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History and Heroes - Those That Stand: Part 2

Diane Burnett


Diane Burnett

reCREATION Lifestyle Health



  • June 7, 2019
    8:15 AM
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Our Father in heaven we thank you for the Sunshine of Your Love that warms us even when the world is cold we thank you that you draw us closer and closer to you when that your love just envelops us and melts us and transforms us be with us this morning Father we need you we plead for your Holy Spirit bless each one of us here and speak to each one of us in Jesus name I pray in men. So yesterday we started talking about history and heroes and we're going to pick up where we left off yesterday so I all through history even in the garden before the fall we really know that God had a divine standard he had a divine life style for his people that he would unfold with every movement that we that has gone before us and the purpose of that lifestyle the purpose of God's principles for us is to develop our character back to the divine image because we had band do you formed by being trapped by the enemy and it is God's purpose to free us and to reform ass and to elevate us back to that character that he originally gave us and His see is it possible it is possible that is God's power and he will do it and we will be sealed for ever never ever again for any question to come up about God's character so. I want to just look at one aspect we talked about different things of the culture of a country and one of the things that. Tends to have the greatest impact on our character is our diet and as mentioned last night which is what I appreciated about when you mentioned temperance temperance isn't just self-control in food but it's in all the things that we ingest through our ears through our eyes through our nose through our skin and through our mouth so we need the temperance we need to be able to say yes to what we should say yes and no to what we should say no to but the purpose of the standards that God gives us is 1st trying it's for many reasons but we see in Ecclesiastes days 1017 that it says Blessed start that owl when by princes eat in due season for should drink and not for drunkenness so he just in this passage right here we see a number of principles that are detailed in the spirit of prophecy so we are to eat when in due season what does that mean there is a time to eat and there is a time to not eat and then how is it detailed in the Spirit of Prophecy to sayings that are mentioned more than anything else in principles of diet. Regularity and simplicity even more than what you eat it's how you eat. We're told that irregular hours for eating and sleeping sap the brain forces do you want do you need a strong brain then regularity in eating and sleeping so that this control on top of our shoulders our frontal lobe will have the shrank to make the right decisions and then what's the other principle that we're eating for strength so our study should be what gives me strength and what pulls me down and when Sister why I was writing about principles she also says and we read some of those passages last night that people would come to her and say Give me a diet give me tell me what to do and she said I'm not your criteria you know she would give principles but what she could eat others couldn't so there's general principles like we if my god gave between the animal products there's clean and there's on claim you know so there's principles there is food that is proper in general and then there is foods that even in the proper foods might not be the best for you and especially in today's age we have such broken systems allergies food sensitivities are maxed out I feel sorry for anyone that's in charge of the kitchen today. Serving a group because O.-I can eat that's all I can eat this and I'm one of those I'm a trouble maker I'm hike and don't worry about me you know because I have 3 for different reasons. Developed intolerances to the most common food like garlic and onions you know I just became where I could not tolerate them but that doesn't mean garlic and onions are bad it just means for me I can't do it so. For each of you it is your own responsibility to pray Lord what gives me strength give me intuition give me discernment to understand when I get a feeling of weakness my heart rises my heart rate rises I feel foggy headed what principle what did I break the laws of health or what in in general and what I'm eating what is causing this problem and God will lead you the Holy Spirit will lead you and then it says not for drunkenness and I'm probably not going to have time to get into details but what causes drunkenness alcohol other things do also but when we think about the whole you think of going down to the bar you know or the liquor store and that type of things but can we have alcohol formed in our system from even the best foods from the wrong combinations from the wrong time of eating anything that Sister White tells us that causes fermentation fermentation is the process that forms out all eating too much eating too many combinations wrong combinations lie what's the top one that produces alcohol milk and sugar. I was giving a talk one time and I had a neighbor who was a recovering alcoholic for every day of his life for the past 7 days he went to a and I was reviewing my talk with him and I was showing the how milk and sugar produced alcohol and in the light just went on in his head and he said Diane that's why in a when someone is going about to fall off the wagon and they call the crisis line he says you know what we tell them to do we tell them to go down to the Dairy Queen and get the biggest banana split with all the toppings they can have because it relieves or symptoms why because their body has produced the alcohol that the brain in the body is craving. So when it says not for drunkenness it's like oh no I've come out of the world I don't touch alcohol anymore but what do we do what do we do at our fellowship dinners OK but what I want to particularly highlight here is that God wants us to eat for strength so when we look at the progression through the years in the movements of God's people we see that he gave a specific lifestyle in a specific