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Do you Want to be Made Well?

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program.



  • June 8, 2019
    10:00 AM
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God in heaven I thank you for this privilege to pray I think you that you are the faithful God who was there for us in our hardest moments and that you see is through him that you get glory at of those scenarios and so Lord I pray as we discussed this morning something that's a big burden on my own heart the topic of mental health but I pray that you would condescend into this room in the you administer to the brokenness of everyone here I'm asking that healing rain would fall from heaven in this place and that you would do something in this room in this moment that none of us would soon forget we asked this now in Christ Jesus name Amen. Do you want to be may well this is based largely upon a relationship that is grown with someone is now a mentor and friend of mine same as Paul Konerko he's a license family a marriage therapist and also a pastor and so anyway this book has changed my life really really helped me to get a better understanding of who I am why I did a lot of the things that I did and how to find healing in Christ in a suffering messiah It's called The Hidden half of the Gospel how his suffering can heal yours and so all becoming some of that this morning many of us can find ourselves in the midst of this sin and forgiveness cycle we find ourselves doing things we ought not to do and when we do so we find ourselves in an experience of shame this happen Adam and Eve right before they sin they were naked and felt no shame but when they did sins shame into the human experience and what do we do to get rid of the shame many times we go back to the pain numbing agents of the sin of our lives and then we feel shame for doing that we just keep going one after the other at the other we feel shame so we go back to the thing to no more pain but then we feel shame for numbing our painted it just keeps going but I believe an answer is found in an encounter with the living Christ and coming to understand who we truly are saved has an agenda and we've actually been hearing that through the course of this morning's messages of the morning messages throughout the week he sets us up to be heard so that he can whisper his lies and 1st person language that I'm not good enough on stupid I'm a loser I'm worthless I'm not pretty so forth in these lies create negative feelings leading us to self medicate those feelings in damaging ways we don't like the things we think about ourselves as we wonder something to feel better about ourselves and then he leads us to view ourselves as nothing more than our negative thoughts feelings and behaviors I'm nothing but an addict I'm nothing but a victim I'm nothing but a liar I'm nothing but an adulterer whatever the situation may be he would he does as he causes us to define or. Sales based upon what we do guilt is that I've done something wrong that's healthy that points us to Jesus the very person who can save us from our wrongdoing and who died for our wrongdoing shame is that nothing but a right it's me defining myself based upon what I've done I am a loser I am a failure and so he sets us up to define ourselves as nothing but our negative thoughts feelings and behaviors So in short he sets us up to be hurt and then he said to hurt ourselves right he can A winds the machine and this lets us terrorize our selves many times and is keeps feeding the fire as we go I can testify to this in my own experience my parents were divorced I was about 3 or 4 and that was the 1st trauma and for a few reasons one of them is the fact that my mom my great grandfather had all timers I was a newborn in the situations of being newlyweds and having a small child in a home with some with old timers is incredibly stressful she's been alluding that this week when you're living with someone that you love with all of your heart who is losing their mind it is beyond devastating It's stressful it's difficult to watch someone who is a hero of your life just fall apart at the seams is not. I don't wish it on anybody. And so there's a difficult thing but there's other issues going on that caused the divorce my mom that was her 2nd marriage she married a 1st time had a son they got divorced the dad got custody which is very rare in the eighty's but the dad got custody and they moved to Florida so mom basically lost her son is how she felt and then my mom and dad they have me before they get married in fact I was at the wedding I don't remember much it looked like somebody stuffed a watermelon under her wedding dress she was mad pregnant whenever they got married and that I came immediately afterwards and but then my parents get divorce and my dad gets custody again something is very rare in the eighty's for the dad to get custody but both of us both dads did and my mom would tell you this day that she's so grateful that that's what happened it was hard on her but her life just spiraled the guy she marries after dead ins of beating Europe really really bad I was 5 at this stage my grandfather lived in a nice neighborhood in the same talent she lived in the projects down the road a little bit so we were supposed to have a visitation so my grandfather dropped me off at mom's house or her apartment there in the projects when she opens the door she's purple she's blue she's swollen she's not the person I know and she told me she fell down the stairs was a 5 year old even I knew something wasn't right immediately I felt unsafe and my grandfather wasn't stupid he goes home he calls the cops they threw the guy in prison for 10 years I never saw him again and then my mom remarries in remarries in remarries she's been married and divorced 7 times and she gets visitations along the way and imagine being my dad he understands this isn't say this isn't healthy but what do you do right she's now bring into court if she doesn't if he's she's not given visitations but Dad knows it's not good for me at this stage dad isn't going to church she's not really like deeply deeply rooted in the Christian experience that has to have a Christian worldview what do you do. And this leads to a whole lot of problems in my life because there's 2 massive traumas that I'm dealing with as a child I feel unsafe I start stealing and lying immediately at the age of 5 because it was so means of me feeling safe and being in control because if I live I can create my own reality and feel safe in that reality and I was stealing to sell means of feeling in control because I felt so powerless based on what happened to my mom so you have a divorce you had this domestic violence situation and I was just a mess going forward in life they told me I had A.T.T. I don't know if I did or if I didn't what I do know was my brain was messed up and I was doing what ever came into my head and there was no one to stop me because dad gets custody of the dad has to work and so I have all this time I ride the bus for like an hour with a bunch of not good kids to school and back every day on school days obviously and then on the home with no supervision and I'm just doing what comes into my mind just 1726 in those days there was no king in Israel and everyone did what was right in their own eyes so I start developing these patterns these habits and other things that are destructive that are all horrible and there's nothing to check it and I do not know Jesus I have no savior in my life at this stage and he's always been there but I didn't see a need of him wasn't crying out to him I was unsure I didn't know where to find solutions so I was numbing pain like crazy from 5 all the way into adulthood and so why this chaos in this craziness of my mom's experience my mom. Her parents got divorced at a very very early age in her life and her mother was an abusive person her mother actually would like pin her diaper to her flesh she basically left her with somebody overnight and just didn't even take care of or had a horrible experience so my mom is rejected by her 1st mother her parents get divorced my grandfather remarried in a mom wants nothing to do with her leaves her with the father. In fact I think she left her grandparents' house or something just bailed and apparently she had an affair or something too and so then my grandfather remarries but the woman that my grandfather marries never really releases his mom's perspective never really treats mom as if she's her daughter one she's a reminder of the 1st marriage and all the problems is caused my grandfather and I'm sure my grandfather's treating the new wife with distrust and other issues kind of getting back to what his wife did to him and having an affair she's doing with all this and so my mom is a reminder of all this pain so mom has been rejected by 2 mothers and this leads her to looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places and so she's willing to give herself away to whoever just a feel like something for a moment and so there's chaos of decay out into chaos and why is all this matter our view of God is based largely upon our experience with our parents like it or not this is the truth and so if you have an absentee father it's very difficult for you to relate to the paternal love of God because there's no one there to give you that example if your