God spoke through his word Jesus spoke they were in tune with the voice of God and when Providence opened a way they will were God was leading 2 nights ago we talked about the fact of the supremacy of Scripture we need to be saturating our allies with the Word of God connecting with God and communing with God Why because it's good for you 1st of all it fills your life with praise with hope and adoration but here's another pragmatic reason you're going to be in tune with God to know what he's doing and when he's doing it and when it's time to move where you are and they go somewhere else those people who commune with God have power with God We talked about that but those people at the time who stand for God they're standing for God because they already knew him you with me. So I had a situation a few years ago in 2015 in January or February with teaching it to me was a Bible worker and an elder in local church and we had an ice storm in Tennessee of all places there was a quarter inch of ice on a Monday and it got kind of gnarly. That supposed to be a bullet point don't take pictures that you can't see that. That's cheating the readahead So anyway I'm in a situation where it there's enough ice in the road so I can't go give Bible studies on Monday I can't get bible studies which is a bummer but I was doing chapel every day that week so I'm just Academy has this like this this windy gravel road and it has like a big dip and then it comes up and you go past the greenhouses into the school I'm not going to make it down that dip and then back down and up so I park up at the store at the end at near the highway and I walk to so my snow boots my backpack I walk down I give chapel I go back a go to the house but on Sunday before that ice storm came I had this heavy deep impression from God God spoke to me and told me to get water to get food to get gas and to move my firewood just as heavy conviction on Sunday all right I knew God's voice so I did it all day Sunday a move in firewood from behind the shed to the covered porch outside to where the wood stove is inside of the house I go to the grocery store and buy 2 big cases of water I buy food and I buy a 5 gallon thing full of gas because there's a generator my landlords had was kind of house sitting for these people really nice house in the country so I buy gas for the generators Well Monday the power doesn't go well but I can't get to the store I can't buy anything because I see the roads. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday it's still really cold the ice doesn't go away and it's country road is not easy getting out of there but I keep giving chapel keep doing my thing but there's more I scheduled for Friday I'm supposed to preach Friday night Sabbath morning and Sabbath evening and I have this another another impression on Friday that when I go to preach of the school I should plan on staying in the school even though I live like 2 miles away I live super close I could walk of I wanted my Folkenflik did bring in extra change of clothes bring yourself to shower and just plan on staying the night at the school so I listen I do that I preach that night and that the ice starts falling again now they have nearly a half an inch of ice that falls that night and the 1st quarter an inch never disappeared never got warm enough to do so and so I wake up Sabbath morning and when I when I wake up I hear this eerie sound in never been in the midst of an ice storm like a normally ice storm and where you're near a bunch of evergreen trees nobody All right just me I'll tell you about it then so when you're surrounded by evergreen trees they're called evergreens because they don't lose their greenness in their foliage and stuff in the winter not to insult your intelligence but I'm just sayin and so they gather a whole lot more precipitation and snow and ice than other trees would and I hear the sound of. Multiple times all over the place trees are snapping their falling power lines are going down the power does go out at the campus it's cold outside and they have wood stove but they don't have power as they hooked up a generator they got to go in with REAL have some heat in the chapel but there's no power they were able to just heat but they could have lights and stuff was daytime so I pretend do my thing but I'm stuck there Saturday evening one of the guys it's a friend of mine he has a 4 by 4 S.U.V. He tries to bring me home that night and it's a war zone. I live in this nice country called the stack and this nice area but like there's trees down everywhere there's power lines are down it literally looks like a war zone so we tried on this road is blocked we come back we tried another road is walk the drive through the ditch get around but we're still blocked and I'd be like 3 or 4 blocks away from where I live and I just carry my stuff to the house where I'm staying there's no power but I have water I have wood I have food and I have a generator and so I have everything I need because I follow what God is telling me to do well there's another family now this family that live in that same area they have a fireplace that's propane powered This is burning through a fuel they can use to heat their house they're just burning through it it can't keep up with the cold they have nothing there's a law there's a dead one child one of the kids was at the academy but there's one child to child and it was so there were like 5 people they were staying in this house with me because I had prepared beforehand I was able to bless and provide for them so they stayed upstairs the wood still didn't require power it was just a radiant wood stove is like this nice cathedral ceiling it was like 2 stories and so a lot of the heat went up into the law so I gave them that and I slept in the master bedroom which had no heat whatsoever it was cold. But