diet and so you're all familiar with this so I'm not going to take a lot of time to go through it but what was the ideal plan in creation plant based food so he gave fruit and vegetables I want to mention this did they eat vegetables in the garden. Sure. Who has their bible go to Genesis Chapter one Verse 29 I didn't bring my Bible. But it gives the food the description of what God said to eat every OK. OK 2 things every herb bearing see those are like your flowering what we call vegetables cute Cumbers green beans bell peppers those are your your fruited Herb the garden and then the tree the orchard so there were not to what about lettuce Brussels Sprouts the things that do not have a seed within them those were the vegetables added after what about Roots carrots B. where those in the garden are added after. After nothing that was eaten would cause death if you eat a carrot you know you're pulling the whole plant out of the ground those weren't added until after so do you see there were some vegetables but not all what was added after the fall that's and in chapter 3 verse 18. Then it said the herb not the herb aring seeds but the herb So those were your healing herbs including your lettuce my favorite a ruby you know greens that type of thing and then also the healing herbs what we use medicinally So you see the difference so we did have some vegetables and some people but tannic Lee. In today's world if it if it's burying a seed we call that a fruit but in the Spirit of Prophecy it differentiates between fruits and vegetables by the garden and by the your church cannot botanically that's that's not how it's differentiated in the Bible or in the Spirit of Prophecy it's our modern science science that calls the fruit something that has a seed. So and then let's go to the end in the new heaven in the new earth which we know what the ideal diet is going to be right it goes back to Genesis so after the fall herbs are added venue next dietary plan that we see given was at the flood and what changed Kamen clean made with the stipulation of no fat no blood so this is one thing that we have to remember so is me a test question for baptism. No it is clean versus unclean Yes we teach them that but do we teach no blood no fat. We never teach that why is the blood in the fat so important why did God say no blood and no fat. It's where the life of the animal is it's where diseases carried. You know the biggest problem with fish you know there's a push we understand how much we need a mega 3. Nutrients fatty acids so what is our choice of sources flax Chia walnuts What about fish fish oil is out there it's a huge market why don't you want fish oil instead of the plant. Because of bio magnification the fish is they are no no animal can make fatty acids where the mega threes are 6 is where does the fish get their mega 3 from eating plants and they concentrate it and store it in their fat cells but what else is stored in the fat cells heavy metals heavy metals So if throughout their life they're eating from the ocean that is laden with particularly Mercury pregnant women are told do not eat fish because it is so dangerous it's such a high level but then the small fish eat them in the bigger fish eat them in the bigger fish you know and it keeps going and that concentration of heavy metals and toxins are stored in the fat. And you cannot extract it all out you cannot so is it a safe source today no OK So that is an important stipulation and I have never eaten kosher meat you know drained of fat in drained of blood that's what I hear it's like chewing on the sole of your shoe you know it has no flavor it's the blood and the fat and the impurities in the blood that make it taste so good so if we were truly eating meat in the way that the Bible says we wouldn't we wouldn't enjoy it so much so you can see as we go through time the cleaning me with the stipulation of no fat no blood carried on all the way up until actually 863. It was allowed through out our history but was it the ideal Why did God allow animal products in Genesis 6 1st 5 it says that the Lord God looked down and saw that the imaginations of man's heart were evil continuously The longer a man lived the massive intelligence that God put into the brain. Was just being used for evil. And so to shorten their life span to cut the ability to build on each other's intelligence and skill he allowed animal products and as mentioned last night the life span rapidly decreased and by the time of the King David it was steady throughout history today our lifespan is still 3 score and 10 years and what it is you say and if you live another 10 years it's only sorrow you know you start getting a learn you're broken down and it's hard so it was per mid permit it for a specific reason I want to mention too though that it wasn't just animal products that shorten the life other things happen and we live we live in an incredibly age of science gets us in trouble but it also gives us insights into biblical history they have found resin from prior to the flood SAP hardened and they can measure the oxygen density in that resin and tell what the concentration of oxygen was in the atmosphere before the flood. So when the earth when the sky opened up and released the water we lost this layer this insulation that was on the outer spear of our. Sky and it we lost an incredible amount of oxygenation how many of you have heard of the benefits of a hyper very chamber you put yourself in a higher concentration of oxygen you thrive disease is put at bay and the cells live longer and pure so it was also the change in the oxygenation in the earth that was tipped on its axis many many things happen but specifically we know back to the diet that God allowed it one to do crease their lifespan and a science show that today it is proven and I have slides for these books. Short on time so I just you can look it up and take my word for Don't take my word for it but look it up in fact the Adventist health study. Too has shown that living with on a plant based diet at least increases your life and quality of life by least 10 years at least 10 years but what about the intellect so they live shorter but if man still had the massive capacity of their brain power as given in creation we'd still be