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Three Angels' Messages and End Time Events

Mark Finley
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Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference




  • August 1, 2019
    10:45 AM
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Father in heaven we're going to study your book and as we open the Bible today we pray that the Spirit that inspired the Bible would enter into our hearts the Spirit that inspired the Word of God would speak to our souls we pray that this would be more than a human istic lecture more than a learning experience but it would be an experience in which the Word of God burns in our hearts and fills our lives in changes our lives in Christ's name Amen in the 840 S. there were social political scientific and religious revolutions that would ultimately change the world and to understand the 3 angels message is it becomes imperative that we understand the social the Politico the psychological and the religious trends of that day in the 1840 S Charles Darwin 1842 published his 1st draft of the origin of the species the origin of the species which dealt with the evolutionary philosophy would change the world it would change policy politics it would change philosophy it would change psychology and it would change religion in 844 what year everybody 844 Charles Darwin published his 1st essay of The Origin of Species now the book wasn't published bill $859.00 when Darwin published the origin of the species it basically reduced dramatically human beings belief in the Bible and in the Word of God The Origin of Species shared this revolutionary thought which was revolutionary in that day although not new which I'll show you in the lecture. It introduced the thought that human beings were not created by an all powerful god that rather they evolved from a lower forms of life from the primeval sources of the sea ultimately to single celled amoeba ultimately to group plant life in human life he ruled out the 1st 11 chapters of The Book of Genesis and so that rocked the world it D. human eyes to human beings it took away the idea of a personal God as creator now at the same time that that was developing historically there was another major movement in the world. The Communist Manifesto was published in 848 do you think it is any accident that the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx Frederick Ingles is published in 848 that the Origin of Species is published in 859 do you think that is any accident the devil knew that in time message would be going to the world he knew that God would raise up a divine movement of destiny in 844 to herald the message of the 3 angels and so the devil was doing everything he could politically he was doing everything he could intellectually he was doing everything he could with the publishing of the origin of the species an 859 1st draft 844 doing everything he could with the publishing of the Communist Manifesto an 848 now that we religious movements that were developing at the same time Joseph Smith of the Mormons in the 840 S. which had become the largest home grown American religion with Mormonism the Latter day Saints that was developing in the 840 S. you had Christian Science with Mary Baker Eddy developing in the 840 S. by the time you come to the late 19th century Jova witnesses are developing so the devil knows that he's going to try to deceive humanity in every possible way he can so that is Adventism is growing you have political movements psychological movements scientific movements and religious movements that are doing that are beginning to to develop now to understand Revelation Chapter 14 it begins necessary to understand its context in the Book of Revelation so I'd like you to take your Bible and turn to Revelation the 1st chapter revelation the 1st chapter. The Book of Revelation is divided into 2 major parts the 1st 12 chapters and the last 10 chapters revelation has 22 chapters the 1st 12 chapters of The Book of Revelation start with an introduction to Revelation one then you go through the 7 churches the 7 seals and the 7 trumpets they are really a historical overview the take you to Revelation 12 and Revelation 12 gives you 4 specific snapshots that summarize the great controversy down through the ages that Revelation 12 is the hinge upon which the entire book of Revelation turns and that leads you to Revelation $13.00 to $22.00 which deal with primarily end events but we're looking at Revelation one verse one the revelation of whom the revelation of who Jesus Christ so if you study the Book of Revelation and for you it's more about beasts and strange image is you've missed the point of the Book of Revelation. In the Book of Revelation Jesus is mentioned as the Lamb of God 287 in the Book of Revelation is a number of perfection 4 is a number of universe ality 4 times 7 Jesus the Lamb of God the perfect universal savior for all mankind Revelation one verse one the Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave Him to show his servants things which must shortly take place and he sent in signified by his angel unto His servants John who bore witness to the Word of God into the testimony of Jesus Christ into the things which he saw So this is the revelation of Jesus way where did Jesus get the revelation from where to get it from God God gave it to Jesus who Jesus give it to the angel and what the angel do with it gave it to John what did John do with it he wrote it down in a book and you and I open that book and we read it when we read the book of Revelation our hands tremble with the sense of sacredness because we sense that this message comes from the heart of God It comes from God to Jesus it comes from Jesus to the angel in the angel flies and gives it to John eggs on the on of Patmos and John writes it down and you and I take it in our hands today we have a straight line of prophetic truth that comes from the heart of God Would you say that the Book of Revelation is a serious message would you if you were the devil what would you do if you knew that God gave an entire message. To Jesus to the angel to judge what would you do you tell people that this book is a closed book right you tell put people that this book could not be understood you tell people that it's too strange to understand it too complicated because it comes from the heart of God Now the heart of the Book of Revelation are these messages that we call the 3 angels messages and we're taking our Bible and turning to Revelation the 14th chapter now Revelation 14 is divided into 3 parts and to understand the center part of the Book of Revelation Revelation 14 it's necessary to understand what per cedes it what comes after it the 1st 5 verses in Revelation 14 speak of the people standing on the sea of glass a people reading. Now eastern thought is always different than Western thought Western thought is the linear in its progression so in Western thought we think of an introduction to the main body and a conclusion that's how Western thought thinks we think progress of flee on a timeline we think from end to beginning Eastern thought thinks differently it thinks you put the ending 1st and so in Revelation Chapter 14 you 1st have the redeemed people called 144000 that stand on the sea of glass that follow the lamb wherever they go that's Revelation 141 to 5 in Revelation 146212 you have. The message that preparers that people called the 3 