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Revelation's Final Generation

Steven Grabiner
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Steven Grabiner

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  • August 1, 2019
    10:45 AM
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There's a large conversation taking place in the church over let's call it last generation theology final generation Herbert Douglas called it the great controversy theme and there are a lot of different conversation partners in this conversation 2 primary ones are these books a book by George Knight called End Time Events and the last generation the thrust of that book is a bit of a historical look at where we are where we got to where we are today how we got to where we are today the illogically and then he critiques the last generation concept and then this other book God's character and the last generation published by Pacific press they both are the 2nd book on the screen is written by mostly all teachers scholars at Andrews University at the seminary one of the contributors speeches at the university not the seminary and the authors in that book critique last generation theology. Let me say that again I believe that all those teachers there have as their great desire and as they said in the very beginning to help people be ready for Jesus coming however some of their criticisms of last generation theology I think are unfounded and so I've written a review of that book you could go to that Dropbox if you'd like and you could download my review of that book try to be fair with him I'm not really going to be talking particularly about that book but those are some of the conversation partners that are going to be part of our conversation our study this afternoon this morning and what we are going to study this morning is the Book of Revelation in relation to those people that will live to see Jesus come what is revelation saying about those characteristics those people but there is this larger conversation and so to begin with let me say that if we think of last generation theology there's the good the bad in the ugly right what do I mean by that there is a are different. Views about this concept in Chile really I'm working on an article for the evidence the illogical society trying to draw our sides together and find common ground because really I think there is a lot of common ground but there are certain expressions that are used or certain ideas that are tributed to people that maybe they don't really hold and so I think that if we looked as to how we can come together we'll find much more common ground so that's the good part of this idea that there's going to be a final generation I probably should ask you all believe that Jesus is coming right. Yeah. It's clear this is this I after all and you also then believe that there will be people that live to see Jesus come OK Now that group of people I don't care what you say is going to be unique so there's common ground there and we all believe all. Vast majority of them they have it is believe Jesus is coming I would say all $77.00 is believe Jesus is coming and that there is going to be people that live to see him come. But what makes that group distinct or different what will of the experience of that people that group of people be so the last generation theology there's a good side of this then there is the bad in the ugly side of it and maybe these is what some of the critics are saying as a pastor I've talked to other pastors and several My other pastor friends tell me when they find out I'm supportive of this concept they're like yeah but people that believe in last generation theology are so critical and go under mining and they're so focused on you know my new show well that's the ugly part of it but you know. Their 7th day adventists like that and all spheres I live in College Dale Tennessee there's a lot of them to have it in that area and if you happen to visit you know restaurants or anything like that and you ask how the administers tip a lot of times you'll get like oh yeah they're not the best we're really you should be quite generous because God's given us an abundance of things right. Or you're quiet so let me give you an example of ration theology the bad this is from Georgia nights book and time events and the last generation and this was his experience he 1st of all believed that you had to have a certain preparation to live to see Jesus come and then he wrote after 8 years of striving I was up in other words he hadn't achieved whatever he thought he should achieve beyond that I haven't even met one sinlessly perfect Adventist Now there's a lot in that thought if you're think that the last generation is going to leave it reach a level of absolute sinless perfection you are deceived. OK. The only absolute God is absolutely perfect god is absolutely intelligent God is absolutely sinless we will have a fallen nature until Jesus comes but that does not mean that that fallen nature will control and there's a huge difference there as world see as we continue but Knight was going through this tremendous struggle personally in fact he left the church he went out into the world and any finally came back into it and so I would say that's kind of the ugly side of this teaching where people become critical they become judge mental the you know the focus more on is a friend of mine just wrote me a letter he used to work at an institution in another continent and in that institution you know the standard of living was that you would never use oil you never mind that you would be a vegan but that you would never use oil that was the standard of living so that's the ugly side of last generation theology but there's a good side and the good side is that there's going to be a group of people that reflect Jesus and their character is going to be winsome and loving and they're not going to be participating in sin because they realize how her endless sin is so again this is all kind of an overview. Again this is from the book God's character page 18 the authors in that book repeat this frequently through the book which is one of my major critiques of the book the authors say that last generation theology