mother rejects you it's very difficult for you to understand the nurturing love of God hence looking for that form of intimacy and nurturing by giving yourself away to multiple men now I can testify to you this morning that Jesus has been tempered 8. Mom has found Jesus she's given her life to God and he's changing your life this is been years guys his experience but in the last 56 years mom has gotten serious about Jesus and he's changing her wife. This way that she thinks is changing but there's still a lot of stuff that she's dealing with it's a process for her but she's growing I had to have an encounter with her a few years ago were the best of contact for a season and she got married again this some guy in Texas and she's was in the or near by and I had my own conversion experience I was just trying to make sense a life of kind of backed away from everyone and everything a lost every friend I had when I got serious about Jesus became a 7th Day Adventist my family relationships were strained now with my dad thing fully and mom wanted a relationship but I didn't know what to do about the whole situation so I had this thing with mom and I said I had to I had forgiven mom when I gave my life to Jesus I knew I needed to forgive her for all the ways and to basically ruin my life and but God told me I needed to tell her that I forgave her and this was God's prompting of God's timing and so I did was a very scary situation but in November of 2016 I said Mom we need to know November of 2013 probably maybe 14 said mom we're going to talk said Mom These are all the things I've struggled with in my life and they're all directly tied to exposures I had around you as a child but I want you to know that I forgive you she lost it and she apologized she asked for my forgiveness in that moment we prayed together and we cried together and I gained a bomb for the 1st time of my life as a grown man and just earlier this year my mom had surgery and I would that would take care of her 1st cook for take care of itself and she was a bit of a lift to do anything else. And I did not understand who I was so even at that stage when they had that conversation I had found Jesus but I've been telling people for years that it's just a miracle of God I don't have any baggage from my upbringing I was so wrong. I was so wrong it's possible to know Jesus and to know about Jesus and not actually know yourself that's the Laodicean message you know you think you are and so I didn't I was in public ministry traveling and preaching the gospel to people but I didn't understand how broken I was and that the character defects and things I saw in me were directly tied to the pain I had in my life I didn't know never saw a counselor never got put on meds never cried myself to sleep so I decided that I was OK I wasn't and so what is it happening as Paul called a friend of mine told me to read his book in 2014 I didn't because on the ministry I don't have problems everyone else has problems that's why I'm in ministry to help people with their problems and so I assume that I have a news issues so if I was going to read the book I was a reader for somebody else's benefit so what I cared about I didn't so God let me wander through the wilderness for 40 years not really but 1st. And he literally brings Paul Conniff to my house I was living next to 3 B.N. at this stage and a friend the same for the TELL ME IT'S A Paul's come in your place and he's come to 3 B.N. for Jennifer jewel sources program you should meet him all right have him come over a cook for him so I did I can cook. And I'm clean. I wear for species I know. And so if I cook for him and he starts walking through his ministry and Paul said something that radically revolutionized my life and completely changed my paradigm about addiction he said every addiction we have in our life is seeking to numb pain that we're feeling. Addiction is really in a scape from pain it's running to something to make me feel good because I feel bad and my immediate thought was it was the most profound thing I've ever heard in my life that was one the 2nd thing was whatever this guy has to say is what I've been looking for my whole life I just knew I don't know where this goes I don't know what this looks like but whatever this guy has to say is why I'm looking for my whole life and the 3rd thing that came to mind was but where is the pain because you know I'm not cognizant did you know that it's possible to be numbing pain without knowing that you're feeling pain subconsciously we can be a mess and not even know it we may be addicted to religion and controlling other people we could be sports junkies news junkies things that are morally acceptable but we can have some stuff and I didn't know it and so anyway I start watching his You Tube videos and Paul's not like a guru is not like the guy that has the answers for once problems but he was addressing the topic of mental health in a context Senator righteousness by faith that was deeply scriptural based that never heard the like this in my life and thought no this this is this is this is in the text like what this guy's talking as deeply spiritual and so when I watch some of his You Tube videos had to go the general covers to meet with some people in Maryland so the different departments and as I'm driving in Maryland listening to these videos that Paul has a new to be got 6 of them and I kid you not it was like someone yanked back the shower curtain and I saw myself exposed in a way I had never seen myself before I came face to face the fact that I'm a deeply broken woen Lee and hurting man and I didn't know but I tell you what you think Jesus knew if you think Jesus wanted me to know the problem was I wasn't asking it would do us well to ask jesus jesus Are there things in my life that are holding me back that I don't see. Because the assumption is oh you all told Jesus what I say yeah but do you think there's things that he sees that you don't what how are you going to see them unless you ask many times we don't want to ask that's one of the reasons why are messages tied to what it is do you actually want to be me well do you actually want things to change subconsciously I didn't because facing your broken this is scary it can be an existential crisis right that leads to your healing because you are to come to terms of the fact that not only my broken but my brokenness is leading to me breaking other people write has broken this very rarely sin is greedy sin doesn't to stay in one pot it tries to get every pot that it can so you know I didn't understand a lot of this stuff and. I started to recognize who I was and now earlier this year I've had a whole nother process of me finding healing and figure out who I really am and becoming a radically different person since I had that conversation with mom and so I have another cover situation with mom earlier this year when I was taking care of retro surgery and they said mom we need to talk and I said I've come to better understand just how deeply things affected me and what it did to me who I became how it affected other people and they said I want you know that I understand why you did what you did and I'm not holding that against you you're largely a victim of a generational curse and generational strongholds were given to you from your mother from the issues that she had from your father and your stepmother I understand but I need you to know that I still forgive you that I love you and I told her mom it's got to stop here I don't want my future wife and kids dealing with this has got to stop here it ends here these generational curses the generational stronghold it's got to stop here mom. And they did we cried together and mom started telling me more of her story that I never heard had no idea the stuff that my mom with her which made her story make even more sense her 1st husband was a religious tyrant she got married to get out of the house because her parents are deeply religious and so which makes matters even more troubling really because everyone in church loves Mom and Dad but the kids really wrestle with them some of you may know that story you don't see what we see everyone loves some things are the most spiritual people the world but you don't see what we see when they leave the church and so Mom's wrestling she's wants out of the house so she buries this guy he's Christian probably fine but he starts trying to restrict her civil liberties or basic rights as a human being in telling her you need to submit to my authority and mom tried to stand up for herself no the Bible says Wives submit to your husbands I don't know any of this sort of gossiping to the church my wife would submit pray for my wife right sometimes or prayer requests or just gossip cloaked its like fig leaves of piety right we're covering our sinfulness in our shame with religious deeds anyway it's what happens and Mom eventually gets out of that situation I had no idea so if her parents are bad religion in her 1st husband or bad religion hey that kind of makes sense when mom was ready to Jesus in the midst of a chaos because she says to me Jesus indoors is what these people did to her Jesus has nothing to do with bad religion but she didn't know so when mom found Jesus and I praise God for that so I had this conversation and we prayed in the name of Jesus in the power of the Resurrected Christ tear down the strongholds tear