in trouble do you know that it's proven now that animal products the steroids in it and their racket Nanuk acid actually decreases the intellect the ability of the frontal lobe. So God gave a diet for weakness the animal product diet was not 1st strength it was for weakness and the proportions of animal products to continuing with plant based it was never to be a Dr Atkins diet it was to be a small portion of animal products an appropriate endurance of the food from the Garden of Eden OK but the what we have today is the opposite you know a large we in this is especially this country you know we're just huge with them products so anyway so we get down the next one we see the exodus What was the life's play style plan the diet that God gave to the children of Israel a recovery diet and yes recovery from the Exodus are from Egypt they had been broken broken down and were told specifically that God gave he removed animal products from them to recover them from one specific disease it was called insubordination and that on this simple mammoth diet it would be the fastest way to clean the body up which would free the mind to think and grow closer to God because what does the proper diet do it increases our spirituality it increases our ability to hear God and accept him it would be the fastest way to get them ready for Canaan are they are patterns what they went through in the in the Wilderness Experience is what we are facing getting ready for the true Cain. And how long were we told it would have taken them to get from Egypt to Canaan. Well that's that's mileage wise they could got there that fast but God purpose that in 3 years they would be ready they still had to go through that wilderness journey but not for 40 years 40 years it was because they refuse to the man a diet and they clamored for the. For me the flesh pots of Egypt but what else did they clamor for. The links in the onions the kid Cumbers in the melons the garlic Have you ever asked yourself what is wrong with. Garlic what is wrong with the melons Have you ever wondered that I mean we always focus on the me but these are good foods but it's mentioned in that clamoring do you know what it was. That's what it was they were not happy with the simple fare and they wanted a greater variety so it's not that that was wrong but God said back to simplicity the fewer foods we eat especially at one meal and rotate it through the days through the week the clearer the better our digestion is in the clearer our thinking and they were not happy with that now would you have been happy with Mamre angel food I want you to think about it you have Man A For breakfast they only ate 2 meals a day manna for breakfast manna for lunch manna for breakfast manna for lunch manna for breakfast manna for lunch there was no question what was at the dinner table would you have gotten tired of manna. I think so now God had it where they could have different ways of preparing it and it was the perfect food satisfy the hunger and the body needs so our hunger is not necessarily it's not God's purpose that we are for pleasure but we for happiness and there's a difference pleasure as well this tastes good and let's keep eating it happiness is this is just right for what I need it gives me strength it gives me clearness of thought I can do my service for God today and so. I think in our country we have a problem because we have so much and so many stimulating food all right I have on this chart Well let me finish going through it we'll go through it quicker now so we understand that the man a was his ideal he gave them meat to satisfy the desire of their hearts but Sant Lena's to their soul what is leanness of the Soul mean. It's. It's what. There's want particularly spiritually. They were spiritually poor and there's a whole mechanism in this because animal products and stimulating what I'm going to get into in a little bit stimulating the appetite instead a satisfying the hunger actually decreases the frontal lobe power which is where your center of spirituality is so the more you're working to satisfy the limbic system you're filling up the cup and leaving less room for the spiritual avenue you come to the Babylonian captivity and that's the next place weeks see anything about a diet and that's only in the 4 Hebrews that somehow we were raised in a family that understood God's ideal and Daniel and the 3 Hebrews said we will not defile our body with the king's meat. There they estimate there is a least 200 others in the group. That's right so when we look at Daniel we see that he in enveloped a plant based diet and he also had periods of fasting and I think it's Chapter 9 where it talks about his fast. No pleasant food no pleasant food and so it's just he wasn't eating to Cisse to satisfy his stomach and his tongue he was eating to satisfy his body needs so that over the period of time he could dedicate himself to to prayer and to gain can communication with God How many of you in here have ever done some sort of fasting do you have have you experience that when you get past that blood sugar issue and your body really can maintain through it initially it's hard because of the. Impurities in S. and our bodies are are not used to going without input of glucose but when you get past that have you experienced that where your mind clears up and it feels like you're firing on all cylinders and you feel like you can hear God's voice that's why Jesus said not if you fast but when you fast and we are to stand we're standing in Daniel's time this is the time and God is calling us to periods of fasting and it doesn't mean on just water but of simple food and from 844 room when into the Day of Atonement we are in a perpetual fast every day we are to be eating the simple food but the rest of the children of Israel continued the clean me in fact the Babylonian captivity when you look at the history of Israelites what we're told what we see in the Bible and spirit of prophecy the foundation of their sins were appetite Raef using to follow God's way. So then we come down to John the Baptist and he was a forerunner of Christ 1st coming representative of us as a forerunner of his 2nd coming and how did he live how did he eat simple carob and honey and he lived in the country and he dressed