advocates perfectionism which maintains that unions humans can become absolutely sinless so there's that. I thought again that you can become absolutely sinless now I've. I've read a lot of authors that promote this and heard different speakers and I don't know anybody that says you can become absolutely perfect or sinless there may be somebody that says that I would suggest that a group of scholars writing a scholarly book should be able to quote those people in the book but to simply say this creates this false tension you know if I say our last generation theology teaches you're going to be absolutely sinless Well how does that make you feel that you're going to be absolutely perfect and the hopeless right of that who is absolutely perfect I'm certainly not none of us are but that's not the point known as Herbert Douglas. I mean just as I bring this. This is Herbert Douglas in his book called fork in the road which is a review of the Republic ation of questions on doctrine and the influence that book has had in the church Douglas says this perfection refers to the pattern of those who increasingly reflect the life of Jesus that's. Douglas would be considered a last generation theology proponent and what is he saying he's not describing absolute perfection he's saying perfection is every day becoming more and more like Jesus so when you're 1st converted and you have this small experience you're absolutely perfect but that day you grow and grow into the image of Christ and I think that's a very fair working definition of perfection so it is some of the background again a little bit more background for us in the book. George Knight's book Lead end time events in the final generation last generation he refers to E.J. Wagner through a minister in the 7 Davis church involved in the 80 mediate era with Jones and Alan White he refers not refer patients by Wagner as indicating that this is the heart of last generation theology So what is Ragnor say before the end comes there must be a people on earth in whom all the fullness of God will be manifest even as it was in Jesus of Nazareth So this is Wagner's thought that before Jesus comes the last generation is going to reflect Christ character the way Jesus did here when he was on earth does it seem controversial to you yes or no. That's why you're here right OK Well let's keep going OK then Wagner continues this is from the present truth the United Kingdom 98 he says God will demonstrate to the world that what he did with Jesus of Nazareth He can do with anyone who you who will yield to him this is this is last generation theology this is the kernel of it according to George Knight and I agree with him this is the kernel of it that what God did in Jesus Christ as Jesus lived his life through faith in His father through faithfulness to his father God wants to do with humanity. He not only wants to completely save us from the penalty of sin but he wants to free us from the power of sin and ultimately from the presence of sin again notice Wagner's emphasis who's doing this. God so this again is Knights concept of what last generation theology years and if we take this as a foundation as a basis I think that we could make a pretty strong statement that there really is a connection between what Wagner seen here and the heart of 7th Day Adventists them which is God wants to prepare people to live to see Jesus come and bring the sin to an end something has to take place so what are some of the issues again just be very clear that some people can become very critical very focused on diet or dress both diet and dress is important lifestyles important but we're talking in a much broader sense here so what are some of the issues or one of some of the concerns about last generation theology at least according to night and the authors from Andrew's these are some of their concerns that last generation theology teaches that you can overcome sin completely not that you will be absolutely sinless but that you will not be choosing to sin when Jesus comes before Jesus comes but. It seems pretty obvious right in the real Roman 6 so let's continue some of the issues in the last generation final generation participates in vindicating God's character there is a discussion on that that justification is not simply declarative and that Christ assumed a fallen nature will not all of these are going to address today because they're not really all touched on in the Book of Revelation but these are or are not quite so clearly some of the main thoughts. One other thing I need to bring out before we go to the Book of Revelation is this one of the continual critiques of those that espouse. Last Generation theology or great controversy theme or preparing for Jesus to come we really need to think of new words to express it perhaps so in the book of Romans Romans chapter 3 verse 23 all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God So all of sin that's a past tense all of sin arest all have sinned you all agree with that correct yes all of sin and all of us have sinned and pretty soon we meet and all fall short that's a continuance tense re all fall short of the glory of God and the then the the remedy for that is in verse $24.00 being justified freely or as a gift so justification is the gift that covers our past all have sinned and it covers our present because we fall short of the glory of God and there never is a point in the human experience where we become so sanctified that we can say I don't need justification. Is that clear let me restate that you know if we think for a moment of. Justification as this covering we are justified and we're down here and now are growing in Christ and I'm becoming more like Jesus I'm becoming more sanctified there's never a point where my sanctification goes like this and my justification goes like that there's never a point where justification sanctification rises to the point where I do not need justification we always need to be covered by Christ character and Christ's righteousness and that's sometimes we can subtly think that well now I'm I'm becoming more like Jesus so I'm becoming less dependent this is one of the major critiques but this was not a critique that you could really make against Wagner