down these generational curses and God set us free and I am for him I saw Jesus do something in that room in that moment. Because I would see things in my life and I realize why is it that as a converted minister of the Gospel who loves Jesus there are still things in my life that I don't like seeing right some things fall by the wayside immediately but other things just wonder why is this still here Jesus what's going on I didn't understand the root structures of my experience but now I did and so I went towards the root structures a moment I prayed together went to ground 0 we prayed together and every week we prayed the same thing we're not going to give God a rest until we're completely free of this thing is done in gone and I praise God for that so a way that's that's my story broken this is no joke they can hold a lot of us back but there are some issues in the 7 they have this church on how we deal with the topic of brokenness a lot of us just don't know what to do honestly because we don't talk about mental health as publicly as we ought to and we don't give a route to healing in how to treat people who are dealing with us as we ought to and so there's no king in Israel everyone does what is right in their own eyes and they say these ridiculous Christian platitudes and through people even deeper into shame you just don't have enough faith just try harder when people are deep in discouragement anxiety depression and other stuff and we don't even know how to handle it and we're hurting people when they finally muster the guts to say something because we don't know what we're doing because we're not seeking these answers and there are people in our movement who are doing it and are a champion and I praise God for that but there's not enough there are not enough our people largely are deeply ill informed on the topic of mental health and they don't know what to do so we're going talk about how did Jesus deal with broken people in John Chapter 5 there's a man at the pool Bethesda we're told in the overview for time sake is a man of the poor Bethesda in John Chapter 5 who's been an invalid for how many years 38 years that's a long time but it's not that he's been an invalid his entire life he's been an invalid for 38 years so he lived before that happened. And we're told in desire of ages that this man is actually the most helpless case at the pool Bethesda and this is the reason why Jesus comes looking for him but imagine this man's situation there was a tradition in that day and I do not believe this is a biblical teaching and you can argue with me later but there is a tradition in this day that when the water is stirred people believed it was an angel that stirred that water and the 1st person who gets in the water is healed here's why I don't believe this is a biblical teaching it's teaching survival of the fittest and God doesn't work that way and is even in the text because Jesus goes looking for the most helpless case there not the one that has the most hope but Jesus gives to the pool but the guy gets to the pool and every single day priests walk by this guy and do nothing for him 1st of all establish religion offers have nothing the other situation is when the water stirred you better believe on day one I don't know how often this happened we're not told let's say it happens 10 times a year the 1st time that water stirred you better believe this guy's going to flop like a fish and try to get in that water but if you're the most hopeless case there you can get in now someone else gets in how are you going to feel after all that strain in that effort to get to the water or to have somebody else get in before you how would you feel devastated disappointed discouraged yet imagine 40 times later 4 years later when the water stirred I mean yeah you're trying to get to that water but you're not trying as hard as you did on day one because deep in your mind you're thinking what's the point now imagine 38 years later 380 times later we don't really know it's not us obviously a scientific dooper but imagine 30 years later when that water stirred this guy does even shift his body weight any more his heart rate doesn't even increase because the immediate thought is what's the point. Because we're also told deserve a disease in this condition because of a lifestyle of sin so he's overwhelmed the shame he's overwhelmed of condemnation what's the point and it's that stage that Jesus shows up when he feels there is no hope that things are going to change this is just who I am this is just how it has to be and Jesus shows up and he asked the man a seemingly obvious and ridiculous question do you want to be made well the logical answer would be yes but the answer the man gives gives us some insight into his psychological state where the water stirred there's no way to get me and no one cares about B. is the point that he's making it I don't deserve to be healed anyway but that's not the question Jesus asked him. I didn't ask you why aren't you well why can't you be paid well I asked you Do you want to be paid well and the answer seems to be not exactly because subconsciously we do not feel that we deserve the blessings that God wants to give us and we That's right we don't deserve them but he still longs to give them but he's not going to make you receive those blessings so Jesus shows up and what he's really asking this man to do is to exchange I didn't a tease from someone who's had something done to them or they've done to themselves to someone who now has been redeemed by the Son of God He's asking the man to exchange ideas to tease and this is this is go time because no one talks about this she says that Jesus had given this man no assurance of divine help and the man might have stopped a Delta was one chance of healing if this guy laughs in the face of Jesus he will never walk again he had a choice to make and Jesus tells the guy to rise take up your mat and walk were it not for the fact that it was Jesus saying this what a cruel thing to say. Go up to someone in a wheelchair in a street corner and tell them that see how that goes over but Jesus knows something about the hope in this man's experience that this man doesn't know and he's going to does his deeds to make. Am I going to believe what Jesus believes about me providing to believe what I believe about me and that's his decision that you need to make that's a decision that I need to make Am I going to believe what God's word says in spite of how I feel and spite of what I see or I believe what I believe. Through the same faith we may receive spiritual healing by sin we've been severed from the life of God Our souls are palsied and of ourselves we are no more capable of living a holy life that was the impotent man capable of walking you cannot change your condition or not for Jesus came to happen and there are many who realize their helplessness and who long for that spiritual life which will bring them into harmony with God but their vaguely striving to obtain it if you've been there vainly striving for victory in your life many of our people are there 3. Gets phone calls from these people all the time I'm not good enough I can't change God's given up on me I'm not going to get any better they're getting alarming amount of phone calls from a 7th Day Adventist adults and pastors who have 0 assurance of salvation there is a pandemic in our movement of discouragement of believing we're not going to be good enough and we're not going to be able to stay and that's a problem because the very people who are wrestling with these thoughts are the people that the Bible says should be the ones who will stand the will tell the world that they need to stand and our people can't even get off the mat why because we're having conversations like this when it's taboo or the problem is we're not going to be willing to we know that we can be made we'll. Until someone convinces us to desire to be made well instead of shaming us for what we aren't encouraging us you know Barnabas is Ministry was. To encourage people to continue with the Lord for the Bible says we are in desperate need of a bar in this ministry right now I spend more time convincing 7th Day Adventists that they can be saved than anything. It's not because I don't believe in present truth that I don't talk about that as much as because I see the real issues or people are dealing with it no one's talking about I'm going to deal with this before I can get into the point of talking about what happens if we don't have a mediator the other things I believe in present truth but I also see our people are so beat down we've got to get them from one place to here before we can to get to those things you with me I'm a pragmatist. In despair they cry a wretched man that I am who shall deliver me from this body of death but she says let these desponding stroking ones look where look up the Savior is building over the purchase of his blood saying with inexpressible tenderness and pity wilt thou be made whole he Bijou rising health and peace do not wait to feel that you are made whole that's what a lot of our problems this all feel like I have hope are all choose to believe and hope when I feel it our experience can not be based upon our feelings our view of what truth is cannot be chosen by the lower matter it should be chosen by the higher power so we've been hearing this week what does the Word of God say