he dressed distinctly to make a statement not to be a whether they we call him a laughingstock but to make a statement against the pride and the fluence of the priest that were looking more at outward the wealth and and self. But then you come to Jesus and what did Jesus eat Jesus ate meat. Tomorrow we will address why did Jesus me do you know why do you know that Jesus ate meat before he came as man theory member when he came with Abraham he ate cow and then on week when he came as our Savior we know that he ate meat there's 5 references to him eating fish are dealing with fish the 2 times with the miracle the miracles with the loaves and the fish and then another time he provided it for His disciples and after His resurrection he ate it to prove to them I'm still flesh and blood so we know one time specifically actually. Post-resurrection. So he's our example. And how many times have you heard Jesus say me it's good enough for him it's good enough for me do you know how to answer it we're going to talk about it tomorrow. So we go on that but let me go back to the points of everything that we've already covered how what was the proportion of animal products to the rest of the food small portions what was. Special occasions they were poor and even though the disciples were fishermen and they pull in this whole lug of fish that was their money not their gluttony it was their money so they exercised they were out in the open air they small portions it wasn't toxic like today you know so the situation is very very different than what we think of in the gorging feast today and then we come to the Apostolate church and we know that they've continued on with the pattern of what Jesus did what about in the period of the Reformation do we know what the reformers did we know Martin Luther was kind of a bear Tipper we know that but did they eat meat did they know about clean versus unclean mostly not but there are records that some of the people that have gone before us during the Dark Ages became vegetarian Michelangelo who is not a reformer but he became a vegetarian because he understood the health principles Sir Isaac Newton who was a reformer the last 5 years of his life he adopted a plant based diet. So it was in there but it the Dark Ages were dark because God's principles were lost then next period we come to coming out of the Dark Ages it is the $844.00 movement and then we know of that as time was progressing so $844.00 This movement started the advent movement but it wasn't until this group of like minded believers joined together and finally made a decision we need to organize as our church for what reason because we can go we can do more and go farther if we cooperate together and organize and pool our funds pool our talents that was May 21st 863 Do you realize what happened 2 weeks after that. The 1st health vision was given June 6 1863. A group of believers gathered together for the purpose of 2 burdens. 21st 863. James White had been sick on going and they had prayed for him multiple times and miraculously God raised him up he was sick again and they came to pray for him he was one of our leaders they needed him to be strong and the 2nd burden was how are we going to direct this movement OK we realize we should organize but what do we do and how do we do it we have a world to get this message out to. That was their birth Ellen White in the beginning of the prayer was taken off and a vision she had a 2 hour vision and the 1st 20 minutes was a health message the beginnings and she was told I've raised James up in the past through the word you know let it be and he was he said we're not going to do that anymore now I want you to educate educate educate and the unfolding of the health message began it took her 2 years one year to write out what she saw and what she was told in that 20 minutes it's amazing isn't it so that was the beginning so the ideal that God was given dirt giving during that period was for the Garden of Eden diet which will be the same as in the new earth and as we had outlined last night it was progressive and it was with care it was with care praying before you beat somebody up that their hearts will be receptive not dumping. Things on them whether it be the Sabbath or anything else but waiting for the appropriate timing of the heart to be opened and receptive. Now there's going to be one more group and that's the 144000 what will the diet of 144000 look like we'll talk about it a little bit in fact it was mentioned a little bit last night but it is going to be more like the man a diet. Bread and water that sure yes we're told to be out in the country growing our own provisions why to relieve ourselves of the pressure during the time of trouble when you can't buy or sell that's what I always thought it was that's I mean you can buy and sell you can we can go to the grocery stores anymore you better be growing your own but there's another important reason and that is because you can't trust the food that is being grown and that is put in the market today when you grow your own food you know what kind of seed you have you know how it's being grown what chemicals are not put on it and what kind of seeds they are you know having I mean we live in a world that wasn't here 100 years ago you didn't have to worry about G.M.O. seeds you don't have to worry about is this heirloom So God is going to have a people in if you're growing your own food have you ever lived on just the food you grow I never have so we're not going to have transportation we're not going to have mangoes all through the year we're not going to have citrus in my shoe live in that kind of climate so it's going to be much more simple we're not going to have blenders Well maybe if you have a solar grid that does that but I'm going to tell you the blessings are going to come when we do not have the power to refine and convert food in different forms than we do now I make some piracy dressing you guys all know sunflower seed dressing a cup of some flowers seeds a 3rd a cup a lemon juice salt water you put garlic and whatever you want in a blended up and you've got this beautiful creamy sauce so wonderful. How long would it take you if you grow your own some plowers to take those some flowers seeds and crack them