notice what Wagner says. Again present truth United Kingdom 1904 Some people have the idea that there is a much higher condition for the Christian to occupy then to be justified that is to say that there is a higher condition for one to occupy than to be clothed within and without with the righteousness of God that cannot be so you know for Wagner's concept justification is the highest. State we can reach but justification transforms us as well and we enter into the sanctification process so we need to be very clear for clear again we are always completely 100 percent dependent on Christ and His righteousness and being covered by him in fact the 144000 the last generation are going to be so dependent on him. That they're really going to stop committing acts of sin because they're going to be fully dependent on his righteousness and that's a very good for us to go go through so let's go to the Book of Revelation so revelation uses the word overcome 20 times scuse me the word overcome is used 20 times in the New Testament and 17 of those times it's used in the Book of Revelation so when we think of the Book of Revelation it's important for us to get the big scoop of the Book of Revelation the large overarching story in The Book of Revelation is the great controversy Oh in our Vangelis tick series we focus on the beast and we focus on certain aspects of it on the Sabbath all of which are very true and important but too frequently we miss the larger a backdrop. Which is the controversy over God's character and that backdrop is interwoven into parts of the Book of Revelation. And so very important for us and again this continual refrain You know we think of the letters to the 7 churches and what each promised to the to the letter of the 7 church how is it phrased to him that I look to him that overcomes So Revelation continually tries to call God's people out of the culture of the day so in the 1st century the call was to pull her out of the culture you know 2nd century 3rd century 21st century come out of the culture of the day and it's easy for us to simply have it is to peg the beast and Babylon as certain. Realities and they are they are concrete realities there will be national Sunday law and not to be denying any of that but when we focus on that we miss the larger backdrop which is that BABYLON You know just infiltrates through everything let me give you an unusual example perhaps for me it's unusual. So. One of the things about engine Rome and clearly Babylon represents modern man but one of the things about ancient Rome one of the ways that ancient Rome kept its population happy was by 2 things. Bradley and and circuses bread and circus What does that mean keep them fed and keep them entertained. That's part of Babylon. You know throughout the empire in the ancient Roman Empire you know there was this. How margin this idea wherever you went you know there was certain things that you could depend upon I travel a lot for my work I go to lots of different parts of the world and it's amazing how similar the malls are in different parts of the world you know bread and circuses What can I get you to buy and how can I entertain you and so revelation calls us out of our culture today illustration I was going to use my wife works in a little store called The Village Market it's in college hill near so they're now going to university and then they had this little Eminem you all know what Eminem is are right they had this little Eminem man maybe you've seen him use plastic and then you a little Him in the store by Eminem's. I've seen that in like 4 different countries you know I've seen that in India different it's just like amazing that here's this this my mentor round the world symbolized by little Eminem and OK now Eminem is in Babylon Maybe I'm making the stretch but the point is that the culture wants to keep us focused on what's here and now and Revelation says no. You need to be thinking about what's coming and so let's turn to Revelation Chapter 6 Revelation Chapter 6 and we're going to lick Revelation 6 verses 14. Through Chapter 7 in verse 8 we won't read all the verses but here is one of those passages in the Book of Revelation that describe the last generation Revelation 6. Starting in verse 14 this is the opening of the 6 See y'all it really starts in verse 12 but in verse 14 it describes the sky being split like a square when it's rolled up mountains and Iowans are being removed from their places verse 15 the kings of the earth the great men pardon me the commanders the rich the strong the slave the free they all hide in the caves of the rocks one in hiding from they cry out flat on OS and hide us from the presence of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb verse 17 for The Great to have their wrath is come and who is able to stand clearly this is an end time context this is just about the coming of Jesus this is the. Unfolding and sounding unfolding rather of the 6. On the screen the mountains are moving and then he sees in verse one of chapter 7 and I saw 4 angels standing at the 4 corners of the earth holding back the 4 winds of the earth so that they would not blow on the Earth or on any on the sea or in any tree and I saw no doing Joel ascending from the rising of the sun having the C.E.O. live in God and he cried out with a loud voice to the floor angels to whom it was granted to harm the Earth in the city saying do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees until. We have seen the bond servants of our God on their foreheads and then versus 40 when it I heard the number of those who were sealed 144000 singled from every tribe of the sons of Israel and then it goes down to you and it lists those different tribes So here we are in an end time context in our discussion really this morning is What are some of the characteristics of the last generation there is going to be a last generation this is a picture of the last generation and so we look through the passage they're described as 144000 there mentioned again in Revelation Chapter 14 as 144000 certain characteristics are a little bit later on in Revelation Chapter 7 to another group described as the great multitude and one of the questions that come up is what's the relationship between 144000 and the great multitude and. There's basically 2 different views 2 predominant views and 7 they haven't risen today one view is that the 144000 the great multitude are 2 different groups 144000 would be the last generation and the great multitude would be the same of all ages if you re Stephen Haskell or Smith or a lot of other different scholars they would argue that that's what you see here are 2 different groups. 