about your experience because the Word of God is not influenced by emotions the Word of God is not influenced by sin it testifies of truth period so when God speaks through His word regarding my condition I need to believe what His word says and not what I think or feel and certainly not what the devil himself is telling me or the crusty people in the church beside me telling me I'm a loser in one group or my family or other people you with me. Only the Word of God can give your true identity only the Word of God can tell your compass what true north actually is and His Word says I make all things new and he tells John because he knows are prone to doubt that he is right John for these words are true and they are faithful to His word says. Your will is believe His word and it will be fulfilled put your will in the side of Christ will to serve him and then acting upon his word you will receive strength whatever may be the evil practice the master passion which through long and bold diligence buys both soul and body I love this part Christ is able and longs to deliver but do you want it do you actually want things to change because this is a thing that's crazy about the human psyche we have this since of Stockholm syndrome with our brokenness right we have this since of sympathy for our captor and so we're so used to being beaten down and living a defeated life that we're afraid to hope for anything better because it's all we've ever known and we're deeply afraid that what if I believe in and get disappointed I was speaking with someone who's one of the people to responsible for me being a 70 and this today who is no longer a 70 aptest who is no longer a Christian and went through an experience in her life I wouldn't wish on anybody a horrible crisis in their family and they left God as a result of it but I was speaking with them around him in a public place and they're still very good friends of great respect for one another no hard feelings because I'm a Christian there are no hard feelings whatsoever but I told them I really wrestle to understand the appeal of naturalism it's difficult for me to understand what's so appealing about atheism and naturalism because it completely denies the intrinsic moral of the moral value of a human being your mistake. You shouldn't even be here in your life does not matter when you're dead and gone you become car imposed in your life is completely meaningless and I say I don't understand because everyone at that at the deepest level is desperate to be fully known and fully loved So what is so attractive about naturalism I wasn't being mean or crass twice I just wrestled to understand the attractiveness and the answer this person gave me I was not ready for the answer they gave was what makes it so attractive is I no longer have to hope and be disappointed here. It hurts too much to hope because I've been there and what happened when I hoped my spouse had an affair twice even after I forgave them I can't do this anymore so I'd rather live a life of uncertainty and not having to hope than to go through this process here but the Bible says that hope does not disappoint Romans 55 because the love of God as reported in the hearts of the Holy Spirit who is given to us Romans 1513 says Now May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing that you may be a may have bound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit he's called the God of hope those it may bring you hope of the hopelessness in your experience God brings hope he would he can restore us but some of us were so afraid to hope that would rather remain in a broken condition than believe that God can do something different so the question is do you actually want that to change do you want to be made well. He'll part like to the Soul that is dead in trespasses he will set free the captive this hell by witness misfortune in the chains of sin but here's my question do we cling more to our diagnosis than the what we do to what Crisis done to set us free you phrase it this way is my identity tied more to what has been done to me than the what Christ has done for me. And none of this is to to invalidate the pain that you're going through based on what someone has done to you or the guilt you feel based on what you've done the someone else or yourself that's not the point the point is do you want to change or not it can change it doesn't matter what you've done or what's been done to you Jesus literally can set every man free Jesus has already done what it takes for all men to be free but will you receive it today that's the question do you think I see here is a Jesus deal with hard issues he is less concerned with behavior modification than he isn't dealing with the wounded in this that leads to the bad behavior but then we struggle with this the 7th day adventists because we're reformed based movement we have a lot of reforms and it's way easier for me to judge somebody based upon what they're eating or doing than actually asked the real question why are they eating with their eating Why are they doing what they're doing why are they dressing as they're dressing why are they behaving as are behaving because what's happening on the outside isn't the issue it's an issue but it's not the issue the real issue is something's going on in here and when you see outward disobedience it's an invitation to dig deeper and find out the cause but the ironic thing is many of our brethren reel in the medical system for being drug dealers right you know looking for the real cause if you just give people drugs yeah but we do the same thing with behavior modification we don't seek to find out why people do what they're doing we just shame them for their bad behavior and in turn they don't get any better and even if by the grace of God their behavior does change they lay down pornography they lay down drugs they lay down whatever that pain has not been dealt with and they're going to start knowing their pain with something else. It could be religion could be gossip it could be something else but they're not going to find the real healing but what happens when Jesus heals people their true brokenness they no longer have a need to act out they want to have a need for addiction in this is the way that Jesus operated with people and we would do well to do the same you with me OK Someone please excuse the lads because I'm going to go along our John chapter 4 you can stay but I'm sorry this is going to happen John chapter 4 we get to a woman Jesus says in Jesus as a way to Judea and John chapter 4 he's on his way to Judea and but then it says this really really strange line but he needed to go through Samarium Now if you are a 1st century Jew and a fellow Jew tells you I need to go through some area their response is going to be why. They're gross they have cooties their noses are shaped the wrong way and if anyone's going to be saved at the end of the day it ate them we don't talk to them we have nothing to do with them they're part Jew but not really Jew they're not there for us when we need them no way but the Bible says that Jesus needs to go through some area why there's a broken woman there she just knows what she's capable of when she set free and Jesus is willing to go into any occupied territory and this set this woman free so he goes up to her John chapter 4 and you would assume I mean the way that you should really do business is get in someone's face about their sin right that's what Christians should do and so you would assume Jesus didn't say what do all these husbands woman I'm not going to baptize you all this nonsense in your life that's not what Jesus does you know he does he's vulnerable with her and he asked her to help him with his own needs he says I'm thirsty could you help me. What are you a Jew doing talking to me a Samaritan in the Samaritan woman and as Jesus begins a discourse with her he begins a letter No I have something vastly better to offer you that what you're coming here for Will you take it because this woman's 1st means of escape of the problems in her life is her waterpot what hour of day is that the Jesus comes of this well. It's Hyde noon it's blazing hot outside and no one in their right mind is going to be at that well at that hour of day and that's why she's there her water part is her means of escaping everybody else and all the other problems because everyone knows she got problems she's had 5 husbands a guy she's lived with now was not her husband and everyone knows and it's in that moment when she's seeking to know her pain that Jesus needs to go through Syberia we have our own water pots don't weigh we get those things are running to escape our pain to get out of trouble to just not think about the problems of life anymore and it's just like Jesus to show up at that moment and to tell us what I have to offer you is a vastly better than what your company or for where you take it she's got some questions she did ask Will she respond but with his was talking about the 1st in this chapter to him no temptation is overtaking you except such as is common to man but God is faithful who are not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able but with the temptation will also make a way of escape that you may be able to bear it John for is the type of that Jesus shows up and offers or something better every time that you're convicted right before you send Jesus isn't