messages that's the most We're going to study and Revelation 1413 to 20 you have the event for which they are prepared so there are 3 things in Revelation 40 to keep in mind the people the message and the event what are they everybody the people the message and the event the message prepares the people to stand on the sea of glass for the event of the 2nd Coming of Christ now with that background it's important to understand that 7th Day Adventists find their unique prophetic A dentity outlined in Revelation 146 the 12 it's here that we find our passion to proclaim the gospel to the world let's read together from the screen these messages and then come back in take them phrase by phrase and unpack the pregnancy of their meaning Revelation $146.00 to $12.00 reading together then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship Him that made Evan and earth the sea and the springs of water that's the 1st angels message that's enough for now and will study the 2nd and 3rd as we go through the morning now Ellen White makes this remarkable statement regarding this message so here's a basic question. Is the 3 angels message and antiquated message of a bygone 19th century generation that Adventism needs to grow out of. Is is the 3 angels message part of some kind of old legal istic thinking or is it at the very heart of the Gospel does the 3 angels message speak with relevant terms to contemporary 21st century society one of the things I hope to do in this class with you this morning is look at some of the issues that the world is facing today and show you that the 3 angels messages is tailor made for this generation I want to look at it with you from new eyes taking the prophetic message of truth and expanding it I read a statement in the writings of Ellen White this week that I had not read before it's a manuscript statement in which she says and I'll read it to you a little later after we've read this statement. That in the final generation 7th Day Adventist will see new trues in Revelation 14 and will see it in a broader way now I need to remind you that new truth never obviates old truth when somebody says to you I've discovered new truth and that does away with that platform of faith that has been established in wrought out in Bible study by I had been a spy and years you run from that as fast as you can you run from that thing as fast as you can but God will always give an expansion of truth he'll always give new insights to each generation where new truth becomes more relevant to that generation and when to look at at the platform the foundation this morning of the 3 engines message but when to expand that and look at that as how it relates to some of the contemporary issues of our generation Now here's what Ellen White said in a special sense 7th Day Adventists have been set in the world as watchman and light bearers to them has been intrusted the last warning message to the perishing world now look has the last warning message been given in its fullness yet is it being given now sure it is so if we have been entrusted with the last warning message to a perishing world this is not some bygone message of another generation that we have to graduate out of on them as shining wonderful light from the Word of God They have been given a work of most solemn important what is that the proclamation of the 1st 2nd and 3rd Angel's messages there is no other work was I mean there is no other work. There is no other this is it you got it there is no other work of so what great importance they are to allowed nothing else to absorb their attention. Is there anybody else preaching the 3 Angels' messages other than 7th Avenue I remember a wonderful story that H.M.S. Richards told he was visiting Salt Lake City and had a guide who is a Mormon guide and they came to the Mormon temple and they looked up there in the Mormon guide pointed to the angel Moroni who is on the top of that temple that you know the golden angel and Richard just stepped back and he said to the guide where are the other 2 angels the guy had was quite baffled that Richard's comment didn't know what he meant but 7th Day Adventists are not another denomination they've been raised up by God in a unique prophetic movement to prepare a world for the soon coming of Jesus in heralding these messages of the 3 angels Now if you have your study guide and I hope you do take it and turn here to the back part of the 1st page you'll be actually the 2nd page back part of the 1st page of study guide there's a fascinating statement made by Winston Churchill at set the top Winston Churchill makes this interesting statement and it really is germane when it comes to the 3 Joules messages Churchill says this It is not enough to have lived we must be determined to have lived for something I didn't put this statement in your notes but I have it in mine the great Christian philosopher who resisted communism a feeder Dostoevsky wrote this The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive but in finding something to live for I love it the mystery of human existence. Is not simply staying alive it's having something to live for there is nothing grander nothing greater than knowing that you're part of a prophetic movement raised up by God to herald in the 2nd coming of Christ Helen Keller put it this way true happiness is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose when you discover the reason for living it's no accident that you were born in this generation you could have been born a 100 years ago 2000 years ago but you were born at this time in the prophetic divine drama of Destiny came on the stage known by God to be part of the last A prophetic movement there can be nothing is thrilling nothing more exciting than knowing that we're part of this divine movement of God Now the 3 messages lift us from the narrow ness of the cost phobic confines of our own self inflated importance and they focus us on this enduring purpose for a living I want you to look down at this fascinating statement at the bottom of the page in page 2 fascinating statement it says the 14th chapter the 14th chapter and you have it there in the bulled print in this statement really fascinated me the 14th chapter of Revelation is a chapter of deepest interest this scripture and this the sentence really interesting will soon be understood in all its bearings another words what one White is saying is that even after 844 there is something broader deeper greater to understand in the 3 Angels' messages that it's a message we need to continue to study constantly and compare it with scripture. This scripture will soon be understood in all its bearings the messages given to John the Revelator will be repeated with distinct utterance so there are 2 aspects of this statement number one the 3 Angels' messages that are early had been a spy in his taught they will provide the foundation for a larger fuller understanding in the light of the time secondly that this message will be proclaimed with greater power you're going over to page 3 we're going to look at the 3 messages in their sequence now the 1st 6 is not some preamble to the message it's the very art of it notice Revelation 146 and 7 I have it on the screen and then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the ever lasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people so we want to look at those 2 expressions the everlasting Gospel the everlasting Gospel is not a preamble to the 