open or make a couple of them as I call I don't think I get there get over something or see dressing I'm not stopping it but the ideas in my mind aside it's going to come where are our programs going to be much different Ok so last thing on the slide I have in there the 2300 day prophecy when Jesus came it was the end of what period of the 2300 days the way the 7. Yes yes it was so we entered into that 70 year prophecy that was broken down that said when this would be anointed he would be crucified and then the message would go to the Gentiles that was the period he went through a probably need to review the smile because people will not be there but that's what we're going to look at that is the answer to why Jesus a meet and why now after 844 he wouldn't do that he has a different plan OK So we talked about this let the diet reform be per Gresson why there are 2 things that are really difficult for Humanity the Umbrello of all of it is it's hard for us to change our thinking it's hard for us to let go of our opinions and what we think and so in our thinking the 2 things that really get to our core is what we eat and what we wear and when you come with diet. It is very offensive. It is very hard for our brain to embrace a change in that people get very defensive and so you don't even have to say anything it was it's your example and people watch it and even at a table I'm very conscious of how I'm eating because you don't have to say anything because people know more today than ever what's right and what's wrong and you can damn them in condemnation brings guilt and and challenges in the heart in it in unless they're receptive it will shut them down and they will avoid you so it is very hard in the same with dress the same with dress. Yes if they're not fitting in that I would say through all my years of doing medical missionary work the greatest obstacle for people progressing our embracing it is well what about in my family but in my social life. We go to somebody different you know they they would there would be a community club and they would socialize and get together and eat different food and it's overwhelming to them how can I do this but if you show them how to do it it becomes exciting I remember a class that I gave it was lived outside of Tucson and a little community and most of the people in the community were new agers they loved that the New Agers love the Adventist health message it is right down there alley and so we had all these people that were Buddhist you know into eastern religions and we had this little gathering and I made parsley pineapple drink and I made your parental isn't you know all our goodies and things and I remember this one woman who was she was just kind of like Crawford I don't want to go this direction and she tasted the the pineapple parsley during and I put extra pineapple you know because when you parsley strong she takes is she's like I can do this I can do this and everything I make crackers and you know we had soup and different things and they tasted it and they get excited it's simple and they say one I can enjoy it in 2 I can make it you've got to show them but before they know that they're overwhelmed and like I can't go there but in this progression Why is it OK to be progressive and not have to go from black to white overnight. There is. You don't know how but why couldn't God just say OK here's somebody OK someone comes up to me in a psych I'm really sick and I know I'm ready to change my diet and I used to do this when I 1st was dealing with people I really feel bad I pray for every person I ever dealt with one last night but it was more life I got to tell them everything because in less they do everything they're not going to get the blessing and so I would spend 3 hours telling them this and this and this and they're like and they are that in all headlights OK. You know I don't I it was hard because I've gone through all this and it's like you got experience although she you know if you go to a lifestyle center you can do it because someone else is leading you through it but when you're taken someone at their home and you're going through that they're like Oh so you can't you've got to do a little bit at a time Dean Ornish says though the problem is if you do a little bit at a time and they don't get the benefit. They're not going to stay with it because it doesn't taste as good as what their other stimulating food tastes like but there's a principle that we are given in the Bible in Corinthians God tells us for if that 1st there is a willing mind is accepted according to that a man hath and not according to that he hath not and who gives us the willing mind it's a gift from God So that's the point you want to reach somebody and when they're there God will say OK let's take 1st step and you have to pray because 1st step for everybody is going to be different but there's a quality. In the willing mind that hast to be there every step of the way do you know what that is its self-control and what is self-control it's basically discipline it's temperance it's saying yes when you should say yes and no when you should say no now let me ask you something so can a nonbeliever attain self control. Totally. Yes. No human being can totally control what goes on in the brain their impulses without the power of Christ no one but can an atheist to be disciplined atheists are very disciplined some of them there can be people that are very disciplined but do they always perfectly control their language do they always perfectly control their diet you look at most new agers Well they will have all these greens and fruits and raw food and you know they do all this but then you'll see them smoking dope or drink and you know alcohol in no they do so perfect self-control is not possible are even visualized in the US We are looking at the character of God It is only when self is surrendered to God and acts by his power that holiness complete wholeness of purity is attainable only ever and that's why that's why health reformers who are not controlled by the Spirit of God become. Abrasive and ugly because they are they are not in control themselves and the way they presented is as an X. Yes yes exactly. There is a man Dr Baumeister he's I don't think is alive anymore