condemning you he's offering you something better if we knew that we would do we do he's offering you something better and so she's got a choice to make it so you finally get the point of this sir I I want this water how do I get with this. And notice Jesus doesn't say grab a glass grab a pitcher grab a cup you know he says he says Go call your husband shots fired. Why. Jesus knows I cannot give you the water of life until we deal with the thing that's holding you back when you give it and she's got a defense mechanism like many of us and she tries to change the topic here had this mom get in your kitchen about something you say. How about that sporting match have out that weather just get me out of this cover say shit let's change the topic please and so her 1st means of escape from the issues in her life is a water pot but one that feels you know the 2nd one is religious controversy we're going to whole lot of people who are movement right now that are doing this very thing we don't want to deal with our own brokenness and so we become an expert in arguing over controversial topics in fact a lot of these rabbit holes in the 7th Day Adventist Church they're not because the theological issues it's because people are broken they're not dealing with their stuff in the run into something else right these flash in the pan movement's own Now this is the issue No no no no this is this you know no this is the issue we've got websites were railing on each other about this about that we look like cannibals and shame on us shame on us we're devouring fellow 7th Day Adventists in chat forums and websites for the entire world to see and the apostle Paul was alive today he would say the same thing he told the Church at Rome the name of God is blaspheming among the Gentiles because of you shame on us if you can't look like Jesus when talking about Jesus to followers of Jesus you need Jesus and so religion is one of the easiest places to hide from God right I'll talk a big game I'll do my thing but deep down I'm broken I'm not dealing with my issues and I don't want to deal with my issues and thankfully my church doesn't talk about issues so I'm safe I digress anyway so she says Do you guys say that we need to worship in Jerusalem but we've got this mountain we've got this well Jesus doesn't give you the air of day on this and he goes in on the real issue and she finally submit Jesus sets her free and she goes and wins an entire city but I notice here. When people are set free from their deepest heart wounds they can't keep it to themselves he didn't send her to Africa he didn't send her to arise he didn't synodic or didn't send her to Similary didn't have the pastor claiming from the front do outreach please just do something I believe this is one of the biggest reasons why our people are not sharing their faith it's not good news for them they're not free their sins have been forgiven but they are not free and so in turn they're not sharing their faith because they haven't found what they're looking for in the saying they're not converted but the reason why is because the gospel has been good news to me this woman had nothing to offer those people but one story Jesus changed my life and that was enough why because they knew her life that's the hardest place a share isn't when everyone knows your business she did it one whole city just for Jesus but you know the amazing thing is the text literally says she leaves her waterpot with Jesus and then goes and reaches the city and my appeal to you this morning is to do just that leave your water pots with Jesus because he tells her look this thing is going to make you thirst again and you know that this is same for you and me it doesn't quench your thirst it doesn't help you it buys you time but it doesn't really help leave your water pot with Jesus and come to a well that never runs dry in. You Man All right here's actually the whole point of the message that was just kind of the appetizer. I don't know if you're aware of this but Jesus has a story that is so incredibly relevant to the wounds you have in your life and I hope and pray that you're paying attention this morning if I've lost you to 5 lows you in the sleep please wake up and pay attention for the next series of moments because you're about to see a picture of Jesus that no one told me about until I met Paul Conover and it's radically changed my life because I came to understand just how intimately acquainted Jesus is with the grief of my soul. Prophecy said this would happen but many of us glance right over this and this is change my life and I hope this can be a blessing to you so we're going to walk through the life of Jesus and see what it is that he went there we're going to have rapid fire references here but I'm giving my nose to you I see West will be emailed to you and you can take pictures if you want but I'm giving you my slides you can to sit back enjoy the ride it's up to you OK So Matthew Chapter one of verse 18 Jesus is conceived out of wedlock no sin is involved but that's not the way the people around him view it Jesus was conceived out of wedlock just imagine being Joseph he's a righteous man and he's tempted to put this girl because just imagine your girl we is for a few months and she comes back pregnant what would you think. I thought she was spiritual I thought she was a woman of God is going to put her away quietly you have a magic being Mary you come back to tell me you had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that no one's really going to understand it was someone recognizes that you're pregnant you're not married and you try to explain it just imagine how this goes over Holy Spirit her what's his name right no one's going to believe her this is a huge weight that she had to carry her entire life and this is a way that Jesus had to carry his entire life he's having a back and forth with affairs he's in the temple and they finally have had enough because Jesus is good in their kitchen and then if I say we know who our father is the throwing shade of this ambiguous father figure in Jesus' life he's being defined by this he's being shamed for being conceived out of wedlock if anyone has got now Jesus is not endorsing sex outside of marriage he's not indoors and getting pregnant out of wedlock but Jesus is acquainted with the shame that people feel who go through that are you with me. He's acquainted with this and he did this just for you but that's not it there's a whole lot guys how many people this room are the child if you're not a child now but you're the child of an elder a pastor a teacher an administrator in a school how many people grew up in a situation like that not a single soul OK there they are. Yes Yes And I think about pressure what these people go through is no joke and if you don't understand that leave them alone because I've had to counsel some famous ministers kids and what these people go through you have no idea have no idea it's hard because my whole life is me trying to be someone that will make sure that my parents don't look bad there's a since that I don't get to be me I have to be whatever else expects me to be because if I show up in the wrong cause the church dad's going to hear about it by going trouble at school going to hear about it and there's this since the existence of chains now it's not a curse to be a pastor's kid is not a curse to be a principal's kid or whatever but I'm just letting you know a verdict sternal pressures that they're acquainted with the you know nothing about and watch out when you start criticizing pastors kids because of this that the other thing and we make all these jokes pastors kids just go wild you can't contain a pastor's kid in the middle those kids are dealing with a pressure that they couldn't handle it's not because pastors kids by default are demoniacs. It's that they're dealing with an additional pressure that you know nothing about and if you did you would make those snarky comments imagine how mom and dad feel and so they're doing with I digress imagine being Jesus He's the son of God if he stumbles in a word thought or deed at any point in time the entire plan of salvation is over he will never see the father again and most likely the universe itself is going to implode you think Jesus knows anything about pressure yes and he went through this for you because you know something about a person that no one else knows about Jesus is acquainted with that pressure and he suffered just like you for you you with me. And as 852 in verse 14 we're told that Jesus was beaten beyond the point of recognition and won't go any further an explanation that you can't even tell who this man is when they're done with him why because my mom was beaten beyond the point of recognition and Jesus went through this for her because there are people in this room statistically who have been violated who have been hurt and Jesus went through this abuse just for you just for you so that you would know that you have a Savior who understands and who is safe. There's a chapter 53 he felt totally unattractive there's nothing about the life of Jesus that would draw us to him a life of poverty and see me in significance for majority of his life he understood this just for you he was despised and rejected by men you have been rejected it hurts hurts real bad Jesus understands that pain he's been there was acquainted with grief some