124000 is the last generation the great multitude is those that are saved from all ages Another perspective is that this is the same group. Looking from 2 different directions the last generation the 1st water and then after the 2nd Coming in other words 144000 represent that group of people as the Church Militant let's say and then the great multitude represents the Church triumphant and you know there's a lot of discussion back and forth in our saps who quote only. 2 quarters back when we talk about the Book of Revelation. The author Dr Stefan a bitch he presented this view in the Sabbath school quarterly there's lots of different reasons why you could decide either one of those. My point is it's not really essential for our conversation because clearly the 144000. Part of the last generation rather the great multitude is we could discuss that maybe debate it but clearly the 144000 is the last generation and so right characteristics demo have in fact the front of it says this in the book God's character he says Revelation 7 concerns exclusively the end time saints who will be alive at the time of the 2nd coming so he thinks the 144000 the great multitude are of the same group of people if you disagree that's fine we all agree that the 144000 is the group of people that will live to see Jesus come any anybody want to agree with that largely in our circle of friends. So what are some of the characteristics. Again it's important for us to realize that salvation is always a result of Christ's death let's look here Revelation Chapter 7 momentarily Revelation Chapter 7. Versus. For. Revelation 7 goes for tune the elder speaks to check on who I'd better close I'm right. And John says I don't know you do and then in verse 14 the elder says to John and he said to me speaking about the great multitude these are the ones who have come out of the. Great Tribulation that's one of the reasons you could make an argument that this is 144000 because they come out of the Great Tribulation. One of the reasons you could make that argument and they have raw. Numbers and made them what right in the blood of the lamb so this group of people are close in white robes that have been made right in the blood of the Lamb this imagery runs throughout the entire book of Revelation we think back for example to Revelation Chapter 3 just turn their briefly Revelation Chapter 3 to the church of Sardis. Or Jesus says in the church of Silas you have those who have not soiled their garments they will rock with me and write for those who are worthy So this is not the last generation in Revelation Chapter 30 this is Sardis but they are close with what. White guards. And the white Rayment runs throughout the book of revelation during the 7 last plagues Let's turn their Revelation Chapter 16 revelation 16 in verse 15 this is really an amazing thought it's in the middle of the pouring out of the 7 last plagues admonition in the midst of this time the probation is closed Behold I am coming like a thing Blessed is the one who stays awake and keeps his clothes so that he will not walk about naked and men will not see his shame came this idea of clothing. The point of the imagery. Their washing their robes and their being made white where. In the Blood of the lamb so. People personal salvation. Ways all result of Christ's death nor our efforts to want to underscore that whether Where do you think the 144000 in the great multitude are the same group there closed in white robes of their different groups their clothing throughout the book of Revelation an important point in the Book of Revelation is clothing but the same he always have this white garment which is given to them through Jesus quite Christ and made right in the blood of the Lamb until we get to Revelation 19 which will get you momentarily So let's go back Revelation Chapter 724000 characteristic of 134000 the premier characteristic in Revelation Chapter 7 is what. True or characteristic there silt. They're sealed. So what does this mean now it's important for us to be fair with this comic context Biblically and sometimes we have misrepresented this context so ceiling there is always a work of the Holy Spirit So let's look at a couple of passages let's look at to the fusions Let's go to officials Chapter one The Holy Spirit Oh Romans the indigent in the ceiling the fusions chapter run. Verse 13. Paul writes visions one verse 13 in here Yasser all have after listening to the message of truth the gospel of your salvation having also believed so they heard the message the belief of the message and then what was the result. There are some old in here with the Holy Spirit of promise or by the Holy Spirit of promise so pairs writing that the ceiling is a work of the Holy Spirit that comes to the believe for when they accept truth exactly or fusions one verse 13 and then in chapter 4 impress 30 Paul and Romans as against grieving the Holy Spirit by whom you are senior all I'm to the day of salvation so there is a New Testament aspect of sealing and some individuals will criticize last generation theology and say well but the sealing all Christians have been sealed that's true there is an aspect of the work of the Holy Spirit to see you in a believer that has happened to all Christians through all generations but that is not what Revelation 7 is talking about Revelation 7 is talking about the ceiling in N. time context how do we know that it was Revelation 7 and the C.E.O. is a direct counter image to the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast clearly is and time issue so the true Christians have been sealed Christians need to be sealed all Christians need to be sealed but the ceiling particularly in chapter 7. In time context. What is the ceiling represent here a number of verses clearly we're not going