he was a psychologist psychiatrist and he wrote a book. Losing control and he also has another book Willpower recovering the Greatest Human Strength he says in that book self-regulation is the major path ology of our time what's path ology. Is study of diseases it's anything that's away from health so a path thought ology can be heart disease it can be the addiction it can be anything but he says lack of self-control is the major reason for everything we're seeing today. Now I want to get back to how we stand and how these people that have gone before us how they learned to stand and how we are to stand and if we understand how adamant he fell we can understand how to stand now there's no. Excuse for sin we can never say all they did it because. But there is physiology that happens. When you've seen and with modern technology and they do scanning of the brain you can see what changes happen in the brain when someone does something they're not supposed to do in fact this is part of the physiology of forgiveness the physiology of bitterness you can study it it's actually a science that is out there you can see what's happening in the brain and so understanding physiology and psychology and just in case just so our body understands what's physiology. It's a study of the body how it works anatomy is the study of the structure and physiology is the study of how it works so the stomach is the part of the anatomy but digestion is the physiology and what psychology. Study of how the mind works so the brain they're studying the anatomical portions and then their psychology that understands the workings or neural neurology is more in the medical Why do you know that this is song port and that there is a whole section of science of study called neural economics there are scientists that study how the brain works so that they control the brain and get you to buy into whatever they're trying to sell you Las Vegas is is king of this you give people alcohol. Sexuality loud noises and parties you entertain them you amuse them you shut down the frontal lobe and you can reach their limbic system and get them to do what ever you want they will mortgage their house and goal way broke losing everything I've seen it I've known families I went to school with a girl whose father lost everything in there they became homeless. Or. They. Were. In medicine do you know how we understand health is by studying disease when disease happens and they're studying through it that's how they've come to understand how the body works not always not always you've got a comparison but disease teaches us a lot and going through and I'm going through living with my parents and seeing what's happening to their brain just amazes me how the brain works and then how it doesn't work you know you you know how that saying you don't know what you've got to you lose it you take things for granted my father cannot tell what is food and what is not food he will take something and I bought him blocks you know like what 3 year olds play with for building blocks just to keep him busy he was an engineer so they get bored easily so you got to occupy their their time and their mind he cannot he'll pick up one of those blocks and health crowd eat it he'll take a knife and carve on he cannot tell what's a block. I'm like wow I take for granted that I pick up an apple and I know it's an apple he can no longer tell what a banana is or put down some food and he'll say What's that you know it's there's a disconnect Anyway we'll move on there is one word that describes how Satan took over Adam and Eve Satan exercised his power of hip and gnosis over Adam and me do you know what hypnosis does to the brain. Exactly so this is what we're going to look at I'm going to show you basically the physiology of the brain and then then now to me we're going to look at it in its function what time do I have to quit it's $930.00 OK Well OK. We're looking at this not because when we look at things like this it's not to focus on the evil so much but the reason we must understand what Satan is doing is because with physiology and psychology we can understand how to gain victory actually we didn't need to understand it because 100 years ago Ellen White told us but she didn't use the words that we now know in science but we have to understand this because Satan is taking these tools and using them he knows how to get to our frontal lobe because of the unfolding in a science greater than ever and that's what it says we are not ignorant of his devices so he doesn't get a take advantage over us and I want to read something to you modern science is focused on gaining control of the frontal lobe. This is from Bertrand Russell scientific societies are as yet in their infancy is that it is expected that advances and physiology and psychology will give governments much more control over individual mentality then they now have even over to Tallaght Tarion countries what that they keep them at bay with armory he said psychology and physiology will give them greater control than all the weapons in the world Fitch Fitch laid it down the education should aim at destroying free will so that after peoples have left school they shall be in capable throughout the rest of their lifes of thinking are acting otherwise than their school masters would have wished they can be the most intellectual educated Ph D.'s You know there's people I go to school all their lifes and they're so intelligent but their what do they know they only know what their rulers have told them to and program and if anyone thinks out of that box What did they do to them and they cut them off. They will not support their research with government money this is key I got this from Scott read some of just blew me away it is there's a paper trail all the way telling what their purpose was and what we're seeing today 3 things die at injections and injunctions will combine from an early age to produce the sort of character and sort of belief that the authorities consider desirable and any serious criticisms of the power that be will become psychologically impossible what 3 things diet injections and injunctions we have fast food restaurants everywhere you turn. Education has so and the way the family structure this has brought it so that