of us had this view that Jesus' life was you know pretty normal until the last 3 and a half years and really it was the last week that was bad NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Jesus spent his entire life not fitting in this place just doesn't feel like home selfishness bother Jesus deeply suffering bothered him deeply Jesus is wrestling from a very early age with the weight of the sin of the world expectations that none of us will ever be able to fully understand he dealt with grief deep grief and he went through this just for you to show you that he can understand people have their faces from ever gone through times of difficulty and people aren't there for you when you need in the most Jesus understands he was despised and no one esteem them he was tempted to feel alone in his grief you ever had those moments where you're crying in solitude and no one knows where you can't tell anyone the pain that you're going through and you just feel so misunderstood and like there is no one on earth you can actually hear what I'm going through because no one will understand. There is someone who understands there is someone who's going through that same exact experience and his name is Jesus he was overwhelmed with sorrow and grief he felt smitten smitten and stricken by God and afflicted never felt like every flaming dart from heaven is coming in your direction he gets it he was wounded bruise and chastise the receive many stripes he was oppressed and abused was mistreated and falsely accused and thrown into prison and court anyone in our legal justice system in this does happen who's been falsely accused no scarlet letters never go away Jesus understands was falsely accused for things he never did he died childless was never married was found guilty for things he never did any died for things he was totally innocent of maybe someone in this room was accused of something that no one would believe them in their innocence nobody and I'm just talking about that you know you didn't take out the trailer your sister did take out the trash but you got in trouble for I mean heavy stuff really heavy stuff and no one believed you knew felt so alone you were even tempted to be bitter and harbor unforgiveness over what has happened to you and no one ever believed in Jesus that harmony and forgiveness but he's acquainted with that since of guilt that he's not responsible for Jesus understands and he went through this for those people and for you some 22 he was tempted to believe that he was for saken by God Himself never been there was to believe that God wasn't helping him or here when he prayed he remember that God heard other people's prayers and helped them but didn't feel like his own prayers are being answered according to some 22 verses 46 you have been there for some of us here in testimonies during prayer time at church is crippling because everyone else has a God who works but when I pray I get cricket sounds I get nothing ever been there you prayed to feel like God isn't there doesn't care about your request but I would also got testimonies I would also say that God is faithful and God is working you have a word of God in my life you have been there. Jesus was tempted to believe this was despised and ridiculed people mocked him for being a child of God you are going through that maybe in the workplace maybe in a family setting in a school setting people are mocking you for being a child of God Jesus understands he felt totally exhausted and empty as if he had nothing left you have been there Jesus I've got nothing left to give how much longer is this going to go on I mean really he understands he's been there he was stripped of his clothing and cried out to God for help Jesus was not sexually assaulted that we know of but he did with the so there is something very very similar in principle for people who have gone through this someone has violated you the taking clothes off of you and you cry to God for help Jesus understands and he did this just for you just for you he came to understand that God was listening and had abandoned him and he was filled with praise we can have that same experience Matthew Chapter 2 I'm not getting political this morning but I hope you're not going to get political this morning Jesus was a refugee and had to flee his homeland due to violence and political unrest and when people have been displaced and gone through hardship in these situations Jesus understands and can comfort in a way that nobody else can and our position on matters like this should be biblical ones but unfortunately Seventh-Day Adventists are drinking Kool-Aid from the left and the right and we're adopting positions on stuff like this that isn't biblical it's cultural We should search the Scriptures and make our positions Matthew Chapter 4 Jesus was tempted to doubt his identity as a child of God ever feel like they're not a child of God It couldn't be a child of God if you're the son of God right he was tempted to provide for his own needs instead of trusting God ride for who hasn't been there King Saul doesn't show up and you need him so you offer your own sacrifice Jesus doesn't show up when I need him so get mine I'll make my own solution he was tempted to comfort himself with food when stressed watch out now. You're been there running to food to comfort us right Satan doesn't show up to Jesus on day one of the fast he shows up on every nerve and signal of his body is longing for food and he could have done something about it I can't snap my fingers and get a cinnamon crunch bagel for Pinera he can write so Jesus overcame that temptation to empower you to overcome that temptation. And the understand that feels like he was tempted to prove his worth and pride of somebody get in your face and tell you what you aren't that's hard. If you've been there on the basketball court somewhere else Phyllis herself as if you're a man do still think you're been there it's not easy people tell you if you are real whatever you know if you really were a good mom you wouldn't do fill in the blank whatever the situation may be someone crosses that line and you're tempted to prove yourself and you're tempted to clinch your fist retaliate Jesus overcame so that you don't have to right so you don't have to retaliate. He was tempted to physically harm himself 3 yourself down from this terrible people are wrestling with cutting with burning with attempted suicide Jesus was tempted in a similar principle to empower you to overcome he's been there he was tempted to give up his faith in God to receive everything this world has to offer who hasn't been there many Chapter 14 a close friend or relative of his is brutally murdered John the Baptist maybe lost somebody medical malpractise or reckless driver drunk driving some other situation a shooting some other rash act of violence Jesus understands he's been there John the Baptist brutally murdered Mark Chapter 3 zone family thought he was out of his mind you ever been there I have and I became a 7th Day Adventist and started up to his views my family thought I was crazy I had a family member tell me not all that long ago I didn't go to college and I've had family members give me a really hard time about this and God doesn't call everyone a college. He does not call everyone the college there's nothing wrong with going to college or God calls you to college go yesterday but that's not the call he gave everyone and your worth is not dependent upon your education I don't care what other people are telling you or what they're implying based upon their statements you're not worth more for having a degree or worth less for not having one. I got so much flak for this and I had a family member tell me within the last few years I travel the Gospel and I'm bringing this I travel the country and I'm sharing the gospel with people setting them free in the name of Jesus and I had a family member tell me just do something meaningful with your life go to college just do something meaningful with your life their knives go way deeper don't they family has ways to hurt us that nobody else can and there are people in this room Statistically I'm sure and I say this all over colleges mom and dad have given this so much pressure that we're going to school for them not for us I tremble to think about what happens whenever events like this take place and a young person feels the call of God in their life to be a missionary here or abroad and then they have to go home until mom and dad a mom or dad say no get your degree and then go do something for God you know what happens those people they never go to the mission field never and if you guys have seen the if in video this compelling video with a bunch of stats there's no verbal words this is a bunch of stats on the screen and one of the stats is as you are see a few years ago they made a call for people before missionaries 250 people come up something like that you know how many people were in the mission field a year later 11 parents don't do this to your kids. College is not what provides for your kids it's phone the call of God in their life and that may involve college but it may not. We got to be careful with this stuff so why families knives go way deeper they can hurt us in ways that nobody else can John Chapter 7 his own brother studies out of his mind and didn't believe in them you have a family member speak unbelief in your