to go through each one of them. Oh no I know important verse take a picture of the screen look up the verses later as your mind shows the seal as a sign of protection and that comes out very strongly in Revelation Chapter 7 what do they need to be protected from. Well the frail angels are about to let go of the 1st limbs and did own destruction is about to take place and the end time is about to come there are things they need to be protected from so the seal is a sign of protection it's also a sign of ownership 2nd Timothy and of the Lord those who you see old and Jewish tradition we're going phylacteries those little boxes with the Old Testament text on them that you put on your forehead and on your arm in your hand and your arm that was again a side that you belong to God that your thoughts belong to God your actions belong to God You're Here is a sign of ownership and there's the seal had certain significance in 1st century as well sometimes a mercenary soldier would put a mark in his hand to show that he was for hire similar to the mark of the beast they were themselves in their forehead but they would put a brand in their hand to show that they were for for higher again a sign of ownership it's a sign of harmony with the law of God This is. All brought out in the C.E.O. and the C.E.O. clearly is a representation of character we get to Revelation Chapter 14 we find not only is the C.E.O. mentioned in the forehead but also the name of God in the name of the laying down are in the foreheads of the $144000.00 so the ceiling in Revelation 7 in an M time context it's the way of the Holy Spirit it's showing that God is protecting this group of people that they recognize that God is the owner that they belong to him that they've been purchased they belong to God that they're coming into harmony with his law and they want to reflect his character what a beautiful opportunity. I don't doubt the rest of you but I know that my character needs to be more like Jesus the way I react to people at times but he said Amen so clearly there Frank you know me right that I need to be more like Jesus. My good friends. But but this is what's being offered to us. To be transformed and to be like here. And it's a way bigger than a particular dietary thing diet is important you know I those are all important issues but to really reflect the compassion the love and the grace of Christ in every interaction is what we're talking about is becoming like Jesus that just as Christ lived his life just what God did in Christ God wants to do again in an entire generation. And sometimes people push back you know so yeah but you know Enoch and Eliza they had this character they were translated yeah could you imagine to be with you know in a larger They must have been amazing imagine an entire generation. Of people that are like that. That will turn the world upside down when the gospel so true in our lives that the things we bicker about among ourselves are just like you know brother or sister let's press together think of axonal Apostles the book out some apostles you know the really no object of the disciples was to be there one contention if I can use that word was who can more reflect the character of Jesus. And so. This group of people are protected by God from what's about to happen God gives the floor in power to destroy the earth and these people are protected and then as I mentioned earlier this is only seen as a counter image to the marketplace this is cruel and time so let's think about this sealing work sealing process. On my rights I also saw that many do not realize and this is part of the burden that many of us to communicate this truth with others feel is that many of us ourselves included do not realize what they must be in a world you live in the sight of the Lord without a high priest in the sanctuary through the time of trouble we don't realize what that's like now here's a caution here and we'll get to it as we continue our presentation and the caution here is TELL think that during the time of trouble you're like on your own the Holy Spirit is always with us Wagner I think I have a quotation a little bit later that says Rumi live without a mediator during the time of trouble but we are never without a savior and Jesus is own rooms are see here nevertheless there is an experience that God wants to give to us. For those people that live through the time of trouble many do not realize what they must be in order to live in the side of the Lord those who receive the same human living God and are protected in the time of trouble must reflect the image of Jesus fully and must reflect it because that's part of the process of receiving the seal is becoming more like him again another quotation early writings paint some of the run she writes Oh I how many I saw you in the time of trouble wrote out a shelter they had neglected the needful preparation and there's the drumbeat there is a preparation that needs to take place you're neglecting the preparation we're comfortable with bread and circuses and we too frequently say in our hearts my lord delays His coming. But wants to wake us out of that not that we should live in a sense of false excitement or tension but in the possibilities that are before us therefore they could not receive the refreshing that all must have to fit them to live in the sight of the holy God its early writings page 70 run. Now is the time to prepare others the thought again the seal of God What a memory placed upon the further head of an impure man or woman and here's another part of the tension we look at ourselves and what a racy one can. And so you have 2 choices when you see that interiority 3 choices. 