women have not a clue how to teach I mean cook you know any Even man you know children are raised today most of them eat out you just go out you have someone else cook for you and so they are controlling the food that is going in from the time they're born and actually a new role because they're controlling what their mothers getting what about injections What is that talking about diet injections and injunction injunctions or mandates this is saying injunctions or mandates we are going to make you take our injections I didn't say it. Listen to what Bill Gates says because he does say this isn't a TED Talk 2010 and you can go to TED Talks and look up Bill Gates innovating to 0 and he's talking about the carbon dioxide footprint he says there's 4 factors in carbon dioxide problem people demand supply an energy you want to get that down to 0 that's innovating to 0 in in mathematics you know that if you wants one side of the equation carbon dioxide to go to 0 you need any of these factors over here to go to 0 he says So let's take the 1st principle let's take population the world today has 6800000000 people that's headed up to 9 about 9000000000 now if we do a really great job on new vaccines health care and reproductive services we could lower that number of population by perhaps 10 to 15 percent do you go about that saying I'm not going to say anything else about it there is a purpose to depopulate us and what 3 things did he say. And I was just told by my host that I stayed up before I came to camp I didn't I mean I don't have time to watch all the news needed or I have the heart to watch it I knew that New York had adopted a new abortion law I didn't understand what it was she told me it's postal livery before it was you know when they had came out you could you could kill me now it's like you can put them in a little container and let the parents decide whether that the child lives or not and then it's OK to take their life OK I got to move on. So let's go back what did it look like when God created Adam and Eve the 1st moral lesson given to Adam was that of self-denial the reins of self-government were placed in his hands judgment reason and conscience were to bear sway what self-denial What are the reins of self-government Where is judgement reason and conscience that's where we're going to cover maybe you already know this a lot of there's a lot going on different people teaching this but I want to review it and come to a specific point so you have basically 5 different Lopes that are on the outer part of your brain you have the frontal parietal temporal occipital and cerebellum these pat the back ones parietal occipital temporal and not cerebellum but those 3 they are the tissue of the brain that is takes in information from your senses your hearing your sight your touch your smell all of your senses they integrate it they pass it through the limbic system and bring it to the frontal lobe so the frontal lobe can make a judgment on what you're going to do the purpose of the frontal lobe that is where your thinking process goes on thoughts originate there they still don't know how thoughts originate it's still a mystery they know a lot about the brain but they know hardly nothing the frontal lobe is your center of decision making this is key so and then the cerebellum is your movement and balance in the brain stem is your attention alertness keep your body kind of focused the frontal lobe in science is designated the higher power it is the higher power of your being it is also your conscious mind. So the frontal lobe is the center of your intellect are your facts the laws the law of God was put into the frontal lobe your judgment based on all this information that comes in in your reasoning power your morality what is right and what is wrong your spirituality your joy of to worship to to have a higher power and then the will underneath the lobes of the brain and particularly under the frontal lobe you have what's called the limbic system it's multiple structures they all are incredible they're tiny tiny things smaller than the tip of my little finger but they have your animal drives they control you when someone's addicted to a cigarette it's not that little cigarette that's in control it's that little tiny addicted hypothalamus So the brain structure the limbic system is in general a large picture it deals with your emotions your feelings your motivations why you get up and do what you do your biological drives they're called Animal propensities and that's mostly in your hypothalamus your memory making is in the limbic system and is especially linked to your emotions and physical sensations and then not part of the limbic system but closely associated with it is a tissue called the nucleus accumbens which in 1915 I mean 1950 scientist discovered this tissue and they called it the pleasure center because it's a big part of the addictive cycle it's. Where you have your pleasures. So the limbic system is called the lower powers both anatomically and physiologically it's the lower powers it is also your subconscious mind this is important when we get to studying hypnosis so you're high profile in this just so you know this little tiny almond shaped piece of tissue it is responsible for preserving yourself that's where you get upset about someone crossing in your opinion when someone else comes to you and they have a different idea your hypothalamus comes up and says I'm that's against what I think that's against who I am what I believe and so there's a you want to preserve what who you are you don't want to be undone for your hunger your thirst mating protection shelter freedom of movement your voidness of pain did Christ have a hypothalamus did he try to avoid pain his the human self boy wanted to avoid pain father if there's any other way take this cup from me he sweat blood in such a fight against the hyper fallenness the nucleus accumbens to scientists put in some electrodes into this tissue they didn't know what it was for and they thought when you put electrical shock into this rat's brain that they would be repulsed and stay away from him like when you grab an electric fences I go stay away from that they were surprised it took them a while to go to the paddle that was set to give them