3 angels messages it's not an add on to the 3 angels messages the everlasting Gospel is at the heart of what these messages are all about so it says I saw another range of fly in heaven with the everlasting Gospel no notice 3 things about this message 1st it's urgent the angel flies in the middle of Heaven he does not float 2nd the Gospel is eternal it's an eternal message now for something to be eternal it needs 2 qualities it needs to be universal in time eternal in time and universal application so if something is really eternal it has to be age unless it has to apply to every generation. If it's eternal it can't be for one generation Secondly it has to be universal it has to be able to speak to every ethnic group every culture every nation so the message is an urgent message this 3 engines message it's an eternal message and certainly it is a universal message now the phrase speaks of the everlasting Gospel we look at 2 words the everlasting Gospel and the 1st question we raise is what is the gospel what is the gospel Paul answers that in 1st Corinthians Chapter 15 I have it there in your notes you can do some writing 1st Corinthians 15 and Paul answers what the Gospel is so this is the message of the everlasting gospel of all people 7th Day Adventist ought to be at the foremost of lifting up Christ before the world in the context of these 3 angels messages where looking at 1st Corinthians the 15th chapter 1st Corinthians the 15th chapter in here Paul defines the Gospel 1st Corinthians Chapter 15 we begin reading and I reverse one to 4 morrow for brother and I declare to you the gospel which I preach to you which also you received in which you stand by which you are saved if you hold fast the word which I preached in you unless you play it believed in vain For I delivered to you 1st of all that which I received. That Christ died for our Sian's according to the Scriptures he's now defining the Gospel that he was buried in that he rose again the 3rd day according to the Scriptures so what is the Gospel it is the death burial and resurrection of Christ let's probe that a little more what is the gospel it's the revelation of the Christ who dies on the cross and who lives in the sanctuary above it is the revelation of Jesus as the dying lamb and the living priest what is the Gospel it is the revelation of a Christ that delivers us from the guilt of C N N The grip of city in any so-called gospel that deals merely with deliverance from scenes condemnation but not seen scrip is not the fullness of the Gospel the Apostle Paul defines the Gospel clearly for us as the death and resurrection of Christ Christ's dying on the cross is the gospel of Christ Ministry in the sanctuary above is the gospel the gospel is the incredible good news that through Jesus the guilt of sin can be gone in through Jesus the grip of sin can be released the gospel is the good news. That through Jesus sins penalty is a Radek hated on the cross Romans $81.00 there is no condemnation to those that are in Christ Jesus who walk after this the spirit and not after the flesh so we're delivered from the condemnation of the law but were also delivered from the dual minyan and bondage of seein so the gospel is the fullness of the Gospel understood by 7th Day Adventists is unique it is not only that we're delivered from the guilt of see it but it's rather that the dual meaning of scene is broken the bondage of city is broken not only was crucified Christ crucified for us but we are crucified with him Paul defines the Gospel go lation Chapter 2 What is this unique end time gospel that is to go to the ends of the earth it is that Christ will forgive you that Christ will pardon you that your condemnation is gone but you can leave a new life in Christ you no longer need to be in bondage this is the essence of the Gospel in the light of the 3 angels messages that leads a people to be victorious in the last days of verse history and stand before the throne of God Revelation Revelation I get so excited I know what book I mean. Somebody said Mark you've been preaching this for 53 years and you're still excited about a lot more excited about it now the way I started 50 years ago because I know more now. Where was I going anyway reveller goyish and chapter 2 verse 20 Galatians 2 verse 20. Post says I have been crucified with Christ and it's no longer I who live but Christ lives in me is that the Gospel. Is that the Gospel I've been crucified with whom Christ. And I no longer live but Christ lives in me and the life that I now live I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me don't you love that he loved me he loved me when Jesus died on the cross with nails through his hands and blood running down his wrists and a crown of thorns upon his it was not the pain of the nails that killed him but Jesus on that cross that he said My God my God why have you forsaken me because sin was so great that it crushed out the life of the Son of God and Jesus could not see himself coming through the portals of the tomb according to the book desire of ages and as he hung there Jesus experienced the death that all humanity will experience to experience the 2nd death not merely the 1st death because of Jesus only experience the 1st death there is no salvation for you and me so when Jesus hung on the cross he not only experienced the death of a sinner he experienced death for all sin so I don't know if you can imagine this and you can't and neither can I And that's why we're going to be studying the point of salvation through eternity the aggregated magnified pain and suffering of every person lost in hell and every person that would have been lost in hell and all of that Jesus bore in the pain and agony of his body when he hung on the cross of Calvary. All of that suffering that takes place with weeping and gnashing of teeth and all of that anguish in pain that's why Hebrews 2 verse 8 it says he tasted death for every man so as he hung there he experienced that on the cross of Calvary and that's why Paul says he loved the there is no love like this in the universe Buddhism does not know this a lot of Islam does not know this love Hinduism does not know what Christianity is unique What is the gospel it's understanding his love on Calvary that breaks our hearts that it leads us to trust him completely to do a work in our lives where we can reflect his image and reveal his character to a waiting world in a watching universe here Paul says in Galatians chapter 3 verse 30 Christ has redeemed dust from the curse of the law having become a curse for us so the everlasting Gospel is everlasting because it comes from the heart of God The gospel and the salvation of Christ on the cross was not an afterthought desire of ages page $22.00 the plan of redemption was not an afterthought a plan formulated after the fall of Adam it was a revelation of the mystery which has been kept in silence their times eternal it was an unfolding of the principles that from eternal ages have been the foundation of God's throwed So here in the Gospel the Gospel flows from the heart of God and when God created the human race. Adam when he created Adam and Eve before that in the far reaches of eternity the Father Son and the Holy Spirit mad because God was not caught by surprise when Adam and Eve sinned and the Gospel comes from the heart of God Our heart of grace our heart of mercy of love and God in the Father in the Son the Father the Son of the spirit