3 choices where you see the impurity you could just discouraged I can't do this this is no good this is ridiculous God doesn't want to suffer me. I think that's a false track. The other thing you could say is Lord I am impure or SUV me in spite of myself. On Christ like self no that's a prayer my old me raised me into a pure unholy atmosphere. But the rich current of your love flow through my saw just that should be our response unfortunately there's another response as we're trying to bury him purity and then think that we're better than everybody else to look how impure they are so the 1st in the last is the bad in the ugly the good is yeah I am a mess but Jesus Christ came to be my savior Have you any read the latest in a message. Yes Do you know if you every time you read it it says the same thing it never hoops it never changes the message never changes you're always the same condition that's a rhetorical device. The prophetic rhetorical device to get you to do what to buy gold like Lord I need more I need more I need more I can only write briefly upon these points at this time merely calling your attention to the necessity of preparation in 5 page to 16. Skips some of these thoughts again so the 144000 they are sealed if you want me to put that back up there OK I won't skip them those who are just trustful of self those who are humbling themselves before God and purifying their souls by obeying the truth these are receiving the heavenly mold and preparing for the seal of God in their forehead this is the preparation. To be distrustful of self so those individuals the ugly. Last Generation theology presenters and I don't have anybody in mind when I say that but I'm assuming they exist. Think you know you're becoming proud when you're going through this experience they're totally missing the experience because the more we realize what we need to build like the greater humility it's going to bring about in the saw greater humility humbly afflicting myself this is David Coleman imagery continually over and again. It can find 5 to 16 the same section when the decree goes forth in the stamp is impressed their character will remain pure and spotless for eternity probation has closed this does not mean their sinful natures are gone we still have a sinful nature going to have that until translation but that sinful nature is not going to rule them. No matter what it's not going to rule them and yet I think most of the authors that I'm critiquing your dialogue in with here they would agree with that they just have some other concerns So let's turn to Revelation Chapter 14 quickly. Revelation 14 also describes 144000 relations 14 there's a lot of characteristics here verse 3 they sing a new song and no one can learn it except 144008 song of the experience 1st food or. They are not defiled route remember they are kept pure pardon me their virgins Clearly that means in the setting of the Book of Revelation they have not had spiritual intercourse with Babylon they're they're not participating in the adultress of Babylon at the point they're. They have been purchased from among men their 1st fruits 1st 5 and no law is found in your mouth that's a quality of the remnant from the book of Zephaniah chapter 3 in verse 13 no lie is found in their mouth again a very important point in the structure of the Book of Revelation who is the liar Satan he's the deceiver and all those that love law is they find their place in the. Lake of Fire because there's a battle over truth and law I there's no lie in the mouth and they are blameless or without fault before the throne of God they are blameless and so this concept of blame must sometimes creates tension. For blameless is a mosque and in the Greek translation of the Testament it's used many different times usually it's used to describe an animal that's close to Glee Puru are an animal that could be used for an animal sacrifice So for example in 1st Peter Peter chapter one in verse 19 Jesus is called the Lamb of God blameless so that's the image there so that's the same. Here it doesn't really mean absolutely perfect that's not the context but nobody saying it does. Abraham in jail for example in the Old Testament were blameless the same Greek word in the Greek translation but they were not absolutely senseless this is doctors to find of it you get in God's character page 26 and I would agree with him Abraham and Joel were blameless but not absolutely sinless. But that's really not the point the blamelessness of $144000.00 does not refer to an absolute sinless perfection but it does refer to what. Total commitment to Christ why agree with that statement but that total commitment means that I'm letting Christ live within me completely fully and that I'm getting to the point where I would rather die than commit sin and so again not only sometimes we come from different angles I think there is a point of commonality and I would pray that as a church we could gather together around the points that are common. So let's go next Revelation Chapter 11. Verses 1518 and then Chapter 15 so the 144000 there see old and part of the ceiling is protection we describe that to simulate the end of time and end time characteristic it's important that 844000 prepare for that by extension if you want to be part of the 144000 what should you be doing you should be preparing trite you know this is part of the reason why we exist as a church is to help prepare people to live to see Jesus come. And that this controversy comes to an end and it's way bigger than just you or me so Revelation $1115.00 through 18. Describes the 7th sounding of the 7th angel and there's different views as to when this takes place let me share with you my view my understanding of chapter 11 verse 15 of the sounding of the 7th angel is that this is right toward the very end why do I think that you will notice what it says Revelation 1115 the 7th angel sounded are allowed voices in heaven this is kind of a clue us in heaven and it says the kingdom of the world how. The kingdom of our Lord or not is Christ and He will reign for ever so this is a point in the story in Revelation the great controversy from Revelations perspective when God is now reigning the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord for 1624 elders sit on their throat they fall on their faces verse 17 we give him things all Lord God the Almighty who were who who are and who were because you have taken your power and room and better translation would be and have been done to reign now that raises all sorts of questions for us God's own is thrown in from the beginning the book of Revelation How could we say he's beginning to reign. In the Book of Revelation. Just in brief summary again Revelation is the story of the great controversy and the great controversy