experience you're never going to whatever you're nothing but a whatever I'll tell you a story of this I was in the cademy years ago. Preaching of the cademy I heard the story of this kid who his older sister graduates from the school to boarding school so they can't have the graduation party at their house because they live many miles from there so they had the graduation party for the older sister in a staff member's home and the mom in front of everyone points to her son and says you will never accomplish what your sister has accomplished front of everyone this is his mom his biological mother the staff were horrified they didn't know this monster was going to do this with this boy gets into the school a few years later how do you think he did academically terribly you are there are issues he had womanizing he was desperate to be loved and accepted by a woman because mom is a monster so he should have been kicked out on numerous occasions but this school would not give her that satisfaction and they labored for this kid and labored for this kid at labored for this kid and he wasn't going to graduate academically he wasn't doing well but they does Labor to labored and they even pushed to ensure that he didn't graduate because you know she told him You're not going to make it and you're going to sit in the front row and you're going to watch all of your classmates graduate while you don't know they were going to let that happen the school wasn't. But this boy does graduate this school pushes it ensures that this kid graduates there we let her take that from him and I'm proud of them for that I don't care what rules there are what academic things there are this kid needed that and they gave it to him. But man family can hurt us now they have been 26 Jesus wrestled with accepting the will of God for his life knowing that it would have all suffering some of us are wrestling with accepting the will of God because we assume it will involve suffering right because my dreams are this but Jesus has called me to this and that suffering I don't know if I'm about that life right now Jesus I did that my dream was professional music and here I am in a situation where God's getting a hold of my life what am I going to do and I made the wrong choice Jesus you'll be here in 3 years let me get mine I still love you I still want to serve you but I can't not do it why would you take this for me this is the only thing that matters to me no I can't get those 3 years back I wish I could some of us Jesus all go and want to get my degree Jesus all go away want to get married and have kids just let me get mine right now. He was tempted to do this but Jesus overcame to give you power to overcome he was betrayed by a close friend he was betrayed by a kiss some of us have been betrayed by a kiss because of an affair maybe Mom or Dad had an affair maybe an actual spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend or someone else had a situation we've been betrayed by a kiss Jesus went through this in principle just for you that heartbreaking stab of betrayal Jesus understands that the 26 he was abandoned by his friends in his greatest How many do you ever been there everyone that you thought would be there isn't there for you when everything goes south Jesus understands one of his closest friends deny that he even knew him he didn't receive a fair trial of people why does secures conviction and he was spat upon and abused by religious leaders Statistically there is someone in this room who has been abused by religious leader could be a pastor could be the elder and it may not be sexual but it could be that they verbally ran down your family's reputation before the entire church maybe they physically abuse you maybe emotionally abused you Jesus understands it was pastors and it was long forced but that abused him Jesus understands and military. Method 271 of his closest friends commit suicide never lost someone close to you because of suicide Jesus understands he was brutally beaten tortured stripped and mocked by the equivalent of law enforcement again I'm not getting political today but this does happen in different areas of the world even the United States at times people violate balladry as they use their authority to hurt and step on somebody else Jesus went through this just for you and just for them just for them. He was tempted to numb his pain with wine in this is where every addiction comes into play the whole point of the wine vinegar mix was to numb the pain to make it easier for them to go through and Jesus refuse the opportunity to numb his pain to give you power to overcome when you're tempted to be yours even just for you just for you he was stripped naked exposed publicly and shamed by those who should have been protecting him this is happening way more frequently the dog too I was privy to school in the last 12 months where kids got kicked out at a conservative institution for sexting and people will tell you young ladies people will tell you I'm not going to share it with anybody that's never true. And maybe somebody is get insulted on the female side and tell you fellas just send me something and I won't tell anybody it's never true it's never true it does get shared with other people and people are committing suicide over this it's ruining their lives this is no joke it's not worth it but if you had a situation where someone did something like this Jesus understands they strip this man and expose him to the entire city and people coming up and down the city Jesus understands and he can cover it in ways that nobody else can just for you he was tortured a lie was tempted to doubt his identity as a Son of God He thought for sake of God in abandon to suffer alone and he felt totally unappreciated by those he was giving his life for you have been their parents you give a given given your kids give to Rip's about the sacrifices you're making to put them through school to put them through something else. Maybe young people you've been making sacrifices for mom and dad you chose not to move away you stay closer to home because mom and dad needed your income to be able to survive whatever the situation may be that you've been giving and giving him got nothing in response and that hurts guys I've been there it hurts so bad to give your heart for somebody and I have the reciprocate it hurts Jesus understands that better than anybody he gave everything he didn't hold anything back all of Heaven was given a one gift and many will not reciprocate and yet having loved his own who were in the world he loved they have to be it to the. He love you to the inn where you ever respond or not that's what I got they does it gives whether every Caesar not and if you've been in situations like this Jesus understands that brings comfort and solace to my soul. Because it hurts to give and not receive and I've just seen it on a small scale imagine his heart but here's the point guys in all of this the bible for told Jesus would go through these things and it says that he shall see the labor the travail of his soul and be satisfied before he goes through it and he sees the way to what is going to cost him he satisfied while Jesus is going through it he's satisfied and as he looks back upon the hell he went through just for you he's still satisfied why because by his knowledge my righteous servant show Justified me and he shall bear there and the quickies you are justified he's satisfied she says in the chapter of desire of ages called a 70 there when Jesus wrestles with the father that 3rd time she says his decision is for him and he will save man at any cost to himself. This train will not stop I don't care how much it hurts I don't care what it cost me this train is not going to stop it's not because heaven was not a place to be desired or you were lost. And Jesus would rather see these to exist for you to have a chance of eternity than to not make that decision he literally was to the point that he could not see through the portals of the tube and he was fully convinced of the fact that when he breathed his last breath he will never see the light of day again he will never see the father again even at this point as ovation does work and you go to heaven he's not going to be there to see it and yet he loves you to the end he keeps going knowing this is the in for me that's what he was convinced of it is mine and I'm going to go down and never see anyone or anything again because you were so precious to Jesus that heaven was not a place to be desired where you were lost and God gave all of heaven a one gift this is a value he places on you so why did he do this good Hebrews Chapter 2 were like 2 slides are being done here or chapter 2. I'll take my lashings from the lads later. Heber chapter 2 verse 17 Listen to this. Therefore he verse 217. Therefore in all things Jesus had to be made like his brother of Jesus had to suffer like you Jesus had to go through hardship heartbreak depression discouragement loneliness he had to go through all of this violation just for you why that he might be a merciful and faithful High Priest in things pertaining to God to make propitiation for the sins of the people for in that he himself has suffered being tempted Jesus is also able to aid those who are tempted she says could have been born walked into the temple been slain and been done but he doesn't choose that route Jesus chooses a