there in heaven designed the point of salvation in Christ stepped forth the one who was eternal with the father and said I will come and pay the ransom price and model the life that they should have lived Jesus according to Revelation $138.00 is that what the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world now how does this message of the everlasting Gospel speak to the 21st century suicide is on the rise in the 21st century it is becoming very rapidly the number one cause of death for young people 15 to 31 years old in addition to that over $1000000000.00 well over of depressants will be sold in pharmaceutical drugs for depression in the United States this year. Self-worth has said it all time low in our society men and women walk around depressed and discover it they say where do I find my Worth where do I find my value to a generation star for genuine authentic love when divorce is commonplace in sexual promiscuity flows like water through our land the Gospel speaks of a god of unconditional love who go to any length to redeem us because he wants us with him for ever the gospel the 3 message is a message for this generation that lifts us from the gutter most to the uttermost it takes us from the depths of despair to the delights of discipleship it takes us from the mud wallowing in the mud get your head out of the mud you're a son and daughter of God redeemed by the grace of Christ we can walk through the world with a message of hope because the 1st thing Joe says I saw another angel fly in the middle of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach of those that dwell on the earth every nation kindred tongue and people Grace pardons are passed grace in power as our present Grace provides hope for our future in Christ were delivered from sins penalty and power and one day soon we're going to deliver the scenes presence this is the hope filled grace filled message of the Bible the last book of Revelation the turn of gospel speaks not only of the past and present it speaks it's the basis of a future with hope it speaks of living eternally with the one whose heart is aching to be with us forever that's the everlasting Gospel no notice what it's a revelation 14 verse 7 I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the what everlasting got to preach to whom those that the earth to every nation kindred tongue and people. Here is a message so grand slow large so great so comprehensive that it's all consuming. This commission demands our best efforts and requires our total commitment it leads us from a preoccupation with our own self-interest to a passion for Christ service when young people get this when they see that they are a unique generation that life is no accident that they have been raised up by God to share his love if their computer expert there is sharing his love the in the context of their computer skills and sharing this love with the people around them they're the nurse in the hospital I've been raised up by God to work in this hospital a mechanic like William carried the shoe cobbler said I couple shoes to pay expenses but so winning is my business so that's what A.S.I. is all about isn't it C one shoe understand this once young people understand this the trinkets of this world do not have attraction to them you don't want to wait in some kiddies wading pool when you go diving for pearls you know you don't want to wait in some kiddies waiting to pick up a little pennies we can die for pearls went when young people want to see in the breath of this the big miss of this the greatness of this they give their all to it in his book The Quest for more Paul David crip trip writes this I love it human beings were created to be part of something bigger than their own lives see and causes us to shrink our lives down to the size of our lives the grace of Christ is given to rescue us from the cost of phobic confines of our own little self and so focused Kingdom in frees us to live for the great eternal purposes and satisfying delights of the Kingdom of God we live in a culture that is institutionalize self focus and personal entitle meant if you look around it's very clear that we need to be rescued from ourselves things like debt addiction obesity divorce. Are the fruits of a culture of self focus where we look for a meaning where meaning cannot be found there is freedom to be found in living for something bigger than yourself ultimately it means living for the glory of God and the success of his agenda for the World He Made see that's that's what the 3 inches messages are all about they lift you from this cost of full Dick self myopic narrow confines of your life that give us something much bigger greater to live for we're part of something bigger grander part of God's plan for the finishing of his work in this world there is nothing more inspiring more fulfilling more rewarding they being part of a divine movement providentially raised up by God to accomplish a task far bigger larger than any one human being could ever accomplish on their own that's why it's so exciting to be a 7th Day Adventist there's no time to check out this no time to walk away God is leading a prophetic movement a corporate whole around the world to herald his message of eternal truth to prepare world for his coming that's what Matthew 24 verse 14 says this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations then the end will come Adventists have been raised up as that movement to prepare world for the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ now our message goes on in verse 7 it says Fear God didn't give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come I want you to take your study notes. And turn over here to the 2nd to where it says the 3 angels message in God's in time mission we've gone over that you're looking at point 3 This would be on page 1234. For the back of the 2nd sheet I want to look for a little bit at the 3 angels message and humanism and talk a little bit about human ism in the 3 angels messages and give you a little background of this idea of what it means to to fear God what is what's indeed fearing God and it's really interesting when you look at it the word fear there is the Greek word for we bow now it's used here not in the sense of being afraid of God but in the sense of reverence or and respect it conveys the thought of absolute loyalty to his will and to God and surrender to His will see full has to do with the way of thinking it has to do with this way of thinking that mentally so it's not this idea of fearing and being afraid now sometimes we translate that as all or respect of God it's that but it's much more the word for we but one Greek is a much broader word than that it has to do with reverential all that leads me to a mind set that is submissive of my will to God often in a Greek word it's hard to capture it in a single expression because Greek is a much more richer so when we read the expression fear God we're talking about this sense of reverential or that leads us to obedience to His will where we're talking about fearing God which is an attitude of mind that takes God seriously in other words a life that is God centered rather than self-centered now God raises up this 1st angels message at a time of humanism. Now what is human is let me reach of the definition of humanism because in 840 S. when you have the evolutionary hypothesis developing in 842-4459 when all that's developing and when Karl