began in heaven. And there needs to be universal closure to the great controversy now alternately that doesn't happen until the end of 1000 years when the wicked as well can see the closure of it but they're still adding events that are taking place here in the most part of the book of revelation God is a machine his reign burst 18 the nations were what angry and what happens your wrath has come so this is a beginning what we would often call the time of trouble pouring out of the 7 last place. And so let's turn to Chapter 15 and just by interests of time. Revelation 15 again describes this wrath in verse one I saw this another sign in heaven great my bolus 7 angels who had 7 plagues which are the last because they haven't the wrath of God is finished completed and then there's this little another. Section in the Book of Revelation. Describing God's greatness and his goodness and then all the way down to verse please. And the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and from this power and no one was able to enter the temple until the 7 plagues of the 7 angels were finished this is indicating the close of intercession So the 145000 year old are protected from this time of raft and trouble. But during this time there's no mediation the entrance into the Temple of Heaven is closed no man can enter into the temple I'm told this is finished this indicates the close of probation pouring out of 7 last plagues beginning of the time of trouble it's an end point for our mediation and intercession What does that mean that means 2 things on one hand there is no longer any restraint on the Rycote it's no longer any restraint on so he is. Through to do whatever he wants and in a very literal sense all hell breaks loose on this earth he's totally free to bring destruction so there's no restraint on certain So let's we're an aspect of this no intercessor no mediator but other aspect is God's people are sealed and they don't need intersession any longer they're no longer confessing that does not mean they're not dependent on Christ righteousness that clear but they are dependent on their continual dependent on him oh race. But here's this distinction no mention the we could have 1st concert knows full control of the wicked and the righteous they are sealed. What are they feeling. I'm so glad I made it no way. You know their self distrustful they're anxious. They're still reading motivation to read it still says the same thing you know. That's what they're feeling so but the last generation this is what they go through so let's look here. This is General Conference bulletin this is Wagner 891 we make the same mistake regarding the time after probation is closed when you think that because there will be no movie you know then that we will stand on our own strain because we were born without sin and when he says we would be without sin let's at least be generous with him and understand what he's saying we will be without sin in his not meaning we will not have a sinful nature that's not his point. We shall need. But we shall need a savior every moment you notice the difference so here's a clear distinction in the week you had to have full control statements full control of the record but and there's no more mediation there's no more intercession because God's people have stopped committing acts of sin They're stop sinning there are without sin wagon risk setting here context but they always need Jesus as a savior and this is vitally important for us. And so what is our right say about this group of people. Great controversy 623 not even by a fat kid our Savior be brought to the power of temptation he had kept his Father's Commandments and there was no sin in with him that Satan could use to his advantage no sin in him what does that mean you know. The nature of sin is a broad conversation that needs to be had more fully in our church and different understanding of it different understandings of it but in this context it's very clear what she means there's no sin in him what is she saying there's nothing. Not even by a thought by what brought to you field there's no synonym What does she mean she's not responding. That's very clear then she says quite plainly this is the condition. Those must be found in the time of trouble. They're going to have a savior they're depending on him but they are no longer responding to sin they still have a sinful nature they are still going to totally corrupt in fact there's a quotation there right brings out that as they go through this period of time it actually purifies them even though they're not sinning I mean isn't thought we were just little children. This is from the books in salvation Mrs Church and it's books and salvation most what he says perfectly producing the character of Christ moon's. Perfectionistic schemes that focused on my own saffron proved to are losing myself in service for others I like that so that he those people at the end of time are going to be not thinking about their perfectionistic lists at all they're going to be reflecting the image of Jesus completely and they're going to be wanting to serve others and if we want to make a critique. About. A lot of the presentation of last generation theology were made we want to make an addition to it. That we need to cooperate how the last generation is going to be so involved in serving the world because that's what life was like really think of the life of Jesus he's just he's ministering to somebody. That's what the last generation is going to be like and not going to be sinning these are not antithetical ideas it's not like you can only have one or the other. Together. Unfortunately we have to go through this relatively quickly. Section the last of the. Those people that will live to see Jesus come to. Going to look through this quickly because I did get a couple of questions. Section brings out the distinction between Babylon and. Revelation 19 verses one. Of how to live and there are 2. To celebrate. Babylon is. God is a new way and. Has come so let's zoom in let's go to Revelation Chapter 19. In verse 7 relation 17 and 8 let us rejoice and be glad. To hear. This is for the celebration this is the cause for the song. Of the Lamb House. Has rocked. Her Self