the electrical shock they had their food in they had their water so they would be. They'd go touch the paddle and get the electrical stimulation they'd end up coming back. They did this and to the point that they came back $700.00 times a minute an hour a minute would be too much an hour they did it to the point of exhaustion and died they would rather be stimulated in the nucleus accumbens than to eat their food and this is where the beginning of the understanding of the addictive cycle came from we are in a world that focuses on the dopamine rush doper meaning is the pleasure hormone that is released with this kind of stimulation so I'm I'm going to pass through this that's the neurotransmitters these are really important the Sarah tone and dopamine. Love to get into that but we're going to skip it so here you have the higher powers over the lower powers the law goes over the desires we are made to procreate in and today's world it's like if it feels good do it if you want to live together live together we were made to mate there's nothing wrong with that that is the lower power over the higher power the higher power with the law of God says no you don't commit adultery you have the security of marriage and that bond but when you take out the laws it's free reign so particularly I want you to look at the frontal lobe the laws and the lower power the desires OK we're going to have to finish on this. Just with what I've told you so far when you read Spirit of Prophecy now you will see the brilliance of what God gave her so I'm going to give you this one passage the lower passions have their see in the body and work through it what are the lower passions the lower emotions the limbic system there in the body there in the body the words flash or fleshy or carnal lust embrace the lower corrupt nature what's the lower part of the brain it's your limbic system where your emotions are your animal drives the flash meaning the body of itself cannot are contrary to the will of God you know your stomach is not going to act contrary to the will of God your tongue might desire to have that taste of that you know deserve whatever it is but it cannot do it without the function of the brain we are commanded to crucify the flesh with the affections and the lust so we are commanded to crucify the body put down or the flesh. The affections and the lust where the affections and the desires in the limbic system so we are to suppress the limbic system how do we do it their way inflict pain on the body cutting that is an epidemic today cutting their inflicting pain because they have emotional pain they're out of control and they're trying to inflict pain to get away from pain here in the body to get away from the pain in the brain shall we inflict plain on the body no but put to death the temptation to send where does the temptation to sin lie in the limbic system. The corrupt thought where's the corrupt Where's the thought processes the frontal lobe is to be expelled every thought has to be brought into captivity to the Lord Jesus Father this is not from you please pass this out bring my thoughts into the thought said Jesus would put into my mind what are the thoughts you put into your mind the holy word. All animal propensities are to be subjected to the higher powers of the brain animal propensities the limbic system subjected to the. Frontal Lobe do you see how incredible this was the love of God must reign supreme Christ Mass occupying an undivided throw our bodies are to be regarded as his purchased possession the members of the body are to become the instruments of righteousness OK let's go back to this picture what is self control meaning what is this these 2 items that it's talking about so the hand on the tail is the frontal lobe it is controlling the limbic system but this is to be under the control of what the love of God the love of God is to reign supreme That's the reign of Christ must occupy and divided thrower. Does that make sense do you understand what Chris Self control is now and do you understand why a new ager or an unbeliever of any sort can never have self-control because you cannot do that you cannot say to your limbic system it is too powerful you cannot say oh don't do that you can say it but you can't follow through you are too weak OK a minute or 2 minutes or I'm going to go quick. I've got to show you this picture God's order of authority always follows this pattern throughout the universe throughout his creation it was God The Highest Power Man the lower power and man was given dominion over creation that is always his order higher over lower what is sin. This is what Satan did in Haven't saying said I will exalt my throne above the stars of heaven I'm going to sit where crisis and fact I'm going to be above Christ I am going to be God So basically what sin is is a lower power saying I'm the highest lower power over higher power is always sin what is sin in man it is putting Valar power the limbic system over the higher power and and that's what I want to get to around out of time you've got to go to your outrage but I'm going to basically tell you tomorrow I'll pick up on this how Satan 1st address the higher power remember he used hypnosis. And many. Zeroed in on the lower powered the senses the desires everything he did when you read story of redemption after just taking in context of this you'll just go wow. This is hypnosis All right so basically how are we going to stand you have to fortify your mind with the Word of God in your frontal lobe so that it will being control of your passions your drives We're not go by feeling we go by a bus at the Lord let's pray our Father in heaven thank you for your mercy to us in understanding what happened to us at the fall and that you pity us and that you're gracious to us and that you gave us Jesus to break the power of darkness over our soul to free us that we're no longer slaves but we become your friends and we become free in Jesus Father go with us the rest to stay I pray for a special outpouring of your blessing on this outreach I pray that your Angelus will go before us to prepare the hearts of those that were being counted and that you are less abundant in Plant City thank you Jesus. 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