Marx is publishing his or his communist manifesto you know you're familiar with Marx a statement where Mark says religion is the opiate of the people but you might not be familiar with where Mark says income is manifesto that religion is the soul for the soul less that's how he defines religion he says the soul for the solace in other words Mark says that that that if you don't have any anything to live for you go to religion and he says I have something to live for and that's developing the communist state it's developing a a big industrial military complex that will dominate the world so at the same time in the 840 S. when you have evolution developing that is very self centered married man centered when you have communism developing its Manson God sends a message out that is God centered now here's human ism let me define it human in human ism is an Outlook or a system of thought attaching prime importance to the human rather than the divine or supernatural matters human istic believe stress the potential value in the goodness of human beings they emphasize the common human needs and seek solely rational ways to solve human problems and you say why did you read that is it possible that you monistic thinking could enter into the admonition. Is that possible is it possible that when we wrestle with the issues. That we look at them from a human istic standpoint and we allow social culture to mold the mind in the shape in the policies of the church in some ways could that ever happen do you think look the 3 engines message will eat you from that it says Fear God and if you fear God you have a reverential submission to God and you accept the Word of God and the Word of God becomes your supreme authority so the when this 1st angels message when it says Fear God that has to do with with acknowledging the authority of God and acknowledging the Word of God as the very basis of your faith in life so that's what fearing God is all about it's you and I coming to God and on our knees saying God I give you my life God I want to be in submissive authority to you God whatever pleases you I want to do and God I accept the authority of your word as supreme in my life I want my mind saturated by your word I want my life filled with your word I want to live out the principles of your word now remember the great controversy in heaven Isaiah Chapter 14 verse 13 and 14 Isaiah says I will extend into heaven I will exhaust my throne of of the stars AGAZZI it's a battle for the throne. He wasn't he already in heaven yes but I want to replace exalt my throne above the stars of God What happens from the throne from the throne the king rules so Satan WUSA Fearne haven't wanted to exalt his rulership I will sit upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north what does that mean the mount of congregation the sides of the North was Mount Sinai that was the mount of the congregation sides of the north from the camp of Israel that's where God gave the law Lucifer did not want to obey the law he wanted to give the law I will ascend of of the heights of the clouds be like the most high What was the challenge that Satan gave God in heaven it was a challenge over authority it was a challenge over authority one of the greatest challenges that the 7th Day Adventist Church will face in the future is a challenge over the authority of God's word will we continue to be a Bible based people accepting the authority of God's word for every action so this is the part of the 1st angels message when secular values have made self the center heavens appeal is to turn from the tyranny of self centeredness from the bondage of self inflated importance to place God in His word at the center of our lives this is why Jesus said in Matthew 6 verse 33 you can see it here in your notes if you turn there in your in your notes you'll notice this page for bottom up page for you looking at point number 4. And you'll notice it rather point 3 Matthew 6 verse 33 I'm jumping back and forth between the screen my notes and your notes Matthew 6 verse 33 Seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God in His righteousness in other words Fear God place him 1st in your thinking and all these things will be added unto you cautions 3 Verse 2 what does it say wanted to set your mind on things above not on things where on the earth so the great appeal of fear God is a submissive attitude where I seek God and my mind is fixed upon him now notice it says Fear God and then what's the next phrase give glory to this interesting fear God speaks of our attitudes giving car to God speaks of our actions fear God has to do with how we think giving glory to GOD has to do with what we do fear God has to do with our inner commitment the submissiveness of our mind giving glory to GOD has to do with an lifestyle that honors. If you study the expression giving glory to God through the entire old in New Testament this is what you discover that giving glory to GOD has to do with giving God the honor that is rightfully is on the giving card of God has to do with your lifestyle it has to do with honoring God in each decision you make in your life so giving glory to GOD has to do with what I view on television if I view television it has to do with what I view on the internet if I view the Internet it has to do with what I put into my mind it has to honoring God in giving or to god has to do with the health message what I put into my body so God will have the last time last a generation that understands the gospel. Grace has transformed him and graces empowered them they will go out to the ends of the earth to proclaim this everlasting Gospel something much bigger than they are they will fear God in giving him submission in their lives in reverential obedience and placing his authority before any other authority they will glorify God in every aspect of their lives I'd like you to take your Bible please and turn here to 3 passages 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 verse 19 and 21st Corinthians Chapter 6 verse 19 and verse 20 we're looking there at the passage 1st Corinthians 6 acts Romans Corinthians verse 19 and 20 here the Bible says what do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you which you have from God and you're not your own see in the Bible there are 3 great temples there is the sanctuary in the Old Testament the sanctuary in the old test was the drawing place of God There is the sanctuary in the New Testament which is the literal sanctuary which is up in heaven dwelling place of God but also you and I are saying Jewry you and I are a temple with the Spirit of God longs to dwell and so Paul says Don't you know that you're the temple that was spirit which is in you you have of God you're not of your own verse 20 your book with a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God's so giving glory to God in the way we live is part of the 3 angels message giving glory to God in what we look at getting closer to God in what we eat and drink is part of the 3 jewels message and I'll go over the 1st this alone in Chapter 5 1st this morning in Chapter 5. How does this relate to an end time generation to an end time generation that is interested in their health to an end time generation there is a health revolution particularly in the Western world there's a resurgence of interest in exercise a resurgence of interest in a healthy eating there's a resurgence of entry of interest in helping to prevent