Randy. As much as it's true that salvation is never a part of. The. Passage is very clear and almost could be translated. By herself. She herself ready to. Do that aspect of the church in the plan of salvation so then she is 100 percent dependent on Christ and His righteousness but he's not going to force it down our throats That's right. In the Book of Revelation and then it goes on to say in verse 8 and it was given to her what was given to her. What's given to her. Fine minute that's not what the verses sorry. Red is giving to her. It was given to her. To clear her self or to clothe. In fine linen In other words what's given to her is the opportunity to be clothed with the find the. Relation 1000 names appear in court and plate this is the age of the moon this is almost what was one of the high points of the unfailing story in The Book of Revelation you know the heavenly is clear on the controversy the one fallen angels are clear on the great controversy. Is God's Church clear on the great controversy there comes a point in the unfolding story in the in the Book of Revelation that the church says I'm ready for the marriage that is the experience of the last generation. They're close they wrote to the pride they realize they do not want to be on certain side they're really be free from the control of sin and they're choosing to surrender to him. His only when the church has to be faithful to God This is from the perspective of the Book of Revelation Baghdad is declared to be sovereign This is from the starting line of revelation if you will so we still have much more material but I did get a couple of. Texts so I'm going to stop right here and take some of the questions that some of you sent me that OK. You have a question but yes or. That's that's for me. It's actually not so. So I wrote a book called Revelations him. And it's in there. OK OK let's see. A couple questions. I listen to talk you gave on only a verse in which you shared how Jervis faithfulness contributed to God's been to cation Could you expand on that thank you yes one of the critiques of last generation theology by the book Character is that. The last generation contributes to God's been and the argument is Christ fully vindicated God at the crossed I agree with that 100 percent Christ fully vindicated God on the cross at the end of the 1000 there is another vindication. Of the universe and everybody says you know there are 320 verse 11 a beautiful verse you know I saw. It on it from whose presence earth in Heaven had fled away the image in the verse is that the only thing is the throne that's the picture there that's the power of the words so the focus is the throne and at that point there is a point of implication but God's people contribute to the vindication of how did that job contributed to God's vindication by being faithful by not denying got to receive the same book of Zachariah and one right spirit clear. I have a couple of. And with that one saw leave it there but there's a couple of quotations designed villages and many other places in which I'll write clearly states that. God's people are. That God's character is dependent the vindication of God's character is dependent on the perfection of his people that was a rough paraphrase I don't know if you know about norm where that is off the top of your head but what. I'm doing wrong thank you desire of age 671 so. Participate. To God that was I talking about Jacob's point at Jacob's time of trouble at that point I wasn't really making a distinction between Jacob's time of trouble and the time of trouble when the questioner wrote that I was really subsuming it into the larger context of the. Time of trouble. Question was all those other annoying texts were about meetings Yes me. Your concern is about the final generation feeling very ready so let's look at this this is the final generation again this is the Writings going right as the. Sink. People this is the 144000 people are sealed these people are sick. As they review their pastor see well why. Look in the wrong place. Don't look at your past real obviously. They can see little good they are fully conscious of their weakness. So you destroy. Temptations and turn from their luncheons to God So Satan wants to destroy this so the experience of 144000 in the final generation is. In Christ righteousness and in Christ's character and 144000 the final generation are going. To Christ's righteousness they're not perfectionistic in the east they are totally dependent on that and that has completely transformed them continue right says this if they could have the assurance of part. From torture or death but. Because of their own defects of character God's name would be reproached So their concern is not on themselves and so any presentation of $144000.00 particularly as it relates to rag. Or. Douglas or our Maxwell and the characteristic of the final generation that tries to say things are perfection deck is a gross misunderstanding of what they're teaching. This group of people are the weakest of the weak but they have found strain in the strongest of the strong. And they are clinging to Christ character they know that he has their Savior and they do not let go of their food and. So my prayer for each one of us is that that would be our experience that year and I would want to be part of that preparation through our the final generation and something or have some questions I'm going to close with prayer and then I'll stay if there are some questions after OK Let's pray together. Father in heaven thank you for your goodness thank you for the opportunity for us to appear like Jesus what more could you offer us and pray that his character would be so attractive to Ross that that would be our great desire kill. Desire for bread and circuses much as in our heart that we might feel and reflect his love to others in Jesus name him one last thing close as you're going there's a fur on the back there if you could throw that out and also. Temple come and are going to last generation theology person. Be a lovely one. This video was produced by audio. Aves layman's services and industry. If you would like to learn more. Or if you like. Audio verse.


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