route that involves suffering suffering from birth until death psychological emotional physical and otherwise forms of trauma Why would Jesus go through all this madness. So that he could come for you when you go through this madness that's why no religion offers this no religion offers a suffering messiah who's acquainted with the grief of his people no one does we talked about this last night the heat the the pagans in Babylon said you know the only people who know these answers oh king are the gods whose dwelling is not with men that's not my God that's not my God I have a God who is acquainted with my suffering and with my grief and who can comfort me in ways that nobody else can and you can take solace in that because you may be feeling like there's no one I can talk to maybe can talk to your pastor hope you can maybe can talk to your parents or your spouse I hope you can but if you can't you have a Savior who understands day who safe the reason why Jesus goes through this hell for 33 and a half years of the show you there is someone you can talk to there is someone who is saved who is approachable and who is here for you when you're hurting and no one else is that's why Jesus went through this and he thought you were worth that cost he was force is something very similar to seeing that you have such a great high priest his pastor the heavens Jesus the Son of God he says let us hold fast our confession in this context as a suffering messiah if he was to see that we have a savior like this he says let us hold fast our confession when you're hurting when your data now this is not the time to let go of Jesus he says Hold fast your confession why for we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weakness but was an all points tempted as we are yet without sin why what is it to do next so that we may therefore come boldly to the throne of grace and that we may obtain mercy to find grace to help us in our time of need Jesus with through this so that you would come boldly today he suffered just for you so that you would come boldly and would recognize when you can't talk to anyone you can talk to me you can bring it to me and were told John chapter 6 that he who comes into me I will in no wise cast out. I don't care what you've done what's been done to you it does not matter if you come to me I'm not going to cast you out and limited us tonight you were a white commenting on this for she said you may feel like this is the you're clinging to one single promise she says cling to this promise and you're safe and you may feel that your well being is holding up on a single promise which is cling to that promise and you are safe and if you come to God with this one promise she says you are as safe as the inside of the City of God If you have nothing to offer Jesus but that one promise him who comes into me oh no wise cast out in that very moment you receive is the inside the city of God and you have a Seaver who tell you this morning come boldly whatever they've done whatever you've done you can come boldly vocals of the story pretty and can't meaning a few years ago and this guy tells me the story that he's giving Bible studies to his neighbor this is just someone who's not a viable worker not a pastor and is giving Bible studies to his neighbor hallelujah and his neighbor there's a dad and there's 2 boys and there's an older boy who's in prison this kid's been in prison from 132-171-3217 in prison. And the guy tells me the Son's about to be released from prison and their company can't meaning this week and it's not an atlas family with a receiving Bible studies so they come so that's great no problem to get a G.P.S. bracelet so what I don't care I'm glad he's here and so they come to the meetings and to the dead the kid about living with his dad and or with his mom initially his mom was living on the streets in Knoxville was living a rough life she nearly does it's a scary place where they were he's afraid of getting shot just by being on his front porch because he's living with mom he just does what people need to do in the streets of surviving it's in a lot of trouble and from 13 to 17 he's in prison and he realizes I've got to get my life together I don't wanna do this anymore I want to live with Dad so dad's excited to have his boy back and he gets released from prison on a Thursday. This guy's telling me this on Thursday the field is coming it can't meeting on Friday the way they can't me was set up for the youth meetings there's the servant for the adults and the right to the sermon for the adults there's a campfire and I give the messages around the campfire it's really hard to preach when you're the middle of a circle because you can't make eye contact you're kind of like looking and looking and trying to make eye contact but we did it so this young man his He's like 24 hours out of prison as a 17 year old and he shows up to this meeting on this night would you think I was preaching. This message and then made the same appeal to them that is made to you maybe you feel you can't talk to your parents if you can't talk to your pastor maybe there's no one you can talk to you can come to Jesus and you can come boldly and you can tell him everything and he will not cast you away and he can set you free. And I can see even around this campfire because you can still see faces and I can tell this young man is keyed in when you do this for a living you just know and God had a hold of this man I could tell I pray I close in this group behind me starts ugly crying just loses it. Because she grew up in a broken home she's giving herself away to a bunch of boys to feel like she's were something in the Spirit of God spoke to her in this rector at that camp fire her friend next to her try to console her but then she starts losing it because she has the same story healing rainfalls around this campfire and I saw my own 2 eyes are going to where I'm staying I go to bed that night come back the next morning we have Sabbath school we have church going to do a hike in the afternoon in this older boy and his 2 younger brothers they all go on this hike and as we're walking he comes up to me says hey man what you know that message really spoke to me deeply it spoke to me and I think you said Praise God then he said I took your word man what you mean he said I went back to my tent and i told us everything. Everything everything that I've done everything that's been done to me I told Jesus everything he said it felt so good and for the 1st time in my life I feel free this guy's been in prison from 13 to 17 is live the life of hell his whole life within 24 hours of being released from prison he encounters a suffering messiah and it radically changes his view have reality but again for some of us were afraid to let go of the identity that we've had stability scares us we don't know what to do with it and in a moment of thoughtlessness a few days later he cuts the G.P.S. ankle bracelet off and he runs course they find him and he's still in prison today that was the summer of 2016 he's still in prison today but think with make us think about just how amazing Jesus is this kids of prison from 13 to 17 and L. from you know 1718 until 20 and he's out for like 4 or 5 days and in that span he encounters a suffering messiah who has an answer to every wound of his heart do you think there's a God in heaven who loves Braxton You better believe it and there's a God in heaven who loves you he's acquainted with your grief he knows your heartbreak he knows the betrayal and the wounds that you haven't told anyone and that you don't even have the words to communicate all you can do is cry when you try to talk to God about it he knows he knows and he has every intention not only setting you free in the here and now but Revelation chapter 21 tells us he's coming to this earth to wipe every tear from your ice because he values you that highly there's a God in heaven who thinks so highly of you that he would rather suffer and die and never live again for you to find healing that they continue doing what he's doing without you you matter. I don't know if anyone has told you this today and all of us told you this in your life your life matters. You are special you have value God has a purpose in a plan for your life but we accept it do you actually want to be made well today that's the question I think we've seen he wants to hear us but do you want it do you want it that's a question let's pray. Sweet Jesus I thank you for the fact that you long to bless us more than we have had the courage to ask but I pray that courage would be found today. Cover our sins of the blood of Jesus Phillis with your Holy Spirit I think that Romans 811 says the very spirit who rose Jesus from the dead can raise me from spiritual death and I believe that means emotional death and psychological death as well I thank you lord that you have a healing that no one else can give and that we can leave this place healthy whole and new I think that you can tear down generational strongholds and generational curses and or that we can leave this place different people I pray that we would want it and that I pray that you would not give us rest that you would not let us go in to we let you less us. This is my plea to the Lord and pass this in Jesus' name. Even to. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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