the killer diseases the degenerative diseases of the 21st century 7th Day Adventist understand something fuller and broader than the traditional teachings on health we understand that our body is the temple of God Our motivation is not simply to live 7810 or 12 years longer our motivation is to have blood that flows through our They and oxygenates our brain so that we can think the thoughts of God Our motivation is to give glory to God in every area of our life 1st this morning it's 5 Huling of verse 23 Now May the God of peace himself sanctify you completely and may your whole spirit see that your mental faculties that your attitude your school that's the spiritual faculties your body that's the physical faculties so here Paul couples covers them all your soul your spirit your soul be preserved blameless at the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ he who calls you is faithful and He will do it praise God. We come see administers different we don't simply preach give up meat we don't simply preach go out and take exercise we talk about the holistic life we talk about comprehensive health we talk about a message. To prepare people for the coming of Jesus physically mentally and spiritually you know a number of years ago when the 5 day plans to stop smoking came out it was in 19 early 960 S. I was a young preacher in Hartford Connecticut and we ran about $25.00 points of sub smoking in a 4 year period would run about 4 or 5 programs a year and we were thrilled because 84 percent of our people quit smoking and I was touting those statistics all over the place and then the Connecticut Department of Health did a study on our work and they came to talk to us about it and they said you know we did a study on recidivism and recidivism is how many people quit and they go back and they said you know your results are not 84 percent that you guys are telling you about 24 percent I was absolutely stunned No in those years we were told don't pray in the 5 day plan don't introduce any spiritual principles and I understood right away as a young preacher that you can help people overcome habits in their life and those who are naturally strong willed may hang on for a while but the majority people not going to do it and unless you provide people with a faith base where the living Christ enters their life and empowers them most likely they're going to go back to their previous habits that's where 7th Day Adventists are unique that's where the 3 angels message is speaks to this generation we speak not only of a change of lifestyle habits what we speak of the Christ who is unable to empower men and women to live the life that he calls them to live so we look there and Revelation Chapter 14 fearing God speaks of your attitude again giving glory to God speaks of what everybody your actions. Fearing God has to do speak to it's what how we do what I think giving card to God has to speak to how we do fearing God has to speak of an inner commitment getting guarding God speaks of our lifestyle 1st Corinthians 1030 once also says whatever you eat or drink do all to the glory of God to 7th Avenue 7 unique health message that is part of this 3 angels message fear God give according to him for the hour of his judgment has done what come now notice what this says doesn't say the hour of our judgment has come in the great controversy between good and evil God is on trial before the universe and when the clock struck the hour and 1844 the hour of God's judgment Kate what does that mean the hour of God's judgment is come and how do we play in to this very judgment hour the hour of God's judgment is the hour that God is on trial before the whole universe before the 2nd Coming of Christ God's name will be exalted and honored in the way he's dealt with the problem of evil on the cross Christ's love was manifest in its fullest largest dimensions but how that love plays out in every life is God's they are in God Is God just in those that are lost and those that are saved has God done everything he can to save every human being so according to Daniel 7 take your Bible and turn to Daniel Chapter 7 tens of thousands pressin around the turn of throne of God This inter da lactic struggle is coming to an end. This Star Wars controversy will come to an end this controversy is more thrilling more captivating than any Hollywood drama beings from Unforgiven worlds prescient to the sanctuary angels pressie in here you have Daniel looks up and he says Daniel 7 verse 9 I watch till thrones were put put in place the thrones is a movable throne Jesus goes from the holy to the most holy place in the Ancient of Days was seated his garment was white as snow there of his head was like pure wool his throne was a fiery flame its wheels a burning fire of fire if stream issued and came forth from before him 1000 thousands minister 210000 times 10000 stood before him the court was seated the books were open now noticed the majesty of this thousands thousands ministered 1000 times 10000 here is an event that captures the attention of the entire universe can barely think be more important now what verse 13 I was watching in the night visions in the old one like the son of men came with the clouds of heaven he came to the aid of days so here you have movement in the saying sure where it Jesus comes to where the father is you see it in the text. He comes to the most lowly place there then to him was given dominion glory and a kingdom that all peoples nations should serve Him that His Kingdom should not pass away see it's a battle for the kingdom who is worthy to rule in the judgment it is revealed that Jesus Christ is worthy to rule and in the judgment Jesus steps forth and says Could I have done anything else to save this man could I have done anything else to save this woman is there anything greater than the cross anything greater than my love I send my Holy Spirit to their heart to woo them every person born into this world Ecclesiastes 3 Verse 11 has eternity put in their heart according to John chapter one verse 7 to 9 Christ is the light that lights every man born into this world so every human being born the Holy Spirit's in their heart the Holy Spirit's guiding him to right and truth in every life God is giving people an opportunity to know him to serve Him to love him so in the final judgment this what we see Christ stepping forth in before the whole universe so human beings are so valuable human beings are so precious to God You and I were not created we were not fashioned on some photocopy machine when the genes and chromosomes came together to form the unique biological structure your personality God through in the pattern there's nobody else like you in the universe so you're not some genetic accident you're not some anomaly in the judgment seat when you look at the 3 interest message they reveal the worth of every human being they reveal the gospel Christ died for us Christ lives for us they reveal that we are created by God will go to creation shortly they reveal in the judgment that all the universe pauses over your case you are so important so valuable all the universe looks in and when your name comes up in judgment Jesus steps forth and he said Could I have done anything else could I have anything else from our family how could I do anything else. When he was born I sent my with spirit to his heart all his life I sent my spirit to woo him I sent people to him to share literature the Word of God