I desire to receiving baggage just rolled with it but it was a propane stove that they had is for us to be able to cook were able to cook the power the refrigerator through the generator and we were able to have of the pump the water pump work for the well so we had water we were able to shower with hot water and we had a way to cook and we had a way to stay warm and we had all the provisions that we needed God really really blessed us so I was able to go and be of service in the church to go serve our church members there where they were having issues because power was out for 6 days but I had everything I needed to the road was clear enough for me to get to the grocery store and back and they never had any issues so I was able to be of service to my Church members of his it shut ins to make food for people make soup for one of my Bible study people who was sick she wasn't doing well so I made soup for her brought it to her house was able to do all these things and was able to be of service because my needs were provided for I didn't to worry about me I was provided for I could worry about them and provide for the other family who was there. I see him back there and some articles a story so I tallied up the cost a week later on a how much money I spent more than I normally would on all of what had happened is 200 dollars I divine of the gas can on fuel and other stuff was more than earlier I spent $200.00 in that span the following Sabbath right after the power turned back on I'm preaching in my local church and after I preach an elder comes up to me and shakes my hand or there's something in his hand I have an idea of what it is but I put it in my pocket I don't look at it I just keep going about my business and have a guess of what that man gave me what you think it was 2100 dollar bills. I was fully provided for every step of the way all the stuff that God asked me to do before this happened God paid me back for I was able to bless a family of 5 I was able to visit our church members and minister to them and minister to other people minister to the kids at the school the Academy actually cut their way into town 8 miles worth of stuff by themselves teachers and students they cleared the state highway by themselves for 8 miles and were able to serve the community and the community could not even this community really even knew who this academy was they've been there for 20 years they know who these people are any of these people come they clear out the area they do disaster response to this academy they're very well trained in it so they're doing community needs assessments they're running the point of distribution center where all the donations are going to folks the Academy is running it they actually revamp the way they organize what came in and now the county emergency management agency were amazed by what these people were doing and the schools able to be of service to a community in a great time of need which soften their hearts for ministry but I say all of this because that taught me a very very powerful lesson when stuff is going to go down God is going to speak to his people if they know how to hear his voice God is speaking to many of us and we don't even know it because we don't know how to hear his voice we're not communing with him we're not relating to him as we ought not as the time guys one of the ways to ensure that you stand at the end of time is value day to day decisions yes but also valuing the privilege we have to commune with Almighty God Now Jesus says in John Chapter 17 of verse 3 that this is eternal life that they may know you experience fully the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent you don't have to wait until heaven to experience eternal life. You can begin taking part in the benefits of eternal life in the here and now and I'm fully convinced of the fact after that experience God is going to speak to his people and they will know when to leave the cities they will know when to leave where they are and God will provide for them I'm fully convinced of this because I saw it in my own life and a small story is a big story really but in the small example God showed me if you're abiding in me and communing with me you will know what to do why because God wants you in and not out God wants us people saved God wants His people ready and he wants us people ready to serve in that moment not scrambling to provide for themselves and you with me. That's why God gave us the health message that's why God gave us the message of country a country living as why God gave us the opportunity to commune with him here and now all that is given to you all the tree is green so that when the tree is dry and bare in you know what to do are we doing it now and if not what better time to start then right now Amen let's pray God in heaven I think you that you care for us so much the you have everything we need to succeed in the Christian experience but lord are we willing. I'm sure it breaks your heart to know that you've been waiting to bless us time after time after time and we've been totally unaware and unprepared because we haven't been taking advantage of the blessings available to us God I pray that that would change tonight the would speak to us that you would minister to us and Lord I pray the each person in this room and whoever will hear this message later that they would know you are the only true God in Jesus Christ whom you have sense that they would truly know you in particular that blessing of communion with you this is our pleading night Lord I ask you would forgive our sins of not valuing the day to day decisions of not valuing the opportunity commune with you cover the sins of the blood of Jesus Phyllis with your spirit we pray and we ask these things now in Christ Jesus' name. Amen. 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