I died on the cross for him could I have done anything more in the universe is know you could do nothing more worthy worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive honor in blessing and power at the end of the judgment Jesus will be revealed as perfectly loving because Lucifer claim that God was unfair unjust he was a thorough authoritative dictator in a raffle tyrant that's what Lucifer claim and here it's revealed in the judgment that Christ is they are now let me tell you why the judgment is good news for you take your Bible look at Daniel Chapter 7 if you haven't seen this it's going to encourage your heart Daniel 7 verse 21 and 22 I was watching Daniel says the same horn that's the little horn power what is the essence of the little are in power the essence of the little one power is humanism. Itself inflated importance it is denying the authority of the Word of God and the issue in the change of the Sabbath is not merely the change of the Sabbath it's something much more it is taking the authority of man and exalting it over the authority of God and that's the essence of blasphemy so blasphemy is when you take the authority of man and you heighten that above the authority of God So I was watching the same horns making war with the Saints the little horn power so the great Conversely at its essence is whose authority do you accept whose authority do your Except in see the devil right now is preparing the ground of 7th Day Adventists accept the authority of the beast by getting them to if he can get them to reject the authority of the Word of God if he can shape Adventism and some type of cultural social religion rather than a bible believing religion that believes we have a prophetic movement a destiny to prepare a world for the coming of Christ so anyway more on that later I was watching the same horn was making war with the Saints in privilege against them until the Ancient of Days came who is the Ancient of Days God the Father and judgment was made Read the next few free phrases with me in what in favor of the saints of the most high and the time came for the Saints to possess the kingdom verse 22 no 1st 27 then the kingdom in dominion the greatness of the Kingdoms under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the most high Wow judgment was made what does Scripture say everybody in favor of the saints of God. The judgment is not against you it's for you and Jesus stands in the judgment on your behalf as my friend George Vandeman used to tell me Mark when I look at myself there is no way I can be saved but when I look at Jesus there's no way I can be lost is that good news isn't that good news. The judgment is passed in favor of the saints when individual names come up in judgment we become exhibit days of God's goodness grace and His mercy those people that turn their back on his love and spurn his grace that will be revealed and judge the but what is about what the judge is based on works how it's going to God based on judgment our faith is so good it works see our faith is so good that it see it the faith of Jesus living in our hearts glorifies God through our lives and that glorious revealed in the judgment now the judgment reveals God's character of self sacrificing love in contrast to Satan's selfish ambition Revelation 147 is a divine commentary on Daniel 7 verse 13142627 before waiting world and watching universe God reveals and heaven's eternal judgment that he's done everything absolutely everything possible to save all humanity judgement is passed in favor of the saints now in the judgment all wrongs are going to be made right right if this is going to triumph over evil just today a read in the newspaper the story the story of a man. And this man was tried for a crime in Florida that he never committed there was a murder that took place and a cab driver was shot in the head and the cab driver ultimately lived but this man was tried and spent 10 years in prison for attempted murder and assault and just yesterday the courts came forth in the police department that city came forth and said We found the real killer because the real killer. Had come forth after 10 years and when he committed the crime 10 years ago he admitted it to his close friends and he said I can't live with myself any longer because a man was put in prison he's been in prison for 10 years has anything ever happened to you that has been unjust Has anything ever happened to you that is totally unfair see one of the issues we deal with in life is this why at times is life so unfair why did catastrophes happen in a life that are totally unexplainable Why do innocent people at times get put in prison what a godly people have tragic accidents that take their lives why do a good people sometimes get. Because of prejudice get made redundant on their jobs why does a faithful wife and times have a husband that leaves her for another woman why does a Godly Christian woman get her face beat in by some man who comes whole for her husband comes home drunk and she has a bloody nose you know you ask all those questions why why why sometimes in this life there are not good answers but in the judgment every wrong will be set right in the judgement for the proportion that we have suffered in eternity with all of that proportion of joy in the judgement we will discover that our deepest values were the times that God was with us in the closest ways God does not promise life will be fair but what he does promise is that life will be that that he'll be with us in all of its unfairness that's what he promises see the 3 angels message are tailor made for this generation they speak. Of self worth in a god that loves us so much that he wants us in heaven with him the everlasting gospel they speak of a purpose much bigger than we are the preparing of a people for the coming of Jesus they speak of not self-centered myope it cost for a full big lack of purpose but they speak of purpose and meaning and fearing God they speak of the authority of the Bible they speak of bodies and minds and hearts that are totally united to Christ the 3 angels message you speak of a god that's going to make all things right in an unjust world No it says Fear God give glory to Him for the our vision judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven earth see and the Felton's of Waters who's the one that made heaven earth see in the fountains of Waters who is that he's the what do we call him we call him the what the Creator Now look here is a message going forth at the time of evolution to worship the creator what is the symbol of his creative authority what is that is the Sabbath right the Sabbath is is symbol of creative authority so here is a message calling us back to the Sabbath but I want to look at this message in a variety of ways when it's called well when the message as worship the creator has the creator created this planet as He created this planet if we worship the creator are we concerned about the environment will we needlessly pose this planet so do 7th Day Adventists have a message to environmentalists we say yeah we're concerned about the environment now of all that God has created what is the appeal to me the highest essence of His creation what is that. Human beings so if I worship him as creator I'm I going to tear down what he created or build up what he created and my going to tear down my body or build it up can I say I'm worshipping the creator while I puff a cigarette in this hand and drink alcohol in this hand and I destroy the very body he's created the essence of worshipping the Creator is giving him honor in praise through my worship in the way I live and let me ask you another thing if I worship the creator will I respect the sanctity of life will I respect the unborn. Will I do that will I be concerned about issues of the unborn and human life will I be concerned about the elderly who even may be incapacitated and cannot contribute to society if I really understand the 3 angels message and their significance if I really do that will I say that the the only human life that has value is human life that can contribute to society will that be my attitude oh we'll all human life have value so if I truly understand what it means to worship the creator I care for the environment I respect the sanctity and the dignity of all human life I respect my body I respect other people's bodies see this 3 angels message is far broader because it deals with the very issues that are being debated imposed it tickles circles in our society today and Adventists have a unique message for this generation now a creation is a powerful concept and leads us back to the one who made us and gives us security at rest in His love and care. John looks up at the evidence says revelation for us and let's read it together you are worthy ole order to receive glory and honor and power why for you created all things and by your will they exist and work related so every human life exists by what by God's will is that what the tech says for you created all things by you are you aren't some genetic accident you're not some collection of skin and bone you exist because of the creation of God Now we're going to turn over here to the next section I want you to look at creation the impact of creation see I'm going to skip over I would have loved to talk to you man I just have to tell you about Aristotle I got to tell you about Aquinas and I got to tell you about. Yeah we can we look at those 3 you're going to get you're going to let me do that right. Aristotle Augustine Aquinas this is significant for you right who's Aristotle and we're talking about creation Aristotle's a Greek philosopher right he lives about in the 4th century before Christ Satan prepared for over 2000 years to destroy the Sabbath Satan prepared because he knew the prophecy is a revelation error Aristotle was a scientist and a philosopher he was the 1st individual to teach theistic evolution Aristotle essentially said that God created a primal mass in the sea and from that life began to evolve OK now what do you know. About the union of church and state in 8321 there was a Roman emperor by the name of by the name of and Constantine you 9 to do with Roman powers and in attempt to unite his empire they passed the 1st Sunday law in $321.00 A.D. the authority of the word was compromised at that time all right up until that time this idea of evolution was just kind of out there it was not formalized at all but there was a Catholic theologians by the name of all gets sticky guess when he lived the 4th century the exact same time that church and state were you 90 and the question is how do you undermine the the Sabbath you undermine the Sabbath by introducing a concept of quasi theistic evolution theistic evolution is when it when God when God they have the idea of God create the 1st mass but then let things evolved over millions of years Augustine introduces that to Catholicism in the 4th century at the same time that this church and state are you 90 because the devil wants undermine this and then Thomas Aquinas brings it back into the church in the 13th century in the Reformation but in every instance that this is brought in it's undermined the authority of the Word of God That's the whole issue here now there are some things about the Sabbath turn over to. The next page we're going to do the 1st angels message today we need to teach a course in the 3 engines messages Wouldn't it be a wonderful thing how many of you would vote if I could come up with an idea that we introduce the 3 inches messages into our schools where the kids learned it how many would vote for that if you ever hear that happening are you going to vote for it or you can speak loudly about it what if I could tell you right now there is some courses being developed for our children 10 day courses from the 1st grade to the 8th grade on DI school what if I could tell you right now that there are lectures being prepared for our pastors on the 3 angels message would you be excited about that are you going to support OK you can let me go 5 years 5 minutes more not 5 years more OK. OK So we're looking at creation creation and Sabbath worship we talked about that Sabbath worship is the essence of the worshiping of the Creator and accepting his authority now look next line I say creation the Sabbath self-worth in the sanctity of life when you worship on the Sabbath you are saying all life is sacred. When you worship on the Sabbath you are coming into one this with the God that made you your acknowledging the authority of God in His creation when you worship on the Sabbath you are resting from your works and accepting Christ works for your salvation follow me closely Sabbath is a symbol of righteousness by faith Sunday is a symbol of righteousness by works are Protestant friends have it wrong on this one house so when Cain offered his offering of fruits and vegetables that was an offering of what works because any time you substitute human authority for God's word that is what works. Abel did just what God said and he did it by faith so when you accept Sabbath it is a symbol of righteousness by faith that you are resting from your works in Christ works you are not trusting in your works you're resting in his salvation when you except Sunday if you really philosophically understand that you're accepting a human substitute a work of May and therefore that is righteous by works so when coming on Sabbath come knowing you're created by God Every tell you worship on Sabbath sense that your worth in God's sight every time you worship on Sabbath since the sanctity of life that life is precious look out at your drive to church on Sabbath and since the marvels of God's creation there on Sabbath come and rest in His Love rest in freedom from guilt the Sabbath is a symbol of sanctification as well that's the 3 angels message it's the symbol a sanctification house so if God created the world once and he could create that out of nothing God can recreate your heart right and if you understand the Sabbath you understand the new creation and heaven go with a new appreciation of the 3 angels message come back next year will do the 2nd and 30 inches message if they let me teach the pretty for the. Father in heaven we are so incredibly excited about these messages that they're going to take a whole course and we just introduced in a little bit today all these messages speak to this society lord you've raised up this generation. To proclaim your message of love and grace at and we're thankful for that we have a life with a purpose that when you go out share your best with others Christ. This media was produced by audio verse 40 S. Aves layman's services and industries. If you would like to learn more about. Please visit. The site ministry. Or if you'd like to listen for free online sermons visit W.W.W. verse.


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